Theodore Wafer charged with murder and manslaughter for killing Renisha McBride

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good morning:

CBS News reported yesterday,

According to a press release from the prosecutor’s office, McBride was driving a white Ford sedan when she hit a parked car in Dearborn Heights at about 12:57 a.m. on Nov. 2.

“McBride was observed to have blood on her body and appeared to be disoriented when she left the scene on foot,” the statement reads.

At 4:42 a.m. police received a 911 call reporting a fatal shooting at Wafer’s home. Once on the scene, police “observed the lifeless body of Ms. McBride in the front porch area of the defendant’s house.”

The statement continues: “McBride was found with a large gunshot wound to her face. It is alleged that Ms. McBride was unarmed when she was shot by the defendant as she knocked on the front screen door of the house. There were no signs of forced entry at the location.”

Theodore Wafer (54) has been charged with second degree murder and manslaughter. He shot her in the face through a locked screen door.

According to the autopsy report, she was not shot at close range. This is a materially significant fact to the outcome of this case because, together with the locked door, it suggests that the shooter was not in imminent danger of suffering death or serious bodily injury when he fired the shotgun and he cannot rely on the castle doctrine because she was outside the home and not attempting to break-in.

The high alcohol content in her blood and the possibility that she may have smoked marijuana sometime in the past are irrelevant to a claim of self-defense, unless the shooter knew she was impaired when he fired his shotgun.

A big unanswered question in this case is where was Renisha McBride and what was she doing during the 4-hour period between the accident and the shooting. The two locations are about a half-mile apart.

However, like the high blood alcohol content (0.218), the answer is irrelevant to a claim of self-defense, if the shooter did not know about it.

Apparently, the shooter did not claim self-defense. Instead, he told police that the shooting was an accident.

Changing his defense to self-defense would be problematic because it would indicate dishonesty.

No doubt the racist right wing hate machine will attempt to make a big deal out of the irrelevant information and a hero out of the shooter. That strategy worked in Florida.

Whether it will work in Michigan remains to be seen.

Theodore McBride is in custody. Bail has been set at $250,000.

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  1. Warren Price says:

    I do not know how the case will turn out. It is sad for both parties involved. My belief is that if the defense is that he was groggy, and scared when he opened the inner door, and he was startled and jumped back while having her quickly come into sight and accidentally pulled the trigger, he may win. If not, he will be convicted. He gave 2 statements to the police. I have not been able to get them yet. If those statements are consistent with the above, he may be found not guilty. If they are not consistent, he will likely be convicted.

    At the scene of the accident, she could not give the owner of the car she a phone number to call. This is consistent with what someone with a blood alcohol of about .28 would have. It was 6 or 7 blocks from the crash scene to Ted Wafer’s house. Even though it was late at night, given the housing density, it is unlikely that she would wander around without running into a good or bad Samaritan, or an all night dinner or gas station, or the police. If you consider that her autopsy indicated a blood alcohol of .218, and assuming she had nothing to drink after the accident, her blood alcohol would have been about .28 at the time of the crash. That blood alcohol is about where it becomes real difficult to function. The missing 3 and a half hours can likely be accounted for by her being passed out somewhere for a great deal of the t

  2. Dave says:

    Here’s the latest from the Dearborn Press & Guide. It describes Mr. Wafer’s gun as a 12 ga. Mossberg pump action shotgun, equipped with a pistol grip. This gun presumably lacks a buttstock an would have a short 18 or 20 inch barrel–strictly a home-defense weapon, not for hunting or target sports.

  3. dianetrotter says:

    Given the half mile distance I’m wondering: a) where was her cellphone, b) were there any houses close to the accident, c) was anyone in the car with her, d) If she was “observed” why didn’t someone call the police, e) did the shooter call the police prior to shooting her? Just questions.

    • Drew says:

      According to the early reports, her phone had died, which is why she was going door to door for help, and yes people did call 911 regarding the accident but not necessarily to report anything about her “behavior” or state.

    • Drew says:

      It’s going to be difficult for this guy to claim that she was some kind of menacing raving drunken drugged out lunatic when there are no other reports to back that up.

      On the other hand, Fogen’s neighbors all seemed to collaborate on the fake* MMA / scary blakk thug story, which basically got him off, so who knows what will happen here.

      * to anyone who still doubts that story was fake, please look at zimmerman’s very uninjured face and body.

      • MDH says:

        Those neighbors would not know a thug or a street fight if it bit them in the ass.

        The first tell that might save their life is scars from past fights all over the hands and arms. As the saying goes “it is not the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog”.

        Anyhow, the every known thug I met had scars all over their arms and face. And they got them early in life. Often from being beaten by a step father or mothers BF. Like a mean fighting dog, it takes brutality to make a thug.

        Trayvon, on the other hand, looked like an ordinary average teen more interested in girls and planes than fighting.

        No wonder, all the tangible evidence points to loving parents.

        Zimmerman, IMO, is a sissy powder puff who would cry at any amount of pain because he knows he can’t back up his propensity to treat others like and asshole with his fists; thus the need for his gun.

        After seeing his father, the sissy powder puff apple did not fall far from the tree.

  4. Dave says:

    Here’s the latest video from Channel 4 News. It shows a closeup of the origial doorframe, the new doors, and a b&w still of the wrecked cars.

  5. crazy1946 says:

    Off topic, Does anyone know the birth place of Robert Zimmerman Sr.? I am having a difficult time finding that, but think I have a pretty good idea why George Zimmerman was protected from true justice, in the murder of Trayvon and prior incidents.

    • Rachael says:

      Tell me, I’d sure like to know!

    • Dave says:

      It seems that a lot of info on these people has been scrubbed from the internet. A now-banned contributor to this site posted some (questionable) information early this year.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Crazy — Am taking liberty to eliminate Alaska and Hawaii, leaving the lower 48 on which to speculate. What’s your theory for daddy-jerk’s birthplace stomplng grounds?

      • crazy1946 says:

        I have heard (read) in several places that he was born in Peru as well as George. I have been unable to verify that as of now, that is at least with what I would consider a trust worthy source. Robert Zimmerman Sr.’s father was born in Illinois, however there seems to be no information of substance about Sr.’s place of birth or early life. Lot’s of info on his father and his involvement with the CIA and his involvement with operation Condor in south America… It looks as if Sr. followed in his footsteps. Will keep digging but it is starting to look like there is a definite (as many of us suspected) protection of this family from places high in the government..

        • Trained Observer says:


          • crazy1946 says:

            TO, Read this, and apply Sr.’s date of birth to this news paper clip.

            “ENGAGED Miss Silvia Brail,, daughter of the Cuban Minister to Canada and Mrs. Brail, and Robert Walter Zimmerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clemence R. Zimmerman, of Minneapolis, Minn., whose engagement is announced. The marriage will tak place In St Joseph’s Church on Saturday, December 27. Mrs. Fergus A. McDlarmid Is In tion. During the war he served for four years in the Navy and was released with the rank of Lieutenant. Mr. Zimmerman is with the. U.S. Foreign Service and has been assigned to the American Embassy In’ Lima, Peru, where he will shortly take ant. Everything possible is being charge of the arrangements”


        • Lyn says:

          Senior spent 22 years in the Army. Anyway of accessing Army records?

          • crazy1946 says:

            Lyn, As far as I am aware, there is no way to access his military records. I have read in the past that he was an “intelligence officer” and that lead him to work as a contractor for the DOD (CIA?) when he left the military. Something either in his past or his fathers past, his father was a high placed CIA operative linked to operation Condor in Latin America, gives the family some sort of protection from all legal harm… Perhaps it has something to do with Sr.’s time in South America? I have hit several interesting leads, but nothing that I can verify as absolute at this point, but have not and will not quit digging… It has gotten harder recently as site’s that had factual information are disappearing fast… I’ll make one statement that people need to think about. Robert Zimmerman Sr. has very little advanced education, so how was he able to obtain the judicial positions that he and his wife both held in Virginia? Luck can only go just so far on things like that… Payback for? So many questions so few answers that are to be found…

          • Dave says:

            RZ Sr. was a magistrate which, in Virginia, is not a true judicial position. Given his background he probably held a high level security clearance. Living in Manassass VA, he was conveniently locate near the headquarters of the major intelligence agencies and could have been their go-to guy for legal search and arrest warrants in national security cases. (Just a guess, of course.)

        • fauxmccoy says:

          crazy — i have heard this before (as someone else pointed out, from a previous poster here who is no longer with us). i have done an enormous amount of research and cannot find any link between the robt. walter zimmerman of minneapolis and george’s father. i’m sure there are always more resources than what i had available, but i could not find any link and i looked long and hard. somewhere, i have lost the link, is a first person account of this robt. w. zimmerman in his job at the foreign service and even his timeline put forth would not match up with the zimmerman family that we know.

          • crazy1946 says:


            ” somewhere, i have lost the link, is a first person account of this robt. w. zimmerman in his job at the foreign service”

            This link provided by looneydoone is perhaps the one you are talking about?


            Is this actually the father of the Zimmerman clan now located in Lake Mary Florida? I am not in the position at this point to say that it is with 100% certainty, but it appears that there is a possibility that it is. If you have some information that would shed a little light on the validity of this connection, it would be appreciated. At this point, it seems as if many people are more intent on proving any information about the Zimmerman clan to be false, yet are unwilling to provide any factual information that they seem to possess that disprove that information. Should that raise a red flag? if so many are intent on discouraging any in depth look at the background of Robert Zimmerman, one could be lead to wonder why and for what reason? If and when I reach the point that it is possible to say with no question of accuracy that Zimmerman is able to “pull strings because of” (you fill in the blanks), I will provide proof until then it is only speculation and questioning on my part… Perhaps I need to make sure that along with any comment that I make a tag of “IMO” should be attached? If you feel that is necessary, I will try to remember to do so in the future.

            If you are willing to share any of the factual information you acquired in your diligent search into the background of the Zimmerman’s it would be greatly appreciated and perhaps would help solve the many questions that surround the family and their history…

          • fauxmccoy says:

            yes! yes! YES!! that is the link!

            i’ve read it all, used some genealogy sites to try to link that zimmerman family to the clansass from manassas with absolutely no luck. there connection of that family to one in spain, i am bi-lingual so i searched some spanish sites as well regarding the burial of sylvia buell (i may have spelled that wrong). i’ve challenged people to provide a link proving a connection, no one has. i just cannot see in terms of time and place that robt. walter zimmerman is pappa z’s pappa.

            ask yourself a quick question of the top of your head, if this is pappy’s dad, why is pappy (also a robert) not a junior, but he’s the senior to robbie jr.? of course the middle name would have to be the same for him to officially be a jr., and it is not. any ‘link’ starts to break down right there for me and it cannot be backed up so far.

            i found the topic fascinating, but ultimately went nowhere, at least for me.

          • fauxmccoy says:


            PS — i always consider any individual’s post to be their humble opinion (unless linked to something factual) so the “IMO” is redundant, but that is only my humble opinion 😉

            i would love to see the mystery uncovered myself. i will continue to challenge folks to prove there is a link (i cannot and tried) before they assert there was even more privilege for georgie girl than was blatantly obvious at trial. the same goes for any familial connection to wolfinger.

            remember the other rumor that wolfinger and pappa Z were boyhood friends in pennsylvania and went to ‘nam together? that one really took root, but for obvious reasons, both stories cannot be true because of time/space issues.

          • crazy1946 says:

            fauxmccoy, I never have a problem with being challenged, especially if the challenge is made with/by the use of factual information, too bad at this late date we have so little available on these people, they simply appear to have lived in a vacuum, with no history! I find that rather strange, do you? Ok, I’ve got to run, have a great day…

          • fauxmccoy says:

            crazy — i started looking into it early on in the progress of this case and there was precious little then, even less no of course.

          • crazy1946 says:


            ” i’ve challenged people to provide a link proving a connection, no one has. i just cannot see in terms of time and place that robt. walter zimmerman is pappa z’s pappa.”

            If and when I find a factual link to the connection, I will post it, until then it is merely “opinion or a guess as to the connection being true”. The time frame of the birth of Sr. is well with in range, and we do not know much about the true history of the Zimmerman clan, but perhaps if can find out more, we can answer some of the questions about what is going on?

  6. MDH says:

    The homes in Dearborn Heights were built before central air became standard. Due to the wet rain, ice and snow that is part and parcel of the Winter Water Wonderland that is Michigan, homes have an outer door that is properly termed a storm door because it protects the main door from getting hit by the weather elements and also yields dual pane insulation. That said, these doors have the ability to slide in glass or screens in the window openings. The screen being used to allow ventilation without bugs in the summer. Seeing as the murder occurred in October, it is likely that the outer door had its glass pane in.

    The way they are breeched, if locked, is to use a pry bar to bend or break the locking mechanism. Trying to beat one in will just bend the aluminum jacket.

    That’s how they tried to break in my father other home in Northern Michigan.

    His outer door was pried open and there were many kick marks from a failed attempt to kick the second door in.

    They ended up breaking a bedroom window and boosting one of their smaller crew through.

    So three grown men with burglary experience could not quickly and easily breech a door structure that, if the picture given by the media of Wafer’s home is accurate, is similar.

    • Dave says:

      The pictures shown in the media were taken days after the shooting. Mr. Ware might have had the orignal screen/storm doors replaced with the current, heavy, security doors.

      • MDH says:

        Well, we will have to wait on the trial. I am sure the hole blown through that door will be evidence.

        Back in the 1980s, I had a Detroit Free Press route that encompassed Heyden between Eight and Six Mile in Detroit. I thought I could earn some cash to help pay tuition. In those days, one was expected to put the paper between the outside door and the inside door.

        Anyhow, after doing my afternoon collections and determining that one of the homes {interestingly it also got the Wall Street Journal} was a crack house, I decided to quit because I figured there was a good chance of being blown to kingdom come creeping up on the porch of one of those homes in the wee hours of the morning.

        That crack home was a sight I will take to the grave. It was one of those world famous Detroit salt box homes. Upon opening of the door, I was face to face with a very big guy. When I said “collect” he just stared into space. So after looking around the guy {he was that big}, I realized that the home was occupied by about 30 people in various states of stupor, and a sprightly walking young man came from the kitchen walking around them like one would potted plants to pay me my money.

        That area encompassed by Pickford, Lahser, Evergreen and Seven Mile got hit hard by the drug wars. Most of the homes I played in as a child are gone.

        Later on, in the 1990s, there was a tragic case on the East Side wherein a young lady delivering the Free Press was shot by an old man. The old man was being harassed by thugs who were driving on his lawn. So he snapped and lashed out at the wrong target.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Dave, Would it be reasonable to expect the PD has seized the door with the hole blown in it as evidence? Perhaps that would explain why Mr. Ware “had” to replace the entire door with a security style door?

        • Dave says:

          Very likely.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          crazy, i suspect you may be right. i did see a photo published of mr. wafer’s home with no door (police had removed for investigation) and the inner door still had powder substance on it from finger print dusting.

          what i do not know is if that photo was taken by the police during investigation or by the press upon release of wafer’s name. there was no replacement storm door at that time.

          • crazy1946 says:

            fauxmccoy, Hopefully after a “real” trial, Mr. Ware will be provided with a real security screen door with iron bars to keep those dangerous black females from attacking him in the middle of the night. It still amazes me that any person could come up with a story of being afraid of who was at the door, yet still opens the door? Yeah, sure….

          • fauxmccoy says:

            at the very least, he will have a jury of 12 and a prosecutor likely doing her job.

            i kind of expect a plea bargain somehow, which i never expected with zimmiepants.

          • crazy1946 says:

            I agree with the plea agreement. If only because Mr. Ware does not seem to be connected with a family that has inside protection by the federal government.. unlike a prior murderer that was allowed to walk because of family connections…

  7. aussie says:

    Screen doors in Australia do not have glass in them. They open outwards, while the main house door opens inwards. If it is a flyscreen door, they may have a fairly flimsy frame, with flyscreen mesh stretched on it. If it is a security screen door, they are steel bars set close together, or expanded aluminium in a diamond pattern, again usually with flyscreen mesh. They are lockable, because the main idea is to be able to leave the house door open, for ventilation, without insects or other unwanted intruders getting in.

    Many front doors are fitted with a CHAIN that only lets the door be opened a few inches — enough to look out or accept a small parcel etc. These won’t withstand a battering ram or a 250lb person charging at it, but they are enough to keep a normal person out. Many doors, especially in apartments, also have a fish-eye lens peephole.

    If you go to the place of someone you know, at an unusual hour, it is a good idea to call out “John, are you home?” when you knock; this lets them recognise you. Or if it’s room-mates it tells them you know someone there.

    • Dave says:

      Our doors here in the northern USA are similar except that the screens are removable and are swapped out for glass or acrylic windows in the fall (typically sometime in October) and replaced in the spring. Many people who have central air conditioning just leave the glass in year-round.

  8. Xena says:

    Who shoots a person, calls 911 saying they shot a person, then hangs up the phone? Wafer did not ask for an ambulance. He did not try rendering aid. And unless he had the shotgun by the front door, he took time to get it before going to the door.

    Those are probably things that the prosecution will address at trial pointing to “intention” and reasonableness.

    And Professor, Wafer made bail. He was not remanded to jail.

  9. MDH says:

    Wayne County will also provide a jury that will not have a large percentage of people who think there is some sort of negro violence/strength gene rendering the mere sight of one of modest size a reasonable fear for ones life for armed 200lbs males.

    There will also be individual jurors with enough backbone to stand for what is right till hell freezes over.

    So I doubt there will an acquittal.

    A hung jury may be possible, though.

    Maybe Zimmerman, the dunce that he is, will come on up north, see all the white faces in Dearborn Heights, and crack his Achmed the Terrorist jokes amongst “friends”?

    That was a snark.

    Dearborn and Dearborn Heights have large populations of people who are both Muslim and from the Middle East.

    • Drew says:

      He will use the accident lie and it may work. Maybe not.

      Unfortunately for him, he won’t get to use the fear of a black teen defense to get off, like Fogen and maybe Dunn.

      Since he’s already claimed accident (how does one accidentally shoot someone through a door? I mean, it COULD happen, but so could anything, really), I don’t see how he can change it to fear of a thug, especially considering she wasn’t killed at close range and clearly he wasn’t in any immediate danger, even if she had been some kind of a raging murderer.

      • MDH says:

        Accidental discharge is still manslaughter because there was the intentional act of pointing a gun. Wafer intentionally committed an act that led to the death of McBride. Willful pulling of the trigger is M2 or M1.

        The above is what juror B29 did not understand and what the other jurors refused to let her get clarification on.

        One of my scenarios about Zimmerman is that he pulled his gun in a fit of rage, panic or stupidity, pointed it and the adrenaline rush caused it to go off. That is manslaughter and, knowing the law, he embellished the facts to turn a few boo boo cuts into “fear for his life”.

        One could also have reasonably argued that George committed a series on intentional acts that led to the death of Trayvon.

        As I said in another post, having a gun means that the gun owner should not do acts that can escalate a potential conflict. IMO, not being careful is cause for being charged with manslaughter. Otherwise, it opens the door for what I believe is the right wing wet dream – bait and kill. And this last statement is why, IMO, we see a lot of emotional trolls supporting Zimmerman and Dunne.

        That is probably why he was observed walking around with his hands about his head. He was probably thinking “how do I talk myself of another fine mess I got myself in”.

        To me, manslaughter should have been an easy conviction, if our society was truly just.

        M2, which I strongly believe he was guilty of, would require that he pulled the trigger out of ill will. “how dare you resist me?”

        And there was a lot of evidence for that. It would still be tough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

        Calling a person a “suspect”, f’er etc.. is usually meant for people one does not like.

  10. MDH says:

    Pointing a gun is an intentional act that caused the death of Ms. McBride. That is manslaughter.

    Somehow, the dolt juror who did not hold out in the Zimmerman confused “intentional act” with premeditation.

    That is why Wafer is trying to claim he feared for his life.

    An admission that he pointed and it went off by accident is an admission of manslaughter.

    If he said he pointed and pulled by intention, then he would admitting facing M1 or M2, sans a justification via fearing for his life or extreme bodily harm.

    Worthy got a conviction of Budzen and Nevers in the controversial Malice Green case.

    So I would not expect the weak case presented in the Zimmerman farce.

    • Drew says:

      His accident story is a lie. But that’s how it will probably play out in court and at best he’ll get manslaughter.

      At worst, he gets off because she was drunk and black.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I’m no legal eagle and thought there was a chance Fogen would be convicted of manslaughter, so I’m sticking my neck out again, maybe stupidly. But this doesn’t seem to be a weak case as you say, MDH, or an overcharge, and Michigan doesn’t seem to be quite as crazy as FL, so I think Wafer will do some time for manslaughter. You’ve gotta be extremely careful how you handle yourself with a loaded weapon and Wafer blew it. Ms. McBride should not have been drinking, driving, and knocking on other people’s doors in the middle of the night, but she did nothing that is a capital offense, either.

      • MDH says:

        Fogen should have been convicted of manslaughter because:

        A)The solid forensic evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt that there was fight with no injuries remotely life threatening

        B) The forensic evidence when matched line by line with Fogen’s story proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he was outright lying or stretching the truth, thus reducing the self defense claim that is based on his credibility to zero.

        The jury either willfully or ignorantly conflated “believable” with credible.

        We all know liars who can tell tall tale that are “believable”.

    • Rachael says:

      If you point a gun and it goes off, it is no accident. you do NOT point unless you intend to shoot. isn’t that like a basic rule? that way there is no “accident.”

      • towerflower says:

        There are 3 basic rules to safe gun handling that the NRA teaches.
        1. always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.
        2. always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
        3. always keep your firearm unloaded until ready to fire.

        With #2 you have some people who, unsafely, always put their finger on the trigger when handling a gun. Normally a safe person will place their finger above the trigger area parallel to the barrel in which it is easily to move finger back to the trigger area when you are ready to shoot.

    • racerrodig says:

      “An admission that he pointed and it went off by accident is an admission of manslaughter.”

      Exactly !! He can’t say on one hand I was afraid…….but I pulled the trigger by accident. Pick yer poison Wafer…..

      I believe we could start making Bubba jokes on this one. Dunn…..your next.

  11. neveragain says:

    There are people who do not act or react like the average person would in the same situation… maybe a person who is scared may act differently……open a door knowing he has a gun to protect himself……

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Sounds like he wanted to scare the “intruder” off, which is silly, really. Wouldn’t it be just as effective to keep the doors closed and shout or make some other noise? Barking dogs are often effective.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        in my experience, no amount of yelling or dog barking deterred the drunk trying to bust down my door at 3 AM. not even showing him a .38 revolver through the door window did that. i cocked the gun, braced myself with a chair and kept talking to 911 until the sheriff got to my home, 10 minutes after the initial call. i will not deny that the experience was terrifying, i was grateful to have the 911 operator remind me ‘do not open the door’ every time i told them to hurry. it was very reassuring and the difference between a justified homicide and homicide.

  12. MDH says:

    The facts are:

    Wafer was behind 2 locked doors with a loaded shotgun and proceeded to open the inner door and shoot Ms. McBride in the face.

    I can’t see how he was reasonably in fear for his life behind 2 doors with a loaded gun.

    • Dave says:

      I can’t either. Opening that door was a spectacularly stupid move.

      • Drew says:

        Also, when you’re the one who has the gun locked and loaded, you should no longer be in fear of your life.

        • Dave says:

          ….unless you have reason to believe that the other person is armed and intent on harming you. You are still in danger.

          • Drew says:

            What I’m saying is, he opened the door to shoot because he clearly did not fear for his life.

            If you are indeed fearful of a young standing woman OUTSIDE OF HIS HOUSE, then stay INSIDE behind the locked door with your gun. Don’t open to expose yourself.

            Unless of course you plan to shoot.

          • Drew says:

            If he was ascared and indeed believed she was armed and dangerous, why not call 911?

            Answer: because he WASN’T actuslly scared.

            Why wasn’t he scared? Because he had the gun and planned to kill with it.

            It’s like Michael Dunn. He can say he was scared all he wants, but he perpetrated the violence on innocent kids and at that moment he clearly wasn’t scared. If he was truly scared he wouldn’t have acted so aggressively.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        it’s the difference between a justified homicide and homicide.

  13. MDH says:

    Wafer opened the inside door and shot Ms. McBride through the locked storm door. The second storm door is actually harder to break in than the first door because its seal sits over the frame.

    B&E men use a pry bar to open that up and then ram or kick in the inside door.

    My point is that Wafer was very safe behind that door; seeing as he had a loaded shot gun.

    I used to collect door to door in Detroit and seeing a man with either a gun or a Doberman behind the screen door is not that unusual.

    Wafer is at least guilty of negligent homicide.

    That area out of Beaverland to Warren to Outer Drive is very dark and desolate. Years ago, there was an Irish Pub on the southeast corner of Outer Drive and Warren. That joint might be gone or not open at that time. Go farther East on Warren and it takes a long walk to get to any kind of business that might be open at that time due to Rouge Park. The walk west to Telegraph {what she should have done, if she knew the area} looks desolate. In her state she might have wandered around lost for a long time.

    I know the area from my days partying with men who lived on Beaverland.

    • neveragain says:

      A screen door????well my apartment screen door can’t be kicked in because it opens outward while the first door opens inwards so it can be kicked in……..but there is no lock on the door… has a huge glass at the top….anyone can open it but you can’t get in the porch because of the second door… I may be thinking of a different type of door than you….I thought screen doors did not have locks

    • neveragain says:

      And if his screen door had a lock……the second door still gave him further protection…from someone breaking in….most screen doors have glass right????…how hard is it to break into one of those….lije I said I may be thinking of a completely different type of door

    • Dave says:

      The bar is still there. It’s called the Rouge Park Lounge. It’s the nearest late-night business to the scene of the car crash. My hunch is that she went there after leaving the accident site for the second time in order to phone her mom or someone else for a ride and also to take a pee and warm up. She may have had a drink or three too. That would help explain how she found herself on Outer Drive on the south side of Warren Ave. If I were investigating the case I’d be asking a lot of questions there.

      • MDH says:

        It is common for homeowners in the Detroit area to open the inside door, leave the outside locked while in possession of a gun. But every time that happened to me, the gun was shown, and not pointed.

        If anything, this man should be put away for his stupidity with a gun.

        The same thing held for Zimmerman.

        When you have a gun, you could kill a person who is innocent. So the smart man takes every possible precaution to avoid escalation of a conflict.

        The defenders of Zimmerman and Wafer fail to consider this essential fact.

        So that joint is still in business?

        Then I would have gone there to find a phone.

        I also noticed that section of Outer Drive in Dearborn Heights has a large number of black families the last time I drove though. I visit relatives and like to see old stomping grounds.

        Maybe Ms. McBride thought knocking on the “safer” side of Warren would get her help.

        Maybe she mistook the house for another one.

        She graduated from Southfield High and probably thinks “suburban”.

        Hell, when my father was still living in the original family home on Pickford, I would drive to the track at Southfield HS to go jogging. There are just less dogs and crazy street people there.

        I used to bike ride down Outer Drive and the Rouge trail to hit where it intersects Hines Drive.

        In HS, I used to take my dates to Hines Drive for some late night hank panky.

        It makes me sad that race relations or so bad in the region because there is so much that the west and northwest side has to offer, if fear could be overcome.

        In Metro DC, I have no problem riding the Sligo Creek bike trail as it drifts into DC and just enjoying the multi-hued people laughing and having a good time.

        Somehow, Metro Detroit stays stuck in 1973.

      • Rachael says:

        How late can they serve alcohol there?

  14. neveragain says:

    When I was in college I had a male freind who rented an apartment with several females…..he gave me his adress so on my way to school I dropped by his apartment to deliver somthing…..I knocked on a door then I went to the other side of the house and started knocking on the door…..I could hear people inside…..I left when no one answered….I went to the other side cause I was not sure which door they used……I told my freind that I had been to his apartment….he told me he was not there but his roommates tild him about it and they were scared….I was thinking why would they be scared I am a woman….but I understood y they were scared later after having my own experience

  15. Dave says:

    Wafer’s statements to the police apparently haven’t been released to the public. Police spokespeople have apparently stated at various times that Wafer claimed to fear for his life and that the shotgun blast was accidental. Either or both could be true. Either or both could be false. There has been a good deal of false information appearing in the news media and a great deal of conjecture presented as fact. I can come up with all sorts of hypotheses about Ms. McBride’s movements and actions that night as well as all sorts of hypotheses concerning Mr. Wafer’s actions and motivations. I’d like to see some more evidence first though.

    • neveragain says:

      All I know is you don’t open your door if u are scared…that door is your first protection…….stay your butt inside and call the cops and listen to what the person’s next move will be and be prepared……

      • Dave says:

        I agree. Opening one’s door to a noisy intoxicated stranger in the middle of the night is crazy dangerous. Unfortunately many reasonably intelligent people (as I assume your roommate to be) would open the door. Fortunately, you were there to stop your roommate. Tragically, nobody stopped Mr. Wafer.

        • Rachael says:

          Yeah -it is kind of like getting out of your car and chasing down a person you were scared enough to call the police on. If you are so scared, stay in the effin car (GZ) and if you are so scared, don’t open your door. Any time you have a gun in your hand and you are scared, bad things can happen. Really bad. Damn.

        • neveragain says:

          But my roommate wasn’t scared….he probably thought it was the landlord knocking on the window…….we don’t get any visitors….she lives above us and we share the same door at the back of the house…….

        • Drew says:

          It’s not dangerous though. At least not for you.

          If you intend to shoot them, that is.

      • Rachael says:

        Exactly. There is nothing wrong with being scared if someone is knocking on your door in the middle of the night. There is NO reason for you to go and see if they need help. Being a single person living alone, I’d be terrified if someone knocked on my door at 2, 3 or 4 in the morning – and it has happened. You call 911. If they are hurt, 911 will take care of it. But if you are scared, you don’t open your door, even if you have a gun. You might keep that gun next to you in case the enter your house anyway (I have a dog instead of a gun) but you don’t open the door to offer help OR to shoot. I don’t care if it was accidental or not. That accident would never have happened if you would have called 911 when he heard someone outside and was scared.

      • Lyn says:

        I agree totally. I don’t open the door to strangers. Anyone could blitz me in a second. Hopefully, her cell phone will help identify where she was over the hours after the accident. I fully expect this man to do some time for shooting her.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      We probably won’t know a lot of facts until the trial since Michigan doesn’t have a crazy sunshine law like Florida. And it’s probably for the best because it keeps the media and public speculation down a bit. There will hopefully be less of a media circus in this case and a conviction rather than a zoo story like Fogen’s.

    • roderick2012 says:

      Well, Dave that’s what happens when there is only one living witness just like the George Zimmerman case even though we know that Jeremy, Jenna and John Good (ironic) saw more than they admitted.

      Wafer has every reason to tell a version of the story which benefits him and one that makes the victim seem cupable.

      Somehow I can’t believe that the victim’s BAC at the time of death was 0.22 and she was able to walk a mile without walking into a tree or falling into a ditch before she made it to his porch.

      Maybe she’s an alcoholic and had a high alcohol tolerance or maybe the weed in her system skewed the toxicology results.

      I was always under the impression that tox screens took at least six weeks unless this was a different test.

      • Dave says:

        I think it’s more likely that she walked a couple of hundred yards from the bar at the corner of Outer Drive and Warren.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          dave, this has occurred to me as well. given all of the facts before us, we cannot even say that mcbride was drunk at the time of the car accident. all we know is her BAC at time of death.

  16. neveragain says:

    A few months before that, I was home alone, sometime during the day I heard knocking on my door….I live in the back apartment…..I did not answere, I simply peeped through the hole….I have an enclosed porch and a second door…..I let the person keep knocking then they left…..I heard knocking again shortly after that ….the porch door has two glass opening so I could see a white female…she looked like a crackhead in my opinion….I let her knock till she decided to leave….then my roomate came home shortly after….and ther was the knocking again….he ooened the door and spike to her….she was at the wrong adress…….

  17. neveragain says:

    Just a few days ago someone knocked on my window at about 10 pm at night….though my roommate was with me I was still concerned…he immidiately got up to go open the door and I ran ahead of him and prevented him from opening the door….he started to push me away and I began telling him that he doesn’t know who it is…..then he went back to the windoe area and ask who it was….the person said he was at the wrong house….it’s a small apartment so he probably heard me arguing with my roommate….he was already walking away when my roommate questioned him throygh the window

  18. Dave says:

    I think that Ms. McBride’s drunken state could be relevant to the extent that it affected her actions. Drunkenness in and of itself is not grounds for shooting someone but alcohol-induced threatening actions and speech could be. What did she do or say (if anything) that might have caused Mr. Wafer to fear imminent death or great bodily harm? I don’t think anyone knows except the shooter himself.

    • Drew says:

      Even if she said, “I’m going to kill you from out here with my telepathy!”, at the very least one would expect a non-negligent, non-criminal gun owner to call 911 first before unloading his weapon in her face.

    • Drew says:

      I could go out to any given bar in New Jersey, commit mass murder, then claim that I was compelled to shoot because all these large, tan weightlifters were yelling loudly, acting drunk and possibly on coke and I feared for my life.

    • neveragain says:

      What??????…..he said he sot her by accident…..did he state whether or not anything said by her or did he say anything to her??…I would imagine she was waiting for the door to open to say she needed help………………………why did he open his door in the first place if he was scared….keep your door lock and listen while waiting with your gun in case the person starts breaking in……….but he opens his door and shoots her accidentaly throygh his screen door

    • towerflower says:

      Sorry but I don’t agree. He was in control, he was in a home behind a locked storm door. It would have been very easy to slam the main door closed and lock it and then calling for help. During the news conference the prosecutor stated the charge was because he was not in imminent danger nor in fear of great bodily harm. He has no defense at this point.

      • racerrodig says:

        He’ll use the “I was groggy” defense……that’s all he has.

        • Xena says:

          Let’s give Wafer credit for what we know thus far — at least he hasn’t said that he asked Renisha what she was doing around there and she replied, Why? You got a problem homie?

  19. Two sides to a story says:

    “No doubt the racist right wing hate machine will attempt to make a big deal out of the irrelevant information and a hero out of the shooter.”

    Your old pal David Piercy immediately put up a Justice for Theodore Wafer site on FB and was interviewed by ABC news Detroit. Justice Crusader is his new handle on YouTube, by the way.

    • Drew says:

      Isn’t the right wing ashamed to call for “justice” for murderers?

      Though a progressive person might fight for humane conditions at a prison or advocate against torture, one would not likely advocate that a confessed killer get “justice” (i.e. not be arrested for murder).

      • Two sides to a story says:

        People who support violence focus upon the victims as deserving of being killed and on the perpetrators as being righteous in their fear and their right to self-defense even in situations which don’t mandate any self-defense, which says a lot about their own quivering mass of insecurities that they call a brain.

    • Xena says:

      David Piercy is not the type of person who the Carpenter law firm would want advocating for Wafer. Piercy’s agenda is to cause a racial divide and internet race war. He is the one promoting the subject of racism and race baiting. IOWs, as is his pattern, Piercy creates his own “evidence” then goes off in diatribes about the “evidence” that he created.

      Piercy conducts his agenda by provoking with name-calling, racial slurs, cyber-bullying those he disagrees with, and talking about Blacks worst than the Grand Dragon of the KKK.

      The Carpenter Law Firm would do themselves well to immediately disassociate themselves from Piercy and those who support him.

    • Xena says:

      In one week, David went from Captain Long Schlong Silver to Stan Yourground to David the Great and now, Burton Ernie.

    • racerrodig says:

      It’s so funny how these avowed racists all say “…let him have his day in court…” and make that “….rush to judgement…” BS line.

      • Xena says:

        I’m learning that Twitter can be a very informative tool. He’s now “stanyerground” (waving) and posted an article on another blog that he found on my blog. LOL!!! I’ve been saying — if it wasn’t for this blog and Blackbutterfly7, Piercy and his ilk would have nothing to talk about and post elsewhere.

        It’s so funny how these avowed racists all say “…let him have his day in court…”

        It’s so they can stroke the egos of the defense team and play armchair lawyers giving them advice on how to proceed. O’Mara opened the door for that because he mainly represents divorce clients. West opened the door for that because he mainly represented terrorists in federal court. I do not think that the Carpenter law firm wants nor needs any help from White Supremacist internet trolls.

  20. aussie says:

    Sorry, don’t have links for this, as pieced it together from several stories….
    She smashed into the parked car very hard, a bit before 1 am. Then got out and wandered off. Nearby residents reported it as a non-injury accident, so the police gave it low priority. About 45 minutes later she went back. Residents including the owner of the parked car again called the police, saying she was dazed and bloodied. But she refused their help, insisting she just wanted to go home. By the time the police showed up she was gone again.

    Where she spent the next 2 hours is not known. Most likely sitting on the kerb trying to feel better. Not knocking for help as she’d had a chance for that earlier. Then she walked and ended up at the house where she was shot.

    That house is identical to the one where she lived with her mother, and identically on a corner, less than a mile away. In the dark, dazed, injured and drunki, she could easily have thought it was her own door she was banging on to be let in. She probably didn’t want to meet the police, to avoid a DUI charge.

    A neighbour rang the cops about having heard gunshots. Nothing happened. About 15 minutes after the shooting the shooter rang them and said he’s shot someone. Then they showed up immediately and found her dead near the porch, shot in the face.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      It apparently was nearly an hour before Wafer called. Why police would ignore a neighbor’s call for a shot fired at that hour is beyond me.

    • Dave says:

      There has been a lot of very sloppy reporting about this case, particularly regarding times. I tend to believe statements of fact coming from the prosecutor’s office and not much else. I particularly distrust statements of fact coming from Ms. McBride’s family. While I can sympathize with their grief over the loss of a loved one, they have been very publicly pushing a narrative that is sometimes untrue, largely conjectural, and conspicuously missing big chunks of the story that could provide exculpatory evidence.

  21. Rachael says:

    How do you accidentally shoot somebody who is knocking at your door?

    • Rachael says:

      Don’t get me wrong I can understand being scared by somebody knocking at your door at 3 or 4 in the morning, but then you don’t answer the door. You call 911. You don’t open the door to shoot them.

    • Good question.

      Another good question is how do you accidentally shoot someone in the face with a shotgun?

    • kllypyn says:

      Easy by taking aim and accidentally pull the trigger.

    • Malisha says:

      First you ascertain that the somebody is African American. Then you accidentally open the WOODEN DOOR that would protect you if said African American somebody were to be attempting to break in, and then you proceed to become afraid. After opening the door and becoming afraid you defend yourself by accidentally shooting the person to death. Then wait an hour (after all, you’re tired from all that accidental exertion) and then call the police.

      • towerflower says:

        Malisha, there is no evidence that an hour went by. No news story exists except for one and that was only a printing of the time and not that he waited an hour and I believe that was a mistake. Even in the news conference they stated he called 911 following the shooting.

        • racerrodig says:

          Dumb shit got it all wrong time wise……

          Call 911 FIRST……then wait for arrival of the police, don’t shoot first, then make the call.

          Good God…….even Fogen called the cops first……he just couldn’t keep to himself.

          • Dave says:

            1.Pick up your gun.
            2. Ask who’s there (through the locked inner door) and what do they want. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer….
            3.Take cover and (if possible) call 911 and prepare to defend yourself.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            that’s exactly what i did as a very pregnant woman with a drunk man beating down my door.

            will just add
            4. wait patiently for either the lock to fail or the law to arrive (it’s agony though.)

            on the bright side, no one was hurt and i incurred no jail time or legal expenses.

          • Dave says:

            I agree with “4.”

            I’ve been in that situation twice myself. Fortunately the drunken fools on the other side of the doors departed before any damage was done. I didn’t have a phone the first time and the second time it was upstairs. Anyway, I’d learned from direct experience that calling the Detroit cops was, at best, a waste of time.

          • Malisha says:

            I had a basement apartment in the city once and a guy DID try to break in. I crept over to the phone and dialed 911 and reported it and then with the phone still open (having informed the dispatcher that I was about to do this to scare away the guy at the door) I smashed a metal soup dipper against a big aluminum pot and screamed loudly and slammed a closet door over and over making a horrible and scary-sounding racket and the guy fled. The police DID apprehend him, questioned him and let him go, and then told me that he wouldn’t come back, but refused to tell me who he was, why he wasn’t arrested, why they wouldn’t take a complaint, or what explanation he gave them. Since I was in litigation with an obsessed and abusive ex-husband at the time, I presumed the guy was hired by him, possibly was a licensed PI, and got the cops on his side so they wouldn’t do anything to him. But the technique worked.

  22. crazy1946 says:

    It will be interesting to see what kind of defense this defendant uses..

    • racerrodig says:

      Just like Fogen, he’ll have a defense like the “I was groggy” defense” or “I tripped and the gun just went off” defense.

      Maybe he’ll go down the “All girls who drive a (insert car make here) are wanna be burglars” road.

      Maybe he’ll have a Frank Taaffe pal climb out from under a racist rock and run his mouth about what a crime ridden neighborhood this is.

      All we need now is for a psycho brother he hasn’t seen for a decade or so to pup up and run his mouth.

    • Tzar says:

      remember self-defense is all about how you feel
      if you feel threatened well you can self-defense
      we’ll just have to wait for him to tell us how he felt.

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