Oscar Pistorius is a small and petty man

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good afternoon:

Oscar Pistorius and George Zimmerman have at least five things in common:

(1) they have a gun fetish;

(2) they see themselves at the center of the universe;

(3) they blame others instead of accepting responsibility for the bad things they do;

(4) they have bad tempers; and

(5) they hijacked the screams of the people they murdered.

Unlike Zimmerman, Pistorius had fame and fortune.

Shame that he threw it all away.

Tragic that he took the life of a person who loved him.

The prosecutor is effectively peeling away his layers of self-importance exposing a small and petty man.

His claim that he did not discharge the gun in the restaurant even though it was in his hand when it went off is ridiculous.

This case is being tried to the court without a jury because South Africa abolished the right to a jury trial. Judges are a very different audience. Many arguments that might work with a jury will not work with a judge. It’s interesting to watch how the lawyer’s styles vary.

What do you think of the trial?


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30 Responses to Oscar Pistorius is a small and petty man

  1. Trained Observer says:

    Such a narcissistic SOB now whining that his “life is on the line.”

    Like Fogen, as noted, he’s a scream-stealing gun nut. I think he killed her in a rage.

    Like Michael Dunn and Curtis T. Reeves, he then made up a justification story — a nonexistent intruder versus a phantom gun or dangerous popcorn.

    Hopefully the judge won’t fall for any of this tripe in the interest of pulling the national hero’s nuts out of the fire. If he somehow weasals out of a conviction, the world should shun him.

  2. Seems that they had a fight and she locked herself in the bathroom because he had a gun and she was scared of him. Bottom line.

    People who are comfortable around each other do not share a bed on the one hand, and yet lock themselves into the bathroom, does not make sense, especially given the screams.

  3. dianetrotter says:

    If I were in bed with a loved one and heard something, I would check to see if the person next to me were ok … possibly ask, “Did you hear that?” Calling out to see if she was ok is totally ridiculous. My first thought would be, “Oh she’s not in the bed. That must be her in the bathroom like so many times before.”

    • Malisha says:

      But you see, in South Africa, home invaders like to lock themselves in the bathroom. The plan is obvious. They lock themselves in the bathroom, so when you get up out of bed and need to use the bathroom, you can’t, so you hop up and down yelling, “Hey did you fall in or what?” and then they say, “if you want to get in here you have to give me all your money!”

      No wonder the guy was scared!

  4. colin black says:

    Thing Is her previous boyfreind was also a famous sportsman a Rugby player.
    In S Africa Rugby is the Nations favourate sport followed by in close second cricket.

    The night of the shooting was Valentines ..Reeva received a txt from her former Boyfreind it was reported at the time.

    If this is true it may have been the catylist of a jealous rage.

    His story is absurd an an insult to all in possesion of at least two functioning brain cells.

    Oscar pissed all over us as his toilet bowl is other wise full of a once beutifull once vibrant joyfull liveing human.

    His bad acting woe is me dieing swan act is beyond tedious and would be humerous if it wasnt for the tragic loss of life.
    And suffering he inflicted on Reevas parents .

    Another thing he has in common with fogagge Is they both inflicted insincere an un asked for appoligys on there VICTIMS Parents an loved ones.

  5. Weird, just tried to put a comment and got a WAN outage message. Anyway, was noting that the different accents are interesting to listen to.

  6. Watching every second. Gerrie Nell the prosecutor is like watching Max Von Sydow’s Othello. He is so fun to watch and without any objections from the defense to slow him it’s slow organized torture to Pistorius. Pistorius will be ranting & council will just stop by saying something like “they’re will be plenty of time for that later Mr. Pistorious..”
    condescendingly like 3 times! The judge’s name is enough to give anybody gravitas, Thokizile Masipa. Her wiki shows a very serious lady with Apartheid era credentials. She’s a smart and battle tested human being. He’s guilty as getout. Sad, a real waste of two lives.

    • Crane-Station here. I agree. Getting caught up and hooked now. Read something today from another S. African judge who was saying that the long-winded responses are not helpful.

      This judge seems serious, she was on the verge of evicting people for chuckling, and also for a cell phone going off.

      I did not realize until today, the size of his home. Bathroom on third level in the back. An intruder would have to climb sets of stairs, and pass through the master bedroom, then lock himself into the toilet in the back? Hell, no. If there was any chance that a burglar would do such an unlikely thing, simply call the cops and say, “Hey, man. There’s like, this idiot. Locked in my master bathroom. Could you come get him? Uh-huh, door’s locked, bring a slap hammer.”

      The whole story seems crazy.

      I think the guy went nuts and killed her, but then, immediately wanted to unkill her. A terrible flame-out, a tragedy that never had to happen, almost reminds me of Michael Dunn in a way.

    • roderick2012 says:

      The judge’s name is enough to give anybody gravitas, Thokizile Masipa. Her wiki shows a very serious lady with Apartheid era credentials.

      What bothers me most is that she takes her own notes.

      There is no way she can concentrate on the testimony and record her thoughts simultaneously.

      I guess they don’t have stenographers in South African courts.

      • With few exceptions, every judge I have known took his or her own notes. Lawyers in trial do the same thing, unless they are asking the questions. They will refer to the transcript, if necessary, to get the exact wording.

        • roderick2012 says:

          Lawyers in trial do the same thing, unless they are asking the questions.

          But the lawyers don’t have someone’s life in their hands.

          I understand it, but it’s kinda weird to see a trial by a judge only.

  7. BTW, when Pistorius answers, “My Lady,” he is directing that to the judge. If the judge were a male, the answer would be “My Lord” or “My Lordship.”


  8. Two sides to a story says:

    Probably a dangerous precendent to do away with jury trials, but I relish the thought of Judge Lester having had a go at Fogen. I think the real Z would have emerged with some pressure and he would have been off to do his well-deserved time.

  9. Diamonique says:

    I’ve been reading up on this one daily. Quite interesting. I agree withi everything you said above, and wonder just how this will all come out. I read somewhere that because of his fame and athleticism, he might just get off.

    His story about the night of the tragedy… and his explanations about other things… just don’t ring true to me.

    I don’t think all the emotion and throwing up, etc. is an act. I think he really does feel awful and remorseful for what he did. But I also believe that — at the time — he shot her because he was pissed off/jealous/whatever.

    I guess he’s found out that once a bullet leaves the barrel, there’s no calling it back.

    • As we dig through the tapes, well, I have to agree. I wish he had not done that. Seems like some kind of outbreak/rage thing. I am sort of wondering why they were even together- they were not together for very long and yet their volume off communication through email or texting (I assume) reflects nearly constant petty, picking little issues and problems. People who first meet are generally not doing this, their messages would look more like, I cannot wait to get together again, etc.

      At any rate, I am not finding his intruder story credible. Will have to listen more, but at this point, there are problems, screams, etc.

    • Malisha says:

      I don’t believe it’s remorse; I think it’s his sadness for himself, that he finds himself being targeted and may even be punished. HE wants to be in control, not be subject to someone else’s judgments.

    • roderick2012 says:

      I read somewhere that because of his fame and athleticism, he might just get off.

      If this were a jury trial I would agree, but the judge will decide and I doubt she will be swayed by Pistorius’ fame or have sympathy for his physical condition.

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