Welcome to liveblogging day 9 Zimmerman trial (afternoon session)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Good afternoon:

Court will resume this afternoon at 1 pm EDT.

Here’s the link to the livestream coverage.



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1,573 Responses to Welcome to liveblogging day 9 Zimmerman trial (afternoon session)

  1. willisnewton says:

    This thread is getting very long and about to get longer. I hope the prof is okay and puts up several new ones today. Mobile devices and Word Press don’t get along after 200 comments with links embedded.

  2. KateW says:

    I asked before,but does anyone know the ruling on being able to bring up George’s past given OMara opening up the potential with the “hothead” comment to Ms. Liar, I mean Lauer?

    • willisnewton says:

      isn’t it obvious? There wasn’t a ruling allowing the state to bring in character issues. There MAY be a jury instruction to disregard that comment. The defense pushed the envelop but never brought in actual character testimony. The fight gym owner spoke only to his physical fitness and proficiency with what he practiced 4-6 hours a week for months on end. No one believed him, trust me. The cross was redundant, the guy’s clearly biased and full of baloney.

  3. LiveByTheGulf says:

    I would like to know how much time passed between the end of the last scream for help and the gunshot? When fogen had the gun pointed at Travon’s chest, there would be no need for fogen to scream because Travon would soon be dead. And going back in time, why would fogen scream when he had control of the gun and was bringing it into position?
    Also, did anyone ask fogen’s uncle if he had spoken with George before the TV telecast of the scream. I find it strange that the Uncle wouldn’t know of fogen’s encounter before the scream was played on tv.

  4. kllypyn says:

    A family that perjures together stays together.

    • riisey007 says:

      Amen to that!! I wonder why the defense did not bring up any of Zimmermans Caucasian relatives on the fathers side or at least the father.

  5. O’Mara sort of glossed over that little thang where he and his client skipped that immunity hearing, especially in the face of such an immensely strong self-defense case that O’Mara claimed again today.

    I am not buying an ounce of his ‘stories change all the time so these aren’t lies’ bullshit. The truth just is. It does not change like that, no matter how much O’Mara wants it to.

    So, as it sands, Zimmerman is between a rock and a hard place: truly Hobson’s choice type of deal. Will be interesting to see what they do.

  6. tharealkeisha says:

    I cannot tell the screams of my 3 daughters but I know it’s one of them

  7. Michael Stewart says:

    Family reunion.

    I assume the Z-clan is off to dine together for the first time in 10 years. How’d you like to be a fly on the wall of that McDonald’s ?

    Time to put George on the stand.

  8. KA says:

    There is also a very different style to cross…long winded and disorganized West…snippy and assuming O’Mara, and then short and concise State attorneys.

    I suspect the jurors would see the differences in tactics and get used to them and what information needs to be extracted.

    It seems that BLDR knows the defense does not have a lot of witnesses to call and that their “supporting evidence” was all addressed in the State’s case, so there is very limited things they can do. I suspect that is why he left the “tying together” for the closing…surely not wanting to give away their strategy of “sec by sec” and giving the Defense very limited material to work from.

    Women, I think a little more than typically men” remember “impressions” (think feelings) better after being presented a “case” (anything convoluted and tells a tale) and the impression that the defendant lied and is claiming self defense is strong in their impressions of all the rest of the case.

    I said before “there is nothing like a mom to ferret out a lie in a situation, no matter HOW GOOD it may seem superficially”. They now know clearly and indisputably that GZ lied on national TV. They have inferences of inconsistencies in other testimony…

    Hopefully some of them are as adverse to anything that Hannity ever covers on his show says as I am…and then LIES directly with a convincing smile to a “friendly” interview…

    This was not under pressure, this was deliberate.That much is obvious.

    • KA says:

      …and I cannot type while multi-tasking…please feel free to fill in the intended words….

      • boyd says:

        When I listened to the full Hannity interview. I was shocked that Hannity asked some good questions.

        • blushedbrown says:

          yes he did

        • KA says:

          I am not sure I agree. I believe Hannity believes him innocent and believes what he had said to him, so he was softballing questions based on that understanding. I think he was naturally inclined to believe him because 1) GZ reached out to him and 2) Pres Obama commented on the case and SH wanted him to look like a biased liar “trumping for thugs”.

          I think his motive was not “great journalism” but giving GZ the chance to “explain” the situation to help him out and assist SH in his neverending criticism of the president.

          Little did he know, GZ was lying to him the whole time and SH’s efforts to “clear things up” destroyed Gzs credibility in court. The lie was not “happenstance” or “pressured”, it was done with a believable, comforting smile and ease in answering.

          That has got to make anyone wonder about anything he says. If I watched that interview and knew nothing of the case, I would have believed him (well, at least at that part). That could be a case for why the police believed him. He was at ease in lying. That is clear in that interview.

          So, maybe the defense words will come back to haunt them….”either he is a pathological liar, or he is telling the truth?”

          (FYI – pathological liars are GOOD at lying without detection of anything alternative…they do not act like the rest of us and show discomfort or stress at lying…)

      • Trained Observer says:

        Yes, yes, yes … especially on the impressions.

        When inundated with so much extraneous nonsense, I think jurors do a good job of filtering to key points. Trayvon had candy. Fogen had a gun. Trayvon yaked with a friend. Fogen stirred up trouble calling cops. Could go on all day (like that not nearly forgotten dismissed alternate) but these women won’t forget the high points because Bernie, Guy, and Mathei won’t let them.

  9. Judy75201 says:

    Earlier it was mentioned that fogen was crying? Do you remember when so I can search for a vid? THX.

    • Sabrina B. says:

      I think his eyes were red during uncle’s lies.

    • breelee says:

      Judy, when his Uncle is on the stand he gets teary, sooooo fake.

      • KA says:

        I do not think it helps. He is teary over the family, which shows he is not too medicated or in “shock” to feel something…

        …yet completely flat emotionally during very disturbing photos, videos, the “screams for help”…

        If he was in mortal danger, he would tear up at the memory. He shows no emotion except for his uncle?

        We can only assume nothing else reaches the appropriate thresh hold of tears…

        • elle says:

          Exactly what I was thinking. He feels sorry for himself. No one else, even with a gaping hole in their heart.

        • riisey007 says:

          Yeah and he seemed very annoyed with having to look at Trayvons brother on the stand. He almost looked like he could kill the brother. Zimmerman is really psychotic. I would love to know what his therapist has his her notes about this fool.

        • Malisha says:

          A normal person, hearing the scream tape (which Fogen has now heard about a dozen times) would cry every single time, not just if the scream came from his own throat, but NO MATTER WHO screamed.

      • type1juve says:

        He’s teary eyed because now the world knows he’s NOT WHITE!
        His mom and uncle are darker than I am and I’m a black woman.

    • My Forehead Tho says:

    • Judy75201 says:

      Thanks to you both!

  10. boyd says:

    I never believed Zimmerman would testify.

    MOM “I don’t know if he will testify” is telling. like you don;t know yet

    MOM knows Bernie will have a field day.

  11. ay2z says:

    Watch, each and every Z witness will take the oath with ‘So help me God’. That’s making the point of the role of a version of ‘god’ in the defense.

  12. Sabrina B. says:

    First thing that fewl does is run to TV cameras. I will be glad when fogen is in jail.

  13. whonoze says:

    MOM will be trying to bring in dirt on TM: “previous fighting and things like that…”

    • Woow! says:

      If he does that can the state bring in CAC’s dirt?

    • Rachael says:

      Yeah, but there is more and worse previous things about GZ if he does that.

    • KA says:

      I thought it was excluded by an order from JN.

      I think she will lose patience (again) with the defense if they do that.

      BTW…even if found not guilty (which I do not think there is a chance of)….Trayvon’s parents will sue for wrongful death and win. There is an open and shut case of stating that if GZ had not pursued or followed, this would have not happened. Trayvon’s only interest is going to the store and coming home to watch a game. There is no awning piece in the bushes 5 days later that can dispute that or even offer a counter to that. The family will get more awarded (but not collected, of course) than in the OJ trial because Trayvon was young, headed for college, and had a dream of a life with supportive parents and family. The value on his life is high (not high enough of course) and GZ will never make a dime without handing it over to the Martins.

      This is why the HOA settled.

  14. mrsdoubtfire says:

    Im thinking after the lady ME testiifed about Z’s “insignificant” injuries Z is gonna have to take the stand Im hoping this was always the State’s strategy and Mr Mantei is gonna bring it home in closing. He really impressed me today.

  15. breelee says:

    I will officially give up Guy and just keep my cutie Mantei. Amazing job!

    The mom lied, big shock. The aunt didn’t even tell ol’ Unc his nephews story was on tv? Really? I have to admit I got my 1st big laugh today. When Bernie asked if it was coincidental and he almost flew out of the chair, NO, I was just on my computer and I heard the screaming!!! I know he didn’t understand, just like he listed his sisters kids as his siblings, but I thought both were a hoot.

    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      The uncle’s lie is so obvious, until you couldn’t help but laugh. And the mom and her theatrics made me wish I had a violin. Trayvon came from good stock, but George came from a lying stock

  16. willisnewton says:

    MOM presser

    Crump not deposed yet.

    Both moms have to live with their reality that it is her son screaming and I’m okay with that

    Bao is right to have notes with him

    Of course no answer on whether GZ will testify or not.

    • Woow! says:

      Crump’s deposition is limited to specific subject matter. Why is MOM wasting this man’s time. There is nothing Crump can tell him that is going to help his client.

  17. riisey007 says:

    I am watching O’mara trying to come off s sincere. Why is it that he is giving press conferences like this?

  18. My Forehead Tho says:

  19. whonoze says:

    MOM just said in his presser that he’s enjoying himself.

  20. blushedbrown says:


    here ya go….

  21. bellesouth says:

    I think it is so rude that this guy is appealing to the media.

  22. MedicineBear says:

    When will the duh-fense have Taafe on to testify that’s exactly how fogen screams when he mounts him?

  23. boyd says:

    thee uncle and mom really want to believe it’s GZ. the screams stopped after the shot…

    Was George excitable as the screams 30 seconds after the shot? No he was calm. Hello!

    • PerfectlyImperfect says:

      His voice wasn’t even hoarse later. When I have screamed like that (My friend was shot in the butt in front of me when I was 16), I was hoarse and crying non-stop. Her injuries weren’t life threatening, but I was an emotional wreck after watching that happen. I didn’t even go to school for a few days.

      GZ, however, goes to get a doctors note to return to work. Normal vitals. He doesn’t appear to be distraught at all. It seems as though killing someone is an every day occurrence in his world.

    • You all have thoughtful comments says:

      Is this the uncle who let gz off with an “I’m sorry” at the restaurant when they arranged to meet with him to apologize for molesting his daughter W9.

      I was astounded that that was all that gz said.

      • boyd says:

        idk if that’s the one

      • KA says:

        So, if it the one…he is screwed.

        As law enforcement (as well as other officials), he would be a mandatory reporter of allegations of abuse, even of his own children.

        I have often wondered that of GZ Sr. I think he is considered a retired member and would also qualify for mandatory reporting. I think his mom also worked for the court. They would also be mandatory reporters of alleged abuse.

  24. Fred is preparing a summary post/open thread so folks can share thoughts, strategy concerns/issues or unwind with music, clips, take,…

    It is a pleasure to read through today’s afternoon thread and see the gratitude expressed, after that motion was denied. ,

    • ay2z says:

      I had a phone call incoming, and thought the jury would take a couple minutes to come in, and the call was short, but not short enough as motion denied must have been quick.

      • It was essentially a one-sentence denial the moment O’Mara shut his mouth.

        The Court had reviewed all of the case law and materials, heard the arguments and the State has a case, so, denied: Bring the jury, how do you do and thank you.

  25. bellesouth says:

    MOM on HLN!? He should start preparing for trial because he is losing. Doesn’t he have someone he needs to depose? Does the judge shield herself from this?

  26. willisnewton says:

    WESH talking head claims Defense will call a pathologist who wrote the book on gunshot wounds that Bao referenced.

  27. mrsdoubtfire says:

    Am I right in saying the State never played Z’s re-enacting his cries for help. Has that been entered in evidence?

    • whonoze says:

      They did not play it, and it has not been entered into evidence.


    • ks says:

      Is that kind of voice stress id stuff admissible? IIRC, it’s not.

      • fauxmccoy says:

        no, not that. george made a recording of an example of him yelling for help at the same location, picked up on jenna’s phone and going through 911 to mimic the same conditions. if you have not heard it, it’s a must. BAD theater.

      • mrsdoubtfire says:

        You could be right. Though this was not subect to voice stress.

  28. willisnewton says:

    Jury said to have taken a lot of notes as the ME testified. Juror E6 said to cringe at photos of TM in death. ( source: blond e talking head on WESH. )

  29. willisnewton says:

    Dr. Bao: “in this world only one person knows… “

    • whonoze says:

      Many things are possible, but what that one person says…..

    • vickie s. votaw says:

      Did you hear what he said when he tried to describe the autopsy that changed his mind, he said & this person really did shoot in sd, west just stood there. I sure hope it got in the testimony for the jury to see. Dr. Bao did not like the defense.

  30. KA says:

    I think he is not lying. I think it was a story that he told “on the side” to a Zimmerman family member (ie I was at the computer one day and I could ID his voice”) and suddenly it became this heart stopping evidence.

    I would have asked him his thoughts about why the voice stopped at the gunshot.

    (ie he would have had to state that his dear nephew knew he was dead and the threat was over…contradicting GZ’s testimony)

    I think BLDR is not as devious and deceptive as the defense team and therefore is not very skilled at creating bullcrap testimony.

    I suspect BLDR really does not care who testifies about GZs voice, because it is punctuated by the gunshot which is irrefutable and very compelling circumstantial evidence.

    • My thoughts, especially the last paragraph.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      I think he’s also smart enough to not offend the jury by over-grilling family members.

      • KA says:

        Agreed. He ended both with “but you have never heard him make that noise, right?”

        So, if the Defense calls Tracy, he surely has a reason to believe it was Trayvon…they had a tragedy with a burn unit a few years before. I am sure Trayvon (in saving Tracy’s life) was crying in fear. I suspect that MOM will not want the jury to know that incident. It conflicts with “thug”.

  31. MedicineBear says:

    Oh, O’Smarma, you’re not gonna like what those female jurors’ spidey sense is telling them!

  32. Two sides to a story says:

    Well, court is in recess, but I’m back to the grindstone. See ya’ll later! With any luck, perhaps the defense will rest quicker than the prosecution did.

    • MedicineBear says:

      The duh-fense is in a huddle right now trying to figure out who else they got — hey George any more family members (that you haven’t molested)?

  33. amsterdam1234 says:

    My tribute to Mantei

  34. DruDo says:

    Didn’t uncle say he heard a voice on tv without knowing what it was even about and said “OH, that’s Georgie!!!”. And I got a bridge I wanna sell ya…..

    • Sabrina B. says:

      Any news reporter is going to introduce the screams. There is no way his ears did not perk up at the mention of Fogen’s name. He is full of it.

      • He is full of horse ish.

        • ay2z says:

          yeah, the call was out, and guess who was at his computer as well, with headphones on, sr z. Power of suggestion this call was coming out, and it, remember, was allegedly a police ‘leak’ for their own purposes to support decision not to charge.

          Can you imagine this uncle not chatting with bro in law? And supporting his sister’s son? BTW, what screams was he talking about, the ‘help help’ thing? Or the life threatening screams? Or both?

          • You all have thoughtful comments says:

            His brother-in-law who he has been buddies with since army days.

        • Malisha says:

          His saying he didn’t even know they were talking about Fogen when he heard the scream and thought, “That’s George!” is equivalent to Fogen saying up until he felt Trayvon’s hand on his chest after the wardrobe fail, he had forgotten he had his gun with him.

          Yeah, just tell us ANYTHING.

    • Trained Observer says:

      I have some Everglades swampland … could we barter?

      • DruDo says:

        Sorry to reply so late, but was out trying to sell that bridge. Will trade ya for the swampland and two bits.

    • Tee says:

      I can’t believe that they would put on the dark skin LE uncle that magically can id GZ voice. Wow, I love all of my nieces but their is no way I know their screams hell, I got to make sure I’m talking to the right one when I call their home.

  35. trina cosbie says:

    The fact that they started their defense with the mother & uncle, tells me they have NO defense!!

    • whonoze says:

      Oh, they’ll have lots more. They just wanted to get the counterpoint to Sybrina into the jury’s heads before Sybrina’s emotion got locked into their minds.

    • My Forehead Tho says:

      Yeah it is very telling..

    • Tzar says:

      they may rest on Monday LMAO

      • Sabrina B. says:

        I hope so but I doubt it. They are in celebrity mode so, they will drag it out. The sooner fogen goes to jail the better.

      • Romaine says:

        I thought about that TZAR, O’imaliar kind of hinted at that in his acquittal BS

    • type1juve says:

      That’s my impression too, or they just didn’t plan on calling any witnesses today.

      • Trained Observer says:

        I think Defense truly thought JN might mull arguments over the weekend and call a recess. Instead, she laid the bad news on ’em quick, and then started the rat-a-tat-tat “call your next witness” drill.

        Best part: Fogan and fam now denied opportunity to bask in false hope until Monday.

    • Unabogie says:

      It was rather odd. You’d think their first witness would be someone else who saw something, or a witness to bolster his story. They must really fear the scream right now.

    • MedicineBear says:

      They still have all the outhousers to testify that they are each 110% – 5000% sure that it is fogen screaming.

      • Two sides to a story says:

        The Fogen blogosphere is a bit quiet but wondering how the state managed to move the case forward. They’re still backing their personal facts.

    • ay2z says:

      If you look at the local station headline (wftv), you can see why they started with gladys Z. Headlines of the case, defendants mom says her son’s voice.

      That wipes out the early headline about Sybrina saying the same. Good move by the defense, wipe out the testimony by replacing it at end of day, and start of weekend.

      BTW, anyone notice in MOM’s response argument on his motion to dismiss where he clearly said, about the statements in the Hannity interview, “…. not what WE said”. Am sure he said ‘We’ clearly, and that’s true, he was with his client, and obviously had a hand in structuring the interview, as well as overseeing edits and vetting/suggesting questions.

  36. PerfectlyImperfect says:

    Apparently the jurors took notes when Sybrina Martin testified, but they did not when Gladys Zimmerman testified. That is interesting.

  37. whonoze says:

    So now we have to wait through the Defense’s case, and their closing, to see how well, if at all, Bernie (or Guy or Mantei) can put all the pieces together.

    This must be some kind of life lesson, but I don’t know what…

  38. KateW says:

    As Mantei says, the screams stop abruptly when the shot is fired. The Martins were not sure if it was their son initially because they have probably never heard him scream like that, but his man expects people to believe, off the bat without knowing what was going on, that just hearing the screams it was his nephew. Talk about colored testimony.

    • PerfectlyImperfect says:

      I think the jury may have already decided this to be the case since no one took notes when Gladys Zimmerman testified. JMO.

    • Two sides to a story says:

      That’s telling, isn’t it. The Zimmermans would be far more convincing if they had a little doubt.

  39. PerfectlyImperfect says:

    I find out it odd that Gladys Zimmerman said GZ’s voice sounded sorrowful when she was identifying his voice for the screams. She went on to add fear, but I thought sorrowful was a very odd way to describe the screams period.

  40. smokeegyrl says:

    I bet they are discussing… “Are you going to waste the court’s time by bringing all of Fogen’s relatives in by saying that is Fogen’s voice screaming in the back ground because the state could’ve done the same thing.

  41. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  42. Tzar says:

    I like how he acted out typing on the computer
    it made him seem more real in a hip hop kind of way

    • crazy1946 says:

      He was on the George Zimmerman Defense site when he heard the scream? Wonder how much he donated?

  43. Court is in recess (with sequestered jury) until 9AM Monday.

  44. Woow! says:

    How much you want to bet MOM is arguing for more time to prepare his case?

  45. Ty Flair says:

    You could not write a script for this,the whole family is out of there dam mind. I bet the uncle study those ten lines forever.

    • willisnewton says:

      He studied Jack Nicholson’s performance in A FEW GOOD MEN. You know, where he’s defensive and lying and keeps falling back on his rank and how he knows better than anyone else when it’s important to lie and how it’s excused because he’s better than anyone else…

      “you want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” (as he lies)

  46. whonoze says:

    Uncle’s not lying. He may well have convinced himself unconsciously that he IDed George’s voice without any influence. But I know that voice of immigrant pride in achievement when he was talking about his honesty. You don’t fake that.

  47. riisey007 says:

    So he didn’t know anything about the case but yet all of a sudden there was a scream out of the clear blue sky and it struck your heart and since you are a law enforcement officer you have cat like senses and knew it was not only a family member but it was his dear nephew. I would have asked this question. I am sorry I love my nephew but there is no way I would know out of the blue that he was screaming and crying unless he was right in my house. He says he knew off the bat. That is just stupid and bias as hell. These people will do anything to keep Zimmerman out of jail it is just ridiculous.

    • tashatexas77048 says:

      It’s as if the State is ignoring their witnesses like “gitcho slimy ass up off that seat lying and claiming the screams of a dead kid belong to the killer.”

      I imagine BDLR is looking at the jurors and picking up the same vibe from them, thus the lackluster cross.

      • Romaine says:

        I think BDLR is sensitive to effect / affect of the screams on the fam and the jurors so he shows empathy to the court…we can barely take the hurt in that 911 call, so one must understand the pain and anguish of the entire audience…yet I may be wrong

    • riisey007 says:

      I didn’t include my question in the statement oops. I was typing too fast. I would have asked why it is that he assumed he would have been involved in the case? it seems because he is involved in law enforcement he seems to think that he is of relevance. I have no clue as to why O’mara did not call Zimmermans father. Why his uncle, is it because he has those credentials!!

      • DruDo says:

        Maybe he didn’t call Z’s daddy because he was afraid Bernie would ask him if he wrote a book saying everyone on earth is a racist except Georgie poo.

  48. type1juve says:

    I sure hope the jury figures out that they are totally unprepared.

  49. DruDo says:

    Wonder how much the uncle got for his testimony.

  50. tashatexas77048 says:

    BDLR could have followed up and said “you just said you knew you would be sitting where you are one day, correct?” “How did you know that if you were sure it was George screaming?”

  51. chi1224 says:

    Got his recess… DAMN!

    • ks says:

      True but, imo, that’s okay because they were forced to put on a case and from the looks of it at the start, it appears disorganized and weak.

    • Woow! says:

      It is after 5 pm and it is time to end the day on a good note.

      I asked a few posts ago, who can MOM put on the stand other than family. Will anyone get up there and say they saw TM beating CAC and put themselves in a position to be accused of perjury (Jenna, Jon, and John).

      What expert is going to say it was his voice? What doctor is going to say TM was talking after getting shot in through the heart?

      The defense should just rest and not waste the courts time and the citizens money on a shame of a defense. The jurors has been there long enough.

  52. mrsdoubtfire says:

    And the Oscar goes to…………..

  53. anita says:

    They’re both lying. They all know it was NOT fogen screaming. How stupid do they think people are? especially the uncle, it’s an insult.

  54. willisnewton says:

    MOM started both relatives off with “now, you wouldn’t LIE would you?” essentially. Pretty weak.

  55. Puck says:

    Yes, out of all the voices in the world, he knows in an instant (while doing something else) that what he’s hearing on TV is GZ. Right.

    • sighhhhh says:

      Then, he says “what are you watching?” rather than something about GZ, even though he was sure it was GZ. Sure.

    • chi1224 says:

      Exactly! I was literally laughing at his testimony! It was so ridiculous and staged!!

    • My Forehead Tho says:

      Right. Let’s not forget that Fogen couldn’t even mimic the screams when he tried, so how did the uncle know?

  56. chi1224 says:

    I wonder if they have another witness ready? I think rat face is a little shocked he didn’t run the clock

  57. Unabogie says:

    So wait, he kept himself disconnected from the base because he would one day be a witness? How could he possibly have thought he’d be a witness in this case before his miraculous recognition of his nephew?

  58. type1juve says:

    Uncle was trying a little too hard to be convincing. Lying ass!

  59. Trained Observer says:

    MOM seems to be running low on witnesses …. πŸ™‚

  60. gbrbsb says:

    But he did say “I don’t know when this moment could arise” and that he wanted to be able to come to court “clean”, so to speak… muy previsor, si seΓ±or!

  61. KA says:

    I would have asked…

    “when was the last time you had seen George?”

    We know they were all estranged prior.

    Or, “so the last time you heard him playing with your sons he was child…maybe a teen?”

    • willisnewton says:

      You mean, “the last time he was molesting your daughter…”

      • Thrace says:

        I’m 99% sure he’s not her father. It’s the other brother that he mentioned who is W9’s father. That brother is in the insurance biz and retired military too. Also looks a lot like Jorge. Believe George got interested in the insurance biz at one time due to the other Uncle (w9’s dad).

  62. Sabrina B. says:

    Who’s next She lie?

  63. Woow! says:

    Let me guess, he has no more witnesses.

  64. jodiwankanobi says:

    bet he wants to get that last bit struck from the record

  65. whonoze says:

    Bernie’s cross didn’t help. Shut up and sit down, Bernie.

  66. jodiwankanobi says:

    oops did uncle just fuck up

  67. smokeegyrl says:

    He seen his Nephew’s name on TV ..give me a break.

  68. Woow! says:

    Did that fool MOM just say I know it was leading?

  69. fauxmccoy says:

    oh, command sgt major …. stated for the second time. wtf????

  70. bunny620 says:

    You would not color your testimony to favor your nephew? Naaahhhh! What a dumb question. Uncle is lying and O’Mara knows it.

  71. Trained Observer says:

    This is so cozy: A final family reunion here on the stand and over the weekend before Fogen goes off to the slammer. Last time Uncle sees him without being separated by bars.

  72. Tzar says:

    why is he yelling at the jury?

  73. chi1224 says:

    “That is George what are you watching” lmao!
    Sorry nobody believes that shit, and I mean NOBODY

  74. whonoze says:

    The uncle is more credible than Gladys.

  75. Ms.X says:

    Gee, I wonder if this uncle tried to pull any strings to get gz off, out of jail, released the night of the murder, consulted in any way?

  76. Romaine says:

    ask which scream specifically

  77. DruDo says:

    Ethics? The Zimmerman family members? ROFL!

  78. smokeegyrl says:

    Break it down Bernie..

  79. riisey007 says:

    Uncle getting hostile. Go off please go off uncle …ha ha

  80. Sabrina B. says:

    Why is he yelling?

  81. Woow! says:

    Aggressive little booger

  82. Sleuth says:

    Unc is just a little too dramatic for me. His brother Miguel is a real biatche.

  83. boyd says:

    This guy was in the military 27 years.

    I’m too believe he knows THIS 28 year old nephew’s scream.

    sure buddy


  84. Two sides to a story says:

    Hmm. So there were other LE connections in the family. The plot thickens.

  85. deetruth says:

    Overdoing it Uncle.

  86. chi1224 says:

    It’s so obvious Bernie should just say– no further questions. Force the next witness

  87. All of George’s kinfolks on to embellish and own the gunshot-cut screams, I take it. Yeah. They all get to be around, to talk it over.

  88. MedicineBear says:

    fogen finally gets emotional — because his family didn’t deny him.

  89. chi1224 says:

    SIT DOWN RAT FACE…. your witness sucks, he is an obvious liar

  90. Trained Observer says:

    This isn’t the father of the cousin who alleges Fogen molestation, is it?

  91. bunny620 says:

    Why object if you have no legal basis!? LOL!!!

  92. looolooo says:

    Insanity runs deeeeeep in the Meza family! Is this guy a CLOWN or what?!

  93. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:

    He is crying because that acquittal got denied

  94. Romaine says:

    the help not the howl….at the end of the call most likely when fatass was mocking Trayvon

  95. whonoze says:

    Where is that damn voice exemplar of GZ screaming help?

  96. Nellie Nell says:

    This entire family has robotic tendencies. They are good for telling lies. It’s all such an act.

  97. bettykath says:

    Jorge = George

  98. My Forehead Tho says:

    Was is this the father of the girl Fogen molested for a decade or is that another uncle?

  99. smokeegyrl says:

    OH now Fogen gets emotional… oh please… stop acting…

  100. V says:


  101. crazy1946 says:

    Is this the best they can do, bring in the family of the murder to vouch for him. They know it was him, on acounta they know, yeah right….

    • Nellie Nell says:

      This family is disgusting. Why in the world would your try to protect this disgrace to your family who has never achieved anything. They are so bad at lying.

  102. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    This must not be the father of W9

  103. Rachael says:

    Oh effn BS!!!!~

  104. bunny620 says:

    Uncle is full of sh*t!

  105. jodiwankanobi says:

    oh God it runs in the family….over explanation perhaps

  106. gbrbsb says:

    Gosh… he’s doing better than even GZ’s mum !

  107. MrSykes says:

    This fool is lying through his teeth.

  108. Sabrina B. says:

    George’s scream but he has to ask what she is watching?

  109. chi1224 says:

    omg, this guy is laughable…. hahaha

  110. Ms.X says:

    Too bad the jury can’t know how gz doesn’t really get along w his mother or parents, and the low down dirty thing he did to her & the family. I wonder if this is the uncle whose daughter was molested? That would be effed up if so.

  111. Trained Observer says:

    Spare us the family tree, if you please.

  112. Sabrina B. says:

    yeah right. and nothing leading to the scream?

  113. Woow! says:

    So MOM’s plan is to call the entire Zim family to say what a good boy that CAC is.

    I am a black woman and both Gladys and her brother are darker than me. I guess I’m white too since my great grandmother was white and my grandmother was 1/2…teeheee

    • Ms.X says:

      Yes, hes very Indian looking (as in indigenous to the americas). I can’t believe how they are lying like dogs. I might do the same for one of my relatives. How do you know what you would do until you get to the bridge?

  114. smokeegyrl says:

    Well, looks like she blew that one for George. She never heard George screams like that.

  115. KittySP says:

    Why does GZ not seem happy about his true ‘ethnicity’ being paraded on national TV.

  116. Nate B says:

    Is he going to play the 911 tape for fogens entire family?

  117. sparger says:

    The uncle, useless witness.

  118. tharealkeisha says:

    Now the connections are making sense

  119. bellesouth says:

    Uncle in the LE? Doesn’t help Zzzzzzz.

  120. Romaine says:

    I see those big ass disfigured heads run in the family

  121. Ms.X says:

    How do you think mama fogen’s testimony played? Did it serve the purpose of muddyig the waters? They are all good liars, huh?

  122. riisey007 says:

    Bingo jackpot mama said she has never heard him scream like that before but that is him because she is his mother. Ummmm no maam, you have to be sure and that young voice is not George’s

  123. Romaine says:

    oooh the other inside connection

  124. gbrbsb says:

    So is this is a matter of how many for each side !

    • Malisha says:

      No. This is a matter for whom the jury believes.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Was British sarcasm, Malisha, said tongue in cheek.. I was referring to what looked like turning into O’Mara’s beauty parade of family experts !

      • gbrbsb says:

        Malisha, sorry to trouble but my for some unknown reason my ip address is apparently being flagged up as spam by the spam guard so for the past two days any comments I make unless replying to a blogger’s reply to me on the notifications page they do not register on the page.

        According to WP the owner of the blog has to approve (accept) at least one of my comments in the spam box and I will be free. It worked on Xena’s so she knows what to do. Xena, Faux, Cielo I think they’ve all emailed the professor to no avail.

        You may not get this and it may not work either but I am posting to as many as bloggers I can because if you all reply to any of the professor’s or Cranes’s posts with my plight I could be vocal again.

  125. ladystclaire says:

    Why in the hell would a 28 year old man with a loaded gun be screaming for help? this woman knows that this is not her son screaming for help. although Fogen can be heard in the background mocking Trayvon.

  126. chi1224 says:

    Who is this?

  127. whonoze says:

    That damn Jeremy Weinberg knows what happened. He has no reason to withhold if he knew the guy who lived was screaming. I wish someone could decode what he says to Jenna in that “he told me…” remark.

  128. gbrbsb says:

    The anguish is NOT GZ’s because he was just calling out for help… why didn’t the State ask her what the voice she recognised was saying ?

  129. Romaine says:

    wtf BERNIE>>>>>GTFOOH

  130. Oh Wow, Gladys!


    Because he is my son


    I have never heard him before.

  131. Sleuth says:

    Anybody ever notice that the last “Help” heard just before the gunshot seems to be more distant than the earlier ones? IOW, seems as though Trayvon was moving away.

    And I still contend, I also heard him say “Momma”.

  132. chi1224 says:


  133. Woow! says:

    Let me jump back from my computer screen before the lightening that strikes her jump through the screen and hit me.

  134. jodiwankanobi says:

    gotta feel for her though, can’t be nice for a mother in this situation.

  135. Tzar says:

    What the fuck is she talking about?
    ha ha ha

  136. MedicineBear says:

    fogen looks relieved the way his mother answered — he wasn’t sure she would.

  137. MrSykes says:

    Ohhh BS…BS!!!

  138. Romaine says:

    how can he get in on the fucking crosss…wtffffff

  139. My Forehead Tho says:

    Is she crying? I hate to be inconsiderate but she seems like she’s acting.

    Might be my bias speaking, but I know BS when I see it

    • Sleuth says:

      I’m with you My Forehead Tho. That’s a darn shame. They took this kid’s life, now their attempting to steal his voice too.

    • MedicineBear says:

      She’s crying because she knows she just sold her soul by lying about another mother’s child.

      • Trained Observer says:

        If she’s a believer, then may the devil get her for that!

        • Sleuth says:

          I don’t know, but as she sat there on the witness stand, I had this very strong feeling that she wanted to just tell JN and the Fulton/Martin family that she was very sorry for the pain her family has caused, and say, “Your honor, that is not the voice of my son”.

          Of course she never spoke those words, but something tells me she wanted to.

      • Malisha says:

        Naw. She doesn’t cry when she does dirt. She cries when she doesn’t get her way. Just like her spawn.

  140. willisnewton says:

    “because he’s my son” ( not a direct answer.)

  141. Tzar says:

    are you certain of that?
    because he is my son

  142. gbrbsb says:

    Aha… that was why MOM was trying to show that Trayvon was not always with Sybrina… she couldn’t know Trayvon’s voice as well as Gladys could because she was an absent mom.

  143. Sabrina B. says:

    First question by the prosecutor should be “You’re used to getting your son out of trouble aren’t you?”

  144. smokeegyrl says:

    I’ll wait til Bernie cross examines her

  145. Woow! says:

    Biotch please she knows damn well that is not her that CAC she raised (b/c she sure as hell didn’t rear any children) like an animal.

  146. willisnewton says:

    now’s your chance to get back at him gladys!

  147. V says:

    Bernie should ask who’s voice is it that’s cursing while on phone with non emergency.

  148. chi1224 says:

    Oh please…. sorry rat face nobody believes those screams are fogens!

  149. Romaine says:

    is that Jorge screaming I’m begging you, yelling I don’t know>>.I need that ? asked and answered

  150. disappointed says:

    is she going to cry for sympathy

  151. ay2z says:

    Then they can bring z sr in, to do the same voice id thing. Then they can call Tracy in. Two against one.

  152. smokeegyrl says:

    I’m muting it. Because she is going to say that is her son, we all already know this. She has been instructed to say that is her son.

  153. KittySP says:

    No warm fuzzy greeting from GZ to his mom.

  154. chi1224 says:

    Watch rat face drag out his direct for as long as he can..

  155. Unabogie says:

    So O’Mara just admitted that Zimmerman exaggerated his injuries and the number of times he was hit.

  156. MedicineBear says:

    Ask her if she understands English. Ask her if she understands screams in English.

  157. fauxmccoy says:

    no mention of the mystery daughter ‘dawn’ … think all that zim family background provided by previous poster is bogus.

  158. sparger says:

    If i were on the jury. I would want to continue. I would want Saturday and Sunday court dates too. They must be going out of their minds sequestered.

  159. ks says:

    Now watch what happens. The defense has been bluffing for months and months and now they are going to have to finally put up. Well, they don’t have to but with the quick denial, they would be awfully stupid not to do so.

  160. MedicineBear says:

    “Trayvon caused his own death”

    I’m so glad I wasn’t there! God forgive me for the thoughts I am projecting from afar!

  161. rayvenwolf says:

    Oh yeah mom is really going to be a load of help *rolls eyes* time for a victory drink.

  162. whonoze says:

    Soon we’ll get to see how Bernie’s boys handle cross…


    ‘Of course I’m familiar with George’s screams. He squealed like a pig when I beat the little SOB.’

  163. ay2z says:

    This witness– predictable. Neutralize Sybrina’s testimony. And then she will stay in the courtroom rest of trial.

  164. willisnewton says:

    Gladys Z is the first witness. Can she be asked about money laundering, one wonders?

  165. tashatexas77048 says:

    Your mother is your first witness? Gtfoh!

  166. Romaine says:

    okay here we go, I’m done crying..and ready for phase two

  167. fauxmccoy says:

    oh look at gladys raise that arm! sieg heil!

  168. bellesouth says:

    Bravo! Judge Nelson!!

  169. disappointed says:

    LOL His Mommy. Last time you heard your son scream like that? When he was a teen.

  170. blushedbrown says:

    OMG the mom

  171. tharealkeisha says:


  172. tashatexas77048 says:

    Boom shakalacka!!

  173. willisnewton says:

    that timeline of phone calls looks awfully slim.

  174. Tzar says:

    Let’s go buddy

  175. crazy1946 says:

    I bet the tree sewer just had an over run from their toilet…. they probably have little turds floating in their beer!!

  176. Sleuth says:

    YAY! YAY!YAY! Professor was right once again!




    Hoodies Up!

  177. chi1224 says:

    Judge Nelson is awesome!! Smack down and then ask the jury what they want to do.. it’s possible they are exhausted, but let THEM decide, not rat face O’Mara!

  178. rayvenwolf says:


  179. Ty Flair says:

    Denied look at fogen face PRICELESS!!!

  180. Tzar says:

    Oh wow
    shockingly it was denied
    what is the world coming to

  181. fauxmccoy says:

    defendant struggling there, like he somehow can’t believe it. :rolls:

  182. diary73 says:

    I freakin love it!!!!!!

  183. Brandy says:

    Denied!!! CAll your next witness!! LOVED IT!!

  184. smokeegyrl says:

    Did I just see Fogen lip to O’Mara Good Job! What BS!

  185. Romaine says:


  186. type1juve says:

    BOOM! I love JN!

  187. riisey007 says:

    She denied that quick…hee hee

  188. KateW says:

    Trayvon caused his own death??? BY running from this murderer? How so? How did he cause his own death by trying to get away from this scumbag? So ignorant is that statement and callous I am appalled!

  189. Sabrina B. says:

    Look at him nodding his head like he is being railroaded.

  190. Motion for JOA: Denied

    Bring in the jury.

  191. Patricia J-C says:

    Denied!!!!! Get your life. LOL

  192. MrSykes says:

    Siiiiiiiiighhhh, breath of relief. Thank you your Honor.

  193. willisnewton says:

    there you go amsterdam. “denied, call your witness”

  194. jodiwankanobi says:

    haha exactly what a couple of people said above…….no…next witness! oh shit were the jury listening to all of that!!!???

  195. My Forehead Tho says:


    And she’s continuing with the next witness. She caught on to O’Mara’s bullshit an hour ago…

  196. RobertSF says:

    Well, that was a fast decision! πŸ™‚

  197. whonoze says:

    Well, that was short and sweet.

  198. Two sides to a story says:

    Boom! She didn’t mess around for even a second!!

  199. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:


  200. Woow! says:

    BAAAM!!!! Go JN that was a quick decision to that madness.

  201. fauxmccoy says:

    do you have a witness that is ready?

  202. bunny620 says:

    Boom judgment for acquittal denied!!!

  203. sparger says:

    Judge was like shut the fuck up. Excuse my french.

  204. KA says:

    Um..that was quick…

    “Call your first witness”

  205. smokeegyrl says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy DENIED DENIED DENIED DENIED DENIED DENIED

  206. DENIED!


  207. disappointed says:


  208. Sabrina B. says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  209. trina cosbie says:


  210. whonoze says:

    MOM wants a shred of evidence. LLMPapa has one. Does the State? The bullet holes in the clothes don’t line up with the entrance wound.

  211. fauxmccoy says:


  212. bunny620 says:

    Wow O’Mara just said exactly what George did! He DID grab on to that shirt while and shoot! Hence the contact shot to the shirt and intermediate shot to the chest.

    • vickie s. votaw says:

      Yup, that’s exactly right. I read a body language expert that said mom has bad body language. His hands give him away as a liar & aggressive .

  213. Judy75201 says:

    I can’t believe O’Mara went there.

  214. My Forehead Tho says:

    Now he using the “You’re not that dumb to believe that are…” argument.

    O’Mara has no bounds. Hopefully the JN proves how dumb she really is when she denies the acquittal

  215. Two sides to a story says:

    I wish she could just stop OM in the middle and rule.

  216. KittySP says:

    MOM and those (((JAZZ HANDS)))


  217. trina cosbie says:

    Some needs to tell O’ass to grasp for his polident!!!

  218. KateW says:

    If every scrape, bum and bruise was great bodily injury then let the shootings begin. Those injuries were caused by debris in the grass and that is my contention. It was no concrete and I don’t know why the state and every other witness keep saying concrete as if there are no rocks and debris in the grass. Those tiny cuts on the back of his head most likely caused by hitting some rocks or debris.

    The only person grasping at straws is the defense.

  219. jodiwankanobi says:

    is that what the state said? is it is it?

  220. willisnewton says:

    GZ was the initial aggressor when he chased the teen with his car. GZ was the initial aggressor when he exited his car. GZ was the initial agressor when he followed the teen into the dark. GZ was the initial agressor when he closed the gap. GZ was the initial aggressor when he reached for his WHATEVER. and so on.

  221. sparger says:

    Judge didn’t allow the voice experts,but she heard them. She knows who was screaming.

  222. Romaine says:

    All I can Say right now is JESUS..you all pray to who you serve….my hurt is full right now

  223. ladystclaire says:

    How can he stand before the court and say, that Fogen shot this kid in self defense? this man is full of shit and, he knows it.

  224. Sabrina B. says:

    Or at least perused the internet to find out what the defense’s theory because O’Mara is straight from what the zidiots have been saying all year,

  225. Trained Observer says:

    Another seat repositioning from Fogen. … Bring out the Preparation H.

  226. disappointed says:

    His fear was not great bodily injury, it was fear for holding a minor against their will. I believe Fogen thought the thief they arrested 2 weeks prior was out on bond, and he thought Trayvon was that guy.

  227. RobertSF says:

    Did he just pound on the table? LOL

    When the law is on your side, argue the law. When the facts are on your side, argue the facts. But when neither the law nor the facts are on your side, pound on the table.

  228. bellesouth says:

    Poor judge! Does she have to write an opinion on her ruling on the motion to dismiss?

  229. KateW says:

    Great bodily injury. Sorry there was testimony to refute that the injuries were “great”.

  230. KA says:

    “…we talked a touch too long…”

    The only truthful thing he has said.

  231. Ty Flair says:

    O’Mara do not want this in the hands of the jurors.

  232. Trained Observer says:

    No evidence? What about the body ith the hollow point?

  233. ks says:

    MOM and West are playing to the cameras as usual. I smell a fundraising plea after this.

  234. jodiwankanobi says:

    still haven’t seen anything to dispute the facts that were presented omara…..not even Mr.Ed talked this much.

  235. riisey007 says:

    O’mara needs to keep the Martin’s names out of his mouth because he is not coming off sincere, just cocky!!

  236. KA says:

    I suspect this long winded bullcrap is the service for the revenue collected.

  237. whonoze says:

    ARGHH. His nose wasn’t broken! O’Mara must be on drugs. I don’t know what his deal is.

  238. Girlp says:

    What broken nose who said he had a broken nose? Did I miss something. If he did still no reason to put a gun to someones chest and shoot them.

  239. ladystclaire says:

    This asking the judge for acquittal just goes to show, they don’t have a defense for this PUFFER FISH. NOT going to happen!

  240. Sabrina B. says:

    I wish the state perused the internet and saw Trent’s street sign video.

  241. Two sides to a story says:

    Perry Mason wasn’t a prosecutor, but let’s pretend. I LOVED this song when I was a kid – still gives me chills. I dedicate this to Mantei.

  242. sparger says:

    Put a stop to this Judge. How long can they ramble on.

  243. crazy1946 says:

    Does anyone have a link to the trial that MOM has been watching, the one that I have been does not seem to be the same one he is describing?

  244. bellesouth says:

    Can she ask questions?

  245. KA says:

    4:43p in court….they were able to successfully able to run out the clock.

  246. Judy75201 says:

    O’Mara is so absurd as to almost be amusing.

  247. bellesouth says:

    George Zimmerman said on national TV that if he had it all over to do again he would change a thing, it was all god’s plan.

  248. She has to assume for the purposes of this motion that Rachel did tell the truth, O’Mara, you fucking idiot. There, I said it.

  249. amsterdam1234 says:

    I hope JN is pissed enough that after she says ” motion denied” she follows it with ” call your first witness” .

  250. KA says:

    Did he mention Crump by calling him “Crump”….

    this is not the judge I would do that with…it is a sensitive topic for this judge…

  251. willisnewton says:

    MOM calling RJ’s narrative a complete fabrication. He’ll burn in hell for that if there is a god.

  252. You all have thoughtful comments says:

  253. bellesouth says:

    Is this all before the jury?

  254. Beverly says:

    Who said “It’s God’s plan?” What arrogance…..and stupidity.

  255. diary73 says:

    Who gets the last word?

  256. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Oh God

    I can’t believe O’Mara is supporting gz’s “God’s Plan”

  257. Sabrina B. says:

    Did he just compare fogen’s statement to the loss of a loved one?

  258. I’ll give O’Mara credit. He can claim with a straight face that his client’s conflicting statements are insignificant.

    Takes a liar to do that.

  259. gbrbsb says:

    Different variations don’t amount to timelines that don’t add up any which way or form!

  260. sparger says:

    shut up, man.

  261. jodiwankanobi says:

    oh damn whats going on….i fell asleep after the prosecution said they had no more witnesses….

    are they closing now, why are they putting up their arguments now…is the defense going to call witnesses or has everything finished. so confused right now.

    • chi1224 says:

      No it’s just a formality motion the defense has a right to file to dismiss the charges… it’s all BS, it won’t be granted… but it gives us a glimpse of closing arguments… I wish it would end so the defense would be forced to start today, but I am losing hope fast.

      • jodiwankanobi says:

        ahh chi thanks for that, my heart was racing a little then…gee and i thought it was safe to go to sleep, i should have known better

    • fauxmccoy says:

      standard argument by the defense when the state rests their case — argument before the judge to acquit. this is routine as it is routinely denied.

  262. KateW says:

    Why does this guy keep telling the judge what her duties are?? He just called the state “ignorant” to any facts. Nobody seems to be intelligent but them. The judge needs to be told what her duties are.

    • gbrbsb says:

      IDK in the US, but attys, (barristers and solicitors with high court advocacy rights) in the UK at least, do “tell” the judge what to do to some extent because they are charged with finding and placing before the judge the case law, the jurisprudence, they should look to to make a decision. In the end it is the Judge’s decision and/or discretion, but it is unusual for a judge to completely contradict case law because it merely creates cause for an appeal later on.

  263. V says:

    He won’t mention Hannity

  264. Sabrina B. says:

    I think most poignant would have been that Trayvon tried to avoid confrontation.

  265. Lies are not lies in O’Maraland. They are insignificant ‘changes.’ Mere inconsistencies.

    And he said all that with a completely straight face.

  266. KA says:

    I think the summation in this State case could be “Where’s the blood?”

    He said it, but did not emphasize it.

  267. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Lying, fantasy world that O’Mara is supporting.

    Heck, why doesn’t O’Mara just invite gz to be part of his family. Then gz can mentor O’Mara’s kids.

  268. bellesouth says:

    Bravo! Mantei!!!

  269. I believe manslaughter may amount to a good deal of time in Florida as well. 35 years? Correct me if wrong, but because there was a juvenile was involved, it’s stiff in Florida.

    That said, I could be wrong, but I believe this court will deny O’Mara’s latest made-up set of ‘facts’ and motion.

  270. willisnewton says:

    west saying it’s okay to lie wildly.

  271. riisey007 says:

    I get it now!! O’mara and West love to hear themselves talk!!

  272. Sabrina B. says:

    Oh boy. I thought he had his turn.

  273. whonoze says:

    O’Mara doesn’t understand that GZ’s statements are not facts.

  274. Romaine says:

    and continued the attack with no evidence of DNA…I call BULLSHIT

  275. tashatexas77048 says:

    Defendant armed. Victim not.
    Martin was outweighed.
    Defendant’s attitude towards
    Operating contrary to his training and suggestions of police.
    The Defendant initiated the conflict, there was a chase and upright struggle.
    MMA training.
    Defendant’s injuries were significantly exaggerated.
    Several inconsistent statement.
    Defendant went weeks after this incident and flat out lied about SYG.
    The only person who offers a theory that Trayvon started it went on Hannity and lied.
    He has access to material to construct a lie if he had to.
    Physical evidence, position of body, absence of DNA. No trace of blood with blood on his face.
    Who’s screaming? Defendant said it doesn’t sound like me.
    Common sense…screams shot when shot was fired.
    The wound itself could show that Martin was trying to get away. The victim defended himself by trying to pull away.
    Horrific struggle 25 head slams, screaming, the straddling and yet the murder wound is a perfectly calibrated shot straight to the heart in the midst of this so-called beating and struggling.
    John Good never saw any blows land. Nobody heard 50 screams.
    Even assuming that the Defendant shot TM in some form of self-defense, that does not end the inquiry. The standard is whether it was imminent that the Defendant feared great fear of bodily harm. Was his action reasonable, the Defendant’s attitude and history and the extent of the injuries show he exaggerated. Was he justified in using that level of force knowing the police would be right there?
    The Defendant’s account to his best friend. GZ says he was attempting to get off the sidewalk with victims knees to his armpits. Yet Martin noticed the firearm and went for it but the defendant got it. It is a physical impossibility and everyone with common sense realizes that.
    Which one defending himself? The jury should decide.

  276. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:

    Sucker punched…lmao… no proof bitch!

  277. tonydphotog says:

    Why is he talking about beer?

  278. riisey007 says:

    Why is O’mara up again, now that is enough!! I guess O’mara is tired of working for free.

  279. My Forehead Tho says:

    Bow out gracefully O’Mara…

  280. sparger says:

    Oh my God, he gets to talk again.

  281. fauxmccoy says:

    mantei — earnest and sincere and nelson looking on with what i can only describe as tenderness.

  282. willisnewton says:

    mentions manslaughter. “Even if” proceed forward on that alone. mantie sits down.

  283. Not Angela Lansbury says:

    This is definitely a preview of the closing argument, but I think it will be sandwiched between high notes from John Guy.

  284. Ty Flair says:

    Mantei is one bad mother ? shut your mouth!

  285. chi1224 says:

    I wish Mantie would wrap this up and force the defense to start their case. I feel for this jury! Too much time having to sit in that jury room. As a juror who sat on a two week trial, that was so hard on ALL of us, and I wasn’t sequestered, and it wasn’t nearly this bad. Plus now the defense will have the whole weekend to prepare their first witness. GET ON WITH IT

  286. MedicineBear says:

    “Which of these two people was most justified to defend themself? The jury needs to decide that.” BOOM!

  287. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:

    He touched on the impossible feat of Trayvon seeing the gun and of gz being able to retrieve it!!! awesome!

  288. Rachael says:

    I’m working and have it on on my phone but can’t totally follow – is the jury there for this?

  289. gbrbsb says:

    Yippee… Trayvon with his knees under GZ’s armpits impossible for Trayvon to see and grab gun !

  290. KateW says:

    LOL that look!!

  291. Cercando Luce says:

    Wish Mr. Mantei would refer to defendant’s laughing in court (at Hannity broadcast, at Carter’s response to defense’s pleasantry about self-defense timing), but we can’t everything.

  292. HereslookingatYou says:

    Dayummm break it dowwwwn Mantei….as Nellie would sang..it’s gettin hot in hur

  293. tharealkeisha says:


  294. Girlp says:

    Is the sister crying?

  295. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    When gz is in jail, his family can go on with their former estrangement.

  296. gbrbsb says:

    Great Mantie… Trayvon on top is also consistent with him trying to get away !

  297. chi1224 says:

    Maybe this is practice for closing arguments, because no way the judge is granting this motion, and I’m pissed the clock is running down. Does anyone know if O’Mara get’s another turn to blather?

  298. willisnewton says:

    okay Trayvon was pulling back…. finally. We are getting a peek behind the curtain here on both parties closing argument.

  299. Sabrina B. says:

    Yes. He is no expert marksman.

  300. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:


  301. DruDo says:

    Time for fogen to wipe his nose on his sleeve while trying unsuccessfully to appear halfway intelligent.

  302. whonoze says:

    Manthei reveals they have a hoodie-grab argument up their sleeve (so to speak).

  303. Two sides to a story says:

    JN seems much more interested in Mantei’s version.

  304. fauxmccoy says:

    AMEN!! not an ice tea can but the defendant’s body holding the victim

  305. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    —————————————–> prison

  306. Romaine says:

    I need to buy Mantai dinner, I am so loving him right now yup pulling away from the creepyasscrack

  307. Two sides to a story says:

    Boom. Boom. Boom.

  308. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:


  309. KateW says:

    Hallelujahhhhh Hallelujahhhhh hallelujah hallelujah ha le lu jahhhhh lol

  310. willisnewton says:

    Mantei doesn’t mention the following with the car. I have great worry that the state is missing a clear picture of what happened.

  311. Ms.X says:

    Mantei is bringing the fire. Finally!

  312. Trained Observer says:

    Rene Stutzman‏@renestutzman20m
    O’Mara: #Zimmerman never landed a blow or tried to. He just cried out for help. #Trayvon

    You don’t have to when you’re a trigger-happy heat-packer with execution on your mind.

    • Ms.X says:

      And if you don’t want to kill someone, you can say, “STOP!! I have a gun!” He had to cock the gun in order for it to be fired. Tray probably heard the gun cock. If not, he cocked it after he got off the phone, which means he had it out.

      • abbyj says:

        MsX, As I recall from the LLMPapa videos, GZ cocked the gun when he got out of his vehicle. So he was running after Trayvon with his gun out, the safety off, and a hollow-point ready, racked in. He was out for a kill. No question about this.

  313. BwahahaHA


    A straight up liar.

  314. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    gz =Liar ………Liar………..Liar

  315. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:

    GET EM!!!

  316. MedicineBear says:

    His sister looks like: “George is sooooo screwed!”

  317. mrsdoubtfire says:

    Betcha Mantei graduated top of his class. Please let him be the one to bring home the evidence for the Jury.

  318. willisnewton says:

    there you go. The defendant’s theory of self defense should not be believed if circumstantial evidence contradicts it. Dead on case law.

  319. KateW says:

    It’s apparent. They knew OMara was going to pull this. They were prepared. That was Mantei’s cue. He was up at bat.

  320. Judy75201 says:

    Mantie has great case law!

  321. tashatexas77048 says:

    “Even when there are no witnesses a jury is not required to accept the Defendant’s testimony.” Nice point.

    I’m not really feeling any passion in Mantei’s rebuttal and there are too many um…and ahhhh’s. I hope the judge is relying on the material and not the presentation. This is no time for the State to get cocky. They must keep fighting until the end.

  322. Woow! says:

    What in the same hell is CAC writing? He know he does not understand what Mantei is talking about.

  323. Girlp says:

    Poor Sabrina, this needs to be over ASAP, I hope the jury won’t take too long and I pray the correct verdict is given guilty of M2.

  324. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    [lllll#lllll] jail

  325. DruDo says:

    I SO want to slug fogen right in his smug face.

  326. Tzar says:

    Zimmerman is such an average putz
    I don’t mean to disparage him but it is so clear how unintelligent he is.
    And his averageness is not his real problem, it is his arrogance, his complete disconnection to his actual station in intelligence, his sense of entitlement, his hubris.

    He reminds me of a guy who tried to fake it till he made it but was so ardent to this task and had surrounded himself with so many phonies, that he forgot he was faking it and actually bought his own bullshit.

    • Malisha says:

      Tzar, 100%, this is the story of this case.

    • abbyj says:

      Tzar, you are too kind. He’s a sub-average putz. Eight years in a 2 yr. program without graduating and a 0.5 gpa? Someone would have to have been in a coma to perform at such a dismal level. What has he accomplished in his life? NADA.

      What had GZ ever finished that he began? Where was he in building a career, a life, a marriage, a secure future? NO where. He was in debt up to his eyeballs, behind in his rent, barely employed, a failure of a student, alienated from his family—I mean, we’re talking about a First Class Loser here. All he had was his .9 mm weapon to make him feel like a big man. It was his one shot at being a “hero.” If there is a picture in the diction next to LOSER, it’s of George Zimmerman. These are the only conditions under which I would use his full name: Loser Loser Loser.

  327. willisnewton says:

    Self defense story -CREDIBILITY – yes. Indeed.

  328. Romaine says:

    that’s right you tell it baby Trayvon had the same right to defend himself

  329. willisnewton says:

    FINALLY – Trayvon’s right to defend himself.

  330. Woow! says:

    Mantei – “There’s only one reason that you squeeze the trigger at someone’s heart and that’s that you mean to kill them, or you don’t care.”

  331. fauxmccoy says:


    trayvon had as much right to defend himself

  332. KateW says:


  333. Trained Observer says:

    Is JN obligated to say anything other than “motion for aquital overrruled”?

  334. Girlp says:

    Mantei, logical, orderly arguments as it should be.

  335. smokeegyrl says:

    I don’t know who is doing all that coughing… but they need to go out and take see to themselves.. really…

  336. chi1224 says:

    Does O’Mara get to speak again after Mantei?

  337. Two sides to a story says:

    Mantei makes more sense than OM.

  338. My Forehead Tho says:

    Is Fogen crying? Did reality just hit him that he won’t get away with this?

    • MedicineBear says:

      He’s thinking, “Damn! Those guys are WAY better than my clowns. I am so screwed! Daddy, do something!”

      • riisey007 says:

        I doubt he is thinking that at all. This man is a psycho he is a mental case and like the psychologist said on HLN, in his mind he was right for what he has done so he has no reason to feel guilt. We might as well not hold our breath that one day Zimmerman will come down with the case of the guilts and relieve himself. He is going to hell with that in his heart. He is crazy and has done a lot of things in his past that he avoided jail time over and now it is time for him to see the inside of a jail cell.

  339. KateW says:

    Why isn’t Zimmerman laughing??? No chuckles? No giggles and smirks? Where is the laughter from his peanut gallery during Mantei’s presentation. Laugh Zimmerman laugh but cry later.

  340. amsterdam1234 says:

    I loved how he slapped his papers on the desk.

  341. Mantei: “There are two people who knows what went on, one of them is dead and the other is a liar.” <– Sonic BOOM!

  342. type1juve says:

    Mr. Mantei is the state’s secret weapon!

  343. amsterdam1234 says:

    Mantei suddenly sounds nervous.

  344. willisnewton says:

    lies about his whereabouts. Mentions the 2 minute missing minutes where he didnt return to the car.

    mentons that he said he was never 100 feet from the truck (Hannity)

    mentions the “Call me when you get here” plan.

    HAS NOT mentioned the move from clubhouse to cut thru area. damn it.

    inconsistencies mentioned as “hardly minor” and evidence of someone who cant recall his previous lies

    mentions contradictions that cant all be true, and are probably i fact NONE are true.

    keep going!

    doesnt know the three streets in the neighborhood?

    cant see the address on the house right by him

    two people, one of them is dead and the other is a LIAR

  345. Romaine says:

    1 is dead and 1 is a liar you tell it manetai

  346. There’s 2 people involved here: 1 of them is dead & 1 of them is a liar.

  347. Mantei: “Actually, probably none of them are true.”

    “There are two people in this case. One of them is dead. The other one is a liar.”

  348. My Forehead Tho says:

    “There are two people involved in this case one of them is dead and the other is a liar”

    Get em’ Mantei!!!

  349. disappointed says:

    1 is dead and 1 is a liar! love that argument!!!!

  350. Girlp says:

    Yes Mantei one of them is a liar

    • sadlyyes says:

      BAM,and a cold lar,went on NATL. TV,to lie about stuff he didnt need to…he likes to liehe likes to kill.adrenaline rush

      • Girlp says:

        If the demon should take the stand if the defense tries to present a defense the demond will lie again as always.

  351. Judy75201 says:

    One’s dead and one is a liar. LOVE IT

  352. KateW says:

    I Love that word OBFUSCATING!! lol

  353. Sabrina B. says:

    Trayvon’s intent. Trayvon’s intent. Trayvon’s intent. Was to get away.

  354. KateW says:

    This guy is EXCELLENT! He was prepared! He was ready for Omara and he is delivering.

  355. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    Excellent…..always get away = “police have always be too slow to get to scene……always late

  356. Girlp says:

    Mantei is great

  357. Trial-is-underwaybaby says:


  358. Two sides to a story says:

    Here we go, FINALLY! The timeline!

  359. DruDo says:

    Is the jury in the room?

  360. My Forehead Tho says:

    “I want to hunt down fugitives to make sure they don’t get away”


    First time hearing this

    • willisnewton says:

      probably an exaggeration – he wrote that he wanted to study to become a prosecutor.

      • DruDo says:

        Don’t forget he told Serino he wanted to be a judge.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Maybe not such an exaggeration, willis. Rejected by the police force, refused by the the civil crime fighter group (forgot what it was called), not having much success as a NW; hmm… wonder what’s the the next best way to pursue criminals… I know, I’ll become a prosecutor !

    • Trained Observer says:

      He wouldn’t know a fugitive if DB Cooper walked up to say “Hello.”

  361. KateW says:

    Mantei will do closing arguments!

  362. disappointed says:

    Hunt fugitives! Well hunt yourself, fogen.

  363. fauxmccoy says:

    holy shit — ‘wants to hunt fugitives’ in his damn homework

  364. willisnewton says:

    there’s “gods plan” brought up – HOOF.

  365. amsterdam1234 says:

    State questions whether GZ was really on his way to the store.

  366. Trained Observer says:

    Mathei: ” … and put the hollow point through him”

    Effective phrase … hope this is used in the final argument.

  367. fauxmccoy says:

    searching mind for the win on mantei giving closing arguments when the time comes.

  368. KA says:

    “no he didn’t know him, but he THOUGHT he did..”

    Outstanding point.

  369. MedicineBear says:

    Mantei: “Pointing a gun at someone’s heart is inherently ill-will” Then fogen scratches his nose — what does this body language mean? Anybody?

  370. disappointed says:

    He could have shot him in the leg, but Trayvon would be able to tell his side of the story.

  371. RobertSF says:

    Mantei is good!

  372. KateW says:

    Mantei coming for the defense. I have never heard him raise his force.

  373. Nef05 says:

    Nice argument, Mantei.

  374. whonoze says:

    I guess Bernie isn’t to worried about a directed verdict if he sends Mantei up to make the argument. I mean, I like Manthei, but he’s 3rd string.

    • RobertSF says:

      He may be the junior member, but I think he’s the best legal fighter of the three.

    • willisnewton says:

      Right, he’s letting the bench warmers play the third quarter of the game knowing he’s that far ahead.

    • Not Angela Lansbury says:

      Mantei is the best detail guy on this team. Bernie is the procedure expert, Guy hits the high notes hard. But if you need to get into the weeds with the judge or jury, Mantei’s the guy.

  375. groans says:

    All MOM’s talk is about ill-will and hatred. Surely that’s not the only factors that could ever show a “depraved mind”!?

    Florida definition of 2nd degree murder:

    782.04 Murder.β€”
    . . .
    (2) The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree and constitutes a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

  376. MedicineBear says:

    Is the jury hearing this?

  377. Tzar says:

    here comes Mantei

  378. Memo to O’Mara. Your client never landed a single blow. He shot and killed his target, then sat on top of him and felt on his body.Then, he left him there to die, and bragged about his gun.

  379. DruDo says:

    My relatives in Seminole Co. have recently asked when I was coming to visit. I asked if they had a bulletproof vest I could use while there, otherwise not goin’ near the entire state.

  380. KA says:

    I can’t imagine being the Fultons/Martins right now.

  381. chi1224 says:

    He’s running the clock…. nothing more.

  382. You all have thoughtful comments says:

    πŸ™„ 😯 πŸ™„ 😯 πŸ™„ 😯 πŸ™„

  383. sadlyyes says:


  384. KateW says:

    The rubbing of the fingers is creepy.

  385. Two sides to a story says:

    But we can look at all these things and say your client profiled, pursued, and killed Trayvon Martin unnecessarily.

  386. MedicineBear says:

    All 3 of these fogen fools keep wiping or rubbing their noses — what does that body language mean?

    • Two sides to a story says:

      Not a science of course, but possibly showing deceit –

      ” ‘Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,’ Allan Pease, in his book Body Language, captioned the hand-to-face gestures that are an attempt to block deceit.

      My friend, besides rubbing her nose, also rubbed her eyes, which is an attempt by the brain to avoid looking into my eyes when lying. “Another gesture having the same meaning is the ear rub, the hear-no-evil gesture. Note that these gestures are used both to block what another person is saying or what the person doing the gestures is saying. ”


  387. disappointed says:

    If MOM is confident let the State rest, and then do not put on defense. Wait for verdict from Jury.

  388. KateW says:

    Ahhh there is the crux. “They should not have to present a defense.” lol The basis for this whole hour argument.

  389. KA says:

    That someone needs to know them to have M2?

    I assume that can be proven over and over again in case law.

    How about ill will to a RACE, not a person?

  390. diary73 says:

    Even though GZ did not know Trayvon over time, his hatred and ill will did build up over time.

    • abbyj says:

      Diary73, yes, it had built up over time, and he was so incensed and rage-filled that any young, black male would have been an adequate target for him. It didn’t even matter who it was.

  391. Two sides to a story says:

    I’m working as I listen and this is getting annoying. NOt quite as soporific as West, but still . . . Poor JN has to look interested.

  392. My Forehead Tho says:

    I really hope the camera zooms in on Fogen’s face when JN makes her decision. I’d love to see a preview of how he looks when he’s convicted.

  393. Xena says:

    O’Mara’s argument is not flowing.

  394. Trained Observer says:

    No evil intent?

    How about fucking punks, these assholes, looks like he’s on drugs or sumpum …

  395. Girlp says:

    Even the judge looks bored

  396. Sabrina B. says:

    None of those are the circumstances here. This was a child coming from the store who had actually tried to get away from ‘cac.’

  397. sparger says:

    Is he saying in Florida if you kill someone with no ill will you go free?

  398. willisnewton says:

    Let’s face it, BDLR rested his case SO MOM could make a fool of himself. For an hour and twenty minutes.

  399. Xena says:

    O’Mara presented to the media that GZ didn’t want a pre-trial immunity hearing because he wanted a jury to decide. Now, O’Mara wants to convert the case to a bench trial so the jury doesn’t decide.

    • willisnewton says:

      In his fantasy world, first she acquits GZ and THEN we have the SYG hearing where GZ gets immunity from a civil case.

      And in his fantasy world pigs can fly.

      • Xena says:

        O’Mara’s argument omits that GZ said he wiggled off the sidewalk and that is what caused his jacket to raise exposing the gun. So, there was no more opportunity for GZ to have his head injured — imagined or not.

    • gbrbsb says:

      But with the advantage of seeing the state’s whole case so there is a difference… a nuance at least !

  400. Trained Observer says:

    If this is a preview of MOM’s final argument, jurors won’t be out long before rendering a verdict.

  401. bellesouth says:

    Does the state have a chance to respond to this motion to dismiss?

  402. Woow! says:

    Haahaaa losing track of his BS speech

  403. Sophia33 says:

    Yep. The defense is nor prepared to continue. They are talking JN to death to prevent having to present their case.

    • type1juve says:

      I concur… bottom line they’re simply not ready so we get to listen to O’Mara rattle on all afternoon.

  404. smokeegyrl says:

    I see Tracy has his head down at times… so I know he is praying.

    Get on with it #2 CAC … Skeletor…

  405. KA says:

    So, he is using irrelevant case law to prove his point? She has GOT to be annoyed.

  406. diary73 says:

    Although O’Mara did not know him, this ill will did occur over time.

  407. KateW says:

    THere was ill will and hatred. He followed someone who was not committing a crime. In fact, the 911 operator even said the words “f*cking punks they always get away” and “a**holes” does not suggest warm and fuzzy feelings. Those words while tracking down the kid go to state of mind. Despite him saying in his monotone voice does not change the intent or assumptions that followed with him into the darkness with a loaded weapon to get the kid.

  408. fauxmccoy says:

    is he checking his cellphone for updates from sundance?

  409. diary73 says:

    Grown over time! Thanks O’mara.

  410. disappointed says:

    Oh please shut up! It is far past time for your violent client to start paying his dues!

  411. acemayo says:

    Mom says because one black male in the area did do crime than
    youcan say all male can be……………. also GZ was protecting is home

    • Malisha says:

      He’s arguing the state’s case! The STATE says Fogen profiled Trayvon as a criminal so he chased him down and tried to restrain him illegally. O’Mara confirms that.

  412. Sabrina B. says:

    Look at him looking at the judge. Bet, he wishes he had mind control.

  413. amsterdam1234 says:

    Why does the defense think that Burgess looking like Trayvon is a good argument for them?

  414. KA says:

    SHe does not look happy…I suspect she assumes he is “running out the clock”.

    She should make court tomorrow.

  415. MDH says:

    The state provided solid evidence from the ME that Trayvon could not move in a significant manner after being shot. The state has provided a picture of the body 40 feet from where all the GZ statements claim he was shot. The defense cross provided nothing, zippo, nada to counter this. I feel the defense must provide some plausible counter argument backed by expert testimony to resolve this issue.

    We already have solid evidence that the scrapes incurred at the sidewalk were not life threatening.

    What was life threatening to George to end up 40 feet down shooting T in a situation where he feared for his life? Did the sidewalk get up an go 40 feet down to hit him up side the head?

    Or, without any tangible evidence, we are supposed to accept the Jimmy Cagney “you got me” story from a man who the evidence proves is a liar?

    I think the state has a good case.

    • mgs710 says:

      TM’s body wasn’t 40 feet from the sidewalk, though.

      Not that I don’t think that GZ isn’t a sociopathic killer.

      • Tzar says:

        you’re missing the point on two levels

        • MDH says:

          Yes, I confused 40 feet from the T with the picture. One would still have to get up and step a few paces backward from where G said the shot was fired.

          Also, G could be a stand up guy, but the evidence proves he is lying about this event beyond a reasonable doubt.

          Why would he do that?

          30 to life has a way of making people tell tall tales.

          That’s what irks me about GZ supporters. They act like the state must disprove GZ’s stories beyond a reasonable doubt.


          Once the state proves he is a liar. Anything he says has no value unless supported by tangible evidence or testimony by a reliable witness.

  416. Girlp says:

    I cut off the sound can’t take anymore of this….Call your first witness or shut up

  417. Woow! says:

    What CAC did to that woman at the night club was not mentioned by the state. Is he opening the door for additional evidence by the state if he presents his case?

  418. gbrbsb says:

    I have a niggling feeling she will move it forward as manslaughter…

    • smokeegyrl says:

      She can’t… it has to be up to the Jurors.

      • gbrbsb says:

        IIRC, and of course IMBW but I don’t believe I am otherwise why is MOM precisely at this moment arguing that if she is not going to throw the case out, she can look at it in respect of ill will and hatred and if she finds none then she can take M2 off the table and leave it at manslaughter. And she can even call no case to answer now, which I obviously hope she won’t but… she can do!

        • smokeegyrl says:

          The only thing she can do is give an acquittal… or give a mistrial of the case. but she can not change the charge… The juror can come back with a lesser charge…

          • gbrbsb says:

            You may be right, and maybe she cannot do it now, but I will still reserve because I was of the belief that she can instruct the jury as to the law and what they can and cannot find.

          • smokeegyrl says:

            and you are exactly right on that part… she can instruct the jurors to those lesser charges but it is up to the jurors to find the defendant if that is the case.

          • gbrbsb says:

            As I said, IDK for sure, but just read comments below and there are others more versed in US law than I who appear to be saying the same, i.e. that she can direct the jury as to what they can find. I know the judge can in the UK and although you can get what here we call a “perverse verdict” (like the not guilty verdict of an old man who grew MJ for his wife who had MS), and you call I think, jury nullification.

  419. concernedczen says:

    I wish the state would have put on an FDLE agent to tie things together.

  420. KateW says:

    He’s staging a filibuster? lol

  421. Beverly says:

    MY client, MY client….how self-centered can he be? Center of his own world.

  422. groans says:

    No “direct” evidence of [anything pertinent]. And talking about lots of witnesses.

    No mention of Rachel yet (unless I missed it)! That was certainly direct evidence of CAC following Trayvon and provoking the entire incident as well as the struggle.

  423. smokeegyrl says:

    Doesn’t the state have a cross… to this argument.

  424. Unabogie says:

    This really sounds like O’Mara didn’t prepare for this moment at all. He’s just rambling. So is it possible his first witness just isn’t in the building?

  425. willisnewton says:

    If he can stall for another hour and twenty minutes he has the weekend to help GZ get that device off his ankle and onto a speedboat for haiti – oops I mean prepare his case.

  426. KittySP says:

    Prosecution team doesn’t seem to be phased one bit by this….like ok, can we please get to closing arguments already and shut this mess down!

  427. Dave says:

    It looks loke MOM is running out the clock. He’s not ready to present his case.

  428. gwynne says:

    I guess the only thing missing is for him to ask JN for ice cream money. Time to quit and go grab a cone!

  429. DruDo says:

    I’m not listening to any more of this crap. Turning off his voice.

  430. diary73 says:

    O’Mara’s strategy is to talk, talk, and talk some more, hoping that something sticks.

  431. DruDo says:

    This is probably the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard.

  432. KittySP says:

    MOM has to know she’s gonna deny this motion…

  433. disappointed says:

    He is dragging this out as in to not call his first witness.

  434. MedicineBear says:

    JN looks like she’s thinking “Does this fuck think I didn’t hear the testimony and see the evidence?”

  435. Ms.X says:

    omara is the most manipulative person I’ve ever seen. He is a low down, dirty snake in the grass. What if JN agrees with what he says because the “prosecution” who FAILED to offer an alternative scenario? In the trial case, uranus comjuncts the midheaven, which means that the outcome is a wild card. We may be shocked at the final verdict. I don’t think she will, but I see how she could.

    • MedicineBear says:

      Uranus conjunct MC also means REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE to corrupt establishment structures which no longer serve the common good of HUMANITY.

  436. gbrbsb says:

    Anyone any idea if we will know JN’s decision today, or can she take some time to refer and consider ?

  437. KA says:

    He knows she is not buying it….his glossing over of evidence is telling.

  438. Two sides to a story says:

    One thing I do admire about OM is his ability to keep going in the face of impossible odds. I expected him to stop this spiel already.

  439. Sabrina B. says:

    Wandered? She ran. He is sprinkling lies within this argument and omitting testimony. as if they are fact and actually happened. Hoping the judge forgets what exactly was said.

  440. sparger says:

    can she stop him and rule?

  441. MedicineBear says:

    Bailiff, please clear this courtroom of BS — it’s getting deep in here.