I support Shaun King and Black Lives Matter

I support Shaun King and the Black-Lives-Matter movement.

King has been accused by Breitbart News of falsely claiming that he is biracial. Gawker is reporting,

Breitbart’s report, authored by the British Gamergate activist Milo Yiannopoulos, suggests that King has repeatedly lied about his race, illicitly obtained a scholarship funded by Oprah Winfrey for men attending a historically black university, and exaggerated the severity of physical injuries he sustained during a 1995 hate crime and an unrelated car accident. Yiannopoulos draws heavily from documents obtained by Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross and a blogger named Vickie Pate, the latter of whom appears to be obsessively devoted to smearing black people who were killed by police officers and discrediting black people who managed to survive police brutality.

I was viciously attacked by Vickie Pate, Mike Thacker, David Piercy and others when I wrote a series of articles criticizing self-defense claims by George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, Theodore Wafer and Darren Wilson. Pate, Thacker and Piercy attempted to discredit me by making a series of false allegations, claiming among other things that I was a “failed lawyer” who had been disbarred by the Washington State Bar Association. Thacker even went so far as to establish a Word Press website dedicated to publishing false and defamatory information about me. Word Press removed his website at my request.

Pate, Thacker, Piercy and the right-wing-hate-machine to which they belong have no credibility and should be ignored.


29 Responses to I support Shaun King and Black Lives Matter

  1. bronxlady1 says:

    I support Mr. King also. His writing is awesome.

    • More trouble ahead. Cops can’t stop killing people

      • ed nelson says:

        they do what they are trained to do!

        To Kill! and when these monsters come home… the are just right for the purpose of to kill, these guys have killed citizens in some forelign country… they have seen it!! These guys have seen how it looks to go and kill people… who are just like you and me!! just little fu’n folks in their gadamned beds… murder ’em… Waste ’em!

        Now just go figure these guys come home and they need jobs… well you know where that job is: Law Enforcement.

        And so tell you what: These guys have the training…! These guys have got thier teeth cut on killing, they are inurred and not too sensitive… they are vetted… they are ready to kill/

        And they are the ones who will be ready to kill… ready to kill you and me …. you…. and me…. kill it it moves!!!

        Now you tell me if I’m too severe.

        • Malisha says:

          I think you’re actually right, in some proportion. I remember reading a study of army recruits, regarding domestic violence. The study had a huge, HUGE data sample of new recruits. They were done with the basic training and in some Fort on the Eastern coast. The study found that something like 90% of them had already been involved in some kind of violence. So the Division of Army Psychiatry put in place a system-wide idiotic (expensive) program designed by some clever psychological salesman, to “train recruits to be non-violent.” Imagine. They’re in the Army being trained to be violent and then you give them a course in being non-violent. Brilliant. And did I mention expensive? It would be like an “abstinence only” program for women you were training for prostitution. We are a violent culture.

        • You aren’t too severe. You’re describing the situation accurately, I think.

  2. a2nite says:

    Unfortunately, racist lying CNN & stupid evil duplicitous Don Lemon picked this story up. They should have considered the source, racist white supremacists & stopped there.

  3. These people hurt this young man for no good reason.

  4. ed nelson says:

    well we all want to ”vent” our stuff!

    I would like to tell of my wondefull life… my really wonderful life as a child. I sure did not live in any ” Ghetto!

    I lived in an all whitey area… plus more selective… rich MFR’s all over the place… (Not me though… we were sort of poor, just lived in our Grand paraents house, from decades earlier, we were poor bastards in a rich neighborhood… I can tell the stories of that…. we were no account, I was not much in the school! I was fu*kt
    That is wy I remembber it so vividly, because…. you don;’t forget it when you get that treatment! You remember it well!

  5. Xena says:

    Pate, Thacker, Piercy and the right-wing-hate-machine to which they belong have no credibility and should be ignored.

    With the exception of Thacker (now), they refuse to be ignored. King did ignore them and from what I hear, everyone who tried warning him of Pate’s plan. Pate did not just piggy-back with Piercy, she also piggy-backed with Annette Kelly (Nettles).

    Their motivation cannot be ignored, and should be exposed to stop the harm that they do to individuals. Early this year, they brought on another person to post and misrepresent the personal and private information of others on privately hosted websites so it cannot be removed by hosting companies. If they can’t control the target victim’s, they include their children and spouses in the defamation scheme.

    The more people are aware of them and their methods, the better.

  6. Xena says:

    To Michael Thacker’s credit, he wants his past actions to be put in the past. He has moved on and recommended that those he once agreed with do the same.

    Regarding Vicki Pate, I remember when she went on the racial rampage when Phillip Chism killed his teacher. I could look at Phillip and tell he is bi-racial, the same as I looked at Shaun King and know he is bi-racial.

    I happen to know a thing or two about birth certificates when the mom is married and also, giving the birth mom privilege to define the child’s race when bi-racial. V. Pate does not know that. When the police report on Chism was released, it gives his race as White and V. Pate has been silent about that case since.

  7. ed nelson says:

    If god don’t step in: (Second comming…. ?), well you got to figure this place is not going to be too hopitipal in some time… like soon too!

    Take IE: the ”swarm of immigrants to Europe” , take that as a little example of how things will go bannanas soon too…!

    We got a bunch of criminals that any correction facsility anywhare would be proud of…. The worst bad ass controllers of any and all corrections are in control of the levers of the worlds power.

    These MTFrs. will succeed in killing this world as we may project the trend lines… of what they do and will continue to do…

  8. ed nelson says:

    All well… say it like this: “‘ Ignore things to ‘your peril’, be careful what you ”willfully neglect to anotate in your precious little mind.. as to my little concept… which is no guide post!!

    I just set up a will, I don’t have those illusions anymore! (about immortality, I mean!)

    I am really discusted with our .000001%

    God who ever he/she may be will make some move soon, or if not, maybe just let it moulder and degrade????

  9. Malisha says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t help laughing:


    They’re NOT WELCOME! Wow, how horrible is THAT? 👿

  10. Malisha says:

    I disagree that they should be ignored.
    They should be publicly shamed and loudly shouted down.

    • ed nelson says:

      Ignoring is a great way to hurt somebody’s feelings…

      however I wonder if ”ignoring” isn’t just a little… passive, meaning that… it is all f*up. You know that it is! You Know that things are all F*up.

      Please don’t ”ignore anybody ever”, I mean… sometimes maybe… but it is bad to ignore folks, in general, it is kind of a bad practice in the sense: that you would fail to acknowledge tje purpose/person/message, and who knows if it is ”important”?

      I know… ! but I think that these questions will come up to those who question things.

    • I agree, Malisha. People like Pate and DP should be publicly shamed as long as they are publicly attacking BLM and civil rights activists. It’s one thing to publicly disagree with someone and quite another to launch denigrating public attacks on other people.

  11. ed nelson says:

    I mean… who the hell is G Z that he can find any kind of support for any race angle? That individual, should have to be ”asigned” a ”race”, for starters!

    And… Who the hell is so… what… low self esteemed to be at a point where they might find G Z a viable ralleying point… or WTF, for going on line and ” putting in” with that stuff?

    Answer: Dad’s a part of the system, ”one hand washes the other,” the system takes care.

    I mean: if you wanted some white guy, a least get a D Duke type, with some features… hahs

    I like all the meanest of the most bad ass Black Guys like M X, folks that you know they got something to say!

  12. Exactly Professor. I remember these cancer’s well from the gz disaster well, especially pate, piercy. Scary creatures.

  13. The Twitter trolls couldn’t bring activist DeRay McKesson down, so they went after Shaun King mercilessly. Of course, they’re a few sandwiches shy of a picnic there too! Vicki Pate had a big hand in this as well, but she’s been banned by Twitter, or at least can’t open an account in her own name or that of her blog. But most of the racist trolls have many sock accounts, like DP.

    • Xena says:

      She has another Twitter account now, but it was Piercy who massively tweeted out King’s birth certificate to the media.

      • racerrodig says:

        I agree………they should all be ignored. Xena…..send me an e-mail. I still can’t get onto your site.

        Yep, I first heard about these nutzz when Zippyhead was in the news. Oh, he’s back in the news claiming he paints Confederate flag pictures and sells them with his signature. It says to the effect The 2nd (Amendment) protects the 1st (Amendment)

        Sooooo……it is becoming illegal to use this image, is now against most internet sale policy, stands as a symbol of hate, slavery and all of that and now the biggest moron on the planet is jumping on the bandwagon.

        He’s in cahoots with the gun shop who claims to be “Muslim Free”

        Soooooooo……..once again, the double standard by FogenPhoole. he can inflict his crap on everyone, claiming the 1st Amendment rights, then goes the “….you can’t have your own religious beliefs….” road.

        What a bunch of dorks.

      • True, but Vickie also put it in her little dropbox for people to see and though she didn’t put it on her site, was the one who originally started the whole kerfluffle, as far as I could see. I see her new Twitter now – https://twitter.com/TheVickiPate – shouldn’t last long, considering how many people she offends.

        Now she’s bashing Shaun for revealing that the father who raised him and who is on his birth certificate isn’t his birth father – damned if you do and damned if you don’t, lol.

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