We need a law establishing a uniform reporting requirement for police killings

Friday, November 14, 2914

Good morning:

We need a law that establishes a mandatory uniform classification and reporting requirement for all police killings.

They have increased each of the past three years. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2013 listed 461 justifiable killings of felony suspects by police. That is the highest number of killings in the past 20 years.

Inspired in part by the Michael Brown killing, USA Today reviewed the FBI’s database of justifiable killings for the past seven years involving a white cop killing a black suspect. They found an average of 96 killings per year.

Whether those killings were truly justifiable or falsely deemed to have been justifiable due to racist thinking and/or to cover-up a murder is impossible to determine due to incomplete record keeping. For example, I was shocked to discover that no law requires the creation and maintenance of a national database of police killings and no law requires police agencies to report killings according to a uniform procedure. Instead, the FBI relies on agencies to voluntarily report their self-described ‘justifiable’ killings.

This situation is intolerable and must be fixed. Congress is going to have to pass a law establishing a uniform classification and reporting system.

We also need a law that establishes independent civilian review boards to investigate and transparently review police killings because police investigating fellow officers is an inherent conflict of interest that cannot reasonably be expected to produce a just result.

Unfortunately, I cannot imagine an evidence averse Republican Congress passing such a law even though it’s desperately needed.

14 Responses to We need a law establishing a uniform reporting requirement for police killings

  1. Malisha says:

    To me, it is very telling that an officer said, “There’s gonna be a problem here.” There already WAS one: a man had been gunned down in the street.

    • Disappointed says:

      If I read correctly there was about 61 seconds between robbery call and shooting? Hopefully my old mind missed something because 61 seconds IMO is not very long for get the f on sidewalk drive off back up struggle shoot shoot get out of car shoot some more and finally shoot some more. Mr Wilson must be in fear 24/7. I mean to shoot and kill you must fear for your life I thought that was the standard. What am I missing?
      I did not really notice any injuries in the video of Wilson IMO.

    • MDX says:

      Notice how Wilson is larger than all the other cops?

      • Disappointed says:

        I did notice. I’m still floored that in 61 seconds this trained officer had no choice but to use deadly force. Mike Brown was not armed.

        • MDX says:

          To me, it is most likely that Wilson was used to using his strength to grab and intimidate. Brown, being big himself, probably fought off the throat/collar grab and, in the process of doing so, hit Wilson in the face. So Wilson, being a big cry baby, got mad, and like a petulant child, pulled out his gun and shot Brown.

          And I stand my my theory based on simple logic.

          A has no gun.

          B has a gun and the benefit of the doubt wrongly, IMO, given to police.

          So in a heated dispute, what is more likely?

          A deciding to go for B’s gun, although doing so has a high probability of death and a 100% probability of doing a long stunt in prison


          B deciding to shoot A because a he can claim A “went for the gun” and there is a greater than 99% chance he will be believed?

          And why does our legal system NOT, when it is a cop or a cop fondler like Zimmerman, require that the victim of their murder PROVE that their unsubstantiated claim MUST be disproved beyond a reasonable doubt?

          Gee whiz.

          B, if he tells the truth, will serve decades in prison. So what are the odds that B will make up some story to TRY to stay free?

          And the press NEVER does what I did.

          No, the headlines screamed, blood on gun proves Brown went for the gun.

          Never mind the fact that Wilson had months to come up with a story {lie} to fit what he knows is evidence.

          Never mind that blood on the gun fits exactly what Johnson stated moments after the event happened.

          I feel very ashamed that probably 60% of my fellow Americans are failures in logic.

          And these people are on a Authoritarian trip that could have grave consequences. The original Reich was full of authoritarians who, due to their inability to be rational, brought on the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people.

          Some examples of their moronery.

          The only valid science is Aryan science.

          So it was USA meets Einstein.

          The Aryan super man can beat scores of inferior Slavic people.

          So Stalingrad ate up about a million “Aryans”.

          In the USA.

          Those “blacks” are “not qualified” to be police.

          So we get an idiot like Wilson “protecting and serving” Ferguson by killing Brown and probably causing incidents that will result in the death of more innocent people.

          The “blacks” imagine racism and MUST listen to the rational “whitesplainers”.

          So, instead of making reforms to a system that is broken, we will just let pent up justifiable rage build up more.

          Rant over.

  2. Malisha says:

    Such a law, unfortunately, has zero chance of passing. Every single congressperson in our federal government is cowed by the police power in his or her home state; nobody will stand up to the police, and that includes legislators. Nobody would sponsor the bill; it would be political suicide. To hold police accountable would be to remove privilege, and we are moving quickly, legislatively, in the opposite direction. Nowadays people are even afraid of POINTING in photographs for fear of the police targeting them to destroy their public careers and ruin their reputations. The police are out of control. This was, of course, the real beginning of Nazi Germany: unbridled police power.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      When enough legislators have family members abused or killed by police maybe they’ll wake up and take action.

  3. ronald fulton says:

    Thank you!!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I would add that there needs to be some kind of uniformity when it comes to police selection and training. When a police officer kills a suspect, they get the benefit of the doubt, why? Nobody drafted them into the police force! Why is their life or body considered more important than an innocent person or even a guilty one who was not threatening them. Look at the case of Crawford. They kill this man who was never a threat to them, but since they somehow perceived him as a threat it’s okay? Since they joined the police force it as they become some kind of deity! There has to more accountability! I guess the Supreme Court would have to reverse the governing case first!

  5. Malisha says:

    I think uniform reporting of each and every time any law enforcement (or other public employee) drew a gun or otherwise deployed a weapon (including a taser, a club, etc.) is mandatory. No civil society can endure without it. If you’re doing violence, explain the need for it.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I agree. Not to mention roll back SYG type self-defense. Indeed, make it harder to use a deadly weapon unless the attacker has one. Retreat should always be the first line of defense.

      Odd that as violent crime drops the gang in blue has become more violent. Definitely they must have oversight outside their own organizations.

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