Monday Night Open Thread

Monday, May 12, 2014

Good evening:

I’m going to try posting an open thread every evening this week with a few stories listed to promote discussion. But that’s just to get the ball rolling. Off topic is on topic.

I am not going to allow another day to pass without condemning Cliven Bundy, San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman (R-UT), Bundy’s Buddies and their ATV enthusiasts who desecrated the peace and quiet of a sacred place and burial ground to the Navajo Nation that is located in Recapture Canyon, UT, just because they wanted to give the proverbial finger to the federal government. ATVs are prohibited in the canyon to preserve the environment and the dignity of a place that is known as the second Mesa Verde.

What a bunch of low class loud and stupid jerks.

The militarization of police is not making us safer. It is turning police into assassins. Hardly a week goes by without news of another police shooting. Here’s a story out of Salem, OR where a police officer stopped a vehicle driven by 25-year-old Jacklynn Ford a little after 10 pm. Apparently, she attempted to run away from him in a nearby park and he shot her in the chest and head. Then he permitted his K-9 to drag her around in the grass for awhile. I do not believe that I am off base when I say we live in a police state and we are at war with the police.

If you doubt what I say, check out the police recruitment videos that Crane included in her piece, Look at these f***ing police department recruitment videos.

And while you are at it, do not forget the cop who shot and killed the 93-year-old woman. The City Council fired him.

Robert James Campbell is scheduled to be executed in Texas tomorrow night but prison officials refuse to disclose the lethal injection cocktail they intend to use despite requests by his lawyers who are seeking to avoid another botched execution like the one that happened in Oklahoma to Clayton Lockett. His lawyers have appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking a stay of execution and an order forcing the State of Texas to reveal the recipe.

Here is a related article on the inhumanity of the death penalty published today in the Atlantic which shows its connection to racism and white supremacy.

We live in dreadful times. Here’s Chris Hedges, my favorite op/ed writer with an antidote, The Power of Imagination.

The pool is open.

What’s on your mind tonight?

11 Responses to Monday Night Open Thread

    • MKX says:

      “We as a city have spent millions of dollars to turn that park into a place for families, kids and dog lovers.”

      The irony of that quote is beyond pale.

      And I bet a lot of those who think they are making this park a better place for families by fining and jailing those who feed the less fortunate go to church and have heard:

      Whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers

      that you do unto me.

      But I am probably way of base.

      They probably laugh with their children as they read;

      “We have no doubt his liberality is well represented by his surviving partner,” said the gentleman, presenting his credentials.

      It certainly was; for they had been two kindred spirits. At the ominous word “liberality,” Scrooge frowned, and shook his head, and handed the credentials back.

      “At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge,” said the gentleman, taking up a pen, “it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and Destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time. Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir.”

      “Are there no prisons?” asked Scrooge.

      “Plenty of prisons,” said the gentleman, laying down the pen again.

      “And the Union workhouses?” demanded Scrooge. “Are they still in operation?”

      “They are. Still,” returned the gentleman, “I wish I could say they were not.”

      “The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigour, then?” said Scrooge.

      “Both very busy, sir.”

      “Oh! I was afraid, from what you said at first, that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course,” said Scrooge. “I’m very glad to hear it.”

      “Under the impression that they scarcely furnish Christian cheer of mind or body to the multitude,” returned the gentleman, “a few of us are endeavouring to raise a fund to buy the Poor some meat and drink and means of warmth. We choose this time, because it is a time, of all others, when Want is keenly felt, and Abundance rejoices. What shall I put you down for?”

      “Nothing!” Scrooge replied.

      “You wish to be anonymous?”

      “I wish to be left alone,” said Scrooge. “Since you ask me what I wish, gentlemen, that is my answer. I don’t make merry myself at Christmas and I can’t afford to make idle people merry. I help to support the establishments I have mentioned — they cost enough; and those who are badly off must go there.”

      “Many can’t go there; and many would rather die.”

      “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Besides — excuse me — I don’t know that.”

      “But you might know it,” observed the gentleman.

      “It’s not my business,” Scrooge returned. “It’s enough for a man to understand his own business, and not to interfere with other people’s. Mine occupies me constantly. Good afternoon, gentlemen!”

    • bettykath says:

      Food not Bombs has been feeding the homeless for years. They’ve rec’d lots of harassment. There is a small group feeding the homeless in Seattle. The cops there have a different approach. They harass the homeless, keeping them on the move in the middle of the night. Then put up barriers so they can’t return. Those with the food have to search for the homeless. They provide more than food.

  1. annahkonda says:

    During their investigation, is the DOJ empowered to unseal Zimmerman’s phone records? I am thinking his phone records will reveal much about his state of mind on 2/26/12, before and after the execution.

  2. Malisha says:

    Since there’s no such thing as OT on this thread, let me sound off about how infuriated I am that that stupid racist punk, the basketball guy Sterling, keeps opening his damn mouth. Somebody make him stop! Every sentence he says something untrue and racist about African Americans and at the end of alternate sentences he keeps announcing what a “good Jew” he is; he’s on the way to single-handedly shaming every “not good” Jew in this country and a good many elsewhere, if not starting a groundswell of misdirected anti-Semitism fueled by his obnoxious ignorant arrogant thuggish malignity. SOMEBODY STUFF A RAG IN HIS MOUTH AND KICK HIS ASS, QUICK!!

    • MKX says:

      I read he had the insanity to claim that Magic Johnson was not a good role model and does not do enough.


      He has a whole slew of investments in urban areas. Gee, I thought businesses that give jobs is part of that pull yourself up by you boot straps thing.

      One, I am aware of deals with the old State Fair Grounds, in Detroit.

      And, IMO, Aspire has some material that sheds a positive light on African Americans.

      It is sure a lot better than the Hollywood formula that seems to have a loud, trash talking black male playing Tonto to some lone Ranger white action hero.

      Maybe Sterling ought to see African Americans as they really are by watching programs made by them or, better yet, visiting real African American friends where they live and play.

      And what did Sterling do?

      African American mother: son, I think I can get us an apartment on that side of town that has a school with a fine reputation for teaching science and math.

      The agent for the Sterling owned apartment: “I am sorry M’am, but you just don’t qualify for an apartment”

      Sterling to the agent: “did you get rid of that undesired black mother and her troublemaking son, like I told you?”

      Agent: “Yes”

      Sterling: “good, that typical lying black person really thought I was going to fall for that line about her son being a math whiz.
      Everybody knows those people are not good at that.”

      And that fictional, although probably not far from true, dialog above is another example of white privilege in action.

  3. annahkonda says:

    High five to Malisha!!!

  4. Malisha says:

    I believe, in its way, the murder of Trayvon Martin was a lynching, just a lynching done without the need for a posse of angry people whipped into a frenzy of hatred. It was carried out by one man with a gun already living in a frenzy of hatred. THANKS to our social system, legal system, education system (THANKS, Virginia public schools) and family court system (Hey thanks, family court of Manassas VA who never challenged the parental authority of two racist abusers) and our child protective services system (Hey thanks, Manassas County DHS and CPS for leaving the Zimmerman children in their home to grow up abused and angry). Thanks lying Robert Zimmerman Senior who pulled his magic strings because HE KNEW where skeletons were buried in Sanford Florida; thanks cold-eyed heartless dishonest lying-in-two-languages Gladys for protecting your baby-boy’s right to murder; thanks incestuous sister and media-whore brother. All of them lynchers. They should be walking around wearing the Mark of Cain but those who meet them SHOULD be able to forever shame them.

  5. bettykath says:

    The botched execution on OK was probably due to dehydration. Apparently they couldn’t find a vein in his arms, hand, or legs. The finally thought they had one in his groin but it collapsed rather quickly. We need water to keep our veins full and healthy.

    This in no way excuses the use of experimental drugs in an execution. In fact, it doesn’t excuse executions. The ability of that state to kill has no percolated down (is that possible?) to all members of the so-called justice system. Now without charge or trial. The leader of the pack is the president with his kill list. With this kind of leadership, what else is be expected?

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