Oscar Pistorius cannot control himself in court and lies about it

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Good afternoon:

Oscar Pistorius apparently has an impulse control and anger management problem that manifested yesterday in court when he spoke to Kim Meyers, who was a friend of Reeva Steenkamp, asking her the following question:

How can you sleep at night?

She was upset by the question and informed her lawyer about it. In turn, he told the National Prosecuting Authority which is not going to do anything about it because it is not a threat.

Stupid move by Pistorius.

The gracious and proper thing for him to have done would have been to apologize.

Instead, he denied making the statement even though a police officer heard him say it and other witnesses saw him lean toward her as if to speak to her.

Everyone who had not yet figured out that he is a liar, now knows that he is a liar. That most definitely will not help him win his case.

Kim Meyers knew Reeva and she was not even a witness against him, yet he could not restrain himself from attempting to guilt-trip her for coming to court to support Reeva’s family.

What was he thinking?

He is his own worst enemy in that he cannot restrain himself from a public display of self-centered emotional immaturity in a courtroom and lying about it afterward, which are actions that are consistent with the prosecution’s theory of its case.


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13 Responses to Oscar Pistorius cannot control himself in court and lies about it

  1. Two sides to a story says:

    Update from the left coast: Manuel Ramos immunity hearing in Santa Ana, CA this morning (Kelly Thomas murder by cop). Livestreamers are silent, so they may have gone into courtroom. The Fullerton 10 morphed into Fullerton 11 and gradually to 15. Six undercover Fullerton cops went all the way to Pasadena to arrest InLeague reporter AJ Redkey (#15) for failure to disperse for filming during the January 18 protest in Fullerton, CA – he ran when cops tried to arrest him that evening – definitely harassment considering he was helping coordinate protestors for the hearing this AM. Last I heard, he may have been released from the OC jail earlier this AM. His bail was paid last night.


  2. Back in LA watching #GerrieNel just destroy a very competent defense witness, Ms. Lundgren This is the bull goose loony at his freekin’ best.

  3. colin black says:

    Baby Oscar because you have no patience..

  4. colin black says:

    He should as agent Starling said to Hanibal Lecter shine his not so bright a torch of persesption.

    On to himself and ASK the self same question….

    Oscar how can you sleep at night let alone wake up In the morning brush your teeth looking into the face of a privilidged spoilt egotistical self centred self obsessed empty of empathy shell of purient nasarssistic sick.

    How can you in such a careless an callous dissregard for another human.

    Someone you said you had feelings for someone wom was loved an cherished by her Family.

    Blow her to smithereens with a big gun becuase you were ANGRY!

    Normaly you sleep like a Baby Oscar because you have no patience..

    Although the thought of going to jail will be giveing you fittless sleepless nights .

    But thats not because of the guilt for murdering Reeva An destroying her Familys lifes.

    No its just your own skin you care about.

  5. lyn says:

    Oscar has ruined his life. It is only getting worse from here.

  6. racerrodig says:

    He gets a Gold Medal for Stupidity I’d say. I haven’t been able to follow this one much, but anything he says like that, then denies it rates the Liars Label.

    Of course his entire story rates that as well.

    • Malisha says:

      People like Pistorius become so arrogant that they cannot imagine anything being interpreted against them. They expect to be able to tell others how to understand EVERYTHING including what THEY (the others) incorrectly assume is other than as Pistorius has told them to understand it. “No no you got it wrong, HERE’s how it was,” is all they believe they will ever have to say to folks who “get them wrong.” They persistently fail to see how their own explanation doesn’t trump the rest of the world’s understanding.

      The pity is that often, if these types have back-up either through institutionalized prejudice, cover-up, or sheer power, they are never properly disabused of these false belief systems. We saw that with Fogen.

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