What went wrong in the Zimmerman case

Monday, July 15, 2013

Good morning:

I am pleased to report that I am beginning to recover from my reactions to the verdict of stunned disbelief, rage and depression. I feel better today than I did yesterday, and with a little bit of luck, I might even find something to smile about today.

I want to reemphasize what I said yesterday because I do not believe it is possible to underestimate the importance of the two primary police investigators vouching for the defendant.

Investigator Chris Serino and Officer Doris Singleton of the Sanford Police Department testified at the defendant’s trial that they believed his claim of self-defense despite Zimmerman’s minimal and insignificant injuries, numerous lies and material inconsistencies in his stories to them and his admission that he passed up two opportunities to identify himself as a concerned member of Neighborhood Watch and ask the teen if he needed assistance. They did not even arrest Zimmerman.


And shame on Chris Serino and Doris Singleton for vouching for a child killer.

I also cringed in dismay watching Don West cross examine Rachel Jenteal. At the time, I thought the jury would feel sorry for her and despise Don West. Apparently, they decided that she was a liar even though she had no motive to lie and much of her testimony was corroborated by other evidence.

No witness should ever have to endure such lengthy despicable treatment. Bernie de la Rionda should have stopped it with objections to West’s incessant badgering.

I also was extremely disappointed by Judge Nelson’s decision not to strike the testimony of defense witnesses who violated the sequestration rule.

Throughout the case, Mark O’Mara kept repeating a false narrative about the case that the news media kept repeating as fact. Bernie de la Rionda requested a gag order three times, but his requests were denied. In retrospect, they should have been granted.

O’Mara escalated his attack against Trayvon Martin’s character by publicizing inadmissible personal information obtained from Trayvon’s phone after prospective jurors received their summons to jury duty, thereby assuring that most of them would be exposed to extremely prejudicial, irrelevant and inadmissible evidence. In retrospect, Judge Nelson should have held him in contempt and jailed him for that misconduct.

When all is said and done, I think people will remember this case as a terrible injustice engineered by two dishonest and sadistic lawyers who gamed the system by breaking every rule in the book.


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1,316 Responses to What went wrong in the Zimmerman case

  1. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:

    The prosecution had no chance, those women on the Jury based on the Anderson Cooper Interview, believed George regardless of his ridiculous story..

    • aussie says:

      ” Dooley was also convicted of improper exhibition of a weapon and open carrying of a firearm, both misdemeanors.”

      So apparently it is illegal to show a firearm as a warning to the other person. But it is (most of the time) legal to KILL THEM WITH IT?????????????????????????????

      And being choked by someone a lot larger, you can’t shoot to defend yourself? but you can kill a kid who wants to know why you’re following him?

      What planet are we on here, guys?

  2. Hi Friends….I’m working on a sort of “political cartoon” for this that expresses how I feel about the verdict. Unfortunately, I need my iPad to do that & it seems to have died…so watch this space, please.

    I appreciate everyone here so much. I live in central FL….I was in Sanford the day of the big march, but had to leave because of my weeping. I gave a poster that I drew to a family there, and that poster has been in many news photos.

    I’m feeling lonely, isolated and alienated in my “home” town. This isn’t home…I’m an alien here. It’s legal to kill people of color & then blame them for it. So many white progressives here support the verdict.

    My theory as to why (besides the obvious racism): to validate themselves. Nobody here was outraged when this crime first occurred. It wasn’t until the AP picked it up that it went huge…AP picked it up only because of Rev. Al & Mr. Crump.

    The Orlando Sentinel didn’t break this story. So they had egg on their face. But since GZ is legally “not guilty,” then OS doesn’t feel shamed.

    The same is true of the SPD…since GZ was found not guilty, they are validated.

    i just wanted to thank you all for your support. You have no idea how much it means to me.

  3. Malisha says:

    The SYG law itself is unconstitutional because you can’t take away civil rights (of victims of crime) in a law applying to protection of a criminal defendant’s rights. It denies due process under color of state law. Ipso Facto.

    But the law that says a prosecution must DISPROVE self-defense even in the situation where the defendant does not offer his own testimony to PROFFER self-defense is, it seems to me, also unconstitutional.

    Both could easily have been overcome in this case, however.

    The issue here was that the unwritten law of Florida is that it is OK for a white guy to kill a Black guy if the white guy is scared.

    Another big constitutional issue is prior restraint of certain language on the part of the prosecutor. He has to be allowed to prosecute, and if anything he says violates the defendant’s constitutional rights, there can be either a mistrial (immediate remedy) or a habeas corpus (appellate remedy later). But you cannot start having judges tell the prosecutors what they are not allowed to say. Telling BDLR not to say “racial profiling” was a violation of every tenet of the Constitution and a destruction of basic fairness. That would mean that a judge could become a finder of fact (“this case was not about race”) before a trial even took place, when she’s not even supposed to be a finder of fact AFTER the case, that’s for the jury.

    Imagine a defense lawyer defending a poor black defendant who was accused of raping a white woman by force, getting a judge to rule that the prosecution was not permitted to say the word “sex.”

  4. Endless Summer says:

    Now that we have heard from Juror B37, I sure would like to hear from the other 3 jurors that let her bully them into voting for acquittal. I would like to know how she was able to craft such a persuasive argument as to change their minds.

    • groans says:

      Here’s one way; something like:

      “MY HUSBAND is a lawyer, so I KNOW that … [fill in any number of blanks here].”

  5. KateW says:

    Question to all.

    Since a verdict has already been rendered, and later it comes to light there were some violations ie. someone being married to someone related to the defense, is a mistrial possible. I understand the state has to decide to pursue it but is a mistrial possible despite a rendered verdict. The reason I ask is because the killer’s supporters are asserting on some of the boards and blogs that he has “double jeopardy” in which he cannot be tried again. I know what double jeopardy is but in any trial if there are violations, can there be a mistrial if a verdict was already rendered.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      Anderson talking about it again on CNN

    • The Double Jeopardy Clause only precludes the State of Florida from retrying GZ. It does not preclude the federal government from prosecuting him. The federal government is a different sovereign.

      • Beverly says:

        Is that the only remedy is there is proven jury misconduct?

        • concernedczen says:

          If it were proven jury misconduct on the part of the defendant and/or defense team, that would be a different issues. An acquittal have been overturned for this in at least one mafia case. That is a long-shot of being proven even if it did happen in this case.

        • KateW says:

          Looks like it. Looks like his verdict in the state of FL is final. I just couldnt believe it 2 for manslaughter and 1 for Murder 2 reduced to not guilty. I have to shake my head because if those other women, those 3, would have stuck to their guns and backed up their decision with the facts then it would have been a hung jury. They would have gotten a hung jury messing with me, but if you know, just by looking at the evidence that it makes sense and refutes or rebuts what you are seeing the defendant is claiming then there should be no way you change your verdict if you feel it’s the right one.

          It is probably a decision that will haunt those that allowed their verdict to be swayed. There should have been compromise and manslaughter should have been the middle ground.

  6. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    It is good to see the NAACP’s guidance in how to effect change and bring about equal justice and a society where children can be safe.

    People need to come together and be constructively empowered to travel that justice road.

    Any individuals who respond with vandalism or violence would only be throwing nails on that road and flattening the tires of that justice car.

    That justice car needs to make it to its destination.

    How sad if it were disabled by such nails in the road!

  7. WTH?? Looks like at least one juror went from Murder 2 to acquittal in 60 seconds. B37 has nerve revealing herself to major media but still wants to maintain anonymity. Hasn’t she waived that part of the court order to keep the id of jurors anonymous?

    [b]Juror: Zimmerman should have stayed in his car[/b]

  8. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Last night at the NAACP convention:

    Timestamp 30:28 —-

    Outstanding discussion followed by Youth performance recognizing and honoring Medgar Evers which is then followed by response of Myrlie Evers-Williams.

    <iframe src="http://new.livestream.com/accounts/4696693/events/

  9. Romaine says:

    are jurors asked if they maybe related to a witness in a case and does that matter?

    • KateW says:

      That is what the questionnaire is for that they filled out. It asks for any and all pertinent information that they think is necessary and there are areas for if they thought there was anything they thought the courts needed to know. Certainly being married to a relative of the defense is something the courts would need to know and excluding that speaks of dishonesty.

    • KateW says:

      From aussie….Great work!

      aussie says:
      July 16, 2013 at 2:14 am

      Among mandatory disqualifications from jury duty are
      ” Persons related by blood or marriage within the third degree to the plaintiff, defendant or the attorneys (913.03 & 1.431);


      • aussie says:

        Now all we need is for someone to find out if she IS related or not…..

        and I wonder what’s the situation if hubby is, say, former co-worker with someone like MOM? that was enough to get a judge removed….

  10. Romaine says:

    did anyone else think juror B37’s voice sound familiar, like she maybe related to Jenna Lauer?

  11. Malisha says:

    HA HA. I wish we had B-37’s book (reasons given later) but we won’t now that her lawyer hubby has figured out it would amount to “bad judgment.” The quote she gave about not realizing the depth of pain is kinda cute. She wouldn’t realize the depth of pain of someone whose child was killed? (Oh, I forgot, they’re Black, they don’t get that really important white pain, they just get complainers’ pains that they use to extract money and pity from people.) She wouldn’t realize the depth of pain of someone whose heart was shot with a hollowpoint bullet? (But then again, those boys of color are made of that muscular slave stock that, you know, well, you know it’s not like our lily white sensitive hearts that can just hurt and hurt you know.) She wouldn’t realize the depth of pain of someone who was speaking with her dear friend one minute and the next minute her friend was dead? (Well, those people who live in the lifestyle of those people, you know, without education, without communication skills — they have this other way of being, and it’s because of their other way of living.)

    She would have to be hooked up to the media to realize the depth of pain, huh? She and five other women in a room with sandwiches being brought in just couldn’t realize any “depth of pain” right?

    I’d write all new laws. My laws would say that anybody who let words like this cross their lips or get tapped out by their fingers on a keyboard would be assisted in understanding “depth of pain” even in a room all by themselves. That would be my law.

    • KateW says:

      They need to start giving jurors polygraph and IQ test because of a bunch of bad apples. Martin deserved a fair trial where individuals proactively look over everything, scrutinize evidence and come to a conclusion that was fair and just. Her conclusions were not fair or just, and she focused on specifics that seemed to appeal to her conclusions. I am so upset that this trial ended up here because of individuals more interested in book deals and static conclusions than making sure this child received his justice based on overwhelming evidence of his innocence.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Excellent post, Malisha.

    • Tzar says:

      great post Malisha

    • type1juve says:

      Excellent post, I can always count on you to bring it!

  12. Malisha says:

    The very reason that Congress passed the civil rights bill in 1871 was that even after the emancipation, it was possible to keep people in slavery so long as the acts of slavery (which amounted to illegal restraint, assault and battery, theft, kidnapping, rape, mayhem and murder) continued because the local prosecutors would not charge any of the slave-holders with crimes when they committed the acts. So the prosecutors would not prosecute, and the courts would not try, and the juries and judges would not convict, anyone who committed the individual criminal acts that amounted to slavery (in the aggregate and in effect). You cannot enforce a law against slavery if nobody who commits illegal acts amounting to slavery is punished for them.

    The federal law said that anybody (either a state actor or an individual in concert with a state actor) who used the “color of state law” to deprive someone of constitutionally protected rights was liable for money damages. It also provided for federal prosecution for such state agents. That would start with Lee, Wolfinger, Singleton and Serino as well as Tim Smith probably. There are many others. They could be federally prosecuted.

    Could this juror? Could the people who took part in the charade? I don’t know — that’s more of a stretch.

    But Lee GOT COMPLAINTS about Fogen running around RTL with his loaded gun chasing down young Blacks. He hid those complaints and he and Tim Smith encouraged Fogen to kill Trayvon Martin, if not personally and particularly, then certainly and absolutely by their refusal to act as officers of the law when informed about violations (brandishing, terroristic threatening, etc.).

    • KateW says:

      Wait a minute, so the Lee had received complaints about Fogen running around RTL with his gun chasing down Black people????

      That is probably what Benjamin Jealous was saying on Face the Nation that they have plenty of evidence he targeted Black individuals. He said there were people in the community that said he had targeted them etc. That was the first time I had heard that, but BJealous wasnt specific. He also mentioned the phone records to 911 and I do believe all of them were of Black men. There are probably more records we don’t know about.

  13. kenteoth says:

    Unbelievable how people get on facebook and share posts they know nothing about and all they talk about is what Trayvon supposedly done without considering his side of the story that he cannot tell because he is dead…all people who support the defendant do is harp on the supposed head bashing on the concrete that Trayvon had done without considering how he was backed into a corner by the cowardly gun touting wanna be cop who wanted Trayvon to pay for crimes he never committed and then they have the audacity to tell me it’s over and get over it yet they the ones posting misinformation on facebook….I told the fools just like it was and they need to put the responsibility on the person who created the situation…the defendant…if he hadn’t been trying to play the role of something he will never be then maybe Trayvon would not have given him a supposed concrete sandwich….had it been me I would have busted him in the head with the can of tea first then hit him with a damn brick…….then ran the rest of the way home and called the police on that racist jerk…..

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Thanks for posting this, smokeegyrl.

      Stevie Wonder:

      What I do know is that people know that my heart is of love for everyone. And, when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE.
      And so, as I said earlier, you can’t just talk about it….you gotta to be about it.

      We can make change by coming together for the spirit of unity…not in destruction, but in the perpetuation of life itself.

    • Thank Stevie Wonder maybe others will follow…. Pass this around…

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        Can individuals twit and Facebook this to other stars in hopes they continue to follow Stevie Wonder. I’m so proud of him…. Hurt Florida’s money they will change it quickly… Effective method of change.

  14. Woow! says:

    Zimmerman received a false verdict as a result of someone tampering (influencing the 2 guilty 1 manslaughter juror (s)) women on that jury. His verdict should be nullified and his behind should be sent to jail pending a new trial.

    If it is true someone related to a relative of one of the defense attorneys was on that jury, the juror and attorney should be jailed. If it is discovered that any of those women lied to get on that jury such as juror 37, charge should be brought against all of them in federal court if possible.

    If it is discovered that the Zimmerman family knew of or participated in this the entire lot should be locked up.

    The only way to get results in Florida is through the federal courts.

    This case need to get retried in a federal court where the lawyers cannot bull their BS.

    • aussie says:

      Woow, be fair. People can’t be jailed for the kind of stuff you’re talking about. Like a juror not saying they’re distantly related to an attorney. Was she asked? was she told what degree of relationship matters?

      It CAN however cause a mistrial.

      There’s a big case now that’s been mis-trialled because a juror did not admit to someone he’s related to having a DUI conviction… even though it was his EX wife and 2 years after they divorced.

      The prosecution should have looked harder at the jurors. Enough to just look at the first 100+ that were being brought in first. Check their twitters and FB and kick them out early in the piece.

      • KateW says:

        I dont think she needs to be told. If married to someone related to the defense, then I am sure the person would have known they needed to excuse themselves because there would be bias. And this is especially trouble if they purposely left this information out of the questionnaire like the potential juror that left out he had donated to the killer’s defense fund. Wouldnt a smart person, who is being honest believe that is something an individual should put down?

        Same goes for this juror. Wouldnt it have been pertinent for this juror to put down on the questionnaire where is says any other information the court should know, that she is married to someone related to the defense?? I mean I am sure she didn’t forget she was married to such a person in the time it took her to fill out that questionnaire. Ok to be fair perhaps they felt they could be unbiased, but that is not for them to decide!

        I do agree that BDLR should have vetted these people thoroughly and even ask the question if they have ever donated to the killer’s fund, among other questions.

      • Woow! says:

        Aussie I was asking a question not accusing.

    • KateW says:

      WooW you said it!! And I think the Martin family, I know they are tired, but they need to pursue this! They have a lot of people behind them, beside them, around them etc. and they need to continue the pursuit of justice based on a verdict that is fair and just. Now that this information is coming out I would be outraged and energized to make some moves based on what we are now hearing.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      do you have a reliable source for this information? it is certainly mistrial material.

  15. Woow! says:

    If it is discovered that the jury was tampered with, what recourse does the state have?

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      I think mistrial an back to jail Zimmerman…

      • Malisha says:

        I doubt it.
        There would be state agents who could be prosecuted federally under 42 USC 1981 or another statute (federal statute) for the corruption, though.

      • crazy1946 says:

        EIETTO: Does the term “Double Jeopardy” stir any thought patterns in your brain? Regardless of your opinion the Fogdoit can not be retried for these (or similar) charges again. He is for all practical purposes a free man, that is if you consider a man that is under constant fear for his life to be free…..

        • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

          Correct he is in jail for his entire life = jail. I already knows he is screwed and definitely not safe anywhere. Stop attacking my brain… you are extremely arrogant and nasty. Guess you trying to gain brownie points with the Professor…

          • crazy1946 says:


            “you are extremely arrogant and nasty. Guess you trying to gain brownie points with the Professor”….

            Strange that you would make such a comment. Have you ever stepped back and read your own words? I made no concentrated effort to attack you, like you seem to do quite frequently to others, and I don’t intend to start now. Too bad you don’t respect the opinions of others as you demand that they do yours. Have a great day!

    • KateW says:

      The state is incompetent. Let the DOJ handle it now because it is clear the state doesn’t care much about this victim. Neither did that judge, no matter how cute and pudgy she is, she was not fair in her dealings with the prosecution. One example, is that she decided anything about racism would not be allowed in the trial. Who is she to decide that, especially if there is evidence that suggest there was some racial discourse. If there is declared a mistrial the victim needs a new judge, new prosecution and so on. Jury members need to be of an area other than the locale.

      • Girlp says:

        Angela Cory decided not to try this as a hate crime…Looking back on what happened with the jury if she had that would close the door to the DOJ to do so; at least that’s my understanding.

  16. aussie says:

    Among mandatory disqualifications from jury duty are
    ” Persons related by blood or marriage within the third degree to the plaintiff, defendant or the attorneys (913.03 & 1.431);


  17. Woow! says:

    Is this woman the book publisher or the juror?

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:


      • fauxmccoy says:

        so — you are full of crap, trying to dox the juror and getting it all wrong. this is exactly why i suggested you stop. this is as nutty as anything that happens at the conservative treehouse and we do not need it here.

        • Judy75201 says:


        • chills101 says:

          Fauxmccoy can u please stop…. A young boy is fucking dead…

        • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

          First of all I don’t know anything about Twitter nor Facebook. So you are evidently biased. II was not the one that originally posted it and what you are doing is slandered. Doxing when someone was asking for the photo; I copied it from one of the bloggers here. Shortly, someone came behind them asking where it was, “yanked.” I happen to have printed it out….

          Don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account and don not want one.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            what you were doing was wrong. i would have said so to anyone who i saw doing this. why do you think your posts were pulled and the article was written about doxing?

            you do not have to have twitter, facebook or even know what doxing is to know that what you did was wrong.

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        I only made a print out of the earlier version posted by someone else… I thought it looked like the publisher. Well this is why she dropped B27..

        You don’t leave your pic on Twitter or Facebook…Maybe she was trying to cash in..in the process loose whatever clients she is servicing at this time. Boycott her for even considering working with this racist juror…

        • bettykath says:


          Did you even consider that the agent, not a publisher, didn’t know the woman was a bigot?

          Now you see the dangers of doxing. You doxed the wrong person and turned her into someone else. So glad Prof. Leatherman was on top of this and deleted your dox.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      It was posted earlier as the juror.. It mysteriously was removed from Twitter… But I had already printed it and scanned it…

    • Xena says:

      Is this woman the book publisher or the juror?

      Neither. She’s a literary agent. That means she pushes books to publishing companies who generally pay an advance to the writer and then finance publishing and promotion, with royalties to the author(s).

      • Tzar says:

        this kids life meant nothing to these people
        their jury duty meant nothing to them
        it’s just another pay day
        just another chance to express their hatred

  18. Lynn says:

    I can’t believe in a county that only has a handful of murders a year, that the ME couldn’t remember anything about the autopsy…nothing…zero! *insert big 0 with my fingers*
    If you only come across 4 or so homicides a year, wouldn’t that stand out?
    How bored are you with your job that you have no recollection of it? I think Bao needs to find a new line of work.
    We had a little girl murdered here in our small town and we don’t see many murders. I’m sure the ME remembered every detail of examining that little body.

    How can the State keep someone like Bao on their payroll?

  19. dianetrotter says:

    I hope professor will address the possibility of stealth jurors and implications tomorrow. I think all jurors need to be deposed by DOJ.

  20. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    I was taken back by the Professor comment concerning recovering from the unjust verdict. After hearing juror B37 last night, I think our Professor is going to have to go back into recovery. Unbelievable mindset of this elitist juror.

    “I am pleased to report that I am beginning to recover from my reactions to the verdict of stunned disbelief, rage and depression. I feel better today than I did yesterday, and with a little bit of luck, I might even find something to smile about today.”

  21. KateW says:


    But yet they say this isn’t a racial issue?? Look at this chart. It is very telling. And they have just added another “justified” killing in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Someone posted this earlier. KateW it is a racial issue. This chart you posted doesn’t lie. People can run around the issue but it is still race.

      • KateW says:

        My apologies, I didn’t realize someone else had already posted it. When I came across this I was shocked!! Mortified! On the various websites and blogs the killer’s supporters spouted questions about why the media doesn’t report on Blacks killing Whites etc. If you look at the chart there is a reason, and that is because Black on White crime is VERY LOW! We are talking about..what….-100!! Black on Black crime a little higher close to 0 but then White on Black crime is exceedingly high, especially where SYG is applied.

        My other issue is the judge taking race out of it. Who is she to take the issue out of a trial?? If it can be concluded there were racial overtones in a case then who is she to exclude this information. I think that was a serious over step on her part.

  22. concernedczen says:

    Someone posted that one of the jurors is married to a relative of one of the defense attorneys.

    Wonder if this is really true?

  23. fauxmccoy says:

    ok, what went wrong… where to start. while i do not engage in conspiracy theories, i can identify a number of systemic failures that brought us to where we are today

    1. the florida justice system which gave the former defendant a pass on his battery of a police officer in 2005.
    2. florida legislature for passing SYG which made the initial arrest more difficult than necessary
    3. inept and/or corrupt SPD which conducted a faulty investigation
    4. inept and/or corrupt SAO as run by norm wolfinger
    5. inept ME office which compromised evidence
    6. sleazy defense lawyers with heavy pre-trial publicity
    7. florida legislation which allows for a 6 person jury, making diversity more difficult to achieve
    8. florida legislation which systematically excludes felons from voting, hence they are not called for jury duty (reduces jury diversity)
    9. questionable trial strategy of introducing the defendant’s self serving statements
    10.. disorganized presentation of case in chief by SAO
    11. necessity of witnesses such as singleton and serino who have their personal agendas of job preservation and ME Bao who is just a testimony disaster (refer back to items 3 and 5)
    12. more sleazy defense lawyering, specifically witnesses called such as the token black (bedridden lady) and last witness who had been burglarized
    13. failure of prosecution to push back effectively on item 12
    14. chaotic closing argument by BDLR — some of it was very good, but presented haphazardly and ineffectively

    i think that sums it up for me. overall, i thought the judge was fair and followed the letter of the law. the prosecution was severely handicapped by the initial investigation which was shoddy beyond belief. they were further hampered by not being able to point out such shoddy investigation because doing so would undermine their own cased, they were forced to work with what they have.

    bottom line for me is a series of very bad legislation combined with inept/corrupt local LE.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      forgot to add

      15.. bad florida legislation which created jury instructions heavily favoring any shooter who claims ‘self defense’.

      • Malisha says:

        NOT “any shooter who claims ‘self defense.'”
        A Black shooter who claims self-defense can claim it and claim it all the way to the death chamber and he can claim it while they put the needle in his arm. It won’t help.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          yes, that is how it plays out in actuality, apparently. i will await the dunn decision before i state so definitely.

          • groans says:

            Think: Marissa Alexander.

          • fauxmccoy says:

            yes, i am aware. there were other issues involved, as i recall, that a restraining order was violated during that which would have some impact.

            my memories are hazy, so i’ll not get too far into it. sentencing was ridiculous at the very least, but that was due to florida’s 10/20/life mandatory minimums. ironically, i thought it was great if gz had been convicted, but feel it unfair with the alexander case. i’d best examine my own biases, probably. as a rule, i do not like them.

            dunn however, is more similar in circumstances and will provide an interesting comparison.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          i suppose that i left unsaid, the obvious, that the combination of florida’s legislative efforts, their justice system and local LE is the perfect set up for institutional racism. all that is necessary from there, is the jury 😦

    • ay2z says:

      and a killer who thought Trayvon fit the description of his ‘prey’ (Angela Corey used that word in the video above– sad, but it’s true, the prey that couldn’t get away)

      • fauxmccoy says:

        that goes without saying as that is part of the crime.

        my post was a thoughtful attempt to analyze what was wrong specifically with the trial.

        however, all that i brought up with what was wrong with the trial leads directly to how the environment for committing such crimes is created.

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        Angela Corey comment really shocked me because a prosecutor wasn’t suppose to speak out shortly after a trial of this magnitude. Guess everyone is covering themselves..

    • sighhhhh says:

      16. Racist jury.

      • sighhhhh says:

        I realize you are summarizing systemic failures btw just driving the point home 😉

      • fauxmccoy says:

        while that is entirely possible — you can look at florida legislation which excludes minorities from jury service and the fact that 6 person juries are used as to what is wrong systemically which allows for such.

  24. ay2z says:

    OS artuckem juror said ‘both their faults’, both could have walked away.


    The first juror to speak publicly after the George Zimmerman murder acquittal told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night that Zimmerman’s heart was in the right place but he went too far and was guilty of bad judgment.

    Speaking in shadow and identified only as juror B-37, the woman said Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his vehicle, but she thought Zimmerman was afraid for his life during the confrontation with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and had a right to protect himself.

    “I think he just didn’t know when to stop,” the juror said. “He was frustrated, and things just got out of hand.”

  25. kenteoth says:

    the jury may have spoken….but Karma got her man……

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      GZ will pay for his crime. When the DOJ pursues you, it is lights out Zimmi boy! Karma arrived on a black horse!

    • believeinkarma says:

      What goes around, comes around. His sense of innocence, greed, fear & being a victim will cause his fall’

  26. ay2z says:

    I double checked, made sure I copied the link, then made sure that I hit command ‘c’ and still the wrong video.

    Now again, it MUST be correct

    Exclusive: Zimmerman Prosecutors and Angela Corey Interview After

  27. riisey007 says:

    Hate him or love him Mark Garagos told the truth. He said once they picked an all white juror the case was over. He is right!! That was in response to the juror statements.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      I know and people called me crazy for predicting trayvon wasn’t going to get justice in that county.

      Someone post this jurors pic everywhere.. We cannot let this juror hide.. expose her to the world!

      [photo removed: no doxing allowed]

  28. riisey007 says:

    Frank Taffe back peddled tonight on Nancy Grace show, hosted by Sonny tonight. He was thrown off of the court growns after he went on and said he had inside information, they said that his word could cause a mistrial. He said tonight he did not have inside info. He is a lie, he knew!!

  29. ay2z says:

    Bernie and Corey interview

  30. Lynn says:

    B37’s statement about changing her mind about writing the book…after Sharlene Martin dropped her.

  31. Jun says:

    Let’s be real

    Fogen had hometown advantage and kept in Sanford for the trial

    Corey and Bernie were not in their county and had to deal with backwoods county BS

    The state also did not push the case correctly during trial and even I a non lawyers saw many fallacies and mistakes by the state

    SPD fucked up the whole investigation and it’s not a good idea to live there for any resident

    It’s no different than in the ghettos back in the day when the mafia worked with the police, and basically the police turn a blind eye

    However if you are a criminal and you have connections to SPD, perfect place to commit crime

    SPD there are backwoods idiots and the investigation is an embarrassment to justice and the trial antics were no different

    On their turf, you have to play dirty in court

    I do not know if the federal issue will play well and frankly not too positive at this point and basically, the evil villain won and I cant do anything about the verdict

    At least in federal court, Fogen’s lawyers can’t play the same tricks

    As a Canadian resident, I am disgusted as to how Florida runs trials and the media circus

  32. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Professor, please start a new thread with the titles




    Frank Taaffe was extremely confident giving interviews since the unjust verdict. Last night he stated they threw him out of the courtroom, then threw him out of the courthouse. Why? Who was Taaffe communicating with about the jury?

    Let these individuals continue to give interviews. The DOJ will have plenty to run with under the hate crime law.

    • ladystclaire says:

      @Jun, IMO Angela Corey is trying to cover her own Fat Ass because, for one thing she is really being looked at very severely about how her office conducted this trial by being soft on Fogen and, holding back a lot of information that should have come On out in this trial.

      Now, on the other hand she is being criticized about how she vigorously she prosecuted Marissa Alexander and, got her convicted and, she is now serving a twenty year sentence in prison and, she was denied SYG immunity, for firing a warning shot into a wall inside of her home, because of an abusive husband. OH YES, she is in CMA mode.

  33. J4TMinATL says:

    Seems like she is one without children…

    • J4TMinATL says:

      Nevermind, she has 2 grown kids.

      Link to her entire voir dire http://gawker.com/george-zimmerman-juror-b37-hates-media-called-trayvon-787873533

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      She looks and talks like a racist.. here is her picture –

      [photo removed: no doxing allowed]

      • Unabogie says:

        This is doxxing and it’s wrong. Please stop reposting this.

        • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

          Excuse me someone requested the photo. This is not doxxing… it was posted already. Do not spread untruths. Thank you…

        • fauxmccoy says:

          thank you — we are better than this

          • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

            First of all someone requested to see the photo of the juror. It was posted earlier and mysteriously it vanished. Please reframe from making false allegations because if someone ask for help I am going to do my best to deliver. As of now I believe the person can navigate and find it somewhere on here.

            Fauzmccoy, please do not insinuate I’m doing something as a violation. I’m not at all. The picture was posted by someone; took my time to scan my printout, in hopes it was correctly posted.

            Please do not spread untruths or try to insinuate you are better than anyone on this site. We all help one another and should continue to search for information that will help others.

            This juror B37 hid behind a camera incognito; after making disparaging statement and suggestions. She clearly isn’t bright, why is she hiding? Twitter and Facebook post are legal not illegally to repost. If you don’t want your pic posted don’t put it out there. In addition, after her ridiculous racist verdict these criminals need to be exposed.

            So lets not be arrogant; it isn’t necessary to try to belittle someone who was helping others find the photo… Good night…

          • fauxmccoy says:

            this is the kind of crap the conservative tree house does. i will reiterate — we are better than that.

      • Lynn says:

        How does one “look” like a racist?

        BTW, that is a photo of Sharlene Martin, the literary agent that has decided not to publish her book.


        Please do us all a favor and don’t feed into their frenzie without knowing it as truth.

  34. riisey007 says:

    Juror says Zimmerman was guilty of bad judgement.

    To prove the crime of Manslaughter, the State must prove the following two elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
    1. Trayvon Martin is dead. ( covered)
    2. George Zimmerman intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin. ( juror b-37 “George is guilty of bad judgement” ” George should have stayed in the car”..ummmmm ok!!

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      That woman doesn’t care about the evidence she was probably paid by the NRA and KKK of Sanford Florida.

      Not too long ago in Saint Petersburg, FL a black man was lynched and you never heard about it in the media. People say stay away from Saint Petersburg, Sanford and Kissimmee (the snake village).

      You get lynched.

      • ladystclaire says:

        How can this shit continue to go on in this country in this day and age. this is the twenty first century and, we are talking of lynching AA in certain parts of Florida.

        This is domestic terrorism against one specific race of people and, it’s not going to stop. while this kind of terrorism continue to be perpetrated on our fellow citizens, terrorism caused by those from other countries will continue to be committed on American soil.

        Maybe that is truly GOD’S plan.

    • believeinkarma says:

      Exactly! They had trouble understanding manslaughter instructions. Asked court twice! What was confusing about #1&2?

    • Malisha says:

      “Bad judgment” is what the politicians say when they’re caught in the hotel with a prostitude. “Bad judgment” can only be applied to what happens when you KILL someone if you’re just killing someone who’s allowed to be killed. And then it’s “bad judgment” unless the cops can keep it from going public.

  35. riisey007 says:

    I really need to stop watching this stuff. Dr. Dimio is on Dr Drew, he is a piece of work.I know he is too smart to perjure himself on t.v. but he is either senile or brilliant and I do not believe he is brilliant. I don’t care if he is a so called pioneer or some crap. He was just asked could Zimmerman injuries come from something other than pavement, and the nose from a fist. he was also asked does the head really look like a head that has been banged 20 times, He said he didn’t say it was banged 20 times, but he said you don’t have to have cuts to have injury and that the scalp is tough. Oh my goodness somebody needs to tell all those brain dead people who had their heads slammed in car accidents, etc. These type of injuries do not fair well. I am a witness and he is a quack if he keeps saying that crap. I am friends with a neurosurgeon who laughed at that slamming crap. He also claimed only something soft like a fist could break a nose like Zimmerman, he skated around it big time. The fist is not soft it is full of bones. Prosecution should have asked him this. If the skull is tough then how could Zimmerman assume he was gonna die, it would have been easy to trip him up. He is full of it. He was being very careful not to go against that money he was paid. It really went to show that had he been pressured really hard he probably would have flipped out. I am sorry but the prosecution gave this man too much respect and did not want to offend him.

  36. You all have thoughtful comments says:


    For many of us as African-Americans, that night was a recurring nightmare driven to a horrific conclusion. It was the driving-while-black traffic stops, the “born suspect” joke that isn’t, the cost of being black in a nation that considers black the natural color of criminality.

    Some people — most of them white and on the furthest right of the political spectrum — will disagree. For them, Zimmerman is the victim here, a man who acted justifiably to defend himself. Race, they will say, did not enter the picture except afterward, when he was thrown to the mob because of it.

    And you wonder: What color is the sky on their world?

    A few years ago, What Would You Do?, an ABC-TV hidden-camera show, set up a situation where two actors posed as bike thieves in a public park, using bolt cutters and hack saws to cut a bike chain. The results were instructive. Over the course of an hour, a hundred people passed the white “thief” by with barely a glance. The black one had hardly gotten to work before a crowd of whites gathered around him, interrogating him, lecturing him, calling 911, even shooting cell phone video.

    Did race explain the disparity? “Not at all,” a white man who had harassed the black actor assured the cameras. “He could’ve been any color, it wouldn’t have mattered to me.” He doubtless believed what he said. For some of us, though, it has a tired, heard-before quality.

    It is, after all, the kind of thing some people always say when you complain of voter ID laws that will peel black voters off the rolls.

    Or when you condemn Republican presidential candidates for using “welfare” as a dog-whistle word of racial acrimony.

    Or when an unarmed boy is killed and the man who did the killing doesn’t even spend the night in jail.

    But the answer to the moral questions that killing raises is not mysterious to some of us. We know how America is. We know, for instance, that it regards black men as inherently criminal, jails them disproportionately because of that belief, then points to the fact that they are disproportionately jailed as proof of that belief. We know, in other words, that where people who look like Trayvon are concerned, America is a little nuts.

    So we know what stalked Trayvon down that street last year. We know what killed him. And we know why the people who were paid to give a damn about that, didn’t. You see, we have not the luxury of self-delusion. We have sons and grandsons and nephews, and we must teach them, too, how America is. They are cocky and invincible in the way boys always are.

    And they all look like Trayvon.

  37. believeinkarma says:

    These jurors should have asked for a dictionary for the big words. They had no idea how to understand the law. Geez. Dumb & racist .

  38. Shari says:

    Book deal is lost. Yes!!!!

  39. believeinkarma says:

    That juror should be ashamed of her decision. She is definitely biased. This is so much more worse than I thought. did the jury even look at evidence. Did they use any brain cells? I know we have to accept verdict but we don’t have to like it and I don’t. Some pretty stupid people in floriduh.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Biased that is putting it lightly! This woman is a conservative nut job caught in the 1890 days. Clearly racist and elitist.

  40. dianetrotter says:

    About B37 * [new] In her voir dire (17+ / 0-)
    I listened to about 3/4 of it.

    Another answer kind of caught my attention.

    When asked questions about whether being sequestered would be a hardship for her family she said no, and volunteered this, “My husband said he can take care of everything.” I forget what else she said, but IIRC she emphasized how he had really encouraged her that it wouldn’t be hard ship to be a juror.

    Yet when asked if she discussed the case with anyone she says she didn’t talk about it with anyone.

    A minimum of what happened. She was called for jury duty, she goes home the first day and tells her husband which case, and he explains why it’s the case of the decade and coaches her how to appear unbiased and case naive.

    Hubby certainly wanted her to be able to serve. While she was sequestered he negotiated the book deal.

    “They did not succeed in taking away our voice” – Angelique Kidjo – Opening the Lightning In a Bottle concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City – 2003

    by LilithGardener on Mon Jul 15, 2013 at 06:17:37 PM PDT

    [ Parent ]

  41. whonoze says:

    @ LLMPapa:

    I want to PM you via YouTube, but you would need to add me (Teeslaw) as a contact before YT will let me send you a message. (You should be able to PM me, though…)

  42. KateW says:

    This is why people should think for themselves. 2 for manslaughter and 1 for man 2 reduced to not guilty?? SHAME ON THOSE WOMEN…SHAME ON THEM!!! They saw it and chose to let these a**holes bully them into a verdict they knew damn well wasn’t right!!


  43. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Riots have started..

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        It was reported on CNN and MSNBC. Protesters in Los Angeles are vandalizing Wal-Mart’s and private property. My suggestion to them sign petitions so the DOJ will file hate crime charges.

        Everyone listen to the Rachel Maddow airing tonight. She clarified the hate crime bill informing everyone the conservatives are lying. GZ can be brought up on hate crime charges. Four new cases were filed the same month of Trayvon’s death.

        Mr. Jealous believes there is sufficient evidences and admonished the judge for excluding race. Angela Corey and Bernie are trying to clear themselves by blaming the law.

        Wow… I am not shocked at all by this corruption. DOJ had better move fast everyone is running scared.

        • ladystclaire says:

          It was said on this thread yesterday and, I agreed with the poster who said that, these people need to STOP repeating this fucking punks bull shit because, they know exactly what Fogen thought he muttered under his stanky breath, while out of breath from is fat ass running after Trayvon.

          We all know and heard exactly what he said and, what he muttered was fucking coons. the SOB wasn’t speaking Spanish when he muttered those two words. those two words right there is proof positive that, Fogen had no intentions what so ever of letting this A’hole, fucking coon, as well as the items under seal that was so incriminating to the defendant, due to the racist content in some of them. it was said that he used the “N” word in emails he sent out to his fellow neighbors, when telling them who to be very mindful of in their neighborhood.

          He has also been reported as being one who talked much shit about Tracy Martin, when he thought he was not going to be charged and, what he said also had racist undertones. this is why the defense wanted to have it sealed and, the state agreed to this bullshit.

          They knew those items contained racist elements in them and, that is why it never came out during the trial. yes, I believe the DOJ has more than enough to charge him with a federal hate crime.

    • diary73 says:

      Oh freakin brother!

  44. Lynn says:

    Ouija board in your pants?…She was onto him.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:



      Thanks for finding this and posting it. I was hoping to watch it again

    • deetruth says:

      I love Rachel.

      Rachel, Sybrina and Tracy have more character in their pinkies than the entire Zimmerman klan and their supporters have combined.

  45. diary73 says:

    I think it will be a while before I will recover from this verdict, if I ever do. Sigh.

    One thing that strikes me, as I reflect on what happened: the moment that GZ felt he had to fire the gun. Let me explain.

    O’Mara brought out a slab of concrete. He said that Trayvon was “armed” with that piece of sidewalk; however, Trayvon’s body was no where near the sidewalk. It was SEVERAL feet onto the grass.

    Most witnesses described what they saw occurring on the GRASS.

    If the jury decided that the exact moment of the firing of the shot is all that mattered to render a verdict of not guilty, then they should have looked at EVERYTHING concerning that moment.

    If Trayvon were “armed” with the sidewalk, causing GZ to fear for his life or great bodily harm, he was no longer “armed” with the concrete at the time the shot was fired because his body was not near the sidewalk. something else occurred from the time that GZ claimed his head was being slammed and slammed until the time he shot Trayvon.

    People who want to accept the defense’s assertion that Trayvon was indeed “armed” need to SEE this scenario through and concede that at the moment of the shot, Trayvon was no longer “armed.”

    Why could this jury not see this? What did the prosecution not emphasize this?

    • type1juve says:

      Diary, with this jury I don’t think that there is anything the prosecution could have done to get a guilty verdict. It appears there were stealth jurors selected. These women are blinded by their racism and of the same mindset as Fogen. My heart is heavy thinking that these are the people who were entrusted with seeking justice.

    • Not Angela Lansbury says:

      The jury didn’t WANT to see it, and the state didn’t help them.

  46. jodiwankanobi says:

    who is sundance cracker….i’m sure someone outed him a while back.

  47. Two sides to a story says:

    I also wondered what happened to the Rachel college fund? I’m game to contribute when I can. Her lawyer spoke of all the people who called and texted and e-mailed to offer their moral support.

  48. Michael says:

    Professor can i ask a silly q (I am Australian so please forgive if the answer is obvious)

    Now given we have 20/20 hind sight but

    Why would they not have the civil trial and perhaps federal DOJ civil rights trial FIRST there by getting more statements from Z and hence more evidence.

    Surly no Statute of limitations on murder

    Force him to testify

    Game set match

  49. Girlp says:

    Florida looks like the old Alabama/Mississippi. My dad was part of the civil rights movement from the 1950’s through the early 70’s…. I was a small child so remember some things from the mid 60’s and much after age 7… What happened in that court room looks really bad I hope the DOJ can involved something’s really fishy here.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      It was a complete theatrical show… The jury was tainted and when 6 white women from a racist community sit on a jury it can be nothing but a “guilty” verdict. This bigot just said Z learned his lesson.. What the hell is she talking about!

      • Malisha says:

        The lesson he learned is when killing a pBa-lack kid, don’t give statements. Although the police have promised you that you wouldn’t be charged, there may be something that happens and you get charged anyway and then have to go through a big trial and all. IF that happens, everybody has to do more and more and more to change it from a simple cover-up to a grand theatrical production and there are times you really don’t feel so good about it all. So next time lawyer up and don’t give statements. Going on Hannity, though, that’s OK; you can talk about god and you’ll get all prospective jurors in your county to think they should do god’s bidding and free you. Oh another lesson: For Krissake next time kill a pBa-lack kid who has at least SOME embarrassing thing in his family or background. It’s irritating having to make it all up from scratch.

      • Girlp says:

        She is dumb as dishwater plus a bigot.

  50. Let me elaborate what I mean by dehumanization and niceness. In B37’s mind ending another person’s life is a “lesson learned.” That life ending is a tragedy. The tragedy is someone lost their life for Z to learn a lesson. To understand just how dehumanizing that is, imagine someone brown ending a white child’s life and the brown person being inconvenienced by the pesky attitude of the white child’s parent’s. “Why are they so upset?” The peskiness traumatizes the brown person. And when the verdict is read, the brown person learns his lesson. How could anyone criticize a juror that empathizes so deeply with that brown person traumatized by the pesky parents of the white child he killed and the lesson he’s learned? How could anyone be so cruel?

  51. My Forehead Tho says:

    One of the many jury instructions this jurors decided to go against in deliberation:

  52. tharealkeisha says:

    B37 rhetoric sounds exactly like the CTH.

  53. You all have thoughtful comments says:

  54. YQ says:

    Stealth jurors… 3 of those. And I knew it the second the verdict came back. Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement… those jurors had neither. Not only that, damn near nothing she said was evidence at all. It was not guilty all the way, even if God parted the clouds and showed them exactly what happened on a magic LED screen. Wow, this was too blatant.

  55. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Someone was looking for the juror 37 pic. I scan it. Can someone send me their email so I can forward it to you to post? It is available..

  56. sighhhhh says:

    Is anyone else thinking Judge Nelson may have been far more nefarious than people thought? She seems to have slipped in at crucial points to give the jury room for this ridiculous verdict.

    • deetruth says:

      I’m thinking systemic racial discrimination through out and ENTIRE judicial system in a community that has a sordid racial history. Some bad acts are willful and intentional. Some are committed by people who do what they’ve learned and may or may not even realize the impact.

      It’s very hard to sort out who’s who and more importantly, how to effect positive change.

  57. deetruth says:

    As a general rule, I am not a “crier”. Altho I was close on Saturday night and Sunday morning, I still didn’t cry. Tonight I am crying, esp. the more I hear and read from juror #37(I cry only when I am ANGRY). I know I have to figure out how to channel that anger and do something that will make a difference.

    There is so much in my head right now. I don’t even know where to start.

    In the meantime, I fear for my country and for the members of my family, esp. the young Black males.

    • sighhhhh says:

      I had a similar experience and am feeling much the same. You are not alone. I am a white man with young black male relatives by marriage so we may not have exactly the same family experience, nonetheless I feel you.

  58. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Did anyone catch the statement by BDLR? JN put the two jurors back on after they were removed… JN claimed discrimination..


  59. J4TMinATL says:

    One word to describe GZ? “Lucky” – Bernie

  60. groans says:

    The Daily Show is doing a great piece on this piece of shit Florida verdict. God bless ’em.

    A link will be available tomorrow.

  61. Woow! says:

    What is done in the dark will come out into the light…juror B37 just showed us that. She is going to over talk herself and let something slip. You know the old saying loose lips sinks ships. I hope the DOJ is paying attention.

    One of those jurors who wanted to convict George is going to tell a friend or family member what happened and that person is going to tell someone and so forth and it will come out.

    JN was quick to tell the jurors that they do not have to give interviews or let anyone know who they are. I wonder why? B37 did not waste anytime to set up interviews.

    This racist women will be found out. They will not be able to hide because they will out themselves. They will be shamed by society for that they have done.

    If anonymous reads this site and is truly for justice you should try and see that those freaks are posing over a the CTH and expose their behinds.

    • deetruth says:

      I think that these jurors live and move within a small community of like minded people. They will suffer no major negative effect. I think the same applies to all the other parties to this trial, except perhaps for George. It may take a while, but I predict that Karma will be a B-tch for George.

  62. boyd says:

    Judge Nelson was in on it. Remember the audio experts, and where were the proseuction witness on Trayon’s voice. Why did not AC ask the juror why did the screams stop 1 millisecond after the shot or why would not the kid scream when seeing a gun? or why if it was zimmerman screaming, he acted like it was nothing
    fopinion of the first witness. But it would go over her head.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Of course the fix was in a long time before….

      • Malisha says:

        By April 10 they realized they had to have a trial. I thought they would do a faked-up plea to protect SPD. No, they went ahead and had a trial and still protected SPD. I imagined (probably because I couldn’t tolerate thinking otherwise) that BDLR would not agree to do the whole thing as a farce, and would say, “I’ll protect SPD but I want to nail Fogen,” but I was wrong. His assignment, and he DID choose to accept it, was “I will run a trial and if half of the bad decisions can be laid at the judge’s feet instead of mine I’ll throw it while appearing to be on the rooftops yelling ‘MURDER’!”

        • Malisha says:

          Remember: BDLR questioned Rachel on that tape. He asked her if she had gone to the funeral. WHY did he ask her that? What did that ever have to do with the events of 2/26/2012?

  63. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Angela Corey said “prey” Trayvon Martin never had a fighting chance.

    She called GZ “murderer”
    BDLR called GZ “lucky”

  64. jodiwankanobi says:

    how does 1 juror go from Man 2 to not guilty in 13 hours.

  65. LiveByTheGulf says:

    Hopefully the people involved like B37 continue to talk, talk, talk and get overconfident. We need a break that the DOJ can work with. If you vote Republican, you’re voting for more people in office to be like B37 and the fogen family.

  66. jodiwankanobi says:

    there is a password protected GZ discussion on the nuthouse….can imagine the hate going on up in there…someone needs to get the message through to those investigating hate crimes in this case because i’m sure they would love to see what they write when they are uncensored.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Where’s Anonymous when we need ’em?? 😀

    • ChrisNY~Laurie says:

      Oh, that makes them feel more important, like they have some goods on something. Very immature bunch over there. I’m sure that whatever they are talking about behind Sundance Cracker’s password protected thread is not true or just the same crap on all of the other threads. Pay them no mind.

      Unless…maybe it’s a private chat with Fogen. :O

  67. Woow! says:

    What happened to the picture of juror B37?

  68. Woow! says:

    the day the prosecution rested its case Sundancecracker said that he had some information but could not share it because he did not want to compromise anyone identity. He said is was information the defense had.

    I wonder if he knew the jury was stacked? Go back through his comments and find it.

    • tonya B says:

      wow someone needs to report this because I heard taafe on NG sayin that 1 juror was the hold out how did he know that

  69. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Professor, can this juror be charged with something by the FEDS or DOJ? She exposed the problem….

  70. jodiwankanobi says:

    did piers question her on all this BS. I am yet to watch it but have read many of her quotes. anyone have a good link?

  71. Sophia33 says:

    I just Youtubed Rachel from Pier Morgan. She did great. And I’ve only seen an except of B37. But I must ask. Someone posted on FB that she called Fogen “Georgie” at one time. I’m sorry, but doesn’t that should like she knew him?

  72. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    I’m listening to the prosecution and feel the jury was the problem mainly. Their minds were made up from the beginning. Trayvon didn’t have a chance.

  73. jodiwankanobi says:

    wow you’re easily offended. The word bitch can be used in many different ways from bitch slap, to it’s a bitch of a car, to hey my bitches, to stop bitching at me, to she/he’s a whiny bitch, to lifes a bitch. I’ve never thought of it as in terms of breeding….weird.

  74. Puck says:

    If I can get more of this sort of information from B37 (and perhaps other Zimbot jurors) about her having her own “facts,” then I can write a paper on this, including how the Zidiots clung and still cling to irrefutable misinformation. It further confirms my theoretical model that I applied to the Tea Party and the Hysterical Right in that big paper I wrote.

    (I’d have to buy her book, but I’m sure it will be out soon, because it will no doubt be ghostwritten, and she wants to cash in on her vile racism as soon as she can. Ah, the American Dream.)

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Please do. I’d love to read it when you’re done.

    • whonoze says:

      To paraphrase Abbie Hoffman: Steal That Book!

    • DruDo says:

      Be sure and look in the fiction section.

    • MDH says:

      The Tea Part is a reactionary anti-Liberalism movement. Seeing as the foundation of liberalism is reason and critical thinking, it stands to reason that a Tea-nut clings to irrefutable facts that are based on faith.

      In their world, there are things that represent all that is good that can never be subject to criticism.

      For example, any valid criticism of capitalism or the free market is discounted as an attack on the sanctity of Jesus.

      In this trail we are dealing with white society is good vs. black society being bad. So the testimony from any person who if from black society is bad. So solid circumstantial evidence from a dead person representing black society is bad.

      The are an eye back into Middle Age Europe.

  75. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    She is such a lying witch. She did not hear half of what she is saying in the trial. And she sounds like she has an attitude. Ugh this is BS. I knew I was right when I said this jury is why he walked. They knew what they were going to do before they were chosen. She is making me so sick to my stomach.
    She would feel comfortable having “George” as her neighborhood watchman now, because she thinks he has learned his lesson….umm what lesson did he learn to make you comfortable since in your eyes he did nothing wrong and you found him not guilty?????

    • jodiwankanobi says:

      the lesson he learned is that he can kill black kids and get off, so she’s happy her neighborhood will be free from black criminals with GZ on the loose.

  76. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I find the word “bitch” to be very offensive and derogatory. There are other words available to express disdain of someone.

    To me this word implies that that a woman is only good for breeding.

    You would think that after all people went through pushing the Women’s Lib Movement that this word would have been eliminated by now.

  77. believeinkarma says:

    This is just shameful! When does Trayvon get his rights? The State did a half a$$ job. That was why we were so frantic during trial. It is like floriduh said” You want a trial? Ok here is your trial and he is still innocent!” They made a mockery of the justice system.

    • Malisha says:

      Our justice system was rotten long before Trayvon was killed; the branch of government that made the rest of it as bad as it is — is the judicial branch. Judges are warlords and they operate in little fiefdoms and they are abuser-friendly. This is our world. Think of it. Fogen wanted to become a hero. HE HAS. All he had to do to become a hero was kill him some throw-away Black kid, and he did so, and then there was a little ripple of trouble that only served to make him famous, and then — presto change-o, he’s a hero.

  78. boyd says:

    Play pretend about justice JN. Now we know why John Guy made that last second plea, the prosecution knew they were dealing with bigots.

    Recall JN said no when BDLR asked for them to be removed. Perhaps JN was not what we thought she was..

    • Malisha says:

      Clearly JN was not what we thought she was.
      What JN was, and is, is political. She has now made her career. She ain’t dumb, though. I see her in the appellate courts right now. She knows how to get rid of something that is not easy to get rid of, and that’s what appellate courts do. People IMAGINE they are there to correct the courts below them; no they are not. 90% of their work is finding an excuse for why things were wrong (and they make those the “unreported decisions” so nobody is allowed to refer to them to base other things on, a practice that is nothing short of actual tyranny and lying) and the last 10% is occasionally correcting something IF and ONLY IF the judge who did it is on their list of judges who are allowed to be overturned in any way. For the rest of it, they protect judges and that’s their role.

  79. ChrisNY~Laurie says:

    Watching B37 on Anderson Cooper right now, all I can say is WTF?!
    She says the times coincide nothing could have happened because the NEN call would have heard something happen before Racheal and Trayvons call ended. Is she an effing idiot?? He hind up two minutes before they did! Omg I swear I am more mad tonight than I was Saturday.

  80. Girlp says:

    This juror is straight from the conservative nuthouse.

    • kenteoth says:

      I just had a thought…..the state will not provide housing, meals nor protection for the defendant….he will have to worry and live in fear the rest of his life the 4 minutes he did for Trayvon before he mercilessly ended his……I hope everywhere he looks he sees Trayvon’s face….I hope every night Trayvon’s memory haunts him in his dreams and most of all I hope he and his family live with the fear they put on Trayvon and the injustice they heaved on him and his surviving family…..The defendant is free from a prison cell but not from his choices and from those who will look down on him the rest of his life and if he does not change his ways he will endure this for eternity……….

  81. jodiwankanobi says:

    holy shit i missed all this about that juror. keep talking bitch! you are doing your buddy george no favours……can these people be investiated? surely it doesn’t end here if they tricked the system and wanted to be on the jury because their poor old pal was being railroaded by all dem colored folk.

  82. I admit I’ve read the Professor said and only post here to say, “What (is the one thing that) went wrong in Fogen’s case. Once the prosecution saw that Serino and Singleton were compromised, they should have brought in Gilbreath or O’Steen or both.

    • sparger says:

      That wouldn’t have helped. I think this jury could’ve had video tape of the murder and would have let Zimmerman go. Juror B37 doesn’t see Travyon or Rachael as human beings.

    • Girlp says:

      From the statements of juror B37 it would not have made a difference…their verdict was not based on evidence presented three jurors had their minds made up from the beginning, now we know why DaddyZ had a smile on his face during Guy’s closing.

      • Damnit all to Hell, you saw it, too! I even saw DaddyZ;’s smirk before the clerk read the verdict. I even told hubby, “This fat fart is getting off.” When they read the verdict, I went to grab some Single Malt, and when I got back, Corey was smiling like she won an Academy Award, and Mantei kept it real about a ‘dead teenager.”

        And now, less than two full days later, a ‘juror’ has signed a book deal. Lemme guess, Is this the foreperson? Was she or her attorney husband familiar with DaddyZ before the trial? Inquiring minds want to know ….

        • Girlp says:

          I suspect he had something to do with the jury tampering she sounds like she is straight out of the conservative nuthouse.

    • In other words, (minus the GlenLivet depressive haze}, is that the oh so special Prosecutor should have relied on its own investigators rather than on the ones who didn’t think it important to do toxicology tests on the killer on the night he (the adult) thought it apropos to put a hollow point bullet into a child’s heart.

  83. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:


  84. LiveByTheGulf says:

    If juror b37 shows that the verdict was based on prejudice or pre-trial publicity, can the move the DOJ to act. Wonder how the 3 jurors got the 2 that voted manslaughter & 1 juror that voted M2 to vote NG. The 2/1 jurors should have stuck to their vote.

  85. Brandy says:

    So Juror 37 will believe Crazy ass cracker from Dee Dee because she would perceive that to be derogatory, but then dismiss everything else that would be bad for GZ! Unfricken real!!

  86. jodiwankanobi says:

    i wonder if Sundance Cracker is going to do a write up on this young American hero!

    it’s news in Australia


  87. Malisha says:

    I am really wondering about something. Who knows Marinade Dave? I heard that now, Marinade Dave and Frank Taaffe are friends. Is this verified? Are we in touch with Marinade Dave? Anybody? Fill me in.

    ANybody heard from Trent Sawyer? Was the day Trent Sawyer was kept out of the courtroom the same day that mysterious PEN was pointed at the jury during testimony, and then dropped off with Don West as the witness returned from the stand? Was that the day? Which court personnel banned Trent? Where was his seat supposed to be?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Dunno, but he’s pulled almost all his videos off YouTube. He may be pursuing a lawsuit or has been threatened himself. *crickets*

    • whonoze says:

      Where did you ‘hear’ that Dave and Taaffe are friends? Taaffe let Dave into RATL, showed him around, and agreed to let Dave interview him. Dave took this opportunity to try to get some shots of RATL that might be useful to the BCCList group. Dave reported in his videos that FT was a gracious host, and I’m sure he was. Journalists have to cultivate their sources, treating them, you know, like human beings. I would assume Dave has kept a cordial relationship with someone who was cordial to him. Somehow I doubt Dave and Frank are now BFFs.

      • Malisha says:

        Where I heard that Marinade Dave and Taaffe were NOW friends is here, Whonoze. I am trying to find out who said it and whether it is confirmed or just something misunderstood or taken out of context. I am very interested in finding out how the idea got into someone’s mind. I’m not assuming anything. I doubt everything. I just want to find out and that’s why I asked the question on this thread.

    • J4TMinATL says:

      I told y’all about that darn pen.

  88. Brandy says:

    That juror states she believed dee dee when she said Trayvon called GZ a crazy ass Craka when they were on the phone, but juror continued to say she did not believe everything else DD said! What the hell!! So juror basically decided and ruled out the truth from DD! What a racist bitch that juror is!

  89. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:


  90. disappointed says:

    When the prosecution poled the jurors 3 were loud with yes it was their verdict and the other 3 said yes quite low. I knew something was up. Disgusting, I hope no one buys their books. I also thought there was a cooling off period before books could be wrote. Am I crazy to think that?

    • Lynn says:

      Does her voice match the one of the Foreman?

      • disappointed says:

        I did not watch the show. I just read the comment about the split and I remembered how 3 spoke up and 3 sounded low. Sorry but I am not ready to watch any ignorant people yet. Before the trial the media put all this shit out about Trayvon for the defense team and the last two days they suddenly think Trayvon is the victim. SMDH We tried telling people for over a year who the victim was, but they chose to believe a fat liar.

  91. KateW says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! Are yall hearing this juror!?!?! I AM ABSOLUTELY UP IN ARMS!! THIS so and so did not bother to review the evidence and it is clear!! She also could not and did not care to relate to the victim. She did not do her due diligence and review all the evidence. She didn’t need to because her mind was clearly made up!! I am mortified!

    This child deserved every chance at a fair trial where the jury would weight and consider all evidence!! His rights have been violated once again! EGREGIOUS! EGREGIOUS! A miscarriage of justice. This bitch is more concerned about a book deal!! What is she going to write? A pamphlet?

    OH MY GOODNESS I Am about to have a baby!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      It takes my breath away because B37 pretty much says that Fogen was negligent, yet they gave him the benefit of the white privilege doubt, more or less.

      • MDH says:

        Exactly, GZ gave T no benefit of the doubt and, in fact, followed him based on evidence that does not even meet the low bar of probable cause, and GZ is given the non legal standard of beyond possible doubt.

        Listening to her brings Stepford Wife to mind.

  92. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Did anyone see the daughter of West nasty twit to Rachael Chantel. Piers Morgan showed her.. It was nasty…

    His blonde daughters were eating a white ice cream cone.. Completely disgusting…

  93. Malisha says:

    Piers Morgan asked Rachel Jeantel what kind of person she thought Fogen was. “WEAK” she said. Bravo Rachel. She said if he was a real man he would have stood up there and told his story.

    She’s a gem. He’s a weak creepy-ass cracka.

  94. riisey007 says:

    I did not watch the juror interview but What Piers Morgan played was enough. If you watched it did you notice how the juror called Zimmerman, George and not Mr. Zimmerman. First name basis for a man you didn’t know??

  95. ks says:

    The juxtaposition of B37 and RJ is fascinating. B37 comes off as a bigoted craven opportunist while RJ comes across as a credible sympathetic figure.

    B37 really just undermined the credibility of the jury’s decision.

    • longtimegeek says:

      B37 herself can’t even give a glowing report of GZ. She knew that GZ lied in many self serving ways. She didn’t have any basis for disbelieving anything RJ said, yet she discounted everything RJ said. It doesn’t matter whether she identified with RJ or not, or whether she liked RJ or not, she had no justifiable reason to discount anything RJ said. She identified with GZ and couldn’t see past her own racism to see through to the obvious and overwhelming truth.

      What if a juror didn’t identify with either TM or GZ, as is often the case? I find it hard to believe that such a juror wouldn’t have found her way to the obvious and overwhelming truth.

      • ks says:

        “She identified with GZ and couldn’t see past her own racism to see through to the obvious and overwhelming truth.”

        Indeed, bears repeating.

    • believeinkarma says:

      YES ! Totally agree. Big lesson here for whole country. This makes the trial look like a farce and rights have been violated. DOJ time yet?

  96. Malisha says:

    Please let us stop talking about her book altogether, please, just for a couple of days, OK? Personal plea — if some of us start speculating about the book, let’s others not respond — let’s just take that topic off the thread for a few days, OK?

    Any of you who trust me at all, or value what I have ever said, don’t ask me to explain this at the moment. Please let’s not talk about the book right now OK?

    Thanks. Thanks. Malisha

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      We now pause for station identification and this word from our sponsor:

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I don’t think any attention should be focused on this juror’s book.
        It just gives her free advertising.

        I would never buy such a book!

        I am with you on this one, Malisha.

    • type1juve says:

      I agree Malisha. I am still seething at that jury and trying to make sense of how a human being knowingly lets a murderer walk. I don’t want to give any of them one iota of my attention right now. These heartless bitches had the opportunity to do the right thing and move our country forward. They chose not to, and for that I wish every one of them the same fate as Trayvon. I know some of you will not like what I’m saying here and that’s ok. This verdict has rocked me to the core and I will continue to pray about this because I am repulsed by what happened in that jury room.

      • sighhhhh says:

        Again, sexist language does not help here but I agree with your post.

        • type1juve says:

          You’re right. That is not the way that I usually post and I apologize if I offended anyone. I’m going back to just reading for now, my feelings are still too raw.

          • sighhhhh says:

            I am a man who is working on not comparing women to animals so I simply want to pass that along. Solidarity.

    • Judy75201 says:

      I’ve signed the petition at MoveOn that hopes to prevent any of the jurors from profiting from anything on the subject.

    • dianetrotter says:

      I feel you!

  97. Woow! says:

    Juror B37 Says She’d Be Fine With Zimmerman in Her Neighborhood Watch

    George Zimmerman Juror B37 Hates Media, Called Trayvon ‘A Boy of Color’
    A mere two days after finding George Zimmerman innocent of the murder of Trayvon Martin, juror B37 in the case has signed on with a prominent… Read…
    Juror B37 — the one who hates the media, called Trayvon “a boy of color”, and already has a high powered literary agent — just sat down with Anderson Cooper to answer questions about the trial. It’s… well, what you would expect.

    She says some pretty upsetting stuff, much of it about Rachel Jeantel not being a credible witness, and referring to Trayvon and Rachel as “these people” and “their way of life”. Uh, did you mean teenagers? Say what you mean, woman.

    She also says things like “George said” and “George believed” and “George’s rendition…” — which is interesting, considering he never testified. Further insight into the prosecution’s effort — which is looking weaker and weaker the more we learn.

    “I think he just didn’t know when to stop. He was frustrated and things just got out of hand,” she says of Zimmerman. I’m no legal eagle, but isn’t that manslaughter? And perhaps the most telling of all is when she says she’d be comfortable with Zimmerman on her neighborhood watch…now. She followed that up with an “um, well, if he didn’t go too far,” to which Anderson Cooper asked, “Too far?” and she responded, “Well, I think he’s learned his lesson.”

    Anyway, here’s snippets of the shitshow, and we’ll replace with the whole thing when we have it:

    Oh yeah, and did we mention that she has a lit agent and is planning to write a book about the trial with her attorney husband? Because there’s that.

    • “Too far?” and she responded, “Well, I think he’s learned his lesson.”

      That lesson is about THESE people. We all understand that. This is the only reason why George Zimmerman sounded more thruthful than Rachel Jeantel to them.

      That trial was a farce; 5 zimbots + 1 juror.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      :: Things just got out of hand. What caliber did you use? ::

  98. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    If this juror husband is a lawyer he got to Taaffe.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Omigosh. B37 thinks there was an incredible number of robberies at RTL. Why were the real figures not given along with the overall statistics for Sanford?

      The defense made out like bandits in this trial. May their names be forgotten too.

  99. Yorazigo says:

    Okay off goes Piers. Can’t listen to Chaney Mason

  100. riisey007 says:

    Somebody needs to shut that juror up, why is she appearing on t.v. with that weak shit. She knows what she did and now it is time to cash in. I hate these people.

  101. boyd says:

    everything she said I read at CTH for 6 months.

    The trial was fix. he never had a chance. Floirda will not investigate

  102. riisey007 says:

    Now I am really pissed off. I am sitting here watching Rachel’s interview on Piers Morgan. No#1 She has a massive underbite that requires surgery and it will take a year to heal. I would like to know when West gave her a hard time about her speech and made her feel like crap, why didn’t the prosecution get up and ask Rachel what her medical problem was that made her speech like it is? Rachel says that her words do not come out the way she wants and the way she thinks of them. Also she is giving a great interview. Prosecution is shit to me for sure. Piers asked her what she thought about Zimmerman and she said weak. She also said why would she lie, she wasn’t making any money, she didn’t even want to be involved. I love her.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I just came back from watching her interview.

      I am glad she explained her underbite. This was so good, not only for people to understand her, but as a point that advocated for people with a similar underbite.

      I love Rachel! What a great person!

    • Malisha says:

      Love her, she’s the cat’s pajama! (“That’s old school!)

  103. Lynn says:

    Dr. Drew panel is questioning Di Miao. Every one is ripping him apart. The man claims the ONLY position was Martin hovering over. Couldn’t have happened any other way. They question about 25 blows and he says I said six. They talk about head SLAMMING yet he mentioned contact. The panel knew he was paid to say it one way.
    He talks about the forehead injury and says it’s something softer, like a fist. We all know it looks like tree scratches. So does the panel.


  104. So, B37 talked and basically confirmed what our friend Frank Taafee said at a time nobody was supposed to know what was going on: 1 Juror hang the “not guilty” verdict.

    Whonoze and others know that I don’t touch conspiracy theories. But that one smells bad.

    FL, would that be a violation if 1 juror was in touch with the outside world at least during deliberation and possibly before?
    If yes, what can be the consequences?

    It is FT, a Zimbot, who got the information early. That suggests stealth juror. Adding all she said that comes straight out of TCTH. It looks like the verdict was already decided before trial.

    • sparger says:

      I don’t they can do anything to zimmerman unless they can prove he had something to do with it. she could probably prosecuted for jury tampering.

    • Looks like my biggest fear, stealth jurors, lied their way onto the jury and voted NG without listening to the evidence.

      I don’t think the acquittal can be set aside, but criminal prosecutions of those responsible is a possibility.

      I wouldn’t bet the ranch in this racist county, however.

    • Girlp says:

      Daddy Z got her and how many others on the jury maybe 1 other…she based her decision on evidence not presented at trial. She is also saying AA teens shouldn’t be out after dark.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      It’s a possiblity that Francis is just spouting off the top of his racist head – he might assume that 5 white ladies would support Fogen and the Hispanic might hang it up. B37 made it clear that three felt Fogen was guilty (or so she wants us to believe). So on the other hand . . . Francis may have heard something when the deliberations got it down to 1 holding out. This does smell weird.

  105. diary73 says:

    Very insightful experiment! Reminds me of The Sneeches by Dr. Seuss. Great lesson on discrimination from a teacher to her students!


  106. Sophia33 says:

    Stevie Wonder just announced that he will never perform again in Florida as long as stand you ground is law there.

  107. Yorazigo says:

    Rachel Jeantel is so credible. She tells it like it is in her generation in the big city, how teens would think, especially black teens. She said she didn’t curse at West while on stand ’cause parents taught her better than disrespect older adults.

  108. believeinkarma says:

    After watching that juror thing on a/c, Rachael is making her look like a fool. She has that audience captivated. You go girl!

  109. My Forehead Tho says:

    • KateW says:

      Perhaps he should have gunned her son down in the dark. I wonder how she would feel then. Perhaps after he was found not guilty of murdering her son she would tell everyone to let it go, brush it off and make it out to be no big deal.

      Society is full of disgusting human beings.

    • dianetrotter says:

      Will DOJ be able to consider this? She obviously felt this way before going into the courtroom. It doesn’t sound like she was listening.

    • Woow! says:

      “Juror B37 — the one who hates the media, called Trayvon “a boy of color” ”

      racist BITCH!!!

    • Actually, the best thing is for AA to move massively in her neighborhood and all of them to be in the NW program.

      This is the best way handle racists. Make them suffer of their own illness.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Blech! is all I have to say. Why would anyone want a NW person that carried a gun and followed someone, breaking all NW guidelines? This woman is Conservative Treehouse all the way. Goddamn it!

  110. believeinkarma says:

    How could juror not believe Rachael was credible? She is doing so well. Trayvon would be proud.

  111. sighhhhh says:

    I’m sure this has already been posted but it seems suitable right now:

  112. LiveByTheGulf says:

    I’m watching Rachel on Piers Morgan show. Rachael has class. When they played a segment of B37 or whatever her name was, they didn’t show B37’s face – but she spouted off that Rachel didn’t have communication skills, wasn’t credible, felt “less than”, and B37 felt sorry for Rachel. What a sorry piece of humanity B37 is.
    Rachel looks beautiful and can communicate very well, and she shows her face.
    It’s unfortunate we have people like B37 and many people like her feel that they are the real Americans. I don’t understand B37’s ignorance. Some of my family are like B37 – real nice people most of the time until it comes to conservative issues.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      There’s definitely a dark underbelly in some fine American families. *cough*

    • a2nite says:

      No she is not nice. She may not call people n-word but she & her ilk are a part of the problem. White violent supremacy won.

  113. KateW says:

    eautifully articulated Professor. This trial was a travesty all the way down to the jury of his supporters. Let me start with the two crooked cops. DESPICABLE!! To save their own asses they covered for themselves by saying oh yeah the killer was believable, because had they not said that, they would be admitting that they assisted the killer in covering up the crime. How did they do this? Well, MOST OF US know, and we aren’t even cops mind you, that YOU DON’T MAKE STATEMENTS FOR THE SUSPECT!! Serino on several occasions was making close ended statements and subtle nudges to the killer it was him doing this and that. He would also stop him to assist him in correcting himself. NO RESPECTABLE DETECTIVE CAN TELL ANYONE SEVERAL INCONSISTENT STATEMENTS MAKE A TRUTH!!! Bernie De La Rionda should have called him out on it, but stood by silently like a stone.

    Lets talk about Bernie De La Rionda. Now, I will say it wouldn’t have mattered how well he and his crew argued the case if the jury was tainted. So lets get that clear. Initially I was somewhat pleased with his performance until people really started pointing out problems. I think for me, like the Professor stated, was the lack of objection to the badgering, same persistent line of questioning and the dragging of Rachel Jeantel up and down the courtroom. He allowed the creepy Ice Cream man to wipe the court with her battered and bruised body. I have to agree that was probably one of the most egregious parts of this case, and that is the prosecution allowing the witnesses to be tortured. Objections were lacking throughout. I’m not an attorney and even I saw areas they could have objected. The defense objected more than the prosecution at every turn, but when it was the defense turn at bat all you heard was silence and them droning on and on, free to perpetrate their assault on the victim Trayvon Martin. They could have also hammered on the key points of the case but it seemed like they just kinda said….eh….whatever. Bernie should have also entered his violation and dishonesty in regards to the bond hearing. If it was admissible he should have entered that into evidence. Calling the cretin a liar is simply not enough and he should have had information show the jury why, but I am positive they already knew that. It was plastered all over the TVs, newspapers in Sanford. Unless these women lived on a LDS ranch, I am sure they heard and saw what happened.

    The judge. *sigh* She handicapped the prosecution at every turn. This case cannot be about race and you cannot use language to indicate as such. WHO THE HECK IS SHE TO DECIDE THAT!!! IF THE EVIDENCE PROVES OTHERWISE, IE. the multiple phone calls to 911 on Black men and children, who was she to decide race had no part in it, but when West brought race into it with Rachel Jeantel saying that she and Martin were the racists I NEARLY BLEW A LID!!! NO OBJECTION YET AGAIN BY THE DEFENSE. As the professor said she should have sequestered and capped Skeletor’s mouth but she let him parade this case in the court of public opinion and continue to smear the victim with vicious falsehoods and malice. Not allowing the prosecution audio experts to testify was a HUGE MISTAKE! But yet, a barrage of defense witnesses could be made to come in and give their opinion that it was the killer screaming on tape. It became a game of who would come through the door next. She also allowed testimony from individuals that violated the rules of sequestration. I have to think that had Judge Lester not be removed from the case, this part of the court would have been handled differently because he was witness first hand to how dishonest this killer was.

    The jury. I believe that there were defense supporters on the panel. It wouldn’t be surprising any of them would color their statements to hide their support for the killer. I am sure a few of them had probably donated to his fund as well. Remember the one supporter that left that out of his questionnaire. You have to wonder who else left that information out. Bernie De La Rionda should have asked each and every one of them if they had donated to the defendant’s fund. Each and every potential juror after that should have been made to answer that question. That was not a jury of his peers. People keep saying they are a jury of his peers but I contend that he did not live in a vacuum or bubble with all White women. A jury of his peers would be of various backgrounds and experiences. I also feel they should have had more jurors than the few they had. I understand 12 was not necessary for that type of case in Florida, but it would have helped if there was a possibility supporters infiltrated the jury that they would not have been able to bully other jurors into voting a certain way. If there were jurors on the panel that slanted the verdict, this should be fully investigated.

    Ok Im done droning on. You are all very perceptive. You can probably find more problems with the trial in the dark than officers Serino and Singleton. There was no justice done for this child and the evidence was overwhelming to his guilt, so much so, that the forensics refuted and rebut almost every statement he made.

    • type1juve says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said. Everyone that was supposed to advocate for the victim failed him, starting with the first cops on the scene ending with the prosecution. JN did her best to handicap the prosecution while trying to appear fair at the same time. In retrospect it all just seems like a big play where everyone speaks their lines all the while knowing how the final act ends.

  114. believeinkarma says:

    Adderal makes you aggressive But weed? You have to get off the couch and not head to kitchen.

  115. RastaGirl says:

    I am too outdone by this. I cannot believe this at all. I wish I could feel better but I don’t. To hear all the things that are being said as celebratory statements about blacks… About Trayvon and his family. I knew the world we lived in was crazy but reality has really set in the past few days… I don’t know how to put into words how I feel but I hope it gets better..

  116. Girlp says:

    Good article I saw the same things this ex-policeman saw…now the idiot has his gun back and it scares me, I just get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that he will do this again I pray really do pray that I am wrong.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Fogen will be more paranoid and jumpy than ever. He’s not a person who thinks or acts well under pressure. The man should take up arts and crafts or writing crime novels or something relaxing with his wild imagination. He definitely should have no control over life and death situations for others. He never should have been a CCW carrier.

  117. Yorazigo says:

    Says “they” need to know what a thug is!

  118. sparger says:

    She calls Fogen, George a lot. I am no conspiracy theorist but do you think this women knew his dad or Fogen before the trail.

  119. Yorazigo says:

    Rachel is great!

  120. believeinkarma says:

    She skipped and mumbled through manslaughter. But was is so hard about 1) Trayvon is dead, 2) fogen did it. DUH!

  121. Lynn says:

    She wants not to do any more interviews. Yeah, sure lady. You’re gonna do a book deal but not talk on any more shows.

    Glad to hear Anderson say they didn’t pay her.

  122. believeinkarma says:

    Trayvon had no rights. She is so racist she can’t even see it. That is the law of Florida. I am shocked that they thought so little of trayvon. She only believed white jurors too. Disgusting. Most credible witness was Donnelly?

    • sparger says:

      Why Donnellly? Cause he was an old white guy and everyone knows they never lie.

      • believeinkarma says:

        He has the power to tell who is screaming and with tears in his eyes wished he couldn’t. Also violated court rules & testimony should have been stricken.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Donnelly was no close friend of Fogen’s – perhaps of the family. No 28-year-old man is close buddies with someone that old. They pulled the veteran card on that one, and his testimony should have been pulled for sequestration violation.

      What a travesty this trial became.

  123. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    The FIX WAS IN! I told everybody…and I was called crazy… Sanford racist since 1975 from my relative experience…after visiting a wash house. Told them BLACKS are not allowed go some place else.

  124. Brandy says:

    I am so glad to hear that this juror is hanging herself! I could not listen to her anymore! It sounds like her interview will backfire on her and enrage people all over again! Hopefully will bring full investigation into the jurors. We need to start a petition to boycott her book! It worked on Baez and Casey Anthony when we boycotted them!

    • sparger says:

      Maybe she will keep talking and lose her book deal. That idiot doesn’t really believe she can stay anonymous does she?

    • boyd says:

      hanging herself? nothing will happen to her. it’s too late

      it’s too late. The system is never to be trusted.

  125. Lynn says:

    It started as 1 Murder2, 2 Manslaughter, and 3 Not Guilty. The murder2 caved first and then she mentioned one of the 2 Manslaughter was a “girl”. One of the “girls” doesn’t translate into a 50-60 yr old. Where is my chart?

  126. Valerie says:

    Wow !! Grieving Fogen’s life…

  127. sparger says:

    I hate that one juror that was holding out couldn’t stand her ground. I think they spent 16 hours wearing her down and not discussing the case.

  128. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    She is crying because she is guilty…

  129. boyd says:

    Iraq had WMD
    Obama was born in Kenya
    Trayon was out late at night ,

  130. Romaine says:

    professor can a higher court over turn this juries decision based on this interview?

  131. believeinkarma says:

    There was six of these village idiots!

    • Brandy says:

      Yes, not to mention the other 12 village idiots in the Casey Anthony trial! What the hell is wrong with people in Florida??

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I was not surprised by anything the juror said, except that there were three who originally thought Fogen should be held responsible. Otherwise, the whole mess sounds like a badly written novel full of boring cliches.

      Hahahaha – Rachel just said if Fogen was a real man he woulda got on that stage and tell what happened.

      Amen, Rachel, amen. Fogen is a hungry ghost.

  132. Brandy says:

    As a 53 year old white women, I am so sorry I gave these women the benefit of the doubt that they were in the juror room deliberating after listening to all the evidence against GZ!! My heart is breaking all over again! 😦 These women except maybe 1 had already made up their minds in favor of GZ! I had high hopes that they would use common sense and be fair! I was so wrong! Disgusting

    • believeinkarma says:

      Me too. Florida really needs to spend money on education esp.

    • B37 is a fascinating case study. It’s fascinating listening to someone completely dehumanize another and still be a nice person.

      Rachel Jeantel should have had an interpreter. Whatever dialect of English she speaks was too difficult for these women to understand.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Rachel reveals to Piers that she has an underbite that needs further surgery. She’s clearly not unintelligent.

        The jurors. or at the very least, B37, saw Rachel and Trayvon as “others,” strange people different from them and therefore not credible. Just as GZ did.

        We’re seeing racism, at least unintentional and at worst, somewhat willful and lazy without effort to really understand people of another culture. The race difference really isn’t important, but there are cultural differences that seem to unhinge people.

        What a crying shame this all is.

        I’m watching Piers on the west coast now, smiling through my tears at Rachel. She is precious and sincere.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          I should add the the race observation doesn’t matter to me, but that it does with many people in Seminole County, obviously. And whether or not Fogen is an out and out racist, we know that many of his supporters are. Apparently they rode to his rescue.

        • It’s both the underbite and the dialect. And that underbite is quite common among Haitians.

          • Two sides to a story says:

            I find it charming. And she has a beautiful smile and a very direct and honest energy.

        • MollyK says:

          She is smarter and thinks more clearly than B37.

  133. colin black says:

    o m g

    Electing a mixed race president has had the effect on America.

    Instead of healing raceial divides an bring AA an whie or Caucasians closer .

    The opposite has ocoured .
    Its polarised the divide even greater.

    Infact its even worse now if an innocent BLACK CHILD can be murdered in 2013


    OIts worse an more ingrained than pre M L K I have a Dream an the Civil Rights movement.

    Anb yet people kust refuse to see it let alonke aknowlage it.

    It EXISTS they just don’t care as if its the NORM

    Tottally an utterly blassie.

    An this fom a nation that proclaimed to give us your masses an your poor blah.

    Tha Majority of AA living in Merica today ancestors dint even get any option to emigrate.

    They were captures an sold an there decendents bred into slavery.

    A mixed race president sits on the throne an yet

    Amrica is at its ever smuggned greatest land of the frre.

    An no loger the home of the BRAVE.

    But the depraved are set free if the kill a minorite an no one sees

    Your home free.

    The last Brave in America was a Native American an certainly not fom Europe W A S P Stock.

    sorry my American Friends but your Country an masses an masses of it people are ignoble savages M O O.

    This friggin article by someone I thught I rwespected has somehow sickened me to the core once more

  134. believeinkarma says:

    Heat of the moment? They did SYG. Just the instant of pulling the trigger. Hello! Manslaughter!

  135. Lynn says:

    She needs to save her crocodile tears.

  136. Romaine says:

    no this heffa is not going to fake ass cry, smdh

  137. Xena says:

    We now know. The jury did not decide based on trial evidence. Juror B37 is running off at them mouth on Anderson Cooper’s. She had already decided that GZ should not have been charged.


    • sadlyyes says:

      a misstrial should be claimed…she had a preconcieved opinion

      • Xena says:

        @sadlyyes. She certainly did come in with a preconceived opinion. And, her explanation that GZ misunderstood the dispatcher is straight out of Osterman’s Dr. Phil’s interview.

  138. ks says:

    She is literally making up evidence….Martin was out late, walking up to houses and looking in their windows, screams continued after the gunshot, NEN egged on GZ to follow TM, and so on and filling in gaps in evidence in GZ’s favor.

  139. sparger says:

    That jury consultant made his money. O’Mara and West did a shit job.It didn’t matter what was said at the trail. The only thing the prosecution could have done was not have her the jury they had.

  140. sadlyyes says:

    misstrial,this woman had her mind made up,and conspired with lawyer husband to get on jury to cut a book deal

  141. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    I’m not shocked…. She is a racist…. Sanford Florida…

  142. Yorazigo says:

    She didn’t waste a moment getting book deal. Book and publisher need to be boycotted!

  143. believeinkarma says:

    She is not bright. What an idiot. She Isn’t worried he has a gun. Thinks he is safest man in America? WTF? Trayvon was guilty of being black like burglar that got caught. She never gave him a thought. Just poor wonderful George the victim. Now I am really disgusted. Southern justice.

  144. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Does anyone have a link so that I can was CNN live broadcast on computer?

  145. Lynn says:

    The article about her book deal says that the juror contacted them. Was given their name from a top producer of a tv show. Just how did this tv producer know to contact her with this info?

  146. BillT says:

    just saw a juror on CNN….the woman is INSANE……she said Martin was out LATE at night, walking up to houses and looking in their windows…………how is that even possible none of the testimony before her was EITHER of those things???

  147. boyd says:

    So the Jurors liked Donnelly, wow and he Violated the sequester. Thank You Judge Nelson.

    It would not have mattered those Jurors were looking for a
    reason to validate what they wanted to do.


  148. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    This juror is hanging herself…

  149. ks says:

    Her racism is so inherent that she doesn’t realize how badly she’s coming off. She clearly had her mind made up beforehand and ignored or dismissed everything from the prosecution.

  150. Romaine says:

    she is craaazy

  151. believeinkarma says:

    Race not an issue? I guess in her eyes all blacks r bad. Glad to be a Yankee.

  152. Lynn says:

    She’s buyinto the NEN operator TOLD him to get out of his car. “Egged him on.”! He left his truck of his own free fucking will and Sean told him the opposite.

    She thinks Trayvon didn’t know about the gun but believes he went for it.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! The little flashlight was all the proof she needed to KNOW that Trayvon hit him first. Cause there was one there and one at the other point.

    This bish believes it went the 40 ft and nothing in GZ’s story explains it. Just “believes” it for no reason.

    The body was 40ft away and the teacher saw him walking to the T and Manalo met him at the T. Does she not think keys could have been dropped there at that time? DId they watch that fly-swatting reenactment????

    *slow exhale* karma karma karma karma karma

  153. boyd says:

    If anyone saw the AC interiew with the 1 jurors. Did he ask why the screams stopped 1 millisecond after the shot? Please tell me he did.

  154. Romaine says:

    she is a dumb bitch. doesn’t make one bit of sense

  155. ay2z says:

    Watch now, the charges against Shellie Zimmerman will be quietly dropped, because perjury had no effect on the outcome of this trial.

  156. Yorazigo says:

    She also said she “couldn’t remember anything specific” about opening statements. ??? How could ANYONE not remember Guy’s passion, if not his words?

  157. J4TMinATL says:

    Disgusting that Juror B37 already has a book deal.

  158. Lynn says:

    Smeone need to let Nancy Grace know she was played by Taaffe. She’ll go after him. She was pissed with the verdict and knows something was fishy with his comments. How do you know? How do you know? She repeated over and over to him. Let the investigative journalist look into Taaffe.

  159. Puck says:

    Over 600 people coming to the vigil now: https://www.facebook.com/events/144739179057806/

  160. tonya B says:

    I hear that Rachel jentel will be on piers morgan tonight ill watch that

    • Yorazigo says:

      Me too! Had to turn off AC 360 when defense attorneys were coming on. I refuse to listen to their garbage!

  161. tonya B says:

    so now im beginning to believe that taafe did have inside connects because she said that all but 1 of those jurors thought that it was fogen screaming on those 911 tapes what a dumb bitch she is very clueless SHAKES MY HEAD WOW

  162. ks says:

    Just wow about B37 on AC360….stunning.

  163. Lynn says:

    AC360 has Juror on who wants to write a book. Answers are like a script from Defense. Said best witness was ME for Defense but she described him as Donnelly talking about screams in war. Serino was amazing. All but 1 thought GZ was screaming. The other thought he might be the one screaming. Refers to Good as THE witness like his testimony was bible. Rachael wasn’t credible. Mumbles something about it couldn’t have happened like that cause it was only two minutes after the nen and it coincided with her call. wtf?

    I know without any doubt now that she was planted.

  164. Endless Summer says:

    Stevie Wonder has kicked off the boycott of Florida. I hope many others will follow his lead. This is what it will take. I love Stevie.


    • Deborah Moore says:

      I love Stevie, too.
      I’m going to bet a bunch of entertainers will follow his lead.
      (So much for making this all Hollywood’s fault, huh?)

  165. believeinkarma says:

    The whole jury believed it was George yelling. Geez. Did not think Rachael was credible. They didn’t deliberate they were products of Florida. I am sick. So bad

  166. Judy75201 says:

    You need look no further than this juror on AC to know what went wrong with this fucked up verdict.

  167. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    May I suggest that all of you open up to windows: one for Leatherman blog here and one for the live coverage of the NAACP Convention:


  168. tonya B says:

    im turning the channel I cant take it she is sooooo out of touch its best that she conceals her identity she sounds awful im turning the channel wont get my rating

  169. Brandy says:

    There is a GZ juror on Anderson Cooper right now, her identity is being blacked out, anyway she is saying all but one juror believes that it was Gz screaming for help! I had to turn the channel, I am feeling physically ill again. This woman loves the defense from what I heard so far! I could not take anymore

  170. believeinkarma says:

    OMG! Juror just said most credible witness was that friend of GZ who was Vietnam medic! Said believed he could tell screams! He was the one that should have had his testimony disqualified. He was in courtroom.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      And he broke sequestration rule.

    • ay2z says:

      He sat through all the NEN calls from August through February.

      Sounds like Mr. Donnelly has problems of his own. Judge Nelson did not want to find him accountable for being in the couertroom while under rule of sequestration, but she could have tossed his testimony because it was affected and infected. Not only that, he went from that point, to th weekend ahead of his testimony, to listen to the 911 call, twice in prep for his testimony.

  171. Yorazigo says:

    B-37 says one person on jury didn’t believe screams were TM. Sounds like reports coming out of jury room were true.

  172. tonya B says:

    this dumb B**** is stupid I cant wait to boycott her book she is a dumb B***h

  173. Judy75201 says:

    Oh my God, she is really revealing her racism!!!

  174. Judy75201 says:

    This juror is showing her bigotry without even realizing it.

  175. tonya B says:

    omg this stupid b*** is on CNN saying they believed it was George voice omg

    • KA says:

      Based on what? His Momma?

      It did not fit in any way with the context of the scream.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      If that’s the case, then they were none too bright and didn’t listen and observe the evidence closely enough. Rushed to a verdict.

      • tonya B says:

        exactly she sounds horrible so out of touch with the real world … she even said that the jurors thought that it was fogen screaming for help WOW she should have stayed in hiding that was a slap in the face

    • Not Angela Lansbury says:

      The state failed to introduce Fogen’s scream exemplars. They let the jury hear all his self-serving statements to police so he wouldn’t have to testify, but they neglected to let them hear the one thing that would’ve proven those 911 screams weren’t his. SMH

  176. Yorazigo says:

    Juror B-37 on AC 360.

  177. colin black says:

    +Next to no one an Imean no one knew the Names of Trayvon Martin an foggage .

    Over here in the UK an I suspect most of Mainland Europe .

    But since the foggage ones acquittal its been main headling on the news .
    An millions of people at least in the Uk whom had heard nothing of this case are now AWARE.

    An asking questions I explained the case in a nut shell type deal to a Taxi Driver an at least 3 other people since the verdict.

    An each an every one of them were outrages an I only told them the minimum .

    So much I missed out however
    Prople an I mean a lot of People WORLD WIDW I SUspect are reasearching an Intrested in this CASE NOW

    Many Many Many more THAAN iIf foggage had been convicted an sentenced .

    Im not just saying this to console either myself or you am saying it because its TRUE.

    Theres going to be millions off grahams gtypeing in TRAYVON MARTIN into google an wont they have some reading to catch up on..


    • Two sides to a story says:

      Please tell people in your neck of the woods to boycott Florida, to be vocal about disapproving Florida law(lessness).

  178. Judy75201 says:

    I saw a news clip where Angela Corey was asked for one word to describe fogen and one for Trayvon. She chose “murderer” and “prey”. I’m proud she did that.

    • MollyK says:

      I would have been proud of her if she’d done that in the courtroom. She is quite articulate and would have been effective.

  179. tonya B says:

    a juror is on CNN a creepy bitch with her face blacked out

  180. Judy75201 says:

    Fred, I am glad you are feeling better. I’m not quite as gutted as I was when the verdict was read and all day yesterday. I’m bewildered, I despair. But I don’t stop.

  181. believeinkarma says:

    I still think NBC suit should continue so fogen can be shown as a racist. He will never win, but he thinks he is untouchable. He lives in a racist bubble and is greedy. He was found not guilty not innocent.

  182. Romaine says:

    “The reader will also learn why the jurors had no option but to find Zimmerman not guilty due to the manner in which he was charged and the content of the jury instructions.”

    This quoted statement is what troubles me, jurors need to learn that a guilty verdict is not their only option, the could have agreed to be a hung jury, demand better instructions of the charges. NOT simply decide on a NOT GUILTY VERDICT, if jurors held the court responsible for how the present the charges BS like this verdict would not happen. As a juror you never have to give a VERDICT if you don’t understand the charges and instructions applied to the case. I may be wrong but this is how I feel.

  183. believeinkarma says:

    Is SYG law even constitutional? Isn’t it a law to shoot to kill? Dead men tell no tales.The law is not equally applied to all.

    • KA says:

      I think it denies due process.

      There was a case in FL where a man saw a black man taking a radio or something out of his car. He ran after him, stabbed him in the heart, and then left the scene and went home to sleep. The police showed up later. He won his SYG hearing because he said the guy threatened him with the bag of car radios. He rendered no aid and did not alert police.

      So when did stealing car radios get a death sentence and the fact the guy “gave chase” and stabbed the guy did not effect the immunity.

      I think the SYG immune guy ended up dying by gunshot a few years.

      Anyway, when I heard of this case, it seems to deny the individual due process and allows a civilian to be judge, jury, and death row executioner.

      • Girlp says:

        It does esp if you die. There are some survivors who have fought back ,I don’t know the race(s) of the surviors but if you die esp if your AA that’s the end.

  184. KA says:

    I saw this blog written about the burden of the Martin family to claim wrongful death in civil court. It is a much lower bar than criminal court. It states that the family needs only to show that GZ’s action were irresponsible or negligent to prevail. That seems like a gimme to me.


  185. colin black says:

    As Johny Cochrene

    Said the Coulor of justice is Green.

    O J Simpson the Whitest Black person in Hisyory whom was make adds for American Ex;press when other Black athletes risked there careers by getting involved ib Civil Rightx Black gloved black power salutes
    Only time OJ wore a black glove was to save his sorry ass from jai

    Those 6 bitches or five an a half were incenced the Family of Trayvon had received an undisclosed payout an where only to happy to objectfy Trayvon as a possabble could have been thug.

    To justify the unjustifiable be TRAY all of an innocen CHILD walking home with cany an a drink

    They know foggage is guilty as SIN

    An now so are they Green saw justisce denied

    Green of Money Green of Envy an hatred

    An the green green grass =informer=tittle tattle murdering coward that is foggage

    noun \ˈfȯ-gij, ˈfä-\

    Definition of FOGGAGE

    : a second growth of grass

    Origin of FOGGAGE

    Scots, from Middle English (Scots) fogage, from Medieval Latin fogagium, from Middle English fogge second growth of grass (probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian fogg long grass on damp ground) + Medieval Latin -agium -age
    First Known Use: 1775


    But the Lord works In Mysterious ways his WONDERS TO BEHOLD..

  186. Ginger Goodwin says:

    I think Vijay Prashad’s article today on Counterpunch summarizes the situation by entitling his latest piece: “Zimmerman is a Domestic Drone”. It is not uncommon for the blowback from US foreign and domestic policy(ies) to be indirect. Slavery, an internal colonial regime, was not dealt with after your Civil War. And to paraphrase the Bible, the sins of the Fathers have been reproduced in the contemporary society, because the Sons have not come to terms with horror of slavery. To think that a person in the US can walk around not only with a concealed weapon but with hollow point bullets is madness and a recipe for disaster. That Zimmermean could sucker punch a 16 year old boy and kill that child claiming self-defence is lunacy. As some other commentator mentioned where is the NRA telling you that Trayvon should have been armed and that would have at least deterred Zimmerman or evened the odds. Then I suppose they could have had a shoot’em up. In that case is it possible that neither one would have been charged ? Again your society is in big trouble from sea to sea, and unfortunately with your President, a 007, possessing a license to kill at will, and anywhere, no one is safe from your murderous drones. You guys have some tough slogging if you want to accomplish anything beyond some mild symbolic and tokenish changes. The rest of the world fears for our lives.

  187. believeinkarma says:

    One thing I have noticed the protesters are all races. Our children and grandchildren are making us proud. This is different! There are ways to continue to fight for Trayvon and all young men of color. This is not like the 60’s. We are all fighting together this time.

    • Sophia33 says:

      Yeah the diversity of the protestors had warmed my heart. I know personally, I was concerned that this was going to be a strictly black and white issue. It has been nice to feel for once that the black community is not alone in this fight.

      • KA says:

        I agree. I talked to some that attended a few of the events that there was a diverse group in every situation. I am SO glad to hear about that!

  188. willisnewton says:

    I don’t blame the defense for failing to fully investigate a crime. I don’t blame the defense for failure to say outright that this case was about race. I don’t blame the defense for introducing tow of very relevant evidence and never explaining the significance to the jury.

    This case was stacked against the prosecution by the insane laws of the state of Florida. But it was thiers to lose.

  189. smokeegyrl says:

    Well my bloggers… B37 is going to appear on Anderson Cooper tonight.

  190. a2nite says:

    TM wasn’t white “enough”.

    The evil racist police & prosecutor were in the side of evil GZ.

    It wasn’t really a crime to them.

  191. Two sides to a story says:

    Date: July 16, 2013
    Time: Gather @ 5PM
    Location: Leimert Park
    Los Angeles, California
    Contact: answerla@answerla.org or 323-810-3380

  192. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:


  193. ladystclaire says:

    A PIG IS STILL A PIG! the defense and his friends dressed him up in fine suits and ties, as well as bought him a wedding band. but, no matter how much lipstick they put on this “MURDERING PIG,” HE IS WHAT HE IS, A PIG!

  194. lady2soothe says:

    Here’s another petition to sign. Thank you all in advance.

    Trayvon Martin is dead, and his killer is walking free.

    The injustice of the situation is both palpable and maddening. There is no question that had George Zimmerman not acted as an armed vigilante almost a year and a half ago, Trayvon Martin would still be alive.

    But while a jury in Florida incomprehensibly decided not to hold Zimmerman responsible for this senseless murder, the federal government can still take action.

    I just signed a petition telling Attorney General Eric Holder to bring civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. You should sign it, too.


  195. believeinkarma says:

    Have you noticed protesters are young people of all races and colors? We should be proud. They will be a better generation.

  196. tonya B says:

    how can we BOYCOTT this book by juror b37

  197. sadlyyes says:

    from HuffPuff

    is this so?

    Florida law states that a defendant cannot claim self-defense if he “initially provokes the use of force against himself”.
    This clause of the law was deliberately withheld from the jury in the instructions from the judge.

    The jurors were instructed to consider the situation only after the scuffle started and were not able to include the fact that Zimmerman tracked down Martin. (Which seems to me to be the primary aspect of the whole situation.)
    If they had, Zimmerman might have been considered the aggressor and therefore his whole self defense argument would have been moot and he would have gone to jail.

    The defense lawyer argued to keep this clause of the law out of the instructions. The prosecution argued the other way and the defense won, thereby insuring a Zimmerman victory.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      The entire trial was rigged. The Martin’s wanted a trial, they gave them one. Sadly, justice wasn’t the focus, only covering for the SPD…

    • uhoh says:

      I don’t recall that being stated in the jury instructions. I think HLN has a PDF of the jury instructions.

    • Not Angela Lansbury says:

      Yes, it it so. FS 776.041, completely omitted from the jury instructions. This was a show trial, completely rigged.

  198. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Angela Corey, Rick Scott, SPD and Mayor office are all responsible for the cover up…

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I am watching now. This is great!

      I have had churning questions within me and some of these are being addressed now.

      My inner questions:

      How will the NAACP’s action on many fronts be received? How much will really be acted upon by the powers that be? When it is justly acted upon, will there be effective follow through? What resistance will there be in society?

      Will it be like the Democrat leadership’s response at the 1964 Democratic Convention to Fannie Lou Hamer and Mississippi Freedom party?

      Will it be like the South’s response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown vs The Board of Education.

      Will it be like the response to the court’s ruling on interstate bus travel?

      People get ready. There will be future work. Think of Little Rock; think of John Lewis and the Freedom Riders; and don’t forget James Meredith.

      Also, as far as this year’s striking down of the core of the 1965 Voting Rights, think of the March on Washington, of SNCC’s Freedom Summer, and of the March from Selma to Montgomery.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      One of the panelist quoted Benjamin Mays:

      Just A Minute by Benjamin E. Mays
      I have only just a minute, only 60 seconds in it,

      Forced upon me, can’t refuse it.

      Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it,

      But it’s up to me to use it.

      I must suffer if I lose it,

      Give account if I abuse it,

      Just a tiny little minute,

      But eternity is in it,.

      What are you going to do with your minute?

      Benjamin E. Mays, Former Morehouse President

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      NAACP panelists ended with a call to action:

      Channel that anger and helplessness into change, be a part of a movement to protect rights, act like freedom fighters, work for and pursue justice. Organize!

  199. Boycott Florida tourism until the “Stand Your Ground” law is overturned. Send a message to Florida that their state is not a safe place to vacation if their citizens are able to kill anyone they deem suspicious.


  200. Woow! says:

    Judge Nelson allowed O’Mara and West to release a lot of irrelevant information used to slander and defame the character of TM for an entire year. She should have allowed a gag order to take effect.

    I wonder why she didn’t let Zimmerman’s information come out?

    I would love to know her reasons for allowing that to happen.

    • believeinkarma says:

      Watching Rev Al. Hate crime has to be race & hard to prove. Could NBC lawsuit show fogen is a racist and therefore a hate crime.

  201. groans says:


    Ms. Corey, if you had put half the zeal into prosecuting George Zimmerman that you did against Marissa Alexander, you would have gotten a conviction.

    But you held back evidence, and you allowed Sanford “law enforcement” witnesses to be evasive in their testimony without challenging them – most egregiously, ignoring Serino’s memos recommending M2 and manslaughter charges. Your staff SAT ON THEIR BUTTS while the defense badgered witnesses, brought surprises to trial, elicited improper and objectionable testimony, rigged the jury with spurious claims, and rigged jury instructions that almost guaranteed an acquittal

    It’s obvious that you agreed with some devil to “prosecute” Zimmerman in a half-ass manner – intentionally sparing any incrimination of Sanford law enforcement, the Seminole SAO, and outside interference – AT THE EXPENSE of justice for the wrongful killing of Trayvon Martin.

    Gee … Did it have anything to do with the fact that Zimmerman is white, and Marissa Alexander is black? YES, it did. And you are as repulsive as the rest of your Republican cronies in your GUNSHINE STATE.

    Angela Corey, who oversaw the prosecution of Zimmerman, also tried the case against Alexander, and defended the sentencing at the time.

    “When she [Alexander] discharges a firearm in the direction of human beings, the legislature says it’s dangerous,” Corey said, according to the Florida Times-Union. “And one of the reasons is because the bullet went through the wall where one of the children was standing. It happened to deflect up into the ceiling, but if it had deflected down it could have hit one of the children.”


    • entropism says:

      Thanks for the quote from AC. I now understand why Dick Cheney got such a long prison sentence for shooting that man in the face.

  202. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    I was thinking a few days ago about GZ father. Didn’t he make a slur about Obama being a hate president.? All because he stated “Trayvon could be my son.”

    I will not watch Barbara Walters interview with the Grand Wizard of the KKK and his wife. Your apology means nothing.

  203. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    It shows all protest…

  204. Sophia33 says:

    So already a juror is cashing in. There should be something done about jurors writing books. Being on a high profile case shouldn’t be like hitting the lottery.

  205. ladystclaire says:

    I’m watching Rev.Al and, he is going to talk about the AA woman doing twenty years, just for firing a warning shot and, how this MF killed a child and walks free. Angela Corey can your hear me?

    • Thrace says:

      Shameful. I can think of a handful of spouse murderers that pled and only received 16-18 years.

    • Woow! says:

      Yes, I hear you and I don’t give a f%$k!!!

    • bettykath says:

      Corey charged her as she charged fogen. She offered the woman a deal if she pled guilty. The woman chose not guilty b/c it was self-defense. The jury in her case found her guilty.

      My conclusion is that there are two juries in FL that decided on the basis of race. fogen got off b/c he, a white man, killed a Black teen. She was found guilty b/c she is Black.

    • Tzar says:

      No Mr. Holder, the time for dialogue was when a grown man was sitting in his car and had the choice to talk to and reassure a frightened and exposed young man. Now is the time for action on your part.

  206. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Can someone post the Eric Holder interview?

  207. RobertSF says:

    Regarding Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC, I’m not a lawyer, but my semi-educated guess is that the lawsuit will be quietly dropped without any settlement. I think Zimmerman has a steep hill to climb here.

    Florida no longer recognizes presumed damages for defamation per se in lawsuits against media defendants, which means Zimmerman would have to prove actual damages. What are his damages?

    What damage can he specifically connect to NBC’s edited audio clip? Some have said the edited clip makes Zimmerman sound like a racist, but that’s like “Honey, do these pants make me look fat?” Answer: “No, dear, it’s your fat that makes you look fat.”

    All the edited audio clip does is make it appear as if Zimmerman volunteers Martin’s race to the NEN operator instead of giving it as a reply to the NEN operator’s question. Well, volunteering the race of a suspect to the police is not that mark of a racist. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do.

    It’s Zimmerman’s other comments, and his Facebook page, and what his co-workers said, and the complaints by black Retreat at Twin Lakes residents that make Zimmerman look like a racist.

    But even if NBC’s audio made Zimmerman appear to be racist, the reason the case became notorious was not because Zimmerman appeared to be racist. It was because the local justice system appeared to be racist in its rush to sweep the case under the rug.

    I don’t think he has a case against NBC.

    • believeinkarma says:

      Would he have to testify? Would all the info from trial & his testimony aid civil rights case against him? Fogen greed will do him in . Watch him implode!

      • RobertSF says:

        Yes, defendants don’t have the right not to testify in civil trials.

        • disappointed says:

          Just me 2 cents but the NEN operator asked his color he answered but later in the call he volunteered without being asked so imo he is a racist. Fogen did say he is black 1 time in the call without being prompted.

    • Cercando Luce says:

      “Florida no longer recognizes presumed damages for defamation per se in lawsuits against media defendants, which means Zimmerman would have to prove actual damages. What are his damages?”
      You hit that nail on the head– he and his family have profited enormously!

  208. Judy A Vallejos says:

    I have a question about the charges.

    2 charges were decided not guilty?

    does this mean that it is done deal or can the state now go back and charge him with the felony 3 minor murder charge?

    please someone tell me about the double jeporady law?

    can they bring any other charges?

    • RobertSF says:

      No, the state can’t bring any other charges. Zimmerman could now come out and admit he did it, go on a talk show and explain exactly how he executed Trayvon in cold blood, and he’d be safe from state prosecution.

      The principle of no double jeopardy is in the Bill of Rights. The Fifth Amendment reads in part, “nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

      I just thought of something. Suppose a crime involves the murder of two people, but the state prosecutes a suspect for only one of the murders. If the defendant is acquitted, could the state then prosecute for the second murder committed in the same crime?

      • If he go go on a talk show and explain exactly how he executed Trayvon in cold blood, he will prosecuted by the DOJ ASAP.

      • Judy A Vallejos says:

        ok thank you

        so there are no other charges that can be brought against him then?

        assault or anything?

        it is all done or just the “murder” charges are done?

        (not to mistake the quotes around murder as I think that is exactly what it was)

    • Thrace says:

      No. It’s a done deal. He skates for any crime in regards to the shooting/murder.

      • Judy A Vallejos says:

        and there can be no felony child abuse resulting in death?
        is that the same as “murder charges” ?

  209. Michelle says:

    I would like to know why wasn’t there a change in venue for this trial. The fact the Zimmerson’s father is a retired judge or magistrate is a good reason to move the case. His ties to the judical system could have been a factor.Also I have an issue with the jury make up in this case. Were there no AA’s in that town who could have served on the jury..and why did the prosecutors allow this. The way this entire case was handled from beginning to end was bias in Zimmermans favor.

  210. longtimegeek says:

    Here’s what The Young Turks had to say. It’s great.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      I am somewhat upset with The Young Turks… They should have kept this in the forefront… They followed “Massa” orders…to back off…

    • ay2z says:

      Why do we need to have this here? We know what this racist family and brother is.

      • Tzar says:

        I just scroll on by

        • longtimegeek says:

          I know from personal pain that it’s easy to feel lonely in the aftermath. But, there are people out there who can and want to help. I don’t think we should scroll on by The Young Turks and other multi-racial followings with huge mainstream audiences. Many people of many races are outraged at the obvious racism. I don’t think the black community should be isolated or allow itself to be isolated. This country has taken huge strides forward to include all races and to combat racism. This case has shown that it needs to take many more huge strides forward. It’s easy to feel lonely in the aftermath, but I believe that this country is going to continue to charge forward in combating racism.

          • Tzar says:

            I watched the young turks
            I just skip the killer and his klan

          • longtimegeek says:

            Tsar – Oh, I’m sorry I misunderstood. For the longest time, I couldn’t listen to his voice, and I tried to avoid looking at his face. I’m glad I took a break, so I have energy to talk about this case now.

      • ay2z says:

        The Young Turks, thanks for posting. Should clarify, it’s the junior rants and publicity that I personally, will boycott. Especially if he is still trashing the victim, the only victim. What reason to glorify his brother by trashing the child victim who wasminding his own business/

        Fogen wanted to keep this one from finding his wife at 1950, alone, in the future, because he was concerned about it being another house invation, and he gave out his house number and feared he was overheard.

        • longtimegeek says:

          I know people are emotional and unhappy with everyone who could have done more. But, just like we shouldn’t turn on each other in Professor Leatherman’s home, we have to remember everyone who believes in this cause. The Young Turks are important in helping to combat the racism in this case, because they are an independent voice and have a huge following amongst mainstream Americans.

          • ay2z says:

            Yes, I made a mistake lumping the three videos when I was only commenting personally about the junior one, with the title about him trashing Trayvon. HE has no right and I will ignore those publicity promos for his own self-serving promotion.

            The Young Turks rant was good.

            Jurior Z was not there, and all he can do is harm in trying to help his lying murdering racist lying (did I say lying?) brother fogen.

            I appreciate the link to the Young Turks, and agree it’s good! Thanks!!
            (didnt’ mean to sound harsh on the other one, was being harsh towards it’s mouthpiece) Sorry, I can scroll on by when I see his face. 🙂

          • longtimegeek says:

            ay2z – No worries. We’re here for each other. 🙂

    • FactsFirst says:

      No thanks… I’ll pass…

  211. Sleuth says:

    ~ Professor,

    Please don’t block “AC”, at least not until he answers some of our questions that have been posted to him. I doubt he’ll answer them, but give him a couple of days. TIA

    • Girlp says:

      I saw that he got his gun back on HP, this is a person who was/is under the care of a psychologist before he murdered Trayvon has his gun back. Florida is so backwards do they realize they have given the gun to a mentally ill person.

    • aussie says:

      AC is not a troll. AC is a thinking person genuinely interested in this case. It is good to have him (?) here to let us see what the reasonable people on the “other side” thought.

      We can’t just look at everything from our viewpoint and expect the rest of the world to agree. If we want more others to see things our way, we MUST understand how and why they now see it the way they do. Just calling them names and attributing their views to their being racists is not going to cut it.

      I wish more people here would try to engage AC on what he is saying, instead of telling him to go back to CTH etc. Let’s try for some dialog here instead of spewing hate.

      EQUALITY: how can we expect them to listen to us, if we won’t listen to them?

      • Sleuth says:

        ~ aussie

        Don’t quite understand what you mean by:

        “AC is not a troll”.

        If you are suggesting that I think AC is a troll, then you have wrongly judged me. I have never accused anyone of being a troll. I gladly leave that type of sophomoric behavior to those who do.

        However, there are some here who have, and your comments might be better served by addressing them to the people who have repeatedly expressed their displeasure and hatred towards trolls.

        Nor do I understand your comment:

        “Let’s try for some dialog here instead of spewing hate”.

        Again, not sure why you feel such a desperate need to single me out to express your displaced aggression, but you are obviously the one who seems to have a problem “spewing hate” right now.

        I do not appreciate your allegations, nor will I tolerate them. You might also want to check your own behavior in this regard. If your false allegations towards me continue, I will not hesitate to make a complaint to the professor.

        • cielo62 says:

          Says the person who defended a vile spewing abusive troll. You might not care about the integrity of this blog but some us do. I don’t know about AC. Anyone stating lies as truth is suspect. But who knows? This trial was such a complete pooch screw that maybe a rational person could buy that pile if steaming dung as true.


    • tonya B says:

      this is the lady that said that serino said that it was a lot of racial things goin on at the spd …. and he also tried to tell ppl who was screaming I hope they can for one call this lady on a federal level

      • Sleuth says:

        Yes, the young boy, witness 14, who SAW someone on the ground screaming for help.

        He said he thought the person might have slipped in the rain. He said he was going to help the person but his dog got loose, then he HEARD a gunshot, and ran into his house.

        His mother also stated that her son never said what color the person on the ground was wearing. He said it was too dark for him to tell.

        She said Serino did not come to her home until days after the murder, and felt Serino tricked her son into saying the person had on “red”.

        Remember the “Investigation Challenge” Serino referred to on the witness stand? Well this is exactly what he did to Ms. Brown and her son, as well a Ms. Jayne Sudurkya.

  212. sadlyyes says:

    there are ways of hiding his money,floriduh is a homestead state,he can put his money into a homestead or give it to dad and mom to keep for him

  213. ay2z says:

    Chris Serino was the real turncoat that I did not expect. But he has his job to protect, and that message to Lawrence O’Donnell passed along in prime time, was designed to be misinterpreted as to it’s true meaning.

    Well don, Serino, well done. Jad even O’Donnel, and presumably, those he had on his panel that night, Capehart and Chas. Blow, completely fooled.

    What was this really all about?

    • ay2z says:

      copied the wrong link, this is what Serino had to tell Lawrence O’Donnel.

      (Note Chris Serino was quoted as saying he was looking forward to the truth comign out.

      Did he mean the truth as the trial result came down? And what did he mean, if quoted correctly by O’Donnell, ‘investigations’ (plural)?

      Is Serino still waiting for the truth to come out?

      This should be the correct link, I opened it to copy last time, but maybe the link was from ‘playlist’ and was about to start the playlist with the last video. (new youtube, haven’t bothered to figure out all the bells and whistles)

      Hope this is a non-playlist link.

      • Sleuth says:

        ~ ay2z

        Is this a story AFTER the media dump? IIRC, in the confessed murderer’s written statement, Serino wrote, the confessed murderer admitted to him that he CONFRONTED Trayvon.

        IIRC, there are several parallel investigations. One in particular, being conducted by FDLE. Allegedly Serino accused two SPD AA officers Arthur Barnes and Trekelle Perkins of “pressuring” him into make an arrest. He also alleged they are friends of Tracy Martin.

        I think Perkins maybe the person who took the confessed murderer’s cousin’s report of molestation.


        • ay2z says:

          the admission about wanting to charge fogen the night of, came out on this show. Doc dump followed, if IIRC

        • Nellie Nell says:

          This is all so fucked up! That murderer is free to kill again in his paranoid state of mind. Now he will be even more scary and maybe walking around with his gun out ready to shoot any and every Black young man he sees.

  214. Woow! says:

    What went wrong in the Zimmerman case?

    The jury was filled with Zimmerman supporters who had their minds made up before being selected.

  215. kllypyn says:










  216. Woow! says:

    Everyone should turn the channel and boycott any station airing interviews with George Zimmerman and his family. We should not give the networks ratings when that family is appearing.

    You can best believe that that family is not appearing for free and if the networks want to support a child murder and his family we should not assist the networks with ad revenue to pay them with by watching when they are on.

  217. Woow! says:

    Professor did you see my apology above?

  218. chi1224 says:

    I hate to report that I am not recovering from this very well. I have a deep hatred for the jurors in this case, along with Zimmerman and his vile attorneys. I wish terrible things would happen to them. I want them to rot in hell. I have not been able to look at the news, but my husband came in and mentioned to me that one of the jurors is planning to write a book. I blew up all over again. I can’t stomach these people. I have never felt so much hate in my life. This is not healthy and I can’t live with so much anger and hate in my heart. I honestly think I might have to seek therapy. I need to find a way to turn this around, but those feelings don’t last long and then I am deep in grief again. This never should have happened. I’m not looking for advice or sympathy, I just need to vent in a safe place. I can’t read the news or watch any of it. I just can’t.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      its fine…

    • Tzar says:

      it’s called being a normal empathic human being
      so your diagnosis is normalcy and morality.
      Tincture of Time helps
      Elixir of Action is almost curative…almost

    • mej7 says:

      We need to work to change the laws. A law that protects victims like Trayvon from being followed by someone with a concealed weapon and then vilified and slandered when he is murdered. A federal statute that would give the victims of such a crime that will trump the SYG and self-defense claims. If they can’t follow with a weapon, he’d have stayed away and waited for police – otherwise he couldn’t claim SYG or self-defense.

    • tonya B says:

      I just said the same thing I think I may need to shut my social media down for awhile until I can come to grips with this im deeply hurt I barely made it to work today my television is OFF I cant stand to hear anything concerning fogen

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Let it out then forgive yourself for the anger. It’ll pass. Transform it to righteous indignation and let it do its good work.

  219. MichelleO says:

    I’ll see what everyone posts here about any one of those shows, because I refuse to look.

    • chi1224 says:

      I can’t look either. In fact I’ve been wondering if there is any way to set up my laptop so that my internet will filter out anything with the word “zimmerman”, like how parental control filter out porn or something along those lines. If anyone knows please let me know.
      Michelle I just wanted you to know I understand how you feel, EXACTLY how you feel!

    • Tzar says:

      they will not get one peep from me

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Exactly, I refuse to watch anything posted with his killer face.. He is a child murderer and boycott Florida…

  220. Woow! says:

    The backlash is beginning:

    Down in Orlando, non of the air marshalls want to fly with Osterman. This puts his job in limbo.

    Osterman was told by the marshall service that they could not tell him not to testify but it would be in his best interest if he did not. He did so anyway and now he is getting death threats and no one wants to fly with him.

    Let us hope humans chose not to use Jenna Lauer or the company she works for as their realtor. Let the racist keep them in business.

    • Thrace says:

      GZ withstanding – After watching him on the stand two times didn’t instill confidence in me as to our air marshalls. He came across as an attention getter and flakish – not the least bit macho – even though he strives for that image.

    • ladystclaire says:

      Good and, now somebody needs to shut Robbie The Racist Up. BTW, this SOB hasn’t weighed in the 190’s for a pretty damn long time. and, I guess the family is no longer living on the run in fear. I’m glad this is happening to Mark Osterman!

  221. Thrace says:

    Listening to HlN Vinnie talk about his interview with Angela & Bernie. They didn’t want to trash the SPD – but they would have done the initial investigation differently than the SPD. (In other words they are in a roundabout way critizing SPD).

    • Woow! says:

      Stop being round-a-bout and put them on blast.

    • Xena says:

      What Corey said is that her staff works as a team from the beginning of an investigation. Wolfinger apparently left the investigation to the SPD.

      There’s an advantage to LE working with the SA’s office, because it’s the SA who determines one evidence needs corroborating evidence, as opposed to direct evidence. They can be the guiding eye for LE during an investigation.

  222. smokeegyrl says:

    Rachel Jeantel will be interviewed on Piers Morgan tonight (CNN). Vinnie Politan will also be interviewing the prosecutors at 10 PM tonight on HLN After Dark

  223. smokeegyrl says:

    HLNtv Afterdark will be airing the Prosecution Team tonight. Bernie still calls “The Killer” a murderer. But there is something fishy about Angela Corey… or whatever her name is. I don’t forget it.

  224. smokeegyrl says:

    Somebody posted on Twitter the killer of Trayvon Martin his present address and social security number last night. They said CNN released it.

    • Thrace says:

      It was during the trial, they put up a document that had that information on it and it accidently broadcast to the world for a minute or so. The court realized it and took it down.

      • smokeegyrl says:

        Well somebody got it and it was posted all on twitter last night both address and ssn..

        • Woow! says:

          Now this SOB will get a new SSN that will give him a fresh start with that jacked up credit history and criminal record or do they move that information over to the new ssn?

          • Thrace says:

            Well they need to give the entire state of SC new SSNs too. Thanks to the tea bag Governor’s incompentence everyone who filed taxes to the SC DOR since 1998 had their SSN and banking info stolen by eastern Europe hackers.

        • believeinkarma says:

          I saw it on @Youranonnews Twitter last night. Anonymous posted it several times on Twitter

        • MichelleO says:

          I see nothing in the news about it.

          • Thrace says:

            Happened during the beginning of the trial.

            CNN broadcast George Zimmerman’s Social Security number, address and phone number on national TV Monday afternoon in an egregious error.

            Zimmerman’s private information was flashed on screen for about 23 seconds by a bumbling prosecutor trying Zimmerman for the February 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

            CNN appeared to not realize the footage was unedited until it was too late.

            “Now what I’m going to do is blow this up so the jury can get just the first part first,” a man is heard just before the private details are displayed for all eyes to see just after 12:15 p.m. ET.


    • That is the report from 02-26-2012. He never returned to
      that address.

  225. MEJ7 says:

    Just wrote to my Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer and House Rep. Brad Sherman, Trayvon Martin Foundation asking that they look into sponsoring the Trayvon Martin Bill.

    It is my hope that we can create some type of federal legislation such as The Trayvon Martin Bill which would disallow any man or woman with a brandished weapon or a concealed weapon to follow anyone – instigate an interaction and commit harm to the person they are following. That act of following should negate any immediate claim of self-defense, SYG or immunity from prosecution should their actions result in injury or death to the person they are following. If the person they are following is a minor child under the age of 18 they shall receive a mandatory jail sentence regardless of any sentence he or she may receive through the jury trial. The victim must be given DUE PROCESS regardless of whether the shooter claims self-defense or SYG. Claiming self-defense or SYG should NEVER impede the shooting victim’s right to due process and a fair, impartial, uncompromised and thorough investigation.

    There should also be a clause included that the defense cannot smear or vilify the victim in any way with the intention whether stated or unstated of poisoning the potential jury pool in order to effect the outcome of the pending case.

    For example: Zimmerman’s attorneys did not allow any of his priors into the case or to be talked about and claimed that only the minutes in which the encounter happened should be in the record, yet the judge by not issuing a gag order allowed the defense to spend 16 months vilifying Trayvon, a minor/child, in any media outlet that would listen. That is absolutely deplorable and should never happen to another victim. By the time the jury was selected, they already had the jury pool tainted and slanted to their side, because Trayvon was portrayed as a thug and their client was just a “community servant.” Disgraceful!

    I am asking them to author a Trayvon Martin bill to protect the victims of gun violence. The bill should address – the protection from being followed by anyone with a brandished or concealed weapon; the protection of the shooting victim’s rights to a fair, impartial, uncompromised and thorough investigation including collecting of evidence, the protection of the shooting victim’s right to due process; and the protection of the shooting victim’s rights against libel and slander.

    This should be a federal statute that protects the victim’s constitutional rights and due process against SYG and self-defense claims. The shooter’s right to carry should not excuse an arrest, booking and full investigation for the victims who can no longer speak for themselves.

  226. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    [comment removed: no doxing allowed]

    Don’t let these racist hide.

    Make them take off the KKK hoods and expose themselves.

    Boycott all Florida entertainment; lets hurt them in the pocket. Boycott Disney especially….

    • sadlyyes says:

      ESPN is DISNEY
      so is CBS…or mebbe its ABC

      boycott em all save your money and watch PUBLIC TELEV its free

    • pat deadder says:

      juror is on AC360 dumb as a bag of rocks. In disguise of course.I could only stand 10 minutes Anderson Cooper is kissing her ass.

    • crazy1946 says:

      Hmmmm, perhaps you would like to post the Fogdoits my space page comments on all the Spanish speaking blogs and site’s! That would get him some much wanted love and affections from the Hispanic folks in this country! We should help him to become more popular amongst his peer’s!

  227. Two sides to a story says:

    Professor – how do you think the NBC lawsuit will go? Fogen is not criminally culpable, but the Martin family won the HOA settlement and should be able to win a civil suit against Fogen. How do these civil suits affect Fogen’s chances of besting NBC?


    • Woow! says:

      MOM and company is going to try and milk this for all the money they can.

      If Hollywood make a movie about this case for the Zimmerman’s to profit we should boycott going to the movies or buying DVD’s for 6 months. That would really hurt their pockets.

    • ks says:

      I’m not the Prof. but, GZ’s claim against NBC is weak. Remember, his claim against them is that they slandered him by editing tapes to make him look like a racist not that they said he was guilty. Now that it looks like NBC won’t settle as they probably hoped for, they can go ahead but with GZ’s very shady background, it’s a suspect proposition.

      • Woow! says:

        I hope they put everything out there that they have on him that did not come out at the trial.

      • believeinkarma says:

        NBC last suit is about fogen being a racist. NBC has a lot deeper pockets than fogen fool. Civil case bar is lower. Will NBC use the inflammatory emails, texts, fogen’s past behavior, my space, neighbors stalked by fogen & effing ©oons, co workers, ex fiance and cousins statement? Will fogen have to testify? Will this give DOJ more evidence for civil right violations?
        Fogen really has delusions of grandeur! Somethin’ wrong with him? What state will NBC lawsuit be in?

    • whonoze says:

      As someone who has studied the history of ‘media scandals,’ I am confident that GZ’s lawsuit against NBC will go absolutelty nowhere, nor will NBC offer a dime in an out of court settlement. NBC will not be alone in this. If GZ’s suit ever gets anywhere near a court, expect a full force defense – including amicus briefs and high-priced lawyerin’ – to come from every major broadcast news organization (including Fox), the NAB, etc. etc. GZ would be facing an army of Goliaths, and he doesn’t even have a sling-shot. Any concession here would force the media conglomerates to completely overhaul the way they present news, and they’re not about to do that.

  228. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Let me add, if the DOJ or FEDS want to bring charges against any person, they will find a way. They will frame you and orchestrate a crime against you if they see fit. So lets see because GZ committed hate crimes and violated Trayvon Martins civil rights for walking home from the store.

    • Malisha says:

      There is much more reason to target SPD and others than to target Fogen. Obviously a federal investigation would be able to get the real information from the SPD when the rest of us who FOIA stuff get doctored stuff and bullsh*t instead.

      • I honestly doubt there is enough “non-conservatives” in the FBI or in the feds to be remotely interested in pursuing justice in this case.

      • mej7 says:

        I sent an email request to the DOJ, NAACP, and Al Sharpton to open a federal investigation of the SPD and DA’s office for violating Trayvon Martin’s rights.

        The Department of Justice needs to investigate the actions and non-actions of the Sanford Police Department and District Attorney’s Office as it relates to the Murder of Trayvon Martin.

        Trayvon Martin’s right to due process was disregarded the night he was killed causing the Sanford Police Department to produce an inept, hapless, and unfair investigation.

        The SPD and Sanford DA violated Trayvon Martin civil rights. Trayvon Martin was not given his due process and therefore, the evidence that should have been collected to ensure a proper, ethical and fair trial was mishandled. They violated Trayvon’s civil rights based on his race. Everyone including those who are in the commission of wrong doing (though Trayvon was not) are entitled to fair treatment under the law. Trayvon was labeled a criminal by the color of his skin and thus no one cared about rendering aid, collecting the evidence correctly, or conducting true witness interviews that really would have produced the TRUTH about this case which would have resulted in a guilty verdict for a man who followed, hunted, scared a minor/child and shot him in the heart. The real truth lies in the halls of the SPD and DA’s office. And because of their racial biases, they disenfranchise all of Sanford’s black and ethnic communities and that is a violation of their constitutional rights. I’m sure Trayvon is not the only victim of their biases. I believe that Officers Serino and Singleton perjured themselves on the witness stand. Officer Smith led witnesses to side with Zimmerman’s story because Trayvon was black and viewed as a thug, and a criminal.

        I believe they failed to give Trayvon his right to due process based on racial bias. I believe that Zimmerman was given privileges not afforded to Trayvon based on Trayvon’s race. I believe that the entire black community has been disenfranchised for decades and it is time that the SPD and DA must be held accountable. They failed to properly investigate this crime because they treated Trayvon as a criminal first and not a victim. I feel there was collusion between the SPD, DA and Mr. Zimmerman Sr. to condemn Trayvon Martin because he was black.

    • Woow! says:

      The Feds are not going to do anything. I thought they found George not to be racist before the trial began?

  229. Did these guys know the verdict before it happened?

    I’m hearing stories of jury tampering and the fact that a book deal was made so soon it tells me that the specific juror was in contact with someone while serving on the jury.

  230. tonya B says:

    omg im sick fogen parents will be on Barbara walters tonight I will not be watching im still sick and distraught barely made it to work today

    • Malisha says:

      The media whores appearing together? Wow. This murder and the trial after it really brought that family together; formerly they only appeared apart and didn’t look too swift.

      Maybe that was the motive. “I killed the kid to bring my family together. I have family values.”

      In a child abuse case in Maryland, the social services people forced two kids to recant their allegations of abuse. Someone stupidly asked the younger kid why he had made up the story in the first place (they shouldn’t ask questions starting with “why” when they’re guiding an interview), he looked confused and then said, “To bring mommy and daddy back together.” The fool social worker wrote down, “[Name omitted] made up the story to try to reunite his parents.”

      Lies don’t have to make sense if the people hearing them WANT to believe them.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        “I killed the kid to bring my family together. I have family values.”

        That sounds about right. I can hear that between some of Jr’s lies, er, lines.

      • tonya B says:

        wow @ malisha ………. this is crazy im still stunned I hope and pray that the doj can bring forth some type of charges against this bastard he did indeed violate trayvon civil rights ….. do u remember the Rodney king case when the officers were aquitted but they did serve some time in federal prison… im hoping something can come out of this I know that he cant be charged again for this but a hate crime I would say yes im still wondering what was in his phone we don’t no we have never been able to see

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Oh no. I Baba Wawa tears them a new one.

    • Thrace says:

      So much for all the fear the family has about death threats. A genuinely feaful person isn’t going on national TV to create more controversy, they’re going to fade and hope to be forgotten.

      Guess Barbara got over her wasted trip to FL when GZ backed out of his interview.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I’m a mess today too. Maybe worse than yesterday. Exhausted.

  231. Woow! says:

    An ex judge that I worked for as his court clerk told me yesterday that if people began to sue police officers individually instead of the police departments, we would start to see results and less police misconduct and brutality.

    He said that when you sue the police department, they are going to fight vigorously to defend their employee to evade any liability; but when you sue the officer they are left to their own devices and the department will throw them under the bus leading the officer to sing like a Canary. He has successfully sued a few officers after getting no where with the police departments and after winning those cases, enough evidence and people willing to talk come about to go after the police department.

  232. MedicineBear says:

    Here is an excerpt from an excellent article by an outstanding writer, RJ Eskow: I’m Sorry, Trayvon, But We’ll Walk On

    “[Dr. King] knew that Jim Crow, like slavery before it, was an edifice to human greed. He knew that racism kept a tiny and brutal elite in power. Racism oppresses African Americans, and it does something else the elite finds useful: it distracts white people from the forces which also oppress them.”

      • ladystclaire says:

        It is a wonderful article but, I wish it wasn’t published at HP because, the racism and bigotry against this kid, is as strong as ever. I don’t know why GOD allow such people to live in his world, only to make living a peaceful existence hard for those who are different from them.

        Those who post such racist insults about an innocent child, as well as the family and attorneys for his “MURDERER” may they one day get the opportunity to walk in Sybrina, Tracy and, Javaris’s shoes. at least Trayvon had a family who REALLY LOVED HIM and, HE LOVED THEM. unlike his “MURDERER” and his racist family, who couldn’t stand each other and, hadn’t said two words to each other until he took this kid who was SO LOVED by his family, life.

        I wonder when will Fogen disconnect his mother’s electricity and lock the power box. how long will it be until the rest of the family including “THE MURDERER” diss Robbie The Racist because of his lifestyle. looking on the faces of that family, it’s very obvious that they are not a very loving family. but, on the other hand, Trayvon and his family are full of love for each other. I would rather come from a family of a whole lot of love as opposed to being a part of a family with a “WHOLE LOT ARROGANCE” who look down their noses at those who are not of their race.

        People are people and, it don’t matter a damn what color you are or, who you end up marrying in life. you are still a mortal soul, just like every one else in GOD’S world. you should “NEVER” look down your nose at those of your very own heritage in order to achieve a certain status in life.

        • a2nite says:

          What god?

        • MedicineBear says:

          I agree about HP — it has become nothing but a racist cesspool and I have almost totally abandoned it (thank God for the refuge we have here for discussing Trayvon’s murder without troll terrorism!). I still get email alerts when my favorite writers post there — RJ Eskow is excellent! I just have to remind myself not to read comments!

    • MichelleO says:

      ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I hope the Martin/Fulton family have been shown these photos.

    • Nellie Nell says:

      Wow, the support is so overwhelming!

      Even though I have never personally met Trayvon, I love that kid. I will not stop my support for justice for you. I will continue to pray for your parents, family and friends. Your name will go down in history Babe.


  233. A little over 493 total signatures asking to stop the DOJ investigating the child killer predator fogen by his fans versus 17,403 Signatures asking for the Civil Rights Prosecution of George Zimmerman by United States Department of Justice for death of Trayvon Martin.

    Justice For Martin!

  234. Woow! says:

    This trial was fixed from the beginning. BDLR was prevented from presenting a lot of damning evidence against George even after MOM slipped up and opened the door.

    Like to professor said a few threads back when I asked if anything would come of the SPD…. I’m going to repeat this in my own words…

    Too many heads will fall causing a ripple effect. There is a lot of dirt in Sanford and if you go after one, that person is going to bring down the next and it will keep going. The powers that be would never let that happen.

    I’m disgusted with Angel Corey. Don’t tie your guys hands behind their back then say there was not enough information to prove who started the confrontation. Common sense should have prevailed and those juror should be ashamed of themselves.

    Did anyone notice CAC parents were smiling when they were coming back into the court room to hear the verdict. It was as if they knew.

    • concernedczen says:

      Angela Corey is a person who has terrorized the AA community including trying a small abused boy as an adult and trying to send him to adult prison. Let’s not forget who this woman really is.

    • Too many heads will fall causing a ripple effect. There is a lot of dirt in Sanford and if you go after one, that person is going to bring down the next and it will keep going. The powers that be would never let that happen.

      I didn’t say that.

      • Woow! says:

        I know you didn’t I summarized my understanding from using my own words (which I hope I stated at the beginning of my post). It was not my intention to put words in your mouth 🙂

      • Sleuth says:

        Kriebo’s head has already fallen. “He cannot be trusted to step a foot back into the SAO”. Now he’s “worried about how he’s going to feed his 4 month old baby”.

        Now, you didn’t get that from me.

        • Sleuth says:

          …….and if he’ll ever be able to get another job.

          • Thrace says:

            He was a dumbass. Looking from the outside and watching those pretrial hearings – he let himself be drawn into Wes White’s crusade against Angela Corey.

          • Sleuth says:

            ~ Thrace

            You hit that nail right on the head. He should have been doing the job his boss The State i.e. Angela Corey, hired him to do rather than choosing to be a lackey for The Wiester.

            Makes you wonder just how much more damaging information he came across about the confessed murderer but never reported it to his boss.

            As far as I’m concerned, he’s another one who should be run out the state. He should have been thinking about the consequences before he pulled that number.

        • Woow! says:

          No one will trust him with their sensitive information. What did he expect would happen? He should have known the SAO was not going to keep him after jeopardizing a case and violating the office polices.

          • Sleuth says:

            He jeopardized a lot of people, including employee’s private information.

            Another freakin’ wannabe.

    • type1juve says:

      I believe they knew at least the day before. Watch the court video.

  235. lady2soothe says:

    From Axiom Amnesia:

    Juror B-37 the first money-motivated juror who rendered the verdict that let a child killer go free has made a book deal already.

    • Susan Moore says:

      Her literary agent said, “The reader will also learn why the jurors had no option but to find Zimmerman not guilty due to the manner in which he was charged and the content of the jury instructions,”

      What crap!

      • Woow! says:

        Manner in which he was charged…. do they mean because people had to protest to get him charged?

        • Susan Moore says:

          I can’t know what she meant, but I don’t think it’s based on the protests (since that was not in evidence and would be a highly improper basis to admit to). She probably meant Murder 2 and Manslaughter.

  236. Florida survives on tourism. I recommend that, until they change their ways and their laws, people choose to vacation elsewhere.

  237. Woow! says:

    Florida is a cesspool of bigotry. Any black person that lives there need to move. Let the bigots have it. I feel so sorry for the sane people that have to live among those crazy folks.

    I’m in TX and we have a bunch of crazy to deal with hear but most of the backwards folks that have racism oozing out of their orifices live in the eastern part of the state or country areas.

    I can’t wait til my last child graduates from college. I am selling getting the heck out of Texas.

    • longtimegeek says:

      This case has shined a spotlight on how deep rooted racism is. It reminds me of how highly dysfunctional people can declare themselves normal. How would they know? They can’t possibly know. Many people would like to believe that they are not racist, because they don’t appear to be racist on the surface. But, it turns out that they are deeply racist and can’t even tell this about themselves. They took overwhelming and obvious evidence, put it through their racist filters, and concluded what should have been impossible to conclude: that GZ is not guilty. Worse, some concluded that TM, a regular looking and acting kid, somehow caused his own death without actually inflicting life threatening injuries on GZ. They could tell that GZ had done everything wrong and is a prolific, self serving liar, but they used his lies to declare him not guilty anyway. Would GZ have been declared not guilty if TM were white? No way.

      So, we now have a situation in America where it’s okay for GZ and people like him to murder anyone in any location under the guise of self defense and not just an intruder inside their own homes. GZ and people like him can pretend to act like police, yet not actually behave like police or be held accountable like police. They can act against their own criminology training, concealed weapons permit training and neighborhood watch training, and they can profile without good reason, follow without good reason, confront without good reason, not identify themselves, initiate a fight without good reason, not suffer anything close to life threatening injuries, and shoot to kill within a couple of minutes of the initial confrontation. They can leave an overwhelming, obvious and detailed trail of bread crumbs that leave no reasonable doubt and be held less accountable than a real police officer.

      I think the collateral damage goes beyond black kids in Florida, too. I think a lot of minorities are rethinking what America’s deep rooted racism truly looks like.

      • MDH says:

        If GZ killed a blonde haired blue eyed white boy, then he would have been portrayed as a creepy, foreign person not to be trusted.

        His lies would have been accepted and the All American white boy going down with a fight would have become legend.

        After about 20 minutes, he would have been found guilty.

        Am I wrong?

        • MDH says:

          I meant to write “the fact that he lied would have been accepted”

        • Thrace says:

          If he had shot a white kid under the same circumstances it wouldn’t have taken six weeks and another State Attorney to arrest him.

          • DruDo says:

            Exactly. If it had been a white boy he had killed, he would have been arrested that same night and would have never gotten out of jail again. Who does Sanford think they’re kidding?

        • Nellie Nell says:

          You are absolutely correct! B37 would have been outraged even as he sat in jail that night pending trial. He would not have had an opportunity to make any bail at all by starting a web page for donations.

          This entire murder is unbelievable.

    • Sleuth says:

      ~ Woow

      At least Texas got it right in the case of Raul Rodriguez. He reminds me so much of the confessed murderer, he even looks like him, a lot. Could Raul be this sociopath’s daddy?

      • Woow! says:

        Texas hates Mexicans just as much as they hate blacks. If you are a minority and do a crime in TX expect to get 20 or more years.

        • Sleuth says:

          So you think race played a role in his 40 year sentence? Do you think he had done this to 3 AA men he would have gotten convicted?

          I saw the story on 20/20 last Friday. Mrs. Danaher (?) the widow of Kelly, said she really sympathizes with the Fulton/Martin family, and can only imagine what they’ve gone through. Of course, she said this before this weekend’s verdict.

          • Woow! says:

            In Texas yes. I am glad he was convicted. Texas almost always give the maximum sentence to Latinos and blacks.

            I was make a general statement but true that Texas courts hates blacks and Mexicans equally 🙂

      • Nellie Nell says:

        But didn’t Raul kill a white man?

    • type1juve says:

      I’m from Texas too, Dallas to be exact. As racist as it is here I can’t imagine a jury doing what these cretins did. I feel like we’ve gone back in history.

  238. Woow! says:

    I hope that everyone who help free this man from the SPD to the bigoted attorneys have the same thing happen to one of their children and the murderer goes free. I wonder how they would feel.

    • Beverly says:

      I really hope that you do not hope that; you would truly have regret, I assume.

      • Woow! says:

        I’m venting …….and they all will get tossed into the pit with gasoline soaked drawers for their participation in this travesty and I would not have any pity on their souls.

        My heart is hurting for every mother brother sister out their who has lost a loved one and justice was not served.

        America is supposed to set an example. What happened in FL is no different than what the Taliban or Al Qaeda does in Muslim countries.

        • Sleuth says:

          ~ Woow

          I know you don’t mean that literally, and was just venting. The truth is you, me, and nobody wants what happen to Trayvon and the Fulton/Martin family to happen to another child, not even to the children in the confessed murderer’s own family.

      • There’s a part of me that is thinking like Woow It’s one thing to testify for the defense by telling the truth, its another thing to do your best to cover up the murder of a child including collaborating with the defendant on where and what was going on, and then another to be hired by the public to champion the cause of justice then subsequently lie to cover up the murder of a child and set the killer free. I’m sorry, but the latter isn’t going to get anything as friendly as the words of Woow from me.

    • type1juve says:

      I understand how you feel.

  239. Stormwatch says:

    juror B37 contacted an agent on Sunday. Her and her attorney husband are wring a book. it’s all at sun-sentinel.com

    • Woow! says:

      JN allowed that woman on the jury when BDLR tried use his peremptory challenge to remove her. She referred to the rallies as riots. This women is the one I was so adamant was CAC supporter.

      Anyone that think a rally is a riot has a small mind. I wonder if any of those ladies understood half of what was going on at the trial. Did they even look at the evidence? because we all know they were not paying attention in the court room.

      B37 should not have been allowed to take her notes with her.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        “I wonder if any of those ladies understood half of what was going on at the