Republicans threaten to shut down government unless Planned Parenthood is defunded

I have been attacking the Republican Party recently because it’s crazy, racist, and out of touch. Since its core constituency is the billionaire class, it supports putting more money in their pockets instead of ours even though they do not need more and we do.  Beginning with Ronald Reagan, Republicans have been telling us that the billionaires are the job creators and that more money in their pockets will mean more jobs for us and more money in our pockets. However, the evidence disproves this claim. While the billionaires have dramatically increased their wealth since 1980, wages have remained stagnant or declined and millions of jobs have been outsourced to foreign countries. Hardly anyone makes a living wage anymore even though workers have increased their productivity. Nevertheless, Republicans oppose increasing the minimum wage to a living wage.

The Republican Party is also anti-women. For example, now it is attempting to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s only health care provider for millions of women. The Nation reports today,

There is already talk among some congressional Republicans of trying to force a fall shutdown of the federal government in an effort to eliminate funding for for Planned Parenthood clinics. Parallel efforts to cut funding at the state level are being advanced by Republican governors/presidential candidates such as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal.The Associated Press reports that, “Planned Parenthood receives more than $500 million yearly in government funds — including state payments — more than one-third of its annual $1.3 billion in revenue. Its annual report says it provides services for 2.7 million people annually, mostly women, with abortions accounting for 3 percent of its procedures.”

Many of you may be familiar with the graphic and heavily edited videotaped interview of Planned Parenthood personnel admitting that fetal tissue from abortions has been made available for scientific research. This is not news because such testing has been ongoing since 1930 with beneficial results. For example, such testing led to Dr. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine. It would be colossally stupid to prohibit such testing.

Moreover, Republicans know that Planned Parenthood does not sell or profit from making fetal tissue available for research. Yet they persist knowing that millions of women would have no access to health care if they succeed. They are so full of hate that many of them are planning to shut down the government in October, unless they get their way.

They should be marooned on the Moon.



3 Responses to Republicans threaten to shut down government unless Planned Parenthood is defunded

  1. Malisha says:

    We cannot become a neofeudalistic oligarchy if women are not restrained; we will not have a source of free imprisoned labor if poor women are able to choose when and if to reproduce. Our future (as the Repugnicans envision it) demands that we defund Planned Parenthood to return to a society they can support. I mean, which can support them (and only them).

  2. “I have been attacking the Republican Party recently because it’s crazy, racist, and out of touch.”

    You forgot sexist, misogynistic, and other many other pejorative but realistically applied adjectives!

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