Motorcycle ride turns ugly in NYC

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good afternoon:

As one who drives a motorcycle, I feel a strong affinity for other motorcycle drivers. The vast majority of us are peaceful and law abiding, but there are some exceptions.

There was an extremely ugly incident recently in New York City when a group of motorcyclists out for a pleasant ride encountered a black Range Rover and apparently surrounded it forcing the driver to slow down and stop. One of the motorcyclists stopped his bike in front of the Range Rover. The driver of the Range Rover suddenly accelerated, running over the motorcyclist and his bike severely injuring him.

A chase ensued until the Range Rover was forced to stop upon encountering other traffic. Then a group of the motorcyclists smashed windows on the Range Rover, pulled the driver out of the vehicle and put him on the ground. Then they started beating and kicking him.

A good samaritan stepped in and stopped the beating.

The driver of the Range Rover was released from a hospital later that evening with minor injuries.

The person he ran over suffered broken ribs and may be paralyzed from a crushing injury to his spine.

Turns out that several police officers were among the motorcyclists and at least one of them was working undercover and participated in the assault on the driver of the Range Rover.

Four people have been charged, including the officer.

Apparently the group was under investigation and this incident has compromised the investigation.

Here’s the video.

Watch the CBS video and report.

The driver of the Range Rover has not been charged.

Here’s the ABC story about the undercover cop.

59 Responses to Motorcycle ride turns ugly in NYC

  1. dianetrotter says:

    What are New York’s laws about yielding right of way, etc., that should be considered here.

    • Malisha says:

      Here are my questions, just for now:

      (1) I want to hear those 911 calls that the family in the SUV made;

      (2) I want to know what the “off-duty undercover cops” were under-cover ABOUT and what they were investigating. If they were acting as members of this motorcycle club in order to investigate the CLUB for something, I want to know WHAT they were investigating it FOR.

      (3) I want to know the timing. How long between first contact and 911 calls? How long between 911 calls and first impact? How long between first impact and the attack upon the SUV?

      I do not agree with the lawyer quoted by CNN that it was legal to “go after” someone who has committed a vehicular act that injured someone. You take his license plate number and call it in. You render aid to the injured party. You don’t “go after” anyone.

  2. Ezz-Thetic says:

    Here’s another vid featuring some participants in the New York fiasco. Just a nice pleasant drive.

    • I see y’all are determined to make me eat my words.

      So, yes I will.

      I plead guilty to assuming facts not in evidence.


    • Boyd says:

      I’m WAY WAY more afraid of car drivers then bikers.

      • Me too. Most accidents are caused by people driving cars.

        We have to drive defensively to survive and that is one big reason why we all feel a bond to each other whether we know each other or not.

        • Lynn says:

          I saw that bond on a cross country trip my daughter and I took. Florida to Washington via South Dakota during Sturgis Bike Week.
          Had no clue it was bike week, but after days of seeing more bikes as we traveled we caught on. (My father and mother rode before I was born and I loved hearing their stories.)
          I so enjoy the open rode and it was only elevated by seeing the bikers. Every attraction we stopped at (Badlands, Wall, Rushmore) was filled with bikers.
          They were all talking, taking pictures of scenery, and admiring each others bikes. Everyone waved as they passed on the highway. I envied their way of life.
          As we drove to Mt Rushmore, we were enveloped between bikes. My daughter filmed our view as we drove. About 50 bikes in front of our car and 50 behind us.
          The roads are narrow and curvy and we felt special riding with this crowd. I could only dream we were on a bike. I never felt threatened in my “motorcycle sandwich” because these were motorcycle enthusiasts out for a recreational drive.
          It made for a memory I’ll never forget. I would recommend a trip through SD during bike week as long as you are not in a rush and can enjoy it.

  3. Shadow says:

    And one more thing, they all love their bike. Would take to bed with them, but they’re not allowed.

  4. Shadow says:

    Where were the police? Why were they allowed to ride in such a reckless fashion?
    I have many cycle enthusiasts in my family, some belong to clubs, some go on the Trail of Tears, all just love to ride, but none would behave in this manner.
    They have a great respect for the road, the privilege of riding, and the life of all.

  5. It seems the driver was taking the advice that deadbeat rat child killer in florida didn’t, he stayed in the car..however that wasn’t enough for many of the those bikers.

    First time I watched that video I felt that fear of the father driving the range rover.

    So many moving parts here, however, inside that range rover was the drivers wife and very young child, what about them, what kind of trauma did they suffer? That child had to see his father dragged from his vehicle and beaten..that’s an image that will stick.

    Saw on CNN that the driver that slowed down the range rover and several of the aggressors and the poor soul run over didn’t even have motorcycle licenses.

    Note to self: There are cameras everywhere……..

    • Deborah Moore says:

      So make sure you have your make-up on.
      Kidding, Elijah. I was going to say make sure you have clean underwear on, but that doesn’t work either.

      • So correct about the makeup D! As a matter of fact I do drag for halloween…Elijah Minelli.

        • Boyd says:

          if he was in fear he would have slowed down and let them all pass.

          The Suv driver got mad.

          I watch the video closely, none of the bikers were after Lien. They are simply riding. The guy who is paralyzed is in the purple shirt to the right of the SUV. He’s just riding minding his own business.

          Cruz did came over on the suv driver and did slow down. But So what How many accidents would I be in if I rammed into everyone that did that to me?

  6. Lynn says:

    Here is part 7 of the series.

  7. Lynn says:

    The footage of the bikers in the time leading up to the attack gives you a good idea of their intentions. This was no recreational drive, it was mayhem in the making.
    They staged an assault on the city of New York and I can not believe that there wasn’t a cop to be found along their route that afternoon (with the exception of the ones riding with them).
    The police have all the helmet-cam video. That guy made the mistake of uploading it to the internet beforehand for all to see.
    Several sites have posted them in varying clips. The longest I found was 15:00 and it is eye-opening. Another site has it broke down into 7 parts.
    Anyone on the streets of NYC that day was in jeopardy. Passing on both sides wasn’t the half of it. I couldn’t keep up with all the infractions I witnessed on the videos. Speeding, lane changing, wheelies, wrong way, sidewalk driving, blatant red light running. Passengers and pedestrians alike were at risk. For miles and miles.

    Here is some of the video.

    • bettykath says:

      Looks like these guys consider lane demarcations, double solid line, stop signs, red lights, etc. are all just gentle suggestions to be ignored at will. There may have been some responsible riders in the mix but the law breakers are the ones that give us the broad brush for all.

  8. ed nelson says:

    Hi Fred: This is good work you’re doing here!

  9. Because I can.

    One Way Out. Duane and Dickey, right?
    Allman Brothers Band

    hat tip, dakine

  10. lady2soothe says:

    Off topic

    My concern right now is: Georgia Teen, Kendrick Johnson’s, Family Calls On Benjamin Crump After Horrifying Update In Son’s Death

    If you look at the crime scene photos, his shoes were by his feet. Being that he was head down, it would have been impossible for him to place them there. There is a major cover up. Now, the parents have discovered that his internal organs are missing and his body was stuffed with newspaper. The funeral home states that the body was given to them without organs.

  11. I now admit confusion. At first, I thought the SUV actually hit and injured a motorcyclist. Is that true or not? Hard to tell, but did he or did he not, run over someone? If so, did he continue on because he was terrified? Or, was it something else?

    • bettykath says:

      My understanding from the video and other reports is that the one cyclist slowed and stopped right in front of the suv which bumped him. It’s unclear from the video exactly what happened next but the family was calling 911. The driver of the suv then, fearful and panicking, tried to get away and, in the process, drove over one or more bikes and one biker. The biker was seriously injured. One report said that the biker who was injured was trying to help the original biker, the one who stopped in front of the suv.

      • Sad. Any word on the injured biker’s condition?

      • towerflower says:

        For the most part correct, when the biker (who passed him in the SUV’s lane and then slowed causing the bump) and the SUV had their encounter, the SUV pulled to the far right and stopped because of the accident. It was during this first stop that his vehicle was surrounded and an attack started, hitting his vehicle and trying to slash the tires. It was during this attack that the SUV driver panicked out of fear for his family and accelerated forward and ran over a couple of bikes and severely injured one biker. When he stopped again, a biker opened the driver’s door and once again the driver of the SUV took off. Finally when he could go no further—the right front tire was riding on the rim with no tire left–is when the final encounter happened.

        Yes there were over 200 calls from the public about this group and 4 from the family in the SUV. The group has a history of closing down roads for their own enjoyment of doing illegal stunts. They will run red lights, stop signs and ride on the sidewalks. Quite a few of the bikes that day didn’t have plates on their bikes–maybe out of fear of being caught or maybe because they weren’t even licensed. The biker who was severely injured, Edwin Meises, was riding on a revoked Drivers License (until 2017) and didn’t even have a motorcycle stamp for his license.

        This was an out of control group only interested in doing what they wanted to do and damn to everyone else. This group was far from an organized group out for a leisurely ride, obeying traffic laws.

  12. racerrodig says:

    The one biker clearly looks over his left shoulder as he is slowing down and forcing a confrontation with the Range Rover driver. We have no idea what happened during the most critical phase, however did one of the bikers flash a gun a the guy, did one of them make threats ??? Hundreds of bikers and against the one guy they singled out ??

    There is more going on here than some motor cycle enthusiasts out for a nice leisurely ride and they were attacked.

  13. bettykath says:

    out for a pleasant ride? I don’t think so. There was a concerted effort and stated objective by the cyclists to take over Times Square as they had done previously. Their request for a permit had been turned down so they decided to do it anyway.

  14. Strange case. Should be interesting to watch it get sorted out.

    Sorry for the OT – but here’s a link to last night’s South Park episode – World War Zimmerman:

  15. MichelleO says:

    On another note, I have been wondering who Malala Yousafzai is and how she came to be internationally recognized out of all of the murdered and abused people in that region of the world. I found these two articles that helped answer many of those question.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I watched a news report tonight that showed Malala and her friend attending school in Wales. So it isn’t true, as the report you offered said, that nothing is known about the other girls.

      While there may be some agenda, you have to ask yourself what the agenda of this report at these news venues? Are they just reporting, or are they inserting yet another opinion into the issue?

      • MichelleO says:

        Whenever the West makes a hero out an obscure person; I always ask myself why. Because this person is not the first nor the last to be brutality treated by the Taliban; I had to find out more about her. Why was she plucked from obscurity and into the limelight when the type of treatment she got by terrorist did not happen in a vacuum and is still ongoing? What’s the connection? The above two articles points directly to the connections.

  16. bettykath says:

    My own rule of thumb for following is one car length for every 10 mph, 1/2 car length at red lights or stop signs. Motorcycles in front of me get twice that distance (including at red lights) b/c they can stop so much faster and they have no driver protection. Semi’s behind me also get twice the distance or they have to pass me for the same reason – my car can stop much faster than the truck, i.e., if the vehicles are too close it can run over me before it stops.

  17. bettykath says:

    Professor, What would you do as the driver of the car, with family members riding with you, surrounded by motorcycles passing on the left and the right, in front and behind, when a cyclists decides to stop right in front of you? Would you be concerned for your safety?

    As a responsible bike rider, would you stop in the middle of the lane when there is a car right behind you? If another bike rider made such a stop and was bumped by the car, would you attack the driver of the car?

    At this point the biker who stopped said he was just slowing down and looking for his friends who were behind him. He had no intention of slowing the car.

    The family in the car made several 911 calls asking for help. The cops finally arrived after the car occupants – all of them – were removed from the SUV by the bikers.

    • Professor, What would you do as the driver of the car, with family members riding with you, surrounded by motorcycles passing on the left and the right, in front and behind, when a cyclists decides to stop right in front of you? Would you be concerned for your safety?

      When I see a large group of motorcycles coming up on me from behind, I move over into the lane on the far right, slow down and allow them to pass. That way they do not pass on both sides, which can be scary and cause an accident.

      They want to stay together so that they do not get separated in traffic.

      I even stick my arm out the window and wave at them to pass.

      I would not be concerned for my safety because I’ve spent a lot of time with motorcycle enthusiasts, including members of gangs. I know what to say and what not to say. I also know what to do and what not to do.

      I have never belonged to club.

      As a responsible bike rider, would you stop in the middle of the lane when there is a car right behind you? If another bike rider made such a stop and was bumped by the car, would you attack the driver of the car?

      No and no.

  18. dianetrotter says:

    I didn’t hear about the complaints. One person said what about freeway signs in California, maybe no where else, that warn motorist to watch out for motorcyclists on all sides. This is such a tragedy. It’s hard to believe that 4 police officers were among the cyclists.

  19. Ezz-Thetic says:

    Sorry, Prof. Leatherman but your version of events is all sorts of wrong. You’re usually so diligent about what you post. Out for a pleasant ride? Have you seen the vids of them riding through NYC like maniacs? The NYPD received over 200 call about this crew.

    • I disagree and yes, I watched the videos. Looks like the ride began peacefully.

      I do not mean to suggest that the driver of the Range Rover caused the confrontation, but I do believe he panicked and that did not help matters.

      When I see a large group of motorcycles coming up on me from behind, I move over into the lane on the far right, slow down and allow them to pass.

      That way they do not pass on both sides, which can be scary and cause an accident.

      I even stick my arm out the window and wave at them to pass.

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