Update on Kendrick Johnson investigation

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Good afternoon:

I write today to update readers on what we know so far in the Kendrick Johnson matter.

I imagine most of you know that a judge last week ordered the release of video and reports of investigation in the Kendrick Johnson case. Also, Michael Moore, the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, announced a few days ago that he has decided to officially open an investigation into Kendrick Johnson’s death to determine whether it was an accident or a homicide. If he determines that it was a homicide, the next step would be to determine whether any federal laws were violated. He must consider two issues in order to answer that question.

First, was Kendrick killed because he is black? The answer to this question is important because the federal court would lack jurisdiction to decide a murder case, unless the murder were committed because Kendrick was black. That would make the murder a hate crime over which the federal court would have jurisdiction.

A second consideration is whether the investigation by the Lansdowne County Sheriff’s Department may have violated Kendrick’s civil rights. The answer to this question depends on whether the department’s decision not to prosecute anyone was motivated by a desire to protect the perpetrator(s) of the crime.

According to this report by Victor Blackwell of CNN,

Thousands of hours of video surveillance are coming. There are 40 cameras in that area of the Old Gym with up to 48 hours [of surveillance recorded] by each camera. That’s 1900-plus hours to review.

In the first video released last week, approximately six teenage males appear to be participating in a basic passing and shooting drill. They appear to know how to perform the drill, so I suspect they may be members of the varsity or junior varsity teams. The video in which the drill is shown is a short segment approximately 10 seconds in length playing as an endless loop. Look closely at the bottom of the screen and you will see Kendrick appear and move quickly from left to right. He is wearing a white tee-shirt. I do not see a coach or faculty member supervising the drill.

According to Blackwell, the area where Kendrick’s body was discovered is off-screen from the upper right-hand-corner depicted in the video. Kendrick appears headed in that direction just “moments before” he reached the area where his body was found the following day.

Apparently none of the cameras were focused on that area.

Finally, I am extremely pleased to announce that one of the most disturbed and persistent of the right-wing-wacko trolls who have been obsessed with inventing and spreading intentionally false and malicious statements about Crane-Station and myself was permanently banned from youtube for violating their terms of service.

With the assistance of others to whom we are most grateful but shall not mention in order to protect their privacy, we filed complaints with youtube prompting them to kick the offender and his multiple sock-puppet identities off the island.

Good riddance.

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43 Responses to Update on Kendrick Johnson investigation

  1. fauxmccoy says:

    thanks for the update, fred. donation made.

  2. Lynn says:

    Pictures of his nails (which were clipped according to parents) and injury to knuckle.
    Autopsy said he had abrasions (1) to right wrist and (2) on his left ring finger. There was also a tear on his left ring finger knuckle.
    So many signs of a struggle. The torn headphones were clutched in this left hand.
    Books were in two areas many feet apart. If the addidas shoes that were in the pool of blood WERE his, then why was the other one so far away?

    I also looked up these gym mats. The blue ones are cheerleading mats. For the ones that are 6ftx42ft, there was two options, 1 3/8 and 2 in thick…the two weights of these were 110 and 135 pounds. The person that came to the gym tossed several out of the way to get to Kendrick. I believe an atheletic boy would have tilted the mats to get his shoe out, NOT climb in.

  3. Malisha says:

    This kid was beaten to death and rolled into a mat. Then his shoes were thrown in after him.

  4. bettykath says:

    From the link provided earlier by Lynn, http://kjtheboywhodidntcomehome.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/crime-lab-report-in-kendrick-johnson-case.pdf

    1. The investigator gets a call at 10:48 and notes that the coroner didn’t get there until 1600, 5 hours later. The sheriff says that no one touched Kendrick’s body but yet at the time the coroner starts his work, but there is this

    “Johnson’s body was positioned lying approximately on his left side sticking out of the rolled-up mat from his head to approximately his abdominal area. The remainder of his body from approximately the abdominal area to his feet was inside the rolled-up mat. Johnson’s head was on the concrete floor in a pool of blood. Johnson’s body was removed from the mat so Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson could continue his examination.”

    Passive tense sentences leaves it to one’s imagination to consider who initially pulled Kendrick out of the mat and when this occurred.

    2. “Johnson’s face was swollen and had blood exiting from his eyes, nose, and mouth. There was visible dried blood on Johnson’s arms, chest, and face.”

    If he wasn’t beaten and the blood was from being vertical, head down, how did the dried blood make it to his chest and both arms? Since one arm was above his head (toward his feet), how did that arm get blood on it?

    3. The shoe in the pool of blood seems to have no blood on it. It was found after Kendrick’s body was removed from the mat.. The mat with his body had been off that spot for some time, probably since before 911 was called. Why did it take so long to see it?

    4. “There was one (1) pair of white, grey and orange in color NIKE shoes inside of the mat (Crime Scene Item #8), which were not on his feet.”

    We can see these somehow managed to be on top of him while he was inverted.

    5. “There appeared to be no signs of blunt force trauma on Johnson’s face or body. There appeared to be no visible signs of wounds to Johnson’s body. There were visible signs of skin
    slippage on Johnson;s abdomen area, face, and arm. Johnson’s body was documented with additional detailed photographs

    There appear to be two investigators named Winningham, the one who wrote this report and another, Investigator Staff Sgt. Winningham.

  5. aussie says:

    Only a few seconds of video has been released, out of hours. There is little need to show video of Kendrick entering, as it is obvious that he did go in. It is more important to show who else entered and did not leave for a long time

    The bunches of kids leaving together cannot be the attackers: it is highly unlikely Kendrick was attacked while 12 to 20 people were in there.

    I don’t believe there’s no video facing the mats. It’s either not being shown to us, or not being shown to anybody. What a coincidence that would be, if that was the only one of the 40 cameras that was out of order that day?

  6. lady2soothe says:

    As usual I’m off topic but I really want to pass this along before the video gets deleted.

    LAX shooting a set up Police chief slips up in interview…

    Minute 1:27 “Not more than 3 weeks ago we practiced this EXACT scenario”

    Watch the guy on the left of the screen behind the chief roll his eyes and cover his face because the Chief messed up. Also the guy on the right behind the Chief put his head down.

    Interesting, supposed shooter Paul Anthony *CIAnCIA* and Head of the TSA John *Pistole*

    PLEASE share before before this video gets blocked

    • aussie says:

      Oh boy. Good conspiracy theory built on zero.

      John Pistole has been head of TSA for 3 years. His name has nothing to do with guns, it’s the name of an old Spanish gold coin.

      Likewise, Ciancia is an Italian name predating the CIA by several hundred years.

      After that, so what if they practised this scenario? I am sure they practised many others, too. They have to practise likely ones: I am sure they’ve not done much about alien craft landing on Runway 4.

      And the big one: what does anyone have to gain by setting up such a shooting?

  7. crazy1946 says:

    From the article:

    “Apparently none of the cameras were focused on that area.”

    We are talking about a school system that has virtually unlimited funding, and to think for just a moment that there was any part of that gym that did not have coverage on security camera’s is absolutely absurd! If they suggest other wise they are definitely covering up something…. Who is important enough and has enough power for the local law enforcement community to protect? Sheriff Prine is no stranger to scandal, just do a google on him and you will see his past record. He is an elected official, and as I have said before, it is not realistic to think that he would sacrifice his future to protect anyone under him in the dept. Power and money is involved to command this type of protection.. I would suggest the person they are looking for is between the age of 35/45 or 55/65, they will have a child in the school…

    • bettykath says:

      A wealthy school that charges for a locker. ALL students should have locker at no charge.

      • Agreed, but I also believe that our government should pay for the cost of an education, through undergraduate and graduate school for everyone.

        • bettykath says:

          I agree. There are countries where this is the case.

        • crazy1946 says:

          Professor, While I agree with this in theory, would it not have the effect of devaluing the net worth of a higher education? Did not a similar thing take place when so many people started to graduate from even high school and escalate even more as the growth of college graduates increased? In this nation it seems as the value, in many cases, of an employee to his employer is not solely dictated on the actual quality of his work, but is instead based on his education, and as more students graduate, it seems as if the employer requires more education to do the same job that in the past required merely the simple ability to read and write…. Please note, this comment reflects the common theory (in this country) that a higher education means a higher income, of course in todays economy we see people with master degrees working in the fast food industry as servers, so who really knows what the financial incentive behind a higher education will bring in the future…

          • bettykath says:

            I would love to get a graduate degree, more for self- actualization than a bigger paycheck (social security doesn’t care about how many degrees one has) but the cost is too much. I have to be satisfied with self-education. While I’m good at reading and analysis, I would get a great deal out of class discussions. Unfortunately, talking to myself doesn’t move the discussion much beyond what I already know. 🙂

            During my working days, I would have been worth more to my employer if I had a Masters, or even a Phd, but the paycheck increase would not have been enough to cover the cost of the increased education.

            I may have to audit classes. I will learn more (if I can afford the required books) but won’t get the expensive piece of paper.

            The countries that provide the free education do so only to those students who can do the work, e.g. if your intellect/dedication/maturity is at a high school level, you don’t get college. If you aren’t up to graduate school, you won’t get it.

            People are unemployed and under-employed b/c our government is fxkd up and belongs to the corporations who are more interested in keeping their personnel costs to an absolute minimum.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            I have two degrees and by the choice of my profession,have a very moderate income. But the degrees opened my mind and gave me greater self-confidence, something money can’t usually buy. I’d go for a third knowing I’d never really make up for it income-wise.

      • crazy1946 says:

        bettykath, When the charge for the use of a locker was first mentioned, I questioned my neighbors children about what our semi-local school system did in regards to lockers. What I found out was that they offer the use of a locker at no charge, well sort of, but there is a requirement to use a school owned lock (allowing access to the locker for the school staff?). They charge the student (parent) a fee of $6.00 per school year for the use of this lock, however at the end of the year, or transfer of the student, if the lock is in usable condition, the student (parent) has the choice of a refund of the fee or it may be carried over to the next school year. I was told this fee was put into place because of the high loss of locks and has all but stopped that problem. Perhaps the Lowndes School System does it the same way, but as of this time I have been unable to get the search function on their official web site to function!

        • bettykath says:

          When I was in school, way back when, everyone was assigned a locker that had a combination lock built in. The lockers were essential for winter coats, boots, gym clothes, etc. I think we kept our extra books in our homeroom desks or our lockers.

  8. bettykath says:


    Looked again at the video. One boy goes into the gym before Kendrick, the other two after. None of the other boys show up on the video from inside the gym. I don’t think they are related by time.

    • Lynn says:

      bettykath, the video in this link shows those boys without the cut in the clip.
      I thought this one was strange in that the boy in the white shirt eyes Kendrick from way down the hall and then walks toward him (after quickly holding his hand out as if to shake hands with another boy entering) but he doesn’t interact with Kendrick. Follows him and at the door stops as he puts his arms up (even though someone is behind him) while his friend in red instantly decides he is not going in and bolts back out and they sit outside the door. It’s just strange to me. Kendrick appears to swing wide hugging the wall as he approaches. My daughter thinks it looks fine. I guess I’m just suspicious.


      • bettykath says:

        Better video. This one shows two of the boys coming back out. Guess we need all the videos, unedited, to know what happened.

      • Aunt Bea says:

        It doesn’t look fine to me. He does swing wide and has minimal interaction with the guy who approached him. Didn’t the guy who shook hands enter the gym and not exit? Then the dude who squeezed under the armpit of arms up guy. He didn’t exit either that I saw. The two “ambassadors” outside the gym did do a quick turnabout. We will never “know” what, if any, words were exchanged.

        Yes, this is a much better video.

        Must get ALL videos w/time stamps.
        GEEZ. Is that asking too much?

        Family/attys/media/LE ought not tease the way they do.
        It is hard for me to get on a bandwagon w/o full disclosure.

        I would never believe “accident” conclusion, though.
        I may have to live with it, but I would never believe it.
        What do his phone records reveal? Was anyone blowing up his phone wondering where he was?

    • Good observation, bettykath.

  9. racerrodig says:

    I see unitron the ever vigilant dweeb is on her blog. What a bunch of morons that group is.

  10. It’s wonderful that some progress is being made in Kendrick’s case. May Spirit be with Kendrick and his family.

    David, the troll whose YouTube account you were successful in blocking (kudos to you both -he is obnoxious), likely has a new one in another name despite being banned. He posts as Captain LongSchlongSilver at Annette Kelly’s blog (the outspoken Canadian supporter of Fogen) – and brags about making another YT account on the most recent thread – http://annettekblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/31/open-thread-oct-31st/#comments

    That side, I probably just publicly opened another can of worms . . .

    • Xena says:

      He is able to continue violating Youtube’s TOS and banning procedures by using proxy IP address websites. It’s time for Youtube to have those proxy IP addresses blocked from being able to access Youtube.

      One of his videos that was posted yesterday on his new channel has been deleted today by Youtube.

    • Dave says:

      Please be aware that David the troll has nothing to do with me.

  11. Xena says:

    @Professor. Thanks for the update. The video that shows Kendrick entering the gym is interesting because he only carries a folder — no shoes, no backpack. That pretty much eliminates him placing shoes in a mat to retrieve later, because he did not have shoes with him other than those on his feet.

  12. bettykath says:

    I saw a video outside the gym where 2 boys in red shirts did a transaction of some sort with another as part of the group at the time that Kendrick passed them. They seemed interested in him and followed him into the gym. They don’t show up on the gym video but that video seems to be cut short. I’ll see if I can find the link.

  13. towerflower says:

    No cameras focused on the area? I thought they had said there were,

  14. I didn’t know you guys were on youtube in any fashion. But I hate trolls too. From what I hear, there is a camera of the 4 cameras in the gymnasium that faces the mats in question.

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