Pistorius: Shooting through a locked door is not shooting in self-defense

Friday, April 11, 2013

Good afternoon:

With one exception, shooting through a locked door is not shooting in self-defense. The exception is the battered wife or girlfriend. She does not have to wait for the batterer who has beaten her in the past to break down the door and attack her before she pulls the trigger.

Oscar Pistorius was not a battered wife. According to his version of what happened, a reasonable person in his situation would not have believed that he was in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm. He had a loaded gun in his hand. As long as the door remained shut, he was not in imminent danger.

It really does not matter who was in that bathroom. If that person were the devil himself, Pistorius had no reason to shoot. He was not in any danger.

Instead of the devil, that person was his girlfriend.

His story makes no sense.

They had an argument. She hid in the toilet room and locked the door to get away from him. He fired through the door, killing her.

Gerrie Nell is a master at breaking down a lie step by step by focusing on each individual detail.

Theodore Wafer faces the same problem. He unlocked his front door, opened it, and fired through a locked screen door hitting Renisha McBride in the face, killing her.

That’s not self-defense.

Not even close.


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26 Responses to Pistorius: Shooting through a locked door is not shooting in self-defense

  1. Diamonique says:

    Crane-Station, I’m so glad you mentioned that. I, too, don’t get the feeling that they were madly in love. They had been seeing each other for 3 months. I’d say they were fond of each other, but he had jealousy/anger/gun-loving issues that really bothered her and would have — IMO — ended that relationship in the not-too-distant future.

    • Right, I mean, they were arguing, let’s face it, in the middle of the night on Valentine’s Day, of all things. I believe it is entirely possible, for example, that she had had enough at some point during the argument and wanted to break it off that night even.

      Hasn’t he openly admitted in court that he never told her he loved her? It seems he was jealous though. I don’t know. I doubt if we will ever know, but his story does not add up.

  2. Pdeadder says:

    I have been watching this trial from the beginning.
    I like the judge especially when she asks pistorius if he is making all the the mistakes because he is tired.
    He says no she suggests if he is she will adjourn for the day.HaHa!
    His apology to Reeva’s family was all about him having nightmares and smelling blood.
    What an asshole.
    I read an interview with the Mother of Samantha can’t think of her last name and she said she had repeatedly asked him to seek help because of his vicious temper.
    IMHO he is guilty of premedited murder but the defence has witnesses to come.
    I think they argued over her having lunch with her previous boyfriend.Maybe he hit her she ran to toilet and screamed in fear when she saw his gun slammed the door shut and he shot 4times.
    The toilet cubicle was just that a small cubicle.
    Also her cousin said Reeva told her pitorius called her every few minutes when she having lunch with her x boyfriend.

    • I agree, I think they were arguing, and that they were not asleep. For one thing, I believe they were both clothed in clothing other than usual bedclothes, which, lets face it, at that stage of a relationship, if two people are madly in love would be naked, more likely than not. Also, she locked herself in the toilet with her cell phone, and was apparently heard screaming by more than a couple of people. Then, there’s the issue of his iPhone being connected to the internet for five minutes at 1:30 in the morning.

      But even more than all that? I don’t think they were as in love as the media says they were. Just because they took some pretty pictures- these were both photogenic people who were very comfortable in front of a camera. All other indicators do not actually reveal two people who were crazy about each other, imo. I think he was in a jealous rage. Just my .02.

      • Pdeadder says:

        Thank you so much Crane Station wow I did not know about the iPhone and Internet.
        I am wondering also about their relationship.i mean in reality how many times did they see each other in 3months.
        He was away she was away etc.
        Gosh I haven’t been visiting this site for so long until today.
        I need to come back I’ve learned more in one hour here than watching the whole kit and kabootol elsewhere.

        • Great to see you! Such a tragic and senseless case, we avoided it for a while, but then HamRadioElijah kindly turned our attention to it. Now, I can’t stop following it.

        • I’m going to ask a stupid question. What’s a kit and kabutol?

          I’ve heard that expression from time to time and always wondered what it was.

          • Malisha says:

            I thought it was a “kit and kaboodle” and to me it always meant a collection of useful things (kit) together with a collection of other than useful things (kaboodle).

    • Diamonique says:

      >>IMHO he is guilty of premeditated murder but the defence has witnesses to come.<<

      I agree. So far all roads lead to a guilty verdict. But we've only heard one complete side. What we have so far on the defense side isn't looking good either. Maybe the defense attorney can come up with something credible, but as long as Pistorius' version doesn't match the evidence, I don't see a good outcome for him.

  3. El says:

    “Oscar Pistorius was not a battered wife.”

    No – but he can scream like one.

  4. Maybe the intruders used this method to get into the toilet:

  5. So. They switched sides of the bed that night supposedly, leaving the gun on the other side, right? How does he get that gun and not notice that she is not there?

    Didn’t happen.

    The truth just is. There’s only going to be one version. This guy, just like fogen, has some different detail, every time he opens his mouth. Why? Because he is not being truthful, just my .02.
    It’s like watching someone deconstruct, day by day.

  6. Watching this, and at around 39:00 or 40:00, when it starts to talk about the incidents, arrests, and run-ins, it is interesting- there was one row with a footballer, over a former girlfriend, where Pistorius threatened the footballer, but then, he turned around and called the cops, reversing the roles, claiming that the footballer had threatened Pistorius.

    There also seem to be a lot of people backing this guy up. The gun shooting itself at the restaurant, for example.

    Also, at trial, apparently, the women’s screams? Pistorius claims the screams were his, and that Reeva did not scream at all.

    Hmm. That all sounds really familiar.

  7. bettykath says:

    I didn’t listen to much of it but what I got was “poor me” (Pistorius). He’s feeling very much put upon by all the questions. Doesn’t the prosecutor understand how entitled he is?

  8. The only safe option when facing a prosecutor like Gerrie Nell is to tell the truth and I don’t even know if that would help!

    • Yep.

      Love it when he pauses and says,

      “But don’t you see, it can’t be that way.”

    • Thanks, Elijah, for suggesting we take a look at the Pistorius case.

      • Your welcome. But really, thank you and Crane for this place.

        The Tampa Bay Times has a piece from the movie popcorn shooter case again in Florida. They have jailhouse tapes of the shooter, Curtis Reeves, who is extremely confident of his innocence. And in the latest turn, even more ridiculous, is now they have the shooter on tape texting while in the movie theater moments before he shot the other texter he complained about for, guess what, texting during the previews.

        To this dude Florida has become a place to play out revenge fantasy in real time, it’s like the whole state is gun theme park.


        “Curtis Reeves, the Florida man accused of fatally shooting another movie-goer in a dispute over the victim texting in the theater, sent a text of his own before the movie started, according to recently released court documents.

        The Tampa Bay Times reports that the documents show that Reeves, 71, who is charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bail, received a text from his son, Michael, telling his father that he was running late for the 1:20 p.m. showing of “Lone Survivor” on Jan. 13. Reeves reportedly texted back that he and his wife were in their seats.”

        My thoughts of Florida used to be the Dolphins & Jimmy Buffet.

  9. Malisha says:

    Fogen and Pisti both feel justified killing because they’re “scared.” What kind of idiotic bullshit is this? Plenty of circumstances are scary; half a dozen times in each person’s life, he or she is bound to be terrified because of some circumstance. We’ve all felt it. You don’t get to kill folks because you’re scared. (Not that the argument was real or that the terror they alleged they felt was true; they were using that as an excuse for murder, but just the same, had they really BEEN terrified that would not have justified murder.)

  10. shyloh says:

    I found it interesting about the alarm system. It must of been on if Pistorius “must of disarmed it.” I love this line of questioning. Can you imagine if Zimmerman was on the stand. WOW! He would not be walking the streets today. I’d love to hear him say. “Yes, m’lady.” That just sounds funny to me. But it’s awesome!!! I could talk about this video all day. But I won’t ha.

    • Awful lot of similarity between Zimmerman and Pistorius in terms of their sense of entitlement, their refusal to accept responsibility for the bad things they do and their constant resort to playing the victim card.

      And then there’s the non-stop lying.

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