Nobel Prize Winners 2013 and a brief ‘shutdown’ comment

by Crane-Station


Nobel Prize Awards for 2013 have been announced for many scholarly pursuits. The Nobel Prize for Peace will be announced on October 11, Friday, at 11 AM CET. The five contenders are listed here. (note: There may be more).

The Nobel Prize in Physics
has been awarded to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs, for their work at the Large Hadron Collider, that contributed to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was jointly awarded to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel
“for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.”

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
was jointly awarded to James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof
“for their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells.”

The Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced tomorrow at 10 AM CET.

The Nobel Prize for Economics will be awarded on October 14 at the earliest.

Question for discussion: Who do you think may be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace?


heads up. satiric rant

Heightened security and surveillance at Pearly Gates forces many of the blessed to choose to go straight to Hell.

This comes on the heels of a recent development where God installed additional security and scanning systems at the gated entrance to eternal paradise, making entry into Heaven nearly impossible.

Many of the blessed, who merely lived quiet and private working lives on Hell on Earth are boarding busses to Hell, because Heaven is “just such a hassle to get in to.”

David Jackson, who consumed unsafe food and died in septic agony during the recent US government shutdown said, “All I ever did on earth was try to survive, get along and raise a family. I was looking forward to going to Heaven and spending my eternity in peace. But then, they confiscated my water, stripped me naked, scanned me, and stole my soul. I chose Hell because it’s just so much more welcoming.”

Another of the blessed in the long, twisting line asked Saint Peter what the main problems with living conditions in Hell would be, and Saint Peter answered, “Gnashing of teeth. That’s the main complaint.”

“But I don’t have any teeth.”

“Teeth will be provided. Or, we can send you back to Earth, to live with Republicans, who hate you because, just glancing at your paperwork here…because you are indigent.”

“That’s okay,” said the sad and depressed man. “I’ll give Hell a try.”


food safety inspections affected by shutdown

List of agencies and affected operations

Alfred Nobel image by Solis Invicti under creative commons on flickr

8 Responses to Nobel Prize Winners 2013 and a brief ‘shutdown’ comment

  1. bettykath says:

    The contenders for the Peace prize are all excellent candidates. Maybe they should take back those that was given to Obama, Kissinger, Al Gore (he has his own private plane and a huuuuuge house – he doesn’t walk his talk) and select four.

    I see Malala and Snowden as the primary contenders. Snowden the political favorite b/c so much of the world is total p.o. about what he has revealed and as rebuttal to Obama, a previous winner.

  2. bettykath says:

    Shutdown bs: open air monuments closed, e.g. Vietnam Veteran Memorial requires extra security to keep people out. Gym used by Congress: OPEN!

  3. Crane-Station on Fred’s screen with an unfortunate and bittersweet off-topic. We are ever and ever so grateful for our readers, lurkers and commenters who have made contributions, so that we can keep this site going. Without your help, we would be unable to maintain this blog (or meet our bills). This is not merely a hobby. It is our passion.

    We hope to have others post as well, sort of an open-posting format. To do this, we have to invite people, according to WordPress rules. If you wish to post, tell us in a comment, so we can invite you.

    Now for the “bitter.” (sorry about this, had to get it off my chest)


    you were recently banned, and frankly, I don’t know the details because I was working on something unrelated to this blog. Apparently, your comments were derailing threads and bordering on inappropriate misogyny. There aren’t many quicker ways to get banned than ‘isms.’

    But, rather than exit with grace and leave it at that, you are now stalking Fred in his EMAIL, comparing him to George Zimmerman, for requesting donations, and accusing him of being too lazy to ‘get a job,’ (during his retirement), and calling our site a ‘beg site.’ Let me tell you something, you psycho: You were given extreme slack that many blogs in the ‘sphere’ would not have tolerated in the first place, and now, your email stalking is unacceptable.

    BTW, we are not alone in asking for donations. Check any site in the sphere, and you will see polite and often urgent requests, because a writing life is not a rich person’s life.

    Find someplace where there are only rich people with lots of money to spare and hang out there, rather than constantly hating on Fred in his email. Agree to disagree, and let it go. Hell, I’ve been banned. Did I spend the next week stalking? No.

    To our readers:

    As I mentioned, I was away during much of this event, and Fred is telling me that we have received many supportive comments behind this unfortunate event. That means a lot to us. Thank you so much.

    • Malisha says:

      Wow, I must have not been paying attention. JM? I can’t remember JM (perhaps that’s a good thing). Not that I want to catch up on my misogyny or anything (surely there are countless opportunities to do so) but would you mind pointing out what threads these OT comments appeared in? And, oh, another thing: Forgive me for ending a sentence with a preposition, something up with which, ordinarily, I would not put.


      • C-S here. An occasional end with a preposition or a rare split infinitive, for example, is okay, because it is sometimes difficult to avoid.

        Random example on the other:

        jm says:
        September 26, 2013 at 1:55 pm (Edit)
        “Was she forced to make up lies to try to get Judge Fakey-way-pee-Nelson to kick Tracy Martin out of the courtroom? She’s a rotten person. I haven’t got 2 cents worth of sympathy for her.”

        Sounds to me she is an angry vindictive beitch and is now turning on GZ because he dumped her and shut her out of the promise of the “good life” using racists and gun nut money to support themselves.”

        -this was not an isolated comment. We were away most of the day when the comments occurred, but our concern was, you know, we don’t want to stoop to level of unabated hate-fest-type spewing that we see on some of the other sites. Constructive criticism is welcome. But there’s a difference.

        I think the thread in question was called “Is Shellie Zimmerman wavering? And, the problem is, many are unaware/insensitive to women who live in abusive relationships. Maybe we need more education on that. I am not giving Shellie a pass. But I believe she was in a scary/abusive relationship.

        • Malisha says:

          Yeah, I see.

          When a female person does something that is really bad, there is a tendency on the part of all misogynists to use that as evidence of the badness of females. It’s the same principle that leads Fogen-supporters to point out crimes committed by African Americans (or non-American Black persons) as evidence that Trayvon Martin was on some “OK to kill” list.

          Shellie is, in my opinion, a terrible person, as I said. It’s not because she is a female, either. If she were a male terrible person who had defended a female marriage-partner racist murderer I would feel just as righteously-judgmental of her.

          Which reminds me. She says “He and I fought that night [February 26, 2012] and I went to my father’s house.” So. He WAS in fact in a fighting mood that night, was he not?

          Good riddance to JM. What twisted views of obvious realities!

          • masonblue says:

            C-S here again (sometimes WordPress jacks me around when I try to sign out after posting, and then sign back in!)

            Anyway, when it came out that they weren’t together that night, couple of things: 1) I still think someone else was there, in the car or close by and 2) Why make up the elaborate, bizarre story about mentoring black kids and going to the Target and all? You know what stinks? Why not tell the simple truth: ‘my wife and I got into an argument, and she went to her dad’s place to cool off.’

            If she was at her fathers place, her father could have been a witness for the prosecution. “She most certainly wasn’t with George, shopping. She was at my place.” Why didn’t they call him to testify? Why didn’t the father report to the prosecution that GZ was lying that night? For that matter, on this latest deal, why didn’t he press assault charges? Did GZ threaten to reveal some affair that he had, or something? Why why why?

            The prosecution knew, from cell phone gps info, that Shellie was not nearby.

            You know who oughta watch his back?

            Dr. Bao.

    • bettykath says:

      I was skipping much of jm’s posts so didn’t get too upset by them. The problem was that he kept on even after it was suggested that he stop. That he/she? was banned and now is stalking Fred, it seems that the banning was entirely appropriate. Any of us can occasionally have a bad day but we come back and apologize for it. jm doesn’t seem to have the grace to do that. Good riddance.

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