The World According to Monsanto (video documentary)

posted by Crane-Station

The trailer for this documentary:

If you are interested in this, the full-length video is here:

The World According to Monsanto (FULL LENGTH)

15 Responses to The World According to Monsanto (video documentary)

  1. World Wildlife Fund ‏@World_Wildlife 2m
    ICYMI: RT @WWFnews: Why we need to #SaveTheMonarchs now. In one simple graphic.
    Embedded image permalink

  2. stan says:

    Res ipsa loquitur is sine qua non for cognito ergo sum.

    Couldn’t resist!

    If I were an egg dish I would be deviled.

  3. stan says:

    Rachel:what did you have in mind in your above comment when you said, “Oh now the bus thing is even better for me!”?


    • It would be one more level of sort of, I don’t know…disjointedness. Kind of consistent with my persona, I suppose. If I were an egg dish, for example, I’d be scrambled, LOL!

  4. J4TMinATL says:

    Thanks for sharing Crane.

  5. stan says:

    So, let me see if I have this monarch butterfly phenomena in the correct global perspective.

    If a monarch butterfly flaps its cute little airfoils over Beijing on a cloudy day, the direct cause/effect result will be that as you terrify the tourists while defying gravity on your motorcycle, a large pigeon casually flying over you will be prompted to hit the bombs away switch gifting to you a Rorschach ink blot test on the top of your helmet?

    That sounds like a load of crap to me.

    What ya think Frau Vogel Bahnhof since you did not respond to this comment on the Monarch article you posted, or are you generally MIA/AWOL in general or just with doremus35?

    • I am not AWOL at all, I just got sidetracked with the Dunn trial, because Fred was very sick and had to go to the emergency room. So, I stayed home to sort of (try anyway) host the Dunn trial threads, because the traffic was quite heavy!

      I am very sorry I missed all of the comments on my butterfly thread, I think there were six in all.

      This was my fault, and I do apologize.

      All of that said, Fred is feeling better (with medication) and I should be more attentive to my posts, on environmental and other topics.

      • stan says:


        I am very grieved to hear about Fred. Please extend to him my sincere wishes for his speedy recovery.

        No apology is required for I was concerned about you (both of you-and that it not meant to suggest that you have recently cloned yourself), as I always am.

        Regarding Monarchs and butterflies I was just having an imaginative voyage of fancy and thought maybe we could all use a smile or two.

        Do you fancy your potential new nom de plume: ‘Vogel Bahnhof? (approximate trans. ‘Bird Station’ auf Deutsch)

        Or would you perhaps prefer that I dig deeply into the mythical mists of yesteryear and come up with an amazing nom de philosophie (ME), e.g. Panta Rhei.

        Of course, in a pinch the beautiful name ‘Rachel’ will do just fine.

        As always, your friend,

        • So funny, I was thinking along the lines of a train station with “Bahnhof,” given my really limited German. BTW, I originally got to “Crane-Station” because it rhymed with train station, only it had the feel of birds, and Origami cranes in general- and that is a favorite hobby.

          Well. Either that, or, when they were handing out brains I thought they said “train,” and missed it.

          Or something, LOL.

          Fred had a severe sinus infection. He never goes to a doctor, but it was necessary. It was rapidly moving to the lungs. About a week to being intubated, I’d say (ER doc agreed). He is back to himself today though!

          • stan says:

            Interesting, for when I first became familiar with you and your nom de plume, I assumed that in keeping with the gracious kindness of your spirit, you would want to be recognized by the world as a refuge from the daily madness of life; where all who entered would not have to give up hope, but could revitalize their life-force with and in the company of a passionately humane person.

            I can find no reason for changing or exception to my initial thoughts.

            Sincerely, Me: I think I am, and therefore it must be me: or as Descartes should have said ‘Cognito Cognitationis (Hannah Arendt added this) Ergo Sum Stan.

            Latin: “Non posse à nobis dubitari, quin existamus dum dubitamus: at que hoc esse primum quod ordine philosophando cognoscimus.”
            English: “That we cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt, and that this is the first knowledge we acquire when we philosophize in order.”

            Pedantry is such a pleasant pastime as it the abuse of alliteration (related to the crocodile).

            P.S. Oh, and I would change your rhyme to: When they were giving out brains, I thought they said trains, and I missed the bus.

          • Oh now the bus thing is even better for me! I do love Latin, although I am not by any means an expert. Wish I knew it better. One of my favorites is, The thing speaks for itself- Res ipsa loquitur

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