Thanksgiving Open Thread

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Open thread today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fred and Crane

What’s on your mind today?

46 Responses to Thanksgiving Open Thread

  1. crazy1946 says:

    Here’s a small bit of interesting trivia about the death of Pres. Kennedy… Strange? or?

  2. Judy75201 says:

    No matter your religious orientation, this is absolutely beautiful:

  3. is where you can find my Thanksgiving prayer for myself and all of you here at the Leatherman Blog. May the One who is All Good Keep and Bless each of you. Namaste and Happy Holidays.

    • Beautiful, Christopher, and to you as well, Happy Holidays! If you want, in the future, you don’t have to put the YouTube in a hyperlink. Just copy and paste the URL into the comment, and it will show up as a nice YouTube, ready to play! It’s your decision… Thank you for Diana Ross, and We Shall Overcome is always an excellent choice!

  4. colin black says:

    When I die Im being cremated as Is my better half wich ever one of us goes first knows to gather the other ashes an keep them until they pass.

    Then our ashes are to be mixed an our youngest friends a couple In there early thirties.

    Are to transport our ashes to the West Indies some where tropical an beutifull.

    Then theve to hire a boat sight seeing trip to view sharks an then chuck our ashes over board.

    Ive always said to any eneymeys whom wish to dance on my grave are welcome.

    As Im going back to the sea In shark Infested waters.

  5. colin black says:

    Also on this Day of thanks In your country remember the poor disssposed an homless an pray for them an for thease poor souls

  6. colin black says:

    A day when you storm the department stores causeing havoc.

    That’s my type off Day enjoy Black Friday on me.

  7. colin black says:

    I don’t celebrate WHERE iM AT BUT YOU ALL HAVE A DATe FOR ME SOON Black Friday.

  8. Xena says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah.

  9. Great to hear that Marisa Alexander is home on bond today, what a blessing!

  10. a2nite says:

    Good news……Marisa Alexander has been released from jail on bond today.

  11. ay2z says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  12. renah says:

    Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

    When i think of this holiday, one of the first things that i reference is Crane’s jail-tale: It’s one of her absolute best, stirring up sooo many deep emotions… It is haunting.

    For anyone unfamiliar, the story revolves around a Thanksgiving meal hosted by the good state of Kentucky. Crane tells us about contrast: Contrasts between free and unfree, able and disabled, naivity versus streetsmart, kind and unkind… fair and unfair, hope and despair…….

    I could probably continue listing contrasts for days, i bet. As i said earlier, It haunts.

    Professor, I’ve looked here for your (non-public) Contact info but couldnt find it…(and Hey I’ll take that bet that the link is staring me right now, this very moment, square in the face!).

    I wanted to tell you and Crane about an article i stumbled on this morning: It’s an interview with sheriff Arpaio, gag me now please. He’s talking about the holiday meal “enjoyed” by the prisoners today and i thought you might want to read it.

    I’ve only VERY quickly skimmed it so far, but i think it’s current. Also i believe i caught that in it he is bragging about the prison’s Thanksgiving cost per plate, fifty-four cents.

    Mr. Frugality… and the public LOVES him! What kind of heart sponsors that? Not even a tiny let-up for a major holiday meal? I dont know how to post a link to the article, but I’m sure a simple search would bring it right up.

    Anyway. It’s taken me awhile to write & post this, so maybe now it’s already been discussed, and i apologize if that’s the case.

    I hope everyone here has a great, happy, and meaningful-to-them holiday. Furthermore i order No Arguements Allowed At All Today (but debate is always welcomed). πŸ™‚

  13. texad says:

    I don’t “celebrate” Thanksgiving, because history shows it is a one-sided false narrative about the beginning of the holocaust of Native Americans. I do take this day as an opportunity to get together with my family and friends. At this moment I am at my daughter’s house- talking to my youngest grandson and he has me laughing so hard I am in tears. In the middle of my joy and pride in him I cannot help but think about Sybrina Fulton, because my grandson is the same age as her son Trayvon. And I continue to grieve for her.

    I have three thoughts that immediately come to mind about the man who killed Sybrina Fulton’s son.
    1. You reap what you sow.
    2. No lie can live forever.
    3. The scene in the movie To Kill a Mockingbird when peaceloving, peaceful Atticus Finch was confronted by a rabid dog who was threatening the life of his children and everyone in his hometown.

  14. colin black says:

    Happy whateverday to you all in the States.

    PS Do the Native American celebrated thanksgiveing day?

    Or do the refer to it as the biggesr mistake we ever made day.An should have let those settlers starve day?

    • bettykath says:

      Native American activists frequently use the occasion to remind us of the real story of Thanksgiving and/or the atrocities that have been sent their way by greedy whites.

    • crazy1946 says:

      colin black, Hmmm, going back many years ago when I was in school, I seem to recall that Great Britain celebrated a similar holiday, wasn’t it called Harvest Festival or some thing similar? Do your former penal colonies celebrate that as well? Do the people that were forced out of Great Britain because of religious persecution come back to help celebrate your holidays? Just curious, seems we share a lot of similar things in our histories… Regardless, Colin have a wonderful day, feel free to use today to give thanks for all the blessings you have received in years past and also those that you will receive in the future…. πŸ˜‰

      • colin black says:

        I wasn’t having a go after all the UK or Great Brittian were the worst colonial offenders an commmited untold attricites to Native Populations in Countrys we annexed including yours .

        We shall not re visit the sins of the Fathers on there Children.

        Just my attempt at perhaps inaproprate humour.

        • colin black says:

          ps our thanks giving day harvest festival is in late Summer .
          A former pagan festival to give thanks for a bountifull harvest if we were lucky.

          Tha apex of the mid winter festivals still celebrated by plastic pretend druids at Stonehenge.

        • crazy1946 says:

          colin black, Perhaps I was just a little defensive because of all the constant bashing of this country by citizens of other nations. Seems that many of them realize that they live in glass houses, and often when throwing a stone it does not hit it’s intended target and bounces back.. Have a blessed day of thanks for what you have received and for what you shall receive in the future…

    • looneydoone says:

      No Colin
      We fast on this day of great sadness.
      Truth is, the “settler’s” were digging up corpses to stave off starvation, so the local tribesmen stepped in to stop the abominations, by helping the “settlers” survive in an environment foreign to them.
      My father, a full blood Rappahannock used to bemoan his ancestors not dronwing the survivors and burning their boats to the waterline. If only they had known what evils would be perpetrated against them by the hordes of squatters that arrived in the “new world” after the first boatload of misfit Euros waded ashore at Jamestown in 1608

  15. Wishing this community a wonderful day & a good kickoff to the holiday season. While there are criminals & murderers that presently seem to be dodging justice, I take comfort in the secret angels all around us: Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Channukah & drive safe πŸ˜‰

  16. Corey B. King says:

    It was a story on Clickorlando. I will try to find it.

    • I just checked clickorlando and did not see a reference to what you described.

      When did you see it?

      • colin black says:

        Only way this could ocour is if foggage had already breached his bail conditions.
        Contacting the ex G F or her Daughter if proven by txt or email would certainly suffice.
        But wouldn’t he have to hauled infront of a Judge first?

        • crazy1946 says:

          colin black, Actually I would think the reference was to the ones he allegedly sent prior to his arrest. Now, because he has not been charged with a crime in that alleged incident, if his phone was discovered to hold proof that he sent text or video to a minor that was not allowed under the law, they could then charge and arrest him for that with out going to the judge first… However I don’t think that has happened as of now, if it had, it would have hit the major news sites already, might have even hit the minor news sites located over seas as well…

        • No, the police do not need to obtain an arrest warrant to arrest GZ for a new offense. If they have probable cause (i.e., reasonable grounds) to believe he committed a felony, regardless if it were committed before or after his pending domestic violence arrest, they can arrest and detain him without bail until he has an initial appearance before a judge, who would review the paperwork provided by police to determine whether probable cause supports the arrest. If so, the judge would proceed to consider bail. Depending on the nature of the offense for which he was arrested and when it was committed, he might be denied bail. For example, if the crime were committed after the DV arrest, it would provide a sufficient basis for the prosecution to file a motion seeking to revoke the bond in the DV case for violating a condition of his release; namely, to not commit any crimes while the DV matter is pending.

          Assuming he has been arrested, and we lack confirmation that he was arrested, he probably would have his initial appearance tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps, the judge would be Fred Schott, who presided over his initial appearance on the DV arrest.

          There is a slight possibility that that there was a report earlier today announcing his arrest that was scrubbed pending official confirmation by the arresting police agency. That could take several hours.

          Like I said, it’s a “slight possibility,” so people might want to check the Orlando Sentinel or clickorlando occasionally.

  17. Corey B. King says:

    GZ being jailed for sending Samantha’s daughter texts of their intimate moments….

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