Gun show cancelled in Orlando because George Zimmerman is featured speaker

Friday, March 7, 2014

Good morning:

The New Orlando Gun Show is scheduled to take place this weekend at the Majestic Event Center in Orlando. Approximately 100 vendors are expected to exhibit their wares to a devoted public of potential buyers infected with irrational and racist white fear of teenagers with dark skin bearing Skittles while talking to their girlfriends or listening to loud rap music.

If you were planning to attend, you should check to see if the event is still on because the Majestic cancelled it late yesterday when it discovered that the Gun Show had invited George Zimmerman to be the featured speaker and the organizers were promoting the show with a photograph of Zimmerman posing with three armed white guys wearing black shirts.

Their faces were blacked out to protect their identities because, as we all know, everyone with dark skin is hunting Zimmerman hoping to squeeze off a clear shot.

Event organizers may be headed to court today to obtain an order preventing the Majestic from cancelling the show.

Click Orlando is reporting today,

A Twitter account that Zimmerman has used before tweeted, “another company bowing to threats of being labeled racist. Americans, give them your opinion.”


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Adjusting and fine tuning to dial in the white fear and racist corruption frequencies in the Florida courts took some doing, but I am on track now.

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36 Responses to Gun show cancelled in Orlando because George Zimmerman is featured speaker

  1. J4TMinATL says:


  2. lurker says:

    Yeah–really underwhelming public response. I should think that GZs fifteen minutes of fame are just about over.

  3. CessnaDriver says:

    Fatboy whines that he can’t find a job, which is bunk. He can go to work for any gun store in ‘Merka. He’s just too dumb, fat and lazy to work.

    • Malisha says:

      Why should he work? He’s entitled. He should be supported by all the people who didn’t want to let him kill at will any of those riff-raff who SHOULD work so he can benefit. That’s the way he’d like it and the way he wishes it still was.

      • mark hellner says:

        And this song is dedicate to George:

        One of the greatest exports from the USA to the rest of the world has been our music. And most of the really great music was based on the sweat, toil and labor of Black Americans.

        My brother does barbershop four part harmony and any fool that tells you doing that song above is not hard work need to be ignored.

        And the human capital of music is that it makes people happy.

        Far better than the hate, paranoia and misery of guns, God and America.

        So FU George.

  4. dianetrotter says:

    Boy! I’ve had a stressful week and hadn’t checked recent 411. Guys lets make those contributions to Professor and Crane. It’s worth it to get this information.

  5. ladystclaire says:

    I wish he would go slither his murdering fat @$$ back under the rock, that he came from and die. it’s sickening seeing what the media is doing as far as he’s concerned. they need to ignore and stop reporting on him because, there are decent people in this country, that do not care what he does and, he is not news worthy and yet they keep reporting everything that he does. I guess they will be reporting on how many times he goes to the bathroom next. enough of him already!

    • Rachael says:

      It is like clockwork – every 2 weeks or so, he is in the news. I would say one day because something really bad is going to happen, but it already has. A young man was killed. What will it take?

  6. WFMZ is reporting that the gun show has been moved to the Arms Room this weekend.

    • Thrace says:

      I watched the video report form ClickOrlando and she said it is going to be a big gun sale. Guess the Arms Room isn’t big enough for 80 other vendors. A judge also denied their injunction against the Majestic and said they could persue other legal avenues. The big guy from AR said he was going to sue them for loses which he believes is $300,000. George will at the big gun sale tomorrow though.

      If I was one of the other vendors I would be po’ed at the organizer for allowing GZ into the venue and causing this mess.

  7. What the hell could he possibly have to speak about? How to kill a 17 year old while screams for and get away with it? WTF

    • Thrace says:

      He’s just there to solicit “donations” and shake hands. The owner said so on his Facebook when confronted about GZ’s vendor status. Quote from The Arms Room Facebook (notice GZ approached them)-

      By the legal letter of the law, since he was to have a table, he would be considered a “vendor”…he was not however, selling anything tangible. He was simply going to have a table, accept donations and offer the opportunity to do a meet and greet with the public and other 2A supporters.

      We want to be very clear on a detail that has been left out of most interviews. We did not initiate the process or ask Mr. Zimmerman to be a part of the show originally. Mr. Zimmerman reached out and inquired about being able to have a table and a presence, and we most graciously came to terms which would have allowed him to do just that.

  8. Thrace says:

    Is the owner of Arms Room, Mike Piwowarski, who is defending GZ’s the below person? I’m thinking so. Old O/S article.

    That’s how Michael Piwowarski ended up on the Oak Hill department.

    While an Orange County deputy, Piwowarski was investigated 15 times in 37 months and finally was fired in October 1997 after investigators determined he lied about chasing a teenage driver.

    Mascotte hired him, and after 12 letters of reprimand in nine months, he resigned in December 1999 while under investigation for filing false expense reports.

    When he joined Oak Hill as a part-time officer in January 2000, no one from the small city checked his background.

    When he applied to be police chief, Oak Hill’s Vice Mayor Jessie McClain started looking into his past. Piwowarski didn’t get the job. Shortly afterward, the city put him on an inactive reserve list and asked him to resign.

  9. mark hellner says:

    Those three softies in black shirts bring Hinkle, Garbage and Herring to mind:

    Does anyone else ever notice that great fascist dictators always had a habit of grabbing their ammunition case or gun as they posed?

    A head shrink would have a field day with that.

  10. kenteoth says:

    The next headline I wanna read about this loser is “TRAYVON MARTIN KILLER BROUGHT UP ON CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS FROM DOJ”

  11. towerflower says:

    Fogen is losing it. He posted a phone number and said it was the owner of the Majestic and encouraged his followers to call and complain about the violation of his civil rights.

    The problem is he posted the number of a Super Saver Pharmacy in Kissimmee. The pharmacy started to be overwhelmed with calls and when some reported back that it was a pharmacy he and others joked about it, thinking it was some sort of ruse to avoid them. I emailed the pharmacy to let them know who was responsible for it and gave them a screen shot of his twitter account with the posting. They responded back with thank you for letting us know about this and to continue to pass the word that they don’t have anything to do with George Zimmerman.

    A simple internet search provide the proof as to who owned the number.

    • He can’t even manage to get a simple telephone number right.

    • Thrace says:

      I watched it play out on twitter last night. Believe The Majestic was content with GZ just not attending – but the fans of GZ’s harrassing phone calls continued thru out most of the night and that appears to me to be the reason for the cancellation.

      The owner of the conference center also owns a slew of other businesses thru out central FL, that pharmacy chain being one of them. Stupid to hassle the store employees of a business he owns. Sorta like calling the front desk of a Trump Casino to bitch and moan about Donald Trump’s Apprentice show.

      I noticed one brain trust posted a link to a black entertainment group that has the name Majestic in it too. I see absolutely no link to the event center in Orlando or the owners. Just another example of the racist attitudes and lack of intelligence of a typical GZ lover.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      And of course, he’s the victim once again, his rights violated if the gun show doesn’t happen or if he can’t appear. Poor, poor Fogen.

    • ronald says:

      Thank you!!

    • Sandy says:

      These idiots drive me nuts saying their civil rights have been violated whenever they can’t get what they want. There’s no civil rights violation here at all.

  12. Malisha says:

    No civilized nation on earth can have any respect left for us.
    What a damned shame!

  13. The Arms Room, which appears to be the gun show organizers, still have the photo promoting George Zimmerman up on their Facebook page. Unlike the newspaper photo, their photo shows one of the men’s faces (I think he’s with the Arms Room, a gun shop).

    • Thrace says:

      They originally used the pic of George holding his painting pic to announce his appearance at the gun show. They scrubbed it when the event center contacted them. The one up there now was also on the site, just as a newsy post. I still can’t believe any business owner would advertise being pals with GZ – even if they believe the self defense claim, what about being a deadbeat, domestic abuser and child pervert? And who was it the mayor or police chief of Longwood who said they didn’t want him in their town?

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