New development in Kendrick Johnson case EDITED BELOW

Friday, March 21, 2014

Good afternoon:

Based on documents provided to CNN on Monday pursuant to a FOIA request, Victor Blackwell of CNN has discovered that state investigators in the Kendrick Johnson case received an email from an anonymous person “claiming an ex-schoolmate reportedly confessed to killing Kendrick Johnson.”

The anonymous person did not claim to have been present when the ex-schoolmate made the confession. Instead, the anonymous person claimed to have heard about the confession from someone else. The anonymous person identified four students in the email.

The email is dated January 27, 2013 which is 16 days after Kendrick Johnson’s body was discovered in the rolled-up gym mat.

Pursuant to the FOIA request, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office provided CNN with a copy of an incident report dated January 28th in which investigators contacted two of the four students and interviewed them. Both admitted knowing Kendrick but denied being involved in his death.

Apparently, the investigators did not contact the other two students.

A prosecutor also attempted to determine the identity of the anonymous person who sent the email by contacting Mediacom, the internet service provider the anonymous person used to contact the sheriff’s office. In the ordinary course of business, Mediacom would have insisted on receiving a subpoena before it would identify the anonymous person.

Blackwell states,

Chief Assistant District Attorney Bradfield Shealy issued the subpoena to Mediacom Communications Corporation on January 28. The New York-based cable, phone and Internet provider was ordered to provide the Lowndes County grand jury with subscriber information associated with the e-mail sent through the Lowndes County sheriff’s office’s website or submit the documents to the district attorney’s office or Lt. Jones before February 26.
According to a Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the subpoena was faxed to Mediacom on February 7. The company intends to comply with the order. However, a Mediacom employee told CNN by phone Wednesday that Mediacom has not received the subpoena.

In other words, someone dropped the ball. Either the ADA did not fax the subpoena to the correct number or the custodian of records at Mediacom forgot to obtain and send the requested information. This sort of thing happens occasionally. The ADA should have followed up on his request when he did not receive the information he requested. If he had, Mediacom probably would have sent the information.

If Mediacom had refused, the ADA could have applied to the court for an order compelling Mediacom to provide the requested information. That did not happen.

Therefore, we have yet another example of a failure to thoroughly investigate this case.

Apparently, a decision was made to close the investigation before investigators identified the anonymous source of the email and interviewed the other two students identified by the anonymous source.

This information provides additional evidence that the investigation by state authorities was incomplete.

EDIT: The anonymous email was sent January 27, 2014 (not 2013).

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  1. dee says:

    The state of Georgia’ s attorney General. Michael moore knows the trust, but is holding up and dragging this horrific case,that’s crying out for justice on, just so that everyone will forget and not care any longer, just to protect all the guility parties involved,because he and everyone else knows that this was a for real cover -up by many and starting first with that good for nothing valdosta sheriff.

  2. Trisha says:

    the Valdosta Daily Times, the single newspaper in Lowndes County which has an responsibility to its community to report objectively the events impacting its citizens, determined to take the side of the sheriff’s office – which might have something to do with the fact that both Sheriff Prine and D.A. J. David Miller are listed as contributors to the newspaper. Also outstanding is the fact that Adam Floyd, the reporter covering most of the Johnson-related material, was an English teacher at Lowndes High School in January when Kendrick Johnson vanished and reappeared. He switched occupations from an English teacher to newspaper reporter

    Literature / Journalism Teacher
    Lowndes County Schools

    January 2006 – Present (8 years 3 months) Valdosta, GA

    At Lowndes High School, I taught 10th and 12th grade Pre-Advanced Placement literature classes and served as the faculty adviser and instructor for the journalism program and the award-winning student newspaper The Saga.

    Crime / Investigative Reporter
    The Valdosta Daily Times

    September 2013 – Present (7 months)
    Radio Show Host
    Talk 92.1

    August 2013 – Present (8 months) Valdosta, GA

    Every week on “What You Don’t Know Now,” I learn something new and take you along for the experience. You can tune in to listen Thursday nights at 6 p.m. on Talk 92.1 in Valdosta. The show stream live on the web at

  3. Trisha says:

    Attorney Ben Crump On The Kendrick Johnson Case: ‘Developments Will Be Made This Week’

  4. Trisha says:

    Will a Country Sheriff Face Charges?
    As the FBI and US Attorney’s office investigate the 17-year-old’s death, questions about a possible cover up persist
    oon after Lori Taylor* and her younger sister, Noel found the body, Robbie O’Connor began tweeting.

    “My class just found a dead person upside down in a girls competition mat.”

    “Lies,” his friend, Chet Goode replied moments later.

    NOTE: The names of all students under the age of 18 have been changed.

    “Not funny dude. Kendrick Johnson we think,” O’Connor tweeted back.

    “Wait, for real? That’s my friend! He have dreads?”

    “Yea dude.”

    Goode was understandably shaken.

    “Dude, please tell me you [were] just kidding.”

    “I’m not kidding,” O’Connor Tweeted. “It’s gonna be on the news.”

    “Ok man, I believe you. I just can’t believe it! It’s crazy.”

    “Yea, juss [sic] pray for him. He went missing like yesterday.”

    Carrying a yellow notebook under his arm, Kendrick “KJ” Johnson had gone into the old gym at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia at approximately 1:35 PM on January 10, 2013. He never came out.

    “I’ve talked to a few law enforcers that are closer to friends than they are the department, and KJ was lured into the gym for a fight,” Valdosta High School student Frank Walton later Tweeted. Further, Johnson’s family, “believe he was lured into the gym…by a ‘White girl'” the Daily Mail Online (UK) reported on November 4th of last year.

    His mother Jackie reported him missing that night.

    The next morning, the Taylor girls, whose father Wes Taylor is the Superintendent of the Lowndes County School System, discovered a pair of feet sticking up from the inside of one of the rolled up gym mats in the corner of the gym.

    Along with O’Connor and others, they were in Coach Philip Pieplow’s second block “Life Sports” class. Mounting the bleachers, they had climbed on top of the mats to lie down. The Taylor girls looked down and made their discovery. Summoning help, another student and Pieplow mounted the bleachers and tried to free the person from the top.

    According to the police report, when that effort failed, the student “and Pieplow began to move the mats by pulling them away,” until finally they got to the one in the rear with the person in it. While wrestling it to the wooden floor, someone called 911.

    School resource officer Michael Adams quickly responded, arriving at 10:35AM.

    “I observed a blue cheerleader mat. I observed two feet lying horizontal.”

    Moving some more mats, he was finally able to unroll it enough to observe, “a Black male torso and head wearing white, exposed down to his rib cage. The facial area was severely disfigured and swollen.”

    O’Connor, though, recognized KJ from his trademark dreadlocks and began his texting. As he and the rest of the class continued to watch, EMS personnel and sheriff’s detectives Lt. Stryde Jones and Sgt. Jack Winningham arrived. Instead of processing the crime scene as what police later admitted in a press release was a “possible homicide,” something contradictory to established investigative procedure allegedly occurred.

    “The body was definitely moved, before I walked out [of] the gym [prior to noon]. He went by in a stretcher with paramedics,” O’Connor later tweeted on October 10, 2013, on what would have been KJ’s eighteenth birthday.

    Yet the day the body was discovered on Jan. 11, at 3:45PM, when Lowndes County Coroner Wilbur (Bill) Watson, along with Deputy Coroner William Broadwell Carter, finally arrived to make the official pronunciation of death, the body was back in the gym.

    Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine weighed in on the matter.

    “I swear to you – no law-enforcement officer touched that body until the coroner got there and examined it,” Prine told the Valdosta Times on Sept. 6.

    “Nothing was done with KJ’s body,” Lt. Stryde Jones assured the Daily Mail Online in the November 4 article. “He wasn’t moved. He wasn’t examined until the coroner [Bill Watson] arrived.”

    But O’Connor’s tweet directly contradicts those statements, implying that the body was removed by Lowndes County officials and later brought back and placed back in the mat.

    “I was with Bill when we went into the gym. I saw what he saw. The body was half in and half out of the gym mat,” Deputy Coroner Carter observed.

    Multiple calls to Prine and Jones seeking comment have gone unreturned. But their statements to these media outlets and others are a matter of public record. The coroner himself contradicts the two police officers accounts and supports O’Connor’s.

    “The investigative climate was very poor to worse when I arrived on the scene. The body had been noticeably (sic) moved. The scene had been compromised and there was no cooperation from law enforcement at the scene,” Watson said in his official report, also noting, “I was not notified in (sic) this death until 15:45 hours.”

    According to Georgia Law § 45-16-24, “It shall be the duty of any law enforcement officer or other person having knowledge of such death to notify immediately the coroner or county medical examiner of the county in which the acts or events resulting in the death occurred or the body is found.”

    “It took six hours before they called the coroner,” O’Connor Tweeted his friend Goode on October 10.

    Watson tells exclusively, “I don’t think people realized the magnitude of this.”

    Michael J. Moore, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, opened an official investigation into KJ’s death on Oct. 31 and dispatched FBI agents to Valdosta to investigate.

    “There are four or five different agents in Lowndes County now,” says Deputy Coroner Carter, who has already been interviewed by two of them.

    “I’m pleased the FBI took it,” he adds.

    O’Connor will be interviewed by the FBI, as well as other students in Pieplow’s class. Last month, the FBI confiscated the hard drives of the school’s surveillance system, hoping to find footage of what exactly happened to the seventeen-year-old teenager after he entered the gym.

    If the FBI subsequently finds that the body was moved or the crime scene compromised, Moore can prosecute on “Obstruction of Justice” charges, though he tells, “I cannot make any comments while we are still investigating.” But Moore’s record shows that when he does find local police corruption in his district, he doesn’t kid around.

    On October 22, 2012, Moore announced that Stacy Bloodsworth, the former sheriff of Wilcox County, GA, pleaded guilty to assaulting an inmate inside the Wilcox County jail on July 23, 2009 and subsequently conspiring to cover up the assault. Bloodsworth’s son, Austin Bloodsworth, also pleaded guilty to conspiring to cover up the same assault.

    “We expect our law enforcement officials to uphold the law – and to protect those they serve,” Moore said at the time. “Today’s guilty pleas by former Sheriff Bloodsworth and Austin Bloodsworth remind us that no one, not even an elected sheriff, is above the law.”

    Time will tell if the same goes for Sheriff Pryne.

    Read more at EBONY
    Follow us: @EbonyMag on Twitter | EbonyMag on Facebook

  5. Trisha says:
    y of Murdered Son is Unhealed Wound
    January 29, 2014 by gun postell

    2 Votes

    Renee McGhee’s name appeared in my inbox a few months ago. I sat here staring before opening it. She had been on my “to-do” list since shortly after Kendrick Johnson’s body was found in his high school gym on January 11, 2013. When researching the GBI I looked for patterns of fraud or corruption, since the autopsy report released on Kendrick Johnson cited positional asphyxia as the cause of death from the GBI’s medical examiners.

    Kendrick’s face, head, had been grossly disfigured by what appeared to be brutality – a beating produced results like that of the image in the photos circulated widely by the family. Jackie Johnson has said that dealing with that image had been the worst part throughout the year since losing Kendrick.

    GBI agents were not infallible or saintly, but the reaction of the general population reacting to the family’s resistance to the agency’s explanation demonstrated the public’s obvious need to believe that the institutions in which they place their trust are in fact idealistic heroes. The obvious slant of local newspaper reports was discouraging enough to compel hours of reading and digging, posting my results – and hoping people would begin to ease up on their contention about the Johnsons who dared to stand up to authority.

    Searching for corruption in the state of Georgia, with keywords such as GBI and sheriff and coroner, a sizable selection of cases are available and those living in Georgia shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this simple, powerful bit of due diligence.

    Renee McGhee’s name had been in the first search result, along with the bureau medical examiner Melissa Sims who had conducted her son’s autopsy 13 years prior.

    Sims’implausible autopsy findings concluded McGhee’s 24-year-old son Stephen died from asphyxia from drowning. The visibly mutilated body was handcuffed and bloody, mud all over his face. McGhee had seen a boat trolling the river earlier and knew the two men in it weren’t fishing. Mother’s instincts deduce subtleties others would not register. She later was told he had been thrown in the river and referred to as “catfish bait,” along with a collective of accounts from eye witnesses who had seen her son running through town with about 20 law enforcement personnel in pursuit – on motorcycles, on bikes, on foot. The wooded area nearby flanked the river and was where Stephen Johnson had been seen headed – and those watching had waited, expecting the men behind him to shortly bring him back out.

    There were many people who saw what happened, heard it, or knew about it, and came to her later telling what they knew – but emphasized that they couldn’t do anything about it and had been threatened. Those not talking had been either paid off or deviant enough to be part of it.

    There are details to this case which astound – and have never before come out. In 13 years, even though this murder took place in broad daylight and in a populated part of one of Georgia’s oldest and largest cities, Macon, not a single news article reported on it. There was not even a police report, which she suffered from when she took her cause to civil court years later.

    The attached video from George Boston Rhynes’ collection is a prize-winner, some of Rhynes’ best work. McGhee has waited 13 years too long for this tiny glimmer of acknowledgment, although her attitude is surprisingly upbeat and her recall sharp.

    But then how do you forget something as egregious as losing your son to murdering public officials?

    The Department of Justice, the Georgia Attorney General, Governor Barnes and the NAACP were all contacted by McGhee, and nothing happened.

    The Johnson family knew that something was wrong, as did McGhee. Both autopsies were missing key elements, such as description of the injuries visible to the naked eye, and adequate supporting information such as photos.

    The deputy coroner in McGhee’s case was called to the scene of her son’s death, even though he was tossed into the water of the river instead of taken into custody. Why was the coroner there? Why was everyone acting as if a bloody and gruesome homicide had not occurred in front of a couple of dozen witnesses?

    These two cases will live on for as long as there is a world. The truth doesn’t die and cannot be stamped out.

    October 10, 2000, six days after Stephen Johnson went missing, his body was was pulled from the river.

    October 10 – by the way – was Kendrick Johnson’s birthday.

    The similarities are the clues that humanity still has a chance.

    Do something. Say something.

    Now is the time.
    Trayvon Martin; Murder of Steven L. Johnson; Renee McGee in Macon, GA claims Cover Up..

  6. Trish0620 says:

    looks like Leigh Touchton is at it again
    it appears Leigh is going way out of her way to trash anyone or anything to keep the truth from coming out, … even print out info that maybe the Feds didnt want out there, like where the email came from and who one of the guys are the feds are looking at,

  7. dianetrotter says:

    1. Is it possible that one person within the department could be doing the cover up? The person could be trying to protect a family member or friend or just assume that its best left as it is (God complex). If the person is trusted and known for doing a thorough job, no one would question what the person does.

    2. I would never assume there is a hoax..especially knowing the details of this one. Check every lead. Recheck and then get someone else to check. Two heads are better than one.

    • Corruption in the southern community in which we live is institutional and multi-generational. It’s a form of corruption that functions from the top down and plays by its own set of unwritten rules. Money talks, favors are traded and they are exempt from the rule of law. Affluenza is taken for granted and never challenged.

      Valdosta appears to be a similar community.

  8. Trisha says:

    Twitter and text messages may help solve murder

    During a recent interview, attorney Ben Crump revealed major details in the investigation of the death of Kendrick Johnson. The teen was found dead on January 11, 2013 rolled up in a wrestling mat; his death was ruled accidental.

    Now those students that may have been involved are being compelled to testify to a federal grand jury without having an attorney present. Over 120 subpoenas have been issued. With the number of students and parents compelled to testify, it seems like half the town of Valdosta, Ga will be in the courthouse to talk to U.S. Attorney Michael Moore. Those subpoenaed do have the option to plead the “fifth amendment” and choosing that option will be very telling, according to Crump. Among those subpoenaed are the sons of two law enforcement officers, one of which may be the sheriff’s son. Because this investigation is through the U.S. Justice Department, the US Attorney Michael Moore has options to pursue. Crump stated that Moore can look at corruption, conspiracy as well as obstruction of justice charged in this case because of the nature of events.

    There were two major details revealed by Crump. The first of which is the fact that there were four video surveillance cameras, all of which stop as Kendrick Johnson enters the gym. The chances that all four cameras malfunctioned at the same time are highly unlikely. The second major detail revolves around social media. On the morning that Johnson’s body was found, school kids started tweeting and texting at 7:15 AM that there was someone dead rolled up in a wrestling mat. However, the 911 dispatcher was not called until close to 10:00 AM and they were told it was a cardiac episode; they were never told someone was dead.

  9. Trisha says:

    well here is the info on the email
    There are new developments in the Kendrick Johnson’s death investigation. We have uncovered an e-mail, whose sender claims to know who killed Johnson. Larry Spruill has been pouring through documents, we requested from the Sheriff’s Office.

    For the second time in one week, new details were released in Kendrick Johnson’s death.

    17-year old Kendrick Johnson’s body was found inside the Old Gym at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia on January 10, 2013. Lowndes County Deputies found Johnson’s body rolled inside a gym mat and later ruled his death an accident, “The Johnson family got to watch their son get ready for school January 10th, 2013. He left as many students do, wearing a book bag, the next morning, January 11th, he was wheeled out of the gymnasium in body bag,” says a supporter of the family.

    Kendrick’s parents requested their own autopsy, which came back with different results. Blunt Force Trauma to the head was the cause of death.

    This week, WJCL learned U.S. Attorney Michael Moore subpoenaed more than 120 students and parents in Valdosta, to testify in front of a grand jury.

    ‘What happened to Kendrick last January?’ is a question the family has been asking for, more than a year, and this week, that question may have an answer.

    WJCL learned deputies in Lowndes County received an anonymous e-mail. We requested that correspondence, which was granted to WJCL.

    Because those mentioned in the e-mail are minors, theirs names have been changed to Jane and Joe.

    Here’s what the e-mail says:

    My best friend was at a party, Saturday night with Jane and she was upset about something that Joe had said to her and my best friend started talking and by the end of the night, Jane had told my friend everything that the whole nation has been wondering for the past year. She told my friend what really happened to Kendrick Johnson.

    She said that about a little over a year ago, she had sexual intercourse with Kendrick Johnson, while she was dating ‘Joe.’ ‘Joe’ found out and threatened KJ. KJ told Joe to meet him in the old gym after third block and he would have his knife ready. Joe and Joe’s friend met KJ and killed him.

    Joe has also been heard admitting to killing KJ more than once over the phone. His brother also got drunk at a party on the fourth of July and told many people that Joe killed KJ and that Joes’ brother was tired of keeping it a secret.” *END QUOTE

    In these documents, Jane denied any relationship with Johnson. She told investigators she knew Kendrick but didn’t talk to him, but was aware of the rumors, that she lured Johnson into the gym.

    We took a deeper look into the 22-page report and found out; Joe met Kendrick while playing football. Joe admitted to getting into an altercation with Johnson on the bus after a football game before, but didn’t know about the relationship between Johnson and his friend.

    Towards the end of the report, Joe told investigators he heard rumors of Johnson being assaulted because of an alleged relationship.

    My sources told me, one of the boys in the e-mail is the son of a F.B.I. agent. His father originally told him not to talk to investigators, but is now forced to talk because of the subpoena.

    Lowndes County Investigators say the anonymous email is not credible. The attorney did not say why or how investigators determined the tip was not credible.

  10. bettykath says:

    From an article on the FBI agent’s sons, an interview with the boy’s mom.

    “The brothers were never interviewed by investigators, according to Bell and the sheriff’s office.”

    • Lynn says:

      After reading this article, I can only recall my mother-in-law’s famous line…I’m so mad I could spit!

      This woman is the poster mom for the worst of what lives in the South.
      She has refused and still refuses to let her kids tell what they know or don’t know. If they are innocent they should have spoke up in the first few days.
      Her claim that a youtube almost a week after the death made her whole family have to lead a life in fear and seclusion. No social butterfly anymore.
      Her whining about bullying makes me sick. Whining her husband can’t speak up and be a dad…well, he chose to be in the FBI. He knew what that entailed.
      She seems paranoid. Nightly scouring the internet for threats and cataloging them. Mad because the Sheriff and FBI haven’t made an all out investigation into her internet posts. BUT, when the Sheriff was threatened online there was an arrest and a case pending. The article states,
      “It is unknown what steps the FBI has taken to look into the matter, but Lt. Jones said the sheriff’s office is actively investigating the reports of harassment and has not ruled out contacting Canadian and other authorities.”
      Contacting Canadian and other authorities??? Oh, but let them get an anonymous email with possible clues in a murder and within no time they say it’s a hoax.
      Mom was more than willing to work with the FBI (through their attorney) but said that “they asked rumor questions instead of fact questions.” Lady, explain to me what that means?!

      • Lynn says:

        So pissed I forgot to add, she and the sheriff both believe that because her sons were not in the gym at precisely 1:28 when Kendrick walked in, that they are free and clear of any suspicion. Since when did we have proof of a murder at precisely 1:28 ???

      • Trisha says:

        Does this woman know her youngest son will be going to FSU next year, he is a football recruit so his life really isn’t one of hiding out, in fact her older son attends the local college, who the heck does she think she is fooling here ..
        Im hearing 2 of the 4 have family with in the police dept,
        Ive also heard that the body was found at 7;15am, and someone from the school called for a EMS but didn’t say anything then about there being a dead body, they called about a cardiac arrest, Ive also heard they removed the body from the gym and then brought it back, students were on twitter talking about all this while it was all happening. and this was before the EMS got there, the tweets started at 7;15 about the body being found, which is why the feds called in all those students, the feds have all that information from twitter,
        the only people calling this email a hoax is the police dept, but it appears they didn’t get the information on who sent the email because they didn’t follow through with what was needed, which leads me to believe they already knew who the 4 were to begin with.

  11. Fred Rosen says:

    Yes, I am writing a story about this for that will be up Tuesday with additional information

  12. Several of you have pointed out that the anonymous email was sent January 27th of this year. Not last year.

    I have corrected the post.

    Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention.

  13. Lynn says:

    I believe the email in question here was from Jan 2014. That’s what CNN is reporting.
    All the other news sites are small vague paragraphs with no clear info. The Valdosta paper has a more detailed article (still with no date other than Jan.) that sounds like it is recent.
    The deadline was Feb26 for Mediacom to respond but they said they never got the fax sent on Feb 7th by the sheriff’s dept.

    Sheriff only talked to half of the people named and declared it useless info because no one was at the party where the statement was overheard. He is quick to say they interviewed them right away. (Unlike the months it took during the initial investigation to talk to the students).
    He also makes sure to state that “… the author, who is a juvenile, will not face charges of making a false statement to law enforcement.”
    Wow. Really makes you want to help with any tips in the case.

    I am assuming that the students/parents served Federal subpoenas a week or so ago whom met at the couthouse had a more thorough questioning. The sheriff seemed almost left out when he stated him nor the coroner hadn’t been subpoenaed and the school board was only subpoenaed for their hard drive. I hope the Feds follow through with this case. Kendrick deserves it.

  14. Pretty sure the anonymous tip was in January 2014, not January 2013. Seems as if LCSO is attempting to pretend to investigate things now that the Fed Prosecutor is watching 😉

  15. Trained Observer says:

    Sorry, link didn’t paste: It took more than a quarter century, but here’s more thinning of Florida’s murdering herd.,0,803837.story

  16. Trained Observer says:

    It took more than a quarter century, but here’s more thinning of Florida’s murdering herd.

  17. lyn says:

    I think the GBA did a thorough job of investigating. Anonymous emails ain’t worth much. I believe the death was accidental. The email won’t be going anywhere, but if the anonymous e-mailer claims he/she killed Johnson then where is the IP coming from?
    Where are the Feds in all this? Aren’t they supposed to be doing their Fed thing? It is months now and no news from them. The Feds have made no complaints about the investigation to date. I think the email is another hoax in this tragedy.

    • Malisha says:

      The GBA did an atrocious job!

      An anonymous e-mail can be worth nothing at all or it can be a gold mine; the way to find out which (or whether it’s something in between such as a lead that helps develop another lead, etc.) is to thoroughly investigate the anonymous e-mail.

      And why would there be an anonymous e-mail? Think about this possibility: Person A (let’s call him Moe) killed Johnson and Person B (Harry) and Person C (Henry) helped Moe stash the evidence, roll Johnson’s body into the mat, and agree on a story. Person D (Walter) was one of the friends of the other three who basically knew what happened but neither approved of it nor felt that it should be covered up.

      Perhaps Walter was (understandably) afraid of Moe, Harry and Henry. Perhaps he spoke about the conflict he was feeling to a friend of HIS (Person E, or Ethel).

      Ethel is not a friend of the three who were part of the crime, but she understands why Walter is afraid and she is also afraid. She wants the authorities to find the culprits but she doesn’t want to end up rolled up in a gym mat either. She sends an anonymous e-mail hoping that the authorities will follow up and find the guilty parties without her identity becoming known. Then she feels like she has done her duty but still not betrayed her friend Walter.

      This is perfectly plausible. Good police work would have involved interviewing, re-interviewing, and intelligently interviewing not only all these players, but plenty of other kids who may not have known much about it, but who might have added one or more small facts that would help any good detective figure out, more or less, what happened.

      The reason none of these things happened is obviously that a cover-up has its own enforcement techniques. Everyone is scared when there is something to be scared OF. After all, the Michael Dunn case was only cracked because a homeless man saw, recorded, remembered and revealed the license plate number of the shooter.

    • roderick2012 says:

      lyn, are you related to the killer(s) or someone in local law enforcement?

      • lady2soothe says:

        roderick2012… You took the words off the tip of my fingers!

        • racerrodig says:

          Same here……

          “The Feds have made no complaints about the investigation to date.” …………….says who ??

        • Trained Observer says:


          • Trained Observer says:

            The feds are notorious for not saying squat to anybody including other law enforcement agencies until good and ready. For anyone who thinks Kendrick’s death was a mere innocent accident, I have this bridge in London for sale …

          • Malisha says:

            I don’t want a bridge in London; that’s a bridge too far.
            Could you sell me the Brooklyn Bridge?

            BTW, a person who did not want to “get involved” in a mess personally might conceivably wait 16 days for things to work out without his or her intervention; then, seeing that there was going to be a “nothing nothing plus nothing” response, might have figured, “More than two weeks and they haven’t figured this out? I better let somebody know what happened.”

            That does make sense.

            If it’s someone trying to throw off the investigation, it goes in sooner; if it’s someone having a bizarre attention-seeking motive it goes in more publicly.

      • lyn says:

        Not at all, but am a trained RN with excellent observation skills.
        What, for instance, did the GBA do or not do that makes their investigation atrocious?

        • Trained Observer says:

          A trained RN as opposed to what … an untrained RN??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Malisha says:

          What they did not do:

          1. Test the blood on the walls
          2. Test and validate or invalidate the “sneakers” story
          3. Interview all the kids who could know anything germane
          4. Create a credible model of how, physically, the “accident” could have occurred
          5. Find out what happened to fingernail scrapings
          6. Figure out the other injuries
          7. View those videos
          8. Thoroughly investigate the many stories about the enmities that Kendrick Johnson was rumored to have with other students and even parents
          9. Give a cogent and credible explanation of events

          • lyn says:

            But GBI did all of the above including their forensic Doc who did the autopsy.

          • bettykath says:

            10. They didn’t call the coroner immediately as required by law
            11. The autopsy was half-a$$ed.
            12. They managed to “lose” Kendrick’s clothing
            13. They managed to “lose” his internal organs.
            14. The email identified 4 people, they interviewed 2.
            15. They didn’t confiscate the surveillance videos hard drive, etc.
            16. They contaminated the crime scene

        • roderick2012 says:


          Reread the professor’s posts.

      • motherof2brownnoyz says:

        The father of the 2 boys who are/were suspects boys is an FBI agent.

    • Anonymous emails ain’t worth much.

      Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t.

      For example, a family member might anonymously tip off the cops that his or her (fill in the blank) committed a particular crime or lied to police about an alibi, or had blood on their clothes, etc.

      They prefer to remain anonymous because they do not want to end up being a witness against the family member if the case goes to trial.

      Whether an anonymous tip contains valuable true information cannot be determined without investigation. Assuming otherwise is a serious mistake.

      IIRC, this was a factor in the recent case of the innocent man who spent 30 years on death row for a murder he did not commit. The anonymous caller was the wife of the man who committed the murder. She identified her husband by name as the killer and she was right.

      In addition, some anonymous tips can be self-verifying based on the information they contain. The SCOTUS has so ruled and now is the law.

    • Lynn says:

      You “believe the death was accidental”… you “think the email is another hoax”… and you wonder “if the anonymous e-mailer claims he/she killed Johnson”? Have you followed the story, read any documents, or paid attention to any detail about this at all? The e-mailer didn’t claim to have killed anyone. Geesh.

  18. I find it inexcusable that no one followed up on the subpoena and failed to interview all four of the people identified by the anonymous purpose. The so-called investigation was atrocious. There is no way imaginable that anyone could/should have believed this death to be accidental.

  19. FYI: The standard arrangement with businesses is to contact the person assigned by the business to be their official custodian of records. Tell them what you want and they will find it and send it to you upon receipt of the subpoena. This standard procedure bypasses the normal requirement to personally serve the subpoena on the custodian of records.

    This procedure also assists the custodian of records to specifically determine what records contain the information the party wants to acquire. This enables the requesting party to fine tune the subpoena and the custodian to produce what the party seeks.

    In this case it looks like the sheriff’s office dropped the ball by not faxing the subpoena. Regardless who may be at fault, the situation can be remedied by a phone call and faxing or refaxing the subpoena.

    Now that the feds are handling the investigation, hopefully they completed the investigation of the tip provided by the anonymous source. That would include identifying the anonymous source who just might know more than he or she disclosed in the tip.

    We know the grand jury is investigating this matter because students from Lowndes County H.S. and Valdosta, H.S. testified before the grand jury on Thursday a week ago.

  20. masonblue says:

    Crane-Station here, replying to this on Fred’s screen (he is on an errand and my computer awaits repair). There is no excuse for this. First of all, it appears that there is a dangerous person on the loose. That alone should be enough, to investigate. They know damn well how to determine the source of an online communication because they do it all the time to issue probation and parole violations. Are they going to wait around, until the next person is hurt or killed? What am I missing here?

  21. Malisha says:

    It would seem obvious that every single student whose schedule would have brought him or her anywhere near that gym on the day of Johnson’s death should have been thoroughly debriefed before the authorities even THOUGHT of closing the investigation. This was a very transparent effort to avoid proper investigation of a suspicious death. Surprise, Surprise!!

    • Trained Observer says:

      Yep. Ignore … and maybe it will go away. Sticky wicket:: Kendrick is still dead. Just like Trayvon and Jordan.

  22. Two sides to a story says:

    Of course it could be a false rumor – and plenty of those probably flew about – but it’s infuriating that no one followed up on the e-mail and if legit, points to a cover-up.

    • lyn says:

      WALB news in Georgia reports that the Sherriff’s Dept. tracked down the January 29th, 2014 e-mail sender who is a juvenile and reports that the e-mail is a hoax. As noted by Fred, it is a “somebody said, somebody said, somebody said event.

  23. Rachael says:

    I can’t wait until all is said and done here. There is something mighty stinky going on.

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