Incarceration is the new slavery

Friday, August 9, 2013

Good afternoon to all of our friends:

Crane-Station is winging her way to Seattle today to visit her family. She will be checking in from time to time and promised to post some Frog Gravy chapters while she’s there. She returns next Thursday.

Nikko and I will be tending the home fires. God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we won’t burn the place down.

I just finished reading The Caging of America, by Adam Gropnik and I recommend all of you read it. The article was published in the New Yorker magazine.

Mr. Gropnik writes,

For most privileged, professional people, the experience of confinement is a mere brush, encountered after a kid’s arrest, say. For a great many poor people in America, particularly poor black men, prison is a destination that braids through an ordinary life, much as high school and college do for rich white ones. More than half of all black men without a high-school diploma go to prison at some time in their lives. Mass incarceration on a scale almost unexampled in human history is a fundamental fact of our country today—perhaps the fundamental fact, as slavery was the fundamental fact of 1850. In truth, there are more black men in the grip of the criminal-justice system—in prison, on probation, or on parole—than were in slavery then. Over all, there are now more people under “correctional supervision” in America—more than six million—than were in the Gulag Archipelago under Stalin at its height. That city of the confined and the controlled, Lockuptown, is now the second largest in the United States.

The numbers are mindboggling. In 1980, we incarcerated 220 people per 100,000. Over the next 30 years, that rate more than tripled such that by 2010, we incarcerated 716 people per 100,000. Among major countries, Russia is a distant second place at 484 people per 100,000. The incarceration rate for countries in the developed world averages around 100 per 100,000 with some countries incarcerating people at substantially lower rates.

There are opportunities to profit from building and operating prisons. Indeed, privatizing prisons is a growth industry. The corporations that own and operate prisons are only interested in maximizing profits. They could not care less about conditions in the prisons and are strongly opposed to any changes in existing laws that might decrease prison populations. They spend millions on lobbyists each year to influence state and federal legislators to criminalize more conduct and increase the length of the sentences. As Gropnik points out,

No more chilling document exists in recent American life than the 2005 annual report of the biggest of these firms, the Corrections Corporation of America. Here the company (which spends millions lobbying legislators) is obliged to caution its investors about the risk that somehow, somewhere, someone might turn off the spigot of convicted men:

“Our growth is generally dependent upon our ability to obtain new contracts to develop and manage new correctional and detention facilities. . . . The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws. For instance, any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them.”

According to a study conducted two years ago in Washington State, even though blacks and whites commit crimes at similar rates, blacks are disproportionately arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to prison compared to whites. Incarceration of blacks is the new slavery.

More women are also being incarcerated. According to the Sentencing Project,

The number of women in prison increased by 646% between 1980 and 2010, rising from 15,118 to 112,797.

Including women in local jails, more than 205,000 women are now incarcerated.

The rate of violent crime has not increased since 1980. Wikipedia reports:

Violent crime was not responsible for the quadrupling of the incarcerated population in the United States from 1980 to 2003. Violent crime rates had been relatively constant or declining over those decades. The prison population was increased primarily by public policy changes causing more prison sentences and lengthening time served, e.g. through mandatory minimum sentencing, “three strikes” laws, and reductions in the availability of parole or early release. These policies were championed as protecting the public from serious and violent offenders, but instead yielded high rates of confinement for nonviolent offenders. Nearly three quarters of new admissions to state prison were convicted of nonviolent crimes. 49 percent of sentenced state inmates were held for violent offenses. Perhaps the single greatest force behind the growth of the prison population has been the national “war on drugs.” The number of incarcerated drug offenders has increased twelvefold since 1980. In 2000, 22 percent of those in federal and state prisons were convicted on drug charges.

Gropnik concludes:

Epidemics seldom end with miracle cures. Most of the time in the history of medicine, the best way to end disease was to build a better sewer and get people to wash their hands. “Merely chipping away at the problem around the edges” is usually the very best thing to do with a problem; keep chipping away patiently and, eventually, you get to its heart. To read the literature on crime before it dropped is to see the same kind of dystopian despair we find in the new literature of punishment: we’d have to end poverty, or eradicate the ghettos, or declare war on the broken family, or the like, in order to end the crime wave. The truth is, a series of small actions and events ended up eliminating a problem that seemed to hang over everything. There was no miracle cure, just the intercession of a thousand smaller sanities. Ending sentencing for drug misdemeanors, decriminalizing marijuana, leaving judges free to use common sense (and, where possible, getting judges who are judges rather than politicians)—many small acts are possible that will help end the epidemic of imprisonment as they helped end the plague of crime.


Please keep those donations coming. Although our situation is not as desperate, we are not out of the woods yet.

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  1. If anyone wants additional info about private prisons, there’s a book out by experts and scholars who reflect on the problem of private industrialization of prisons that’s available on Amazon. I’m personally waiting on the university library to pick it up because it’s a bit pricey.

    Prison Privatization [3 volumes]: The Many Facets of a Controversial Industry by Byron Eugene Price (Editor), John Charles Morris (Editor)
    Note: 824 pp, current price: $158.20

    Here’s the link:

    And here is a book description from

    “The private prison industry has grown substantially in the past 20
    years—the result of the need to meet the growing demand for prison space combined with a broader social and political willingness to transfer the coercive power of the state to the private sector. This burgeoning, multi-billion dollar industry seems to be here to stay, but privatized local, state, and national prisons draw vehement opposition as well as enthusiastic support.”

  2. Trained Observer says:

    Too bad Corey & Company didn’t have more of Mickey Haller’s attitude for Osterman, Officer Smith, Uncle Jorge and others in the Fogen gang. Maybe they’ve been saving up for SheLie’s court date.

    “I approached the witness stand with a warm and welcoming smile. This, of course, belied my true intent, which was to destroy the woman who sat there with her eyes fixed on me. ” — Mickey Haller
    — opening lines from Michael Connelly’s THE GODS OF GUILT, the next Mickey Haller novel, coming out on Nov. 21 in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, and on Dec. 2 in the U.S. and Canada.

    freebie first chapter excerpt with link below:

  3. crazy1946 says:

    Here is an article that exposes the kind of racial political control that is so prevalent in society today… The first time I read it, I actually thought it was satire, then after reading it several more times it dawned on me, these people are for real and this is the real attitude of those we as a voting democratic republic have put in charge of this country….. Read this and understand why some of us have been pushing so hard for people to exercise the right/obligation to vote!!! If you are not registered to vote, get off your backside and get it done….. Your vote can/will make a difference, but only if you use it at the polls…..

    • lurker says:

      The guy who wrote the article makes the same false assumptions about Neighborhood Watch as many others. It is NOT about a bunch of good guys (with or without guns) setting up voluntary patrols against bad guys.

      The cop liaison who testified was pretty explicit in explaining the length of time allotted for the first meeting was to allow people to get to know each other–stating that a big problem is that people don’t know their neighbors.

      The failure of NW in the RTL is that it did not encourage neighbors to know one another. Z never followed up with folks who signed up as block captains. And not a one of the witnesses who testified recognized either Z or Trayvon as a specific one of their neighbors who was in trouble and needed assistance. If they had, they might have stepped outside, phone in hand, to verbally intercede. Instead they perceived two malevolent strangers possibly endangering their lives.

  4. jodiwankanobi says:

    while i’ve had a few drinks…pls entertain me and let me rave on. I have always loved my country and been a patriotic Australian. I love my country. I’ve always loved my flag. But since the riots in sydney 2005 i’ve had a hard time with it all.

    when i see my flag waving from a moving car i feel sick. What was a source of pride now just reminds me of the pigs that beat innocent people because they didn’t look white. It reminded me of that police officer that protected that “non white” guy from a beating from hundreds in the train station by putting his body between them. It reminds me of the bogans with their shirts off, waving my flag, beying for the blood of anyone who wasn’t exactly like them.

    I’ve never looked at my flag the same. I still know we are the lucky country, but those vile racists that waved the flag while they beat and harassed others ruined it for me.

    I love my country, but in a few short days the racist pigs that thought they were better than anyone has made me wary of my pride…iF I wave my flag am i promoting them?

    • Deborah Moore says:

      I don’t think we have to let go of everything that haters adopt as their own.
      Is it your flag too?

      • jodiwankanobi says:

        it’s my flag for sure, but it was represented in such a manner that i can’t help but remember the people that were beaten under the pride of the aussie flag.

        i just fear that it has become a white australia flag since so many beat anyone not accepted as Australian.

        It’s hard to explain. Since those riots i always wonder if the flag is waving out of your car because you love your country or because of what it stood for in 2005.

        • Deborah Moore says:

          Maybe it’s hard to explain because it’s such a conundrum.
          I’m an American. I was born here. There is a lot of American bashing because of all of the despicable things the American government has done and continues to do.
          I don’t need to make a list because there are so many who do that every chance they get.
          Should I hate who I am? Can I disagree with my government, disagree with the racial profiling that occurs in too many states without feeling so depressed I consider suicide?

    • Jasmine says:

      I think that I feel the same way. How can I as a woman, as a black woman, stand with a country that would sooner rape or kill me? How can I do that? Our own soldiers rape their comrades and their is nothing to stop it. The police who are supposed to protect its citizens would kill them without a qualm. So how can I stand here with pride? I find that I cannot do that.

      • Deborah Moore says:

        I don’t condone what we do and I’m not proud of it either.

        • Jasmine says:

          You know there was a photo that someone had made of Trayvon and they put a hoodie that was in the likeness of the US flag and so many people were down right disgusted with it. I haven’t seen it again. That is the kind of mindset that we are in right now. How can anyone see Trayvon wrapped in the flag and feel anything but anger? I think that maybe, in awhile…a long while, those feelings will change but I don’t know. We had hope in our justice system but we really cannot call it ‘our’ justice system until it brings justice to our people.

  5. Deborah Moore says:

    Sharing this, although I missed this week’s vigil, I’m hoping they’ll do it again next week…
    Interfaith Prayer Service and Vigil for the California Prisoner Hunger Strike

    When: Thursday, August 8 at Noon
    Where: Outside the Ronald Reagan State Office Building, located at 300 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

    On July 8, 2013, over 30,000 incarcerated people in California began their third peaceful hunger strike to protest the inhumane conditions of their confinement in long-term isolation. For more information about their five core demands go here.

    This week marks the 4th week of the California prisoner hunger strike against indefinite solitary confinement. Join members of faith communities who are standing with family members and community supporters for this Interfaith Prayer Service and Vigil.

    If they do have another vigil, I’d like to go and maybe some others here who live in Los Angeles would want to join me.

  6. acemayo says:

    One thing I notice in black area are car lots
    There are just as bad as pay loans
    Poor people need to look well to do by their cars
    Get them in trouble
    A bank will not loan $20,000 unsecure to a poor person
    A car loan shark will usefully get what paid for the car in the down
    payment then the poor has a monthly payment between
    300 to 600 a month
    Too many to not keep with payment car get repo

    • Xena says:


      Poor people need to look well to do by their cars
      Get them in trouble

      The greater percentage has nothing whatsoever to do with looking well to do. Jobs have moved to the suburbs or other cities where public transportation is not available. Taxis do not stop for Black people, especially men. As it concerns factories, newly hired Blacks are more likely to be placed on 2nd or 3rd shifts when public transportation is not available, or its dangerous walking from the bus stop at 1 a.m.

      The most affordable shopping is not in the inner city but in the suburbs, and this includes grocery. Those grocery stores in inner cities are generally owned by Asians, and you can smell the rotten produce before you walk in the door.

      The car note itself is not what puts people in trouble who purchase from “buy here, pay here” lots. It’s the redlining of insurance companies that drives the cost of insurance so high that once paying that in order to drive, it takes time to accumulate money to pay the next car note.

      I know of some of those lots that are actually owned by owners of title loan companies. They make Title loans, for instance, in Wisconsin and as soon as people are late in payments, they take possession of the car, and ship it to a car lot in Georgia that they also own.

      It’s a scam, but when people can work and want to work, and don’t have the credit and large down payments, it’s their only option. Sometimes it works and other times, it doesn’t because the system is setup for them to fail.

  7. crazy1946 says:

    Here is some reading for the movements of the Fogdoit while he was out on bond. Darn, he had more of a life while under bond than many people have while “free”…. Almost makes one want to drive to Florida and commit murder just for the freedom that come with the crime…. “sarc”, don’t want anyone thinking I am calling for them to commit a crime or anything like that….. 😉

    • bettykath says:

      What a pita the ankle bracelet is! Call in every 48 hours is bad enough but then all the problems with the cuffs and the software. Not that I have a problem with fogen having a pita, but if I ever had to wear one….

      • crazy1946 says:

        While it may be a PITA, I don’t feel it was enough of one for him… His PITA pales in comparison to the millions of people in this nation that have been sentenced to a lifetime of poverty while never having committed any crime other than having been born to either the wrong race or poor and it is a double whammy if one happens to be born with both of those problems.. GRRR… Guess my outrage is stuck on overdrive today….. Sorry…

  8. completely different topic. But please support this African Australian artist. He is such an amazing role model for Aussie youth. There are not a lot of African Aussies in the public eye and this guy is such a gem that i hope he finds success world wide… He is an amazing dancer and role model to kids like mine who want to sing and dance to great music that is mostly kid friendly (a bit about love/sex but hey…..still great for today). His name is Timomatic, he is a wonderful Australian and i hope you all enjoy him too.

  9. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Individuals are on the move! They are discovering their power!

    We, too, are inspired. Many of us have signed petitions, gone to Trayvon rallies, listened to each other with understanding and support, and come up with united cry for justice.

    We have defined our cause. It is now time for us to brainstorm future ways that we can respond in order to be heard by our elected officials and the powers that be in order to bring about change.

    “Progress Illinois: Protesters Stage ‘Die-In’ Against Stand Your Ground Laws At ALEC Conference”

    • Xena says:

      Illinois Governor and AG continue to fight against the conceal carry that the Illinois legislature passed. The matter is currently before the U.S. 7th Circuit. The Brady Campaign against gun violence has filed an Amicus on behalf of the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

      If the federal court holds to conceal carry, it goes into effect next year. The requirements are rather strict, including so many hours and rounds shot at a state approved shooting range with a particular accuracy rate. Those applying for conceal carry must already have a FOID card, which is an additional cost. The cost for the classes is also rather high.

      I don’t expect the State Police to open additional facilities (the governor will not fund it) so things are being made as inconvenient as possible.

  10. barbershoptalker says:

    I reposted those comments from another topic you guys were talking about because I think it fits the same in this subject.

    I want to share something that I have seen happen here in Jax,

    My son is a 26 yr old black male with dread lock hair that I just can’t convince him to cut and my reasoning for why I think he should. Like any other parent, I fear for my sons safety in this kind of society that lets anyone with a poor excuse kill of young black men and claim self-defense.

    My son was in a Wal-Mart store one day, and out of no where came two guys in plain clothes put him down in the middle of the floor, cuffed him, carried him to the back for questioning. They told him that the store had suffered great loses from people stealing, (sounds familiar?) anyways, they told him they had him on camera taking things, but they never would show him the tape when he asked to see it. long of it is they continued to interrogate him for about 15-20 more minutes or so, only to have to let him go because they had nothing. My real thoughts was that they were stalling while really doing a back ground check which came up clean (still sounds


    now only a few weeks later, story breaks, that at that same store a 50ish yr old white male sex offender walks out the store with a young girl, puts her in his truck…….well you all can read the rest.

    A new charge of sexual battery has been added against Donald James Smith, who was indicted Tuesday in the death of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle. The cause — strangulation — also was released.


    now day later they show that in fact they did have him on tape in the act ofthe crime, but he was never floored or though of as suspicious of anything but shopping, not even by the mother of the child.

    I know this my to some is a sad example, but so was Trayvon , so is my son, so is a number of black male around the country that suffers from these kind of injustices. how can we win?

    If I sound or come across a little strong Please forgive me guys I’m just venting, and this is the safest place I know to come.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:


      Your post is exactly the type of comment we need to read here.

      It is outrageous what happened to your son at Walmart!!

      I wish more of our fellow posters would write and give us their personal examples of being racially profiled.

      The more posters who share personal experiences…..the more that everybody will realize that these are not isolated incidents, but instead, represent the racial climate in America that needs to be rooted out and shown in daylight for what it is!

      Documentation by our fellow posters represents proof of what is occurring in our society!

      We all need to stand together against the racism in our country and demand change.

      Xena, at her blog, posted the NAACP’s proposed Trayvon’s Law that is demanding this change:

    • a2nite says:

      Maybe calling the NAACP or Rev. Al. The Martin’s called Rev. Al. Call the police; your son was assaulted. Sue the store & the employees. Go to the store with him, ask for the manager, tell them in person.

      We have to make expensive troubles for these evil people.

      They think we’re trouble that they can exterminate. Write LTE, don’t shop there, tell your friends and have a boycott & tell the store why. Have a protest outside the store, & call the media.

      As long as they know they can treat us this way, they will.

      I have a nephew with dreds. Why should your son or my nephew change for these evil bigoted stupid people?

    • Good God! Your comment is a model of restraint. You and your son have good reason to be outraged. He was assaulted, falsely imprisoned, and harassed without lawful justification.

      Store security can briefly detain suspected shoplifters to determine if they have stolen merchandise, but they have to have a reasonable belief that the person stole something.

      Shopping while black with dreadlocks does not give security personnel the right to detain and investigate.

      Sooner or later, store security personnel are going to mess with someone innocently shopping while carrying a concealed weapon. He will stand his ground and kill them.

      It will probably take some shoot-outs in crowded public places causing the deaths of innocent bystanders to get the idiots in the Florida legislature to rescind SYG.

    • jodiwankanobi says:

      Jesus Christ. So sad for that young girl. If the authorities were paying attention to the real criminal instead of racially profiling that young baby may still be here today.

    • Endless Summer says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. I would love to see your son’s story get some real press, as it is an outstanding example of the cost of racial profiling (innocent people are harassed, pedophiles and murderers walk free). And I agree with professor, you are not ranting, you are a model of restraint.

      This is the part of White Privilege that most white people don’t get. How many white people who were NOT shop lifting have ever been detained and cuffed at WalMart? How many white people, when they get pulled over by a cop, are forced to get out of their car and be searched, or their vehicle searched? How many white people are taken into custody after a search, even if the search turned up nothing? It used to be you had to give consent for your vehicle to be searched, but the Patriot Act has undermined our rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

      I hate WalMart and I haven’t shopped there in years. Their practice of checking your shopping bags as you exit the store assumes that you’ve stolen something between the checkout counter and the exit door. I refuse to shop in places that assume everyone is stealing from them, so they have to stop you and check before you leave.

      Barbershoptalker, I understand your fear for your son, as well as I understand his desire to control his cultural and social identity. Blessings to both of you. Stay safe.

      • Barbershop talker says:

        @ endless
        Thanks for your supportive words,
        You know that’s sometime the thing that makes these kind of acts so frustrating the fact that when and if you were to try and speak up to the press or anyone outside of those who live it, your tagged with playing the race card (like the Rev. Sharpton and others that have done so up to this point).

        like myself my son is non confrontational, so in his mind he just wants the whole matter to be done with and not trouble himself with any follow-up. I doubt if this will be the last episode, take it from me I’m close to 50 and they still follow me around in the store and think I don’t know what they’re doing. It’s funny lol. To see them as I make them follow me all of the place till they are out of breath.

        • endlessummer76 says:

          You’re welcome, and I agree about the frustration in being accused of playing “the race card”, but the underlying fact is that IT IS about race, so the race card is the appropriate card to play in that situation! They use the phrase “the race card” to de-legitimize and dismiss your argument and make what you are saying seem not serious. It doesn’t matter what action you are describing, they will always say that. And it works. They intimidated the Fogen prosecution into not “playing the race card” and the media into not covering the racial profiling aspect of the case.

          They really don’t like to be confronted with their racism, so their way of not dealing with it is simply to dismiss it; it’s your problem, not theirs. It’s wearying, and especially so for people like you and your son who are non-confrontational.

          I hope that we can get Trayvon’s Law passed on a national level and legally end racial profiling. In reality we may never end it, but if this law is passed, at least there will be some legal recourse for people who are victims of harassment, bullying and violence.

          • Barbershop talker says:

            You make an excellent point. The truth needs to be heard, I’m just wondering if the right people are listening or even care to listen. Case and point, I just can’t see how anyone with any amount of common sense without bias could watch HLN and see all hate in Mr Taffee’s movements and here the hatred in his every word and think he meant well or not believe that George would not have even an ounce of that same type anger and hatred. It’s hard for me to believe and as we see it’s twice as hard to prove even though it’s clear and evident.

    • Jasmine says:

      When I first saw the story of Cherish I was floored. We all know that had it been a black male she never would have put herself and her 3 children in the car with him. To society, white males are considered safe and he was an older white male too. They are so busy looking a black males that they miss all the whites are committing crimes. I just shake my head and keep moving. Happens all the time.

  11. barbershoptalker says:

    I think the sad reality is this:

    It does not matter if you are 17 yrs old with a hoodie on, OR
    50+ yrs and wear a designer suit.

    It does not matter if you are walking home from the store or standing on a podium in the white house.

    It does not matter if you had a bright collage future ahead of you, OR if you have finished law school and practice law itself.

    It does not matter if you have five baby mommas and never marry, or marry and have the same woman for A long number of year and some kids two daughters in fact and let’s not leave out the dog so we can try and keep the PETA folks happy.

    It does not matter if you still live with your mother, OR if you move your mother-in law in with you in the white house.

    it does not matter if you are a nobody visiting in a town for a few days with your father, OR A world known Commander-in-Chief of a nation

    The one common dominator of this two individuals that sometimes will have some folks fight them at all cost, no matter what they do. or how they do it because to these people they will always LOOK LIKE THEY’RE UP TO SOMETHING no good.

    Last but not least, after they have done everything they could to provoke either one of the two individuals to stand up in his own name, in his own right, in his own place (The United States of America) he is then portrayed as the aggressor. Hand cuffed and charted away….. or sometimes shoot through the heart.

    Now I’m no mathematician, so I’ll just leave it to those that may be, to brake down the formula to come up with what that common dominator is…hmmmmm

    They are right only when they great lengths to prove themselves so which in this case did not happen, others wise it’s concluded that there’s truth to the perception, which in this case in the eyes of the defense, B37, and a lot of others that we will never see the faces of (not here though on this site) concluded.

  12. Romaine says:

    OT what ever happened to the GPS phone info and how can a copy of this info be obtained

  13. Yorazigo says:

    Article Re: Volusia County Beach Patrol Officer fired for Facebook online comments about Trayvon.

    Letter sent him will be in separate post below.

  14. Malisha says:

    Apologies, this is OT.

    Just occurred to me.

    The attack on Obamacare has actually become obstructionist ungovernment. And I keep wondering why such idiotic ideas (we have to refuse to take part in Obamacare or we lose our freedom) sell to the very people whom they will harm.

    And I realize that the freeing of Fogen was one of those idiotic ideas that sold to a bunch of people whom it will ultimately harm the most.

    And I thought about “What’s wrong with Kansas?” and the fact that stupid ideas have mesmerized people as they have simultaneously proven damaging to those very people who adopt them.

    “I feel that George was frustrated …”

    “I am frustrated”

    “People are saying what I want to say so they must be right…”

    “I’m scared…”

    By public displays of wrongfulness and stupidity, we are being taught, by example, to accept the stupidest and most outrageous ideas. Most people actually will fall in line and do so because they have been educated in a system that was really an 18-year course in submissiveness training and automatic-fear-response.

  15. colin black says:

    Woow! says:

    August 9, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Please read this in its entirety. This happened in the town where I grew up as a child. This will give you an idea of how cruel and evil poor white people can be. This is a prime example of why blacks do not befriend or trust poor whites.

    The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

    I read it an was deeply moved an ached for the losss of this wonderfull animal loving Woman.

    As soon as I read the words life Insurance I knew the benaficieries would be in on the killing an probably instigated it.

    I watch crime documentrys an so many murders are commited over money from lifeinsurace in America.

    To sign one seems to be a death sentence one bloke had Insured three different wifes an had his friend murder them to collect life insurance.

    An on the third murder he also shot his friend after he had killed his wife for gim

    An claimed he didn’t regognise his best friend an ex army buddy pf thirty years.

    Inviteing strangers especialy neighbours into your house can be the worst mistake of your life as Ive found to mt cost.

    You never never shit on your own door step or get involved with neighbours until thouragly vetted an tested

    Or night mares can ensue as this poor lady found out .

    An as did I recently neighbours are impossible to escape from an ever present in your life.

    Unless you move an that’s one super pain in the ass.

    Especialy when you are agreived party an have done no wrong.

    I live with in a four house complex wgere for nigh on twenty years no problem

    Imeadiate neighbout a widow is 94 an full of pep foe such an elderly lady.
    Grasious an kind loves our cats

    An loves us I take here rubbish /garbage out for her an do her garden

    She is forever cooking and giving us casarolesan half chikens ect.

    An other two houses ajoined round back so 4 co joined homes two fron two out back 1 2 3 4 .

    No 4 guys been there eight years no peoblemo is a keep him self to him self type an that fair enough

    Never a peep out of him exchange cards at Christmas an that’s it .

    Young Guy moves in at no 3 about 2 ab a half years ago.

    Mid twentys heavy set ..FAT..

    Is there a matter of days an rushes out to confront me at about eleven am whilst Im dropping some rubbish into comunial bin shed wich has a heavy steel fence type

    Red in the face an bawling at me for slamminf the door at three am in the morning.

    Wasn’t even saying I was slamming the door putting rubbish out at three am every night

    Was accuseing me of comeing round every night at three am an slamming the door an running away?

    Now I suffer from C O P D an the last time I ran for anything it was a bus an I ended up in hospital an that was ten years ago.

    Anyway I calmed him down explained it wasn’t me I never put rubbish out at three am an never xlam the door,

    I also explained that the bin shed wasn’t just for our 4 propertys but alo used by the flats adjasent with about 14 familys living in an it could be any one making the noise

    I said get used to it you will hear a lot worse

    Drunks svreaming an singing domestgic arguments ect

    He looked some what passified an

    So I asked why did you think it was me doing it?

    He said with a sincer voice an tone oh I know its you as your so distinctive an I was watching.

    With that I gave up an walked back to my home.

    An although I idnt have any more direct problems with him just weirs odd events happened he fixtated on one of our cats Maisy Daisy whom was unwell .

    An would wander into a house if the door was open but neighbours toldme he was coaxing her in with treats ect.

    I honestly thought he was special needs with learing difficulties so cut him a lot of slak.

    More so than I would if Id thought he was the full shilling.

    Daisy had cancer an had to have a lump removed an was loseing wight though stilleating an drinking.

    Well this guy posts a letter through my door it rea

    Dear Mr MAn at No One I am feeding your cat as I dint think you are feeding it enough.

    My other half Gail went ballistic an said how out of order he was as vats are like our children .

    But I said look will have a word he is not quite right an at least he is thinking of the cats welfare.

    o I went round an explained Maisy Daisy was very ill an on a special diet ect an please don’t feed her because it worries both me an my Wife if she doesn’t eat

    An if you feed her blah balh you no an he nodded at the apropriye places an seemed to understand

    The next say we get a call From an R S P C A Inspector at our front door as an anymous person has phoned in saying A man a no one is staarveing a cat?

    He came in inspected our to cats one huge robust Tabby Toerag a poor Wee Maisy Daist dieing of cancer read the vets reports an seen all was well.

    So that was a year ago an after a while he would start knocking on my door asking to borrow random things

    A cup of sugar a few days later candles an all the while he would be looking not at me but past me or through me it was fn weird.

    A few months ago his neighbout at no4 turned up with a parcel a pc being delivered to no 3 but he wasn’t in so post left it with him.

    He was desperate on retro spect not to take it an palmed it off on us.

    Un beknown to us he was terrified of number 3 an with good reason it turned out.

    Anyway we said ok e will watch the parcel

    My Wife is bed bound anshe can buzz the fron door open to certain people some times if Im not there

    So this guy from no3 turns up whrn Im not in an explains who he is an is collecting he parcel wich was right at the entrance by the door.

    So Gail buzzes the door open an instead of reaching in an getting the parcel he marches in an asks whwere I am .

    An then sits him self down an starts yapping away to my wife all the while scratching his crotch an stareing ay her myrad of medications on her bed side

    As my wife has a hospital bed an winch it couldn’t fit up the stairs

    So front roomis her bed room.

    An she explained that she was on lots of different medication for diabeatis ostio perorisis iron tablets exsetera

    My Wife is very polite an kind an wise

    Any way she mentioned pain medication an she said his eyes lit up an he said Im in a lot of pian blah blah.

    She got him to leave explaining she had to use the toilet

    About ten minutes later I returned home an She was explaining to me what had just happened .

    Shes telling me he isn’t stupid he isn’t learning difficulties theres something weird an dangerous about him

    An as she said that the door buzzer went an its him

    He has a big bag of malteezers an some chocolates an he is saying oh I have a thank you gift for your wife for looking after the parcel.

    An I reach out to take them an he holds them back.

    An Gails asking me who is it as I turn around to answer he just marches in uninvited as if he owns the place an plonks his fat ass down on a comfy chair

    My fucking comfy chair.

    An in shock an he only starts reeling of the names of Gails pain medication that he has glanced at an looked up on google an is back in mibutes telling us what dyhideacodine is an how strong they are an practicaly salivitateing???

    Im thinking w t f is going on???????

    Its like I didn’t exsist I said to him look Im guesing your on medication right

    Yup he confirms an then goes on a rant about his therapists an /???????

    Right I move into the kitchen conveinatly in reach of knifes ect

    I say to him look those are special med forGails pain an the type of meds your on they wont mix

    Do your therapists give you pain medication

    No he answers

    Well I say theres a reason for that now please leave you were neither invited in nor wanted in here we looked after a parcel for you

    That’s all we are not friend ok thanks for the choclates but bye an he looked at me with pure hate

    An then turns to Gail with puppy dog eyes an as she confirms she wants him to leave he almost starts to cry.

    After that as I said being a neighbour he would watch an wait till I left an then be on the buzzer tellin gGail he has to see her about some thing an she would tell him no its not conveinat bye an fife mins later he would be on the buzzer intercom asking if it was conveinant yet!

    Basicly we had a stalker a neighbour an a paranoid shycophrinic into the bargain

    Some people just have all the luck

    I better end it here as it only gets mucho worse an very unpleasant

    Lets say if we were allowed guns in the UK an had a castle doctrine I could have blown this friggin nut job to kingdom come an been justified doiung so

  16. lurker says:

    In education there is some concern (not near enough) about the ‘school to prison pipeline.’ Some kids (black males) are far more likely to get in trouble, receive suspension and frequently be handed off to law enforcement–for the same enfractions as others. Some cop in Miami did some whining about the fact that Trayvon wasn’t processed by the police instead of the schools.

    But, it gets even worse in Florida. Fortunately they are being sued:

  17. Olivia says:

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for this post, Professor Leatherman.

  18. colin black says:

    Tzar says:

    August 9, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Judge who accepted private-prison bribes to send black kids to jail sentenced to 28 years

    America also has two thousand children sentenced to mandatory life sentances that’s correct two thousand

    The rest of the world combined has a total of 12 twelve Children sentenced to life?

  19. colin black says:

    Don’t know about British Prison system now I haven’t been detained at her Majestys Pleasure for nigh on three decades.

    And back then work was a privilidge an consisted of cleaning or kitchen work.

    Or a red band trustee wich was bacicly a butler for the warden an screws.

    The rst banged up 24 seven .

    As Brittian had such strong unions back then.

    It was forbidden for any prisoner to do work wich could deprive a freee man or women of a job on the outside.

    So forinstance in many jails they made convicts repair old used mailbag hessian sacks that stank an were full of holes.

    You had to hands stitch them all over an take them up to inspection table.

    Where if a scre found even the tiny bit of daylight as he held it up to light.

    You had to take it back an re do it.

    You had to average at least 40 bags repaired per day to receive the equivalent of two dollars per week.

    After the convicts were finished repairing the bags .

    Thet were loaded up onto a truck taken away an incinerated.

    It was called make work but non profitable an pointless.

    Same was as how screws acquired that name.

    Prison officers turned a mechinisim on the outside of a cell .

    Just a few revolution by him tightening the screw.

    Due to gears an fly cog wheels required the convict inside to turn the screw thousands of revoultions to loosen the screw.

    An if you refused the mindless pointless labour you would recive punishments.

    Thus the name screws for prison wardens in the UK.

    Tobacco is known as snout as well in jails because prisoners were not allowed to talk to each other.

    So used hand gestures an touching ones nose meant tobacco.

    • Olivia says:

      Tobacco is contraband in some jails. Caged people in possession of tobacco can be charged, fined and sentenced to more time.

      In jails where it is considered contraband, even those caged simply because they’ve been accused of a crime can be fined and sentenced for possession of tobacco.

      Tobacco is legal for adults to buy and use. So are 2 other commonly used drugs: caffeine, and sugar.

      Where do the sadists running those jails and prisons get the authority to classify tobacco as a contraband drug?

      What if they should decide to make even more money by classifying caffeine and sugar as contraband drugs?

    • Rob_UK says:

      Prison work plan is a ‘jailfare’ scheme

      After “workfare” for unemployed people, the government wants to turn prisoners into factory workers—and pay them as little as £10 a week.

      Forty firms including Virgin, Marks & Spencer and DHL are set to benefit from justice secretary Kenneth Clarke’s latest “work experience” scheme.

      Clarke said, “There’s no reason why they shouldn’t help pay for themselves and the cost of the prison.”

      The former Prison Industries Unit will now be run by “One3One Solutions”.

      “Finally, an ever larger prison population will become increasingly instrumentalised as a reserve of labour whose low costs of exploitation, as with those on workfare programmes, further depresses the wages of the entire working population. This is already the case in the US where prison labour has been described as ‘outsourcings best kept secret’.

      Having previously stated in 2010 that all UK prisoners should be working 40 hours a week Kenneth Clarke similarly announced plans to double the prison workforce from it’s current 8,700 to 19,000 by 2020, increasing revenue generated in the sector to £132 million in the process. One already existant working prison is HMP Featherstone in Wolverhampton where every prisoner is in full time employment and paid £17 a week to produce beds and cabinets for the prison estate. The prison hopes to win more contracts from the private sector going forward and represents something of a model that Clarke would like to see rolled out across the United Kingdom.

      Rather than speaking in the usual rhetoric of using such programmes as useful in cutting re-offending rates Clarke even chose in 2010 to deploy the vocabulary of resource allocation referring to the current prison population as a “wasted resource” within the national economy. To compound this released prisoners are increasingly put on workfare programmes the moment they are released from prison with unpaid labour becoming, as with the US, an integral part of the prison-industrial complex. Even if one believes that the incarcerated have a debt to repay to society surely such a debt does not include diminishing the wages of everyone else?”

      The Tories are hell-bent on importing all the very worst right-wing policies from America. They are turning us into a mini-America. They cross the “Atlantic Bridge” all the time to learn at the feet of leading American right-wingers how to refine, perfect, sell and implement extremist right-wing policies here and turn this country into a brutal sink or swim, right-wing dystopia.

      There are not enough black people here to make black people the prison slave caste, so they’ll have to mostly use poor white people, which they have absolutely no problem with, but black people will be heavily targeted and disproportionately incarcerated of course.

      I just hope they don’t decide to import the “right to bear arms” and the “stand your ground” gun culture over here as well. Bigoted, racist, Daily Mail reading, hate-filled armed right-wingers with a license to kill, would be a terrifying prospect.

      • crazy1946 says:


        “The Tories are hell-bent on importing all the very worst right-wing policies from America. They are turning us into a mini-America.”

        If you would take a moment and study your own nations history, you would soon find out that statement is not factually correct. Was not your nation responsible for the slavery not only in your countries possessions, but in the United States as well? Did not your nation sponsor and allow the transport of slaves to the USA and the British possessions in the new world? Actually your nation was involved in the use of slaves long before this nation was even thought of. So to imply that we have exported the racial, the prison system or any problem involved in such is simply absurd…. If you want an eye opener, just do a simple Google search for “history of racism in the UK” Well over a million hits…. While your not alone on the USA bashing, keep in mind, if you live in a glass house, don’t throw rocks! Here is a little reading about a problem at home you might want to address..

        The Tories are hell-bent on importing all the very worst right-wing policies from America. They are turning us into a mini-America.

        • crazy1946 says:

          Sorry, the link failed to post the first time, perhaps it will this time…

        • Rob_UK says:


          I am well aware of the UK’s despicable and depraved racist past and present and how it gained its wealth from its involvement in the slave trade. I didn’t imply that America has exported the prison system, racism or any related problems to the UK, I said many of the worst modern day regressive right-wing policies implemented here, were inspired by and directly copied from America. They even copy the American terms to describe them and use the same language, lies and talking points to justify and sell them to the public. You are further along the neoliberal road to hell than we are, but our right-wing leaders are working night and day to catch up with you. I don’t agree that denouncing American wingnuts and their sociopathic policies is “USA bashing”.

          • crazy1946 says:

            Rob_UK, Actually the strange thing is that in a lot of instances we did not come up with some of the crazy and stupid ideas that our right wing nut jobs push! Many of those ideas actually were adopted from our neighbors to the north and modified to fit the desires of our own politicians… It is too bad that this nation can not even claim to be the original home of “stupid”! But maybe we can claim to be the home of Fox News, darn, that won’t work either Murdoch is from Australia. Darn my little ole hyde, there must be somethin we can claim to be the only ones to have, ah no’s we got them thar red necks, we’s can claim them…. Y’all aint got none of them…. I guess that it is time to duck and run for cover the gun toten red necks are coming for me now…..

  20. Drew says:

    Why do right-wingers support law-breakers and perjurers, go all out against LE and the courts, and claim they were railroaded when all that happened was they were charged for a crime they committed, but then go gaga for cops who shoot unarmed kids. They love LE when it suits them only.

  21. Woow! says:

    Please read this in its entirety. This happened in the town where I grew up as a child. This will give you an idea of how cruel and evil poor white people can be. This is a prime example of why blacks do not befriend or trust poor whites.

    The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

    • Yorazigo says:

      What a brutal murder, and the murder of Trayvon is right up there on this level — shooting an unarmed boy directly into his heart as he screamed for his life.

      Such dedicated LE and DA’s deserve commendation!

    • This is the kind of investigative journalism that Trayvon Martin’s brutal killing requires. Whonoze, Xena, LLMPapa, Marinade Dave have spent their energy, time, and money laying the groundwork. Trayvon’s story needs to be told in a comprehensive way like that of Genore Guillory.

      Thanks for sharing, Woow!

    • Tzar says:

      frightening and extremely sad

  22. degraveegmailcom says:


  23. Elizabeth says:

    OT but very worried
    Missing in oakland.I hope she is ok but police have found a body.

  24. crazy1946 says:

    Off topic: Eleven days until Shel-lie is due for her next court hearing, will the charges against her be dropped? All the right wing gun nut sites are saying she was railroaded by the family of that thug Trayvon Martin, and she should be free. No one has mentioned her case In a while, so am I correct to assume that no one cares? How about Michael Dunn, is he still in jail or has he been turned loose and rewarded for his murder of a young black child?

    • Yorazigo says:

      07/10/2013 SYS NOTICE FOR DOCKET SOUNDING AUG 21, 2013 AT 09:00 AM PRINTED

      Here’s the recent docs filed in Shelly’s case. Looks like her attorney has asked for continuance, but doesnt look like motion was granted yet. Meanwhile, a waiver of appearance has been filed for her.

      As for Dunn, I thought He has been in jail this whole while.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Thanks, at least someone else is watching what is happening in her case. Dunn is still locked up, I failed to put a sark tag on my post….. My bad….

    • Drew says:

      Railroaded into perjuring herself?

      Notice how these right-wingers blame things that happen after the crime was committed (Sharpton getting involved with TM murder, liberals crowing over Shellie’s perjury) as opposed to the actual per

    • colin black says:

      Nah she will plea out to probation or slap on the wrist fine.

      • crazy1946 says:

        Can we ship her to the UK? After following the news from there for a while, I think she and the Fogdoit would fit in quite well with some of the hate groups that they have allowed to flourish within their borders…. I can’t understand why a country that calls them selves civilized could allow so many hate groups to run free and cause riots and other harm to and toward minorities…. The UK should be ashamed of its self to allowing this to remain hidden in plain sight….

  25. crazy1946 says:

    Here is a little more information about our private prisons and the reasons we have them…. Corporate America at it’s best….. Why hire new employees when you have an unlimited source of semi free ones to choose from….. I wonder if you added up all the money paid to all the prisoners all over the country would add up to what one of the CEO’s of a large corporation is paid…..

  26. Woow! says:

    Don’t forget this from Scott Walker:

    Union Workers Replaced With Prison Labor Under Scott Walker’s Collective Bargaining Law

    • I remember Wisconsin union workers taking over the state’s Capital building when Scott Walker considered the labor union law. I could be wrong, but I don’t think private corporations’ profiting from free prison labor without a having a public purpose was in mind when the 13th amendment to the US Constitution was ratified against slavery.

      Thirteenth Amendment reads:
      Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. [emphasis mine]

      Notwithstanding railroad chain gangs, highway clean-up, and license plate manufacturing that had a benefit to the general public, the tactic of private corporations using prisoners’ involuntary servitude for their own bottom lines puts a new lens on the idea of capitalism and free market forces, especially when state and federal governments abdicate their responsibility to the public and hand over free labor to Wall Street.

      • I agree and I think this is one of the most important issues in this country today.

        The use of slave labor for private profit exposes the fatal flaw in neoliberal economics; namely, the invisible hand of a free market will permit the unlimited exploitation of the environment and the enslavement of labor in search of ever higher profits.

        Capitalism cannot regulate itself. Therefore, the government must regulate capitalism. Should it fail to do so, slavery and unlimited environmental degradation will necessarily result.

  27. Woow! says:

    Professor – doesn’t RICO permit a private individual harmed by the actions of such an enterprise to file a civil suit and if successful, the individual can collect treble damages?

    • Yes, there is a civil cause of action for violating the RICO statute that authorizes the court to grant injunctive relief an assess treble damages against the corrupt organization (called the enterprise) and the people who operate it.

      RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization

      • crazy1946 says:

        Based on a loose interpretation of the RICO Statutes could the family of Trayvon Martin sue the Sanford PD and several of the investigation officers and the local prosecuting attorney using the fraud and obstruction of justice portions as a guide and possibly the criminal enterprise portion? Could this not be in federal court? But last but not least could the Fogdoit be included as a participant in the fraud in the suit?

      • Woow! says:

        Each of those kids who were imprisoned should sue the private prison company that paid the judge as well as the judge.

        One more question. Since the judge committed the crime while performing within the scope of his employment, could the victims sue his employer (the state, county….etc.)?

        I know judges have immunity from civil suits but when there is gross misconduct such as this, the state/county should pay to ensure they better police the judges they employ. Those families should be giving the 2mil he got from the prison company.

        Judges have no accountability for their actions when it comes to sentencing.

  28. Girlp says:

    I’ve alway’s thought private prision’s are a bad idea, people go to jail for little or nothing and for awhile. Prison should never be a profit driven business it should not be a business at all and it doesn’t look like this is going to end anytime soon. When the 700 club say’s we’ve gone too far and are making innocent people criminals that’s saying somethng.

  29. Woow! says:

    “Russia Today filed a report on Sunday that said hundreds of companies nationwide now benefit from the low, and sometimes no-wage labor of America’s prisoners.***”Prison labor is being harvested on a massive scale, according to professors Steve Fraser and Joshua B. Freeman”***

    Prison Labor Booms As Unemployment Remains High; Companies Reap Benefits

  30. Tzar says:

    Bill Moyers Essay: The Hypocrisy of ‘Justice for All’

    Full interview with Brian Stevenson By Moyers

    Stevenson’s TED talk

  31. Woow! says:

    The american prison system feeds the rich’s quest thirst for capitalism, greed and lust for money.

    I guess the new abolitionist movement will be those fighting to eliminate of mass imprisonment.

    Prison stock is sold on the market. Inmates produce items or perform services for almost every major industry and they are paid little to no wages, $.50 to $2.00 a day. Umm wonder why the GOTP is trying to do away with the minimum wage. Inmates sew clothes, build furniture, farm, fight fires, provide free legal, accounting, and medical services to prison guards, their families, and friends.

    Phone companies are charging $10 to connect a prison call and $2 -$5 a minute thereafter. You can no longer send your love done a care package but you can provide the inmate with money so they can purchase products from companies the prison allows to sell to inmates, capitalism at its best.

    Private prisons do not take care of the inmates. They serve them food not fit for dogs, fail or refuse to give them proper medical care and medicine.

    Prisoners can no longer get a GED or obtain a college degree in prison.

    Guards abuse the prisoners, lie on them, write them up, tase them, and try anything they can to strip away their humanity and man hood.

    • Olivia says:

      “Phone companies are charging $10 to connect a prison call and $2 -$5 a minute thereafter. ”

      Woow, can you tell me who gets a percentage of the sales? The jail/prison, or the local government?

      • I don’t know if the jails get a kickback. A privately owned company manages all of the inmate phone calls nationwide and they can charge any amount they desire. They are basically thieving from inmate families who pay for the calls because the inmates have no money.

        The same is true for all items sold to inmates in the jail or prison commissary. Typically, the jail or prison will charge inmates 3-10 times more than the going price for an item on the outside. The so-called correctional facility keeps the profits and provides no services in return.

        For-profit jails and prisons are “hot” revenue producers today. For example, the county jail in the county where we live is the biggest revenue producer for the county.

        The opportunity to make a lot of money with little risk is what is driving the push to increase minimum mandatory sentences and impose longer sentences as well as to privatize jails and prisons.

        It’s certainly not driven by the rate of violent crime because it has remained steady or decreased since 1980.

        This is one the most serious threats to our liberty today and we need to focus national attention on it instead of the latest incredibly stupid, wasteful and racist Christian Crusade against Islam.

        • Malisha says:

          One of those prison phone companies stole $100 from me in 2004. I wrote to them and they refused to refund it. I then sent an e-mail and detailed what had happened and how they needed to send my 100 back. I’m sure they did this to people all the time because they were not prepared to have someone follow through on all legal means to get the money back. One of their employees sent me an e-mail, the subject line said:
          “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA” and there was no body of the e-mail.

          I printed it out and sent a copy of it by certified mail to the CEO, the CFO and the COO of the company at their headquarters in Texas. I threatened the Hell out of them and fussed and fumed for two pages. It cost me $15 to send off the letters certified, return receipt requested.

          Not ONE of the green cards came back indicating they had received my mail. But my $100 was refunded.

          I should have sued them for the $15.00.

  32. Tzar says:

    Judge who accepted private-prison bribes to send black kids to jail sentenced to 28 years

    Mark A. Ciavarella, one of two Pennsylvania judges who was paid bribes by a private prison contractor to send black children to prison and keep the for-profit prisons full. Ciavarella, who once sent an African-American child to jail for three months for posting negative comments about her assistant principal on MySpace, has been sentenced to 28 years in prison. He was convicted of racketeering, and has been stripped of his state pension.

    this is just the ones that got caught

    • Woow! says:

      I remember this story and it’s about damn time.

      He pissed someone off enough and got caught. There is no other way. The payout big and I don’t see him slipping unless someone ratted him our.

      The only other way he got caught is he looked up a white kid and when the parent(s) complained somebody listened.

    • pat deadder says:

      Tzar says Judge who acceoted bribes to send black kids to jail sentenced to 28 years.
      What happened to the kids he sent to prison.

      • The State should have conducted a review of all of the cases handled by the two judges. The state supreme court should have appointed a commission of judges, prosecutors and defense counsel to do the review.

        I don’t know whether that happened.

        • pat deadder says:

          Thank you Mr Leatherman Dear God I hope all his cases were reviewed.Going now to send a mere pittance.When my ship comes in your on my list.but as they say when my ship comes in I’ll probably be at the airport.

      • Tzar says:

        haven’t followed up, I imagine their sentences were vacated and records expunged

  33. Woow! says:

    Professor when I have some free time to spare I am going to do some research to find an old article from a few years ago I read where a black guy and his attorney were discussing how private prison’s find infractions or plant evidence in prison records when inmates come close to parole to keep them there longer.

    This guy talked about how the prison had a contract to provide produce, beef, and pork and would use the inmates a free labor selling the products at higher prices reaping all the benefits for the owner and investors.

    This guy also said that if the inmates would refuse to work, they would be beaten or false reports would be made, sometime contraband would be planted in their cells…. you get the picture.

    This was a while ago and I need to find it if I can.

  34. tesspowell says:

    Reblogged this on teesepowell and commented:
    The New Jim Crow

  35. crazy1946 says:

    Until we devise a legal system that does not judge based on skin color along with the rest of the evidence the problem will not go away… When you have a court hear two cases that are very similar and one gets a fine and a slap on the hand, and the other gets a long prison sentence and the only visible difference between the two cases and the defendants is skin color, one must assume that the system is broken and needs to be overhauled….

    • Woow! says:

      That will not happen until the current minority becomes the new majority and put everyone on equal footing.

      Hopefully those who just can’t stand fairness and can afford to will move overseas or somewhere.

      • crazy1946 says:


        “That will not happen until the current minority becomes the new majority and put everyone on equal footing.”

        Oh, ok then I’ll just slink back under my rock and set my alarm for about fifty years or so from now, then get up and all will be better!
        Other people can sit around with this problem existing, but I don’t have that long to wait. The time for change is now, not later, the local prosecutor will not call me for jury duty because I have told him several times I will only base my vote as a member of a jury on the laws on the books and not their unwritten law as they seek to enforce them…. Apathy does not set well with me, and I honestly think that if we as a united people want change to occur than it will happen….

        • Woow! says:

          I do not plan to wait. But I do think there will not be significant change until the tides turn and the very ones making the laws that allow these things to happen is directly affected.

          These people are morally bankrupt and are the devil incarnate walking on earth. They have no soul because if they did, they would have apathy for others.

          Racist idiots have no brains and they seem to get into positions of power that affects the lives of others. These people would scare the devil out of hell.

          • Mary Davis says:

            @ Woow. Lets not give them too much power. They can be stopped. Our vote is one way to stop them. This is what they are so afraid of. I honestly believe at the rate the republicans are going, they will lose the majority vote, not only dependency but locally as well.

    • pat deadder says:

      crazy1946 Is it true prisons in the U.S. are privately owned and they are paid by the government per inmate.If true there is a great incentive for corruption.Doesn’t Jan Brewer have some ties to profits from prisons.So imho people should be fighting against privately owned prisons as much as SYG.Who do you think are going to go to prison more often for a minor offence..Not white people you can bet on it.I want to know how to find out who is profiting from prisons.

      • crazy1946 says:

        pat deader, It is the latest trend of the GOP/TP to profit from the “lower” classes of people (at least they seem to think that all wealthy people are lower class) by forcing them into “legalized” slavery! If and when the playing field is leveled in the justice system, I would suspect that the profit motivation will suddenly disappear and the prison system will go back to being owned, run and operated by the state and federal government. Take the money away from these fools and they suddenly don’t want to participate in the scam any longer… You ask is Gov Brewer involved in the prison scam? I had posted a link below that mentioned some of her actions and profit motivation, but understand that she is but one of the state Governors that is partaking in this scam being perpetuated upon the poor and minorities of this country today under the guise of good fiscal management! Or to put it in what I consider better (or at least more accurate) terms, the wholesale rape of the poor and the minorities of this nation….

        • crazy1946 says:

          The internet termites ate a word again! My comment should have read “(at least they seem to think that non wealthy people are lower class)”! I corrected it in my draft but it did not make it into my post correctly! I think that it would be a good day to hide, as it is not starting out well….. under my rock out of the rain I go… 🙂

          • pat deadder says:

            If by some miracle thousands and thousands of people can unite to promote the common good will that work.I’m worried the powers that be might bring out the army.I so admire Rev. Barber and the people of N.C.and hope to see Moral Mondays have a positive affect,.Believe it or not I used to be an optimist.

        • pat deadder says:

          crazy1946 Thank you so much for the article.Don’t ever hide under your rock the U.S.of America needs people like you.

          • crazy1946 says:

            pat deader, I suppose one could say “my rock” is sort of like a small child and their blanket. It is my spot for refuge from the sometimes over powering trauma caused by frustration with the processes that allows mankind to manifest such hatred toward other members of society. It is also a spot for meditation and thought toward development of ideas to promote equality for all people regardless of the color of skin, heritage, or even financial hardship. This story actually had it’s start many years ago in Cambodia in a bunker dug into a hill designed to protect we “non existent” (at least to the rest of the world) Helicopter pilots that were in a location that our country still today denies we were ….

        • Wow, the profit margins of these corporations are staggering! We can only imagine how soon we all will be personally affected by the insatiable appetites of these machines. I have to find out where I can help those who have recognized and are offering solutions to this massive problem. It simply has to stop.

  36. crazy1946 says:


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