Jury finds George Zimmerman not guilty

Saturday, July 13, 2010

This verdict is tragic on so many levels to so many people for so many reasons.

It is just so wrong.

My sincere condolences to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

May God be with and sustain you in these troubled times.

In the coming days, we will review what happened, why it happened and decide where we to go from here.



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  1. Arthur Burghardt says:

    Thank you, Mr. Leatherman, for all that you’ve done regarding this terrible trial. I have followed your blog posts assiduously… Again thanks and keep us posted on Florida & all developments regarding “stand your ground” laws and shooting trials… By the way, we feel your genuine pain, anger, disappointment & embarrassment. We are as well… Arthur Burghardt

  2. KateW says:

    They thought because we’re young none of this would matter to us. They thought because the jury found this killer not guilty, we would just roll over and act like he didn’t hunt down a kid in the darkness like a dog and kill him. The vile and disgusting things Skeletor said about a dead child in court added fuel to the fire. This boy did not cause his own death. He was simply trying to get home. If anything they need to remember this child killer is the one that started this and it will be those seeking justice that will finish it You are not going to just shot someone and get away with it. We also need to work tirelessly to free Marissa Alexander.

    A few days ago I felt defeated and heartbroken, but today the people energized me and gave me hope to continue to speak out against injustice for all victims of violent crime.

  3. Been thinking and now that this is over (the verdict read yesterday), can say that John Guy left room for reasonable doubt. First of all, he only spoke for 45 minutes. He had an hour I believe. Second of all, he did not better address the idea that the medical examiners were incompetent and either wiped the hands of Trayvon Martin or not properly scrape his nails. LAPD tried to frame OJ while walking around with a vile of his blood of which some came up missing. In this case SPD also worked diligently to frame Trayvon Martin, of which the opposite effect resulted. Whether blood made it to Martin’s hands, some kind of skin had to lodge underneath his nails in order for him to grip a slippery wet bald head or some scraping of his knuckles in order for it to cradle the head. Wiping his hands would not have gotten rid of that.

    Guy also failed to eviscerate the crazed psychopathic black male child image. He actually fueled it by asking the jury to imagine Trayvon Martin stalking Z. What he needed to do (probably from the beginning) was implant the image of a white boy trying to get home and drive home that Trayvon Martin wanted to watch the basketball game and give skittles to his future step-brother. His killer wanted to hunt fugitives.

    And finally, Guy needed to address fear of black males as not reasonable. A tall order, but one that needed to be attempted as it goes to the heart of this psychological projection. Truth of the matter is Z did fear for his life. He thought he was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator (1987) when in fact he was the alien hunting Trayvon Martin. He feared on some basic level that is at the heart of racism, not the black law professor or whatever black associate Z made, but the strange unknown young black male in the dark that is a projection of his own delusion. That irrational fear is what killed the child and is not codified in law as rational. That’s the difference between a female being stalked at night and a young black male. A female can scare away an attacker by standing up to him. (Men who attack women are not looking for aggressive women. So no one thinks a female will go attack a strange man in the dark. But Trayvon Martin didn’t have the benefit of that assumption.) And there was nothing Trayvon Martin could have done to defend himself against someone with a gun who wouldn’t let him get away. So the question should have been drilled home over and over and over: What was this kid supposed to do? And how was he supposed to know to do it? What was this kid supposed to do? And how was he supposed to know to do it? Does he fight? Does he bring a strange man home? Does he speak to a stranger pursuing him? What is he supposed to do? I figured out long ago that someone looking to rationalize killing an unarmed black male will have an answer that usually amounts to reading minds or not existing.

    That said, I have learned a lot through all of this. And not just that racism has no reason and therefore needs no reasonable doubt. But from the beginning, I was under the mistaken impression that President Barack Obama was saying in his statement in March of last year that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin, that he empathized with the Fulton/Martin family rather than his killer’s family, translating to the country that Obama empathized with black people, but not others, particularly his half white self. That was a problem. But in actuality he was saying Trayvon Martin could have been him. But that potential was lost. And were the world actively trying to make another Barack Obama, it might be noble to say.

    It is clear, however, kids are in trouble. And while the discussion is spotlighting black teenage children, there is something really sinister the way society is treating children in general, criminalizing or blowing them off entirely. There’s a sort of collective child abuse taking place. So that the third degree felony murder child abuse that the prosecutors attempted to lesser include, kind of got to the heart of it all. Z in a way is a scapegoat, singled out because he’s not a cop. But the message being sent is child abuse is acceptable so long as some sort of licensed authority inflicts it. This abuse starting out as neglect in the seventies when parents were allowed to discipline children began to really emerge as institutionalized when children were collectively drugged by the authority of psychiatric doctors and now has evolved to children made to be thugs and terrorists through social media. Somehow a kid can post a wrong picture or wrong comment and be carted off to jail…their life over. And one has to ask, what is childhood anymore?

    I’ve really grown weary of this. The pundits, the politics, I’ve had enough. The rest has already been said.

  4. ay2z says:

    They have to know in white America they have no rights.

    Even more powerful this expression of hopelessness, if the burden was put on ‘America’ alone. How powerful a message to the world, about what is really happening may not be so different than anywhere else that human rights violations occur hourly, day after day, year after year, where the power may be represented by those of any ethnic, religion, any race.

    The great sadness in this message is the feeling of hopelessness.

    I am wondering, because white is not the universal power globally, that race, or religion, social ranking, is not the only excuse for lack of human and civil rights protections (China, the Balkans, India, British India of the past, Ide Amin’s Uganda, the Sudan, Haiti, Chile, Po Pot’s Cambodia, today’s Burma and Tibet easily come to mind to name only very few), is that if this were the Zimmerman race world in America, would it be any better for anyone? The Zimmerman race has the ability to turn it’s head around like the multi-racial child’s doll of the 1960’s, to show, under what was a hooded head covering of sorts, a face of different representative colours. (One day he was white, the next he was not white but Hispanic (non white Hispanic), the next he was black with proof from some photo offered as ‘proof’)

    Are civil and human rights written into the charters, or the constitution representations of the law of any land, worth anything other than the proclamations that they are there?

    If not, there is hopelessness.

    In today’s global world, America IS being watched by peoples the world over. Florida, Sanford, St. Nowhere USA, can be held to account, and there IS a global audience.

    It was not the little trial or the jurors whose voices were heard, the jury foreperson, the lawyers of any side, the politicians by name nor the fogen and his racist cronies, that will last in our memories, and it is none of them, that will make a difference.

    The difference will be made by people like us, of all descriptions, the people who have watched, followed, participated in, from all parts of the world, from people who have humanity and values that are shared, no matter what the race.

    This becomes a globally shared issue, and those of us who are on the outside, can’t begin tell anyone how to feel, or not feel, how to react or not react when it happens in their own home country. But we can watch and can judge the powers that be and bring support. In turn, we can ask for support, when this happens and happens in a way that creates a global interest story in our own countries.

    We live in two of the greatest countries in the world for the freedoms and equality written into our charters or rights, or our constitutions. Both of our countries, as can and does happen anywhere in the world, can fail our own human rights and freedoms.

    In this case created by fogen, it happens to be America and what it stands for, not pink or green or purple or grey ‘melted pot’ America that must search its soul.

    Strength and perserverance, Sybrina and Tracy. Last night’s sad decision, may well show itself a most powerful gift for change, as we watch from around the world.

    We stand with you.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Professor, would it be possible for someone to post all of the important petitions’ for concerned citizens to sign? This jury was a travesty…. Maybe a new post?

    • KateW says:

      We need to keep an eye on him Professor. We know how he likes to follow children in the darkness.

  5. Tee says:

    This is not new to us blacks so called African-American when there’s nothing in America that is”just” for us . This is not a suprise to u, non blacks don’t get convicted for killing a blac, a police can run up into your home and kill your son. A woman with no criminal pass gets 20 yrs for firing her gun in the ceiling to keep her abusive husband from attacking her but this ass walks free after killing a kid. We were stolen from our county, made slaves, had our language, history, religon, taken from us and not even allowed to learn, what a fucking country. Nothing much has changed, we still live in a jim crow nation it’s just done behind closed doors now by men in suites disguising it as redistricting, apartment living for campus colleges, and SYG to name a few. My heart is so heavy I don’t know what to do, I am really thinking it best to get my 18 yrd old son a firearm. I can’t see my son leaving him college campus to get a bite to eat and wind up dead. What the fuck do I tell my damn son now! How do my son protect himself.

    • aussie says:

      NO, don’t get him a firearm. If he ever has to use it to defend himself, HE is the one who’ll get blamed. If Trayvon “armed with sidewalk” can get the blame, your son with a firearm won’t even survive his arrest.

      He needs to go out with friends, and that includes non-black one(s) so they don’t get mistaken for a gang.

  6. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:


  7. Sabrina B. says:

    I think we all deep down on some level knew the outcome. I think back to the first days of the trial, BDLR simply introducing phone records and videos, and testimony without explaining what they meant, why they were important and we allowed ourselves to think it would be tied together in closing, and it wasn’t. Then we thoutght it would be taken care of in rebuttal, and nothing.

    How many times were there clearly objectionable behavior by the defense, and nothing? All of the pertinent information that was allowed to be left or taken out by the judge, and we believed it was simply that this was inadmissible. Items that would clearly point to a depraved and aggressive individual, which is what he was being charged with. The complete lack of interest to defend the character of Trayvon and his actions proving that HIS intent was to avoid a fight that evening. The black lady on video said that GZ’s car was up on the side walk. They did not pick up on it, didn’t even bother to cross her and point out that this clearly showed someone who was in such a state of depravity that they didn’t even bother to park their car correctly. Who drives up on the sidewalk except someone that was in pursuit?

    Bernie was all over the place pointing out a few of the inconsistencies of fogen but not the significance or why it was important. And seemed more confused than anything. Guy did a good job pleading for a conviction and finally giving consideration to Trayvon but, even he sort of gave permission for a not guilty verdict by stating that ‘your conviction is not going to bring Trayvon back.”

    Even then I think we were not satisfied, that much that should have been done wasn’t, but still had hope in the humanity of six mothers to imagine their child being followed by a stranger with a gun. No this is not a tragedy or a travesty, this is criminal.

    • Malisha says:

      It was criminal. Perhaps the crimes committed by the non-Fogen killer support team will never come to light; perhaps some of them will come to light and be disregarded by people who will dismissively refer to them as conspiracy theories. It won’t matter. Our country will take its place as the Rome of the Millennium but that won’t matter either. If there are historians in the future who want to find out what actually happened here, perhaps some of it will be uncovered or discovered or recovered; it is already in our past and its systemic infection is already our future.

      • Sabrina B. says:

        Yes, it is Malisha. And the infection will spread because our system and our thinking allows for us to turn a blind eye to those who would likely enable it.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Boy oh boy, there isn’t much hope of us ever finding evidence that the trial was fixed, but if we could, the USSC ruling that scam trials do not fill the bill for defending against double jeopardy. They’ve ruled that a scam or fixed trial is no trial at all, thus the accused never faced any jeopardy at all. So they can then be retried.

        Unfortunately this “fix” if one happened, proceeded by word of mouth. So we’d need someone inside to step forward. There isn’t much chance of that happening at all. Could one of the world’s many intelligence services have bugged offices and captured the scam? Probably not! One could only wish!

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I truly thought that justice would prevail. I thought the jury would take days to deliberate. At worst, I thought there would be a hung jury.

      I am gutted, but I also recognize that the root of the problem perhaps would not be dealt with had Fogen not walked. Perhaps that was too easy. Perhaps Trayvon, Emmett Till and all the others deserve much much more than justice in court.

      There is much more work to do and we have to roll our sleeves up and do it.

      • cielo62 says:

        Two Sides~ Civil Rights were not granted in one day, one case or one new law. Like waves, we progress some and then get pulled back a bit. So we must progress again and keep pushing, even though the tide pulls us back. Roll up our sleeves is right. I’m ready.


  8. THE Shadow says:

    This was NEVER going to be any other way.
    Trayvon died.
    Zimmerman lied.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      In my opinion, Zimmerman made sure he gave his testimony on video…

      I strongly believe George Zimmerman wanted to take the stand. Those woman walked in the court room what their own opinions. The system failed Trayvon Martin… I’m sickened this morning but we must continue to bring awareness and change laws to benefit every person of any nationality.

      The trail was nothing but an attack on the victim walking home from a 7 to 11…

  9. Sophia33 says:

    Rallies around the country today.

    Sunday, July 14 – 2pm @ Union Square in Manhattan (14th/Broadway)

    Sunday, July 14 – 4pm @ 42nd Street in Manhattan near large McDonalds

    Sunday, July 14 – 5pm @ Borough Hall in Brooklyn

    Sunday, July 14 – 6pm @ Union Square (More Info)

    Washington, D.C.
    Monday, July 15- 10am @ the Department of Justice (950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.)

    Sunday, July 14 – 6pm @ Dudley Square at the T Stop (More Info)

    Austin, Texas
    Sunday, July 14 – 6pm @ south gates of the Texas Capitol (11th and Congress) (More Info)

    Sunday, July 14 – 12pm @ Daley Plaza

    Greenville, South Carolina
    Sunday, July 14 – 3pm @ Peace Center (300 South Main Street, Greenville, SC) (More Info)

    Sunday, July 14 – 5pm @McKelden Sq. (Light St, and Pratt St., Downtown Baltimore)

    Los Angeles
    Sunday, July 14 – 4pm @ Crenshaw/King Blvd.

    San Francisco
    Sunday, July 14 – 4pm @ Powell & Market (More Info)

    Sunday, July 14 – 4pm @ Oscar Grant Plaza (250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612) (More Info)

    Sunday, July 14 – 1pm @ Coleman Young building

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Thanks, EETTO,

      Actually, I am only going to spread the word about the NAACP petition.

      They are the best organized.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        5577 signatures so far. But we really need those millions to come back and sign on, that would make a real impression.

        gz never identified himself, yet the prosecution and the defense acted like he was just john Q citizen out innocently walking around.
        He was not, he refused to identify himself when asked, and responded by bumping Trayvon and pushing him, yanking his ear buds and phone to the ground. THOSE THINGS HE KNEW NOT TO DO! He knew what he had done was illegal, he cannot claim that he had any right to confront anyone without first identifying himself.

  10. Michael Stewart says:

    Political football.

    1 hour ago: The Hill

    Holder faces big decision on DOJ charges against Zimmerman


  11. FactsFirst says:

    Waitng to here from Fred… People like him give me hope.. Thank y’all so much for holding me down.. Imma need yall this week… This shit hurt to the core… We need y’all kind words of encouragement now more than EVER… I know I do…


    • chi1224 says:

      I’m right there with you.

      • FactsFirst says:

        Thanks @chi1224..

        It just hurt so much to know that the country that I love, DON’T LOVE ME…

        • chi1224 says:

          FF, I love you, and so do many. The haters will be the minority that gets put out to pasture. It’s already happening, it just takes a long time to be fully realized. This tragic jury NEVER should have happened. It’s a cold reminder of the garbage that still live among us. You know, last night my husband was trying to console my uncontrollable sobbing, he too was very hurt by the verdict, but he said — in the end this outcome will do more to further the cause than Zimmerman going to prison. It was like the clanging of a huge bell, a wake up call to many. Many will rally because of this verdict, and they will effect change. Not with riots or protests but with awareness. And he is right, as hard as it is to stomach this right now. So never give up hope, and never feel unloved or alone, because you are NOT.

          • cielo62 says:

            Chil224- your wise husband is right. People were asking what do we do once GZ is in prison? But no! The asshole got away! Instead we now know that there is work to do. All of us of all colors and types who want a just world must work together peacefully. I do not advocate violence. Our voices and votes and money can dictate whether we can effect change. Remember Anita Bryant of homophobic fame? Broken bitter woman, and now 12 states have marriage equality. GZ is the icon of a dying and desperate South. He along with the confederate flag will become nothing more than history.

            FROM THE CLUTTERED DESK OF Cielo62

      • FactsFirst says:

        The threats of “riots” were BS.. Racist’s are stealing black people photo’s off the net and making fake profiles spreading that crap.. They started doing that mess during the 1st Obama election back in 2004… It’s just sad that people actually believed that BULL! This country is a mess..

    • truthseeker66 says:

      Words won’t repelled bullets. A chicago cop shot down a 15 yr old. How will words help him he is dead. My too AA sons how will words help them. I am going to sit them down tonight and have “the talk with them”. They have to know in white America they have no rights. I going to ingrain in them u walking down the street u see a white person approaching hurry cross street. They have the right to kill u just for your black skin. It is what it is. I envy u that mere words can give u comfort and security.

  12. FactsFirst says:

    Sorry I doubted everyone who said, “the fix is in” because it really was..

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I’m sorry I doubted too. I try to avoid cynicism but perhaps it is appropriate in this case.

    • Trained Observer says:

      Difficult as it is to admit, I too, am having second thoughts about whether the fix was in. Now that the shock has worn off, and tidbits are surfacing in the media, I am beginning to think the jury was tainted with stealth leadership planted by the defense.

  13. McHell says:

    Why was Serino not questioned about his recommendation of manslaughter charges, which would seem to conflict with his strange testimony about lack of significant inconsistencies in Zimmerman’s story?

    Why wasn’t the State prepared in advance to call additional witnesses for their rebuttal? Witness unavailability seems like the lamest possible excuse. Didn’t they anticipate and notify people in advance?

    Why didn’t the State hammer the gym owner more on the stand? They let that guy get away with stating pure nonsense, namely that Zimmerman still didn’t know how to fight or throw a punch after over 200 hours of training time.

    Why did the State not put up more of a fight about the jury instruction related to use of force by the aggressor and provocateur negating a self-defense claim (unless one of to caveats is met)? That was practically their whole case, and not having that instruction just pulled the rug out from under their whole theory of the case.

    I see lots of missed opportunities; the State dropped the ball, big time, IMHO. Anyone else agree?

    • Trayvon was screaming for help, he begged for his life. They didn’t believe that audio was truly him. This is a total crock. I’m not sure what could’ve been done about that.

    • darlinsass says:

      McHell, I agree. I just couldn’t figure out why so much was not brought in this case. It’s like the prosecution were drowning, and couldn’t get back out of the water. Many knew the case was in trouble. I did but didn’t want to believe it. I am just sick at my stomach. I haven’t even gotten to the angry point yet.

      • Hey darlin.’ Hope all is well with you. Woke up this morning and it seemed like the nightmare continued. I actually had to keep my eyes closed for awhile because of the tightness in my chest.

  14. Boyd says:

    What the Drexel University Professor said in this article is so true.
    Rigged from the beginning.


  15. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    For those of you here who are white, let us consider what work we can doing among the white population within our community to bring about fairness, equal treatment before the law and within this one sided, power structure that exists in our country, and most importantly, to bring about the conditions that there will be NO MORE TRAYVONS.

    I know that the initial steps must involve developing awareness and educating our communities’ white population to the privileges that we possess that we never earned.

    I know that we can do this by providing retreats where interracial groups can have an honest conversation.

    Any suggestions what other things we can do for the cause?

    • Deborah Moore says:

      No suggestions yet, but I just told a friend that I’m moved to take a more pro-active approach in working for justice for all.
      I don’t know what I’m going to do. But, I’m going to get Out There and find a way to help. Too many rights are being taken away these days.
      This is definitely a Call For Action.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      I hear you, Deborah.

      One thing I know I am going to do this week is gather together my white friends (later white acquaintances) in a kind of core group to meet weekly to learn about white privilege.

      I was thinking at each get together,we could watch one of Tim Wise’s videos and then have a discussion about it.

      Gradually, through word of mouth, we could bring in more people until it snowballs into a large group that requires a public meeting place.

      We could also bring in guest speakers from the AA community to guide us in this understanding and then to guide us in how we can be effective at the political end as far as working for the cause of justice and equal treatment and rights.

      Anyway, this is a start.

      • Beverly says:

        That is a great idea. From early in the trial that issue was a big part of what hit, and the impact was from the way Rachel was treated, the difficulty she had, and the glaring contrast in what it means to be educated. Something we know, of course, but the trial and West etc made it all so glaring. Thanks for your post.

        • Deborah Moore says:

          Good Morning, again, Bev.
          Thanks for bringing up Rachel’s treatment. You’ve got me thinking in a certain direction.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      One thing that I know is that the time for just commenting on a blog is over for me.

      The time for talk is over. It is time now for me to roll up my sleeves and take constructive action in my community.

    • chi1224 says:

      I can tell you one decision that I have made, and this is something I did even before the verdict. It was even before the trial started… and that is I will no longer accept any type of racism in my life. I’ll explain. In the past I have quietly tolerated subtle racism from certain friends and even some family members. Things like not speaking up to a snide remark, or not speaking my mind when I really wanted to for the sake of “peace”. I sadly realized when Obama was running for election and then re-election that I had some closet racists in my life. NO MORE. I have and will continue to weed them out. ZERO TOLERANCE. If I want to see change I have to start with ME, and that means zero tolerance for something I know is wrong.

      • Johnnie says:

        CHI1224, I give you a standing ovation. CLAP!!!!! CLAP!!!!! CLAP!!! If all people adapted this attitude, the world would be a better place. Do you live in Chicago? Just asking because of your user name. I live in Chicago. Thanks for the wonderful post. I’m still in shock and disbelief over the verdict. I had high hopes that the mother instinct would take over for the mothers on the jury. I forgot that some of the most vile and horrendous posts on FB supporting Zimmerman were women.

      • texad says:


        Excellent place to start!

        “If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism), What it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you.”
        -quote by Neely Fuller, Jr., from his book
        The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept a textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action

    • MDH says:

      Move in a neighborhood that is predominantly people of color. Seriously, one of my happier moments this year was taking my girls to see the Disney Ice show at the Verizon center. When we got out, there were about five young boys drumming to make some cash. My girls did some Sabar moves much to the joy of all.
      We also go to the astroturf play area they have in downtown Silver Spring.

      When I must (family ties) visit one of these whitetopias, all I see is a bunch of people sitting around mocking or hating on “the other”

      Life is too short for hate.

    • pat deadder says:

      YAHTC Perhaps working with young people.They seem to be throwing out the past ways or is that just pipe dream I’m having.I can’t remember the exact words but something like They came for the Jews I said nothing,They came for the mentally challenged I said nothing,They came for the old I said nothing.Then they came for me.

      • cielo62 says:

        pat deadder~ here is the complete quote:

        First they came for the communists, >and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist. >Then they came for the socialists, >and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist. >Then they came for the trade unionists, >and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist. >Then they came for the Jews, >and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew. >Then they came for the Catholics, >and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic. >Then they came for me, >and there was no one left to speak for me.


  16. Judy75201 says:

    Fred, please tell us why you think the unthinkable happened.

  17. chi1224 says:

    I keep having episodes of extreme grief and anger. I think I am still in some kind of shock. Like I need to wake up from a bad dream.

    • Judy75201 says:

      Me,too. I’m gutted.

    • Sabrina B. says:

      I cried myself to sleep and woke up crying. I feel bitter and betrayed. I envision harm coming to fogen and his family. It is not healthy and I hate the feeling. At the same time, I hate the helplessness. I am even more firm in my conviction to distance myself from anyone or anything, that can support this, financially, socially or politically, even if the support is secondary.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Why did the prosecution forget to bring out the most important point in this case?

        Trayvon was no criminal, he had no criminal intentions. Yet Zimmerman scared him by following him into the dark in the rain.

        When Zimmerman caught up with Trayvon he was asked to explain why he was following Trayvon, his answer was to yank Trayvon’s ear buds and phone to the ground and to put his hands on Trayvon. Instead of identifying himself, he provoked some defensive reaction.

        He never claimed to the police or his lawyers or even the prosecutors that he had refused to identify himself. Thus, he was never a NW to Trayvon, he was merely a scary stranger of unknown and possibly horrible intentions.

        No one can say that Zimmerman did not know better than to manhandle a person who did not know who he was or what he was doing. But we do know that most anyone he had acted like this with, would have tried to fight him off. Zimmerman therefore provoked a fight and then drew his weapon and fired without warning.

        That’s not neighborhood watch, that is a crime! The prosecution had all the evidence they needed to prove it, so the question is why didn’t they use it?

    • Malisha says:

      The problem is that we are all waking up INTO this bad dream.
      This “bad dream” is the reality.
      The reality here, in the USA, is a nightmare.
      It is for us to realize what Trayvon Martin had to try to realize in his last few minutes on earth: we cannot get away from this evil.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Here too. I am heartsick and I fear for the future of all children in this country.

  18. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    According to Benjamin Crump Dr. Bernice King tweeted him Saturday morning before the verdict the following words:

    Today is a defining moment for the status of my father’s dream

  19. endlessummer76 says:

    I have a questions for the Professor and the attorneys here.
    Frank Taaffe went on Nancy Grace and claimed to have inside knowledge of what was going on in the jury room. Is there a possibility of any kind of inquiry into juror misconduct? If juror misconduct is found, does it have any bearing on the verdict?

    • bettykath says:

      Frank Taffe is probably (one of?) the witness under investigation by JN for violating sequestration.

      Since there is a court deputy that serves as liaison with the jury, he is most likely the leaker. Would be from what he overhears? Or is a juror telling him. Since he has a position of trust with the jurors, it’s entirely possible that they speak in front of him. Maybe when food is brought in.

      • endlessummer76 says:

        Investigated by JN, so no, nothing will happen. I was thinking that someone was probably texting him.

        Thanks for your reply.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        It’s possible that he’s just extrapolating that 5 white jurors would go the way he did.

        However, it’s also equally possible that there were stealth jurors.

        • I’m thinking there were stealth jurors and more than one.

          • John D says:

            Are you f**king kidding us?

          • KateW says:

            Professor absolutely! From what I was hearing and Sophia has also posted as well, not only did Frank Taffe state there was a 5-1 for acquittal with one holding out, the Conservative Treehouse was putting up similar information a few hours prior to that interview. I was also hearing that the 1 juror wanted to charge him with manslaughter but the other jurors weren’t going for it, hence the question about manslaughter and nothing came of it. There was a question about it but then they never asked, I do believe.

            I would speculation there were more than 1 supporter in that box. If the gentleman, during jury selection that donated to his fund, tried to get on the ballot. He purposely left that detail out of the questionnaire until he slipped during the interview with BDLR. So who is to say who else had donated to his fund. That would clearly make them prejudicial and slant the verdict automatically towards one side right.

  20. vickie s. votaw says:


    My best friend expressed her sadness about the verdict, I thought it fit my spirit.

  21. Carmen says:

    This is why Obama needs to pack to state and federal courts with his people,similar to what Reagan did in the 80’s. I pray he gets at least 2 more SCOTUS nominations

    • Boyd says:

      Agreed, this decision was laced with Politics

    • Sophia33 says:

      But Ginsberg, at 80 said last week, that she wants to hang around. We are in fear of losing he Senate. And if she doens’t resign by 2014, the GOP will just filibuster until after 2016.

      • Carmen says:

        I think the striking down the voting rights act and the Trayvon verdict has “awoken the sleeping Giant. I think we were getting to complacent because we had a black president and we were able to pretend we were in a “post racial” America. This is my opinion.

  22. rayvenwolf says:

    Hasn’t even been a day and already so fool has created a picture of a skittles bag with skittles replaced and the word acquittals across the entire bag. A friend posted this with the question “too soon?” I’m almost glad she just recently moved over to the west coast because I would be sorely tempted to rip her a new one.

    • Tzar says:

      nothing they say can compare to the terror and pain faced by Trayvon Martin and the grief faced by his parents
      They can do their worse, I can take it all.

      • cielo62 says:

        Tzar- dont take this the wrong way, but I love you. That was strong. “I can take it all.” I was totally gutted last night. This is NOT my America! These are NOT fellow human beings. I was ready to retreat and quit. But I can’t. Every year I get 20+ new kids. I’ve been teaching for 20 years. I owe them a decent fair world to live in. I must take up your attitude and keep fighting. I can’t take it all but I can share the burden.


        • Tzar says:

          The pain and love for the next generation is what will guide us. Through the untampered fire something can be forged.
          So let them Jeer, it only stokes the passion, the fire through which wisdom and cunning can be borne.
          We can all carry this pain with the Martins.
          We can provide a plurality of images and role models for young black boys,
          We can say no, when racism seeks to bargain for seemingly harmless ground,
          We can say no, a world like that is not what we want
          We can persistently push back against Police corruption, ALEC and the NRA with the quiet resolve and sustained passion fueled by our unending pain.

          Don’t tell them why you stand, don’t tell them of pain that grounds your feet at their doorstep, for they may wish they never hurt you.

  23. Malisha says:

    Just occurred to me. Trayvon Martin’s family have a cause of action against the state of Florida because it got him killed. See, HE knew that he had a right to defend himself under the SYG laws. He spotted Fogen following him in the car, and then saw him coming up on him OUT of the car, and therefore, realized Fogen wanted to kidnap, rape, mug or kill him. Realizing that the SYG law gave him the right to use whatever force was necessary because HE HAD REASONABLE FEAR OF GREAT BODILY INJURY OR DEATH, he punched Fogen in the nose and mounted him. THEN HE SAW THE GUN! Immediately he realized he was in danger of death itself, so he realized his only REAL defense would be to scare Fogen into being unable to function adequately. So he screamed, “You’re gonna die tonight MF,” and reached for the gun, hoping to save his own life, now really in a SYG situation.

    Fogen killed first.

    Only the SYG law had led Trayvon to believe that he had a right under Florida law to defend himself. Otherwise he would never have laid a hand on Fogen. He would have said, sweetly, “Oh please just take my money and don’t rape or kill me, OK?” and then he would have survived. Florida’s SYG law got Trayvon Martin killed — by Fogen’s own sacred word.

    BTW, Fogen never claimed that Trayvon didn’t threaten his LIFE or try to get his GUN from fear; Fogen only opined that Trayvon didn’t RUN from fear. He skipped. But when Fogen showed up again, Trayvon was afraid, and SYG activated his rights.

    Now, did Trayvon know that his threats to kill Fogen were going to scare Fogen so much that he would kill Trayvon? Not at all. It is well known that Afro-Peruvians who stalk Black teens are not cowardly so Trayvon had no way of knowing his self-defensive bravado behavior would scare Fogen into needing to kill in HIS own self-defense.

    Florida needs to pay up big-time for this one. People who do NOT have the right to defend themselves may start to think they DO have the right to defend themselves, and then, rather than getting mugged or kidnapped or raped, they’re gonna get killed.

  24. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    From my heart to yours:

    No man is an island,
    No man stands alone,
    Each man’s joy is joy to me,
    Each man’s grief is my own.

    We need one another,
    So I will defend,
    Each man as my brother,
    Each man as my friend.

    I heard the people weeping.
    I heard the verdict read.
    The tears that they were shedding
    Is echoing in my heart.

    When I help my brother,
    Then I know that I,
    Plant the seed of friendship,
    That will never die.

  25. Malisha says:

    There is someone else I also blame for Trayvon Martin’s death. The people who gave him a ten-day suspension from school for some little nothing “misconduct.” How damn dare they? No white kid in the suburbs whose parents’s salaries were in the six digits would ever have been suspended a single day for anything like what he was suspended for; that’s so obvious it’s ridiculous. I know the blond blue-eyed kids who have done five times what he ever got caught for, and all they got was a talking to, if that. With a chuckle and a few little jokes tossed in, wink wink.

    Trayvon Martin’s life and death is a roadmap of the shame of our country in this century.

    But I do not believe, at this point, in change for the better here. Not only do we not have the energy for it, more importantly, we cannot see through the lies any longer so we will just work for another few decades and another few billion dollars worth of fakery and fraud and ultimately there will be a “nothing was done wrong” conclusion no matter WHAT we demand.

    What I’m wondering is what would have been our position now if Trayvon actually WAS the “thug” they made him out to be. He’d have been carrying an illegal weapon but he would have known how to use it. When he saw Fogen the second time, out of his vehicle, he would have shot him dead. He would have been arrested and charged by Wolfinger with first-degree murder and convicted before his parents could say, “He always said he needed a gun because young Black males were being hunted in the streets by creepy-ass crackers.”

    He’d be on death row right now but there would be eight or ten anti-death-sentence organizations in his corner fighting for him valiantly and spending money and sending petitions etc. At least he would be alive.

    If he were executed, it would be ten years later, and during those ten years, he would have been saying that he needed to defend himself that night, and whether a hundred people believed it or a hundred MILLION people believed it, still it would have made a big dent in our society.


  26. Nellie Nell says:

    My heart still ache. I weep for Trayvon.

  27. riisey007 says:

    Good morning all, I want to say that I love you and I am thankful for everything you guys have done. I especially thank Mr. Leatherman he is blessing. I feel all the emotions of all my breathren. It is okay to mourn, it is okay to cry. I am at work and I have had less than 5 hours of sleep. I have cried until I have gotten a headache. My son got home after 10 pm from being out of town at a football tournament with his high school. He is 16 years old. He is very bright, he took the ACT for Duke University when he was 13 years old, he was nominated for the U.S. fine arts award, lettered first year in wrestling, he received a letter from Columbia University extending him an invitation to come and tour their campus and see their engineering school. What a blessing. When you see my son you see a 5’11 180lb football player when in uniform and you don’t know all of this about him, he just looks like a jock. You wouldn’t know his GPA at end of the school year was a 3.9. My son is a good kid, will he make mistakes? Yes he will. Has he made mistakes? Yes he has,but I pray that he gets a chance to live and to have his dream in hand. Last night we hugged and talked. My son is deciding on a degree in engineering or going to Med school. My son dedicates his future degree to Trayvon Martin, he says it was senseless and he felt Zimmerman should be held accountable. The brilliant part in this is that him and his team mates, an entire football team talked about Trayvon Martin, that is a blessing. Young people are talking and they are paying attention. Peace to you all.

    • Beverly says:

      Thank you for such a hopeful and thoughtful message. Im still numb, shocked, and changed in some deep way.

    • elle says:

      Riisey, I will pray with you that your grows old safely. What an amazing boy. You are a lucky Mama. My son was so upset he read all the Florida statutes on manslaughter last night. He insists there is 100% no way this was not manslaughter.

    • MollyK says:

      Your son sounds wonderful! Please point out to him that there are MD/PhD programs. The PhD can be in fields like biomedical engineering. He doesn’t have to choose. There are almost no scholarships to med school, but the MD/PhD programs are usually covered by grants, etc.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Hold him close.

  28. chi1224 says:

    FYI for anyone who is interested:
    The Department of Justice has closely monitored the State of Florida’s prosecution of the case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder since it began. Today, with the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it is time for the Department of Justice to act.

    The most fundamental of civil rights — the right to life — was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin. We ask that the Department of Justice file civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation.

    Please address the travesties of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin by acting today.

    Thank you.”

    Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


  29. chi1224 says:

    I want to repost what amsterdam said to me. I will be holding these words close to my heart because without them I will suffocate.

    Channel your rage to that which needs to change; the systemic racism in this country. Don’t waste your anger and energy at what happened at the end of this “judicial process”. All energy should be going to an investigation of the SPD, Trayvon’s civil right’s violation, self-defense laws, gun laws.
    Let’s honor Trayvon by getting some meaning full change pushed through, with his name attached to it, so his name will live forever, and other black kids lives will be saved.
    Don’t get consumed by your anger, redirect it.

    • jodiwankanobi says:

      hey chi, wise words from amsterdam.

      Love this…thank God for different cultures, and pity on those who don’t understand the value in every man, woman and child.

  30. Dave says:

    It’s so discouraging to see how little has changed in the half century since another Mr. Zimmerman wrote this:

  31. jodiwankanobi says:

    have the jurors spoken?

  32. KateW says:

    Ive been up venting all night. I am feeling a lot better. I did not want to go to bed upset and wake up upset. I may lay down for a bit. This kid had so much love from all over the world. It was truly amazing, but it is so unfortunate he had no love, consideration or benefit behind those deliberation doors. If any one of them believed the man was guilty they should have not allowed anyone to sway them, especially if they chose to review all the evidence, which there was an overwhelming amount for a guilty verdict.The bottom line is our justice system failed miserably. Angela Corey could put away Marissa Alexander but she couldnt put his greasy, slimy individual behind bars. And these women should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Malisha says:

      And Marissa Alexander’s baby was handed over to the abuser, right? He admitted he beat all his (5) baby mammas; he admitted he beat and threatened Alexander; he brought charges against her because he was angry she resisted his authority.

      Marissa Alexander’s case is a shame and a disgrace.

  33. riisey007 says:

    I love you all

    • KateW says:

      Stop posting this stuff, it isn’t true. The killer’s goons are funneling these fake reports to rub salt in the wound.

      • vickie s. votaw says:

        Omg, I went to the article, are you sure?

        • KateW says:

          Yes I saw his page, I don’t know why he put that up there? Maybe he had a little too many, but people are saying it wasn’t real. I thought the site was like The Onion or something like that. I could be wrong but people are saying it’s not true.

          • cielo62 says:

            It was the National Report, an independent news source. However nobody else has mentioned it. So I am wary.

            FROM THE CLUTTERED DESK OF Cielo62

        • KateW says:

          I mean just look at some of the articles on there. I would akin them to publications like The Globe or The National Inquirer, but the National Inquirer has gotten it right a few times so not sure. The Onion. Publications that are fake but made to be funny.

      • vickie s. votaw says:

        It came from Ben Crump’s FB page, I hope you are wrong

        • KateW says:

          I hope Im wrong too.

          • vickie s. votaw says:

            Kate, I just went back to that page, I didn’t see s palin or Ted Cruz before, sick, I think you are for sure right, & I would never rub salt in these wounds, I can’t stand the right wing at all, my eyes went straight to Trayvons picture & what was written, I hope they (Feds ) do press charges, thank you

  34. Boyd says:

    I’ve been saying this could never happened in PA. I am wrong.
    Back in 2009 I worked in Central Pa. An Hispanic man in a small PA town was beaten up by some white kids, the police helped cover it up, that I remember. His crime? He was dating a white girl.

    I went back to check it out and found this link.


    • truthseeker66 says:

      In shenandoaj pa. The jury found him guilty of a misdemeanr. The feds came in cleaned up the police dept. The police chief and 3 deputies indicted that was more than half the force. Defendant tried in fed court under Baur crime convicted. This is not a FL problem. It happens everyday anywhere USA.

  35. About a year ago, BlackSnob wrote an article “No Apologies: On the Killing of Trayvon Martin” that touched many of us who have to continue to live pressing forward against the face of injustice and despair.

    I re-read it again today after Fogen has been found NOT GUILTY of his brutal murder of Trayvon Benjamin Martin. I post the article here in hopes that you can join me in finding some words of encouragement to my 8 year old grandson and my 2 year old granddaughter on how to keep living despite the fact that there are known forces in this world that seek their death.


  36. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I suggest that the NAACP’s store should begin selling cause buttons, shirts, etc.

    This would raise money for the work that needs to be done.

    It would also keep such money from going down the drain when purchased from profiteers on sites like Ebay.

    Right now, the NAACP’s store seems only to be selling products with its logo.

  37. Boyd says:

    stop watching the cable news guys, you’re only hurting yourselves.

    This is a reminder we still have a lot of work to do. Get the vote out.
    And let Florida know it will not be tolerated.

    I’m mentally programming myself to drop Florida as a State, replace it with Puerto Rico.

    • KateW says:

      boyd I haven’t watched it since the verdict. I just like to vent. Better than keeping it in. I have stopped social media as well because now that the killer is free they have jokes. One snarky remark was Aaron Hernandez is trying to get his trial moved to Florida. Nothing to be proud of to know your state is known to let murders get off if they are the right color. Most of my friends are outraged, as they should be. Marissa Alexander got 20 years for shooting at a wall but yet a man shoots an unarmed kid and he gets to go free. An African American life has no value in this country.

    • KateW says:

      And lol @ dropping FL as a state in exchange for Puerto Rico. Can we do that? lol

    • I dumped my television about 2 years ago in order to preserve my sanity.

      • truthseeker66 says:

        We only watch dvd’s that we borrow from library. No TV or cable. As a result my kids love to read. In the summer we go to library 2x week to stock up. I only listen to npr on radio. I got tired of the propaganda…

    • And BTW, Puerto Rico is already under the auspices of US imperialism. Pick another sovereign country.

    • Tzar says:

      Boyd says:
      July 14, 2013 at 6:51 am

      stop watching the cable news guys, you’re only hurting yourselves.


  38. jodiwankanobi says:

    i hate that the ass suckers and kling-on nibblers are all chewing at the zimmermans asses right now. Oh we’re so happy, you are such good people, george is a good lad. Yeah as far as child killers go he is A-OK!!

    the worst form of pond scum are those that have no empathy for a dead child, no matter the circumstances. I wish the world was watching closer because what happened with those 6 sorry excuses for women is a fucking disgrace upon humanity. He was walking home.

    So sorry Trayvon.
    I’m so sorry.

    • KateW says:

      I agree a disgrace. People all over the world were watching this and they are shaking their heads because America has shown its a** once again. How is America to tell other countries how to live their lives and our justice system sh* on our victims. What is democratic about America when a jury can be tainted to ensure a child killer go free. Perhaps jurors should be given lie detector tests or next time the prosecution should make sure they pick a more diverse bunch than these people.

      • jodiwankanobi says:

        Hi Kate, yes we are watching…thankfully there are many wonderful people in the US who want justice for the Trayvons of this world…i just hope Karma delivers a 12 course banquet to the likes of those that hate a child because of the colour of his skin. Trayvon Martin, you will be bigger than you ever imagined, you will blaze a path for all that come behind you..your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

      • Malisha says:

        Oh well, in India men can rape and kill an innocent unarmed woman and get away with it until there is a huge outcry but then the men are arrested and they know their lives are as good as over so one of them goes ahead and honorably commits suicide; in the US a man can stalk and murder an unarmed Black kid and get away with it until there is a huge outcry but then he is arrested and there is a big fraudulent show of indignation and due process until he is patted on the back and released and given a ton of money. I get it. We sure have a lot to teach to all those other barbaric countries who hate us because we have freedom.

        • aussie says:

          Freedom? said it before but will say it again…

          Home of the brave? land of the free?

          SOME are free
          SOME are brave (they have to be)


          Nobody hates America for having freedom. (Which is patently untrue for at least 47% of the population).

          Some countries hate America for taking the liberty of telling them what to do (often at gunpoint). Taking liberties is not the same as having freedom.

          Too much is done at gunpoint even “at home”. The Wild West belongs in Hollywood, not in Florida and not in the rest of the world.

  39. Carmen says:

    This is a Pyrrhic victory for the GZ supporters. The Mid term elections may end up being a repeat of 2006 when the Dems took the house and Senate.

    • Boyd says:

      That’s my thinking. See ya at the Ballot box CTH

    • abbyj says:

      This is what gives me hope, Carmen. Something in this damned country has to be an obscene enough of an outrage to cause good voters to demand change, to beat back evil. GZ getting his free pass from murdering a child may become a radicalizing point of change.

      There are days when I believe this struggle will never end. We make some headway, and they push us back. We make more headway, and they push back harder. These men of privilege want their women as they used to be: barefoot, pregnant, and dependent on them. They want blacks and minorities disempowered forever: poor, uneducated, and jobless. They want us to “know our place,” to shut up, and to take it.

      This can only happen if we agree to. That’s we have to fight back, no matter the cost–and we will move forward.

    • aussie says:

      Watch out, starting now, for all the tricks to stop people getting to the ballot box. Watch out and fight it.

  40. a2nite says:

    Thanks very much for your in-depth coverage. It is better over here than at dailykos.

    That said; there is no GOD.
    The racist criminal injustice system is evil
    The racist police are evil.

    Evil in America is winning since I became an adult.

    I am glad I don’t have children but I fear for my nieces and nephews especially since it is okay to gun them down in the street.

    Big winners: NRA, white supremacy, ALEC, evil racist radical RW Rs.

  41. smokeegyrl says:

    I was trying not to think negative but all along inside my heart I also knew something was wrong. I kept pushing back the negativity and those who had those same feelings well I pushed those back too because I so wanted this conviction. I couldn’t sleep over this tonight because I kept asking myself why did this happen? We pray didn’t we? What was it that we needed to do together to put this killer away? Are we all looking at this all wrong? For one thing… none of us did anything wrong. We all gave our support. Most of us are going to blame the state. Am I right? Let me ask you this question as I have asked you this before in a post. Please don’t be mad at me. When you were giving your thoughts as what the State should’ve done, did you you write them and give them your thoughts? When you seen something unusual on the online streaming, did you call the Clerk of the Court and report it? Frederick Leatherman gave his entire blog to explain the laws in this case which I applaud him for. He gave his time up for it. He gave us a home. I have written the State on several occasions giving them my thoughts and directed them on my video’s. I am pretty sure LLMPapa has done the same. I don’t understand why the State didn’t utilize or did a lot of things, I don’t know what happened and right now I’m confused about this whole situation. At one point, I felt they did an awesome job but then felt they failed at times. But, I also felt the Defense Team was a comedic circus of shambling rambles of over an exuberance of lingo I have never heard of like the knock knock joke of West. This was not a real judicial system of law but Satan’ Court. You can hear all walks of life saying they never seen anything like this.

    Maybe, this is not the time of where all of our prayers went… maybe Trayvon’s Justice doesn’t stop here that there is more to this and this whole thing is not played out. It will be on God’s Time not Ours!

    • KateW says:

      People inject religion into these things and they should not. I am not a religious person, however, I am a spiritual person and I don’t believe God has anything to do with this. How is it a child can be killed, and lets face it, this is not the only child to die at someone’s hand. Casey Anthony’s child did not get justice either. But my point is, do people really think God is involved in any of this when children, one of the most vulnerable and innocent groups of our society, are made to suffer and die horrendous deaths. Trayvon was being a kid, going through the motions in life, learning, just like we all have and yet he dies tragically while walking home from the store. Trying to get home. 16 years and 21 days forever as John Guy said and yet his killer is free. His killer is not punished for his death. He’s celebrating and having a good time. He’s profiting off this kids death still by donations that are said to be pouring in. Does anyone believe God has anything to do with how rank and vile society is towards victims.

      • smokeegyrl says:

        It’s okay Kathy for you to believe in what you believe. I respect that. I never bring Religion into these things you see, because God is not my religion he is my Savior. For one, God does not have anything to do with any of this you are right. We have a free will and choices as individuals. God doesn’t have anything to do with Death but only gives life he doesn’t take life. I have the right to speak of God. I have the right the to speak of my faith if I choose to do so. There is no harm in it. This is not my Blog, if Fred asks that I do not. I will respect that and will not, in doing so i will, will humble myself and leave. I mean no harm.

    • Malisha says:

      Smokee, you say:

      “This was not a real judicial system of law but Satan’ Court. You can hear all walks of life saying they never seen anything like this.”

      I disagree in only one small way: Yes, this is SatanCourt but no, it is not unlike our real judicial system, which is NOT a system of law, but is rather a system of men. Those who have never seen anything like this have not been to court much.

      This is what our courts are. Little fiefdoms where terrible crimes are COMMITTED, much less blessed.

      Our courts destroyed us long before the other two branches of government caught up to the rate of corruption and dishonesty.

      • smokeegyrl says:

        I’m just saying for this one case and maybe a couple of cases like the lady that fired the shot in the air and got 30 years. Florida cases have gone crazy. Maybe, I’m not making myself not clear… and maybe I need to take some steps back… because I am very irritated right now… first I can’t discuss God… now I can’t get my words right… it’s not you Malisha… sorry… it’s this whole… messed up thing… i need to breathe… be back later…

        • Malisha says:

          I didn’t mean to add to your stress, smokee. I’m very cynical and perhaps that really dances on people’s nerves. Be well.

    • Lonnie Starr says:

      To be sure the states performance was inadequate for the high burden they knew they would bear. While I never expected them to use all of what we had discovered through analysis of what they released, I was sure they were going to use a whole lot of what they had to cut off the defenses avenues of escape. Instead they used too little and did not spend enough time examining and explaining to the jury what they had.

      They needed to account for as much of the 15 or so minutes as they could, and that would have required they have a timeline of at least 40 points. Most especially those last 70 seconds, from the start of the encounter to the gunshot, to preclude that any attack by Trayvon was not possible. Witnesses saw them here, there, standing, rolling, so where in those 70 seconds was time for Trayvon to be bashing his head etc., it didn’t exist and then the lack of blood on his hands caps it off. Not just rely on no bloody hands, but no bloody hands plus no time.

      The holes in the hoodie and shirt show that gz’s both hand were occupied at the time of the shot, putting him in control and not in fear of attack as he claimed.

      Anyway, there was quite a bit of money being bandied about by the defense and their band of donors. So, it’s reasonable to ask if the jury was contaminated somehow. Did a juror or jurors lie about their knowledge of the case, or their bias?

      Keep the pressure on, something will break!

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I think to blame the state presentation of the case is just an easy excuse. I think the answer is far uglier.

    • abbyj says:

      Smokee, We did pray, and justice for Trayvon doesn’t stop here. The whole thing has not yet played out. We have to keep our faith that it will, and it will play out with a much more impact and lasting meaning for all. The whole thing has not played out yet.

  42. I told you guys after the 9th hour of deliberations I began to worry. I sensed something was very wrong. I am devastated. My heart is ripped to shreds. A message was sent by the jury. We are a people without a country. It’s the saddest feeling on the face of the earth.

  43. Malisha says:

    I woke up this morning with this thought:

    Why am I surprised?
    In the year 2000 Florida gave us the fake presidential election;
    (That gave us real wars, real lifetime appointments of federal judges who destroy constitutional rights, real decades of backwards movement away from the realization of democracy at home; a real economic collapse that brings our nation back to haves and have-nots in a big way; etc.)

    In the year 2013 Florida gives us the fake criminal prosecution.
    (Here we go …)

    • Malisha, I woke up with the same thought: black folk never win in court. (OJ the exception.)

      May this verdict be a wake up call to the masses of good hearted Americans. Because I have never seen such displays of racial animosity and ignorance in my life.

      God put a thought in my mind….and conviction in my heart.

      Things aren’t going to change here by themselves. It’s up to us. We’ve done it before with de-segregation & Obama’s two elections.

      I know two liberal women who supported this verdict. Mom would have called them “uppity white women” in the 70s. Mom was a linguist, and studied Black English. Some of her friends looked down on Black English…didn’t see it’s beauty & value. This was before Alice Walker re-discovered Zora Neale Hurston. (“Their Eyes Were Watching God” is a world-reknowned American classic.)

      Proof this was a racist verdict: Rachel was not believed. And…

      if boys don’t cry, then men with guns don’t, either. They believed fogen’s racist friends who ID’d him on the call. That is insane…

      Maybe this blog or another blog can be devoted to activism to reverse racism & gun violence? Trayvon did not die in vain. He will go down in history as the very LAST LYNCHING in America…and you & I are here to make sure of it.

      Interesting tidbit: Eatonville is 5 miles from Orlando…just south of Sanford. It began as an all black community….black police, mayor, teachers, storeowners, etc. Zora is from there, and that is where AW began the annual Zora Festival.

      Eatonville is overlooked in these parts…not valued at all, and that is a shame. So much potential overlooked.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        I am committed to your cause, edruminations:

        God put a thought in my mind….and conviction in my heart.

        Things aren’t going to change here by themselves. It’s up to us. We’ve done it before with de-segregation & Obama’s two elections.(edruminations)

      • Malisha says:

        Ed, OJ was the exception to “Black people do not win in court” for two reasons in my opinion:

        (1) He played the whore card and had a victim who (like Trayvon Martin) is not valued by our society; and

        (2) LA’s rage at the Rodney King case made the jury want to say to the LAPD: “You cannot convict your lovey-dovey white boys for their crimes? Then you cannot convict this Black sports hero for his. Eat sh*t and die.”

        • Jose Padilla says:

          OJ was acquitted because he was rich and could afford an outstanding legal team. Class beats even race in this country.

        • Dave says:

          The main reason OJ was acquitted is that the defense proved to the jury that the word of an LA pig should NEVER be trusted.

    • boyd says:

      I guess you are right, in the end, it’s not surprising. My cubemate atwork said he was getting off.

      He would say tell me one cannot walk to the store anymore without getting killed?

  44. mrsdoubtfire says:

    My heart breaks for a boy I never knew in life, a boy who lived 4000 miles away. But except for John Guy’s opening and closing statements the Prosecution presentation of the facts was woefully vague. Did that jury actually understand that timeline or the geography of RRTL. Were their minds made up beore John Guy gave his superb but belated and incomplete list of Z ‘s lies. How could BDLR not have anticipated Shipping Bao. Why call Serino and Singelton but allow them to end up testifying or the defense. We know why. The original Sandford Police investigation was off limits. These prosecutors went into this case with their hands tied behind their backs. Yes we can lay it all on this Jury but the Prosecution let so much slide while knowing how high the law placed their burden. .Juries often gravitate to the easy decision and take the reasonable doubt.route. Shipping Bao was an unmitigated disaster. And MOM took full advantage. My worst fear is how the press will now portray Trayvon Martin now that Z’s actions on February 26th have been given a legal rubberstamp.

    So sorry Trayvon.

    • KateW says:

      They weren’t vague. Could they have been presented better? Yes. But hardly vague. There was enough information there when superimposed over his statements, verified he was lying. He is a documented liar, and that is verified by the bond hearing. Why didn’t the prosecution bring that in? I dont know, but I don’t think it would have made a difference. The jury was in on it and honestly believe given some of the specific information coming out of the deliberation room to the killer’s supporters, that one or some were in on it. That one person that was holding out, I hope they didn’t bully that person into a guilty verdict. Perhaps that person saw that those fixed were not going to change their verdict and in order to leave finally caved. I hope that is not what happened. That is a decision that person will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Shameful and disgusting verdict IMO.

    • KateW says:

      You know I also wouldnt be surprised to find some of those jurors donated to the killer’s defense fund. Remember during jury selection a man who donated to his fund tried to get on the jury. He left that information out of the questionnaire and then happened to slip when BDLR was going over his questionnaire and asking questions. Then I am hearing information coming from people on this blog that CTH is stating 1 juror is holding out and then someone said Frank Taffe told Nancy Grace he had information about what was going on. When asked about it someone on this blog said he something like “shhh..it needs to be investigated” ??? I conclude the jury was bias and those disgraceful individuals never looked at any of the evidence because their verdict was rendered before trial began.

      • mrsdoubtfire says:

        If Taffe truly was in the know then would have to be a rogue juror texting/communicating from the deliberation room. Is that beyond the realms of possibility? No ….But right now I need more than a claim from that moronic racist and drunk. Were these women bias and predisposed to the defense….. Also possible. But there is no point in claiming the Prosecution didnt drop the ball many times. Serino and Singelton? That idiot of an ME? Not a single rebuttal witness or argument?

        • KateW says:

          With all due respect, why did they need a rebuttal witness? The forensics was clear as the day is long. The guy says the kid smothered his nose and mouth…then where is the blood?? The killer states as the kid is smothering his nose and mouth he reaches for his gun….how in the world can he see a gun when his legs are covering his sides? His best friend Elmer Fudd even said in his book the killer said the boy’s knees were in his armpits, so how did the boy see the gun. On top of that the prosecution even demonstrated it for them so they could visually see the impossibility. There was no blood on the concrete from his head and they had photographic evidence of that. His injuries were very minor and the doctors testified to that. Anything deeper no one knows because the killer didn’t get any diagnostics done. Let us not forget where he claims the altercation began, how did they end up 40 ft away if he was knocked to the ground, mounted and beat up. Then there are several versions to his story. 1. he jumped out of the bushes and attacked me. During the walkthrough did anyone see bushes big enough for this 5’11 158 lb kid to hide??? And so on with the several inconsistent tales everyone has already heard.

          All of his lies refuted by forensics. So either the jury was in on it or they are complete idiots. The forensics rebuts his testimony. What more did they need. Even if they didnt like the witnesses, what more did they need because no one was there but the forensics told the story better than any eyewitness.

          • MDH says:

            In their brain stems, these women are racist.

            The only way that they could conclude that GZ was in fear for his life is that they believe all black males are inherently strong, violent killers. In their warped minds, any conflict with a 158lbs black boy puts one’s life in danger.

            To them, it is like GZ aroused a man eating tiger. It matters not that GZ may have provoked the tiger.

            IOW, the “animal” had to be killed to save the life of a human.

            After reflection, this the only logical conclusion I can come to.

            How, for the love of god, could anyone with humanity ignore all the evidence against GZ, unless T’s life was somehow of less value?

            Let us not forget that reducing people of color to the status of an animal was/is a pillar of white supremacy.

            I am sick of these people to my core.

        • Lonnie Starr says:

          Well, since it’s only 3 days ago, either the court or the prosecution can subpoena the phone and device records off the servers and examine them.

          The point is, I’m recalling it was a mobster trial, where a jury brought back a verdict of acquittal, it was subsequently learned that a juror had been bribed. A mistrial was declared and a new trial scheduled. The defense appealed on double jeopardy grounds, the USSC ruled that because the trial was “fixed”, the defendant had not face jeopardy at all the first time around, thus the double jeopardy clause did not apply.

          Take heart, this case is not quitting at all, my evidence pile is now hitting waaay over 700 views today and there’s still plenty of time to go. Where I had imagined views would fall off, they’re now way higher than they were during the trial itself, I was getting around 300 views per day and thought that was doing very well. Yesterday I ran 600 views and today I’m getting way over 700 views. So, interest in this case is building not waning. Remember, “IT’S NOT OVER ‘TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS!”

          Shake off those shudders of defeat and start pounding the web, get those petitions signed up right. White House Petition here (if you copy “link location” on right click drop down menu, you’ll copy the tiny url to your clipboard. Paste it into a note pad document and save it to your desktop).

          After 500 years we can certainly bang the drum for a few more weeks, eh?

      • roderick2012 says:

        “You know I also wouldnt be surprised to find some of those jurors donated to the killer’s defense fund.”

        I wondered why the State didn’t subpoena the donor list but agree to keep it sealed.

        The State had sixteen months to prepare for this trial and it looked as if the trial was the first time they had actually laid eyes on some of the evidence and the witnesses.

  45. boyd says:

    how could the Jurors be tweeting Fogen supporters, I thought they watchced so so little TV and hardly knew how to use the internet, and knew so little about the case..

    Now in less than 1 day, they know whom to tweet with?

  46. MichelleO says:

    I don’t agree with some of you. I do not believe that this is the fault of BDLR. The women given this case simply gave fogen a pass. They came in with this thought, and they went out with it. They simply focused entirely on the murderer’s statement of events, and discounted the rest. It’s as if Trayvon wasn’t a person and didn’t matter. Even if fogen only had a scratch, Trayvon still would have been a ghost in this story. This is clearly a story about white rights, and a victory for white rights. Trayvon doesn’t even figure.

    • MichelleO says:

      And I might add “gun rights.” The NRA and Alec funded fogen and his family, and they will do so again for anyone of the correct complexion in a murder case involving a gun.

    • boyd says:

      I only wish BDLR played dirty they was the defense was.

      Bring the cousin he sexually molested on the stand to tell us that’s not George’s oice and tels us why she knows that (snicker).

      The prosecution no rebuttal witnesses! .

  47. Jasmine says:

    I would like to know where Jeremy is he saw the whole thing.

  48. LeaNder says:

    But BDLR did not hand the memos up to him when he was on the stand, asking, “Did you write this draft where you asked for a charge of Murder-2?” He did not do that.

    this is an exellant point, Malisha. All in all I registered only slowly increasing stomach ache, and perplexity. But I had the impression that during the trial it was almost forbidden or led to “troll suspicion” if someone tried to articulate his irritation, frustration and disappointment about the strategy by the prosecution here. I guess hadn’t I been here for longer I may well have been suspected to be a troll.

    I forget the term that was used here for Bill Shaeffer, hack, Zimmerman supporter? In any case he warned early that Fogen’s statements would keep him off the stand. He described it as anti-climatic a straight road to failure.

    The jury seemed to show interest in the Serino interviews. “The challenging interviews” that as Serino said were nothing close to real challenging. But that did not stop O’Mara from using it. He only made one mistake he alluded to the clubhouse videos while discussing Serino. But it escaped their attention.

    Now consider Serino himself told them nothing much to find there only minor changes. so why should they go back? Imagine they had heard BDLR ask what you suggest above? But maybe the case was really over after jury selection with the ideal jury member being the a-political type that prefers to mind nothing but his own business.

    What about the macro to your micro perspective that turns everyone involved into a “servant” of much bigger forces, interests and money power? I find it very unfortunate that this verdict triggers the usual divide and conquer splits, the whites, the people of Florida. I don’t like this type of collective blame. But I realize now that Richard Hornsby statements about the results of the last elections in the district indeed may matter more. Add to that that the non pliant were sorted out. And there were quite a few.

    What about a different conspiracy that suggests one should not surrender to pressures to allow division but stand united? The United States of ALEC/NRA maybe? Follow the link to an introduction into ALEC law on Bill Moyer’s site. I haven’t watched Moyer’s update yet. A must see anyway, we have similar trends over here.

    SYG is a product of these forces. Now SYG seems to result in such obscenities as a black woman firing a warning shot towards her former abusive husband without harming him and Corey gets a successful conviction for her. How many years? 20? While the killer of a burglary suspect turned killer in a split second Fata Morgana gets off after he killed an innocent kid on his way home. Even more this killer is now a welcome servant in the quarters of this less transparent power conspiracy, even declared a “upright and righteous citizen” even caring about other people’s kids playing in the street: Ah, Man, I’d prefer to keep it anonymous. Trayvon had the misfortune to get a little distance between himself and his snitch school mate to encounter an even more evil one: A righteous American citizen with God on his side.

    This isn’t the end for me. I’ll ask what the complete trial transcripts including jury selection process costs. I want to know what all these bench meeting were about. Would it be possible to make that public. Would that be illegal to publish it online? It obviously was possible to do that with the discovery and other case files. What are publication laws of court transcript in Florida?

    Unfortunately a deal surrounding your point may not have been discussed on the bench, was maybe discussed earlier. If it wasn’t it would have shown. Reminds me of O’Mara’s exuberant praise of the SPD officers. …

    A friend just reported to me that the info sections on our public channels made this todays top news in a size twice the usual amount for text news in this section. I have to monitor larger responses over here, will there be? How about BBC?

    • LeaNder says:

      Yes, he is one of these people I have huge troubles with.

      Ahem, Mam, I’d prefer to keep it anonymous.

      anonymous snitch, aren’t you. always only taking about people behind their backs. With god on your side?

      The officer that sent to the scene reported back. No problem at all the kids move out of the way when a car approaches.

      Seems that was the call O’Mara tricked the jury into believing the prosecution did not want them to see. I doubt they read the file too,, much less that they were able to decipher it if they in fact had it. I am also pretty sure it was the first thing they looked for. Maybe the last?

      If you ask me much of this jury democracy is a pure show. They don’t get the transcripts as a lawyer would, they have to take notes. These notes they are not allowed to share or compare and they are expected to arrive at a decision in a very short time. I am sure if I liked this aspect of American democracy.

  49. lady2soothe says:

    For Trayvon Martin and his families sake please sign this Petition, and then share it. JUSTICE4TRAYVON!

    A jury has acquitted George Zimmerman, but we are not done demanding justice for Trayvon. Sign our petition to the Department of Justice today.

    Attorney General Eric Holder,

    The Department of Justice has closely monitored the State of Florida’s prosecution of the case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder since it began. Today, with the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it is time for the Department of Justice to act.

    The most fundamental of civil rights — the right to life — was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin. We ask that the Department of Justice file civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation.

    Please address the travesties of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin by acting today.


    Thank you.

  50. what is going on with the Taaffe gaff? And did i read somewhere above that the jurors are tweeting to the supporters of zimmerman? wtf?

    You know i would love a sixty minutes type program to investigate racist hate sites like CTH and publicly shame dicks like sundance cracker who is the most vile kind of human on the planet.

    And what’s this about Papa Z now gonna make everyone pay…i hope no one profiles his son as a child killer and follows him home and shoots him because apparently that’s not a crime in Florida.

    Why do people hate the US….because of the types of people you find at the Wagist, Fox News and the nuthouse……coincidence that they are the exact people that vilify a dead child and worship his killer.

    My heart goes out to all those in the US that abhor racism and those that are the victims of it.

  51. LeaNder says:

    But BDLR did not hand the memos up to him when he was on the stand, asking, “Did you write this draft where you asked for a charge of Murder-2?” He did not do that.

    this is a central point, Malisha. But I had the impression that during the trial it was almost forbidden or led to “troll suspicion” if someone tried to articulate his irritation, frustration and disappointment about the strategy by the prosecution.

    I forget the term that was used here for Bill Shaeffer, hack, Zimmerman supporter? In any case he warned early that Fogen’s statements would keep him off the stand. He described it as anti-climatic.

    The jury did indeed show interest in the Serino interviews so much that someone of them said they could not understand. Remember “the challenging interview”? Now consider Serino himself told them nothing much to find there only minor changes. Imagine they had heard BDLR ask what you suggest above? But maybe the case was really over after jury selection.

    What happened during all these bench meetings. Can someone find out how much a complete trial transcript costs? It will be a fortune, I guess.

    What about the macro to your micro perspective that turns everyone involved into a “servant” of much bigger forces, interests and money power? The United States of ALEC maybe? Follow the link to an introduction into ALEC law on Bill Moyer’s site. I haven’t watched Moyer’s update yet. A must see anyway, we have similar trends over here.

    SYG is a product of these forces. Now SYG seems to result in such obscenities as a black woman firing a warning shot towards her former abusive husband without harming him and Corey get’s a sucessful conviction for her. While the killer of a burglary suspect turned killer in a split second Fata Morgana get’s off after he killed an innocent kid on his way home.

    This isn’t the end for me. I’ll ask what the complete trial transcripts including jury selection process costs. I want to know what all these bench meeting were about. We have to somehow manage to make that public. Would that be illegal?

    Was there a deal concerning your point?

  52. KateW says:

    I had to paste this. What if the roles were reverse said John Guy.

    • Mary Davis says:

      I can certainly understand what Groans said and how he/she feels. I feel betrayed. This blog was unattended during the whole trial. Even SearchMinds was not present. Maybe they knew something that we didn’t know. As soon as the trial started, they left the stinkhouse and so many trolls, we could hardly post. Where are the trolls now.

      Oh I know I’m gonna get attacked for this comment, but ask me if I care. I’m going to bed. I can’t handle this.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:


  53. Two sides to a story says:

    These damn bigots, they always get away . . .

  54. Xena says:

    Does anyone know if the jury returned a more specific question on manslaughter? Maybe the juror who wanted it was refused by the foreperson and folded so they could go home.

  55. deetruth says:

    I just heard someone say that Plaxico Burress got two years for shooting himself, yet George gets off for admitting to killing Trayvon.

  56. MrSykes says:

    To add insult to injury, just heard that Fogen will be able to take the gun he used to murder Tryavon home with him. I am inconsolable. Only in America would a young black boy be put on trial for his own murder..and lose! Corey and team are all republicans, so they of course had to ensure that their allegiance to their base would not be compromised; hence the half-hearted effort. Seriously considering leaving the country for a while. I need a new perspective.

  57. BahamaMama says:


    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Sadly, it is believable, my friend.

      When we look back over the last few years, what have we seen or learned about occurring in our country?

      l. The school to prison pipeline in Meridian, Ms where AA students were handcuffed and taken to court then jail for such things as simply breaking the dress code or talking back to teachers:


      Washington (CNN) — Federal civil rights lawyers filed suit Wednesday against Meridian, Mississippi, and other defendants for operating what the government calls a school-to-prison pipeline in which students are denied basic constitutional rights, sent to court and incarcerated for minor school infractions.
      The lawsuit says children who talk back to teachers, violate dress codes and commit other minor infractions are handcuffed and sent to a youth court where they are denied their rights.
      Is Miss. school a ‘prison pipeline’?
      It’s the first time a jurisdiction has been charged under a law designed to protect the due process rights of juveniles in such circumstances.Also among the defendants were Lauderdale County, judges of the county’s Youth Court and the State of Mississippi Division of Youth Services.
      About 6,000 mostly African-American students attend grades kindergarten through 12 in a dozen schools in the Lauderdale County School District.
      About 86% of the district’s students are African-American, but all of those referred to the court for violations were minorities, the government suit said.
      The federal action came more than two months after the Justice Department warned local and state officials that they had 60 days to cooperate or face a federal lawsuit.
      Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin said Wednesday that Mississippi officials had failed to cooperate with the eight-month investigation.
      “We had no choice but to file suit,” Austin said, giving examples of what he alleged are unconstitutional actions taken by the school district and court:
      • Children are handcuffed and arrested in school and incarcerated for days at a time without a probable cause hearing.
      • Children detained wait more than 48 hours for a hearing, in violation of constitution requirements.
      • Children make admissions to formal charges without being advised of their Miranda rights.
      • Children are not routinely granted legal representation during the juvenile justice process.
      Austin said Wednesday that Meridian is not the only location in the country with such a system. However, he said, it is the only one to date where local authorities have not been fully cooperative with federal investigators.
      He pointed to Shelby County, Tennessee, as a school system where complaints had been received but where local officials had been fully cooperative with the Justice Department.
      Mississippi officials did not have an immediate response to the lawsuit.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        2. The gutting of the heart of the 1965 Voting Rights Act by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2013

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        3. Attempts by various states (Texas, Florida…) to hinder the vote of minority voters through gerrymandering, long lines, voter IDs, proof of citizenship through birth certificates, etc.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        4. Challenges to Affirmative in college admissions

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Increase in hate groups and in militias since Obama’s election in 2008

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Black U.S. Congressional members one day being yelled at, called n with on being spat upon by Tea Party protesters.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Heavy push for States rights vs Fed

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Heinous, racist postings about Trayvon + evil depictions of Trayvon through photo manipulation

        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          The NAACP should consider a March on Washington over the Supreme Court’s striking down the core of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

          I will go Washington should this actually be done by the NAACP.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      How are you holding up, BahamaMama?

      Please give my love to DOCJT, icurhoods, CJ, MrP et al……..I should never have closed my account there a month+ ago….I thought I would not need to be posting.

  58. willisnewton says:

    GZ left the courtroom without acknowleging or even looking at his wife and mother. Very odd. He NEVER looked back to his supporting family members.

    I heard that West would not shake hands with the prosecutors.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      West is a jerk without any class… He looks like a brother of the Grand Wizard of the KKK. Brother is Zimmerman Sr.

    • KateW says:

      Who cares!!! He’s a prick and so is his family! The jurors were a set up with maybe 1 or 2 of them not for any sides but when they start texting out to supporters for Zimmerman then I call into question the veracity of their verdict. This is an indication of support for one side!

      A child is dead and his life meant nothing to these people and you want to talk about him not looking at his family while leaving court or that old senile geezer West and his bad sportsmanship.

      • KateW says:

        I think they call it being prejudicial. All of those women on that jury should be ashamed and if they could not put aside their conclusion and verdict before the trial then they should have excused themselves!! To fix the verdict means the system is an utter failure and I am tired of hearing people say the system worked. This killer should have gotten time and now he profits and benefits off killing a child. I imagine my baby, my child lying there on the ground, suffering and dying alone, dead and the killer is sitting there eating like there is no tomorrow. Smiling, hugging his family and making light of murder.

        Then for Robert Zimmerman Jr to say he knows how the Martin’s feel!! OMG I want to punch him in his eye! How can he know how they feel, he has NEVER lost a child!!!

  59. aussie says:



    We made the mistake of thinking FACTS MATTER.


    All the tough on crime mandatory minimum sentencing laws are partly to blame.

    .In the 1600’s juries regularly found defendants not guilty of (proven) tax evasion, when the penalty for that was death by hanging.

    The same applied today. If they think the penalty is too high, they’ll let a guilty person go. If the sentences were from 10 years up, they may have convicted.

    Here in Australia they’d give him 20 years with 10 years non-parole and actually let him out after 15, and everyone would be happy. (Of course here nobody gets 15 years for 5 grams of weed, either, it’s a $100 fine).

  60. Whatever happened to GZ’s phone records, text messages, emails and other correspondence?

    • cielo62 says:

      Federal will use them. I hope.


      • That’s not what I mean, I want to see them like the way they published TM’s text messages. I know the dead have no rights but this should be available.

        • roderick2012 says:

          That’s not what I mean, I want to see them like the way they published TM’s text messages.

          The State and defense agreed to seal George’s texts and emails but the State ‘forgot’ to do the same for Trayvon’s texts and other contents on his cell.

          The fix was in from the beginning.

    • BillT says:

      for the state to use them meant the state had to expose the total corruption of the sanford police…..the trial was a FARCE, the state didnt even use what it could use and still not expose the coverup…..

  61. willisnewton says:

    peaceful protest march in SF

  62. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Hope for peace! People find a social media blog and verbalize your concerns about this travesty. Please choose not to act out because the laws will allow you to be stalked, chased and killed without justice the victim.

    Find petitions everywhere and voice your opinion… America was a free country but after this verdict all faith is lost.

    Pray for the Martin family.. RIP Trayvon…

    • ladystclaire says:

      I don’t find America to be such a free country, especially when a African American kid can’t walk home from the store minding his own damn business and, being stalked and hunted down like a wild animal and killed in cold blood, and his murderer is allowed to go free for the crime of murder.

      I feel that the states attorney’s office was complicit in what transpired in this case. it was VERY obvious that, the prosecutors DID NOT put forth very much effort in trying this case. why are they protecting Wolfinger, Lee and the SPD? this is exactly what they were doing.

      To think that Angela Corey smiled and prayed with those sweet parents, was nothing more than a damn farce on her part. she claims that they are seekers of the truth but, the truth of the matter is, that they NEVER intended to get justice for Trayvon and his family. I hurt so much for this kid and his family and, I believe this woman DID speak with Fogen that day when he drove to her office in Jacksonville and, she let him in on the plan of what was going to happen or not happen in this case.

      This entire case needs to be investigated because, what happened here was and is not right. the state was suppose to have so much evidence against this man, yet they didn’t present any of it. and again, Trayvon’s phone was stripped and, Fogen’s information from his phone as well as his computer has been sealed. what in the hell is the state helping to hide in those correspondence’s that the state agreed to seal and keep from the public?

      I blame the prosecutors as much as I blame the jury and JN. the fix was in on this trial, the very day Fogen was arrested. I guess he, his wife, his sister and his brother will also get away with money laundering as well. smdh

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        ladystclaire – I agree 100% with you… Everytime I mentioned these same concerns some people called me names because of my conflicting opinion. THE FIX WAS IN! It may have been Zimmerman supporters on this blog. To attack anybody for expressing life-experiences with the Sanford criminal county is unacceptable. I hope the professor would prevent some of these bloggers from trying to prevent “free expression.”

        The crime scene was altered from the beginning. Prosecution was in the fix, Ms. Corey, Stanford Police Department and District Attorney deliberately charged him with something they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt. This woman practiced law for years and knew better..

        Corruption… sign the petition if you would like –


  63. KateW says:

    Oh? Now he feels cocky. He wants to start threatening people. Wrong choice of words buddy. I am sure there are plenty of people that feel the same way. Better watch out.

  64. KateW says:

    Not guilty…even of manslaughter? And manslaughter you don’t have to prove much of anything but that he killed someone. Fixed!

  65. Leslie says:

    Me too.

    • Sophia33 says:

      I hope it is true.

      • cielo62 says:

        Sophia- we always knew it could be a possibility. I’d like to see a few more outlets announce it before I believe it. We’ve been betrayed so many times by “the system” that it’s hard to get any hope up that’s its true.


        • KateW says:


        • Sophia33 says:

          I agree! Let’s see it reported elsewhere.

        • William Walton says:

          Clelo62, as I posted above, a person living in the same complex I do is a retired FBI Agent. His comment was that GZ would walk and then the DOJ would step in. According to him, the DOJ does not like to get involved unless the State cannot convict. Have to believe the retired FBI Agent since he has 35 years experience. He is also on the task force in Johnson County, Texas looking into Cold Case Files. Since I am also part of the Over The Hill Gang and have technical experience (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), he wants me to join the group. Am considering it!

          • cielo62 says:

            William~ I posted that reply to Sophia like at 1:30 this morning before your post. I have NO idea how legal/government entities work. It was my HOPE that the DoJ would get involved. There are several petitions urging them to do so. I take hope in your statement. It’s time and more than time to shut down Florida.


          • Lonnie Starr says:

            I’ll believe it when I see it, no more false hope. Has the Justice Dept. ever done anything like this before?

      • cielo62 says:

        National Report is an independent news agency. I googled it but found no other independent verification if it yet. Everything else is just a reblog of this one article. Lets hope it’s true.


  66. Zimmerman Sr thanks the CTH and vows people will pay

    • jodiwankanobi says:

      sorry Rachael posted in more detail above

    • Rachael says:

      I am not one given to conspiracy theories, but earlier – before the verdict – someone said there was a juror the prosecution was worried about because they thought she might know some of the witnesses. Then there was the talk about someone perhaps texting to the outhouse while deliberating. Now this. It all makes me wonder.

      • aussie says:

        Juror texting to anyone is just a breach of their sequestration conditions… enough to create a mistrial.

        BUT what sense is there to it? the jury is not allowed to deliberate until it’s all over. What a juror might say to anyone outside does not influence the case.

        People texting TO THE JURORS is another matter. They can text tips, ideas how to break down the others. Or simply just threats.

        Juror knowing the witnesses and denying it during voire dire is also a cause for mistrial. This is what needs closer investigation.

  67. Rachael says:

    fuckshitgodamnit – Posted at the outhouse:

    “I have thanked Mark Omara and Don West. Now I would like to extend
    our heartfelt appreciation to you, our friends at CTH. (Waving to others)

    Currently, our family is happy knowing our son no longer faces a malicious,
    unethical prosecution. Further, to whatever extent possible, I will attempt to
    hold every individual fully responsible for their actions.

    Again, Thank You.


    • KateW says:

      They need to investigate who all, on the jury, was texting out information to the defense supporters. People are that damn dumb they just can’t keep their mouths shut, just like this killer. If the jury was fixed then jury misconduct should be investigated thoroughly because that means whoever they were, were not listening to the evidence or evaluate it because it was always the contention they would vote not guilty.

      This is a slap in the face to our judicial system, to the American people and to the victims of crime all over the United States.

      • cielo62 says:

        KateW- not just that, it would be grounds for a mistrial and a new trial.


        • KateW says:

          cielo62, well it would have to be proven. Where is anonymous when you need them! But there are ways of finding out, the other problem is would the state want to pursue it.

  68. dasha says:

    groans, you bring up really, really good points. This case was lost from the moment the cops arrived on scene. They believed GZ right at the outset because they, too, assumed Trayvon was a criminal. It was only later, after they found out he wasn’t, that they began their superficial investigation.

    I couldn’t make head nor tail of the jury instructions, and I’m a lawyer.

  69. McHell says:

    I can’t help but feel that this verdict is based on shallow thinking and a tenuous grasp of the law, as codified in the jury instructions.

    The criteria for manslaughter were undeniably satisfied, to the point where no rational counter-argument can even be made about that. The defendant was proven to be less than credible, which means the jury could have rejected some or all of his self-serving statements, without which his self-defense claim just evaporates.

    Yet they apparently bought his self-defense claim or felt that his actions were “merely negligent”. I just don’t see how they could get there, without first accepting the defendant’s inconsistent, exaggerated, and evolving story as if it were reliable. And I just don’t see how they could accept anything he said as reliable given the totality of the evidence and testimony.

    I also feel that murder 2 was an over-charge and that the State missed some really key opportunities; for example, their lackluster and unsuccessfull attempt to have the jury instructed about use of force by the aggressor/provocateur. They barely put up a fight on that really crucial point, and that instruction could have given the jury something else to hang their hat on, if they were at all inclined to hold the defendant accountable. The State had more ammunition on that point than was actually brought to bear in front of the judge!

  70. Mary Davis says:

    YAHTC. I have read your posts for over a year and I have great respect for you. I honestly believe you are a sincere good person. I must say that I am 63 years old, I have known many white women over the years. I’ve know them on a professional level, also lived next door to them, but I have to say that I have never truly known them. One reason is because these women have never let me get too close to them. Never knew what they were afraid of.

    I lived next door to a lady in Perris California. The housed were so close together you could hear each other talking inside the houses.
    This lady always talked about how the Hispanics were taking over the neighborhood. Oh but she claimed to like me. Her prejudices would come out and she didn’t even notice it.

    Some people are not even aware of their bias. I said that to say this, If you are aware of white privilege, then you are on the right road to making a difference. The people I’ve come in contact with do not see anything wrong. Such a shame.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Bless you, Mary. I have deep respect for you.

      I have so much more to learn….about my UNEARNED privilege and even the unconscious leanings that I might have embedded in me.

      I don’t know how to discover them……hopefully they might slip out in a word I use or an action I take, and someone will call me on them. I noticed in one of my past posts that I left a SINGLE adjective out….and I went “aha, well that was one of those unconscious embedded things that I was unaware of.”

      Thank you for sharing your experience. We as a people need to
      learn how to “become known” to each other and embrace our precious uniqueness and individuality. Somehow, some way
      we as humans have to embrace each others souls.

      Sometimes I think blacks see and know more about whites than whites know about themselves when it comes to honest perception.

      I reach out to you with my heartfelt embrace.

      • You all have thoughtful comments says:

        Okay, I have to come back and being even more honest. I substitute the word “leaning” for “racism” in my above comment.

        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          That was very hard for me to say. I really don’t want to think I have any racism in me. I really cannot face that reality.

          • elle says:

            YAHTC, I say this as a white woman. All white people have racism in them. We will never squash it all. It is programmed into from the day we were born. Maybe not conciously taught by the people around us (probably is concious though), but it is deeply rooted, even if not obvious. I apologize to my friends of color for the unknowing racist things I am sure I say. I know there must be things I am not aware of. They love me and forgive me. What is important, and the most important thing if you are a parent, is to try and teach your children better. To keep them away, as much as you can, from people who do not understand that they are racist. And to explain what those people are doing that they do not understand is racist. I see no racism in my children, I truly hope it is not there. I keep trying to be aware of my white privilege (I have been aware of this since I was 4) and keep trying to improve on any racist attitudes that I may unknowingly have. Work hard on improving, but do not be too hard on yourself when things slip out. Just do it right and make it better next time. Never stop pushing forward. Everyone is equal, and it is my sincerest hope that someday everyone will see this.

          • cielo62 says:

            elle~ Education is a very important key for the future. KIDS of ALL colors need to be educated about equality. Adults can stand to learn this as well, and to LIVE it.


        • You all have thoughtful comments says:

          Thank you for your guidance, Elle.

          *tears of release & hopefulness*

  71. Linda Andersen says:

    I am a 60 yr. old white woman and am disappointed to see all of the progress made in the US during my lifetime slowly coming undone and being reversed. I have never felt more saddened in my entire life.

  72. nocamo33 says:

    Dedicated to Fogen!

  73. Brandy says:

    Karma is a bitch, that is all we have left for the Zimmerman! We sit and we wait for the karma train!

  74. KateW says:

    Whoever was texting out information to the defense side like the CTH or Frank Taffe is an indication of clear bias. How can a person who is feeding information to the people of defense not be in on it? Blatant misconduct!

  75. Brandy says:

    We can expect for Shelly Z to skate on her perjury charge as well. Only in Florida! If you want to murder you child and get away with it go to Florida! If you want to profile,stalk,follow and murder a young black male, go to Florida! Wow, there is just no Justice in high profile cases in that state!

    • bettykath says:

      Wouldn’t it be interesting for Shelly to be the one to go to jail.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Very interesting. But she has no priors and even if Fogen had been convicted, it’s unlikely she’d get more than probation.

  76. Romaine says:

    Romaine says:

    July 13, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    my ,oh my, oh my, Anita, I feel your pain, it will be all right baby girl….we all shall see the suffering of fogen and his clan….trust and believe….I ache as you do, have seen the corn planted and the fruit of its damnation…30 yrs to life not in prison at this moment; but it will come…I will never give up…this is the true faith of the AA heritage…to endure all suffering with the understanding and belief that injustice committed against us will receive its due punishment in its time..we have not survived this long, enduring the most unimaginable sufferings in this world in vain there is a reason for what we endure…our unity and belief in supporting one another…

    2 Chronicles 7:14

    King James Version (KJV)

    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    there is a healing that must be claimed within this land. It takes many, a village of not just one race but all races to come together as one, being on one accord, focusing on one mission, equally protecting one another against the evil that surrounds us all.

    It takes A Village to raise a child, teach a child, keep a child from harms way. There should never be a reason for a child to be killed, sexually abuse, physically abuse, but if we sincerely look at our world that we live in, children’s death and abuse is rampant world wide, and we just let it continue to be….Our babies are suffering and we are allowing it to happen each and everyday because it isnot personal to our immediate family. Seriously, this is a daily event in our world…not just in the US. When will we as parents truly step up and say enough is enough.

  77. KateW says:

    Sadlyyes I can’t sleep either. If this were my child I would be up in arms, but when I think about it he is my child. He is our child. He is America’s child and the thought that this jury was fixed upsets me! Maybe I need to get off the computer too but I have to vent because our system just proved it was a joke today. Our system proved that a child, simply walking come is subject to be accosted and gunned down, and the system will free the killer. Hours of watching a trial that was fixed is upsetting to me.

    • sadlyyes says:

      he is my child,because,kids going to buy candy and soda,are free to not fear the walkhome,from some monster in the bushes in my world

    • Brandy says:

      Kate, I feel your pain hon, I am deeply disappointed and hurting too 😦 I don’t think I can ever get invested in another trial again. I have seen Casey Anthony walk and now GZ. I have lost all faith in the jury system. I hope you can get some rest! HUGS

  78. sadlyyes says:

    okay im tired but,can we speak of DEPRAVITY?



    Morally corrupt.


    corrupt – vicious – rotten

    who was depraved besides foagy

    all the witnesses who lied for him
    all his enablers Nancy Grace all of HLN
    all the snake oil defense attys
    icecream man and his 4 wicked daughters
    the whole fla justice system
    the totally depraved ghoul dimaio who SHOT LIVE ANIMALS
    shall i go on with the sick DEGENERATE depravity?or go throw up?

  79. groans says:

    This verdict is tragic on so many levels to so many people for so many reasons.

    Wrong again.

    Hurricanes and tornadoes are tragic. Deadly disease is tragic. My nephew’s recent death was tragic, rest his soul.

    There is nothing “tragic” about this case. Never has been. And couching anything about it as a “tragedy” fosters the type of mentality that allows the public (and, now, a jury) to confuse criminal conduct with some sort of unavoidable sequence of events.

    This case always been, and will always be, a TRAVESTY. It’s been a travesty of justice from 2/26/12 forward – including a watered-down prosecution with LE witnesses whose testimony demonstrated an obvious lack of interest in or support for a conviction. Even the ME’s office presented itself as foolish, incompetent, and ultimately helpful to the defense. None of the usual “prosecution witnesses” were on board to do what prosecution witnesses normally do. The State can never – and should never – win a case by relying on passionate closing arguments. And it was folly to imagine that they could in this case. Even the prosecution team, itself, left out important, convincing facts/evidence and/or failed to make its significant clear during the time it was supposed to do so.

    Whonoze, tchoupi, willis, and others (Trent and LLMPapa included) prepared and presented solid and detailed evidence that we never heard during the prosecution’s case. The prosecution was half-hearted – neglecting so many such facts and any apparent detailed compilation of a timeline. These heroes could have done a better job at the prosecution of this case than the prosecutors did.

    And let’s not forget our “beloved” Judge Nelson. Though I’ve been mostly out of touch yesterday and today, I got the impression that she rejected pertinent instructions regarding the importance of “provocation” and “serious bodily harm” insofar as they SHOULD impact a self-defense claim. Not to mention her long-standing, utter refusal to rein in the defense’s blatant and concerted pre-trial focus on tainting the jury pool.

    That leaves the jurors, themselves. That was another hurdle erected by JN, with her buying into the bogus challenge from the defense. What was that challenge, by the way – was it race (white), or was it gender (women) that the prosecution was supposedly wrongfully dismissing? JN allowed the defense to muddle and confuse her on that one, too – with the bizarre result that we ended up with all white women (the Hispanic was arguably both, wasn’t she – considering that “Hispanic” is not a race?). That challenge was a farce, and just another travesty in this case.

    Does anyone here still believe that “women” who are “mothers” are any less prejudiced than any other members of the electorate in Seminole County, Florida?

    And finally, Professor, where was your objectivity when we needed it most here on your blog? Were you so blinded by your “faith” in this case that you couldn’t – or wouldn’t – recognize major problems during the trial? It became like the CTH, where people were attacked for pointing out major problems that became apparent during trial, and you remained silent.

    This verdict is a tremendous disappointment, but it was foreseeable, objectively speaking. (Still, it sucks!!)

    Before you all get excited about the prospects of a wrongful death claim – remember that it, too, would almost certainly be tried in Seminole County. And also remember that the plaintiffs will be black. Don’t bet your life savings on some Ron Goldberg civil verdict – Goldberg was white, and the trial was in California as far as I know. You can’t rely on your own denial of reality to pull off miracles – it rarely works that way. Just sayin’ ….

    • concernedczen says:


      The women were racist white mothers and they didn’t give a shit about a dead black boy.

      • nocamo33 says:

        We don’t really know that and that can possibly be considered libelous slander. They are not just players in a story we see on tv. They are people with families and jobs. Let’s be careful not to attack them or incite others to do the same. They did what they did, whether we like it or not. But let us be civilized and respectful. If they did wrong, they have to live with it.

        • concernedczen says:

          No, we do know that. These racist white women did what southern white juries have always done.

          No I will not give them the benefit of the doubt….there is no doubt.

      • Malisha says:

        In fact, racist white mothers were the ones in the South who trained their boys to protect white womanhood by killing Black men. Giving birth does not inoculate a woman against evil.

        • nocamo33 says:

          You know the history better than I. I am open to learning. I am coming from the perspective that several hundred thousand angry people screaming injustice at these 6 women, not really knowing them or their motives can come off as an angry, misinformed mob. We have to show restraint. I finally understand Dr. King’s methodology. I thought the non-violence tact was just a really nice thing to do, and it was something very noble. It was more than that. It was brilliant and faithful. Brilliant as he knew he would feed racist views by use of force and that they could never win. The authorities owned all the weapons and police and military. They simply would fight a losing battle and the message would go nowhere. But by letting them beat them, sick their dogs on them and hose them down, they refuted any allegations of being uncivilized before they were even made. And because their message could not be drowned out by those accusations, the message prevailed and change was affected. The problem today is that we are so complacent about this “race” thing. There is much more work to be done, but the workers are few. Trayvon’s death should not be in vain. I am not saying take to the streets and protest, but I am saying we need to be vigilant, active, and protest racism/class-ism/oppression in our daily lives in the most effective way we can. We all need to be agents of change.

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        Concernedczen – you are 100% correct… When any county can not find one African American intelligent engineer or nurse in Sanford that is qualified to sit on a jury, something is seriously suspicious. RIP Trayvon…

        I urge anyone to refrain from creating any uproar. Please do not do it because it will give the police and neighborhood watch a free pass to kill a child. That is the behavior of Florida…

    • KateW says:

      I think the prosecution did an honorable job, could it have been better? Sure. BUT EVEN THE PROSECUTION CANNOT DEFEAT A FIXED JURY!! A jury, where someone was feeding information to the CTH and Frank Taffee and whoever else. This jury had it’s mind made up before it got the letters for jury selection. A host of them probably lied too to get on the jury. A high profile case and no one had heard of it? In that area?

      This is beyond criminal!

      • groans says:

        Personally, I fail to see anything “honorable” about the prosecution doing a mediocre (at best!) job, when it “could have” done a better job or even an excellent job.

        And the jury selection process, itself, was one part of its job that the prosecution approached with noticeable laxity – despite how “critical” it is viewed universally by trial attorneys.

    • sadlyyes says:

      letting Serino,say he wasnt a pathological liar sheesh

    • nocamo33 says:

      I told my wife that if this jury acquitted, there must be some sort of pressure from above. Paranoid right? Anyone ever heard of Jesse Ventura, when he was Gov in MN, stating that the CIA paid him a visit. He was ex-military and knew they had no jurisdiction on US Soil to influence civilian affairs and yet they were there. He also said that there were plants in high levels of gov’t. I joked with my wife that Fogen’s dad having been an intelligence officer in the military and then a judge, was one of those plants and had favors into him. I really wanted to believe that the jury would see through the lies. I want to believe they are not racists; that somehow, some outside element influenced them and forced them into acquitting. In the end, maybe there is no conspiracy. Maybe the racists were right after all. Was the prosecution’s case weak? During the trial, I asked myself, what about this, why didn’t they present that. They are the professionals. They know better than I. Maybe they felt they had enough and needed no more. Maybe it was a trial just for show. Maybe no matter what, either the jurors were all racists (still very hard for me to swallow that) or there really was not enough for THEM to convict (again, this too is hard to swallow). I have learned a lot from this and am not sure what I will do moving forward. I think I will sign the NAACP petition to have the feds get involved. Outside of that, Zimmerman must be treated as if he is innocent, no matter how much I believe otherwise.

      • Malisha says:

        Right. In fact David Paterson, who was a NY state legislator during the 90s and later became deputy governor of NY, was visited by “someone” who told him that if he held hearings on corruption int he courts relating to a child abuse case,(an eight-year-old girl who was raped and nearly killed), his career would be destroyed. Later, his career was destroyed

        He said this right at the hearings.

        • nocamo33 says:

          More to a lot of what happens in this country that meets the eye. I find it very odd indeed the behavior of Senior Zimmerman. So brazen and confident. I saw that look as he listened to the closing and awaited the verdict. Very confident, unfazed. I hate to say it, but like he knew. We will never know for sure. I think a lot of this “like David Paterson’s experience” comes from this country getting so big and those in power, perhaps, needing some organized way to maintain control over the populace. The “old way” (constitutional) doesn’t work for them. It is simply too cumbersome. The fascist or totalitarian way is much more efficient. That’s just my opinion. I am really just rambling on, but that’s the basis of my theory anyhow, backed up by some spurious, seemingly unrelated facts. The bottom line, evil one today and I just refuse to accept it.

    • type1juve says:

      Excellent summary of what went on in this case. I give props to Malisha, she called it early on.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I was sadly mistaken about those women.

  80. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Please take what I say in the tone of humble, respectful, suggestion:

    If ever there is a sacred call to us to continue to seek what is right, we heard it tonight.
    If ever we need to work together it is now.
    If ever people of different color need join hands in a sacred trust to pursue equality and justice it is now.

    We are strong if we stay together, white with black.
    Although I have never nor ever will have to face what people of color face…..your experience or your fears or your heartbreak, I think you can find some use for me.

    The one thing that I do know is that racists like to divide and conquer.

    I am at your service, my AA friends.

    You need to make the calls as to how to organize for the good. I offer my support in the form of constructive forward moving action

    I am ready and able to follow your suggestions.

    Trayvon is calling you to organize.

  81. Mary Davis says:

    From my comment above. Payback is a bitch.

  82. Mary Davis says:

    I just don’t understand how anyone can blame the state,SPD, JN and God knows who else, but imo no matter what the state did or didn’t do, those women already had their minds made up. Even if the state did enter the timeline, or whatever else we think they should have done, it would not have made any difference.

    We already know how some acted during the witnesses statements. They were not even interested in any of the evidence. Their minds were already made up. It was said that some even looked bored.

    Those women went in there with their minds already made up to free fogen and it’s just as simple as that.

    I take solace in the fact that you do reap what you sow. We probably will not see it, but all six of those women will get their comeuppance.

    • concernedczen says:

      We can blame the judge for what she did during jury selection and throughout the trial.

      There is a lot of blame to go around.

    • Christopher Charles says:

      “…you do reap what you sow. We probably will not see it, but all six of those women will get their comeuppance.” As will fogen, his lawyers, and supporters. I’m hoping that there will be media reports to keep us informed about the principals in this case.

      I remember a news story about a man (I think he was in FLA) who murdered a man, was found not guilty, and not long after that was murdered himself. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I will repay.”

      Never forget: What goes around, comes around. fogen will pay.

      • aussie says:

        Yep. Can’t recall the name. Guy chased and killed someone who’d ripped out and stolen his car radio. To get it back. In the bag were other things stolen from others. He tried to pawn some of them.

        He got off on SYG because the thief had swung the bag of stolen goods at him. Couple of years later he got killed in crossfire he wasn’t involved in. Guess it was the kind of area he hung about in…..

  83. sadlyyes says:

    cant sleep
    mebbe foagy has a depraved mind,but fl is a depraved place,starting with the election of Jeb Booosh

  84. KateW says:

    If this jury was fixed then the defense did not win it’s case. They relied on people, that probably contacted them about jury selection, to get on the jury. Disgusting miscarriage of justice when the system was fixed and the killer had a jury made for his verdict of not guilty.

    Vile and disgusting system of justice that favors killers go free and the innocent or those charged with smaller crimes get lengthy sentences. No peace for this man or his family.

    • Malisha says:

      Well, not letting the prosecution use its peremptories — that was a definite WTF.

      • amsterdam1234 says:

        Yes, that was a big mistake on the part of JN. What good is it to have 10 peremptories, if you are stopped from using them for white women and 5 of the jurors in the box at that time were white women.

      • aussie says:

        LOCAL people would recognise the jurors, anyway, even if their names are not published. Who knows what pressures were put on them during selection? including what might happen if they let on about it?

  85. anita says:

    i’m going down for tonite. thanks to all go rest. love ya’

  86. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Please see my post at

    Please see my post at


  87. boyd says:

    don’t forget the sequester violations… oh it’s minor Judge nelson.

    what happened to the Jailhouse conversations, passport… PROOF HE’S A LIAR? HELLO!

    they swept it all under the rug. Gave BDLR, GUY nothing to work with. Then allowed sequester violations to stand.

    The cop who was assaulted DISAPPEARED.

    Then JN allowed MOM to bring in the past of the guy who actually committed the crimes and wrapped Trayon’s name aall oer it.

    They blamed the victim and Nelson was part of it. . She did not want to acknowledge Trayon was a child.

    • concernedczen says:

      “The cop who was assaulted DISAPPEARED.”

      Exactly!!! This trial was fixed from beginning to end.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:


      • ladystclaire says:

        @Concernedczn, I agree with you on that and, the state was in on the fix. why did they not have someone to prove that those photos of this bastard’s minor boo boos were photo shopped? they did not do anything to prove that those photos were not truthful.

        I don’t remember them bringing up the fact that he refused to be transported to hospital and, nor did he have a valid X-ray stating that his nose was broken.

        As for JN, she flat out refused to issue a gag order on more than one occasion, which gave the defense to taint the jury pool and, the prosecution never should have agreed to an all white jury. when Fogen Sr. asked the FDLE to make this go away, they were more than happy to oblige him. the state helped to acquit this murderer and, that’s the truth. btw, why didn’t they call the folks at the FDLE to testify as to their investigation?

      • Absolutely. I’ve been calling it “choreographed” since the state declined to present rebuttal. It went from 3 witnesses to zero in about 30 seconds. Makes no sense.

    • truthseeker66 says:

      It was fantasy to think the cop he assaulted would testify. He did not charge for that. Pa fogen took care of it. No way will that incident rear its ugly head to help put fogen away. I could not beleive people on this blog expecte.d him to trstify

  88. LLMPapa says:

    In the words of the great Nez Perez Chief Joseph in 1877:

    “I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

    • diary73 says:

      I love you, LLMPapa.

    • MollyK says:

      I love you, too, LLMPapa.

    • abbyj1 says:

      LLMPapa, I know your heart is broken. Ours are too. Take great comfort in how valiantly you fought. This is but one faltering moment along the way, for Karma has yet to visit.

      I love you, too, as we all do.

    • elle says:

      It is exhausting, isn’t it Papa. Rest. No one fought harder than you.

    • You put up a great fight LLM Papa with your videos.
      Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    • operacarla says:

      I love you three LMMPapa

    • breelee says:

      LLMPapa, I can imagine how you feel, you who did so much for Trayvon and his family. I want to collapse from the time I’ve put in, and that’s nothing compared to all you’ve done. Your heart has to be so heavy. I don’t know if you do this for other cases or if this was your 1st, but we all admire the heck out of you. I hope you’re doing ok, you’re one of the 1st people I thought of after the shock. Take care and again, thank you.

    • Xena says:

      LLMPapa. Warriors get tired but don’t fool yourself because when the next cause arises to fight, they are there.

      Heard on HLN that Jordan Davis’ mom called her attorney after the verdict was read, and asked how this would effect the case against Michael Dunn. Her attorney, Phillips, said that Jordan didn’t touch a feather on Dunn so the case was different.

      Well, looking back at the Dooley case, it appears that Florida decides cases based on the color of skin rather than the letter of the law.

      IOWs, there is still work to do.

      • nocamo33 says:

        I never thought Dunn could walk until today, after this verdict. If the jury can ignore the facts and give Dunn the B of the D. He will get away with murder. Smart man, I guess. : (

        • Xena says:

          @nacoma33. When I first shared with some friends of my involvement in blogging for justice for Trayvon, I received the following reactions.

          The first was from a White, Jewish, male attorney friend who asked, “Didn’t he get out of his car and follow the kid? Then he cannot claim self-defense.”

          Another White, male attorney friend said as long as the jury was White, they would let GZ go free because that’s just the way they do things in Florida.

          Another was from several Black male friends who were born and raised in the South and immigrated to the North. They said GZ would get-off because it’s the South where any race other than Black can kill a Black man and go free, regardless of evidence.

          The first phone call I received last night when the verdict was read was from my White, Jewish, attorney friend. He was floored.

    • nocamo33 says:

      You are a passionate, compassionate warrior for justice. Thanks for what you have done. You gave Trayvon, his parents and all of us a voice with your vids.


    • Two sides to a story says:

      Oh, Papa. Keep fighting.

    • roderick2012 says:

      LLMPapa, you will fight another day because you CARE too much about others to stop fighting.

      I have tried so many times to disconnect from the case only to find myself lurking on this blog, posting comments on other blogs or reading some article about this case because I care about others especially people who have been mistreated, marginalized or demonized about the rest of society.

      You said that you would stop creating those excellent videos when the trial commenced but you couldn’t because you have a heart for others.

      God bless you because you’ll be ready for the next fight.

    • pat deadder says:

      LLMPAPA You worked so hard for Trayvon.You were our beaken in the storm,I can only imagine your despair.

  89. ladystclaire says:

    I wish Sybrina had NEVER said, “all we wanted was an arrest” because, that is all the state of Florida gave her and, IMO had no intention of giving her nothing more. please don’t get me wrong and, think I’m blaming her in any way for what this jury did, I’m not.

    I don’t think the prosecution never intended to get justice for this child or his family.

    • concernedczen says:

      I agree. But even if she had not said that, that’s all they were going to give her.

    • boyd says:

      well if that’s true BDLR, GUY, Mantie didn’t know about it. They play to win.

      this was bigger than them.

      • Brandy says:

        Yes, this was bigger than them. I don’t believe that they didn’t want Justice for Trayvon and his parents for one min. If true they put on one hell of a performance and should get an award, but seriously, I am not buying it that they were in on it!

        • nocamo33 says:

          Zimmerman’s dad, it seems, is much more powerful and influential than we all realize. Former military intelligence? Magistrate? Connected to Wolfinger at the State’s Attorney’s 18th district. We talk about his judge-ship as providing him with influence and clout, what about the following?

          “Robert Zimmerman Sr. was a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam in 1970, and was stationed at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, in 1975 with Gladys Mesa’s brother George. Zimmerman Sr. also served two tours in Korea, and spent the final 10 years of his 22-year military career in the Pentagon, working for the Department of Defense, a family member said.”

          DOD? SMH! C’mon folks. This goes up the chain! It has too, IMO.

          • amsterdam1234 says:

            Nobody gives a shit about GZ’s dad or GZ himself. This was systemic racism in action.

          • nocamo33 says:

            If that’s the case, then the Feds would/should step in. They may not, and if they do not, I am back to my theory.

          • amsterdam1234 says:

            Don’t forget, the one thing BdlR and Guy didn’t mention as an example of GZ trying to pretend he was one of the guys, was in getting a “good shoot” aka killing a AA teenager and calling it self-defense.
            The Sanford police didn’t need anyone to pressure them, they’d already made up their minds the moment they got to the scene.

      • Malisha says:

        Not so sure.
        If I were BDLR, I would have grilled Serino until he admitted that he had been told NOT TO DO ANYTHING that would result in Fogen getting charged. I would not have let him off that stand until he told the truth. He could have been forced to tell the truth, I believe that.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        They were all gutted.

  90. Big Willie says:

    I can’t stop crying! My heart is aching. I keep asking God why and how could this happen? This is much too painful! I can’t do this.

    • KA says:

      hear, hear

      I look at my Hispanic, Asian, and AA 11 yr old sons watching Star Wars surrounded in stuffed animals on the couch right now praying I could keep them there forever….realizing this world will be cruel to them and these days will pass soon.

      I feel helpless. I am sure Trayvon’s family, and all the other nonwhite families feel the same.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Perhaps because if Fogen had been convicted, there would be less shining light in dark corners. Now the light shining must begin in earnest. Fogen’s name will quickly be forgotten, but Trayvon’s will live on.

      She-bang. I was so, terribly, dreadfully wrong about that jury of women. I feel betrayed.

  91. riisey007 says:

    Zimmermans brother is already doing an interview and yet he says they worry about vigilantes but yet he is doing interviews like nothing. This family could care less that George killed this kid. I am sure they know what he did they are not stupid. GZ is problematic. I do hope that the same fate OJ suffered that karma comes around and finally gets him.

    • Sophia33 says:

      This family didn’t care for George that much and the feeling appeared to be mutual.

    • KA says:

      He is worried about a vigilante? Well that is interesting…

      • Jun says:

        People who do to others worry about the same treatment done back to them because they personally know it can happen to them

        I am not supporting it but realistically, anyone could shoot Robbie The Racist and Fogen, claim they were reasonably scared, use reasonable doubt, hire Omara to smear Robbie and Fogen’s history all over the media, and walk free

        And realistically, what Fogen did, anyone could do to anyone, and walk free

        That’s why Robbie and Fogen are afraid, because, it could happen to them and really, the state of Florida can do nothing

        Fogen set down the blueprint for murder and walking free

        Seriously look at the jury instructions and then think of all the things Omara stated

        The simple fact is the legal precedent has been set and methods, and really no one is safe in Florida

        In Florida, you are only safe if you have a gun and a vest, and shoot first

        Look at the SYG statute, even an aggressor can still claim self defense, as long as there is “reasonable fear”

        The only part of the SYG that makes it null is if the state proves the defendant was doing something unlawful or “committing a forcible felony”

        The only way i could see the state could have beat Fogen at the legal loophole was to first charge him with aggravated stalking with a firearm killing another person and then convict Fogen on that

        After Fogen is convicted, it would be established what he did was unlawful activity, and a forcible felony, therefore cancelling his SYG and self defense claim

        Then charge him with murder in the second degree due to a felony and a depraved mind

    • truthseeker66 says:

      Fogen kkklan will not suffer like oj. OJ commited crime against white. The white community shunned him. Fogen commited crime against black kid. White community will worship him. He will ww rite nyt bestseller. He is already a celeberty @ kapocheli gym.

    • LeaNder says:

      His father wrote that that the only way his son will be able to live in security is via an ABC deal, while on different pages he tells us that the race-baiters are only in it for the money. In other words that all Trayvon’s parents ever cared about was money. While his son the poor victim of course fully deserves a big share for his media trauma. I wish they at leat will loose that case.

      O’Mara told reporters that he will make sure that Fogen gets his immunity from civil accountability now. He is prepared to fight Crump tooth and nail it feels. And it seemed to be a hardly veiled warning. I wish a bunch of really good lawyers with a certain amount a basic ethics left gathered around Crump, Park & Jackson behind the scene in a perfect team work. I would like creepy swellheaded ass cracker O’Mara explode with a big bang and expand into nothingness.

      I couldn’t help but see a hardly suppressed grin on seniors face during Guy’s closing argument. O’Mara mirrored it more politely. Yes it is tragic when a kid dies, but it happens every day in accidents and from illness. And finally it was not his clients fault, he was himself the victim.

      Fogen told senior that West reminds him of his father, senior told us. A like-minded crew it feels.

  92. smokeegyrl says:

    Celebrities on twitter such as Chris Brown, Victoria Rowell, Shaq, Ice Cube, Van Jones, Gabrielle Union, Richard Dreyfuss, and etc… saying this Unexcusable… that Fogen should’ve been charged… I mean you should see the outcry of how wrong this is. check this out… The petition that I put up there… it’s not a fake… it’s real… read below. and there is a man who took a picture holding a gun… saying he is out to get Fogen… scaryyyyyy.. OMG…

    NewsBreaker @NewsBreaker
    BREAKING. NAACP head confirms to @CBSNews he’s been in touch w/ AG Holder about federal criminal charges in Zimmerman case – @CharlieKayeCBS

  93. Sophia33 says:

    Rally at Daley Plaza in Chicago tomorrow.

  94. diary73 says:

    I will repeat this link to EIETTO:


    I mean no disrespect, but it is important that anyone representing further action toward justice for Trayvon do so with a well-thought-out plan. It must speak with the dignity and grace represented by Trayvon’s parents.

    Your passion is evident; however, the wording of your petition may not represent exactly what others are thinking. In addition, anything expecting to be taken seriously needs to be written with correct sentence formation, paragraphing, and grammar.

    Respectfully speaking, please take your petition down and allow those more experienced with this sort of thing to do tis if needed. The NAACP as already begun a petition. We really do not need to compete with that effort.



  95. Sabrina B. says:

    The feds came into town to investigate and the governor scooped this up from SPD and gave it to the state’s attorneys. Now, we see why that was.

  96. boyd says:

    They wanted to use this trial to get back at Obama, There should be an investigation. Not 1 stealth Juror but 3-4-5. How many owned guns? It should hae been 0 gun owners on that jury.

  97. Sophia33 says:

    You know I was SOOOOOO hoping I would be wrong. And this blog gave me hope. I saw people from all races and different countries being supportive. We just have a long way to go.

    • cielo62 says:

      Sophia~ I think that’s why this hurts me so very much. I thought that we had progressed more than this. I’ve always been a bit of a Don Quixote, optimistic in people. But WOW was I wrong. So very wrong. I’ll look at my new batch of 2nd graders in late August and wonder if in 10 years some racist dick will shoot them down just because they can, and never be held accountable.


      • Sophia33 says:

        I know. But now all we are left with is peaceful protests and hope that the DOJ will do something.

      • amsterdam1234 says:

        I had hope. I was wrong. I think there should be a drive to have non AA people to join the NAACP. This is a human right’s issue.

    • Deborah Moore says:

      Yes. My mister said this is a reminder of how far we have to go.
      Oh, Sophia, may I offer a hug?
      I’m reminded of an argument I had with my father when I went to college and learned some stuff. He wasn’t happy with me when I told him that we are racist because we live in a racist nation.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Please take what I say in the tone of humble, respectful, suggestion:

      If ever there is a sacred call to us to continue to seek what is right, we heard it tonight.
      If ever we need to work together it is now.
      If ever people of different color need join hands in a sacred trust to pursue equality and justice it is now.

      We are strong if we stay together, white with black.
      Although I have never nor ever will have to face what people of color face…..your experience or your fears or your heartbreak, I think you can find some use for me.

      The one thing that I do know is that racists like to divide and conquer.

      I am at your service, my AA friends.

      You need to make the calls as to how to organize for the good. I offer my support in the form of constructive forward moving action

      I am ready and able to follow your suggestions.

      Trayvon is calling you to organize.

      • Deborah Moore says:

        Beautifully stated. Thank you.
        The struggle continues.

      • dianetrotter says:

        It is people like you that keep me from being bitter. Thank you for your compassion and commitment to justice for all.

        • cielo62 says:

          dianetrotter~ During the really ugly civil rights era, many white people supported equal rights, and THEY were murdered just as viciously as any black person was. Today, the fight continues, and still MANY white people support what is RIGHT, because it is RIGHT and not because of any such thing as skin color. Please don’t be bitter. The Civil Rights we enjoy as a country, while still imperfect, are improving. And those were NOT earned in just one fight, one court case, one march. This hopefully will be another watershed where we face this injustice face to face, arm in arm. Gird up for the long haul. I am determined to do just that.


      • amsterdam1234 says:

        I second everything you said.
        To all my AA friends on this blog and in other places you’ve been fighting for justice.

        I am at your service.

  98. Judy A Vallejos says:

    small group marching in san Francisco
    it is still early there….

  99. Frank Taaffe reported on Nancy Grace after the manslaughter question from the jury there was a 5-1 holdout on the jury for an acquittal. Nancy Grace questioned how did he know? Taaffe responded “shh”. I’d say it needs to be investigated.

    • boyd says:

      I knew it, they had it stocked with NRA types.

      It’s a state full of reptiles

    • KateW says:

      Exactly what I just said above. That is what someone said a few blogs back on the Leatherman siite that the CTH stated that 1 juror was holding up the verdict. So now racist Taffee says the same thing?

    • Sophia33 says:

      Yep. And I posted that from the CTH. When someone asked if the jurors were tweeting and texting, I said that couldn’t be. Then someone asked how CTH knew about it. I said they didn’t because I didn’t want to believe that they had some inside track. You are right this needs to be investigated.

      • KateW says:

        That was you Sophia? Sorry I remembered the post but I didn’t remember the name. You were on it! Who picked this jury?! This was the runaway jury that many people were afraid of, they already knew they had people on the inside up there. Some of those jurors probably lied and said they knew nothing about the case and were probably watching and made a judgement already. It would have been hard to find someone who didn’t hear about the case but I am sure they could have found someone.

        Like I said that jury should be ashamed of themselves. People keep saying the system worked. THEY SYSTEM DID NOT WORK when an unarmed child making his way home is gunned down and the killer is skipping is fat ass out the door!!! NO WAY! Our justice system is a complete and utter failure!!

      • riisey007 says:

        Frank Taaffe was on Nancy Grace bragging about having inside info and Nancy asked him how he knew anything. I guess he did and that is why Zimmerman looked so confident sitting there, he looked so different waiting on that verdict. He already knew.

      • cielo62 says:

        Sophia~ IF ANYBODY on the jury was texting or tweeting, THAT IS A MISTRIAL. It could get thrown out and retried for jury misconduct. I wonder if they have looked into that yet?? DAMN I wish I knew how to relate a message to BDLR!


    • riisey007 says:

      Yep I saw that too SouthernGirl2, Nancy didn’t believe it but there ya go!! Taaffe helped kill Martin he knows more than that, he is evil. They killed this kid and are probably having a drink and laughing. All of them including those jurors, the racist couple, the asian guy, Serino and Singleton, etc

    • dianetrotter says:

      I agree with you. He said something about one person had the manslaughter issue and everyone else was for acquittal. Feds need to check this out.

    • Malisha says:

      It won’t be.
      No investigations will be done of how or why any of the crimes (after the killing of Trayvon Martin) were committed.

      • You’re right. I want to share what this person wrote:

        A system cannot fail a people it was not designed to protect.

        • Malisha says:

          Right. Remember the song “I got plenty a’ nuthin'” from Porgy & Bess? The law is the system designed to protect the guy with the lock on his door. Who is that guy? He is Fogen; he is not Fogen’s victim. Fogen’s victim is not allowed to lock his door.

  100. Sophia33 says:

  101. Woow! says:

    George Zimmerma was set free to protect SPD.

    This is a travesty. I can not believe they are giving that man a gun again.

  102. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    No blood on the concrete.

  103. Jasmine says:

    Found this quote on Twitter “A system can’t fail those it was never built to protect.” so there is the explanation for it all.

    • towerflower says:

      Another quote I saw on FB:

      “Only in America can a black child be put on trial for their own murder.”

      Sad, how sad.

    • Malisha says:

      Exactly. Our courts do exactly what they mean to do. They do not fail. They “fail to live up to” the fake stories that are promulgated about what they are really going to do. They do not treat real facts as facts; they do not take the law into account but twist it to get the results they want. nobody is ever held accountable. This is not a society based upon accountability; never has been; never will be. Disgusting.

  104. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Those five mothers have to live with their verdict. They did not care about or feel that a black child walking along minding his own business had any rights. Those women had their mind made up before they gave the verdict. They only prolonged giving that verdict to make it look like they were going over the evidence carefully. To them Travyon was a menacing thug, a dangerous black male.

    Zimmerman will become rich and live the life of Riley.

  105. bettykath says:

    I really want to know how the jury got to not guilty.

    I still think there would have been a different outcome if the state had not played any of fogen’s statements and forced him to testify. So I disagree with their basic strategy.

    They needed an expert to do a crime scene analysis showing how the debris started at the south and moved toward the T. They didn’t mention how Trayvon’s shirts were pulled down at the time of the gunshot. It was their case to lose and they did.

  106. willisnewton says:

    America will someday miss the civility it tried to enjoy.

  107. towerflower says:

    The only comfort I can find right now is knowing that I doubt fogen will ever know any peace. He will live a life of paranoia. Just like when he was hiding out with Osterman and was outside when AA neighbors of Osterman pulled up in a car and he fled back into Osterman’s home afraid that he had been found.

    I see him leaving Florida and fleeing back to the VA/MD area again, to which I say good riddance, since he has tainted Florida enough. Better yet, maybe he’ll leave the country. I also hope that he never prevails in any lawsuit and eventually the donations will stop flowing in and he’ll have to face life straight in the face. I would like to think that he would realize that he was the cause of all this but he doesn’t know the meaning of feelings for another, only himself.

    I would like to thank the Professor, Xena, LLMPapa, Trent, and many others that I have come to know thru their blogs, videos, and comments. Maybe one day we will have the pleasure of meeting one another.

    • abbyj1 says:

      towerflower, Amen.

      • @abbyj1:

        How are you my friend? This is “Beverly” from HP. We traveled this road from day one and to think this is where it ends? NO it does not end here!! I couldn’t sleep yesterday and I was in utter shock, and despair at this verdict! I thought of Morph and I know he is crying in heaven. No, we will continue to fight for justice through the feds! Fogen WILL NOT get away with killing TM! I am enraged and outraged by the despicable behavior of this jury, the state for not introducing all of the evidence and not fighting hard enough, and to certain members of the SPD and the State’s Attorney for their corruptedness and their cover up in this case! These agencies need to be investigated!!

    • Rachael says:


    • Malisha says:

      Nah. He wasn’t really scared. He did all that to drum up support for the poor white guy who was being martyred by the pBa-lack mob.

    • Xena says:

      @towerflower. Thank you. The battle for justice is not over.

  108. Rachael says:

    Fucken refuse shit:

    “As if my love of Don West wasn’t deep enough I just heard a reporter on Channel 13 say that after the verdict when the cameras were off the prosecution walked over to the defense table… Guy shook hands with MoM and stuck his hand to West- West kept his hands at his side and shook his head ‘no’. Amen to dat! They deserve no respect.”

    Thank goodness I have a lot of work to do tonight or I’d be going to bed with anger and hatred in my heart.

    Dear Trayvon,

    I say again, this wasn’t what we wanted, wasn’t what we expected, but we won’t give up. Please, rest in peace now angel. We will take it from here.

  109. KateW says:

    I don’t care what people say…THAT JURY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. Shameful day for justice in this country. Absolutely abhorrent given the evidence that was there. Someone said the CTH said there was one member who was holding up the jury. If this is true then that means those people came in with their minds made up, were out there tweeting or texting someone who was feeding information to that racist pack of wolves, and they were probably harassing the last juror to change their mind. This is one of the worst judgements in the history of the US when a grown man can hunt down a child and murder them in cold blood, and this country, says it’s ok to murder a child. May none of us ever have to face something like this and world tell you your child’s death was justified.

    Absolutely worst case of injustice I have ever seen. Evidence was overwhelming…overwhelming as to the guilt of this man.. Overwhelming.

    • Rachael says:

      They have no idea what went on in there. They are a bunch of blathering racist idiots who were sure that it was going to go the other way. So don’t listen to what they have to say. They should be totally ashamed of themselves, thugifying a child and saying the horrible things they did about Tracy and Sabrina. But justice will be had. It isn’t always found in a courthouse.

    • willisnewton says:

      Yhose people at CTH know LESS than nothing about what went on inside that jury room. Unless of course they have an inside line.

      • KateW says:

        Well someone had posted that earlier on Leatherman blog that they were told one juror was holding up everything. Why would they say that unless someone in that room was texting out information.

  110. chi1224 says:

    I just can’t look at any place but here right now, I just can’t….. I

    • breelee says:

      Me either Chi, and I don’t think I will.. ever. I couldn’t stomach them cheering and the “I told you so’s”. I just know we’ll hear:”They over charged him”. I call BULL on that because they also had manslaughter as a choice.

      I’m so glad we all were able to come here. One place I posted had a retired female cop that put the treehouse to shame, so I thank all of you and our gracious hosts. I will sign anything anyone here comes up with that’ll help. On my way now to sign EIETTO’s. Good night all.

    • Deborah Moore says:

      I’m so upset, I replied to you but forgot to hit Post Comment.
      I tried to read a book, but I can’t concentrate.
      You are not alone.

  111. Sophia33 says:

    To add insult to injury Fogen will get the gun back that used to murder a child. This is sickening.

    • Carmen says:

      People like Mr. Softy always get caught in the end. He has always been able to subvert justice his entire life. Mark my words, he will slip up again and this time he will receive his due.

      • Lonnie Starr says:

        Who knows, he may get in a fight with Omar over fees. Wouldn’t that be “a kick in the head” so to speak? To hear him whine that Omar and West made him fear a lethal attack?

      • Christopher Charles says:

        I am in total agreement with your comment: “People…always get caught in the end… he will slip up… and this time he will receive his due.”

  112. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    I just started the petition at CHANGE.ORG please sign it. Justice for Trayvon bring Zimmerman up on Hate Crime charges and violations of Trayvons civil rights. Pass it on. Here is the link if there is something else I need to do with the sight let me know. This is my first time doing a petition…


  113. diary73 says:

    Instructions to jurors concerning self defense MUST include some kind of language about the rights of the victim! No consideration was ever given to Trayvon’s right to stand his ground! How can this happen???????

  114. PEACEFUL RALLY FOR TRAYVON SUNDAY in New York. 2pm. Union Square, Manhattan. 14th/Broadway. Bring signs, your voices. @VibeMagazine

  115. willisnewton says:

    WESH spoke to Sanford CIty Manager Bonaparte just now. DId anyone catch the whole thing? The later questions were worthless.

  116. Judy75201 says:

    I am angry as hell about this. How the fuck did this happen? Please tell me it wasn’t “reasonable doubt” because I will lose my freakin’ mind if you do. WHAT WAS IT?? HOW???

    • Sophia33 says:


      These women could not go back to their community and have convicted George Zimmerman.

      • Judy75201 says:

        Bullshit. Sorry. But yes, they could. I can’t take this.

        • Sophia33 says:

          But they likely didn’t think that they could. It’s the South.

          • Judy75201 says:

            I was born and raised in Texas. I am white. I would have had no problem bringing a guilty charge. This is not OK. I wish Fred would address my question.

      • aussie says:

        If they feared that, they could have said so during jury selection, and been excused.

        And let someone with a bit of courage take their place.

      • Christopher Charles says:

        I think you have hit the nail on the head: “These women could not go back to their community and have convicted George Zimmerman.”

    • breelee says:

      I can answer that. They had heard all the vicious rumors put out by the duhfense team, fogen’s family, his friends, news media and racist posters. Stories like Trayvon video taped his friends beating up a homeless guy. smdh They LIED to be chosen for jury duty.

      All of them but maybe one, went in Knowing how they’d vote. I will never believe different, never! FL. has to shut down that sunshine law. Judges in high profile cases need to put out gag orders. Trayvon’s murder wasn’t tried in court, it was tried on tv and the internet. The “evidence” wasn’t what was presented in court, it was the lies and fake photos passed around since last year. I don’t even believe the boo-boo pictures are real.

      They ruined a murdered, normal teenagers reputation to get this win. They will continue to do the same to his family for sport. They are evil, hateful and racist. They won, but at what cost? I also wonder why fogen was so important to them. I 1st thought it was all about the NRA and guns, but it must go deeper. Why would they fight so hard and give their hard earned money, to a man with a criminal past? I’ve asked myself that every stinking day. He is no poster boy for any cause.

      Like others have stated, I’ve never seen anything like this. I never thought I could be shocked more than Casey getting off, but this one tops that by a zillion miles. What made so many people risk their jobs, reputations and possibly even their lives, for this one scummy man? I’d love to know. Is he cute, smart, full of charisma? NO, so what is it? Trayvon isn’t the 1st black child killed, and no murderer has ever gotten this type of support.

      Something is very scary about all of this. 6 women, 5 with children, let a child killer go free. White old men gave tons of money to a brown man with a horrid past. This world has turned upside down, imo.

  117. breelee says:

    I want to apologize to the nice people here who live in FL., we know you’re not like the ones we describe. On the last thread one complained, and I feel bad for you. I’d also hate to be grouped in with fogen and his supporters. Please know we mean you and yours no harm. We’re basically doing to you, what is done to AA’s, and for that I’m sorry. {{{hugs}}}

    • towerflower says:

      hugs back 🙂

    • Yorazigo says:

      I already answered your apology, but will again. I understand your frustration and why you expressed it, believe me. Don’t stress over it, please. I’m a transplant here to FL from Boston area, and I’ve followed the Casey Anthony trial and now this one. It boggles my mind the verdicts that were rendered, especially this one – overwhelming evidence that GZ MURDERED Trayvon in cold blood and he walks free!

      The city where I was born, raised, and lived most of my life was a melting pot of ethnic & racial differences — white (Italian, Polish, French, Irish, Jewish), AA, Africans (mainly Nigerians), Haitians, West Indies, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Croatians, and others. Not to say there were never problems, but certainly the racial and ethnic mindset was very different there. And the gun laws were very different – certainly no great NRA influence!

      I am saddened, my heart hurts, and I feel angry that a blatant murderer can be set free and not be held accountable.

      • aussie says:

        It’s the melting pot that makes the difference. All the more recent arrivals may be white to look at. But they are not anti-black, because they’re not from the culture that resented/feared the freeing of the slaves. Some that you mentioned may have had historic hatred of some of the others.

        But in a new land that soon disappears, as they find they have more in common with each other than with the locals (especially in that they’re discriminate against as newcomers who “speak funny”).

        Also Boston is in the north, never had slavery, always had a more benign view of blacks.

  118. Sophia33 says:

    This is a message from Father Pfleger below. What people don’t know about Father Pfleger is that he is beloved in Chicago. When people as about gun violence in Chicago. Tell them that Father Pfleger had been addressing it LONG BEFORE it made national news. He adopted 3 young black men. One died due to gun violence.

    This is what he had to say:

    The verdict is in and the Justice system in my mind has failed AGAIN. That is why I asked people to pray, because I have seen far to often this Justice system fail….WE MUST NOT RESPOND IN VIOLENCE OF ANY FORM!!!!! But we must let our anger, frustration and disappointment known……I will seek to offer some form of response. Perhaps civil disobedience but PEACEFUL, NONVIOLENT RESPONSE so that we can express our frustration tomorrow at the 11:15 SERVICE PLEASE LET’S PRAY TONIGHT FOR GUIDANCE…….

  119. riisey007 says:

    RIP Trayvon Martin. You did everything you could to save your life but sadly you were killed, no one believed that you would be the one who stood his ground, this law never applied to you. You were not bothering anyone when you became a suspect to a man who decided that you were up to no good. This man tonight walks free because he silenced your voice as a witness. We all know that you were in fear for your life, you ran away but then you were forced to fight for your life. You died not knowing what it was that you did wrong. But I do know that GOD has wiped your tears away and that to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD and there is no better place to be than safe in his arms. My heart goes out to the Martin family, I really pray that they find peace and that they are able to rebuild their lives and move forward without their child in body knowing that he is always there in spirit When his mother feels that slight brush across her face or when she hears a laugh in the distance she will know that it is her son saying Mom I am alright now. There is nothing that anyone can say to make this woman’s heart lighter, she is a mother and she is bonded to her child. As we sit and cry, scream and try to make sense of this, we have a duty to inform our children of things that will keep them alive and have a discussion with them that we should not be having in 2013. I wish the Martins peace, and please let’s not make this all about us because we can’t possibly feel what they feel at this moment for their son.

    I don’t think I can cry any harder. I have a headache.

    • breelee says:

      Riisey, I had to skim it fast to keep from crying harder, but that is beautiful. I know each and everyone of us would live to hug Tracy, Sybrina and Jahvaris. We all wish we could do the impossible and make them feel better. They lost their son and now lost any justice. My biggest fear now, is that they’ll continue to have their baby boy trashed. I don’t know how they manage to hang in there, such strong souls. Why should anyone be forced to take this, its too much. Bless them and thank you for posting this.

  120. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    THE ONLY POWER PEOPLE HAVE IS BOYCOTTING! Boycott FOX NEWS< MSMSNBC, and CNN. Anybody whom denigrated Trayvon Martin. CAN THEM! Disney also…

  121. I bet he dumps his wife and hooks up with some fan girl.

    • Not Angela Lansbury says:

      Wonder if the state still plans to prosecute ShelLIE. That decision will tell us everything about their intentions in this case. IIRC, it took Judge Lester’s umbrage about her lies to push them into charging her in the first place.

    • Malisha says:

      Probably Jeralyn. Ooooh she’s just trembling with unspeakable joy right now; the temple of her body is ripe with delight!

  122. Shari/pensive says:

    Casey Anthony is free and living life. Don’t comfort yourself with the hope that GZ will suffer. Hannity and his ilk will donate him money and find him a job.

    And the beat goes on…

    • boyd says:

      He will suffer and be lonely, Too many people hate him and his family.

      they never feel safe, or accepted, their new friends will be the Himmler’s, Gorings of the world.

      • Shari/pensive says:

        Will you people stop! This country wasn’t made for black people so I suppose the system didn’t really fail! Zimmerman will be fine. Stop deluding yourself. He has LOTS of people who love what he did. Some of those conservative nuts gave Zimmermen their disability checks. That’s how powerful racism is. Trayvon died in pain with tears in his eyes, begging for his life.


        His girlfriend?
        The woman he threw across the room?
        His cousin?
        All the black men he followed?

        Will someone stand up and speak of his depravity????

        I’m really done. Goodnight.

      • cielo62 says:

        boyd~ It reminde me of Lizzie Borden. She was acquitted yet shunned the rest of her life. gz was a loser before the murder, he’s a loser now, and will ALWAYS be a loser. NO job, NO education, NO more money gravy train after this. He’ll be on food stamps inside of 6 months. Don’t forget, there’s still a federal investigation as well as a civil suit.


    • Girlp says:

      Casey Anthony has lawsuits againt her and just lost one she has to pay $25,000 on that one she will never be able to have anything in her life any gains will be taken from her by others.

    • towerflower says:

      Casey has been a parasite living off an unknown benefactor. That will continue for only so long before they get fed up with it.

  123. RobUK says:

    So now, any racists who get the urge to murder a nigger, know just how to go about it.

    Find an unarmed kid

    Hunt him down

    Confront him

    Start a physical altercation

    Let him hit you a few times in self-defense

    Produce your weapon

    Blow him away

    Get your wife to put big plasters on your little scratches

    Claim self defense

    Get off scot-free

  124. My Forehead Tho says:

  125. Wanna says:

    Parents of all race are now going to have to have “the talk” with their teenagers. No one is safe with Forgen on the loose. Be on the look out no one knows where he may show up.

  126. Leslie says:

    I can imagine that Trayvon, like most of us dreamed of being famous one day. It is painful that his fame has come after his death. We have to keep going for him. I am not an attorney, but to those of you who are, what else, if anything, can we as likeminded people organize and do?

  127. sadlyyes says:

    rent a car there
    get a hotel there
    buy gas there
    eat a meal there
    go fishing,golfing there
    bring your kids there
    go on a honeymoon there
    go on a cruise boat there
    now really g,nite

  128. My Forehead Tho says:

  129. boyd says:

    I won’t ever watch MOM,West again, same with all the poundits rooting for his not guilty. You can tell me what they say, I can’t stomach it.

    My florida boycott starts now.

    I’m telling you that Jury was rigged in some way. NRA was in the house.

  130. My Forehead Tho says:

  131. MichelleO says:

    I only just recognized that this news is still sitting in my stomach and hasn’t traveled to my head yet. I’m afraid that if I unclench my stomach, that I will start screaming. Back to searching for some good streaming movies on Netflix.

  132. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    I have been writing but I just click the reload button so that it won’t post.


  133. Lynn says:

    I read this on twitter and it speaks volumes.
    “To all those mothers on the jury: I hope George Zimmerman never encounters your child in a dark alley at night.”
    To think this man will be armed and roaming the streets again should have every mother in Seminole County worried. No matter what race you are.

    It’s a sad time but I will not look only to the sadness. I will look forward to Karma…cause it’s a bitch.

    If the Martins file a civil suit, I feel we could do our part by setting up a meeting with the Professor, LLMPapa and Attorney Crump. 🙂 You talk about a Dream Team. Love to everyone on here who let me pick their brain over the last year.

    • Christopher Charles says:

      There is man’s just us and there is Divine Justice. fogen is GUILTY of violating a Universal Law: Thou Shall Not Kill. Before it’s over, fogen will wish he had been sentenced to prison. He’s in the hands of Karma now and she’s a B#tch. No doubt we will soon read about fogen’s untimely dispatch to some other place. He’s doomed.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I’d rather have him penniless, struggling, miserable, and sweating bullets every day and having nightmares that he’s being chased by a creepy-azz cracker every night for sixty years.

        Either that or that he gets honest about what he did, spends the next sixty years in meditation and becomes a spiritual master.

  134. Leroy Eugene Hudson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9A-gp8mrdw I guess I’m racist because there are things that are obvious to me that has been rejected by the media, the jury, and even the prosecution.

    It’s obvious to me that he hopped out of his car and chased a kid who was running from him at 2:06 on GZ’s NEN call, its obvious to me he said “these fucking coons” while chasing him at 2:21 and then admitted to chasing him,

    its obvious to me at 2:41 the wind died down because that’s when he stopped running and he racked his weapon and the round got stuck on the feed ramp which explains the tapping,

    its obvious to me that GZ didn’t want to give his home address out at 3:33 because he knew this kid was hiding from him in the immediate area,

    its obvious to me at 3:47 that GZ didn’t tell the dispatcher where he was because he didn’t want the police to catch him looking for this kid with his gun out because that is against the law so he wants them to call him.

  135. Sophia33 says:

    Now if Michael Steele can say this…YOU KNOW this is wrong.

  136. Mike says:

    Just not enough evidence to get em. This stinks.

  137. Jun says:


    If anyone shoots Fogen and claims self defense, Omara would be the shooter’s lawyer and then he’d smear Fogen’s history all over the media and the shooter would get off

    obviously hypothetical but that’s Florida

    • MichelleO says:

      A white guy would have to do it, because a black person most likely would not even survive such an incident to make it to the jail cell (ala Christopher Dorner).

      • Jun says:

        I personally think it would work that way

        Someone chased down a person and stabbed the person to death with a knife and got off with self defense

        That’s just Florida for you

        • Two sides to a story says:

          But that guy who got off was killed accidentally in a street shooting in Miami two years later. Almost instant karma.

  138. We have to change the gun laws.

    Maybe the white ladies were afraid of their communities rejecting them.

    Or maybe they’re just ignorant.

    I’m also stunned that a friend of my (deceased) mom’s posted on her FB that this was the right verdict. She’s a progressive feminist. I was tempted to unfriend her, but instead just posted that Trayvon’s death was NOT God’s Will.

    I’m white, but….ugh. White people are so clueless. They live in a bubble. They have no idea…and they don’t care.

    Tonight, I am African American. I identify with you all, and I want to be with you. Your culture is richer; your community closer.

    • elizarose says:

      I’ m white a female Floridian beieve it was the right verdict on the evidence and deeply believe the guns law need to change . Unlike cluelsss Corey We need to address the ability of anyone at any time to be armed.

    • boyd says:

      their biggest income comes from tourism,old people, and Hispancis running run their corrot countries..

      a drop in tourism becasue they’re gun crazy could work

      • Two sides to a story says:

        Arizona was boycotted after SB1070 and it did hurt the state’s economy. In fact, I still boycott AZ.

  139. willisnewton says:

    in the words of Joe Hill

    • MichelleO says:

      THANK YOU!

    • amsterdam1234 says:

      Exactly Willis,
      Organize to get them where it hurts. Clean up racist, and nepotist police departments and DA’s offices. Get the SYG laws repealed, get rid of the war on drugs, which is code for war on people of color, get stricter gun laws, stop the millitarization of the police.
      This should not be a fight between races, this should be a fight between people who oppose systemic racism and people who support it.

      Let’s get an international action going, asking people to boycot Florida as a vacation destination.

  140. Leslie says:

    Professor..can we start a petition to the feds for justice in their investigation? We all need to keep fighting for Trayvon.

  141. sadlyyes says:

    tell you one thing BDLR…in closing he said UNFORTUNATELY 20x
    no Bernie fortune had nothing to do with it…BAD intentions did…sheesh!,and the judge sukkd in my mind,the murder 3 child abuse should have been in there.

  142. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Everyone go sign the NAACP petition. They are pursuing justice through the DOJ.

    Stop supporting anything in Florida….

  143. Wanna says:

    I’m a long time lurker here, now I have to speak out. This hurts so bad I can’t cry or even be mad. I grieve for the family. I grieve young AA males. But there is a larger issue, I grieve for the integrity of our judicial system. Can the court allow MOM and West to do anything they damn well please and mostly rule in the Defense favor? Can an outstanding prosecutor deliver a first year law student closing? Since when did the police side with the defendant? When do the media as a whole trash a murdered child? The answer is when the victim is just collateral damage. Pray for our ‘justice’ system because forgen will reap what he has sown.

    Thank you Professor and Crane for being so gracious and I feel I must contribute to this site to make sure this righteous voice is not silenced.

  144. Shari/pensive says:

    They didn’t even find him guilty of manslaughter? So they believed Trayvon bashed Z’s head in? Really???

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      And GZ got out of his vehicle. Blazing with a gun. Sabina twitter and Javaris twitter comments. Check it out it is on local television I was told.

      They feel betrayed.

      • i don’t blame them.

        This is a racist country. Always has been.

        “All men are created equal,” said the slave owners.

        • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

          I remembered a case where a Caucasian man hung and African American teenage and the state did nothing. Later the DOJ brought hate crimes and civil violations awarding the mother of the teenager the land belonging to the KKK.



          • amsterdam1234 says:

            Please include the link to the NAACP petition, when you are asking people to sign yours. Some people may not notice there are more petition drives, if you just post yours, you may take away signatures from big petition drives.
            I don’t mind your individual efforts, as long as they don’t undermine the NAACP efforts.


          • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

            Amsterdam1234 – why would I try to undermine anyone. I am a citizen showing my support for the Martin family. That is such and negative and evil accusation. I signed my NAACP petition as soon as it reached my email.

            People are so evil on this site tonight. I supported everybody since March 2012, and these new faces act just like GZ. If I’m not mistaking their site is listed at the top of Change.org. I don’t have a problem posting their site here. I already sign it.

            Many need to change their mindset it is evil thinking when people who support the Martin family Can only help by creating other avenues. Change your way of thinking. I will find the link . It was posted earlier by man on anther blog.

            Excuse my writing on ipad and have minimum understand about using it.

      • Shari/pensive says:

        This man is a molester and an assaulter of women. He has now graduated to murder. He is emboldened and will continue.

      • Malisha says:

        Well they are not wrong; they have been betrayed.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          We have all been betrayed. Even the folks at the Treestump have been betrayed and betrayed themselves.

    • Girlp says:

      They will probably say they felt he might be guilty but the State did not have enough evidence for murder.

    • Xena says:

      At least one member of the jury believed that GZ committed manslaughter. Taaffe said when that question was presented that it meant the other 5 wanted not guilty. I suppose he identified them and threatened to publicly post their personal information and ruin their good reputations unless they voted the way he wanted.

  145. Xena says:

    “If there is no struggle, there is no progress” and that “power concedes nothing without a challenge. It never did and it never will.”
    Frederick Douglas

    • Eric says:

      Exactly Xena, that’s why I said at your site that’s why blacks should after whites the same way they come after us.

      • boyd says:

        this guy is a troll. treehouse in the house

        • Eric says:

          No Boyd, I’m not a troll. I’m just a black dude who’s had enough of whites and your wickedness. Blacks cannot even run from whites and be the considered the innocent. You seem to be offended by comments. What would you have me do? Post corny videos and send out prayers? Go to hell!

          • anita says:

            get a grip. eric. not all of us white people are that way. you’re not making any friends here. i sware, i’m furious & disgusted, too.

          • cielo62 says:

            Eric~ You can be angry without being ignorant, rude or disrespectful. WHY take your anger out on the white folks IN THIS BLOG? It’s OBVIOUS we are here for the same reason you are. UNLESS your reason is to cause trouble. In which case, you are certainly a troll.


          • Malisha says:

            I don’t see Eric as a troll. Eric, I have the same rage feelings, and my Black friends have even greater rage feelings than I have, I believe (although I cannot imagine any that are greater). I think it’s just a matter of how sensitive people are now that we are feeling so bad and so shocked.

          • cielo62 says:

            Malisha~ Having rage is fine. I feel it too. Scared the dickens out of everybody here with my screaming outrage. BUT eric is 100% WRONG to abuse all the white people who have SUPPORTED efforts for real justice. He is WRONG to beat up the folks HERE who have stuck through this for many many months. Eric is a troll to do nothing but anger the people on here.


        • Not Angela Lansbury says:

          Yes he is. There is no such thing as a self-identified “black dude”.

          • Eric says:

            What should I say? AA male, black male ? Black guy? Did you conduct a poll of black men to see how we label ourselves? You are an idiot

      • truthseeker66 says:

        TThe FBI said fogen not racist. Just over zealous. Fogen slated. In Sept we get to watch Michael dumb skate as well.

        • bettykath says:

          The FBI never issued a report. They released a few witness statements that said he was not, but that’s all they released. No report.

      • RobUK says:

        Don’t forget they are keeping records of everything you do and say on the internet forever now, on their supercomputer in Utah.

        • fauxmccoy says:

          not to mention it’s insulting to our host here and every one of us white folks who signed petitions, attended rallies and have fought for justice.

        • Two sides to a story says:

          You know where they can stick that supercomputer! : /

      • your AA imitation is pathetic…maybe you should throw in an occasional “homie?”


        • Eric says:

          My imitation? Is it really so difficult for you to believe that some blacks despise you and are fed up?

          • You sound like a CTH trying to spark a riot.

          • cielo62 says:

            edruminations~ True. Sparking trouble, being rude and just being an overall jerk to people already in pain on this blog. If he wants to get angry, he should scream at the crackers over at the treehouse.



          • truthseeker66 says:

            Then u need to go to another site. The owner of this blog is a white man.

          • aussie says:

            Eric you are an IDIOT. And RACIST.

            You are abusing white people just for being white.

            Look at thew FACTS: the million white people who signed the petition. The thousands of white people fighting for justice for Trayvon.

            If you ignore that and say all white people are bad, you are being just as racist as those who say all black people are thugs.

            You are entitled to be fed up with injustice. You are NOT entitled to abuse others who are just as fed up, jest because of their skin colour. Because that makes you PART OF THE PROBLEM.

            Go away and sleep on it and come back prepared to look at reality, and don’t bite the hands of those reaching to help you.

      • truthseeker66 says:

        That will play into their plans if mass incarceration and genocide of black race.

      • Xena says:

        @Eric. If you’re talking about violence, I do not and cannot support violence. I don’t know the answer — am still searching.

      • pat deadder says:

        Eric never lower yourself to their standards.

      • camanokat says:

        Eric, many of us supporting the Martin’s are white. I am. It upsets me that a despicable piece of crap like fogen can go out and kill a kid with impunity. It’s disgusting…but don’t paint all of us with the same brush. That’s exactly what fogen did.

  146. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Everyone go sign the NAACP petition. They are pursuing justice through the DOJ.

    Stop supporting anything in Florida….

  147. boyd says:

    I hope one day an investigative reporter can research how those Jurors got on that Jury. Most of us (Including myself thought race) well How about the NRA folks? Recall the IT guy just fired, willing to leap off a building for Fogen , Maybe the NRA types were so determined to get Fogen off they made sure their type people recevied many of the Jury summons.

    From memory I recall 1-2 CCW holders. I know of none myself.
    and several that owned weapons. Again most people I know do not own a weapon.

    For crying out loud maybe they can datamine for potential Jurors, like Obama did me for the election.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      From memory I recall 1-2 CCW holders. I know of none myself.
      and several that owned weapons. Again most people I know do not own a weapon.

      that would probably be a relatively good cross section of that particular community and florida at large.

      for the record, 2-3 of these jurors either had guns or were familiar with them. 1 had once had a CCW permit, but had let it expire.

  148. Judy A Vallejos says:

    I am not angry
    I am broken
    No Justice No Peace
    Hoodies Up!!!!

  149. willisnewton says:

    Deeply saddened by the verdict of course but also quite sad to hear Angela Corey’s comments after. She seemed smug and un-phazed.

    • boyd says:

      that was the usual BS you have to say. When that John Guy made what I thought was a plea at the end of his rebuttal , I thought something was not right. I think the jury was rigged with NRA lovers.

      • pat deadder says:

        I thought it strange when JN was so rude to Rachael.I understood her perfectly.And the fact the state did not want the evidence to come in that Trayvon stopped at the other complex to get out of the rain.He wasn’t under a mail kiosk there.I don’t understand.

    • Sleuth says:

      ~ willisnewton, I feel yaI My entire household was shocked by the verdict as well as Angela Corey’s responses to the media.

      When we turned the tv volume down, one of my grandchildren ask, “If Trayvon didn’t win, then why is that lady smiling and acting so happy? Despite the outcome, they still want to hold the party they planned in honor of Trayvon’s memory.

      I know this sounds like sour grapes, but I’m sure hoping they find some type of jury misconduct.

      • anita says:

        cause it’s . her fucking job. i don’t want to blame her. there was 1 juror for mans. i think b29. they wore her down, like a dog. my hus. was right, when they 1st had the question. he knows a whole bunch of racist trash. he hates it, but he’s usually right.

    • fauxmccoy says:

      corey was in total politician mode and forgettable.
      mantei was the man!

    • truthseeker66 says:

      She is a politician…

    • Malisha says:

      Never liked Corey. She was the one appointed to do this job, however, and she did what she intended to do. Since they are the only game in town we could not have done more than we did do. I personally did things that were ignored and not used, many of us did extraordinary work — the timelines, the analyses, all the things that would have made this case different. We cannot turn the ship around, but that does not mean that we did not put forth every effort, and none of us should go un-congratulated for the efforts we made. It was not our fault they were not successful. We didn’t know the field we were playing in, how corrupt, what was hidden, what (SERINO SERINO SERINO) was fixed. Since we couldn’t become the prosecutors and run the case ourselves, there is nothing more we could have done.

      The Fulton-Martins are to be congratulated and thanked and offered condolences and pledges of continued support. Professor Leatherman is to be congratulated and thanked and offered condolences and pledges of continued and renewed support.

  150. Rachael says:

    Dear Trayvon,

    Though this is not the outcome we wanted, it is not over. You and your family are still in our hearts and always will be and we will never give up until all or our children can be safe and free. Justice will be done, sweet Trayvon. It always is. And I promise you, your death was not in vain.

  151. Brandy says:

    The Zimmermans will become more wealthy now, probably leave the state and maybe country and they will never be held accountable in a wrongful death suit! They have alot of racist people with money and the back up plan is and has been in the works! So unfair! I am so disappointed in our judicial system and am starting to think it is rigged esp in Florida!

  152. Sophia33 says:

    During Obama’s first term, black people always got upset with Obama for not getting involved in cases like this. I submit that our President is much wiser than what people give him credit for. Once he said that “Trayvon Martin could be his son” the conservatives had to support Fogen.

    • RobUK says:

      Conservatives would’ve supported fogen even if Obama hadn’t made that comment, because fogen lived out their number one fantasy – hunting down and shooting a black person dead.

      • Sophia33 says:


      • Malisha says:

        I agree. I think Fogen was impotent and shooting Trayvon Martin made him feel like a real man for a minute or two there. Now he’s got his mojo back because other limp-****s like him are worshipping HIM for giving them back their right to kill. The wave of violence this is going to set off in this country is not Black riots against police, but white impotent half-men like Fogen trying to put notches on their “other guns.”

  153. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    My relative just called me and said the Hispanic community is shooting bullets. They are sick…. “a–holes”

    • boyd says:

      I’m not buying that I just spoke to a spanish couple 30 minutes ago, They’re shocked. People are shocked where I am, that’s white, spanish,black

      • Girlp says:

        My understanding was that most Latino’s did not stand with George, he denied that part of himself even though he’s 81% Hispanic he never identified as Hispanic until he got in trouble.

      • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

        Well she is interracial and lives directly across from them. They are partying like hell. She was extremely upset over the verdict and I heard the shots in the back ground… She informed me they were celebrating the verdict. My suggestion to her don’t go outside….

        She lives in Southern, Florida. The state that allows the murder of children caring skittles and ice tea.

    • Carmen says:

      Zimmerman tried everything to dissociate himself from the latino community. He also does not like mexicans. Read his my space post.

  154. RobUK says:

    Post-racial America.

    I feel sick to my stomach.

  155. chi1224 says:


    I can’t, I just can’t . I love you all. I can’t do this.

    • elle says:

      We love you too, Chi. Get some sleep. Well, try to get some sleep.

    • anita says:

      love ya’ chi. go rest

    • Malisha says:

      Chi, you are entitled to your rage. I hear you. I appreciate you. Please protect your health.

    • amsterdam1234 says:

      Channel your rage to that which needs to change; the systemic racism in this country. Don’t waste your anger and energy at what happened at the end of this “judicial process”. All energy should be going to an investigation of the SPD, Trayvon’s civil right’s violation, self-defense laws, gun laws.
      Let’s honor Trayvon by getting some meaning full change pushed through, with his name attached to it, so his name will live forever, and other black kids lives will be saved.
      Don’t get consumed by your anger, redirect it.

      • chi1224 says:

        Thank you for this post and your words. I wish I had the words to adequately express how badly I needed them and how it gave some comfort to my soul. I want this hurt to pass, for me for Trayvon’s family, for everyone here and I am afraid it never will… but you are right. In the coming days I will find a way to redirect. I have to. I will NOT let Trayvon’s death be in vain. A boy I never met has touched my life forever.
        Thank you amsterdam, I am grateful for you and your words.

        • amsterdam1234 says:

          We are just beginning Chi. The NAACP site keeps crashing, because it can’t handle the number of visitors it is getting.

  156. Jun says:

    I also feel in a high profile case in Florida, you also have to fight it out in the court of public opinion…

    Corey could not, but Crump could have

    I dont agree with it, but it worked in this case, and seems to be a necessary evil in Florida now

    • Sophia33 says:

      Crump couldn’t have fought it in the court of public opinion during the trial because he was a witness and bared from doing so. That is why the defense team did what they did.

  157. endlessummer76 says:

    Omara on the news stating that Florida law makes Fogen immune from civil suits. Does anyone know if he’s just BS’ing or if this is true?