Cleveland Police Department may have a sexual assault problem

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has been conducting an official investigation* regarding an allegation of sexual misconduct against a Cleveland police officer. Specifically,TBI is investigating a woman’s complaint that Officer Carl Walls sexually assaulted her on July 31st. TBI, which is a law enforcement agency outside Cleveland and the State of Ohio, was selected to independently investigate these allegations.

The Charlotte Times Free Press is reporting,

TBI spokesman Josh DeVine said Monday that investigators began to look into the rape allegation against Officer Carl Walls at the request of District Attorney Jimmy Dunn, who oversees the 4th District where the alleged incident took place.

Dunn said that Walls is the only known suspect in the case, but authorities are still interviewing others who may have known about the alleged incident.

A 30-year-old woman told the Times Free Press that Walls fed her hydrocodone and forced her to have sex with him after she drank half a bottle of Parrot Bay rum at a rented cabin in Gatlinburg on July 31. She claims that three other police officers from the same patrol shift also were at the cabin at the time.

Walls told the Times Free Press that he was having an affair with the woman, but he denied any criminal wrongdoing. Walls’ attorney Jim Logan said Walls is working to mend his marriage with his wife.

TBI also is investigating a claim by the 30-year-old woman that Walls has been stopping off at her home several times a week around 6:40 am each day to have sex with her. He was on duty each time. She met him for the first time when he was dispatched to her home to investigate a domestic disturbance. The visits began soon after.

According to the woman, Officer Chad Nave of the Cleveland Police Department was in the residence with his 20-year-old girlfriend when Walls assaulted her.

She said that she and the 20-year-old woman spent the night with Walls and Nave at a rented cabin in Gatlinburg on July 30, but left the next day.

On July 31, the men were joined by Officers Whitney Owens and John Carson, who all work on the same patrol shift, and late in the night the woman went back to the cabin to meet Walls a second time after he texted her.

This is not the only sexual assault allegation against a Cleveland law enforcement officer.

Two police chiefs retired after sex scandals, one in January 2014 after he was caught on tape rendezvousing with a woman at a storage unit, and another in May after he was caught in an affair with a subordinate’s wife and lied about it to investigators.

The department also saw the demotion of one former chief’s brother-in-law for conducting multiple sexual affairs, had two officers sentenced to state prison for statutory rape and another fired and sued over allegations of sexual assault.

6 Responses to Cleveland Police Department may have a sexual assault problem

  1. Thanks bill Taylor. I was confused about the TBI role in this. I live next door to Cleveland, Ohio, so again, thanks for clarifying. I never heard of Cleveland, TN.

  2. Bill Taylor says:

    pretty sure this is about cleveland tenn. a town just north of chattanooga

    • gblock says:

      Thanks, bettykath! I watched parts 1 and 3 but couldn’t get part 2 to play. What struck me is that they talked about the “positional asphyxia” and “he was trying to reach his gym shoes and slipped in” claims, but don’t talk at all about the results from the independent autopsy that show injuries that aren’t explained by those claims. I wonder what evidence they have on the Bells – it seems rather circumstantial.

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