Trump soils himself meeting with WaPo Editorial Board

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board

Read and Weep, Groan or Guffaw: Your Choice.

Like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist

Here it is. What you have been waiting for.

Trump Unplugged.

Seriously, you have to read it to believe it.

Meanwhile, pray for Brussels

My Momma didn’t tell me

There’d be days like this.

14 Responses to Trump soils himself meeting with WaPo Editorial Board

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    LOL – laughed my butt off so hard I cried!

  2. bettykath says:

    I couldn’t stand to read it all. There was nothing of substance except Trump’s lack of focus on anything but himself. I have to wonder how the WaPo folks managed to sit through it. Let’s hope they have a sense of humor. Take any 5-minute, ah, make that 3- minute segment to SNL. Nevermind. I’d flip the channel after 10 seconds but you can’t get the full impact unless you listen to it all.

  3. girlp says:

    I could not read it all, too much to handle. I can’t count the number of times Trump says “I”, over and over….this man is totally self involved it’s all about Trump

  4. fauxmccoy says:

    oh fred, oh fred, oh, dear fred — the world is going to hell in a bucket and i don’t think i’m enjoying the ride. :/

    i read this transcript, think it was brilliant for wapo to print it in it’s entirety, lest they be accused of behaving badly in journalism. i even saw you there and said ‘hi’ in the comments.

    seriously, this should be mandatory reading for every citizen. trump’s ‘thoughts’ on the first amendment are mind boggling.


    • I saw your comment. Thanks.

      Speaking of going to hell in a bucket:

      Now Cruz and Trump want police to ‘patrol’ (i.e., shakedown) Muslim neighborhoods. Trump wants to pull out all the stops and torture Muslim suspects.

      This follows Cruz running an ad in Utah showing a naked Melania Trump in a magazine spread. Trump is responding in kind saying he’s going to get down and dirty about Cruz’s wife.

      Class acts.

  5. Disappointed says:

    Well that took me forever to read. I can’t get that 45 minutes back. I had to read his answers 2 or 3 times to try and understand. There should be a readers warning. Warning possibility of losing brain cells reading this crap. Jmo.

  6. Malisha says:

    Washington Post will not let me read the transcript. Say I have seen enough free news this month. So can you briefly let us know what is in that transcript?

    • Disappointed says:

      Basically Trump is great. Going to have troops go in circles to protect oil. His hands are great. Job will be completed ahead of schedule under budget. He’s read about race issues but doesn’t see any problems with police. I think that about sums it up. Oh did I tell you Trump thinks he’s great?

    • 60 minutes of unresponsive non-stop babble topped off by Trump calling a member of the editorial board, “Beautiful.”

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