News from Crazy Ted Cruz to Tsarnaev to cowardly George Zimmerman

Monday, September 23, 2013

Good morning:

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be in court today in Boston to discuss the timing and guidelines that federal prosecutors will use in deciding whether to seek the death penalty. The purpose of the hearing will be to establish a procedure to be followed by the defense in preparing and submitting a mitigation package for prosecutors to consider in determining whether to seek the death penalty.

Attorney General Eric Holder will make the final call regarding whether the prosecution will seek the death penalty.

Tsarnaev is charged with 30 counts in a federal indictment, including using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and 16 other charges that carry the possibility of the death penalty.

Judy Clarke is representing Mr. Tsarnaev. She is the best death penalty lawyer in the land in my opinion. She recently represented Jared Loughner and previously represented Ted Kaczyinsky (the Unabomber) and Susan Smith (woman in South Carolina who drowned her children in a pond). All committed the crimes with which they were charged and no one was sentenced to death.

In other news today,

1. A small group of people who are continuing to seek justice for Trayvon are planning to gather at the state capitol in Tallahassee repeating their request for Gov. Rick Scott to call a special session and ask legislators to overhaul the state’s self-defense laws. Not much chance he will acknowledge their presence, much less grant their request.

2. the hostage situation and shootout at the mall in Nairobi, Kenya has not been resolved;

3. Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas continues his jihad against Obamacare by promising he will fillibuster the House bill even though it includes language defunding Obamacare. Mother Jones has the story;

4. In an information filed Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, federal prosecutors claim Mingo County West Virginia Commissioner David Baisden conspired with Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury, Sparks and now-deceased Sheriff Eugene Crum to stop a confidential informant from telling federal agents that he provided narcotics to the sheriff; and

5. Cowardly George Zimmerman is still trembling in hiding as he seeks to avoid being served with papers in his divorce.

93 Responses to News from Crazy Ted Cruz to Tsarnaev to cowardly George Zimmerman

    • bettykath says:

      An article in the NYTimes addresses adoptions from various countries. What makes Indian children so attractive is their relatively light skin. They are easier to place and people wanting a light skinned child are willing to pay a premium.

    • cielo62 says:

      Bettykath- I don’t feel th truth is in anything we can find to read. To my mind, the biological father abandoned the pregnant girlfriend and didn’t want to pay child support. She put the child up for adoption, and the biological father SIGNED AWAY HIS PARENTAL RIGHTS. The story should end there. It doesn’t matter that biological dad changed his mind. Unless the paper was forged, the biological father wasn’t forced to sign that paper.

      Sent from my iPad

      • bettykath says:

        I guess neither of us can find the source of the father’s involvement, or lack of it, and the circumstances of his signing away of his rights, if he did so. I don’t hve time to pursue this search right now, but will try to find a link later.

        • cielo62 says:

          Bettykath- thank you. I know you feel strongly about this. My decision is based solely on a handful of articles. I want to be convinced, but the media doesn’t make it possible. I will keep researching as well.

          Sent from my iPad

          • bettykath says:

            What I was looking for was in the link above. He did NOT sign away his parental rights. By claiming that he refused to support his daughter, the lawyers and social worker and non-lawyer guardian ad litim, they had all they needed to get the court to say he had given up his parental rights.

            ” In truth, Dusten Brown had tried numerous times to reach out to his ex-fiancee, who had cut off all contact and refused his financial help, which is a common tactic in South Carolina adoption law in terminating the parental rights of unmarried fathers. Additionally, he had been fighting virtually from the beginning of his daughter’s life for custody, and the adoption had never been finalized—the Capobiancos were at that time still in pre-adoptive placement. All of which had been left out of the discussion with Hunt.


          • cielo62 says:


            Here is one article that clearly states that he terminated his rights.



          • cielo62 says:


            I’m curious that several people have stated that Brown actually has other children for whom he provides no child support, either. So why THIS child? Why now is he wanting to be a dad?


          • bettykath says:

            Ok. There is conflicting information. Your source says he gave up his rights to the child’s mother but that he did not expect that she would give the child up for adoption. Did he understand that she had that right regardless of what she told him of her intentions? Did the reporter actually see the paperwork or did the adoptive parents pull an O’Mara?

            My source says she split and he looked for her, unsuccessfully.

          • bettykath says:

            The link about him having multiple children is to a Legally Blond blurb.

          • cielo62 says:

            bettykath~ I was being silly. No actual news article states he has other children, only several posters, and we KNOW what that is like! Shades of CTH anyone? But the story made me think of that silly scene in Legally Blonde; why now? Why this child? Unlike gz, where real actual facts could be found, this story is making my head spin.


          • bettykath says:

            LOL. Yes, the link is related in a funny sort of way. Thanks for the civil disagreement and search for the “truth” whatever that may be.

  1. Deborah Moore says:

    It’s a tough one. I’m not sure I know enough to have a decision. The adoptive parents got her as a newborn. I’m not sure if this is about racism. But, maybe it is. I don’t know.

    • bettykath says:

      Indian Nation has been following the case of Veronica and Deseray. Deseray is another child taken from an OK Indian mother, lots of money to lawyers and spirited to SC w/o legal paperwork being filed. Father of Deseray had been looking for his pregnant girlfriend for months and has tried to stop the adoption.

      ” These practices, say legal experts, have led to a deeply dark underbelly in the U.S. adoption industry that is little different than human trafficking, and in direct violation of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. ‘There’s no question that this is human trafficking at its worst. It’s the selling of infants and children to the highest bidder,” says Mason. “These kids generate huge legal fees in the process and there is a lot of fee splitting among attorney and adoption practitioners in keeping the assembly line moving.'”

    • bettykath says:

      Deborah, Veronica is only one of many Indian children who have been spirited away by greedy SC lawyers who exploit loopholes in the law. What they do is also a violation of international law, one the US signed onto, that supposedly protects indigenous families. The article is linked on pages that I have provided links.

      I see it as racist b/c Indian mothers/newborns are targeted and the courts of SC side with the (white) adoptive parents, not the best interests of the child. One of the articles in Indian Nation describe Veronica’s family in OK. It includes her father, step-mother, half-sister, grand parents, aunts uncles and cousins. In SC, she will be an only child with no extended family. She will have all that money can buy, except her extended family and her cultural heritage.

      • cielo62 says:

        Bettykath- what is the definition of being a Native American? It sounds like he’s as much Cherokee as I am Chibcha. Which is to say, very little. I’m not saying injustices don’t occur in similar situations. But this one doesn’t appear to be sinister, what with signed documents and admitted refusal for financial responsibility. Unless, like in the gz trial, there is more information not readily available to interested people, I see an easy case.

        Sent from my iPad

        • bettykath says:

          Being Indian is more than blood, it’s also the culture. Many white people have adopted the native culture and the tribes have adopted many whites into their tribes. From what I’ve read, there is no signed document from the father to give up his rights, nor to refuse financial responsibilities. In fact, quite the opposite. He tried to find the baby’s mother and he tried to give her financial support. It’s entirely possible that those working with the SC adoption ring told her to stay away from him and to accept no money from him.

          Understand that this is part of an on-going adoption ring out of SC that includes lawyers, social workers, and, most likely judges, who all get a piece of the pie from well-off people wanting to adopt.

  2. Deborah Moore says:

    As a follow up to something you had written about last week, I think.
    Baby Veronica handed over to adopted parents.

    • bettykath says:

      Another injustice in support of white supremacy and greedy lawyers.

      • cielo62 says:

        Bettykath- actually, I think justice was served here. The adoptive parents had her since birth. The biological father signed his parental rights away so that he wouldn’t have to financially support the child. All of a sudden, he wants her? Don’t think so.

        Sent from my iPad

        • Deborah Moore says:

          I forgot to hit reply, but that’s the way I’m leaning.
          How’s the new school semester going, cielo?

        • bettykath says:

          I don’t believe that’s true. Can you provide a link?

          btw, the lawyers and social workers involved in this case are also involved in several others where Indian mothers give up their newborns w/o the father being informed and the babies taken almost immediately to SC.

  3. bettykath says:

    This thread seems to be a bit of this and that, so here’s another…

    Here are six of the most shocking facts about prison privatization and corporatization, from the report.

    1. 65 percent of the private prison contracts ITPI received and analyzed included occupancy guarantees in the form of quotas or required payments for empty prison cells (a “low-crime tax”). These quotas and low-crime taxes put taxpayers on the hook for guaranteeing profits for private prison corporations.

    2. Occupancy guarantee clauses in private prison contracts range between 80% and 100%, with 90% as the most frequent occupancy guarantee requirement.

    3. Arizona, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Virginia are locked in contracts with the highest occupancy guarantee requirements, with all quotas requiring between 95% and 100% occupancy.

    4. Though crime has dropped by a third in the past decade, an occupancy requirement covering three for-profit prisons has forced taxpayers in Colorado to pay an additional $2 million.

    5. Three Arizona for-profit prison contracts have a staggering 100% quota, even though a 2012 analysis from Tucson Citizen shows that the company’s per-day charge for each prisoner has increased an average of 13.9% over the life of the contracts.

    6. A 20-year deal to privately operate the Lake Erie Correctional Institution in Ohio includes a 90% quota, and has contributed to cutting corners on safety, including overcrowding, areas without secure doors and an increase in crime both inside the prison and in the surrounding community.

  4. colin black says:

    I just so want creatures like foggage an junior an papa zimm to be imaginary or at least relics of a byegone age bogeymen to scare the little uns.

    But feinds like them are every where as real as real can be.

  5. colin black says:

    Malisha says:

    September 23, 2013 at 11:56 am

    I am wondering why Fogen’s enemies from Manassas, VA do not go public with their information. We all know that he has enemies in Manassas.

    What’s with people? I’m thinking we should start a web-page called “enemy of my enemy” and find folks’ enemies; it would make it easier to understand what goes on, wouldn’t it?

    The Russians say: “Enemy of my Enemy is my friend.”

    Well, not always, but

    Now I now you lot in an alternate universe are pulling my leg.

    This entire foggage thing is made up.

    I knew that a clan like the zimmermans couldn’t be real.

    Your spoofing me.

    You gave your self away with this


    Im not having it that such a name or place exsists an that two BROTHERS

    One G.A.Y. hails from a place called MANS ASS AS? Often as possible please?

    An another ghorge foggage the epitome of a Mans ass as is evident with his every action.

    Also both brothers are Man as asinine as possible.

    Manassas as if !

    • Malisha says:

      Manassas, Virginia.
      Home of the Corrupt.
      Where Fogendaddy was a magistrate.
      Where the FogenTribe played their control games.
      Where Fogen got himself into trouble with some guys who were REALLY going to do something to him, so he skedaddled to Florida, deeper into the cesspool of the South.

      I have actually driven through Manassas, VA. Many times. There is a battleground there, hallowed ground, where the “Rebel” Army fought for their right to kidnap, torture and kill folks.

      It actually exists.

      • colin black says:

        Yup Ive heard of it pronounced a bit like molasisis

      • Patricia says:

        My thoughts to the Fogens—

        “All my Asses live in Manasses!”

        My daddy was a Magistrate….
        Momma like to discrimate…….
        Georgie like to intimidate,exaggerate….
        Bobbie like to perpetrate, assimilate and segregate….
        Papa was a light weight !!!
        Mama would humiliate , insulate and dominate!!
        Sisters had to pontificate, aspirated and fluctuate….
        Cousins had to tolerate, dictate and precipitate /liquidate…
        Gods plan to excommunicate……….

        Signed by all the Pomp.ous asses from Manasses!!!!!!

        Go Fogen—Go Fogen—-Go Fogen!!!!!!!

        ASS CLOWNS ARE US —– By The Manasses!

    • Fascinating play on words, Colin.

      Manassas, Virginia does exist. The first battle of the Civil War was fought there in July, 1861. Northerners called it the Battle of Bull Run. Southerners called it the Battle of Manassas.

      A second battle was fought there in August, 1862.

      The South won both battles but was unable to hold the area and had to retreat.

  6. cielo62 says:

    The GOP CANNOT defund the Affordable Care Act until they have a viable replacement for it. Who in their right minds would refuse medical help when you can’t afford it otherwise?

    • a2nite says:

      The people who vote for Rs are that stupid. They are the ones who are going to be screwed over food stamps & are losing their govt union jobs because of defunding our government. They vote to punish someone. Now it’s their turn since they’ll believe the “it’s Obamas fault” lie.

  7. I’d say ted cruze has bitten off more than he can chewze.

  8. MDH says:

    Rumor has it that George is enjoying his single status:

  9. Girlp says:

    They can’t defund The Affordable Care Act will go ahead during the fight over the budget during the sequester if they stand on thier heads and yell the healthcare bill will be implemented.

  10. Malisha says:

    Cruz is also cowardly. All stingy people are cowards; all greedy people are cowards; all abusers are cowards.

  11. acemayo says:

    This song is for GZ and SZ Nowhere to run nowhere to hide

  12. Boyd says:

    I read Mr. Sims statement. And I’m now back to this guy is milking this for business purposes. As he did with that press conference IMHO. Maybe George just turned off the cell phone for a week or so.

    Meanwhile , what’s up with the Ipad?

  13. Judy75201 says:

    I’ll move the post I just made to the previous fogen thread to here:

    Shellie filed for divorce 9/5; the altercation was 9/9. I think he is laying low due to the altercation. At the time of Shellie’s divorce filing, her atty put in the certificate of service that George’s address was confidential, so they had his address at that time. The clerk had to issue a summons before George could be served.

    • And, I’ll follow.

      I gather that GZ no longer lives at that address, which may have been Shellie’s father’s house.

      • Judy75201 says:

        It may have been. But if it was me, and I was staying in my father’s house like Shellie was, I wouldn’t be the one to leave; I’d make the pig leave. I think fogen had been staying with a girlfriend for a while, and they may have known where to find him until after the altercation. They would have had to know is physical location to serve him, even if the father’s address was still his “official” address.

        • bettykath says:

          The house that fogen and Shellie were sharing belonged to her father and cost $1000 a month. Shellie could not stay there for a couple of reasons: 1. She didn’t have $1000 a month to pay the rent and 2. Tell fogen he had to leave? I don’t think he’s have taken that news w/o becoming violent.
          Best thing for Shellie is to cut her losses and move on.

          • Judy75201 says:

            Who would Shellie’s father be more likely to ask to leave? Her or fogen (money or no)?

          • jm says:

            “Who would Shellie’s father be more likely to ask to leave? Her or fogen (money or no)?”

            I thought GZ left of his own accord, at least according to ShelLIE. She said in interview he only stayed there 4 or 5 nights. Having said that, it looks like ShelLIE’s father NEEDED money and I have a strong suspicion the only person with income may be GZ from donations to his website. ShelLIE probably could move in with her parents. I doubt GZ could move in with his family.

          • Judy75201 says:

            I agree, JM.

          • aussie says:

            Father was cleaning out the house and wants both of them out of there, in preparation to selling it. That was in one of the early stories about the altercation.

            Who’d want a house GZ lived in? some people might……..

          • cielo62 says:

            aussie~ Xena has posted on BlackButterfly7 that Shellie’s dad had 4 houses in foreclosure. No doubt he might have been attempting to sell at least one before it was foreclosed.

          • cielo62 says:

            aussie~ and you can’t sell a house with a 300 pound mold living in it.

          • Trained Observer says:

            ROFLMAO on Cielo’s 300-pound mold remark.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Xena posted an article today with her research into the case numbers of foreclosures on Shellie’s parents’ houses:

        • jm says:

          Xena posted an article today with her research into the case numbers of foreclosures on Shellie’s parents’ houses:

          Looks like both SheLIE and GZ come from dysfunctional families. I remember reading ShelLIE’s mother was arrested for driving under the influence and I am not sure but wasn’t her father reported to be in prison for a period of time?

          On the other side, you have reports of GZ’s mother abusing/beating him while his father did nothing to stop her and then there is the molestation of his cousin.

          His brother is a publicity “whore” who still defends GZ and wants us to believe they are normal and “spiritual” while offering up prayers for the Martin family.

          They are all so sickening. I wish they would disappear but it’s not in their nature now that they have experienced their 15 minutes of fame.

        • Dave says:

 quotes a rental value of a bit over $2000 a month for the house David Dean rented to the Z’s for $1000 a month. That would mean that the deal has cost him over $12,000.

  14. Reuters is reporting:

    Federal prosecutors in Boston, by the end of October, will pass on to the Justice Department in Washington their recommendation on whether to seek the death penalty, with Attorney General Eric Holder due to make the final decision about 90 days after that, Assistant U.S. Attorney William Weinreb told a judge on Monday.

    I do not believe this gives the defense enough time to prepare their mitigation package, but they will have to do the best they can with the information that they have.

  15. The Washington Post has a play-by-play list of how the latest Republican threat to shutdown the government will proceed.

  16. MDH says:

    Maybe Zimmerman sightings will be like Elvis sightings?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      LOL – or where’s Waldo.

    • ay2z says:


      “World’s biggest blimp will spy on clouds for science, entertainment

      The world’s largest blimp leaves Central Florida on Tuesday on a month-long journey across the U.S.,”

      Reports surface that TMZ leads the chase with hot air balloons to chase down the BBC craft for next photo op of the red and white striped blimp, ABC is in second place, CBC has not commented, and Dan Rather would not. NBC cites their current litigation for a ‘no comment’. Nancy Grace is planning to fly her chase balloon on her own steam, Taaffee as ballast. The New York Times columnists, Blow and Capehart, were reported to have caught a bad case of the giggles and were unable to respond with more than headshakes of disbelief. Kelly Sims has rented a Spiderman suit and will be attempting a high altitude divorce document service by grabbing the docking ropes as the blimp takes off. Once successful, he will then rappel towards earth on his silken thread.

      GZ has agreed to not smash any digital equipment and to refrain to using his egally owned,permitted to carry, guns during his employment, even while crossing the airspace over Texas.

  17. lurker says:

    Re: Ted Cruz. More evidence of the implosion of the Republican party. I cannot foresee a solution, although I can fantasize about the emergence of a third party of moderate rights drawn from Repubs and Independents. That would allow the Tea Party right to take over the dregs of the Repubs, have as many tantrums as they feel like and eventually go the way of the John Birchers and some others.

  18. Trained Observer says:

    Thanks for the Mother Jones link. It would appear Cruz has White House ambitions. Fat chance.

    • Girlp says:

      I surely hope he would not be elected to the White House….A President who admires Jesse Helms… 😦

    • cielo62 says:

      I don’t know if it’s the same water or the flow of the same diseased air, but TX and Florida are both full of crazy people: politicians and the morons who vote for them. I have NEVER voted for ANY of these looneytunes and must constantly fight to stop their insanity from destroying people’s lives. Sometimes, I really really hate Texas. Cruz is one good reason. Perry is another.

  19. Malisha says:

    I am wondering why Fogen’s enemies from Manassas, VA do not go public with their information. We all know that he has enemies in Manassas.

    What’s with people? I’m thinking we should start a web-page called “enemy of my enemy” and find folks’ enemies; it would make it easier to understand what goes on, wouldn’t it?

    The Russians say: “Enemy of my Enemy is my friend.”

    Well, not always, but … 😳

    • Trained Observer says:

      Yes, it’s curious that tales from Fogen’s high school days never emerged. Could it be that he was such a nobody schmuck that former classmates don’t even remember him?

    • looneydoone says:

      Where’s cheorge ?
      at the hideaway where he spent $3k to install phone/i-net connection ? Maybe hiding inside sister Gracie’s skirt ? Maybe under her bed ?

      Yes, it’s strange none of his acquaintances and/or enemies seems ready to give him up…oh well, he can’t avoid service via publication

      • Tzar says:

        have you seen what he and/or his family and/or supporters did to the unarmed 17 yo, NBC, Judge Lester, the cousin who spoke, the witnesses who in his criminal case spoke up?
        that klan works hard at intimidating people

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