Friday Night Review

Friday, February 7, 2014

Good evening:

We have two days of actual trial completed, including the opening statements.

Don’t forget we have court tomorrow 9 am to 5 pm EDT. The jury asked to be in session tomorrow and also volunteered to be in session on Sunday, but the judge declined that request.

Guess they don’t like being sequestered.

I think some fun is in order, so let’s see what y’all think about how the trial is going and mix in some music and comedy.

Y’all know that I bow down to the master, Gerry Spence. Here he is opening a can of whup ass at a demonstration in Ann Arbor sometime in the late 80s.

Yes, he can do this stuff off the cuff.

Notice his pacing, pauses and mesmerizing voice.

This is our 880th post

44 Responses to Friday Night Review

  1. Can’t find his Olympic Gold run, but here is Sage Kotsenberg last month:

  2. neveragain says:

    So all Dunn had to do was immidiately call the cops and claim that he saw somthing that looked like a gun and his chances of a not guilty verdict would be very good????….well Dunn feels stupid for not doing that……I bet jeorge cimmerman is laughing at him….saying man how could u be so stupid every gun owner should know this,

    • Crazy as it sounds, seems that in Florida, it’s actually legal to kill unarmed bystanders…even if you can’t see shadows or anything. Because Angela Corey is about as useless as buttons on a dishrag, at least she was in Zimmerman. Just a spectacular failure in that one.

      • MDH says:

        I agree that the prosecution did not do a great job, but would it have mattered?

        I mean many who still defend the verdict point out as fact that their is no evidence as to who started the fight. Or they claim that Trayvon had no right to self-defense because he was an aggressor.

        That is simply not true.

        A)Beyond his “you got a problem homie” or “leaping out from behind wee shrubs” stories, there is no evidence to show that Trayvon started anything.

        B) The testimony of Racheal clearly indicates that George approached Trayvon.

        C) The 9-11 tape clearly shows that Zimmerman was going after Trayvon.

        The prosecution presented all this to the jury and they ignored it.

        Why would one give credence to a story, unsupported by any evidence, told by a party with a vested interest in telling lies and who the prosecution, with other evidence, clearly caught telling other lies?

        It goes back to racism.

        Anything a white person claims is assumed true, unless a black person gets a white person to prove it untrue beyond a reasonable doubt. And I aint being sarcastic here. That is the 100% truth about Sanford.

        Anything a black person claims is a lie or unreliable.

        In the face of that kind of thinking, how could a prosecution have convicted Zimmerman?

        It may have turned out different, if – and that is a remotely possible if – one or more of the white Sanford police had not been hostile to the prosecution.

        Note how the jury in the Zimmerman trial fixated on anything a white person claimed as being believable. That is one of the principle that underlies white privilege.

        And this is the angle that Dunn is using. He is white and anything a white claims is assumed true. IMO, because the PD is against him, he will fail to be acquitted. However, he may get a hung jury

      • towerflower says:

        As a Florida resident I can tell you there are plenty of cases that don’t make the nation news in which the shooter ends up in jail for killing an unarmed person. There was one about a Paul Miller in Flagler Beach, who shot his neighbor who complained about Miller’s barking dogs….the neighbor was unarmed and shot several times because Miller said he was in fear of his life when he said his victim put his hand behind his back.

  3. CherokeeNative says:

    Gerry Spence is my idol in the legal field. During one trial, a personal injury case, his client had lost his leg in the accident at issue. Everyday, Spence carried in a long narrow box and sat it down on the counsel’s table where the jury could see it and worry about what was in the box and was he going to pull out an embalmed leg. He won some $300,000 in damages and back in those days, that was a huge amount of money.

    As for today, I don’t think Strolla is planting the seeds of doubt that he was hoping to plant with his cross-examination – every witness pretty much held their own. I agree with one of the other comment here, the brother and sister testimony ruined it for Strolla’s theory.

    I think Dunn and his girlfriend thought that they could get away with the shooting. According to girlfriend, they ate pizza, watched a movie and the next morning, while Dunn was taking a shower, the news came on about the shooting and murder & his license plate number – she called for Dunn to come look. Up until that point, they had no intentions of turning themselves in. It is then that started going over his “self-defense” story but Dunn forgot to mention that he thought he saw a gun to her – yeah, right – in other words, he didn’t make up that part until later. And the jail house letters support that he was coaching the girlfriend. Can hardly wait for her to take the stand.

  4. Lynn says:
    I refer to picture 13 with these comments.

    Leland described Jordan as using his right hand to point at Dunn and his left arm draped across the back of the seat.

    Dunn claimed in his police interview that Jordan reached down into the floorboard at his feet with both arms and pulled up this imaginary long gun/pipe/stick and propped it twards him in the window. Lordy, to see Dunn bend over and recreate the movement you would think it was a bazooka!

    Now look at the space in picture #13. Tevin was in the front seat and he is a big boy. The floor space was tiny in the back. Jordan would have hit his head on the seat if he tried to bend down to grab a long gun with both hands like Dunn showed.

    Dunn is making this up and it’s easy to see.

    While you’re looking at this particular picture, study the trajectory in Jordan’s door. Jordan would have to be standing outside of the SUV with his body facing away from Dunn’s car in order to have the bullets enter his right side if indeed that door was opened like Dunn claims. Anyone else see this?

  5. colin black says:

    The defendants favourite actor Robert DeNero.
    Film = Taxi Driver.
    Favourate Scene …Are you Taling to me?..Are you talking to me?I dont see anybody else here.You talking to me .

    Spring action quick dray device

    Bang Bang Bang.

    An as some one suggested I would like to no the truth as to dunns an anothers

    Early exit from the Wedding before the cake cutting.

    He says a couple of drinks he beu says 4 so we can guestimate an extrapolate at least 10 doubles.

    Some obnoxious behaviour a severe dressing down humilation.

    An asked to just leave.

    Full of booze hate an resentmant he just took a target of opertunity to unload on.

    In his case he chose to unload a leathal weapon on a car fulll of young men .

    For playing loud music when ironicly he was eventually thrown out of his Sons Wedding reception for this kariokee performance.

  6. shyloh says:

    I also find it strange that his girlfriend walked towards the gunshots instead of staying put or running. Why would she go towards the shots? And it makes me angry that she would not talk him into turning himself in or calling the police, for even firing shots. She claims she was the one who wanted the pizza. Still, I believe they knew more that night than waiting till the day after to hear the news.

    • racerrodig says:

      “Still, I believe they knew more that night than waiting till the day after to hear the news.”

      Maybe “…shit….do ya think anyone got my tag number….shit….
      maybe somebody followed us……shit……now what, pass me another slice……..shit…….what if someone…..shit, where’s my glass of wine…….shit………”

      I think he knew he was in deep shit.

      • Trained Observer says:

        Doing the movie from their B&B could have been a deliberate cover for not seeing/hearing the news that night. (I wouldn’t mind seeing the “love of Dunn’s life” nailed on some sort of accessory to a cover-up charge, however minor.)

        • racerrodig says:

          I missed that aspect as far as her complicity. At least she says he never mentions anything about a gun.

          Duuhhhnn also talked to someone in Satellite Beach who probably told him you need a SYG – I was so fucking scared story and they dreamed up the stick, er, shotgun story.

          Must have been Taaffe…….he does talk about this as if he were there in person. God…..does he love murderers or what !!!!!!

  7. Post by Crane-Station:

    Comic relief. Dr. Reasons – The Bark

  8. J4TMinATL says:

    My only question is why did Thompson (passenger) open the Durango’s back door (the 5th door/gate). Thompson didn’t say he did during his testimony, he wasn’t really asked. The brother specifically said he did and sister said she couldn’t see. Regardless they both said they didn’t see any weapons, or anything being thrown but at the same time admitted they weren’t completely paying attention when asked on cross. Important thing is neither saw a weapon, both saw a cellphone. I don’t believe Guy redirected effectively on this. But I want to know why the back rear SUV gate was opened.

    • Good question. Sometimes people under stress and pressure do strange inexplicable things.

      My guess is he was checking his subwoofers to see if they were damaged.

    • CherokeeNative says:

      “Why did Thompson open the Durango’s back door”?

      My guess is to see if those 2000$ woofers in the back of the car were damaged by the gunfire.

      • towerflower says:

        Especially since it wasn’t his car……he said it belonged to his aunt. In a panic he might have just been checking for damage.

  9. Does someone fearful of their life argue with someone who has just threatened their life? Yes Mr, lets have a heated and passionate conversation after I just threatened to kill you.

    That is Dunn’s defense…??

  10. I believe the LeBlancs caused extreme damage amidships to the defense.

    They hear two clusters of gunshots and suddenly a re Durango comes screaming out of the Gate and stops suddenly in front of them. a few feet away.

    The front seat passenger gets out with cell phone in hand. The driver gets out and walks behind the Durango, opens the tailgate, then shuts it and gets back behind the wheel. The front seat passenger also reenters the car.

    Then the driver backs up quickly into the Gate parking lot from whence he came.

    The two witnesses did not see them throw anything anywhere.

    The two witnesses slowly realize that they aren’t going to die and discover they can breathe again.

    No one with half a functioning brain cell would stop in front of a couple with a baby to dispose of evidence.

    Actually, they were brother and sister and the 2-year-old was his kid, her nephew.

    • MDH says:

      If they really had a gun, they would have drove far away, and not promptly returned. From their point of view, if they really had a gun, they would assume that Dunn saw it, and would tell the police. So they would also assume that the police would canvass the immediate area for a gun.

      However, Dunn had to get caught before he had time to make up the story about the gun. So no gun was immediately reported.

      IMO, Dunn hoped that he could drive away and the police would not have any lead to catch him.

      Once caught, he made up a story.

      IMO, his fleeing a shooting scene and not promptly reporting it would seriously taint my view of him being innocent, if I was a juror.

      I he was truly in fear of his life, then he would have drove to a police station.

      That’s what I would do.

      • Ironic that a kid on felony probation and living in his car with his girlfriend memorized the plate number and gave it to a cashier or the manager.

        Otherwise, Dunn might have gotten away.

        • Trained Observer says:

          And that’s exactly what Dunn was counting on when he and the girlfriend tooled off toward their hotel to order up a pizza and movie. Cheers for that pesky kid on probation with a penchant for memorization.

          Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he first realized that cops had his plate.

        • racerrodig says:

          Like I said yesterday…..those pesky license plates and those felons on probation who rat on killers.

          When he was on the stand yesterday, Duuhhnn had look, well, he always has a look, but the look of…..better hope you’re not in my prison dude…

      • Trained Observer says:

        Has Dunn ever offered an explanation on why he failed to immediately report emptying 10 bullets into the night air, most hiting the Durango in a retail parking lot? (Even if he didn’t realize he’d hit one of the kids, it seems logical to file a police report if Dunn truly felt he was only defending himself. .

        • racerrodig says:

          He said the same thing Fogen said…..mistrust of the cops…..oh and he didn’t need any trouble with all that was going on in his personal life.

          So the detective asked him about that and I’ll paraphrase….

          Oh, lifes great….I have the love of my life (exact quote on that) I have a new puppy….and a great job, life’s a peach…..I just don’t need this headache.

          No kidding….that’s what he said.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Nice white kindergarten teacher and her feisty “don’t mess with me” bro were candid about the fact that they weren’t sure whether the black dudes in the Durango were shooters or shootees …

      That’s part of what made them so devastating to the defense: They totally held the line on any nonsense about tossing nonexistent shotguns and/or lead pipes from the SUV.

  11. lairdbearly says:

    Professor- I want to know your own opinion about first 2 days of trial. Can you share your opinion to fellow readers like me? Thanks for blogging!

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