Gun madness continues with another school shooting

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I cannot even greet anyone because I have another insane school shooting to report. Two students are dead at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, OR.

USA Today reports:

Tragedy struck an Oregon high school Tuesday when a gunman with a rifle killed a student at the start of the second-to-last day of the year.

The gunman was found dead a short time later, authorities said.

SWAT teams descended on Reynolds High School after receiving a report of a shooting, Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson said. The school was locked down and a room-by-room search was conducted.

Anderson said the identities of the gunman and his victim would be released after their families were notified.

Anderson did not say how the gunman died.

This is the 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook.

How many more students are going to have to die before we ban guns?

8 Responses to Gun madness continues with another school shooting

  1. Malisha says:

    The availability of guns is what I would call an “enhancement factor” to the twin problems of

    Toxic levels of free-floating rage/fear
    The perpetual psychosocial stimulus of “winner-loser”

    Our culture has brought these two horrible monsters to such a level that they cannot be contained by rhetoric, by government manipulation of people’s conduct, by economic incentives/dis-incentives, by religious rituals, or by any of the other measures that might have worked in a less communicative world.


    “you have to be able to financially and sexually dominate your wife and get respect and adoration in your neighborhood or you’re a loser” becomes “I’ll go arrest some thug and become a hero and people will throw money at me and I’ll be a winner”


    “you have to be able to have lots of sex with lovely young blondes or you’re a loser” becomes “I’ll kill a bunch of people and become a winner”

    [or any variant of it; it really doesn’t matter what flavor] at any moment.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Fear of “the other” as well.

      Arming oneself to the teeth and then wondering why local PD are militarized . . .

  2. kllypyn says:

    Guns will never be banned. I’m sorry for being so pessimistic.

    • shyloh says:

      Guns will only be taken away from the one’s that are responsible. The bad guys will always have the guns. They can get them a dime a dozen. I don’t know what can take care of this problem. It’s a complete mess.

      I worry about my Grandchildren every day. It’s a terrible way to live. Maybe this is why I home schooled my children. Just saying!

      • Two sides to a story says:

        61% of gun deaths in the US are suicides. 38% of deaths of women killed by domestic violence are killed with guns. Most of the mass shootings are perpetrated by “good guys” with guns. It’s a myth that only bad guys have guns or will have guns if more control is exerted. I’m sure the NRA and the gun industry love that meme. One of the biggest problems with gun ownership is the mindset and temptation to use it. Look at George Zimmerman for a good example of that. A guy who was more or less a good guy using poor judgement.

        I predict that Americans will someday rue this era as the dark ages of gun use/abuse.

  3. colin black says:

    Exactly Two Sides I said similar in the Profs last attempted mass shooting post

    colin black says:
    June 7, 2014 at 7:40 pm
    The frightening thing about a gun is the distance an disassotiation it allows the shooter.

    Charles Whitman was able to shoot many people from a Campus tower .

    Although in mitigation he did have a stonking big brain tumour .

    But its simply pointing an pulling a trigger unlike stabbing or strangling someone,

    You remove your self from the process an let a bullet do the work.

    The way guys that direct drones to lock on an elimate individuall tatgets .
    Buildings vechicles drones or multiple humans an sit a sip a coffee..

    Or even joke about the event.

    Remember dureing Clintons foray into the former Yugislavian conflict.
    American Pilots just had a whoopee kickass hell of a day as they shot up .
    A Military convoy of troops all recorded for posterity one said its like spring break on daytona down there.

    Turns out they shot up fleeing Albanian Civilians fleeing the conflict .
    Buses an tractors pulling trailers full of people..

    Children Women and the Elderly most of the young Men had already been killed or put in Concentration Camps thats why they were fleeing.

  4. This is a gun problem. Too quick, too lethal. It’s a tool that’s far too easy to use, unlike a knife, an ice pick, a hammer, etc.

    Guns must be regulated. The more rules have been dispensed with, the more shootings we have.

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