Ariel Castro will be sentenced today

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good morning to all of our friends:

Ariel Castro is going to be sentenced today to life in prison without possibility of parole.

He kidnapped, imprisoned and sexually enslaved three girls in his Cleveland home for years. Gary Strauss of USA Today reports:

Castro kidnapped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight between 2002 and 2004, fathering a Christmas Day child with Berry, now 6, He also beat and starved Knight when she became pregnant, forcing her to miscarry five times.

Castro pled guilty to more than 900 counts, including aggravated murder, rape and kidnapping to avoid the death penalty.

He will be sentenced at 9 am EDT this morning.

This hearing is going to be a little late starting due to security concerns and getting him dressed out and settled in the courtroom.

The hearing may last several hours and possibly most of the day

Expect graphic testimony.

Watch the livestream here:


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275 Responses to Ariel Castro will be sentenced today

  1. Santana- Beyond Appearances – “Spirit”

  2. Two sides to a story says:

    Glad justice is swift and sure in Ohio. Too bad Fogen didn’t pull his stunt there.

  3. Jeff Tiedrich ‏@jefftiedrich 2m
    Why was #Zimmerman speeding through Texas with a gun in his car? Did he hear there’s a black person in New Mexico?
    View summary

    • Boyd says:

      Do not be surprised if we find out that his new line of work is making appearances at events, gun clubs.

      Signing posters like the retired Ball players do.

    • Girlp says:

      The officer also told him to not play with his weapon and told him to put it back in the glove compartment…I guess he forgot he was not in Sanford. He could have gotten himself shot he is clueless and very immature.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        This was what I found interesting about the Texas stop.

        Could it be that gz always had his gun in his glove compartment when he drove his car in Sanford with the clip not attached? What if this indeed was his practice?

        That is, to wear his holster empty while driving and then only put the gun in his holster when he exited his car.

        This would mean that gz CONSCIOUSLY grabbed his gun and then his clip from the glove compartment as he exited his vehicle to chase Trayvon.

        If this were the case, the click clack click and rap rap rap sounds before and after he said his last name to the dispatcher really could have been gz arming his gun.

        If so, gz was hunting Trayvon down knowingly with his gun.

        Very incriminating!

        • Girlp says:

          Never thought of that would make sense, the sound is of him opening the glove compartment and loading his gun. I get the feeling O’Mara is going to lose his money maker what I hate is someone might get hurt or killed.

        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          Yes, Girlp.

          We know that gz had his clip separated from his gun in Texas.

          Here is what the Texas police officer says to gz:

          Timestamp 01:41 of video at this link:

          Just take it easy. Go ahead and shut your glove compartment.
          Don’t load your firearm, okay?

          • Girlp says:

            So George believes he’s loved by law enforcement, I get the feeling outside of Sanford and Port St. Lucie he is eyed with suspicion. Odd how people can’t see that something is wrong with GZ. However he may want to think twice about his behavior in Texas he thinks he still in Sanford. I don’t think much of him getting a warning that’s not so unusual so I don’t believe the officer was doing him any special favors however I do believe the officer was humoring an idiot who was showing off his gun like a 3 year old showing you his new toy.

          • You all have thoughtful comments says:


            I agree that LE outside of Florida will think they have a potential problem in their community if gz shows up.

            I don’t know, but I think gun rules say that you have to inform an officer who pulls you over that you have a gun in your car.

            And, yes, gz should have received a ticket like anyone else would have.

          • Girlp: That gun is an extension of GZ’s hoo-ha, if you ask me.

  4. Boyd says:

    Was always surprised the Castro Brothers did not bull their way into the house to see what was going on.

    • Deborah Moore says:

      Here’s my guess, fwiw,. If there was a history of sexual abuse in their childhood, they might have repressed “normal” curiosity or worry about what their brother was doing.
      A totally “lay” opinion on my part.

    • LBTG says:

      The windows were boarded up. Wouldn’t it seem strange to neighbors to see family coming in and out of a boarded house?

      • Deborah Moore says:

        It would be strange and one of the lessons we, as a society and as individuals, can learn from this tragedy as well as the tragedy that happened to Trayvon Martin, is to not shirk away when bad things are obviously happening. Speak up, go out and check, put your Self in there. It’s either that or we’re spirally into chaos.

        • cielo62 says:

          Exactly! Deborah, I ran out into rush hour traffic (true, it was moving rather slowly), stopped a few cars and SHIMMIED under a car all in order to rescue a kitten! NO DOUBT I would have been just as crazy to save a person from danger! WHY don’t people get involved anymore? FEAR.

        • a2nite says:

          The problem is this stuff gets covered up by the evil RW corporate MSM. How would we know about Trayvon Martin?
          Someone had to make a fuss.

          Similarly with the gentleman who was shot by the police in his own yard. The evil news has to be in on not covering this. They have to talk about shootings in
          Chicago and such to continue the message that black men are violent criminals & need to be put down like rabid dogs.

          That is is the only way the majority could justify killing a kid for walking back home from the store by a violent monster.

        • Deborah Moore says:

          Fist bump, and then,
          Hip bump.

  5. ay2z says:

    Hope the no contact order works. A Canadian serial child killer, got sentenced and made a deal early on, to give his wife and son 140,000 dollars (?), which was a large amount at the time, as payment for bodies.

    He continued while in Kingston Pen, to taunt the parents of his young victims every chance he got, and even found a way to message them, plus the endless parole hearing and other public manipulations he used to get publicity and to get at his victim’s families.

    Clifford Olsen, finally died in prison and that ended his reign of terrorism from his cell.

  6. LBTG says:

    FL Gov. Rick Scott Demands Jesse Jackson Apologize For Linking Zimmerman Trial To ’60s-era Selma, AL
    “In an appearance in Tallahassee this week, Rev. Jesse Jackson ignited controversy when he said that the outcome in the trail of George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was a threat to African-American civil rights on a scale unseen since the federal government forcibly integrated public universities in Selma, Alabama, in the 1960s. On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott demanded that Jackson apologize for his “divisive” comments.”

    Demand an apology my a$$. Why should someone apologize for speaking the truth.

  7. ay2z says:

    Commentator is saying he can come back and claim sick, issues,, confusion, stage set for appeal, or ‘crack’ for appeal.

    • At one point, I thought Castro was going to flunk his guilty plea by denying that he was a violent man and claiming that he never hurt anyone.

      I do not think, however, that he is going to get out of this plea because he has admitted committing the acts to which he pled guilty and there is evidence in the record to support his pleas.

      His remedy, if he were successful in withdrawing his plea, would be to go back to the beginning facing a possible death penalty.

      • ay2z says:

        For him, he might enjoy the attention of a new fight. He did say he was not violent.

        He also excused the abandoned boy on the bus issue, by saying he was ‘helping out’ on a route that wasn’t his own, as a fill in. If he wanted to gain access to that child, and could do it, using someone else’s route would be the better way to go to keep his activities secret. But then maybe he pulled out of the plan and walked away.

      • Deborah Moore says:

        Fred, on this morning of horrors, your first sentence made me smile. Thank you.

    • Girlp says:

      Sick! he has no remorse he blames his victims he is not confused about anything he was methodical he planned the kidnappings and created methods to make them submissive and enslaved them that’s not confusion in my book.

  8. fauxmccoy says:

    hi — i’m faux and i’m an addict.

    i delivered above mentioned bathing suit with the macbook pro riding shotgun, with seat belt, and using my smartphone’s wifi so as to not miss a moment of sentencing.

    may god have mercy on your soul, mr castro, because i sure don’t.

    • ay2z says:

      LOL, need a cartoon of that!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      😀 Fauxie!

      I’m just hit and run on the blog today. Don’t want to look at Mr. Castro as long or as thoroughly as I looked at Fogen. Anyway, Ohio has their cases under control!

      • fauxmccoy says:

        what? not even a “hi faux!’ 😉

        • Goodness how rude of me, where have my manners gone: Hi faux!

          Funny, we were in Tennessee recently, where we were in a parking lot. Fred had stepped into an office. I saw a man struggling with a flat tire and the man looked elderly, so I approached him to help.

          Without either of us saying hello to each other, the man said to me, “It’s so hot, I saw a dog chasing a rabbit, and they was both walkin.'”

          Before we ended our fun conversation, I told the man I love colloquialisms, and he told me he picked up many over the years, working construction in the South and the deep South. He added, “I can’t repeat some of them, in the presence of a lady.”

          Can you imagine? LOL

          One more from him: “The wind was blowing so hard, I had a chicken lay the same egg three times.”

          Anyhow, good morning!

  9. ay2z says:

    commentators still say he’s got mental issues, say he’s sick. He’s a manipulative psychopath, the judge only calling him seemingly (by no diagnosis he says, not qualified) antisocial personality disorder, but also shows ‘extreme narcissism’.

  10. Girlp says:

    Castro say’s he’s not a monster, I don’t know what else to call him, I’m crying for those young women he has tainted their lives forever.

    • Boyd says:

      The girls did not want to be there, he’s a lunatic.

      And he had huge stones to do what he did, again that’s why he’s a lunatic.

  11. LWOP + 1000 years, plus all assets, the home, the gun, and court costs.

  12. Linda Andersen says:

    I don’t think I have the energy to sit through another trial. Fogen’s wiped me out.

  13. $100,000 fine plus court costs.

  14. Life without parole + 1,000 years.

  15. LWOP on Ct 1

    assorted other sentences imposed ranging from 10 to life.

    Bottom Line Judge Russo accepted the plea agreement and Ariel Castro will never be released from prison.

    The reason for all of these guilty pleas and consecutive life sentences is to create a record of guilty pleas to all of the offenses this man committed so that there is a record of what he did and that he voluntarily admitted to doing it.

  16. “The defendant will never be released from incarceration, during the course of his natural life.”

    The court accepts this.

    Now addressing concurrent vs consecutive. Although Ohio prefers minimums or concurrents…

    let me guess? consecutive?

  17. ay2z says:

    He’ll be appealing sooner than he can eat his first jail cafeterua hot dog.

  18. Lord God. Anybody got a calculator?

  19. fauxmccoy says:

    ackkkk — kid forgot bathing suit and i must deliver …. i so want to hear this entire sentencing.

    will see y’all in a bit.

  20. ten, twenty thirty forty…

    I just lost count, but court is ticking off sentences with ten year minimums.

  21. Girlp says:

    He just realized he’s going away for life that’s why he’s arguing also has no remorse, it’s just not there.

  22. Court addressing aggravated murder charges. Castro will be sentenced on count 1.

    “What do you want to say, you pled guilty to it?”

    If he ain’t careful, he will flunk his guilty plea.

  23. annnnd Castro again arguing with the Court.

    We need to be giving seminars to these defense attorneys, about how to help clients like this to shut the fuck up.

  24. fauxmccoy says:

    oh help me jesus, this dude needs to be put away for ever and ever. now arguing about his job ‘performance’.

  25. concernedczen says:

    This judge doesn’t run a tight courtroom. Keeps letting Castro respond to him.

  26. Court lamenting that some of the prior abuse should have been prosecuted and adds that victims need to seek help and press charges.

  27. Girlp says:

    How can this POS argue with the judge he should sit there quietly and accept his fate….He will never get out of jail and should never get out of jail… Really did he really say rape is not violence.

  28. fauxmccoy says:

    mr. judge sir — i hope you have a very hefty book at your disposal and can heave it upon this creep.

  29. Court opines, “extreme narcicissm.”

  30. Court trying to be rational, “You say there was harmony in the home. I am not sure anyone else in America would agree with you.”

  31. Oh great, so now he is arguing with the judge…

  32. fauxmccoy says:

    missed most of cretin’s statement while taking my own beloved daughters to a wonderful outing with friends. what a blessing.

  33. Court referring to previous cases…

  34. Court explaining to Castro, that although he may disagree, “By virtue of your plea, you agreed to that.” (meaning rape)

    Court now coming up with sentence

  35. He seems to be aware, on some level, that what he did was very wrong, but the stream of consciousness oral diarrhea did not sound so great, because at the same time there was a good deal of denial.

    Court reminding Castro that he has agreed not to profit, by writing a book.

    Court (Roflol):

    “Thank you for your remarkable restraint during that um…statement….”

  36. ay2z says:

    What did he say was “uncalled for by the DeJesus family at the end”?

    So, his mental disease is sexual addition?

    The judge just thanked Ms. Knight for her ‘remarkable restraint during that statement”

    Ms. Knight is heard from the courtroom, “Thank you your honour”.

  37. “There was harmony in that home.”

  38. WTF, youtube video?!? The FBI let the girls down?!? Dude, pleeaaase STFU…

  39. “We had a lot of family going on in that home.”

  40. I am afraid to ask: Is he still talking?

  41. He goes all GZ: “With God as my witness….”

  42. “She (the daughter) had a normal life.”

    “Amanda got in my vehicle and I didn’t even know what it was.”

    Says he didn;t come home after church and beat them. “That’s just wrong.”

    “As God is my witness, I did not torture them.”

  43. Yo dude: Shut the fuck up already.

    Defense attorney needs to poke him in the ribs and tell him to say he is deeply sorry, then zip it.

    Please please please stop talking about your own daughter Mr. Castro

    And don’t mention the victims,

    La la La la Laaaa, I cannot hear you…

    “I am sick. I have an addiction. Just like an alcoholic…”

    La La lalalaaaaaa la laaaa, I cannot…

  44. concernedczen says:

    OMG he’s insane. The sex was consensual. This guy needs to shut up.

  45. “I didn’t plan to kidnap the first girl.”

    “I an not a violent person.”

    “I had a family.”

    “I am not trying to make excuses.”

  46. Castro speaks.

    “I am not a monster. I am sick.”

    “I believe I am a victim of porn.”

    “I am a happy person inside.”

  47. “I believe I am a victim of porn. I am not trying to make excuses here…”

    Um. Wrong answer, Mr. Castro.

    PS How is it that these people end up driving a school bus?

  48. Castro speaking.mentions pornography.

    “I am not a monster. I am sick.”

  49. concernedczen says:

    It’s gross that Ariel Castro feels he needs to say something.

  50. a2nite says:

    Was there any discussion about how he got the police off of his track? I think they were looking at him early in the investigation.

    I think he pointed the finger at a male family member or an in-law.

  51. Court says to prosecutor, “You seem to be operating under the impression that this Court doesn’t know what this case is about.”

  52. Tim McGinty, the Cuyaga County Prosecuting Attorney, addresses the Court and points out that Castro has no mental illness and blamed his victims for getting into his vehicle,

  53. Why is this next prosecutor arguing here? The sentence has been mutually agreed to.

    He says, “There is no remorse.”

    Yeah. Like GZ. No remorse at all.

  54. “We understand the prosecution’s recommendation.”

  55. Defense makes a short presentation.

  56. Prosecutor asked for court to go more than life pluss 1000 years. Defense reminding court that the sentence was agreed upon.

    Court speaking now.

  57. Mentions how perverse it was that he went to church on Sundays and came home to terrorize them.

    He interacted with the families of the victims pretending to be concerned.

    Comments on Michelle Knight’s assisting the birth of Amanda Berry’s daughter and breathing life into her when she stopped breathing.

  58. Prosecutor summarized the State’s position and recommendantion for what he did to these women for 13,226 days of captivity.

  59. Prosecutor now on the sentencing recommendation, supporting the recommendation for the agreed upon plea.

  60. “I will move on from this. You will be in hell for eternity.”

    I can forgive you, but I will not forget.”

    “After 11 years, I am finally being heard. I thank you.”

  61. fauxmccoy says:

    michelle knight — what an incredibly brave, courageous woman!

  62. she is addressing Castro- “You took 11 years of my life away…”

    He needs to wipe that stupid grin off his face.

  63. Michelle Knight:

    Her friendship with Gina is what kept her alive.

  64. She is addressing her son; they were separated when he was 2 1/2 years old; she thought she may never see him again.

    (I think. sounds problems on this screen)

  65. ay2z says:

    Michel, after hugs from the families of her co-survivors, is speaking now.

  66. concernedczen says:

    Michelle Knight is tiny.

  67. Michelle Knight now to give victim impact statement…

  68. Amanda Berry’s sister addresses the Court. She wants to protect her daughter from this horror.

    She thanks everyone who assisted them.

  69. ay2z says:

    Amanda does not want to talk about ‘these things’, with her sisiter, with anyone else, nor does she want anyone else talking or writing about these things, all to protect her daughter.

  70. Amanda Berry representative and sister saying she does not want to talk about this case, because of the young daughter.

    requesting privacy.

  71. She thanks everyone and says her family does not hold the Castro family accountable.

    She faces Castro and in Spanish says, May God love you.

  72. de Jesus spokesperson says they do not want to address this, past today.

    de Jesus planning to go to school and college, and that she lives as a survivor, not a victim.

    asks for privacy.

    addressing Ariel Castro in Spanish.

    Fred says she said, “May God love you”



  73. ay2z says:

    A psychopath won’t like the rejection of DeJesus’s family as ‘victim’, rather she is a survivor.

    She now addresses Castro with a short message in Spanish. (translation anyone please?)

    Amanda’s reprs are up now.

  74. Sylvia Colon is speaking for Gina de Jesus. She is a cousin.

  75. Sylvia Colon giving statement on behalf of de Jesus family.

  76. ay2z says:

    Victim impact statements, called the most important evidence, by the woman prosecutor.

    Beginning with representatives of Gina. They will stand in front of the judge.

  77. Court is back in session, with Judge Michael Russo.

  78. ay2z says:

    He is looking back again now, extended look, …. then repeats it again momentarily. He’s drawn to his victim’s place in the courtroom, for some reason.

  79. Court is about to resume.

    Michelle Knight is in the courtroom. I believe she is going to testify.

  80. ay2z says:

    Amazing control of the predator by the young woman Michelle Knight…. she has taken control in this moment!

  81. ay2z says:

    Wow, Michelle Knight is there in the courtroom! The ……….. noticed this, looked in her direction, he’s become animated, commentator says by bodylanguage, that he’s going to maybe partally justify that he was not totally in control of his actions, semi-justify himself, call himself a victim. (this commentator suspects he will try to come across this way, tho his lawyers would have tried to coach him otherwise).

    Commentator is saying the ……….. is agitated, lawyers trying to calm him.

    No mental disease, full blown psychopath. He can live well in prison, control his world from there, if this is the case.

  82. Why does it so amaze the mainstream media analysts, regarding Castro’s body language? The man lacks conscience. Analysts predict he will play himself as victim, but I don’t think he will do this. I have a feeling Castro may be straight forward.

  83. So much win in Charles Ramsey, compared to that candy ass coward in Sanford…

    • ay2z says:

      the jury of the candy ass coward, would be critical of his speech, communication skills, and they might feel sorry for him. He communicated just fine, successful beyond doubt. But that foreperson space lawyer’s wife juror who judged Rachel Jeantel, was biased and unfair and so ignorant.

    • a2nite says:

      Yes, he’s the one who one of these women went to. The police came later. He solved the crime that the police failed to do.

      Just like in the Anthony Sowell case, the police just couldn’t be bothered because the victims weren’t quite valuable enough.

      He’s a hero in my book, don’t care how he talks or looks.

  84. These folks need to realize they are on camera and attorneys need to tell Castro not to be giggling today, for any reason whatsoever.

  85. ay2z says:

    Recess for 10, big smile, grin from the ……… in orange as he is led out.

  86. Terror induced anxiety

    Relentless degradation

    Deprived of normal experiences

    This was a perversion of intimacy.

    Describes Stockholm Syndrome: bonding to the captor as though the captor is a mother.

    The damage that was done will not go away even with the full and loving support of friends and the community.

  87. describing Michelle Knight’s taking on role of pediatrician and delivering a baby, plus resuscinating the baby, as extraordinary.

  88. a2nite says:

    What happened to the gentleman who actually did the rescuing? I think his name is Ramsey.

  89. concernedczen says:

    Dr. Ochberg is very good.

  90. psychiatrist now explaining Stockholm syndrome.

  91. Dr. Frank Ochberg, a psychiatrist, was part of the group that diagnosed the women.

    He describes his educational background and experience and lists what he reviewed for this case.

  92. Another psychiatrist on the stand now.

  93. He wrote a report summarizing his findings.

    “The scope of Ariel Castro’s crime is unprecedented.”

    The length of time, number of victims and the specific nature of this crime within a residential neighborhood is what makes this offense unprecedented.

    The exercise of complete control that he exercised over each of these victims down to their biological functions while he carried on a normal life with family, friends and other people, including a girlfriend, makes this crime unprecedented.

    A forensic psychiatrist, a Dr. Resnick, evaluated Castro for competence and reported no evidence of mental illness.

    Admits on cross that this was a competency evaluation by a psychiatrist and not a thorough psychological evaluation.

  94. concernedczen says:

    It’s hard to believe this expert that Ariel Castro has no psychiatric illness whatsoever.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      a sociopath, which castro certainly is, does not necessarily have concurrent psychiatric illness. psychosis such as bi-polar or schizophrenia are organic chemical brain imbalances and are treatable, there is no known treatment for pedophiles or other types of sociopathic behaviors.

  95. Defense reitterating that sanity and competency are different legal concepts.

  96. Psychiatrist says this type of situation is unprecedented.

    (I’ll add, at least that we know of, it’s unprecedented. I would not be surprised if there are situations we don’t know of)

  97. Psychiatrist (forensic) on the stand now.

  98. Next witness is a psychiatrist who works with the FBI Behavioral Unit.

    He describes what he does and what he reviewed in this case.

  99. ay2z says:

    Dr. Gregory Saath, MD, psychiatrist, forensic, with U of Virginia. Consultant to FBI critical incident group– negotiators, profilers, responders.

  100. Identifies a CDR as a video with audio of the two interviews.

  101. He kidnapped the girls to satisfy his sexual needs. He admitted that he knew that what he was doing was wrong.

    He showed the guns to the girls as a form of control.

    He handed an unloaded gun to a girl and asked her to pull the trigger as a form of determining whether he could trust her.

    He never expressed any remorse.

    He gave him an opportunity to apologize, but he never did.

  102. As to the ‘why,’ Castro explained to sheriff that it was to purely satisfy his sexual needs. Castro was very straight forward with the sheriff.

  103. Detective Jacobson is the next witness.

    He interviewed Castro twice on 5/7 and 5/8.

    Mirandized him. Obtained a waiver.

    Used a non-confrontational interview style.

    Castro was cooperative and answered questions directly in a straight-forward manner.

    He called himself a sexual predator.

  104. fauxmccoy says:

    do you know which way the streets run in nassau county?

    • crazy1946 says:

      fauxmccoy, The streets in Jacksonville, especially in the older parts run sort of helter skelter, it is a town that is extremely difficult to find your way around in…. When I was there on business, even my GPS would get lost…. Newer parts of the area the roads tend to run north to south and east to west… Hope this helps…

  105. On cross, he agrees that the letter acknowledges a mental illness driving his conduct.

    Disagrees that he expressed a desire to commit suicide in the note.

    • ay2z says:

      Why is this not a defense? Is this not a case where the defense could fight for ‘treatment’? Psychopathy is not treatable, but is it mental disease or defect so that is probably not the case here, unless Castro’s behaviour of compliance is pure evil manipulation.

  106. Dave Jacobs, with the Sheriff, on stand now.

  107. Down to the basement.

    Shows the center pole where the victims were chained up.

    He ran a barter system with the women paying them for sex and then they would pay him to buy things for them.

    He has a handwritten note where he calls himself a sexual predator.

    Multiple full face motorcycle helmets were found.

  108. Victims forced to wear a wig and disguise, on the times they were allowed outside.

  109. In Castro’s handwriting, in a diary found inside a helmet, Castro says, “Bottom line is I am a sexual predator.”

  110. One bedroom upstairs was occupied by Amanda Berry and her child lived. This bedroom was 11 x 11. Windows nailed shut

    The other bedroom was 7 x 11 and occupied by Michelle Knight and Gina de Jesus.

  111. The only bathroom was next to the kitchen on the main floor.

  112. A heavy curtain concealed the turn in the stairs from below.

  113. Boyd says:

    They did this really quick. It was in May they made an arrest.

  114. fauxmccoy says:

    house of fucking horrors

  115. A porch swing was positioned at the foot of the stairs on the main floor.

  116. Makeshift alarm system was hooked up to the front and rear doors.

  117. The FBI created the scale model 1 inch = 1 foot using total station data.

    The experience of going through the house was” surreal and difficult.”

    The colors on the model match the colors inside the home.

    He describes modifications to the house to turn it into a prison.

    Over 1,000 photos were taken inside the home.

  118. Showing the house model now.

    House essentially designed to be a prison, it appears.

  119. They arranged for world class medical and psychological care for the victims and transported them to and from appointments.

    Their needs are ongoing.

  120. FBI agent a former paramedic.

    Describes the victims’ physical condition. He did not asses them, but says they appeared pale and dehydrated.

  121. fauxmccoy says:

    after what we witnessed in florida, it’s refreshing to see law enforcement getting things right.

    • Amen. What a breath of fresh air, compared to that bullshit in Suck, Florida.

      • ay2z says:

        SPD would probably have charged the women with prostitution, if they survived the police ‘raid’. Not sure how much of how much ‘snark’ if any, is intended.

        • Mark O’Mara would have turned any sort of trial into a sick twisted, ‘They asked for it’ type of thing; we would have put all the victims on trial, and then called Castro’s kinfolks to verify that Castro was the real victim of rape and torture.

        • I wasn’t snarking at all when I said that if this was Florida the first responders would have done that. Especially in that corrupt hellhole, Sanford.

          O’Mara: what a horrendous person. Just an egregious, sickening human being.

  122. He describes what they did to get hotel rooms for the victims and reunite them with their loved ones.

  123. He went to the scene and looked into the ambulance where he recognized Berry and de Jesus. He didn’t recognize Knight or Berry’s child.

    They had not been investigating the Knight kidnapping, which was earlier and they did not get much cooperation from Knight’s family.

  124. SA Andrew Burke, FBI: The FBI got involved in the investigation of the disappearances back in 2002 and they worked with the Cleveland PD until the girls were found.

  125. FBI agent first responder on stand now, video clip accompanying on screen.

  126. Next witness is a firearms expert who examined a .357 magnum Ruger revolver that was discovered inside Castro’r residence.

    The gun was operable.

    He also examined the chains.

    99.3 feet long

    92.28 lbs weight

    Castro is the father of the child, which was established by DNA evidence.

  127. Barr testifying about a Ruger .357 revolver, that was recovered from the crime scene.

    He tested operability. The gun was operable.

  128. Prosecution wanted to redirect, and Judge said basically, don’t bother, move on.

    Joshua Barr, a forensics firearms analyst, on stand.

  129. Many of the counts generally reflect one rape per month per victim, which is consistent with their claims of frequent rapes over a long period of time.

  130. IMO, defense really shouldn’t try to mitigate the circumstances at this point. It’s horrible enough.

  131. Defense is doing some cross, regarding Michelle Knight’s pregnancies.

  132. He describes Gina de Jesus kidnapping.

    Pattern: Castro wins confidence by referring to his daughter and son, whom the girls knew. They get in his van and he detours to he house where he lures them inside and then restrains and rapes them.

    All victims were restrained during the entire time they were captive and raped orally, vaginally, and anally.

  133. He describes Berry’s escape.

  134. Next, he describes the Amanda Berry kidnapping and the Amanda Berry pregnancy.

  135. On that first night, he sexually assaulted her, then chained and duct taped her, and left her in the basement.

  136. Amanda Berry was kidnapped after her work at Burger King, when she was 16.

  137. The lead detective is the next witness.

    He went to the hospital.

    He spoke to Michelle Knight first.

    She describes being kidnapped by Castro who had lured her into his house to give her a puppy. He resrqined her with an extension cord and then chained her in the basement, placed a footballhelmet over her head and raped her.

  138. Castro forced spontaneous abortions by starvation and abuse.

  139. Fred is wondering why none of the witnesses is being sworn to testify under oath.

  140. ER doc saw physical bruises. Knight did not want to be touched by a male.

    Rape kit exams were taken.

    All three said they were vaginally raped.

  141. All 3 reported forcible vaginal rape.

    No cross from defense.

    Sex crimes officer up next.

  142. Several bruises noted on all 3: ER physician testifies…

  143. Next up is the ER doc.

    All 3 were distraught.

    All 3 related that they were sexually assaulted and physically assaulted.

    Knight described being beaten and starved to induce a miscarriage.

  144. Emergency physician on the stand now.

    Patients arrived by EMS

    All 3 appeared emotionally distraught.

    All 3 related to us

    Thant they had been held prisoner and were sexually and physically abused.

    All 3 were malnourished.

    Michelle Knight given to care of all-female staff.

  145. She took them outside where they joined up with Amanda Berry. All 3 looked really thin, pale and scared.

    Amanda Berry had the little girl.

    She called for an ambulance because Michelle Knight was having trouble breathing.

    She stayed with the three women all day.

    Berry seemed more together because she was trying to be strong for her daughter.

  146. No cross from the defense. Which is refreshing after watching the likes of that scumbag Mark O’Mara.

  147. Jesus. This testimony is heartbreaking.

  148. At first she thought Michelle Knight was a child because she was so small and frail.

  149. Then she saw Gina de Jesus.peeking out of a bedroom.

  150. She describes the rescue of Michelle Knight who jumped into the arms of a male police officer and then the witness.

  151. 1st witness is a woman police officer who responded to the scene after the 911 call.

  152. I have the grossest feeling that if this had been Florida, the first responders would have simply killed everyone in the house, and then blamed the victims.

  153. The judge is going to permit the prosecution to put into evidence the basis for the plea agreement so that the public and the court knows “what he did for over 10 years,” to support this plea resolution and merit this sentence.

    Quote is from the prosecutor.

  154. Brief interruption to Fred’s Livestream. Okay, we’re back. A police officer who responded to the scene (first responder) is on the stand.

  155. Looks like the Judge will allow the graphic stuff.

  156. A formal and brief apology from Castro.

  157. Castro apologizes formally to the victims and the court.

  158. ay2z says:

    He sounds and acts and looks like a ‘real soft guy’.

    • Mary says:

      evil always does sound ‘soft’ and even ‘reasoning’. it’s part of evil’s guise. but it also sounds fake.

      take for example, a certain George Zimmerman ….

  159. Defense lawyers are stating objections for the record in hopes of preventing the presentation of graphic evidence about this horrible crime.

    Their argument is that he pled guilty and stipulated to the sentence. Therefore, there is no need to present the evidence.

    • ay2z says:

      Judge not accepting defense argument, but will only hear what is necessary for sentencing, and to explain the extent of the sentence. He is also questioning the state, state says ‘it is not a done del yet’, the deal can still be withdrawn. They will be offering statements from investigators, photos, etc, in supporting the plea, to show the judge the extent of the crimes, and that it supports the sentence. The judge must decide if the agreement sentence is appropriate.

  160. Defense objecting to anything other than victim, or victim representative, speaking.

    So, defense does not want graphic stuff to be presented today.

  161. Castro is not going to be released. Nevertheless, the judge is following the SOP that is involved in reviewing and accepting every felony guilty plea to an offense that by statute has sexual offender reporting requirements after release into the community.

    This is all standard operating procedure.

  162. Why are they going over the reporting requirements, when he will not be released?

  163. Court is in session. The judge is explaining Castro’s rights…

  164. Castro is in court. Judge is on the bench. Court is in session.

  165. ay2z says:

    He just entered in bright orange. Court official just told people in the court to put cameras away please.

  166. fauxmccoy says:

    probably the smartest move this creep has made in decades. i’m relieved that these three young women do not have to endure any further victimization of the trial process.

  167. Rachael says:

    what time zone?

  168. ay2z says:

    Thank you for the livestream link! I was just looking, when I returned to see your new headline up. Thanks.

    The wildabouttrial site doesn’t show a link coming yet, but there are two related articles about what the prosecutor will show and about the women’s diaries. .

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