Oscar Pistorius trial: Neighbors confirm he was distraught

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Good morning:

The defense continues to present evidence today from Pistorius’s neighbors confirming his distraught emotional state after he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp. As I said yesterday, I do not believe this evidence helps his cause because no one disputes that he was upset.

The central issue in this case is whether he was upset because he killed her by mistake believing she was an intruder or was he upset because he took her life and destroyed his own after losing his temper during an argument. Since either scenario could have caused his extreme emotional distress, we must direct our attention away from his reaction and focus it on evidence that will assist us to determine what caused it.

Inconsistencies in his various statements about the events that evening and inconsistencies between his statements and the evidence at the crime scene should ultimately determine the outcome of this trial. Forensics will be critical.

Here are the links to today’s events in trial.

Join us in the comments below as we continue to watch and discuss this tragic case.

Session 1

Session 2

24 Responses to Oscar Pistorius trial: Neighbors confirm he was distraught

  1. fauxmccoy says:

    just starting section 2 … oscar pissant i’ve taken to calling him. what a piece of work. who calls a neighbor at a time like that — reeva was still alive FFS. i know the wounds were fatal, but failure to call for an ambulance immediately blows a big hole in his defense for me. (not that he actually has a defense, of course.)

    his actions, to move her, actually carry her down the stairs (i would think he would have to take the time to don his prostheses to do so, thus wasting more valuable time) only show a desire to satisfy himself and destroy the crime scene.

  2. Pat deadder says:

    And why did Pistorius lawyer get the women to scream in court to explain the crying they heard why not the men witnesses.

    • Malisha says:

      Remember Fogen’s stupid little bleats: “Helpme, Helpme, Helpme” — nothing like the horrifying death scream we all heard on tape — but that didn’t matter.

  3. Soulcatcher says:

    One would think that the inconsistencies of various statements should ultimately determine the outcome of this trial, but we thought that would happen in the Zimmerman trial, and it didn’t. And what about the Casey Anthony trial?

  4. Malisha says:

    These guys who are in love with their guns are just murders waiting to happen.

  5. Pat deadder says:

    Also apparently the man who worked for him lived on the premises so why didn’t Pistorius call him for help and why isn’t he a witness.
    This is bullshit.

    • I’m very suspicious about his decisions to move her body and call the manager of his homeowner’s association seeking his help instead of calling 911.

      Those decisions suggest to me that he wanted to disturb the crime scene to complicate reconstruction of the shooting and he wanted to delay the arrival of medical assistance to make certain she died so that she could not regain consciousness and tell what happened.

      • Malisha says:

        Yeah. I mean, if there was an intruder in that bathroom with her she might have told the police about that! Pistorius’ conduct makes a lot of sense, viewed from that perspective.

      • Pat deadder says:

        Omg Professor that’s so true he wanted to disturb the scene to complicate reconstruction.
        Maybe I’ll give him benefit of the doubt and say once he hit her once with the first shot he knew he had to kill her.
        He’s also charged with keeping 38 bullets in his safe that he allowed his Father to put there which is also against the law.
        His Father refused to testify.
        It’s very hard to think like a murderer.

  6. Pat deadder says:

    I think he’s guilty of killing her after an argument.
    I survived an abusive husband and if he had woken up and found I hadn’t closed the balcony doors etc.like he told me to do the shit would have hit the fan and if he a gun I think he would have used it.
    Small things set them off.
    Even if he gets away with her killing what about his other charges 1 discharging glock in restaurant.
    2 firing out of sunroof.
    It is also illegal to shoot at intruders sight unseen in SA.
    Jesus he has to pay for something.

  7. Love this tweet:

    Vuyolwethu ‏@VuyoSlim 11m
    EVERY witness in this #OscarTrial, upon hearing noises, checks with their partner, checks their kids, but not Oscar, he sprays bullets.

  8. Malisha says:

    If he said that, I believe it was his way of saying (probably reflecting his actual distorted belief) that everyone should naturally take his part, believe him completely, and go along with his version of reality, PERIOD. FULL STOP. It is very common among the arrogant folks in general and arrogant criminals particularly to believe that their own justification for their actions is RIGHT and all others whose loyalties or whose own belief systems prevent them from adopting the version being promulgated by those arrogant folks should feel wrong, wrongful and guilty about their recalcitrance. It’s a very perverted way of looking at the world.

  9. mimi712 says:

    No, she’s not a witness either way. Reeva lived with her, her sister (being Reeva’s best friend) and their parents. They were doing interviews before the trial about their perception of the relationship.

    • I gather she must have said something in those interviews that pissed him off.

      Since he did not threaten to harm her, I doubt OP will be charged with a crime or have his bail revoked, but that nonsense needs to stop.

      He should not be talking to Steenkamp’s family, friends or her supporters.

  10. HamRadioElijah says:

    I’m stuck at DCA waiting for a late flight & reading everything! This is from an adjournment today (5.6) which has been confirmed now by a Bloomberg reporter. Whilst this has nothing to do with the trial, it’s certainly a diversion:

    Oscar Pistorius to Reeva’s friend: ‘How do you sleep at night?’
    Charlie du Plessis @CharlduPlessc #OscarPistorius
    6 May 2014 12:54
    Oscar Pistorius has allegedly whispered “How do you sleep at night?” to a close friend of Reeva Steenkamp’s in court.

    This comment was made as Pistorius today passed Steenkamp’s friend, Kim Myers, shortly after an adjournment in court proceedings.

    Although the comment was made under Pistorius’ breath and was too soft for reporters to hear, Myers confirmed that this is what she’d heard.

    Desi Myers, Kim’s mother, today broke weeks of media silence, to say she was “furious” about the comment.

    Kim looked visibly upset and shocked after Pistorius passed her and was immediately approached by members of the police investigating team.

    A source close to the prosecution told City Press that he hoped Myers had been advised to open a charge of intimidation against Pistorius over the incident.

    Pistorius’ attorney, Brian Webber, told Beeld newspaper that they were not aware of the comment.

  11. This is unbelievable if true, but it’s spreading on twitter from many SA newsfeedS and is now onto the BBC like the proverbial wildfire:

    Oscar Pistorius to Reeva’s friend: ‘How do you sleep at night?’


    • Thanks for the link.

      Not sure what it means because I was not following this case before OP took the stand.

      Did she testify during the prosecution case or elsewhere say that Reeva was afraid of him or about to end their relationship?

  12. His wife woke him up early in the morning and told him that she had heard a loud bang. He checked the house but didn’t find anything.

    He called security at 0316 after hearing loud high-pitched anguished screaming by a man. The screaming continued while he was on the phone and continued after he hung up.

  13. HamRadio says:

    Flying all day. Defence play up anything different? Best tweet today was that both witnesses who heard the commotion woke up their spouses, unlike you know who when he questionably heard a noise…

  14. First witness today is Michael Nhlengethwa. He lived next door to Oscar Pistorius. Viewed from the street in front of OP’s house, his house is on the left.

    He met Reeva for the first time the weekend before Valentine’s Day. OP told him he wanted to introduce him to someone. Then he called out to her.

    As she approached, he extended his hand to greet her, but she ignored it and hugged him instead.

    He was blown away by her warmth and openness (my description of his description).

    OP introduced her as his fiancee.

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