Open Thread Monday Night

Monday, December 23, 2013


Been out taking care of business and haven’t had time to compose a new post.


Upon reflection, I edited my post titled, 

Did Jesus Huerta, 17, kill himself or did police kill him?

I deleted the last line in which I said the Durham police had killed three people since July, including Huerta, and replaced it with rhe following, 

EDIT: Upon reflection, I have deleted the last sentence, which asserted that Durham police had killed three civilians since July including Huerta, because it was erroneous and replaced it with the following:

According to CNN:

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has looked into three deaths in five months involving Durham police officers, and two of those killed were Latinos, according to CNN affiliate WRAL.


I apologize for the error.

We will be following this case and will update you as it develops.


The next public demonstration is scheduled for January 19th, so you may want to make a note of it.


For football enthusiasts, Atlanta is at San Francisco for Monday Night Football.


Charlie Sheen went off on an epic rant yesterday against Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Do you think A&E should continue to broadcast the show or should they cancel it?


What’s on your mind tonight?


12 Responses to Open Thread Monday Night

  1. Lyn says:

    I have boycotted A&E die 3 years since they canceled Break Out Kings so never see their shows.

  2. bettykath says:

    re: The duck stuff. I’ve never watched the program and it took a couple of days for me to find out what all the hoohaa was about. It’s not a show I would watch whether or not they expressed their odious opinions. Will the show continue? If the sponsors hang on, so will A&E. If the sponsors walk, the duck will die. I’d rather see it die. I just don’t like the reality shows based on the few bits I’ve seen. There seems to be an overabundance of ignorance on this one and we’ve got enough ignorance without glorifying it.

  3. Marilyn says:
    Go to ebay and type in ku klux klan and you will see that they are not “censoring” other items. i believe GZ has sold his soul, there is no other explanation.

    • “sold his soul”

      To the devil. Talk about artwork in hell.

    • MDH says:

      That anti-Zimmerman art work is brilliant.

      Black people are having their fourth amendment rights violated under the color of law enforcement based on KKK race theories that, sadly, seem to be harbored by many whites.

      Why, pray tell, was TM a suspect, asshole and GZ the good guy?

      And this was accepted by law enforcement and their sycophants who reside in Sanford.

      But it is a problem that resides in the entire nation as NYCs “stop and frisk” policies show. Many, Many proper studies using random sampling show that drug use amongst people with white skin and people with brown skin are essentially the same, yet NYC stops and frisks people with brown skin at rates at least for time that of people of brown skin. And the USA incarcerates people with brown skin for drug offenses at least four times the rate of people with brown skin.

      Ask a right wing racist and they will tell you that the higher arrests are due to their inherent nature.

      Ask a self identified liberal-lbertarian who harbors racist views and they will say “that’s the way they are, but I tolerate it”.

      To approve of these views, as many in the USA do, means that one has conceptions, either explicit or subliminal, that black people have inherent traits that are “other” than that of white people. And that is 100% racism.

      The anti-Zimmerman art work is also original.

      It says a lot about the USA that E-bay banned this original, but allowed the sham art along with a smirking photo of its creator who is a poster boy for fourth amendment rights violations.

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