Saturday night review of the Dunn trial

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good afternoon:

Some pretty dramatic testimony and some fencing between the lead detective and defense counsel.

This is your chance to weigh in and tell us what you think or ask questions.


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196 Responses to Saturday night review of the Dunn trial

  1. Space Shuttle Landing
    notice how Atlantis just stops on the runway at Edwards Air force Base, because it is not using engines.

  2. shyloh says:

    Crane-Station says:
    February 9, 2014 at 9:33 am

    That is the very first I have heard of her son, but I did naturall wonder, if his son in particular, would have been interviewed. Terrible story isn’t it? Getting married and then finding out the next day, this awful news. I can’t imagine it.

    Crane-Station scroll back up to her interview at the police station and it’s at the very beginning of the video where she mentions her son. If I am wrong, I’ll eat my hat!!! (JK)

    • shyloh says:

      It’s close to about a minute mark. It bothers me only because they keep worrying about that dog so much. If the son went with seems to me the son would of helped out with the dog. I listened to it again and she did mention the son going up with them.

      So what happened to the son? Where did he go? Did the police miss that and why? Oh maybe it’s just me and it’s not important. To them anyway!

    • towerflower says:

      I think you’re misinterpreting the son comment. She says we went up after Thanksgiving dinner with my son,……

      I get the impression that they had dinner with her son and not that they traveled with her son to Jacksonville.

      • shyloh says:

        It could of been the way you said. Never thought of that.

      • Lynn says:

        Why didn’t they leave “Charlie” with her dang son? Seemed like it would’ve been alot easier than going up a day early and missing the cake cutting.

        • Lynn says:

          I think she has a daughter, also. If she is 46, chances are her kids are grown. Is she on good terms with her kids or is Mike all she’s got?

        • towerflower says:

          Some people are strange when it comes to their pets……I knew a couple whose wife never trusted anyone but themselves with their pets and wouldn’t travel unless they could go with them. But the same people had no issues with leaving their child with someone.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Yes, towerflower, your take was my impression as well. And I’m wondering why they would haul the dog to the wedding if she had kids old enough to care for the pooch?

    • Going to check that, and thank you.

  3. Michael Dunn Trial – Day 3 – Part 5 (Dunn’s fiancée)

    • shyloh says:

      Her voice has really changed since the police interview. She sounds very child like in court. I have good and bad feelings about this woman. I am just not sure. Is she over reacting or is she really this shaken up. Hasn’t she been visiting him in jail, or is it not allowed?

      • towerflower says:

        I believe she was really shaken up. The judge had her brought into the courtroom before the jury to show her what would happen. How the swearing in would take place and where she would sit. He was trying to get her to calm down and put her at ease. They had her leave and brought in the jury and then brought her in again for the process. When they were swearing her in, you could see her hand shake.

      • First on the jail visits. Someone closer may answer different than me. Dunn is not yet the ‘property’ of the DOC, the Department of Corrections. He has not yet, nor may he ever be, for that matter, convicted of a crime.

        So currently, his ass belongs to the county jailer. That person has a name, but I don’t know the name. Jailers are often elected positions, I do not know Florida.

        In my experience, the jailers can have as many policies as there are ways to kill a vampire. I have seen, for example, in a published statement of inmate rights, from a private jailer, a right to racial segregation. Yes.

        I am getting to a point. I believe she is visiting him. There is no reason that I can think of, that the jailer would deny him his visits, unless, of course, he has a disciplinary problem inside the jail. I have not heard that he has.

        If I were a betting sort, I would guess that he is not in general population. BTW, and I think Dunn himself said this a some point: he is in deep shit; these are steep charges, and he is not accused of stealing a candy bar. Other thing is, I believe he is getting visits, because there is no reason to believe that he has been denied this.

        Know this: the visits are all recorded.

        Why was she like that in court, so different from the police interview? I have no idea, but maybe she now realizes the seriousness. I really don’t know.

        • racerrodig says:

          I may be wrong but as she is a states witness, she may be barred from visits. In NJ there have been several trials that I know of where that was the case. That way the defendant can’t intimidate or influence them…..don’t know about FL. for all I know, since the defendant is white, this might be encouraged.

          • Wow, this seems very unreasonable, unless they record them and listen, and the couple is talking about the case, they can revoke the visits. Having said all of that, it’s jail, so rules are sort of subject to the whims of (usually an elected) jailer. For that reason, I can see how this would happen, and I do believe you. I do not know about Florida either.

    • Liza says:

      I find this woman’s behavior while testifying to be very, very disturbing. I get the feeling that playing the victim is not new to her. Someone should have told her that she is not the victim.

      Quite a bit of time has passed and this woman is 46 years old, so all of these tears really make no sense. I would have more respect for her if she had the proper demeanor for the gravity of this trial. It is not about her. It is about a murdered child, a murder she failed to report and had no intentions of reporting.

      But look at who she’s engaged to.

      • The not reporting thing is really weird. Even the next day, and even after you see this on TV, not to call is just bizarre.

        No idea on the courtroom testimony. I am not sure as to her medical issues, so I do not want to be unreasonably harsh, but I also found it to be disturbing.

        • Malisha says:

          I think both Dunn and Rouer were trying to use the time between the murder and the arrest to call around to their friends and get the thing fixed. I believe his neighbor who is in law enforcement (he pretends not to know exactly the position) was probably someone he wanted to manipulate to get into it to make the problem go away. He did not know, at that time, that someone had gotten his license plate # down correctly. Perhaps he thought that he would be able to avoid arrest altogether if he had some groundwork laid. She probably helped in that regard. That would be my guess.

          • Liza says:

            I think that Dunn and RR’s cell phone records from after they knew about the killing until his arrest would be very interesting. I fully believe he was looking for a fix and I also think that is what the visit to the neighbor was about. Dunn needed a story that would allow him to say he was standing his ground and he wanted to get it right the first time. Revisions reduce one’s credibility.

          • And what do you want to know about, out of all the people it was an incarcerated inmate, who got the right license number? Living in his car. He provided the number.

          • Liza says:

            Dunn didn’t know they had his plate number but he would have known they had a description of the vehicle. That much was in the early reports. But he apparently felt safe enough driving 2.5 hours on the interstate. I’m just wondering how he used that time and who he talked to other than his neighbor friend.

    • ay2z says:

      Crane and Fred, long time! Not reading much, but did find the trial videos and am somewhat caught up at least with the trial.

      Crane, thanks for posting this, listened to this last night, and today listening again via your link.

      Something just struck me so I stopped the video at around 40 mins. During Stollo’s cross, she says the next thing she noticed was Dunn putting the gun away.

      After some shots rung out as seen on the in-store video, she goes to the door, says she opened but did not exit the door. He told her to get in the car (think this was the state exam Q and A). Something is missing in her account of standing and watching the event from inside the open door and from standing and not being able to move.

      How does she get from being a bystander after hearing the first two sets of gunfire, standing at the door, standing outside, to Michael saying ‘get in the car’ and her watching him put the gun away?

      Something is missing in her account. How did she not see and hear the next round of gunfire at the rear of Durango, how did she not notice the final sequence of gunshots and skipped (there’s that word again) right to MIchael telling her to get in the car and his putting the gun away?

      Did she black out while watching outside from the open door and outside entry way?

      (hello to all the good people here)

      • Welcome back, ay2z.

        I believe she was attempting to answer questions in a manner that would cause the least amount of harm possible to her fiance, Michael Dunn. She even accepted the blame for them returning to Brevard County without contacting the police.

        The incredibly lame excuse was she did it for the sake of the dog, Charlie.

        I basically do not believe anything she said that is not supported by independent evidence.

        The inconsistencies you noted are additional circumstantial evidence that her intent while testifying was not to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

        • Liza says:

          Mr. Leatherman, do you have an opinion as to why the prosecutor did not ask RR if Dunn mentioned a gun? This was brought up multiple times in her police interview and became part of her sworn statement, that Dunn never mentioned a gun. She told the cops that Dunn said “they threatened to kill me” and “they were advancing” and gave her no specifics but definitely never mentioned their having a gun or something that he thought was a gun. This seems important to me because it supports that the gun story was invented later.

          • Liza, I am just now seeing your comment, thank you. Fred will get you an answer in the morning- he has gone to bed early, but I am not sure he has yet formed an opinion on this issue. I had the same question though. This from the state, this early, pisses me off. And while I am ‘at it,’ she pisses me off also. I can’t figure out, for example, why she changed her hair color, because it makes her look as if she has an illness. -(Angela Corey)

            There, I said it!

            Thank you, and he will get back.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            crane — i am interested in fred’s take on this. my own thought process is that there is only ONE person who can or would testify that the teens had a weapon and that person is Dunn.

            so far, the state has established from multiple sources that there was no weapon seen by anyone. period.

            i am guessing they are trying to force dunn to take the stand in order to claim self defense (if he is even going with that — defense might just try to push ‘reasonable doubt’). until there is evidence submitted (even if it’s a big, fat lie) that the teens had a weapon, there is no reason to pull dunn’s GF’s statement indicating otherwise out. it will be more effective IF dunn states on the stand that he saw a gun (or a stick).

          • Liza says:

            Thanks for replying. We know there is some kind of reason, but if I were on the jury it would be a big question in my mind that I would want to hear from RR. What did Dunn say to you? Or did the two of you just take off like Bonnie and Clyde?

            It isn’t as though she could change her story and get away with it because the cops were crystal clear about the gun in her interview and sworn statement.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            @liza — there are also hearsay rules in play. the girlfriend CANNOT testify as to specific statements made by dunn, except under very limited conditions which fred can explain much better than i can.

            this is why you saw so many objections raised by the prosecution yesterday which were sustained by the judge. strolla has been desperately attempting to get witnesses to testify on behalf of dunn and neither the prosecution nor judge is going for it.

        • ay2z says:

          Thanks, Fred. Hope you are feeling better, saw that you have been sick.

          Winter is hard at the best of times and heard there were polar inversions down your way to make things worse.

          Take care, wish I could do more for this wonderful blog, that is more than type. Will hopefully be a change in that situation come spring, can’t work and delays is making this winter a challenge for me too.

      • Malisha says:

        She dismissively says to the clerk, “Nevermind, that’s just Michael.”

      • ay2z, as I live and breathe!! Is that you?

        She is trying to protect him, but it isn’t going very well. Strolla was trying to get as many statements in as he could, through her. Objection, hearsay. Sustained.

        A couple of times, Judge Healey said, “sustained” when there was no objection. Then the judge finally had enough of Strolla, and that’s when Strolla got called to the naughty step.

        Did you notice, how nice Strolla was, trying to get statements out of her, after he got his ass kicked, at sidebar? Strolla knows how to be a son of a bitch.

        Bottom line: she told two different stories. Sure did.

        • ay2z says:

          Crane, sure is. I need to find something, you will figure that out, but this will hold for now.

          Missed you all. Been a cold winter here and not reading much.

          Tidbits, Dunn said in his ‘didn’t know you were charging me with murder’ interview, he had 1, uno, one, rum and coke, but he admitted to sharing in the toast. Oops, gf said 3 or 4. GF also made a slip talking about how she had never seen him so angry like this before, and her minimizing of her own gun experience was much more bold in the interview vs trial as her earlier admission was that she was a member of the gun club, had to prove your abilities to handle a gun properly in order to become a member, and she too, had a membership. At trial, she only used a gun one time with the guys, just to fit in, and didn’t like it.

          Worth the background info for when Dunn’ie takes the stand, that should be good.

          (don’t know what a Dunnie is?? Well it ain’t gonna be in the prison cell they are holding for this single Dunney. For a definition, click the vid here 😉 enjoy!

          • LOL, “It’s for washing your back side, right?”

            It is always a pleasure to read your comments, because you catch things that I either miss outright, or I miss because they are too much ‘in plain view.; Many more inconsistencies here than I realized.

          • I get the feeling that 3 or 4 means 8 or 9.

          • ay2z says:

            oh yeah, their drink numbering system needs calibrating, give or take 100 %. Not including doubles. She did admit he likes to drink to excess sometimes.

            Pssst, I don’t believer her account of the wonderful time at the wedding with the ex, and btw, the son she had never even met as groom. The dog was brought along as a ready-made excuse to leave the first-born’s wedding reception early. Something wasn’t right with the rosy picture painted of the family event.

            Will try to drop by a few times. Should get a new email and drop you two a note. Wish I were in a better position to help out.

  4. JJ says:

    What the Dunn incident has brought home for me is to be careful in situations where the other person is in a car or has a gun. Do not disrespect them by words or actions – or it could cast your life. Dunn was in his car as well as the youths. Being in cars can bring out the worst in people – anonymity + power & protection of the vehicle.
    When we were out to dinner with friends in Orlando last month, the cautioned us to be careful when driving. There were 2 incidents of road rage recently. Here is a Google search of “road rage Florida”. The first incident did not occur in Florida, but the victim was on his way home from Florida.

    • JJ says:

      A couple years ago, we were driving in a parking lot. My husband drove across an intersection in the parking lot when a red truck was approaching. The red truck started following us. No matter how we turned, the red truck was behind us. I felt really scared and begged my husband to leave the area. We did – matter closed.
      I don’t know what would have happened if we would have stayed. I’d rather leave and avoid conflict – than stand my ground (with or without a gun).

    • Good Lord. Too much brandishing! Interesting, I think they take brandishing more seriously than killing, it seems. You can have a gun, and you can kill, just don’t flash it around?

    • Malisha says:

      Right, and that takes away my freedom.

      It makes me have to bow down to people I fear, simply BECAUSE they can kill me if I fail to bow down to them.

      And we are NOT FREE so long as this is our life.

      So AMerican is NOT the home of the free and the brave:
      It is the home of the enslaved and the cowardly.

  5. If you don’t do anything else today, watch this whole peace video to the end. Had me in tears.

    We Shall Overcome – In Moscow, with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

    hat tip, Elliot, Firedoglake:

  6. Oh, thank you so much for this. We also listened to it yesterday, for the first time, not sure though, if we heard Fredo Santana, or Lil Durk . I am not a rap expert in any way, shape or form, but I really admire rappers for their brilliance- how they think, on the spot. Very difficult to do.

    Anyway, so this song is just a little over two minutes. I mean for real, the song is over by the damn time he gets a gun out of the glove box. What the hell, I don’t get it at all.

    I’ll go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room. Zimmerman emboldened people, plain and simple. People like this, who think it’s okay to shoot, kill and then order pizza, based solely on skin color. Then depending on the state you live in, the next day when you sober up enough to make up a story, you do. The story needs to include the usual, unusual racist language that nobody but a racist would make up, like ‘Die, bitch,’ and ‘You got a problem, Homie?’ Once that’s all straight, claim you saw a gun or claim that you were real scared. Then, you’re free to go. Zimmermaned. It should be a verb.

    • MDH says:

      The need for a concealed gun allows the coward to harass and intimidate.

      That is exactly what Zimmerman was doing. Assume for arguments sake that he had only followed my son in his car and only called 9-11.

      I would have been at the police station the next day demanding charges be filed against him for scaring my child.

      The fact is that neighbors did just that and the Sanford PD did nothing. If anything, the DOJ should charge the Sanford PD with violating civil rights in that they did not give equal protection of fourth amendment rights to African Americans living in that community. I mean pig falsely accused a black kid of stealing a bike. Pig “demanded” the ID of an adult black male who lived in the community.

      • Malisha says:

        Exactly. The police department violated federal CRIMINAL law by depriving someone of constitutional rights under color of state law.

    • Yes Crane, spot on. The elephant in the room…..

  7. shyloh says:

    Here’s the lyrics to the song they boys were playing. The last part is just sad to me.

    (feat. Lil Durk, Fredo Santana)

    300 bitch, that’s the team
    (300 bitch, that’s the team.)
    In the field, we play for keeps
    (In the field, we play for keeps.)
    300 bitch, that’s the team
    (300 bitch, that’s the team.)
    OTF and GBE
    (OTF and GBE.)
    300 bitch, that’s the team
    (300 bitch, that’s the team.)

    Fuck nigga, you don’t want no beef
    (Fuck nigga, you don’t want no beef.)
    In the field, we play for keeps
    (In the field, we play for keeps.)
    OTF and GBE
    (OTF and GBE)
    300 bitch that’s the team
    (300 bitch, that’s the team.)

    Fuck nigga, you don’t want no beef
    (Fuck nigga, you don’t want no beef.)
    In the field, we play for keeps
    (In the field, we play for keeps.)
    OTF and GBE
    (OTF and GBE)
    300 bitch that’s the team
    (300 bitch, that’s the team.)

    [Verse 1: Lil Reese]
    On that money, sprint to that green
    (On that money, sprint to that green.)
    300 bitch, that’s the team
    (300 bitch, that’s the team.)
    Infrared, yeah we love them beams
    (Infrared, yeah we love them beams.)
    My niggas thirsty, I love that team
    (My niggas thirsty, I love that team.)
    Ain’t playin’ fair, so we keep them things
    (Ain’t playin’ fair, so we keep them things.)
    I’m out here, no hide and seek
    (I’m out here, no hide and seek)
    Band’d up in my Republic jeans
    (Band’d up in my Republic jeans.)
    Got some new niggas that a ride for me
    (Got some new niggas that a ride for me.)
    I neva stack, I’m 2414
    (I neva stack, I’m 2414.)
    Like D.Rose I’m on point for my team
    (Like D.Rose I’m on point for my team.)
    He a stain, yeah we love them things
    (He a stain, yeah we love them things.)
    Ain’t shit sweet, you a get left on the scene
    (Ain’t shit sweet, you a get left on the scene.)


    [Verse 2: Lil Durk]
    Where I’m from, my niggas wet
    (Where I’m from, my niggas wet.)
    You shoot one, I’m shootin’ ten
    (You shoot one, I’m shootin’ ten.)
    Run up on me, betta think again
    (Run up on me, betta think again.)
    Head shot, he won’t think again
    (Head shot, he won’t think again.)
    OTF, GBE, we the shit
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    Off the lean, I call that the kick
    (Off the lean, I call that the kick.)
    I’m with Reese and we off the shit
    (I’m with Reese and we off the shit.)
    We shoot shots, we neva call it quits
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    L’s up for my hittaz
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    Big toys like Chirstmas
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    Make it rain on these bitches
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    [Verse 3: Fredo Santana]
    Fuck nigga, don’t want no beef
    (Fuck nigga, don’t want no beef.)
    300, we in them streets
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    Bodies droppin’ like err week
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    We ain’t frontin’, we buckin’ heats
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    In the field without the police
    (In the field without the police.)
    Run up on ya with that fuckin’ pipe
    (Run up on ya with that fuckin’ pipe.)
    300, we a take yo’ life
    (300, we a take yo’ life.)
    Savage shit, bitch say that twice
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    OTF bitch, fuck the ops
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    OTF, we on all these blocks
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    Lil Durk know where he stay
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    He a be dead by the next day
    (He a be dead by the next day.)

  8. and here is the clerk and others, calling 911

    Jordan Davis 911 calls

  9. This video has sound, and you can hear the store clerk telling her not “to go out there right now. That might not be a smart thing to do.”

    Uncut: Gates store survellience video

  10. towerflower got me started. Six Rolls-Royce (or GE?) engines on this one:

    Antonov 225 Mriya Departs Manchester Airport, 26th June 2013

    • towerflower says:

      Crane…..never seen that plane before. That is one big plane…..a lot of airports don’t like these types of planes coming in especially if the runways aren’t wide enough. The outer engines have a tendency to damage lights and signs if they hang over the runway edge.

      Any video of you flying the BE-35? My son wants to learn how to fly but it’s just an expense I can’t afford but I hope he saves his money to follow through on it.

      • I wish I did have video of that! I took lessons in/around 1998-99? Something like that, it was kind of before the cell phone YouTube era. Lessons in the Bonanza especially, were very very expensive. At that time, I lived in Mukillteo, literally walking distance to Paine Field Boeing’s Everett plant. We used to just sit, in the Subway sandwich shop, or even at the airport, and watch the Boeing heavy jets take off and land.

        At that time, lessons in I believe it may have been a Cessna 152? Does that make sense? Those were the most affordable lessons. I hope your son can figure out a way to do this dream. It’s really life-altering, it really is. I am old now, but looking back I wish I had completed the training, it’s something I regret, sometimes.

        I have some wonderful and clear memories about flying in general- there seemed to be, how can I say this? A culture? To where people who fly absolutely love it, with no middle ground.

        Annuals were expensive, and the medical was real tough. One guy feared they may yank him, for atrial fib. I think also, the FAA looks at the flight physicians who sign off on these things. Flying is an endeavor for serious and smart people; I admire anyone who has learned about it. Somehow I have a feeling that someday, we will be looking at pictures of your son, flying!

        • towerflower says:

          Single Cessnas have always been popular with the flight schools. ERAU done here in Florida uses C-172, PA-28, and DA-42s (for multi engine training). You won’t see the BE-35 normally since it is considered to be a high performance single, same with a Mooney. We used to call those Dr. Killers since it seems that a Doctor would go out and get a pilot’s license and buy the highest performance aircraft they were rated for and get in over their heads with it…..normally resulting in crashing their plane.

          Medicals need to be tough……you don’t want a controller or a pilot with known health problems keeling over at the controls. Nothing ever good comes from it. I always looked at them as a early warning system, since most people never go to a doctor for regular physicals. Minor issues can be waived… those who are starting to get high blood pressure. They will monitor you for awhile to ensure the meds are working and you aren’t having any issues from it. Yes, the flight surgeons need to get a qualification from the FAA to give physicals and get the flight surgeon rating, a person just can’t go to any doctor for it. They are the first step at recognizing a health problem and from there it goes to the regional flight surgeon for the final signing off.

          I had numerous run ins with the regional flight surgeon, one was when my sister passed away. The doctors said so little was known about her cause of death (tumor on her heart), they weren’t sure if it was hereditary or not and suggested everyone in the family be checked for it every 5 yrs. The first time I went and reported the visit—you have to report every DR.s visit in the past 3 yrs, regardless of what it is for–you would have thought I had a heart attack. They wanted me to go to another cardio specialist and have stress tests done all for something my sister died of. smh. It took awhile before I could convince them it was only precautionary to look a possible tumor and not because I had any symptoms. The first flight surgeon didn’t have an issue with it as he knew the reason for the visit, it was the regional flight surgeon who got involved without trying to find out why. Once the regional doctor’s nurse visited our facility and we got into it again about the testing…..she thought I should’ve been forced to undergo the additional testing, even though she knew nothing about the condition my sister died of. I told her it’s a good thing she isn’t in charge.

          • Wow, I am very sorry to hear of this. It is awful enough to lose a sister, but then to be subjected to all that…it’s too much. This is really interesting information though, thank you for sharing it. I knew the medical was tough but this borders on crazy.

    • Kelly payne says:

      It’s powered by 6 Lotarev D-18T Turbo fans rated at over 50,000lbs of thrust each. That’s the only one ever built. It was built to carry Russia’s version of the space shuttle.

      • Wow, well thank you so much, this is fascinating.

        To me, the plane looks surreal, like a giant unreal Lego thing. My jaw is always on the floor, watching the videos. The engineers have got to be brilliant.

        • ay2z says:

          The noble Lanc. Only one flying Lancaster survives today and along with its companion fighters, the Hurricanes, joined the modern British airforce jets in the flyover of Buckingham Palace during the royal wedding of Will and Kate.

          This is newsreel footage, but some terrific video of the surviving Lanc in flight, can easily be found.

      • Second comment to Kelly: Oh my God. There is a photo of it, with a space shuttle on top.

        It’s called a strategic airlifter, and you are right, there is only one. Thanks again, I did not realize this was a one-and-only/

  11. She sounds completely different, in this police interview:

    Uncut Police Interview- Michael Dunn’s Girlfriend Rhonda Rouer

    • Here is a problem. In the police interview, Dunn’s girlfriend says, more than once, in response to police questioning, that Dunn did NOT mention seeing a gun, stick, shotgun, any kind of a weapon. So, why didn’t the state, ie Angela Corey- why didn’t the state ask her about this? They have her on tape. Under oath. And yet, they did not ask her this question. Fail.

      • Lynn says:

        She is subject to recall isn’t she?

        • Good point, I think she is. Night and day, the police interview versus the trial. Sort of like two people.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            It appeared she seemed to think he might get off – “they made mistakes”, etc. – she thought that friendly chat would bring fix all. She realizes now that it’s all over.

          • shyloh says:

            Hey, I just heard that HER SON also went up with them. It was in the beginning of her interview. Was he ever questioned? Where did he vanish to?

          • That is the very first I have heard of her son, but I did naturally wonder, if his son in particular, would have been interviewed. Terrible story isn’t it? Getting married and then finding out the next day, this awful news. I can’t imagine it.

          • Malisha says:

            BIG TELL: SInce Corey did NOT ask about the mythical “gun” that Dunn did not mention to Rouer, she is not going to ask later, on recall. More likely she is setting up the case for a “they didn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt” acquittal. This was absolutely essential information and the state left it alone.

            When BDLR failed to do the absolute essentials, I kept believing he would go back on rebuttal and create an absolute SMASH and the case would rise like a phoenix. No.

            No excuse, no explanation. The most important question that could have been asked of the most important witness the state put on has been omitted. What does that tell you? It tells me Corey is doing Act II of her (I hope not 3-act) fiction called “I really do prosecute for killing Black kids).

          • I agree. I am not comfortable with this. Could this not be deliberate? I suppose so. I suppose he could take the stand. But this is too obvious, too early, just too too.


            If he walks, murder is legal in that state. And you don’t even have to notify the cops. Just kill, and then order pizza. Crazy.When the cops finally show up, simply say, “I thought I saw a gun.”

          • Malisha says:

            If he walks, murder is legal in that state. And you don’t even have to notify the cops. Just kill, and then order pizza.

            Hey — that’s not right! This is AMERICA. We’re FREE here. If we want, we can order Chinese!

          • Makes the point even better. Spot on, thanks. I swear to God, this morning, Fox news had on their headline, that a streaker ran into a fashion show, wearing animal print cloth over his junk.

            In may have been the movie Seven, where Morgan Freeman’s character said, “Americans want to sit on the couch, eat hamburgers and watch football.”

      • MDH says:

        Could they be waiting on Dunn taking the stand and claiming he saw a gun?

        Recalling his girlfriend along with that video would be a devastating rebuttal.

        If they brought it up now, the defense might try a different tack when Dunn gets to lie on the stand.

        • Yes. I believe you are correct. However, this is a gamble, because if he doesn’t take the stand, they can’t hit him with it. Problems though. She is so fucked up that it’s likely the jury will disregard her, at this point. Amazing she wasn’t arrested also. In the parts we live in here? Accessory after the fact, ie, ‘harboring’ or ‘concealing.’ Acting with intent to assist someone when you know they have committed a crime and they are wanted by the police? And you help them to avoid capture? A felony. All day long.

          Yup. But she is so pathetic, it seems pretty clear she was doing what he told her, even deciding, that she needed to eat.

          • Trained Observer says:

            And yet the male cop toward the end of the interview told her not to worry — she wasn’t “in trouble.”

            I question whether it was his place to know that. Seems to me she’s in a world of trouble even if not ever charged.. Thanks to her murdering boyfriend, she’s been catapulted onto a national stage looking like an uncaring dummy more interested in her dog and feeding herself than on whether any of the boys got shot.

          • It’s hideous watching a couple of people not even really acknowledge this boy who died. It’s like, no regrets.

    • Lynn says:

      I’m hearing this again and court stories are so much different. She says the two were exchanging swear words. F bombs were being thrown back and forth. Strolla said Dunn never cursed AT ALL!
      On the stand when asked about her knowledge of guns she says once she shot at the firing range and she didn’t like it.
      Listening here, she mentions Mike has 3 hand guns and 6 long guns…BUT one long gun is hers! She got him a shooting range membership for fathers day and then got her son a membership for his birthday. Got herself one at the same time to do things with the boys. Says she went twice a month.
      Far cry from her sniveling I shot once and didn’t like it in court.

      • Lynn says:

        OMG her ah-ha moment around 31:30 is so telling. When talking about why he shot and she’s saying he was threatened and then…a lightbulb goes off! He feared for his life! That’s what he said. She says he kept repeating it, too. She seems clueless telling the police but so proud she remembered the phrase. She must not know that it’s the catch phrase for a SYG defense.

        • Malisha says:

          But will that count? Or do “prior inconsistent statements” only get used to discredit pro-prosecution prosecution witnesses?

      • Right, I noticed that also, like two people…

      • Trained Observer says:

        Doncha love moms who get their sons into guns? Shades of Newtown.

        Yes, I agree her testimony on the stand is a far cry from her yappy-go-lucky description of their gun activity at the interview, where she admitted going to the range a couple time of month, but hastened to say “not every weekend.” .

    • Trained Observer says:

      “Completely different” is an understatement.


      She’s totally composed here just hours/days after the murder. Yet months and months later, she’s a weeping fool. Toward very end of this tape, she’s told she’s not “in trouble.”

      Did somebody threaten her on Friday with an accessory charge just before she took the stand? Or has it just now dawned on her that Dunn ain’t coming home to walk the dog no more?

      Comparison of of cop interview and performance on the stand just way too wierd.

      • I think it’s the latter: it dawned on her.

      • I agree that her behavior on the stand differs significantly from her behavior during the police interview.

        Not sure why, except to say the obvious, which is she did not want to testify against him with him sitting there hearing every word with that incredible upside-down smile.

        I doubt she was in much danger of being charged as an accessory after the murder. To prove that charge, the prosecutor would have to prove each of the following elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt:

        (1) She knew that a murder had been committed;
        (2) She knew that Dunn had committed the murder or that the police were seeking to arrest him for committing the murder;
        (3) She acted with specific intent to assist him to elude the police; and
        (4) She acted within Duval County.

        Keep in mind that there is no duty to inform the police about a crime that you may have witnessed or to identify the person who committed the crime, assuming you know that person.

        I do not believe that I would have charged her as an accessory, if I were the prosecutor, since she did not witness the entire incident and merely accompanied him to the Sheraton Hotel in Jax and home to Brevard County the next day riding as a passenger in his vehicle with him in command the entire time.

        She wasn’t the bad guy; he was.

        That’s my take on it.

  12. UNCUT: Witness to Jordan Davis’ killing talks to police

  13. Link to LA Times article about a protest Saturday afternoon in Hollywood about Kelly Thomas case.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      It was a fun protest, though carnivalesque in the way that downtown Hollywood is – definitely a big city feel. At one point a limo stopped and some familiar young face peered out, took photos and waved. Some actor or musician, I think.

      LAPD bicycle cops lined the streets sans riot gear, unlike the Fullerton PD, who remained invisible until they decided to put on their show of force. Most of the folks arrested in Fullerton have a hearing on February 18.

      I left early tonight, just after a lot of the more peaceful protestors left. Kelly’s mom and dad each gave a speech and honored an LAPD police captain, who seemed friendly and supportive, or at least trying to be, considering LAPD’s bad record and all the “jail killer cops” chanting.

      Anonymous and the young anarchists in black were cranking up after the hippies and mainstream folks left, and last I saw them, they were, baiting cops and spoiling for a fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got arrested later on.

  14. So, he’s talking about how he has a pilot’s license, and they are real sour on DUIs, but he fails to mention that time he was escorted, I believe, from restricted airspace.

    Man accused in teen’s death once flew too close to space shuttle

    • towerflower says:

      I can tell you from experience in the field……violating restricted airspace over the Space Center is a big no no, especially when a shuttle in sitting on the pad. As a pilot he knew that if you don’t establish 2-way with the tower you stay out of their airspace. This airspace has been closed to the flying public since 9-11, before then you, as a pilot, could get a shuttle tour where they would let you do a low pass over the shuttle’s landing strip, now no one can. He was also a local pilot–since the Space Center is in the same county, Brevard, that he lives in and as a local pilot I have to call BS on him. He also had a GPS navigation within his aircraft in which he knew exactly were he was.

      It gets reported as a pilot deviation and while the FBI doesn’t appear to have done anything to him, it doesn’t tell you what action the FAA might have taken against him. I can tell you that I do know of one pilot who had his license revoked for life for buzzing a shuttle prior to a launch. But they could’ve done nothing or suspended his license.

      Also, yes the FAA is big on DUI’s. They must be reported immediately to the agency. It doesn’t matter if the case gets downgraded or dismissed. If you fail to report the matter immediately and on your physicals they can revoke your license.

      • Dang it, I just lost a comment. Thank you so much for your awesome comment, I did not know about the airspace. I can imagine the FAA was really pissed off though. I am a closet airplane video lover. Years ago I took lessons in a Bonanza v-tail at Paine Field, home to Boeing Everett plant. Loved it, but never did get my pilot’s license. Anyway, so here’s a video for you. Check this out. This is bad ass, a Dreamlifter landing at Paine field! And, thank you again, for the info:

        Boeing 747-400LCF “Dreamlifter” wet landing at Paine Field ᴴᴰ

    • Trained Observer says:

      I think he dredged up his pilot’s license during the cop interview as an ego thing. “I’ll let this investigator know I’m not just some run of the mill driver who’s had a drink or two at a wedding. I’m a licensed pilot. Got something at stake here. So let’s just call it a day, and I’ll go home to my dog and honey.”

      • Right, and I did catch, I think they were trying, anyway, to get a feel for how much of the drinking is going on…both of them sort of made a point of ‘we don’t drink.’
        Which kind of means they do, because ‘social drinkers’ never think to say, ‘I really don’t drink, well maybe I had three. Did I say three, well maybe it was four. You know, but they were small drinks. Little bitty.’

        I hate this phrase but I’ll use it this once: The fact of the matter is, they were at the store in the first place, to buy alcohol.

        • Trained Observer says:

          Which seems odd since clearly they had rum and Coke back at the hotel (or maybe in the car.) Am wondering if she’d already had enough as to require a potty stop.

      • towerflower says:

        Like I said before, the FAA does take DUIs very seriously. The old saying is 8 hours from bottle to throttle. Although the reg is longer. I knew a controller who was arrested for a DUI and it had been downgraded to just reckless driving and he was almost fired for not reporting it. It didn’t matter if it was settled for a lesser charge, only that an arrest for DUI had taken place. The FAA’s reporting on the flight physical was a little vague and it gave you the impression they only wanted to know about actual convictions for DUI and not just an arrest for it.

        Typical response for the FAA after receiving a report is that you are placed on probation for your license and have to undergo alcohol abuse courses. Failure to complete will result in the loss of your license. 2nd time bust will cause you to loose your license and in the case of a controller/commercial pilot–their job.

        But I agree with TO that he was trying to deflect the questioning on drinking by saying he was a pilot and had too much to lose if he had a DUI–he wasn’t a commercial pilot but a private pilot.

  15. First Coast News is reporting tonight:

    There has been no testimony yet about what specific song was playing at the time, but our news partner the Florida Times-Union confirmed the song was “Beef,” a profanity-laced hip hop anthem by Lil Reese, a Chicago based recording artist. Attorney John Phillips, who represents the parents of Jordan Davis, confirmed to the TU that that was the song blasting from the Durango that night, so provoking Michael Dunn

    They have links to the lyrics and a vid of it.

    Here’s a link to the vid instead of a playlist.

  16. Michael Dunn: You talkin to me?

  17. Things that people never actually say, until they are arrested for murder:

    1) You got a problem, homie? (Zimmerman)

    2) You’re dead, bitch. (Dunn)

  18. What in the…I am listening to the first cop interview that Dunn shouldn’t have had, and he is saying something about not calling the cops because he wanted to get his dog out of Jacksonville? I feel like I am watching a really bad horror movie.

    First of all, the words coming from his mouth should have been: “On the advice of my attorney, who threatened to kill me if I talked to the cops, I cannot answer your question.”

    • Trained Observer says:

      It’s as if Dunn equates not calling cops after he’s emptied his gun into the Durango with not contacting his auto insurance carrier right away after a fender bender. It can wait ’till I get home. In fact, I’ll talk it over with a few people I know, and maybe we’ll just forget it altogether.

      • Only thing we can come up with maybe, is that he was drunk. But still. I have never seen or heard anything quite like this, and I actually thought I had seen and heard ‘it all.’ Shooting up a car, then driving to a hotel and ordering pizza, is way beyond the pale.

        My only car story, maybe it’s in Frog Gravy, but, this lady stole a car and drove it to church. That’s it. This guy Dunn is in an alternate reality. It’s surreal.

  19. towerflower says:

    I almost felt sorry for the girlfriend until I remember that she did nothing to notify the police and I don’t buy that she wanted to go home to arrange for someone to watch her puppy. Did anyone catch her tell him “I’m so sorry.” as she left the stand?

    • shyloh says:

      Ya know I had tears in my eyes listening to her. Then I also thought the same thing about not calling the police. I still can’t believe they didn’t discuss it or watch the news prior to the morning. WHO wouldn’t? Oh them two. 😦

      • I feel sorry for her because she is so unable to stand on her own two feet and she appears to have a drinking problem.

        She doesn’t realize it yet, but she’s probably going to be much better off free from his domineering personality. At least she now has a chance to develop and grow into an independent woman.

        I wish her well, but she has a steep hill to climb and she needs to develop the will to climb it.

        • Malisha says:

          I don’t even wish her well. I wish her out of the picture, stumbling around however she wishes, free to hook up with any malignant asshole she can find. Just get out of the viewfinder.

        • dee truth says:

          I read a piece a while back from interviews with his prior wife/wives (I think there were two) and he was accused of being very abusive (at least emotionally). I’ll see if I can find the article – I want to re-read it myself.

    • Lynn says:

      I believe the “I’m so sorry” was followed by “I’m a mess.” and was said towards the person coming to help her down from the stand. She was picking up all here snot rags. I also thought it was towards Dunn at first and then heard her second sentence and was relieved.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I heard her, but thought she was speaking to the bailiff.

      I would have like to have been a fly on that hotel room wall, though. I bet there was a whole lot said that we’ll never hear.

    • Trained Observer says:

      She knows she herself is guilty as an accessory of something, she’s just too befuddled to know exactly what all. Fleeing the scene with her shooter. Failure to notify cops? A little perjury on the stand?

      Maybe she feels bad about the pizza and movie, since they sounds so damning in the timeline ? BTW wonder where they ordered from, how soon after they got back to hotel, … and … who went to lobby to pick it up and pay.

      Did delivery person have anything offer regarding demeanor? Dunn actling like he had not a care in the world except whether they put on plenty of pepperoni? Or did he dispatch his girlfriend who might have been all weepy?

      Must admit, however, I like the way the state is keeping on point.

  20. fauxmccoy says:

    so hey folks — how are y’all thinking? is dunny boy going to take the stand? i don’t get any solid feeling yet, one way or another. i am curious about what the rest of you think though.

    • Well, I am not a lawyer, but if I were…no. Just watching the surreal police interviews now, part way through the first. I am actually sort of speechless, and that’s rare, but…his affect is all wrong. Just wrong wrong.

    • Trained Observer says:

      I suspect he will … or at least will be sorely tempted to do so despite efforts of his lawyer to keep him duct taped. (Don’t know whether Healey has ruled on whether jurors can submit questions. Sometimes they can in Florida).

      Dunn’s forked, if that happens. Instead of dancing all around with bullet trajectories, child locks, visions of sticks (what? no stones?), who said what, or how loud the music was, they’ll cut to the quck:

      *) If you didn’t like the music, why didn’t you move your car?
      *) If you were so scared, why did you get out of your car?
      *) Were you systematically aiming at each one of these kids?
      *) Why did you feel compelled to shoot a a retreating vehicle?

      Peripherally, they’ll wonder:
      * Instead of worrying about your dog and girlfriend’s tum-tum, did you wonder if your bullets scored … if any of those kids got hurt?
      * Why didn’t you report this attack by music to cops ASAP?

  21. colin black says:

    I think I hear dunn fire 3 rapid shots slight pause an then 3 more rapis slightly longer pause an then 4 shots rapid presumeably at the retreating backing up manuvere.

    10 in all although may be 11. a think 9 struck the car ..

  22. J4TMinATL says:


    Here is the gas station with sound

  23. Retweeted by Damon Feldman
    April ‏@ReignOfApril 2h
    @hollywoodbox11 Thank you. A thousand times, thank you. This was the right decision.

    Damon Feldman ‏@hollywoodbox11 10h
    I hope everyone has a great weekend God bless

    Damon Feldman ‏@hollywoodbox11 10h
    Have a great weekend I won’t be on Twitter for rest of weekend

    Damon Feldman ‏@hollywoodbox11 10h
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    Damon Feldman ‏@hollywoodbox11 13h
    @PrestonMillion yes

    Damon Feldman ‏@hollywoodbox11 13h
    @WhyDarioALee DM me here

    Retweeted by Damon Feldman
    Dario A. Lee ‏@WhyDarioALee 16h
    @hollywoodbox11 I actually think its smart and Bring true justice! Everyone talks MORALS only will ignore what happend to Trayvon, I support

  24. At the end of the last post, I put the Michael Dunn police interview from the day he was arrested. It is in two parts.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      Thanks Crane I’m going to rewatch now.

      • You’re welcome, I plan to watch too, because I have not seen them.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          oh, get your popcorn buttered, girlfriend! those things are priceless!

          • racerrodig says:

            Yep……the best part is when he says “…or a stick…..did they look for that ?”

            When he meanders near the end and says… the effect “…I was scared to death and now you guys are treating it like a murder……” Pricele$$

          • Trained Observer says:

            Among my favorite parts was when he asked if he was under arrest and was really, really, really being accused of murder.
            But the best was when he asked if maybe he ought to get a lawyer. Priceless.

    • Trained Observer says:

      And wow is is ever well worth watching. A classic reminder on how it’s never smart to talk without a lawyer by one’s side. Dunn cooks himself with this pansy-ass mix of truth and lies.

  25. J4TMinATL says:

    Monday will be interesting.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Shore will! These jurors (by requesting Saturday and Sunday testimony, even though judge didn’t go for the Sunday) are indicating they want to get one with it, with no messing around. Don’t think that bodes well for Dunn.

      • roderick2012 says:

        I was thinking that they have already made up their minds and don’t want to waste any more of their time.

        It will be interesting to see how long they deliberate.

  26. fauxmccoy says:

    dunn’s girlfriend reminded me of one of my favorite picasso — the weeping woman

  27. bettykath says:

    One last comment: Since I have been in jeans and t-shirts for a few years now, maybe I should comment, but I did work and dress as a professional for a number of years. AC really needs a good wardrobe consultant. She looks more like she’s dressed for cocktails, than a professional presentation.

    • bettykath says:

      correction: maybe I should not comment

      • crazy1946 says:

        bettykath, Perhaps she dressed after a few cocktails? I will admit that I have not minded listening to her over the last few days, but it has been difficult to look at her due to the way she dresses…

        • Trained Observer says:

          Well let’s face it. Size 10 in anything, coctail attire or otherwise, is more attractive than size 20. Female TV lawyers tend to dress better than those in real life trenches.

          I didn’t care much for today’s pink/mauve. But at least she’s not treating us to butt-crack a la O’Mara’s skinny assistant.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Trained Observer, My comment on the way she dresses has absolutely nothing to do with dress size, only her lack of style and color choice, which dress size has no bearing on… 😦

          • bettykath says:

            After I gained weight, I got a wardrobe consultant to help me find a few outfits that fit well and were reasonably flattering. She helped me with outfits that I wouldn’t have selected on my own but they looked much better than the choices I would have made.

      • Malisha says:

        Maybe she’s dressing for Fogen’s next artwork project!!

  28. bettykath says:

    The only acceptable reason for dunder to leave the scene of the shooting was if he went immediately to the office of an attorney.

  29. crazy1946 says:

    I’m sure most of us will sleep better tonight knowing cases like this do not take place in the good ole US of A, and only take place in banana republics like Syria, Iran, Florida, and other third world countries…

  30. racerrodig says:

    I didn’t see it all, but I believe Rouer crushed him. He’s a typical moron and if he had 1/2 a brain, he’d have told her he had a gun pointed at his as soon as she got in the car.

    Fogen had his shit preplanned and this racist didn’t learn from that, despite being a copy cat of sorts. Then she spills the beans about his trapzing on down to Mr. LE and even though it may never be brought up, the jury will undoubtedly be thinking why ? and why didn’t the LEO call the local police ??

    I’m betting any look into that guy will produce a few nights out with the (hooded) boys. “Look Mike…..just say ya near shit yer pants ‘cuz they’s armed…..shotgun…..yeah, that’s the ticket…..and say you only saw part of it. Then as a backup…..sayyyyy……here ya go, it could have been a stick. It is fall after all and there are sticks all over. See……um, you only have to say you thought they was armed and a stick looked like a gun barrel. No sweat, you’ll beat it, hell, your a good guy with a gun….prolly won’t even get arrested.
    Hungry………some pizza…..extra cheese…..mushrooms ?”

    • Trained Observer says:

      Smells like anchovy to me. Dunn’s goilfirend was devastating to him on the stand today, and his attorney was afraid to go after her because god knows what would have come tumbling out of her mouth then.

      As previously mentioned, Dunn is now wishing he hadn’t taken a date to the prom.

      • crazy1946 says:

        I wish the state would call Done Dunn’s son to the stand, it would be great to know what really took place at the wedding! Sorry, the puppy story sounds fishy to me… Something happened to put Done Dunn in the state of mind it took for him to do what he did, and feel entitled to have the right to murder a black child…

        • Malisha says:

          That’s what I believe. He got dissed at the wedding and he needed to kill him some thug(s) to get back his manhood.

        • Trained Observer says:

          Yes. If the wedding was at 4 p.m. (let’s assume a half-hour ceremony that started a bit late since they usually do ) and the reception (same site? don’t know) got going a little after five, it seems odd they would have left so soon, even if there was no buffet or plated dinner. Wedding particulars (DJ & Dancing) would be helpful to evaluate whether they left abruptly when celebration was just cranking up. I didn’t get the impression this was a church basement reception with just a fruit juice punch bowl and cake.

          • Trained Observer says:

            OK .. cop interview of girlfriend indicates food was served after wedding but she didn’t eat much, she says, and they “left before the cake.” All because of a need to get back to the dog, she says. Yet they had plenty of time to stop for wine and chips? Odd. .

    • bettykath says:

      He was at LE’s place when the police took him into custody. I’ll bet the cops interviewed him and the bartender at the wedding reception. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them as witnesses.

      • Bartenders have been known to have poor memories. Their livelihood can depend on it.

        • bettykath says:

          Good point.

        • racerrodig says:

          As far as I know, the defense has not listed any witnesses other than the one the state has….of has this changed ??

          That’s never a good sign.

          • I guess the only question is whether Dunn will testify and Strolla has been doing his best, but to no avail, to get Dunn’s statements to others, including police, into evidence.

            The statements are inadmissible self-serving hearsay, unless offered by the prosecution as an admission by a party opponent. They ain’t offered any of his statements yet.

            If I were prosecuting, I would want to box him in forcing him to take the stand and then destroy him on cross.

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