Pistorius video reenactment to be shown tonight on Australian TV

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Good morning:

Trouble ahead for Oscar Pistorius:

Check this out. Tonight an Australian TV show will be showing a video shot by an American film company showing Pistorius bossing his legal team around as he reenacts the shooting, apparently without displaying remorse and balancing on his stumps.

Meanwhile, I have been wondering why Steenkamp would have shut and locked the toilet door when she went to the bathroom, unless she was trying to get away from him, and why Pistorius would not have heard the toilet flush after he heard the toilet door shut.

Finally, why didn’t she call out to him when he told the intruder to get out of his house?

I don’t believe he told the truth.

What do you think?

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40 Responses to Pistorius video reenactment to be shown tonight on Australian TV

  1. ay2z says:

    A SA media legal expert speaks about the impact from the video, says no ‘mistrial’ necessary and explains the system a little more.

  2. ay2z says:

    Should Pistorius get away with murder of a woman partner, what will this do for women’s rights in SA, or anywhere else in Africa, for that matter. Only white males with disabilities have reason to fear attacks from others? No, far from it. The stats for women killed, raped by males in SA, would far exceed the problem for disabled male athletes with fast cars and racehorses.

  3. ay2z says:

    3 hours to Nel. Then we will see. Pot or two of coffee (or should it be ‘tea’!) might let me stay up for the first hour to see the direction things are headed.

  4. ay2z says:

    Also, why would the defense choose to spend so much on a company to develop animation products, when they claim it’s all for mapping, like making visual notes. They spent their money on graphics perks from a USA company when they didn’t spend much on their more critical expert and got Dixon instead?

    Pistorius has big money to gain by winning this case, and there may be sponsors who would see profit in a big comback, even without an ‘innocent’ decision at trial, this win would be second best.

  5. Pdeadder says:

    ay2z you are so smart.
    I too read that it can cause a mistrial but since there is no jury I wonder if that still applies.
    Could this have been all planned by the defence?
    Pistorius looked too happy on Thursday something is up.
    He’s getting away with this.
    Apparently the survey after it was shown 52percent said guilty 47 said not guilty.

    • ay2z says:

      Yeah, read the survey too but wouldn’t hold a lot of stock in public opinion with the judge. I think she had this slick sports med expert’s number early on.

      Pat, I am suspicious of this timing and you wouldn’t think that a company like that is surely not going to implode itself on purpose. Just doesn’t make sense, this isn’t an amateur hour crew. Pistorius has already blamed his legal advisors for mistakes, they may not know anything about sabotage from the inside. Could be another faction, like wealthy family/friends along with Pistorius taking things into their own hands. (did you notice the other day in court when Nels was on the sports expert’s case about ‘no notes?’, that when the witness did say, with a delay to emphasize sarcasm, “yes, I do”, that the camera was on OP’s family and supporters, and they broke into big smiles when that happened.

      The lawyer teaches at Johannesburg so he should know their system inside and out, hopefully his comment was quoted correctly.

      Could be a way out for this accused.

  6. ay2z says:

    Oscar Pistorius ‘can sue for mistrial’ over footage aired on Channel 7

    JULY 07, 2014 9:59AM

    Stephen Tuson, an associate law professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, said it could constitute a breach of privilege, between a client and his lawyers.

    “If there’s a breach of that [confidentiality], there can be a mistrial,” said Mr Tuson. “If there is a failure of justice, that’s the end of the trial.”

    Could this move to leak the video be an endgame within an endgame orchestrated by Pistorius’s team, opting for a mistrial to avoid a guilty verdict and a long prison sentence in a South African jail?

  7. ay2z says:

    Example of OP on his stumps on the hard floor (stone or ceramic tile border near the fireplace. He said on cross (April 11th, session 1 video), “My Lady, I have very, very limited mobility on my stumps on a hard surface like tiles.” (he then goes on to describe “kneeling down” to “peer around” to see no one in bathroom before he “walked back a step or two”.

    He looks fine on that stone tile floor in this photo.

    6 hrs to Nell for those in an ‘awake’ time zone.

  8. ay2z says:

    OP: Reeva did not scream after the first shot.

    OP Oh, forgot, didn’t hear any screaming because I forgot anyways besides, my ears were ringing, couldn’t even hear my own screams. I made a mistake when I said she did not scream, I meant …. I’m sorry, don’t know why I made a mistake M’Lady.

    OP: Please, M’Lady, erase the part of the record where I blamed Reeva for staying quiet after I shot and ripped her hip apart, but she did do it before, the part about not talking to people for a day or so. I made a mistake, don’t know why.

  9. ay2z says:

    Watch OP carry/drag his sister out of the toilet room and remember what OP gave as his reason for sleeping on the left side of the bed, because he could put NO WEIGHT on his RIGHT shoulder.

    At about 3 1/2 mnutes in, look at the weight on his right arm, hand, probably shoulder too, ya think?? 😉

    • ay2z says:

      Fred pointed out the cost of a video production like this. So, if this was, as this above reporter suggests at 4 mins or so, done only to assist in prep of defense, a ‘mapping’ for trial only, why go to this costly approach just for mapping? Costs even higher for a defendant in SA, time, flights no direct, non-stop pond hop over to Ohio, when a tripod and video camera or two, could be set up by their own local resources? Look how much they spent on a real ballistics/accoustics/cricketbat/audio/geology expert witness for actual trial use!?? 😉

      They more than likely intended to use this at trial and some reason(s) they did not.

  10. ay2z says:

    The new NIKE shirt in the re-enactment shows that either OP was advertising to his legal team and the ER (Evidence Room company) OR he hoped this would be shown in court for a world wide audience, and winning back his important sponsor or some of their money.

    ER (Emergency Room) might be where the defense is positioned now, in prep for tomorrow’s battle.

  11. MKX says:

    Fake screams….

    Fear for my life…

    Damn, this script gets old and lame.

  12. ay2z says:

    As we speak!! The preview video of the video is on YT now, much better than the above version.

    Fred, maybe you can link it in your story itself instead of inside the comments section for higher visibility with your article.

    This preview has the voice of Reeva’s mother.

  13. ay2z says:

    Published on YouTube so far, not the video itself but screen grabs with the story text to voice narration.

    By later today, the video will probably be available if the legal team is unable to stop it.

    Enough research for now.

    Tomorrow’s court starts at 9:30 AM SA time with Gerrie Nell well prepared to continue his cross of the ‘expert’ and admitted non-forensic, physician of he accused.

    Should be an extremely interesting morning with this skillful lawyer and his partner, Ms. Johnson.

    More fireworks anyone??

  14. ay2z says:

    Re-enactment was done in OP’s uncle’s house. This photo is different still from the video (but distorted probably from changing to wider format than original image), begs the question, how accurate is this re-enactment as Pistorius appears to be standing with his stumps on a stone or ceramic flooring border for a hardwood floor covered by Persian area rugs.

    Interesting that the Nike logo is front and center in the still shot, imagine the profits that could be paid by this sponsor if the video was shown in court (or leaked).

    • ay2z says:

      Another still from the video:

      “Oscar Pistorius demonstrates how he dragged Reeva Steenkamp’s body out from the bathroom. Photo: Sunday Night/Channel Seven”

      • ay2z says:

        Source article for both photos, SMH (Sydney Morning Herald)

        • Wonder why the defense did not attempt to use it at trial. Something in it must hurt the defense. Could be the screams. Must have cost a fortune to make it.

          • ay2z says:

            That is an interesting question, we shall see!

          • Thanks for posting those links.

          • ay2z says:

            Fred, you wondered why the defense has not used this.

            Well, the defense has apparently commented that they can’t see how it would hurt their client. Hmm…..

            Here’s more recent fallout, the family’s reaction– it’s all about them apparently, their privacy etc. Shifting focus from the ‘why not seen in trial’.

            Screams yes, anyone know which day and session the screams ‘get the f++ out of my house!!” were illustrated by OP?

            Also, about that time in the ‘passage’, OP says he stopped where the passage changes to ’tile’ and he kneels down.

            (Q: what is the difference in OP’s height kneeliing with stumps or with legs? And when did he ‘get back up to move around the corner after peering around to be sure no one was right there? And if he knelt down, how did he get back up smoothly, quickly and quietly from kneeling, with one hand gun at the ready, and one hand to assist himself?)

            Another point in the video contradicts what OP says about stumps on tile or hard floors as he gave that as his reason to not take Reeva and leave the bedroom. He shows he can nicely stand on tile (stone or ceramic) in his uncle’s house in a still photo so he CAN stand and move there.

            New SA report (also shows the mobility of OP well)

          • Visual mapping in preparation for trial, but not for trial, sounds like an excuse to me. I don’t believe it.

            Cost too much. ($1 = 10.765 rands)

            Reporter said it cost “millions of rands.”

          • ay2z says:

            PS: the kneeling Question–> IF OP knelt down as he fired into the toilet, wouldn’t matter if legs were used or not of course. Only if he had knelt down AND got back up on his stumps, making himself much more vulnerable while he changed positions (his record, his version facing a possible intruder). This kneeling would give the ballistics the same resultant height of the gun whether kneeling legs on or off. Cracks open the possibility that legs were on and that kneeling could cover that fact, or Pistorius was lying about the kneeling part.

            One other Q, what is the difference between ‘dead weight’ (limp person like a sack of grain) vs OP’s sister in Reeva’s place, with her arm hanging not so ‘dead’ around OP’s right shoulder (right “INJURED’ shoulder on the night of the shooting)?

  15. ay2z says:

    The American source of the leaked video is allegedly ‘The Evidence Room’.


    • ay2z says:

      “The Evidence Room employs a team of specialists with background in Art, 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics, Time Based Media, Biomedical Illustration, Architectural design, Law & Crime and Shooting Scene Recreation. We have been certified by the Ohio Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education Classes (CLE).”

      (company is based in Cleveland, Ohio, according to its website)

  16. ay2z says:

    Channel 7’s program called “Sunday Night” website blocks the videos including the complete show for geographic reasons, on it’s own page.

    I forget how to do quotes, sorry but here is the headline on the ‘Sunday Night’ page that refers to a “top american forensic investigator”.

    Seems the defense has a lot of resources and is pulling out all the stops to clear this admitted killer, but one South African retired judge says the defense would work but for the ‘no intruder’ fact, that a ‘bump in the night’ does not an intruder make.

    Exclusive: Oscar Pistorius re-enacts shooting

    Yahoo!7 July 6, 2014, 10:22 am

    Our in-depth investigation into the Oscar Pistorius case and the re-renactment that shows him walking through the crime again for a top american forensic investigator, plus the prosecutor determined to put him behind bars.

  17. ay2z says:

    Preview clips of Pistorius running, hope the link works. (also audio examples of his voice recorded as breaking to higher pitches in his help screams).

    Of course he is lying, and with very good reason.


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