Radical right wing Republicans belong in a lunatic asylum

The right wing of the Republican Party cannot function because its rejection of evidence-based thinking assures chaotic, irrational and hysterical behavior. Frankly, I do not believe they will attempt to return to the reality-based universe because they have a financial and personal interest in sustaining their beliefs and behavior.

For example, think of Carly Fiorina and her lies about Planned Parenthood keeping fetuses alive so that their brains can be harvested or the Republican committee reinvestigating Benghazi for the ninth time because they ‘know’ there must be some dirt on Hillary Clinton that the other bipartisan committees missed. Think of their insistence on calling President Obama the ‘Kenyan Usurper’ and the science deniers and their wars against climate change and global warming.

There are many other examples.

An intellect that is equal parts stupid and willfully ignorant that lies and believes its own lies belongs in a lunatic asylum.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any.

23 Responses to Radical right wing Republicans belong in a lunatic asylum

  1. girlp says:

    Family fight!!! (see the transcript…conversation between Rep Dave Brat and Rep Charlie Dent….both wrong both Republicans).


  2. Malisha says:

    Just by accident, I watched a clip of a movie; the clip is commonly called “Always Be Closing.” It looked like a handsome version of Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) doing his “I’m top dog” thing while a bunch of not-alpha men watched and were insulted, in turn, by his royal highness big-poo-poo-face. At first I was interested in the actors who were being dressed down by the bully, because it reminded me of the faces of women who are being harassed in public, how they try to appear as if it is not happening or, at least, as if they don’t much care that it is happening. And of course, then I got fascinated by the performance of Baldwin, the bully himself, and his stupid carrying-on about his gold watch. “My watch costs more than your car.” And I realized what I was struck by was the assumption that if the guy has more money, he is automatically ENTITLED to behave wrong. He is ENTITLED to disrespect those who have less money than he has; he doesn’t even think it needs explanation. He doesn’t say, “I have a better watch because better people end up getting better watches” or “bad people get cheap watches” or anything like that. Just the axiom: I have more; you ARE less.

    This is the great flaw AND the great stupidity of the Radical Right Repugnicans. (RRR is very close to KKK.) They actually do not value democracy at all; they see no reason why poor people should vote or even have an opportunity to NOT OBEY THEIR WISHES. They really are slavers, plain and simple, and they have become very angry and resentful and are throwing temper tantrums because “political correctness” has made it difficult for them to simply say:

    I am superior so I get to abuse you inferiors.

    They are angry that they have to pretend to couch their words in uncrazy. They are rebelling against the authority of a society that has decided to try democracy and equality. Trump is their hero because he will out and say: I AM BEST SO I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO FORCE EVERYBODY TO MY WILL.

  3. oldgold says:

    I think the increase in the number of lunatics in the House of Representatives can be directly linked to wickedly accurate computer gerrymandering.

    • Gotta be a coincidence, don’cha know.

      Looks like the Republicans are begging Paul Ryan to assume the gavel and bring order to the asylum, but he wants to leave his options open for 2018.
      They seem to regard him as some sort of mini deity. However, fawning adoration of Ayn Rand and neoliberal economics indicates a person in thrall to the rich and privileged, not someone who is primarily interested in shutting down the government just for the halibut.

      If there is a shutdown in December that lasts through the holidays and into the New Year over Planned Parenthood funding or some other reason de jure, I believe that whomever the Speaker may be, his name will be mud to most voters, forever. Definitely not a smart move for Ryan to succumb to today’s adoration, if he covets the presidency.

      • Incidentally, here’s an article in the Progressive about Paul Ryan titled, Paul Ryan: Why He’s Everything That’s Wrong With the GOP.

        The article gives a short history of his positions on various issues and concludes,

        Ryan is both a proponent of radical rightwing ideology and a careerist. Depending on your perspective, that is either the perfect formula for reuniting the Republicans’ fractured coalition or a recipe for disaster at the polls. In fact, it might just be both.

        I don’t believe he’s very curious, smart or knowledgeable about the issues that matter to most of us, especially economics, and he is beholden to the 1%. Big on privatizing everything and continuing to crush the middle class and the poor. In other words, I don’t see anything to like about him.

    • Malisha says:

      Also, all you need to do to be a candidate, thanks to the Citizens United money factor, is to be rich or to be connected to (and useful to) the rich. You do not need a platform. Take any attack (attack Social Security, attack women, attack scientists, attack Muslims, attack anybody, really) and make it into a meme and just blah blah blah about it and you’re in. No platform necessary; no facts necessary; no experience necessary.

      Blah blah blah plus $$$$$$$ = success.

  4. Well, we do sort of have “loony bins” – our local, county, state, and federal jails and prisons where they stash the mentally ill rather than treat them . . . SO!!!!

    Some of these politicians’ behavior is unethical and borders on the illegal . . . sadly, most aren’t poor enough to harrass like the system does the 99%.

  5. oldgold says:

    This reminds of a remark by Representative James Petigru, shortly before the Civil War, concerning the Palmetto State: “Too small for a country and too big for a lunatic asylum.”

  6. Malisha says:

    Republican “politics” has degenerated to only two activities:

    bragging and complaining.

    They do not have platforms. They bandy cliches about as if they have meaning, when they do not. They not only CANNOT govern, they do not WANT to. They do not want to govern; they want to control, to steal, to dominate, to grab and smash and scream and holler and rape and pillage.

    • gblock says:

      They like to claim that government doesn’t work, and then do everything they can to make sure that it is broken and can’t work.

      • I agree. Their unapologetic deceit disturbs me. When confronted, they explode and go into attack mode as Carly Fiorina did with Chuck Todd when he confronted her regarding her lie about the Planned Parenthood video.

        Regardless of their politics, I would never associate with, let alone vote for, someone like that.

  7. Malisha says:

    We have BECOME a lunatic asylum. The problem is that it is being run by the inmates.

  8. Nice start to the morning; don’t leave out dr.Carson

    • gblock says:

      I heard last night that Ben Carson is now repeating the deluded, ignorant claim of the extreme gun nuts that the Jews could have prevented the Holocaust if they’d all had guns.

      • Malisha says:

        So I suppose if he had a gun he could have prevented an armed robbery of the Popeye’s Chicken Place in Baltimore, right?

        Why the Hell didn’t he?


        So if HE couldn’t stop a chicken robbery, he has no right to complain that others haven’t stopped…

        oh nevermind…

        • PS – There are reporters looking into official confirmation of his story and so far, none’s been found. ‘Nother case of hot air, perhaps.

          • gblock says:

            It seems like a weird thing to claim, if it’s false, and not something to be proud of, if it’s true. What’s good about possibly making another innocent person the victim of an armed robbery in order to save your own skin?

          • I think he showed remarkable insensitivity about the victims of the shooting at UCC and to their surviving families and friends when he said he would have charged the shooter and told the others to follow his lead and pile on to the shooter. “Don’t just stand there and let it happen,” he said.

            I say, “Talk is cheap.” It’s easy to say what you would have done facing a loaded gun in a crazed killer’s hand, but you never know until you’re in the situation. I believe he was attempting to sound like a tough guy in order to get people to vote for him. But even if he is a tough guy, he should have had more respect for the people who died and their loved ones.

            And he never mentioned the guy who challenged the shooter and took 7 bullets. That guy is the hero that Carson hoped to be and Carson did not even mention him.

            Fortunately, he survived.

            Carson is just another clown. I really don’t like people who brag about their courage and I never believe a word they say.

            People who act courageously generally tend to dismiss the adulation and say something like, “Anybody would have done the same thing in that situation.” They usually don’t believe they are exceptional and tend to shrug off the compliments with an embarrassed aw-shucks.

          • I agree. With that little story with which he intended to promote himself, he instead demonstrated that he lacks empathy. He’s clueless. Definitely not presidential material.

          • Here’s an interesting article in Mother Jones by David Korn about Ben Carson’s infatuation with a right wing kook named W. Cleon Skausen. Here’s a taste:

            Carson swears by Skousen, who died in 2006. In a July 2014 interview, Carson contended that Marxist forces had been using liberals and the mainstream media to undermine the United States. His source: Skousen. “There is a book called The Naked Communist,” he said. “It was written in 1958. Cleon Skousen lays out the whole agenda, including the importance of getting people into important positions in the mainstream media so they can help drive the agenda. Well, that’s what’s going on now.” Four months later, while being interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Carson denounced unnamed Marxists who were presently seeking to destroy American society: “There was a guy who was a former CIA agent by the name of Cleon Skousen who wrote a book in 1958 called The Naked Communist, and it laid out the whole agenda. You would think by reading it that it was written last year—showing what they’re trying to do to American families, what they’re trying to do to our Judeo-Christian faith, what they’re doing to morality.” (Skousen had been an FBI employee—not a CIA officer—and mainly engaged in administrative and clerical duties; later he was a professor at Brigham Young University and police chief of Salt Lake City.) And the most recent edition of this Skousen book boasts Carson’s endorsement on the front cover: “The Naked Communist lays out the whole progressive plan. It is unbelievable how fast it has been achieved.”

            Carson would be very dangerous, if elected. His views render him unfit for public office.

      • Isn’t that a classic anti-Semitic argument, suggesting that there was little resistance to the Holocaust?

        • gblock says:

          Good point.

          • Malisha says:

            It generally goes like this:

            It didn’t happen. [The Jews made it up in order to manipulate people and overcome their resistance to being made chumps]

            If it did happen, it was the Jews’ fault. [The Jews made it happen and look at how they’re complaining about it now.]

            Ben Carson is, unfortunately, of the mentality of people who will go for any argument, regardless of how stupid and how wrongheaded, if they think it aggrandizes them, compared to someone else they’re denigrating.

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