Oscar Pistorius Trial Week 5, Day 21, Open Thread

Prosecutor Gerrie Nell continues to cross examine Oscar Pistorius today.

This is an open thread. We welcome thoughts, comments, and questions. I will update with additional clips.

If you have any thoughts on other cases, please share them here.

14 Responses to Oscar Pistorius Trial Week 5, Day 21, Open Thread

  1. Stormwatch says:

    The Zimmerman trial was especially frustrating for me. I have never seen a trial with so much compelling evidence against the defendant and yet he walked. Casey Anthony was another one. Not as much evidence as with Zimmerman, but in my mind certainly enough to convict. Her daughter was missing, and she was out partying while grandma calls 911 because the kid is missing and gramma notices a nasty odor coming from the trunk of the car. Dunn was also very frustrating and like with Zimmerman, the victims were demonized.

  2. Stormwatch says:

    I’m about to open up a big ole can of worms.

    After watching this trial fairly closely, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps America’s judicial system is not really the best in the world and we have a tendency to give defendants and their lawyers a tad too much leeway.

    Thank God this is a trial by judge and not jury. With his celebrity status and that Academy Award winning performance, it’s highly likely that at least one person on an American jury buys his line of BS and he gets his mistrial.

    • Crane-Station here, Stormwatch. You won’t get any argument from me. I lost faith in our court system years ago. At least it appears that the judge in Pistorius is actually listening to, and considering carefully, every word. The American court system at the state level is a farce. And it’s getting worse, not better. The verdict in Kelly Thomas: vile. fogen: rigged. Dunn: surreal. Everywhere you look, American courts appear to be a pathetic, shameful dishonest waste of time. And that is sad.

  3. Shoot, I have a misspelling. It should be Gerri and not Gerrie, according to a BBC article, anyway. I will correct that.

    Oscar Pistorius ‘close to disaster’


  4. The accents are so proper. Especially when the judge speaks. She makes me want to check to see if my shirt is tucked in, or if something is hanging from my nose, or stuck between my teeth. Such proper speech, so beautiful.

    But anyway, seriously. Lots and lots of run-ins, issues, altercations. Reminds me of “break ins?” “in the neighborhood?”

  5. Malisha says:

    Nell’s questioning and Pistorious’s responses seem more to me like what would, in this country, be a skillful police interrogation, rather than a legal cross-examination — again, I emphasize, “in this country” as in “by our standards.” If you watch Law & Order or any of those “good guys nail bad guys” TV shows in this country, you see good, decent, caring cops skillfully interrogating wily dishonest criminals and you have the same kind of “predator/prey” dance portrayed by Nell/Pistorius.

    A jury of Pistorius’ peers could just say, “Agh well I’d be bloody frightened if I heard a noise in MY bathroom in the middle of the night” and let him off. Like the Fogen jury basically did, saying, “Well wouldn’t you be terrified if you saw a 17-year-old Black kid sauntering around on his own who didn’t seem obsequious?”

    • This guy is like fogen with a South African accent. Just a day-in-day-out, non-stop victim. And it’s always somebody else’s fault, he was just minding his own business… Incredible. I am surprised he didn’t claim self-defense.

      Okay, here’s a thought. I freely admit, this is one hundred percent fact free, tin foil hat speculation. But anyway, here goes. Some of the athletes, who use performance-enhancing-type things- sometimes these substances can make a person impulsive or aggressive. I once had a friend who was a body builder, who had these issues, and he admitted to me that he was using steroids, to enhance ability to build muscle tissue. I am not accusing Mr. Pistorius of using steroids, because in this day and age, those things are monitored, I believe. But there are other things- maybe even supplements, and I am not sure studies have been completed on everything. The other thing is, extreme diets. Mr. Pistorius did mention a very strict and specific diet. On the other hand, maybe he is just an ass.

      • Malisha says:

        Of course, if it was drugs or diet that “made him accidentally shoot someone to death through the locked bathroom door,” we would surely have heard about the terrible conditions imposed upon the poor man by whoever had prescribed those nasty substances or la-di-da. Instead we hear that he was terrorized. Blah blah blah blah blah. Grow the Hell UP by the time you buy a gun.

    • gblock says:

      Malisha, although this is tangential to the point that you are making, I’d like to point out that in the crime shows, you sometimes see some pretty questionable police tactics, but it’s all good because we know that the police in the shows are the good guys and the people that they are nailing are the bad guys.

  6. Malisha says:

    Pistorius is a product of South Africa just as Fogen is a product of Florida. It is almost as if someone wrote these characters as part of a fictional account, trying to portray the culture(s) (quite similar) through their created “protagonist anti-heroes.”

    • masonblue says:

      Crane-Station here. Yes. As we listen today, while he is tailoring his stories about the alarms, what occurs to me is that he strikes me as a spoiled rich person who maybe didn’t bother to check – when you can hire everything done- why roll up the sleeves and ever, for example, test the alarms, or plunge out a sink or a toilet.

      Hoo boy. Now the judge is admonishing him for saying he is tired, and so, things are not going to change. She is asking him, if he is too tired to proceed.

    • gblock says:

      I remember my sister, back in the late 1970’s talking about how the younger sister of my sister’s then-boyfriend-now-husband had spent a year in South Africa as a foreign exchange student and came home saying things like “In South Africa, people don’t do this, blacks do this” when talking about simple household tasks.

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