Marijuana in Sandra Bland’s blood is irrelevant

Excuse me while I go on a rant.

People need to stop demonizing Sandra Bland because marijuana was detected in her blood sample taken at the autopsy.

So what?

The presence of a drug in a person’s blood does not mean anything unless they were impaired by the drug and they weren’t impaired unless a toxic level of the drug was detected. Even if they had a toxic level, it would not cause a person to react violently or to commit suicide. They would probably eat something and go to sleep.

I am sick and tired of the demonization of black victims killed by police. Oh my God! Right wing heads explode at the very thought that a victim of violence might have had a detectable amount of marijuana in their blood. All of a sudden. the victim deserved to die, according to their thought process.

Were these turkeys home schooled?

(apologies to turkeys who are actually smarter than these right wing freaks)

No peer reviewed scientific study supports their irrational fears.

Millions of people smoke pot and have no trouble functioning. Get over it, Deal with it.

Let’s put the focus back where it belongs:

1) On the cop who arrested Sandra Bland in violation of his department’s rules and regulations; and

2) On the jail that did not comply with its own rules regarding observation of potentially suicidal inmates.

The media needs to ignore the racist right wing hate machine instead of pandering to their ridiculous concerns.


Notice to Readers: I am posting five days per week at Firedoglake, which is why you haven’t seen much of me lately. I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected to cross post here and when I remember, my article is stale news and I don’t post it. Mea culpa. I’ll try to do better.


Here’s my Friday post on Sandra Bland.



20 Responses to Marijuana in Sandra Bland’s blood is irrelevant

  1. fauxmccoy says:

    Fred — have you seen news items regarding the Kendrick Johnson case and search warrants that have been issued by a federal grand jury? the homes of an FBI agent, his sons and a girlfriend have been searched and property seized. this could get interesting — i am glad to see that this case has not disappeared.

  2. It’s called “dirtying up” the victim. Unfortunately, it seems to work all too well. For shame.

  3. girlp says:

    I hope we can get some answers regarding Kendrick Johnson but I won’t hold my breath.

  4. ed nelson says:

    Hey, did anybody ever go figure: that one of the reasons for the wars, is to vet and ”train”, those who later are ”deployed” on the streets… ”trained to kill, and vetted as reliable ”sociopathic” brown shirt types.

    go and figure how that would work… war as training ground for homeland (Heimat… !) security for the .01% Socio’s pardon my French!

    But as far as it goes… on the issue of the peeps, well I might site the ”Bell Curve”, and taht’s depressing in itself!

  5. Although Sandra could have killed herself- jail is depressing and doubly so if you’re trapped there and don’t deserve it – the system is 90% responsible for her death.

    She should have been issued a warning or a citation and allowed to go on her way no matter what she said to the cop – and she didn’t say anything particularly outrageous that I haven’t said on occasion during traffic stops when dealing with an egomaniacal cop. The arresting cop and the local justice system involved have a lot of hard questions to answer. Smearing the victim to divert attention from the real problem is utterly disgusting and reprehensible.

    Our current law enforcement systems in the US and the institutionalized attitudes in these encourage the hiring of people who should not be employed as cops. That much is also clear. Citizens are going to have to get involved and push hard to clean up and improve law enforcement and the justice system.

  6. J4TMinATL says:

    You’re exactly right Fred. And department violations on steroids. Some of the comments on social media and the news have mentioned the marijuana in an attempt to suggest that it was ingested while in jail. There is also conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, which I find is a distraction. At some point, one may tune out with all the extra noise out there. Regarding the alleged suicide – I understand the stigma of suicide and how difficult it can be for any family member. I’ll share one example. There was a former basketball player’s brother that committed suicide a couple of years ago. He was a religious young man who was teaching abstinence and what not in schools. He was dating a young woman, who come to find out was pregnant with his child. Hours before his death, he posted a long letter on Facebook, that in my opinion, blamed this young woman, the pregnancy, and the feeling that she trapped him…. as reasons he was ending his life. His family, and particularly his father view his suicide as betrayal and put the blame on the young man. They also think he took the easy way out and are angry about it. There has never been any mention about mental health or any deeper discussion surrounding his death. I still say today that there weren’t any signs and that he had everything in life, things were going well. We all know that it doesn’t matter how happy or content one is, we all struggle. So even with Sandra writing on paper that she has attempted suicide, her family won’t acknowledge it and denies knowledge. They may in fact have no knowledge, but saying she had no reason to commit suicide and not believe she did just doesn’t do any good. This entire situation is sad.

    The dash cam video and officers actions are disturbing. How do these officers ever pass psychological exams when hired?

    • I think they pass because this is the type of person they want to hire. They are looking for ex-military with combat experience and a GED. No surprise the cops treat civilians, especially minorities and the mentally ill, as the ‘enemy.’

      I believe she did commit suicide, but I think the way she was treated had a lot to do with her decision.

      • Malisha says:

        I do not trust any of the “evidence” that she killed herself. To me, this is not believable. At all.

        • bettykath says:

          Malisha, I agree. If she were sedated, it wouldn’t have been too difficult for her to have been suicided. Since she shouldn’t have been in jail in the first place, LE is entirely responsible for her death.

  7. We all know that Sandra was not impaired in the least bit during her traffic stop, if medical examiners truly found a controlling substance in Sandra’s DNA, don’t you realize that this points to foul play while she was in county custody? The term used was “heavy amount of marijuana”, suspicion alludes that Sandra was possibly poisoned sometime in the night on Saturday, rendering her unable to fight back, and when the marijuana had not killed her by morning, she was hung. Possiility?

    • Yes, it’s possible, but I doubt it. She mentioned that she had epilepsy, and apparently medical marijuana has been prescribed to control epileptic seizures. I don’t believe marijuana poisoning is very likely.

      Also, marijuana can be detected in blood for up to 6 months after ingestion, long after a person would experience any symptoms. Therefore, the presence of marijuana in her blood does not mean she was impaired when she was arrested or when she died.

      Finally, even if she was stoned on pot, which I doubt, it would have had a calming influence. I did not see any sign that she was under the influence of marijuana when the cop stopped her.

      I think the authorities are trying to demonize her to protect the cop. The focus should be on him because he totally lost his cool and assaulted her.

      We;come to the site.

      • You are absolutely right, thanks for the Facts! This doesn’t neccesarily mean that jail officials completely know this info, even though they should. What I do know is officer Bland removed a bag from Bland’s vehicle and placed it in his cruiser, along with her purse from the front seat. If she was medicating with marijuana, after two days of not, would there still be as heavy of an amount present?

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