19 Responses to Frog Gravy: Ruthie Gets New Felony Charges

  1. damn I’ve been working on this post for hours! and i never saved anything and now i erased it all!!!!!!!!! i’m so mad i wanna puke!

    anyway i was asking you crane about your writing. i was just saying that this story got me and i found it to be just perfect for me to read. kinda like it was written in a way that i seem to like to read. you have an awesome talent and i admire you for your writing skills and the way you put memories on paper. that’s really amazing i think.

    ps. i’m so upset about Ruthie now, i don’t know why this touched me so much. but this shit system is depressing. i’m glad you got your body out of there before something terrible happened to you.

  2. Trained Observer says:

    Crane-Station — Know you’ve been busy and that it’s your birthday, but have you applied yet for that writer’s conference mentioned a few days ago? Nag, nag, nag … a little kick, a little kick to spur you on …

  3. Trained Observer says:

    This captures a system so outrageous, and so very sad. Poor Ruthie, likely representing too many to count similar to her in disability. The one glimmer of humanity … a guard actually sent flowers to the funeral.

  4. colin black says:

    Doing time is bad enough

    But doing time for a crime you did not commit can be soul destroying.Funny thing is you’ve never met so many innocent people until you end up in prison.

    All thease hardened allegedly pro criminals will admit to every crime under the sun excepptin the one there inside for.

    Reason being like any peer group be they stockmarket traders .Or candle stick maker no one likes to admit they are inept in there chosen proffesion.

    Same thing with criminals only the losers that get caught end up doing time.

    So rather than hold there hands up an admit hey Im stupid an I got caught.

    They invent one of several possabilitys either I am innocent I was so good a theif that the law had to conspire an frame me to get me off the streets

    Or an acomplace got caught an he informed on you or variation of both of the above.

    No one wants to say hey Im an incompetent two bit hustler an Im in the wrong profession.

    Wich is yet another thorn in your side when you are truly innocent as its next to immposssable to receive a sympathetic or consouling conversation with most.

    As soon as you say I didn’t do it your likely to hear neither did I.
    Its like women whom cry rape when no such thing occoured.It makes life difficult for genuine victims.

    Say your innocent in jail an at least half the other inmates cry me to!
    Rather than own there own ineptness.

    • This was actually not my experience. Most inmates admitted guilt; some even embellished. For the most part though, people in this area anyway, tend to plead guilty. Once someone pleads guilty, it is virtually impossible to appeal.

      That said, many who are guilty may have a legal defense, even if they do not have a defense on the facts. (ie, the stop was illegal, or the search was illegal: if the stop/search is illegal, one can have 100 pounds of [fill in the blank] in the trunk, and still be acquitted.)

      In the US, everyone initially pleads “not guilty.” Then, they get a lawyer. Typically, that’s how it goes. It certainly does vary from area to area, but in my area, what I observed was, people admitted to and often described in detail, their crimes.

      • J4TMinATL says:

        I live in GA and have heard all about KY, WV, FL…. “pill problems.” It’s ridiculous. Mandatory minimum sentences are not working. I disagree with MMS.

        Thought you might find this interesting

        Scroll down to police lawlessness

        Crane, you’ve fought for years and blogged about this corruption. You’ve got to get media involved, legal community, private investigators, criminal justice community, someone who will take a deeper look to get the case the exposure it deserves. I want to help you.

        • There was never any intention for mandatory minimums to ‘work.’ The system is designed for recidivism, because it is profitable. Warehousing humans, ie, the caging of America, may be one of the most if not the most, profitable industry going these days.

          I have definitely been in contact with the Louisville Courier-Journal, and will shoot for publication for print, beyond the newspaper. Make it public- it’s the only way, I always told Fred.

          In the beginning, I only wanted to expose this corrupt river town we live in. I did not understand until recently, how many many towns and cities have this issue- how many lives are ruined. I think the passing public is entitled to the entire story. We will do our best to expose it in my case.

          Funny. For a while there, we thought of a sort of game. We would file motions, just to see what the next set of facts and lies would be. They came up with so many stories, I used to try making charts to keep track. They lied when they didn’t have to lie. You know, if the sky was blue, they’d say there was a tornado. Just ridiculous, spectacular lies upon lies.

          One cop claimed not to know what was within the city limits she patrolled. Crap like that. Day in and day out, all ‘under oath.’

          Plead guilty? To what? To which story? Which version of which story?

          In an odd sort of way the folks in my case are like a criminal who is secretly tired and wants to be caught. They knew I was writing. And they handed me an incredibly detailed and disgusting smoking gun and said “Here. Take pictures and run all this in to the passing public, about what a corrupt piece of shit we are.”

          Done. What can I say? They asked for it.

        • Almost forgot. The very lawmakers, lawyers and judges who put people behind bars for ‘pills’ get their dope from the legal town dope dealer- the pain clinic.

  5. J4TMinATL says:


    When will your appeal case be heard? I’ve read up on most of Profs post about your case. Unbelievable. It’s insane. The sentences each 5 years is unbelievable. It seems in KY, police are encouraged to write related drug offenses ensuring long jail time.

    The jail and prison conditions you describe in KY are crazy. Disgusting.

    • My wrongful conviction was affirmed on appeal, and when I petitioned for cert at the US Supreme Court level, oddly, out of the thousands of petitions for cert, Donald Verelli, the United States Solicitor General himself, was assigned to my case, and cert was denied. For some reason, they wanted this conviction so desperately they were willing to go to any lengths. My options? An extraordinary 60.02, pro se, which I may do, but which will be futile. The case was an Orwellian fraud and I have documents/photos to prove it, but they simply continue to invent facts.

      My other option: Make the entire thing public. Every lying conniving word of it. Hence: Frog Gravy.

      Also, A bar complaint. My public defender wasn’t just ineffective., I believe he committed some criminal acts.

      I have zero faith in our courts. Nada.

      I am the only person in the United States, I believe, who has an affirmed conviction for a DUI, with no drugs or alcohol in the blood, and with no bad driving. How can that happen?


      • J4TMinATL says:

        The courts description of Klonopin as a psychotropic drug is ludacris. I noticed that in the written appeals. The fact that the tester took stand to discuss how he didn’t find heroine, crack, or any drug in your blood but turn it around and say well we didn’t have immunoassay/GCMS abilities to detect it. Bullsheet he had access and it’s irrelevant to begin with (Klonopin issue).

        Pain clinics are the only people who use such tests to detect diversion, misuse and additional substances not prescribed.

        I know Profs opinion on why this happened. Didn’t they drop DWI in the end? May I ask, what do you think would have happened if you weren’t wearing a watch that day and didn’t ask ahole to retrieve it? What would ahole come up with. What would be his 3rd or 4th version?

        • It gets even worse. The lab in Madisonville DID perform a preliminary screen for all benzos, including Klonopin, and the screen was negative. Had it been positive, and had they suspected klonopin, they would have sent the blood to NMS Labs in Willow Grove, PA, for quantification. They DID have a specific request to look for this drug. The analyst lied about that. The other interesting little fact is, klonopin is used to treat and alleviate nystagmus, and would have stopped, not caused a horizontal gaze nystagmus.

          No. They never dropped the DUI. Even though they tested for klonopin, and everything else, and did not find anything. Kentucky State crime labs, ironically, are especially alert to klonopin, because they test for it, to look for ‘doping’ in the horse racing industry.

          I wrote some about the lying analyst, Ryan Johnson, here:


          The stop was illegal, and the officer did not add the dui in, surprise, surprise, until the next day. They spent the next 18 months making shit up.

          The Court of Appeals opinion, which is published and can and will be cited, contains invalid science information regarding this drug. Welcome to Kentucky courts.

          They needed the dui, to make the rest of the bullshit stick. BTW, the arresting officer went from newly promoted to sergeant, to walking a beat in the county next door. By now, I think he has been promoted yet again.

        • PS When Johnson testified that they didn’t have GC/MS, they had had it for 15 years. When he testified that the lab could not find klonopin with a map, he was straight-up lying.

  6. crazy1946 says:

    I will predict that if he survives life on this planet much longer, he will live a life much like his best buddy, Frank Taaffe. That is a life style that is worth looking forward too, not. I did a search, as part of my project (follow the money in the defense of the Fogdoit) on hate groups in Florida, I was really taken aback to find out the state was second only to Georgia in hate group membership… I’m presently trying to find a tie to Lake Mary (where a large number or the financial backers of the defense live) and radical hate groups… You and the Professor have a wonderful day, enjoy your time together as we never know when our time on this planet will end….

    • I have long theorized ‘follow the money’ on that one. That case is so dirty I don’t know where to start. Plus, O’Mara and Zimmerman need to get a room, put a ring on it and leave the rest of the passing public the fuck alone. The one time when the guy actually needed to call 911…at the scene of a rollover…what does he do? Exactly the wrong thing…he MOVES people!!!

      Unless that car was in flames he had no business at all putting his filthy mits on anybody, lest he cause/worsen an injury- he could have injured/killed more people, and O’Mara has the utter gall to get on TV and say this is a heroic act. Had one of those people turned up with a c-spine injury because George moved them, it would be yet another lawsuit and ruined life.

      I am glad I don’t live in Seminole County.

      And Mark O’Mara: Go to Hell.

  7. commenting says:

    WAW..just WAW

  8. crazy1946 says:

    Mz. Crane, Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into the hidden underbelly of our nation. For you to have survived that period of your life, it is a testimony to your character and resolve.. Your ability to put into words what so many others see, yet fail to see, is simply amazing. You and the Professor are leaders in the fight to eliminate the blight of evil from our nation and are to be commended for your works of goodness…

    • Thank you so much for the read and the comment. This was a combination of two essays about Ruthie. I noticed a few years after my release that she was locked up again. She never received any meaningful help whatsoever, and her children were left to twist in the wind. I am certain that they will also be part of ‘the system,’ which is designed for failure.

      I hope to shine the light of day on it.

      Meanwhile, someone like the one in Florida we have been discussing ad naseum, can walk the streets, have repeated run-ins with the law, kill, and never have to worry about any consequences at all. He is special, you see. No tox screen for ole George.

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