Gerrie Nell continues to cross-examine Oscar Pistorius 4/15/2014

Session one:

Session Two:

Session Three:

Session Four:

Tuesday, April 14, 2014

Good morning:

The deconstruction of Oscar Pistorius’s implausible version of events continues.

Due to the six hour time difference between Capetown and New York, three sessions of the trial today have been completed.

Begin watching with the first session and join us in the comments.

28 Responses to Gerrie Nell continues to cross-examine Oscar Pistorius 4/15/2014

  1. Pdeadder says:

    I read somewhere the toilet is 3 and 1 half ft by 4 and 1 half ft so he sure as hell meant to kill somebody.
    IMO he wanted to kill Reeva.i don’t think he was as interested in her as he now pretends or as much as she was in him.
    I also read Nell has a very bad back and that is why he puts his foot up on the chair.
    Apparently English is the second language for the lawyers but.the courts are held in English.

  2. Diamonique says:

    Now it’s the magazine rack. I thought it was the window opening. This guy is toast.

  3. Pdeadder says:

    I am really confused by session 1 Neal’s questions.
    The questions about the jeans,if she was getting dressed to leave what does that have to do with the jeans being wrong side out.
    Why would the magazine rack move before she fell on it.
    I thought he fired because he heard a noise which pistorius has decided in retrospect it was the magazine rack.

  4. Dumb question alert.

    Why didn’t he simply try to open the door by turning the handle?

    That is all.

  5. The “expert” testimony of Mr. Dixon does not appear to help the defense. It’s not inconsistent with the prosecution’s theory that she locked herself in the toilet room to get away from him.

    For example, the damage to the door caused by the bottom of his prosthetic right leg could have happened before the shots as he was attempting to break down the door and he could have fired the shots after that.

    He has admitted to breaking through the door and this evidence merely confirms that.

    Assuming that he intended to kill her when he fired the shots, he still would have had to do something about her body.

    Why not break down the door and remove her body.

    The critical question that this analysis does not help answer is why she locked the door.

  6. Please note: This post has been updated with Session Four.

  7. The geologist testimony is…wait for it:

  8. Malisha says:

    It’s Pistorius’ sense of entitlement that bothers me most. He told a story that was a screamer — just a SCREAMER — lie upon lie upon lie. He had no real defense at all and the bullshit he handed out was beneath contempt. And the whole time we’re treated to “poor me poor me” because he doesn’t like being confronted with the results of his own murderous conduct. What a disgrace!

    • Diamonique says:

      He thought that because he is the “Blade Runner”, the police would accept his story and let it go… just like the police initially did with Zimmerman. Evidently the SA police are a better breed than those in FL.

  9. colin black says:

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  10. colin black says:

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  11. Trained Observer says:

    I’m hoping this trial — with all the sniveling from Pistorius — wraps up before arrival of the next millenium.

  12. At about the 10 minute mark of the second session, you will see a good example of the procedure lawyers go through to admit a document into evidence. Here, it’s a Valentines Day card that Reeva gave Oscar the night that he killed her.

    Copies of the document are provided to the witness, the lawyers and the court. The exhibit is marked for identification purposes. Here it’s HHH. The witness is asked to identify the exhibit and it’s moved into evidence. If the court admits the exhibit, then the witness can read from it.

    The card was offered by the defense to counter the prosecution’s theory that she was afraid of Pistorius, they had an argument, she told him that she was going to leave him, and he could not handle it, so he murdered her.

  13. At 9:38 of the second session, defense counsel asks Pistorius about when they tested him screaming.

    This is an eerie similarity to the Zimmerman case where Zimmerman claimed Trayvon’s screams as his own.

    Pistorius has made the same claim regarding screams heard by neighbors who testified that they heard a woman screaming before the shots were fired.

  14. More of Awesome Prosecutor Nell’s Affectations:

    1. He slides a chair over to him whilst questioning OP, then puts his knee up on the chair & elbow on the knee. That’s George Washington leaning in as if to say, ‘the court is sailing right past your lies, you can tailor but we’re sailing rite past you..’

    2. He also quickly twirls his reading glasses while OP is responding & to me it is saying, keep drilling that hole, your digging deeper & deeper…”

    He does this as much for the Judge Msipa as OP.

    He’s working ‘My Lady’ with every move, at points challenging her with some unsaid past business they have or something he knows or she knows, a political liability perhaps. He’s angling Judge Msipa.

    She is equally as fascinating to me, but in a much different way. Look at the majority of he court & then look at her. Whatever her verdict, that is a Judge deserving of my respect for the men she has to wrangle on a daily basis. I don’t believe she has given away any inkling as to her thinking.

    And then from my purely American worldview, Other nations seem to have an easier relationship with holidays & taking “time off”!

  15. Nels’s objection to defense counsel’s use of a leading question is appropriate and defense counsel agrees.

    This is a good example of opposing counsel agreeing that leading questions, which call for a yes or no answer, are appropriate for cross examination but inappropriate during direct examination.

    Tell us what you did after you turned on the light (non leading) vs. You pulled the trigger after you turned on the light, didn’t you? (leading)

    We have the same rule in the US.

  16. Session 2 begins with the redirect of Pistorius by his lawyer.

    (We are in the defense case)

  17. The cross examination of Oscar Pistorius concludes at 1:19:09 of Session 1 on 4/15/2014.

  18. fauxmccoy says:

    pistorius is a POS, but i must say i find the format of the SA trial very interesting. i was confused for a long time, why when he was being questioned by a man, pistorius always responded with a ‘my lady’. i get it now that he is basically being a prick to those who would question him and is responding directly to the judge, who presumably is a lady.

    i have not followed this as close as i would have liked and that i find the language somewhat difficult to follow. i do know that this is basically what we would call a bench trial. but tell me, professor, do you know if pistorius was compelled to testify or was it his choice? as it is progressing, it appears to me to be more of an interrogation than a trial as we know it.

    i do have a friend who was a former police woman in SA although she now lives in america’s southland (and is appalled by the open racism she sees). i would imagine her perspective would be interesting — i’ll have a chat with her.

    • Diamonique says:

      I always thought his responding with “milady” is a requirement, not an attempt to piss off the prosecutor.

      I watched yesterday’s first session after I got home from work, and I also find the language difficult to follow at times. Also didn’t see any need to go into whether he whispered to her or spoke in a low tone. I don’t see that as a discrepancy.

      I still think Pistorius is guilty, but I just think some of Nell’s questioning is over the top and/or irrelevant. But it’s interesting to see the differences between the SA legal system and ours. Some of this stuff would never be allowed in our trials… and definitely not the opining that the prosecutor is doing.

      I’m curious to see if the defense side has anything to bring to this that will help him. If not I have to wonder (as someone mentioned yesterday) why he didn’t plead out.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        the ‘milady’ response seems more clear to me as i see other witnesses testifying, they respond the same. news coverage i saw only revealed pistorius, which was where i drew my erroneous conclusion.

        another interesting aside for me is the glorious effects of post apartheid SA. due to my age, i was heavily involved in protests of university divestiture as well as that of my city, san francisco. to see a courtroom now filled with blacks in prestigious positions from journalists to the judge herself makes my heart glad.

    • girlp says:

      I could be wrong butmy understanding is that he has to answer the judge as well as the Prosecutor since the judge is female he answers milady if the judge were male he’d answer my lord. I was curioius about that too so I looked it up.

  19. Nel backs up to when Pistorius first attempted to break down the door and asks him what he did.

    Pistorius said he had his gun in his right hand, grabbed the door handle with his left hand and using the door handle to create leverage, he slammed his left shoulder into the door.

    Note: He did not say that he attempted to open the door by twisting the handle, which would have been the first thing I would have attempted to do.

    In other words, he knew the door was locked.

    Instead, Nel asks him why he did not put the gun down on the floor to use both hands to open the door.

    • Pdeadder says:

      Mr. Leatherman wish you were questioning Pistorius.
      I never thought of it but he obviously knew the door was locked so didn’t even try to open it.
      Like to know what Pistorius’s answer would have been to that.
      I’m guessing he would say “I don’t remember my lady”.

  20. Pistorius claims he placed the gun on the floor after he returned to the bathroom with the cricket bat.

    (He said he got the cricket bat after he unsuccessfully attempted to break down the door to the toilet with his shoulder.)

  21. Curious fact: Her jeans were found inside out lying on the floor of the bedroom.


  22. Key exchange beginning at 15:40, regarding the reasonableness of Pistorius’s decision to shoot:

    Q: Why would you fire, if the magazine rack moved, because it has nothing to do with the door?”

    A: Because I didn’t have time to interpret it, my lady. I thought it was the door opening. In retrospect, it could be the only thing that moved in the bathroom. It was the only loose thing in the bathroom, my lady.


  23. Today’s session begins with the prosecutor, Gerrie Nell, requesting a two week continuance (next week and the following week) to deal with other pressing matters. The defense has no objection. The judge says she will rule on the “application,” which we call a motion, tomorrow morning.

    Pistorius takes the stand and the carnage continues as Nell locks him into saying that he shot at the toilet door after he heard a “movement” that sounded like the magazine rack hitting something. Pistorius specifically denied that the sound he heard came from the door to the toilet.

    This is a devastating admission because self-defense requires the existence of an imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm before a person can use deadly force in self-defense.

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