Senate close to reaching agreement to increase the debt

Monday, October 14, 2013

Good afternoon:

News about the government shutdown has dominated the three-day weekend. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and Democratic Senator Harry Reid announced this afternoon that they believe they are close to reaching an agreement that will be approved by a majority of the Senate.

The Republican brand has taken a beating during the past two weeks because of the Tea Party’s extreme intransigence. Hopefully, they have been paying attention and now realize that they have vote for the Senate bill in order to stop the bleeding.

We the people have been readying our torches and pitchforks, so they better git ‘r done.

Hasta manana.

42 Responses to Senate close to reaching agreement to increase the debt

  1. riisey007 says:

    I find it quite interesting that they made all this fuss about raising the debt ceiling but yet no one batted an eye when Ronald Reagan raised the debt ceiling over a dozen times and America went right along with it or shall I say Republicans were fine with it. Bush raised the debt ceiling several times as well. We all know what the deal here is and it is working. They try to make Christian fear Obama by saying he is the anti Christ and is sending them to hell, I thought salvation was free and available to all so how does one find their way in hell by way of association? These so call Christians are not Christians at all.

  2. Chicago Tribune just reported:

    Senate leaders announce deal to reopen government, raise debt ceiling

  3. ed nelson says:

    Hi Fred and CSta

    At one time I recall, you were fairly cutting edge, and not surrounded in the comments section with long winded stuff.

    I used to have a quick easy access to your attention if I wanted, and could expect a reply.

    That was then!

    I suggest something: You might just put some limits on the amount of words on all comments.

    I will be told of course, that no such solution is workable!!!

    I would not believe such, but of course the “”” software””” officianadoes would have the last word… for the time being… but of course!! LOL.

    • Dave says:

      Rather than setting arbitrary limits, maybe you could charge $0.XX per line. That would address two problems at once.

    • colin black says:

      May I suggest twitter if your concentrate A.D.H.D attention spell challenged.And long posts certainly seem to get your goat.

      Or simply press the wee grey scroll down button on the right of screen.
      An read a post with the correct amount of letters words an commas to your likeing.

      Failing that if you realy are intent on a short read with a sparceity of content substance and letters sentances/paragraphs/figures

      Or any sense Id seek out a copy of foggages tax returns..


  4. colin black says:

    HamRadioElijah says:

    October 15, 2013 at 1:49 am

    What a sad chapter in our still young democracy. may it be over soon and for awhile-ish at least.

    As far as pitchforks are concerned Halloween is coming

    Your Democracy Is not young its at least middle aged an certainly no baby In a crib Democracy you cant use that excuses our democracys still young.

    Your Democracy Is older than the Uk an has lasted centures longer than the Greeks Democracy the founders os democratic politics .

    There Democracy was but a century long a mere 100 years .

    No your a young country but a country born out of the womb ti fight the Tyranny of the British,
    You are a Courntry bourne out of nessesety to fight an Die to become a Democracy,

    As far as Democracy In the Modern Age is concerned you are the leaders an fore bears of Democracy around the word France of cource tried there democratic systm wich collapsed into facisism under Napolean .
    But America truly shone a beacon for Democracy In the Modern Age.
    Never forget that .

    Every one whom lives in a democracy be it Idia Brittian Germany were ever owes a debt to Americaa.

    Your a young country with a wise head on its shoulders despite this clown act dog an Pony show wich is trying its utmost to not only close down America

    You still act like todders or a country acting out the terrible twos at times.

    You pull this shit all the time best as I can recall its a ploy one side uses against the other.

    To screw them over either through log jam or any other disruptive shit they can manipulate.

    Few years ago Then Prez Clinton wanted to mess with health care .
    Ditto Obamma Care as we reach present day back then same deal.

    Ya Da Ya Da Da we will make health care /Insurance ./?whatever available to the masses blah blah blah.
    Even worse he gets his wife then First Lady an unelected person to draft all this statutes an new laws an regulations..

    An back then just as the republicans are going beserk on Obama Care along with every lobbyist from big drug companies with no intrest in cheap med care nor do doctors whom have expensive homes have any intrest In cheap med care they logged jammed everything up in effect not diss similar with what we are witnessing right now De Ja fucking Vue .

    Any sign of mass welfare nanny type state it fucking socialist bs/communistic /pinko red under the bed type takeing over MERICA.

    Why should I pay taxes for dead beats with no jobs if he breaks his leg ,

    An its a myth the big pharm rich doctors an drug company salemmen reps an share holders perpetuate.

    You don’t give a cure If your earning more from the Illness.

    A small tax on everything food .gasoline .alchcohol .toilet rolls an I mean a small tax a cent for every dollar you spend would pay for you to have a free Natinal Health Care System.

    Honestly would you resent paying a cent out of every dollar you spent to wards a tax that would ensure you Hospital treatment if you broke your leg. An ambulance takes you to Hospital free nurses an doctors set your leg x rays free aftercare free.

    If you have a serious disease god forbid .
    You don’t have to worry as you receive treatment free.

    All thease multi millionair med care exesecs want your cash an no better time to exsort it from you

    Than when eithrr you or a loved one is sick or dieing.

    S C U M


  5. crazy1946 says:

    Isn’t it kind of ironic that the GOP/TP members in the House keep demanding that the POTUS quit spending money? Have they forgotten that all spending bills must originate in the House? Perhaps if they would stop passing bills that require spending then the money would not be needed to pay for the pet projects they support? It is sort of like having a wife that spends money that the family does not have, then screaming at the husband for not making enough money! I have a suggestion, cut off funding to congress first, then let them be the last to have it restored… actually it would be good if they never restore it to congress….

    • Malisha says:

      With you 100% on that, Crazy. Furthermore, they should all have to report on TV every night (1 minute max, each) on what work they did that day and what their earnings were (including all perks and all benefits including protection and pension) that day.

  6. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    WASHINGTON — House Republicans were working to vote Tuesday evening on their own plan to reopen government and avert an impending Thursday default deadline instead of waiting for Senate leaders who were nearing agreement on a competing budget offer.

    The House effort put the brakes on the Senate talks and complicated finding a bipartisan path to averting an unprecedented U.S. default because Senate Democrats do not support the House plan.

    The House is on track for a Tuesday evening vote on a new package that includes a short-term stopgap funding bill through Dec. 15, a suspension of the debt limit until Feb. 7, and the elimination of a subsidy that helps members of Congress, their staffs, and White House employees from buying insurance in the new healthcare system.

    “We are very cognizant of the calendar,” said House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. “We want to find a solution that gets us moving forward and America back working again.”

    House Republicans were dissatisfied with the contours of the emerging Senate plan because it does not go far enough to rein in President Obama’s health care law. The government shutdown, in its 15th day, began when House Republicans refused to advance a stopgap funding bill unless it included provisions to delay or defund the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

    The Senate proposal that was under consideration would fund government through Jan. 15, suspend the debt ceiling until Feb. 7 and create the framework for formal budget negotiations to conclude by Dec. 15 with long-term recommendations for funding levels and deficit reduction. The Senate plan did not include any significant changes to the Obama health care law.

    President Obama told WABC-TV of New York that “the House Republicans still believe that they can get concessions for doing their job … we’ll see how that plays itself out.” Citing the Senate efforts, Obama said that “my expectation is it does get solved – but we don’t have a lot of time.”

    House Republicans initially included on Tuesday a provision for a two-year delay of a 2.3% medical device tax, but removed it. They also initially only eliminated the federal subsidy for members of Congress, the president, vice president and Cabinet officials, but expanded it to include staff.

    House Democrats oppose it. “The bill that they are talking about is a bill to default,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., following a White House meeting Tuesday.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Tuesday he felt “blindsided” by the House’s new effort, which he called a “blatant attack on bipartisanship” and made clear stands no chance of Senate passage.

    Reid told Democrats at their weekly lunch meeting that Boehner’s decision prompted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to stand down in the Senate talks to give House Republicans room to maneuver.

    “Apparently it’s all fallen apart,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., adding Democrats were “stunned by the reaction in the House,” and “at this point, there’s nothing that’s real. Apparently there is no agreement.”

    The White House also criticized the House plan. “The president has said repeatedly that members of Congress don’t get to demand ransom for fulfilling their basic responsibilities to pass a budget and pay the nation’s bills,” White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said. “Unfortunately, the latest proposal from House Republicans does just that in a partisan attempt to appease a small group of Tea Party Republicans who forced the government shutdown in the first place.”

    The House plan would also remove the Treasury secretary’s ability to use “extraordinary measures” to extend the debt ceiling deadline, restricting the executive branch’s flexibility to shift money around to pay bills.

    “We think that’s a good thing, because that puts Congress back in charge on the debt and on spending,” said Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La. “We don’t want to give Treasury any wiggle room.”

    Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., said he remained skeptical that the deadline to extend the debt limit is Thursday. “I don’t know what deadline is Thursday,” he said, saying the date was “artificially created by the administration.”

    He said, “This didn’t come down on tablets. It’s not statute. It’s not legislation.”

    Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., a centrist who has been vocal about the need to reopen government, said he would support the House plan. “It moves the ball forward,” he said.

    “As long as it’s taken care of by Thursday,” said Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., another moderate. “That’s all that matters.”

    Contributing: David Jackson

  7. crazy1946 says:

    I don’t think we will see agreement reached before default! Too many of the TP’ers think that default will be no big deal, I suppose that could be because they are always in default in their personal affairs so they think the government should operate like they do… I wonder if they realize that by driving the economy off the cliff they will devalue the dollar, and they will take a much larger hit than the poor who have less to lose…. When the orange man grows a set and stands up to the fools who cause the shut down, this will end, but not until….. Watch for the market to take a huge nose dive Thursday…. It could conceivably take the economy down the tube with it…. Only time will tell…

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      From Pat Buchanan’s article 21 hours ago:

      And if Harry Reid’s Senate demands the GOP end the sequester on federal spending, or be blamed for a debt default, the party should, Samson-like, bring down the roof of the temple on everybody’s head.

      • crazy1946 says:

        YAHTC, Pat Buchanan speaks for the GOP/TP radicals, those who would rather see the nation fall into third world status rather than see a black man succeed as the POTUS! I never cease to be amazed as these people claim to be patriots all the while trying to destroy the very country they claim to love… Like I said earlier, has it occurred to any of them that as they destroy the economy and the value of the dollar, they stand to lose more than the poor of the nation do! I wonder what they will do when they can’t pay their help to cook their food, clean their house, and work in their gardens, and are forced to do it them selves? It will be amusing to see them do what they have told the poor to do for so many years, and that is actually “WORK”! A few blisters on their hands will be a sudden change from the ones on their back sides that they have acquired from sitting and ordering the poor workers around…..

        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          I should have added my own comment which would have been:

          These guys want to destroy our country if they can’t get their way. Pat Buchanan said “damn the polls”. That shows how much he does not care for what the American citizens want.

          He would rather see a fight to the death.

          • You all have thoughtful comments says:

            They are basically seceding from the country and destroying the country as they do so.

          • You all have thoughtful comments says:

            Remember all of the people who wanted to secede because President O’bama was reelected?

      • bettykath says:

        From Pat Buchanan’s article 21 hours ago:

        And if Harry Reid’s Senate demands the GOP end the sequester on federal spending, or be blamed for a debt default, the party should, Samson-like, bring down the roof of the temple on everybody’s head.

        Buchnan is out of it. The Senate has already agreed to the sequester spending. It was a Reid/Boener agreement and Boener reneged. It’s the Republicans in the House that aren’t standing up to the minority in their midst to pass a debt ceiling increase without riders.

  8. lady2soothe says:

    These are the very people who hated the government so much they begged the public to elect them so they could change things but instead they joined the ranks so they could sponge off those very same American’s who voted them into office. Guess it’s a case of “if you can’t beat em, join em”

  9. JJ says:

    What power does Obama have to move the House to action? Remember when Bush 2 forced all of the House to return for a vote (on a war issue?). If the House is allowed to do as they please without any consequences or pain, they’ll keep posturing.

  10. bettykath says:

    This could also be a manipulation of the stock market and interest rates. Consider that those with the power to do the manipulation have probably sold a bunch and will buy again while the market is down. They are also the purchases of bonds and the bond interest rate has been quite low. The wealthy are getting enough from us as it is so they will starve us to get the conditions that will help them get more.

  11. bettykath says:

    Breaking news!!! The Washington Redskins finally changed their name due to embarrassment. They dropped “Washington”.

  12. Mary Davis says:

    @ Malisha. They’ll just blame it all on Obama.

  13. What a sad chapter in our still young democracy. may it be over soon and for awhile-ish at least.

    As far as pitchforks are concerned Halloween is coming..

  14. Malisha says:

    Might be a good idea for everybody to miss their checks and realize that we are being ripped off and defrauded. Maybe it’s time for the rage to spread around a little — if there’s EVER a way to push back, it’s likely to be by MOST of the people feeling SOMETHING uncomfortable, not just the poor and powerless (thus the punishable) always taking the hit. Not that I like the idea — I’m on Social Security myself and worked since I was 14 years old — but I’m sick of people just going along to get along, and never really getting mad abut it except to say blah blah blah.

  15. ed nelson says:

    Hi Fred, but what do our people know of… Pitch forks… Cattle prods maybe as precursers of the ubiquitous Tazar!!

    Pitch Fork!! I own a couple of em and use them too.

    American Gothic to the rescue!! lol!

  16. Mary Davis says:

    I don’t know how true it is but, I heard that if they don’t reach an agreement by the 21st, no one will receive their social security checks, or military pensions. Will this be a total shut down for the government.

    I don’t see how they can stop social security or pensions because after all, we the people have paid into this.

    Fauxmy, can I use one of your cattle prods, torch and pitchfork?.

    • bettykath says:

      I’ll help herd from the air while riding my broom.

    • crazy1946 says:

      If it was explained to me correctly, or perhaps I should say, if I understood what I read, the actually Social Security checks will be paid, they are paid from a different fund, however disability and military, and federal retirement checks are paid from the general fund, and can not be issued if there is no money…. If my understand is incorrect, I am sure some one will enlighten me….

      • bettykath says:

        Yes, ss is from a different fund, but, iirc, the general fund “borrows” from the ss fund for cash and the iou is paper that is redeemed from the general fund when it is needed. If this is true (I haven’t independently verified it), if the govmint defaults, it can’t redeem the ss paper any more than it can pay the interest on the bonds.

        I expect that my check will be deposited on time, but I do have a bit of unease that it might not be.

        • crazy1946 says:

          They “allegedly” have enough cash on hand in the SS account to cover the outstanding payments to the people for about six or so months. The people on disability and federal and military programs are being held hostage…. I suppose we will see very shortly… there will be no settlement by the idiots in charge of the GOP/TP…. Why do I suspect they will try to pass a bill to ensure they get paid while the rest of the people don’t….

    • fauxmccoy says:

      i’ll pick up an extra cattle prod for you mary, before the feds cease my SSDI checks. i think i have enough left over from my last check for one more cattle prod. (they are immensely satisfying tools, i must say.)

  17. fauxmccoy says:

    are cattle prods ok along with the torches and pitchforks? as a cowgirl, i don’t like to leave home without one 😉

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