Pentagon’s new Law of War Manual is an atrocity

The Pentagon published a new Law of War Manual in June that is quite disturbing because it legitimizes conduct that constitutes war crimes.

The World Socialist Web Site reports that it contains the following points:

* Declares legitimate the use of nuclear weapons, stating, “There is no general prohibition in treaty or customary international law on the use of nuclear weapons.” Nor is the use of nuclear weapons considered “inherently disproportionate,” even if the target is a military force that does not possess nuclear weapons.

* Authorizes the use of incendiary weapons such as napalm, herbicides (such as Agent Orange in Vietnam), laser weapons and riot control agents (tear gas, pepper spray, etc.), as well as depleted uranium munitions.

* Authorizes cluster munitions, mines and booby-traps, noting that “the United States is not a Party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.”

* Authorizes the use of exploding (hollow-point) bullets, stating that the United States government was not a party to the 1868 St. Petersburg declaration banning their use or the 1899 Declaration on Expanding Bullets.

* Justifies drone missile attacks by both the Pentagon and intelligence agencies such as the CIA, declaring flatly, “There is no prohibition in the law of war on the use of remotely piloted aircraft…”

* Declares that when human rights treaties and the laws of war come into conflict, “these apparent conflicts may be resolved by the principle that the law of war… is the controlling body of law with regard to the conduct of hostilities.”

None of this is new, of course, because our military is already doing these things. The Law of War Manual merely codifies and legitimizes what our military has been doing. As such, it represents a giant step backward that deserves absolute condemnation..


17 Responses to Pentagon’s new Law of War Manual is an atrocity

  1. ed nelson says:

    +this guy Scot Walker who hates unions…. ( I am a longshoreman Union membrt… ! I hate anybody who is antii-union, these are stinkin’ bastards from the get go!)

    ///so now you get where I’m coming from, But this jack ass Walker, I mean did you know… I heard this true or not I dnnuo but somebuddy said that Scot Walker is a cousin to the Bush Clan!Like his grand dad might have been Prescott maybe
    You know he has a kind dumb ass look to him… he could deffinatlely be a bush spawn..
    Scot looks like a dumbass…. prototypical.. dumbass!!

    • I’m not aware of any blood relation between Walker and Bush. Both are bankrupt human beings. Walker is doing everything he can to destroy public education in Wisconsin, including the University of Wisconsin. which is one of the best universities in the country.

  2. ed nelson says:

    the monsters are stupiid…. the monsteres are dumb asses


    • Malisha says:

      Well they think they are molding the whole world into the society THEY WANT but what is actually happening is that they are molding the whole world into something so unsustainable that it will be their (and our) doom. And it won’t be pretty.

      • ed nelson says:

        .i agree completely with you Malisha are you in the Bay area… nnonoyou don’t haveto give that upl… I worked on the docks, I know many folks who live in Oakland and Sanfrancissco, I nkow some of the baddest ass chararcters

        I sort of like ”bad ass people”

        You ar si rugghght that it ain’
        n goinn to be pretty!! I can’t see the screen so I do’t spell too good sorry!

        • Malisha says:

          I don’t mind your spelling… 😆

          I’m not in the Bay Area, haven’t been for years, though.

          Remember the song,

          Day after day, more people come to L… A…
          Don’t you tell anybody, the whole place’s slipping away
          Where can we go, when there’s no San Francisco?
          Better get ready to tie up the boat in Idaho

          Do you know the swim, you better learn quick Jim
          Those who don’t know the swim, better sing the hymn

          I remember that song, and now it’s timely!

  3. ed nelson says:

    Jeesis// the Lousey MFR”s

  4. ed nelson says:

    I can’t remember the name of the guy who was in Berkeley, a friend of yours Fred, he was a sort of genius, who came up with a new way to do reimcombent DNA testing, moved that whole field ahead by leagues… ANd he did Acid back in the day! I would like you to tell me his name, so I can go get his book and reread it Fred It’s sort of a funny name like Kelly or something.

    on the subject of this post, I am going to drop back to my feelings that it is a good example of Daemonic . Daemonic What… not too sure what the adverb needs to be, //possession// idunno, but put it like this: The gaddamed Devil who is horrible… he has some ways to get up here and influence weak reeds/folks who don’t have much morals.

    There is some kind of a evil devil force, even if it is death instinct!

    When we see the works of war and killing… that is evil They aee killing inocent types of people, like for fun, that is damned evil, then these trained murderers are brought home to be our problem, I mean at leat we will keep our gadamned tail lights in good shape!!

    Fred, could you email me the name of that guy, I want to reread his book.

    Thanks FRedd

    • Kary Mullis (polymerase chain reaction)

    • Look no further than here to find the Devil’s spokesperson:

      At a ceremony in which Gen. Mark A. Milley became the 39th chief of staff of the US Army, he offered a perplexing and troubling warning to the people of the United States. As the Washington Post reported on August 14, during Milley’s speech at Fort Meyer, the new head of the Army made it clear that bellicose US militarism is not just an integral policy in the present, but it is a battle cry for the future. As he assumed command of the Army, Milley declaimed,

      As America, we have no luxury of a single opponent. We have to be able to fight guerrillas and terrorists all the way up through nation-state militaries. If we do not maintain our commitment to remain strong in the air, on the sea and yes, on the ground, then we will pay the butcher’s bill in blood, and we will forever lose the precious gift of our freedom….

      There is no cheap way to change, and more importantly, there is no cheap way to buy freedom. The only thing more expensive than fighting and winning a war is fighting and losing a war — and fighting and winning a war is what the United States Army is all about.

      Milley’s belligerent remarks were sparsely covered in the mass media. However, they are a frightening and ominous indicator that the nation’s lust for war is still predominant at the highest levels of the Pentagon.

      • racerrodig says:

        Want to bet he has a lot of stock in Honeywell, Raytheon and the like…………just like the Bush family.

        • ed nelson says:

          10/4 that buddy…. all I can say is thise creeps need to be put on a list…

          I mean we need to list and keep an account ot the monsters, as it were… then some fine day they will get theirs!!!

  5. Malisha says:

    What is the best method to make our opposition to this a viable phenomenon? Is there a form of complaint to the Commander in Chief that should begin now? Any input is appreciated. This manual more or less says that if we want (and we do) to maintain our tyranny over all the world’s peoples (and resources), we have a right to do whatever is necessary to support that goal. It reminds me a little of the Court decision written in the slave case “State v. Mann” in 1830 in North Carolina (Judge Ruffin, may his name be erased).

    The underlying case in State v. Mann was not very complicated. In 1828, John Mann hired the slave (Lydia) from her “owner,” one Elizabeth Jones. At some point, Mann decided to punish Lydia. In the midst of this punishment, she fled, whereupon Mann shot and wounded her. A Chowan County jury convicted Mann of battery and fined him $5 — not because he could not legally shoot a slave, but because he shot somebody ELSE’s slave (he had only hired her work, not purchased her). The case was appealed to the North Carolina state supreme court where Thomas Ruffin, a recent appointee, wrote an opinion overturning this conviction.

    In his decision, Ruffin maintained that “the slave, to remain a slave, must be made sensible that there is no appeal from his master” (p. 25). In asserting “that the power of the master must be absolute to render the submission of the slave perfect,” Ruffin seemingly endorsed a view that granted society no ability whatsoever to interfere with the relationship between owners and slaves (p. 1). Ruffin tempered his decision by acknowledging his “sense of the harshness of the proposition” and the “struggle … between the feelings of the man and the duty of the magistrate” (p. 1).

    Abolitionists tended to think that Judge Ruffin was a good guy who was forced to support the “law of slavery” because of his obligation to judge in accordance with law. They contended that southern law forced all men, even upright ones such as Ruffin, to swallow their pride and support slavery despite their awareness of its malignance. That did not happen to be true, of course: Ruffin was a slave-owner and voluntarily supported the “slave law” that he cluck-clucked about applying.

    The reason I reference this is that the “law of war” has now declared that all sorts of things we ALL KNOW ARE WRONG will be sanctioned so that our judges and our institutions can cluck-cluck like Judge Ruffin when we commit what are obvious war crimes. And the excuse? “Hostilities.” In other words, when somebody is our enemy, the rules change.

    Our whole culture is distorted and ugly because of this. Once we call someone our enemy, we are free to make them our victim. “He looks real suspicious” says Fogen, and that translates to: “I’m gonna kill him.”

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