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  1. Brown says:

    @leatherman I can send it to you via email….
    where can I find your email address

  2. katieunc says:

    Mark Osterman is nothing more than a mouth piece for George Zimmerman. His book is self serving and just another means for the Zmmerman’s to make money. Mr. Leatherman I believe that George Zimmerman could very well have some history of psychiactric illness. I am a health professional but not in the specialty of psychology. I was curious to know if you have spoken to anyone that might have an opinion as to GZ’s behavior; past and present. Do you think this could be the reason for keeping his medical records hush?

    • I have expressed some concerns about his perceptions, information processing, delusional thinking and decision making that cause me concern, but I do not know if his lawyer has similar concerns.

      Of course, there is always the possibility that he’s a narcissist with an antisocial personality disorder, a veritable kiss of death diagnosis.

      GZ appears to be firmly in control of the defense strategy and I do not believe that is in GZ’s best interests.

      I do not believe believe there has been any psychological testing.

      • Good Morning Professor Leatherman. How are you? I am on my way to work, but I had to write this first after I viewed and read your insightful post about GZ. I was working yesterday with the Psych. Dr. because I had to float over to the Psych ward, and the Dr. and i discussed this case and GZ, and she said the exact thing you just did. EXACTLY! I have out of the loop on psych in a while, since I have not worked steadily, so I read up on the different disorders in the DSM-iV, and GZ fits fthe profile to a T. These Personality Disorders do not show symptoms overnight. They must have manifested when he was a teen, and his parents over looked them, and were embarressed by their son who just didn’t match up to the other children academically and emotionally.

  3. Brown says:

    I have the transcript of the show if anyone is interested….

  4. Malisha says:

    Something just occurred to me that had occurred and recurred to me about 100 times since the Zimmerman/Martin furor began in March: early newspaper reports claimed that there had been “many” burglaries in the Twin Lakes neighborhood “and a shooting.”

    When I went looking and looking for information about the “shooting” I found nothing. NADA. It was mentioned two, maybe three times, and then dropped out of all reports. Now if you search using the word “shooting” ALL you find is the killing itself being referred to, and nothing about any prior “shooting.”

    Now we have Osterman claiming that Shellie called him and told him that George “shot someone else.”

    These little snips of conversation are bothering me. Anybody have any information to offer? Where should I look to find more?

  5. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Ex-Sanford police spokesman files complaint against interim chief


    The Sanford Police Department’s former spokesman, who was reassigned during the ongoing Trayvon Martin shooting scandal, has filed a complaint against the city’s interim police chief, suggesting his boss tried to skirt public records laws.

    Sgt. David Morgenstern’s complaint stems largely from a memo Interim Chief Richard Myers wrote Aug. 15, in which Myers said Morgenstern wasn’t adequately representing the department, and could have handled the aftermath of the Feb. 26 shooting better.

    “In fairness to you, few PIO’s, no matter how experienced, would be readily equipped to cope with the onslaught of media attention that the case generated,” Myers wrote. “However, I believe a more skilled PIO may well have helped the former chief craft his message more effectively.”

    Morgenstern, in his complaint to City Manager Norton Bonaparte, says Myers told him that the memo was to be treated as “private and confidential” between the two men.

  6. Malisha says:

    This picture, more than anything else by itself (that is, any other fact in the case free of context or analysis), says to me: George Zimmerman did not even CARE that he killed an innocent kid; he only cared that someone’s trying to make an issue of it.


    A picture is worth a thousand words, yes, but in this case we could dispense with 995 of them. This picture says to me:


    • racerrodig says:

      Well said. In most of the other pictures of him he looks like a mental case. You’re dead on. It looks like he’s about to say “…yea, right, like they got a chance of hanging this rap on old George.”

    • SouthernGirl2 says:

      The look of a deranged human being.

  7. God is there says:

    Did Dr. Phil actually say Osterman’s book is factual? How so? And why in the world would Dr. Phil make that statement? Also, I don’t think Trayvon’s step-mother should have been on the show. She was maybe too emotional. I felt very badly for her.

  8. God is there says:

    QUESTION: Didnt DeeDee also say something like: she wished she had been there because Trayvon doesn’t fight back or he wouldn’t have defended himself? May not be the exact words, but I believe it was something to that effect.

    • gbrbsb says:

      Hi professor, been too busy for a while & haven´t read comments for a while so it may be this has already been discussed but before leaving this post can I just ask you if the blanked section of the 911 recording with the screams will be permitted at trial. What I mean is those few seconds along with the witnesses address may contain more of Trayvon´s screams and pleas but if it did contain something significant would the prosecution (or defence) be permitted to use it at trial despite the witnesses address being protected or could it at least be heard in closed court and the judge later direct the jury as to the findings.

      • Nothing will be blacked out or redacted from trial exhibits.

        That was done to copies released to the public due to privacy considerations that will no longer apply when the case goes to trial.

        You also might reasonably expect that the 911 recordings will have been enhanced using generally accepted techniques. Expect the original to be admitted into evidence with the enhanced copy and a verbatim transcript admitted for illustrative purposes.

      • gbrbsb says:

        Grrreat professor… so there is very probably more evidence of Trayvon screaming and pleading on the recording!

  9. Xena says:

    Here’s the link to the M&I Bank vid. It requires downloading the app to view it. The man at the end of the 13 minute vid is Osterman.

  10. God is there says:

    Osterman’s wife said that we need to keep in mind that GZ was NOT on NWP, but was running some errands: I bring this up because they say that GZ did not profile TM. Well, if GZ was not on NWP and just running errands, what made him stop when he saw TM? I believe GZ WAS profiling TM. He saw a ‘black’ kid walking in the ‘gated’ community, had been making calls about suspicious men, who were black, being in the neighborhood and now he sees yet another one of those ‘a-holes’ that always gets away. He was definitely profiling. If he wasn’t, then why didn’t he just continue on his ‘merry’ little way to run his errands? This is so disgusting and sad, and heart-breaking that some people have absolutely no concern for life. What GZ has done and the many excuses that he is giving makes me believe that he has the mentality of someone who is very, very evil. Anyone who believes anything, any of the Zimm. fans have to say is in my opinion: STUCK ON STUPID, CHASING AFTER DUMB!!!!!

  11. Malisha says:

    Where can I see the M&IB ATM tape?

  12. God is there says:

    I was not at impressed with the interview with the Ostermans on Dr. Phil. They seemed to be kind of cold and separated from the fact that a young man was killed. Yes, they gave their sorted condolences, but it just didn’t seem heart-felt to me. But anyway, my first time on this post. I love Mr. Leatherman and this is the place I come to, to get unbiased opinions and facts. Thank you Mr. Leatherman. My thought: I believe it was Mrs. Osterman who mentioned that Shellie listened to the 911 tape, and when she heard the cries for help, broke down and cried because it was her husband. Now this is just my thought and if anyone would like to comment, I will certainly listen. I believe SZ has a concious. Why? I believe that when she heard the screams, knew that they weren’t those of her husband and that she was actually listening to the cries of Trayvon being murdered by her husband. She has been married to GZ long enough to know how her husband sounds when happy, sad, in sorrow and in stress. I don’t believe for one moment that she honestly cried because it was her husband, but cried because she now knew for sure that her husband murdered Trayvon. Just my take on it. Thank you for allowing me to share.

    • Malisha says:

      I don’t put it past Shellie to cry because she either believes or pretends (for her, they are so close as to be indistinguishable) that she is hearing the voice of her poor poor abused hubby, George button-nose Zimmerman. I think she’s a mewling sycophantic Z-worshipping “pet” wife who can only get in touch with emotions when they’re presented to her in her fantasy-barbie-world format and she’s probably never thought an independent self-reliant adult thought in her whole silly life.

      • God is there says:

        I don’t doubt what you’re saying about SZ to be true, it would take a cold-blooded person, after knowing what their husband has done to just sit and say nothing, but her perjury trial has yet to come, maybe she’ll turn over when her fantasy bubble is burst and reality sets in. I still believe she knows that wasn’t her husband crying for help, but probably like you’ve stated; just ‘a mewling sycophantic Z-worshipping “pet” wife who can only get in touch with emotions when they’re presented to her…’. With that said, my hope is that every lie all of Zimm fans have told be exposed and brought to the light. Thanks for your reply Malisha.

      • jm says:

        Listening to her testimony during bond hearing, Shellie seems quite capable of dodging direct questions and speak her mind. I think she believes George and even if she didn’t he was a ticket to a better life now that the money was pouring in. By the way, does anyone know when Shellie go to trial for perjury? Being found guilty might just burst her delusional bubble about herself and George.

        Excuse me if this offends anyone, but I believe Shellie and George Zimmerman and Mark and Sondra Osterman are “closet” racists who do not feel that George really committed a crime because it was a “black” teen with a hoodie who didn’t show “respect” to George.

        It was the cousin who reported she was molested by George who said the Zimmerman family were racist IF the black person didn’t act white. I knew exactly what she meant. I think Joe Oliver (George’s reported black friend) acted white and he was acceptable. Trayvon-type teens with hoodies were not. Even if the FBI said the Trayvon killing was not based on race, I think it was.

    • If ShelLIE had a conscious, she wouldn’t have sat up in her home or whereever she is hiding and pretend that she didn’t know hom much money was in the paypal account! She cannot think for herself and she only cares about herself and her murdereing husband! I hope she gets jail time for the perjury charge!

      • God is there says:

        @Deborah Garner-Moore:
        The only thing I can say as far as you’re response is:
        “Oh what webs they have weaved because they chose to try and deceive.”
        Justice will be served because GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.
        I believe what’s going to happen to Zimm, (and I hate even writting this man’s name) but anyway, he will get what he deserves. Everytime I hear about how he probably had Trayvon hemmed up and how Trayvons last moments of life were probably very terrifying to say the least, there are no words I can form in mouth to say how despictable I find this man to be. My son is very precious to me and I love his life and the life that he lives. He proudly serves in the Army and has always been very well mannered but kind of shy, (especially being among 5 talkety sisters :)) until he went to the Army. He’s now a little more vocal, but to imagine your son being killed for no apparent reason but that he looked suspicious? Suspicious of what? I know that because I am a Christian we are not suppose to hate the person, just the sin, but God forgive me, I hate this man for what he has done, that could have been my son. And to have no remorse or feelings of it is simply appaulling. But this I do know is that what ever happens to this ignorant, close minded piece of dung and anyone else that was involved in this, it will not even pale to what Trayvon probably went through before he was killed. But God will serve His justice upon GZ, his wife, his co-hearts, every person that lied for him and every prejudiced heart that tried to justify this simpleton’s thought process when he needlessly took the life of this precious young man. And what will happen to them, I believe WILL BE ALL GOD’S PLAN!!!!!!!! No excuses will explain it away, no rocks will cry out for them, and there will be no place for any of them to hide; because they are all going to be held accountable for everything that they have done, whether it be here on this earth, or when they stand before that Great White Throne of Judgment. (Can’t point anymore fingers, can’t send any more money, can’t rig this, can’t hide that, can’t photoshoot any more fake pics, and can’t use scripts) Only the truth will set them free. (I don’t see Zimm getting any more free passes; he escaped raping a young girl/teen, abusing a spouse, bullying, disrepecting authority, name calling (Awkmed), and if I missed anything else, God won’t miss a thang! (Thang-purposely spelled that way). The only thing his future holds is brick walls, locked doors, bars, gross meals, limits, and lights out!!! for the rest of his sorry, pitiful life. ALL GOD’S PLAN? Yep! Now I like that.

  13. TruthBTold says:

    Tzar wrote,

    “I still contend that that is NOT, I repeat NOT, Osterman on the M&IB ATM tape”

    Yeah, I mentioned earlier that he looks different from that picture you are referencing. I don’t know.

    • cielo62 says:

      Wasn’t that established based on whose account got accessed?

      • TruthBTold says:

        Not sure what you are asking?

        • TruthBTold says:

          Edited to correct question mark. Should be a period.

        • cielo62 says:

          I thought that had to be Osterman because it was his account that was accessed. So how could that person NOT be him? He’s paranoid enough to keep all PIN numbers secret. Otherwise who could that be?

          • TruthBTold says:

            Oh okay. Honestly, I don’t recall the backstory of how it was obtained, etc., when posted some time back in another thread. I just recall seeing the picture but didn’t comment about it or recall what was posted.

      • PYorck says:

        As far as I am aware the prosecution has never said what is up with the bank videos.

        It is possible that they simply got them because in one angle you can see part of the northern edge of the Retreat in the distance.

        The other, more interesting possibility is that something ties one of the people involved to the bank. It could be a cell phone record, a witness (possibly that person themselves) or ATM activity (at least for the Zimmermans). If they suspect that someone, e.g. Osterman used the ATM then that would be easy to verify using the ATM records, but I am pretty sure that they haven’t confirmed anything like that so far.

  14. TruthBTold says:

    Did you guys see MO’s response when Dr. Phil was going down the list of GZ’s prior bad acts and got to the incident when GZ harassed and bullied his former Arab co-worker? Looks like the wind was knocked out of MO’s sails. Not saying that a friend would tell other friends about their disgusting behavior in this manner, but I really don’t believe, similarly to Joe Oliver, that they know GZ well at all. Didn’t he even say that he would risk his life or lay his life on the line or something like that, for GZ? More theatrics for the viewing audience? Hmmm…..I love my friends and all…. but uh ruh…. yeah don’t know about all of that LOL.

    • jm says:

      I saw that and glad to see MO thrown off course and happy to see Dr. Phil confront him. Seems MO might have done his homework on his “brother” before going on a national TV show.

      • TruthBTold says:


        I know right. It just makes GZ and everyone coming to his defense that much more unbelievable. Even Dr. Phil was like to even appear to have some credibility, you have to concede that he shouldn’t have gotten out of the truck (paraphrased.) I mean really.

    • I doubt anyone knows George Zimmerman very well, including George Zimmerman.

      Too many walls, Too many ridiculous excuses.

      I don’t think he trusts anyone except himself and even keeps his friends at arms length on a need to know basis.

  15. KA says:

    So, was the statement that “Osterman does not represent the defense” a way of disengaging from any evidence that the State could pull from this? They (GZ) will have to throw Mark under a bus to get away from him on this. That will make Osterman’s life pretty tough I imagine.

    I found it interesting that O’Mara’s office would put out that heavy of a statement right after the interview when they did not even do that for Frank Taffe (who was another media disaster)?

    I am trying to figure out what he said that would be more damaging than Taffe to have such an immediate reaction. Maybe something that is directly opposite to their core defense?

    I also think that Mark was their “safety manager” that they spoke of. I also believe he was one that had access to the account. I think it will be hard to just “dismiss” his story for the defense.

    I cannot imagine how Mark on the stand will do when used by the State on what he knew of the night directly from GZ himself. He will either have to lie against himself and what he wrote, or he will have to throw GZ under a bus.

    What a tangled web we weave…

    • rachael says:

      I think – *think* – that O’Mara had to put that disclaimer there. On I think the outhouse site, someone said that Osterman’s wife asked O’Mara numerous times if it was okay to publish the book and if there were any changes he wanted made, but he is not able to do that because that would then make him (again, I *think*) like a party to it. Also, I’m sure he has better things to do than edit someone else’s book. Apparently, she (Osterman’s wife) took no response to mean that it was okay to go ahead and publish it. I mean you would think they would have better sense but. . .

      Anyway, when you say:

      I am trying to figure out what he said that would be more damaging than Taffe to have such an immediate reaction. Maybe something that is directly opposite to their core defense?

      I don’t think it is necessarily that per se, but more like O’Mara (or the defense) can’t be part of it because then it makes him (*I think*) like a witness, a position that he cannot put himself in if he is to defend his client.

      • bettykath says:

        Is it possible that by giving advice to Osterman’s wife he would be involved in a conflict of interest? He isn’t Osterman or his wife’s lawyer.

        I think O’Mara had to distance the defense from the interview and the book b/c it purports to be another version of the GZ story. They have too many to deal with already.

    • Malisha says:

      WHen Taaffe was running around running his mouth, it was much earlier in the game. Zimmerman thought that it would HELP him so he did not carefully try to disengage himself.

      I believe it was a concerted effort, this book: Defense says, “We didn’t help out with this and we don’t necessarily agree to anything” in advance so that the book and the publicity for the book can play out, defense can see what fails and what (if anything) works, and THEN can come in saying, “We disavowed all this in advance” or “Oh well, hey, he GOT THAT RIGHT.”

      It reminds me of George saying, at several points in his interview, “I don’t remember,” or “something like that” so he could change it later if necessary.

      All very clumsy and transparent. George killed someone, thought he would walk, got caught up in a big problem, couldn’t work out a “fix,” and has to flail around trying to patch together something he believes will exonerate him.

      As they say on late night TV: Fat Chance, Homie.

    • Xena says:

      O’Mara spoiled getting increased donations for GZ’s defense fund. He said that GZ and Shellie saved their money. Bad timing since Shellie has a court date coming up on the perjury charge.

    • aussie says:

      Oh and Shellie might throw GZ under the bus re the perjury, and they might throw MOM under…….

      They better start collecting again — though they might get a discount for renting an entire fleet of buses.

  16. jm says:

    Kind of sad Osterman can carry a gun. He is as dumb as a rock and doesn’t know it – much like George Zimmerman who thought he could outwit everyone with his story about the shooting with ever changing stories and his plot to outwit the court by having Shellie and his sister move money around from his Paypal account.

    They are stupid people who somehow for some odd reason, many people believe.

    • rachael says:

      Yep. And I bet he votes too. Scary, stupid people.

    • Malisha says:

      People fall in thrall to evil. People fall in thrall to evil.

    • Tzar says:

      I think for the most part only stupid people believe them…so stupid is as stupid does

    • Tina says:

      It’s my personal belief, that his supporters are not that stupid and don’t feel they believe GZ’s story any more than we do. They don’t care about GZ one way or the other. This tragedy is just another platform for them to show their true colors as it concerns their racists views. They just as well support him simply due to the fact that he killed a black child, without cause. Plain and simple!

      • racerrodig says:

        As far as the Zidiot Nation being concerned about GZ as a person, I agree that they could not care less about him. They are proud of the fact that one of “us” killed one of “them”. On the other site, their racism is a badge to be worn proudly. Sad as that is in the 21st Century.
        It’s easy to see Z, and his Nation have some serious mental issues.
        If Z is calling the shots, then my assessment of his counsel as “Moron O’ Mara” stands as accurate. I work with several lawyers on Consumer Fraud Auto lawsuits as an expert and I have never seen such ridiculous “lawyering” in my life. Pretty obvious why Uhrig & Co. bailed out.

        • racerrodig stated: “As far as the Zidiot Nation being concerned about GZ as a person, I agree that they could not care less about him. They are proud of the fact that one of “us” killed one of “them”. On the other site, their racism is a badge to be worn proudly. Sad as that is in the 21st Century. It’s easy to see Z, and his Nation have some serious mental issues. If Z is calling the shots, then my assessment of his counsel as “Moron O’ Mara” stands as accurate. I work with several lawyers on Consumer Fraud Auto lawsuits as an expert and I have never seen such ridiculous “lawyering” in my life. Pretty obvious why Uhrig & Co. bailed out.”

          You know racerrodig, I love your posts! LOL. Racists are sick individuals without a heart and soul IMO. “One of “them?”LOL. Then they have the nerve to become angry at other whites who do not ascribe to their ignorant analogy. Remember, if you don’t think like them, you are a race traitor! LOL!

          I always point out to many black people and minorities in general that their were many whites who marched, and protested during the Civil Rights Movement. There were many whites who gave their life for the Civil Rights Movement, and whites who continue to fight for the struggle for racial equality for all people I know this because I know many of them and many of them are on this thread, and it is these brave warriors who are hated by the racists bigots. Yes, it is sad to see this sick, ignorant mentality which still is so pervasive in our society in 2012.

      • Exactly because if GZ had murdered a white boy, or white girl and claimed that the kid attacked him, and it was SYG or SD? GZ would be under the jail at this time, and on his way to the State Pen. He would no doubt NOT be believe for one minute! GZ knows how America operates believe me. He would not be receiving donations or any support from the racists bigots. He would be blamed and attacked for all that ill in America, from Immigration to why Spanish speaking Americans do not want to learn English.

        • sunnieday7 says:

          Zimmerman is very complex. At first I thought he was plain stupid but now I think he is clever in the way he is playing to the people who support him. He has become a superstar in his own mind. The more I look at “The Real George Zimmerman” the more disgusted and confused about him I become. And when his parents jumped on the bandwagon looking for support money it became even more disgusting, but I could see the apple did not fall far from the tree. They have no shame, no one associated with Zimmerman, including the money-hungry self-righteous Osterman’s. I can only hope justice is served and this trial does not end up like Casey Anthony trial. (What are the odds?)

          If you look at George’s website, he actually is a cross between crazy and smug. I also want to smack him upside the head – like his mother was reported to have done.


        • cielo62 says:

          WOW! Do you read the Chronicle, too?

  17. Wow the z supporters are turning on osterman…they want gz to sever all ties….

  18. ada4750 says:

    This Osterman doesn’t look perfectly honest. He was caught in a strange story was fired from his job as Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy (i don’t know what that is)

    He said to be hired by a guy who falsely pretended to play second base for the New York Yankees. Gee!!

    I don’t know if his story is known.


  19. Zhickel says:

    I’ve just watched the five clips available on the Dr Phil website and these are the points I jotted down for no other reason than they were interesting are may invite further discussion:

    1. Osterman helped Z pick out the gun and the consensus was it was good for self-defence because no time was wasted operating a safety catch.

    Q. With such an obvious focus on self defence, how is it possible that Z was not aware of SYG laws.

    2. No surprise in Z and Osterman being friends. I see many shared characteristics. They are very similar personalities.

    3. After a question Osterman said ‘…….as George described.’ It seemed to me that Osterman was leaving the door a little ajar to the possibility that George was not telling the truth.

    This is purely an observation of idiosyncracies; I think Osterman and his wife are trying to leave themselves a little ‘wiggle room’ in case Z is convicted.

    4. Dr Phil asked if there was a possibility of George making a mistake. Osterman, ‘Couldn’t conceive,’ the fact.

    That’s a lot of trust to place on a man more than a decade your junior. Someone you have known for only six years. A man which whom the relationship has historically been as a mentor/older/wiser person.

    5. At one stage Osterman is asked what George SHOULD have done. The reply, ‘You don’t see him, let’s just let this one go.’

    LET’S JUST LET THIS ONE GO. These guys have discussed shooting a person at some stage. They’ve discussed George’s frustrations about crime in the Retreat.

    Just a few thoughts that jumped out at me 🙂

  20. Xena says:

    The Zimbots are discussing strategy/theories over on the conservative doghouse, and then asking questions of O’Mara as though to place a worm on the hook to mask their giving of legal advice to him. The latest strategy/theory is that the phone that Trayvon had on 2/26/12 was not his phone, but was stolen. Thus, according to their theory, the phone log showing that he received a call on 2/26 at 7:12 that lasted until 7:16 were falsified by attorney Crump in effort to support DeeDee’s statement. The Zimbots now want the Ping records from the phone company.

    The following comment (in pertinent part) was made on gzlegalcase.com by a Zimbot who made it known over at the doghouse.
    “Are technical reports re. the cell phone(s) expected to be part of the info you’re seeking?”

    The reply does not address this question.


    • Rachael says:

      They are absolutely out of their tree at the outhouse.

      • Xena says:

        LOL!! You bet Rachael. Over on Yahoo, the comments were about lawsuits, having SA Corey disbarred, Crump charged with fraud, etc. The Professor is so right — they use intimidation. Oh, btw, they do seem to be concerned that there are very few of them. LOL!!!

      • Malisha says:

        That’s the common legalese-abuser crap. Sue whoever doesn’t do what you want; threaten all professionals with actions against their licenses; harass, threaten, push, scream, holler, be the big victim, out-victim everybody, assume that anybody who sees things differently is a liar.

        It’s amazing how often “their” story is just like the story “their” kind used before them. Just plain flat-out astonishing.

        The problem is that lots of “them” are judges and etc.

    • Tzar says:

      wow…that’s a whole lot of crazy…

  21. Osterman’s friendship with Zimmerman is controversial, because many critics believe he coached Zimmerman on what to tell police. The lead Sanford Police investigator said Zimmerman’s account of the shooting sounded scripted, and many of the slain teen’s supporters believe it was Osterman who drafted the talking points

    Read more here…


  22. Dennis says:

    I commend Dr Phil for being intelligent enough not to believe the stories of George Zimmerman or Casey Anthony. I still respect Dr. Drew more so I would definitely want to hear his take on Zimmerman.

  23. Wanna Facett says:

    Professor Leatherman,
    Over the last couple of months I have followed your blog and you have garnered the upmost respect from me because of your integrity, humility, intellect and just plain grit in the face of unbelievable accusations. I have had the full range of emotions from extreme anger (ie when you and your family were attacked, especially by fellow attorneys) to sadness to ROTFLMAO at some of the comments, of course not at the same the time. I felt compelled to post because I have a hunch what GZ did to cause TM to cry out in pain, maybe a trick learned from MO. If Witness 6’s statement is correct TM was trying to defend himself by holding GZ down. GZ grabbed TM’s genitals to get Trayvon off him. TM screamed in pain and would ‘shut the f..k up’ as he was told and George was running out of time before the police would arrive. After getting up, GZ grabbed Trayvon by his shirt and fired to silence the only witness, which George considered expendable. Trayvon fell to the ground holding himself explaining why his hand were under his body. Just my theory.

    • Wanna Facett says:

      Correction, Trayvon would not submit to GZ’s authority and ‘shut the f**k up’ ….

    • Thanks for your supportive comments.

      I think you’re probably right about GZ interrogating TM using some form of torture because he seems to have had TM under physical control with TM screaming for approximately 40 seconds or so before the shot.

      • Professor Leatherman: I was veiwing the tapes on Youtube by Trent Sawyer, and he stated that TM made some sort of AHHHH or Arrrrr sound like his arm was being twisted, and he was in some type of severe pain then he is shot dead. I hope to god the tape caught this interrogation and what was being said. What I don’t get is this: GZ must be aware just like we are aware that his words are on tape. and he cannot dispute this. Why is he going ahead with a trial? Why doesn’t MOM try for a plea bargain? MOM must have heard these tape recordings as well?

        • I think Zimmerman believes he can talk his way out of any situation, no matter how dire. Unfortunately for him, he’s never had to deal with transcripts of what he said.previously in the hands of a lawyer smarter and many steps ahead of him..

  24. @rnsone says:

    I seen only a small part of interview.I recorded it and will watch shortly.In the brief part I watched, I see a hysterical person representing TM’s side who wasn’t in complete grasp of the facts.Osterman remained calm in spouting his misinformation.She should’ve asked why was a graduation party thrown for GZ,and why did he lie to Det.Serino about his status in college?(Amongst other things)Yes, pretty minor but it shows his dishonesty.Dr.Phil shouldve had Benjamin Crump on instead of her.Ok,I’m going to watch it now before I put my foot in my mouth commenting on something I really haven’t seen.Maybe she did call Osterman on his misinfo.

    • ShannonInMiami says:

      @rnsone, i swear, i watched the whole thing, and Alicia did an excelent job. I feel she took him on with the real issues of this case.. when you see this, maybe you’ll find the same thing.

      I posted earlier that this was an excellent use of the media to get millions of white people that haven’t followed this case to see some of the truth come out, in Trayvon’s favor, and from a TV personality they respect! I’m over joyed this came on!!

  25. bettykath says:

    OT but related The rhetoric is a bit inflammatory, it is the Examiner, after all.


    Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against Al Sharpton, NBC, and the Martin Family Attorneys

    • ks says:

      Check the date on that article. It’s from April. Overall though, my goodness what a dumb article. That bogus proposed lawsuit, if it’s ever filed, has no chance whatsoever and is just pr designed to get more money from Zimmerman’s astoundingly gullible followers. Also, it’s hilarious that the hack who wrote it is titled as “Legal Education Examiner” when she hasn’t even gotten her JD from the third rate law school she’s attending.

    • Malisha says:

      That crap about the lawsuit is being put up for drama effect. I’d like to see the idiot who represents Zimmerman in a lawsuit for “intentional infliction” against the Martin family — RULE 11 was MADE for this oh PLEEEEEEASE let it be Dershowitz PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

    • cielo62 says:

      OMG! This is BEYOND incredulous! Gee, these Zimbots are so full of hatred that even whne minorities even LOOK for justice, they are accused of being race baiters! There was no arguing with the posters; they are totally blinded by their hatred and ignorance. Who needs evidence? They have all they need by condemning Sharpton, Crump and others.

    • KA says:

      That writer is a fool. If you read her Examiner articles they are full of hate, strong bias, and outright inflammatory articles about race. I have reported her at least 10 times to the Examiner for hate language. She is a student at an unaccredited law school in California (1st or 2nd year) and is the “Law Education Expert” for the Examiner. It seems to give her some feeling of empowerment.

  26. Brown says:

    @the person who wrote about enhanced 911 call. Please post link pleassse…..

  27. Personally, I believe he was on NW that night and used the excuse of going to Target to shop. Shopping without Shellie?

    • Fed-up taxpayer says:

      Shopping without a wallet?

    • I suspect Zimmerman always took his gun with him when he checked the neighborhood and if anyone had ever asked him why he was carrying his gun, he would have said, he was on his way to a convenience store or Target when something caught his attention and he decided to check it out.

      I think he deliberately used that excuse all the time to get around the NWP prohibition on carrying a gun.

      • jm says:

        Just curious, but aren’t you always on Neighborhood Watch? Maybe I am wrong, but isn’t neighborhood watch to be aware of suspicious things that may be happening around your home and your neighbors’ homes and report it to law enforcement.

        Do people actually officially “patrol” the neighborhoods they live in at assigned times as part of a Neighborhood Watch program? If so, it would be interesting to know what time George’s official assigned patrol time was vs other people who were part of the program in his condo complex.

      • KA says:


        He was not just a volunteer, but the Captain. In the newsletter it states for people to call GZ for suspicious people, etc. There are no times listed. If he was just “on the schedule” I could see that argument, but he placed himself in a position of management over the program. I am not sure “off duty” will work.

        • jm says:

          Does anyone know WHY it is so important for the Zimmerman team to establish that Zimmerman was not on duty as neighborhood watch person, that he was just on his way to the store.

          • TruthBTold says:


            Because we all know that carrying while on “duty” is against N rules so, the defense is trying to say that he wasn’t on duty and that he was legally allowed to carry his weapon. Where they are running into trouble is 1) he exited his vehicle with a gun once he started “acting” in that capacity and 2) questions being raised as to how NW operates. Meaning, is a person always on duty?

          • jm says:

            Thanks TruthBTold!

            My problem understanding the Zimmerman team saying he was on his way to the store and absolutely not on NW duty is how much more trouble could George be in than he already is?

            I thought you are always on duty in Neighborhood Watch especially if you are the “captain.”

            I guess trying to make sense of the Ostermans or the Zimmermans is a waste of time.

          • Yes, I don’t believe there is any mystery to why GZ is claiming that he wasn’t on duty. He was carrying a concealed weapon and the NWP rules prohibit that, whether or not the person has a license to carry a concealed weapon.

            I think he always carried his gun when he was checking out the neighborhood and, if anyone had ever questioned why he was carrying, he would have said he was on his way to the store or on some other non-existing errand, when he noticed something and duty called.

            I doubt there were any records of regular schedules that he had followed.

          • jm says:

            So is Zimmerman team afraid of a civil lawsuit by admitting he carried a gun while on NW?

            Also I vaguely remember Zimmerman saying that he forgot he had his gun that evening, even though MO said he always carried a gun and Zimmerman said he had just left home to go to the store.

            The stories are so filled with holes and yet people continue to support Zimmerman. Very frustrating and sad to see this mentality both from Zimmerman team and the Zimmerman supporters.

      • bettykath says:

        George was the captain and was supposed to let the person in SPD know who the other volunteers were. There were no other volunteers. George was it. Or maybe Taafe joined him. This was not something that the community as a whole was involved in.

      • gblock says:

        >>Just curious, but aren’t you always on Neighborhood Watch? Maybe I am wrong, but isn’t neighborhood watch to be aware of suspicious things that may be happening around your home and your neighbors’ homes and report it to law enforcement.<<

        jm, years ago, I attended a Neighborhood Watch meeting for the block on which my husband and I were living at the time. The way it was explained to us at that time was pretty much as you said. There was no talk about setting up any specific "patrols".

  28. Dave says:

    Dang! I thought Curly Howard was dead!

    BTW did you catch his statement that GZ was on his way to a “convenience store”?

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Interesting comment?

    • jm says:

      Why do they INSIST George Zimmerman was not on Neighborhood Watch and he was just on his way to Target/convenience store? Isn’t Neighborhood Watch 24-7?

      These Zimmerman supporters are disgusting. To think they will make money from the book and filter some back to Zimmerman sickens me. Why didn’t Dr Phil elaborate on the subject of Neighborhood Watch duties. So many missed opportunities for Dr Phil to prove the Osterman’s thinking was flawed it was maddening to watch.

  29. CherokeeNative says:

    It appears that MOM and GZ were none to quick to repudiate Mark O’s appearance and book on Dr. Phil’s show today:

    “Ag*****FL says:

    September 11, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    GZ Legal tweet:
    Osterman’s book and TV spot, although well-intentioned, are ill-timed and done without input and NOT approved by the defense.

    Osterman’s book and TV spot, although well-intentioned, are ill-timed and done without input and NOT approved by the defense.—
    Zimmerman Legal Case (@GZlegalCase) September 11, 2012”


    • TruthBTold says:

      Translation: MO’s appearance did nothing to help us at all. Ha! I thought GZ and MO were very best friends.

      • TruthBTold says:

        edited to add that if MO and GZ are best friends it would reason that GZ more than likely than not would know about MO’s scheduled appearance on Dr. Phil as well as pending book. By extension, then MOM should have been aware (well this is GZ we are talking about so….). In any event, this is all calculated and goes in line with GZ’s Hannity interview, donation drives, etc., because if not, once they were aware of MO’s intentions they would have released a statement, tweet, or whatever prior to his appearance stating that they are aware of MO’s plans and have not endorsed this interview, yada yada yada. Instead, they waited to see what type of damage was done (plenty) and then release their statement. MOM’s comments suggest that they knew, but in essence cannot stop MO from giving interviews. What further input would MO need? He is going by what GZ told him. They probably would have rather coached MO on what to say although, it is quite difficult to have a plausible retort to facts and the drawing of reasonable inferences.

    • Xena says:

      HA! Osterman is on the M&I Bank vid on 2/26/12. He is on the State’s witness list. At this point, MOM may not know if and how the prosecution will use that vid. Osterman’s book and interview agenda might be to butter the knife before he sticks it in GZ. Dr. Phil said the book contained “facts.” Osterman agreed. Osterman must know that what GZ told him is inconsistent with GZ’s written statement, interviews with LE, Hannity interview, and his re-enactment. Osterman is giving the prosecution more to argue GZ’s inconsistencies.

  30. CherokeeNative says:

    If someone has already stated this same point, I apologize as I have not finished reading all of the comments, but I can only say that I wanted Trayvon’s step-mom to say on national t.v. today (Dr. Phil’s Show) that Trayvon was followed for almost 10 minutes that we know of (maybe more if we consider that GZ may have been following him before he called the NEN). We as mothers, parents, school officials, teach our children that when a stranger follows you, someone tries to come near you, touches you, chases you, you fucking fight, you scream, you kick, you scream some more and you fight…..that is what Trayvon did. He had no idea who this friggin nut case was – he could have been a pedophile (which is still questionable), he could have been a gang member, he could have been a stupid dumb paranoid delusional wanna-be cop dude that had a gun attached to his butt for balls….Trayvon did what he had been trained to do since he was a little child old enough to leave his mom’s side. He had that right, any aggression he may have exhibited was warranted and taught by us as adults. GZ was an adult and as a person carrying a concealed weapon should have realized that. He’s very deserving of Murder 2 – and I say very because I would have charged him with Murder 1 – he listened to Trayvon beg for his life for almost 40 seconds, took time to aim so as to not shoot his own hand, and then simply pulled the trigger like he was putting down a lame horse. This is what needs to be said to the jury and the public in general – this guy killed a child for doing what he has been trained to do.

    • Rachael says:

      You know CN, I’m not a kid, but if I was walking in the dark and O saw someone sitting in their car wayching me, then getyinh on the phone and talking about me, then getting out and following me, asking what I’m doing, not identifying themselves, you bet I’d try to punch them in the mose or kick them in tje balls and if I was considered assault because I threw the firsy punch, so what. I’d sure have neen scared someone following me that way.

    • When the prosecution team plays that tape of TM begging for his life, stating that he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know as GZ in his crazy state of mind was questioning him about the break ins, and they go over details of his injuries? GZ will be lucky he gets 25 years. He stood there and listened to this kid beg for his life. How heartless and something tells me that Frank Taaffe was somewhere on the scene as well! GZ shot that kid anyway. GZ was convinced that TM had something to do with those break ins, and when he realized that he shot an innocent kid who had no weapon, he concocted the SD claim. He has slammed and denigrated this kid like no other. I for one, will not bat an eye when he is pronounced GUILTY and when the parents speak on behalf of their son? I hope they read him the riot act! He need to go straight to hell!

      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        when the parents speak on behalf of their son? I hope they read him the riot act! He need to go straight to hell!


    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      The arrogances of Osterman and Zimmerman is mind-boggling. GZ could have been a child molester as far as Trayvon was concerned.

      While on a trip while at a hotel I observed a man trying to drag a little boy in his hotel room. I grabbed the boy by the arm while screaming help! then asked the boy was it his father because he was pulling away? He mumbled “no” I had just witness something very traumatic it didn’t look right.

      While hollering trying to get attention; many of the guest ended out in the hallway. Shortly the police came and the man was arrested; later charged. The parents were thankful. It was expressed to them to teach your child to scream or fight he was too young to go outside by himself. I observed the child was trained to be respectful and humble (like Trayvon) but a pedophile could have easily taken advantage of him. I didn’t care what happened to me someone was in possible danger. The man almost closed the boy in the door; thank God someone was walking to the car to get something and breezed by the door……

      My point, from the evidence about Trayvon’s personality, he didn’t know who the armed creep was stalking him. Creating a dangerous situation that would later end his life. Trayvon did what he should’ve done. Yelled and fight with all his might! What shocked me not one person tried to assist him. Osterman and the entire Zimmerman crew needs to put their child in Trayvon Martins shoes, they lie and you can clearly see they don’t believe what they are saying. They have a script they operate from; Trayvon fought but someone should’ve helped him.

    • Tzar says:


    • I believe it probably was a premeditated murder, but they can prove murder 2, and I don’t think they will bother with going to the grand jury to indict on murder 1 since they can get a life sentence on murder 2.

  31. TruthBTold says:

    MSF wrote,

    “One thing I found rather strange and that is Mark Osterman took Z and Shellie into his home almost immediately after the shooting incident. He felt he needed to protect Z from any retaliation and mentioned the New Black Panthers. The Zimmermans stayed with Ostersman for approx a month but the New Black Panthers never put a bounty on George’s head for well over a month or more after the shooting. I found this to be deception on Osterman’s part and he was using it as an excuse for he and George being able to get together and concoct a believable story of what took place on the nite of Feb 26.”

    In my best Chris Tucker voice, “and you know this man.” I mean really. You are on MSF.They were saying something about the local news getting wind of the story and I doubt that would cause real fear of some sort of retaliation or threats. They are going to play up this non-credible “terrorist group” that was actually denounced by legitimate ex or current members (unsure if it is now defunct) of that movement.

    • Tzar says:

      as PFL said: “Zimmerman and Osterman seem utterly incapable of telling the truth about anything.”

    • jm says:

      “One thing I found rather strange and that is Mark Osterman took Z and Shellie into his home almost immediately after the shooting incident. He felt he needed to protect Z from any retaliation and mentioned the New Black Panthers. ”

      I heard that also and wondered why Dr. Phil didn’t confront Osterman on the fact the New Black Panthers didn’t know anything about the killing on February 26. So some of Dr. Phil’s audience who do not follow the case closely, believes Osterman is a good guy and credible for protecting his friend.

      I find Dr Phil at fault accepting this statement as true and why I wanted to throw things at the TV. The whole thing was a farce to get more money for Zimmerman, the Osterman’s and higher ratings for Dr. Phil.

      • KA says:

        There is a Proverb int he Bible that says “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.”
        and another translation that says:

        “The first person to testify seems innocent, until the other comes and cross-examines him.”

        Anyway, I get irritated, but not too upset by unchallenged statements because I know there will come a day….

  32. I have no doubt that the prosecutors now nave additional impeachment material for Zimmerman, based on what Osterman said Zimmerman told him. Don’t know if they will want to use it,

    After all, they have an embarrassment of riches.

    Zimmerman and Osterman seem utterly incapable of telling the truth about anything.

    • Brown says:

      Look for that interview placed into discovery by the state along with Hannity.
      The state can start their own dvd collection called “The Dumb Shit George Zimmerman, Friends & Family Will Say In Front of a Camera”.

      • MichelleO says:

        “The state can start their own dvd collection called “The Dumb Shit George Zimmerman, Friends & Family Will Say In Front of a Camera”.

        AND after dumb George is convicted and the rest of his posse is revealed and convicted also, we can all get together and have “The Dumb Shit George Zimmerman, Friends & Family Will Say In Front of a Camera” parties all over America. Heck, I’m sure some enterprising young person will even come up with a dance to go along with it.

        • Brown says:


          @ Everyone I’m still getting that transcript together of the Dr. Phil show with the Ostermans I’m on page 12 of 24 will be ready by Sunday

        • racerrodig says:

          You got that right ! As I’ve been saying for months.

          Officer “…ok George, are you familiar with Miranda ?'”

          GZ “…um, ……..no, her name is SheLie……”

          “You have the right to remain silent…….”

          GZ “…..ok, but let me tell you what happened after that.”

      • jm says:

        Speaking of Zimmerman family, haven’t heard much from George’s father and brother, who initially were very outspoken in their defense of George’s actions on 02/26.

        I also wonder how George’s parents are doing trying to raise money on their website for their living expenses/hideout.

    • Tzar says:

      “Zimmerman and Osterman seem utterly incapable of telling the truth about anything.”

      it’s almost surreal

    • Professor Leatherman: Poster racerrodig made a good point and I am going to post it.

      “On this and another site there is an enhanced 911 call in which you hear what is Z saying….who’s doing the break – ins …and Trayvon screaming I don’t know…I’m begging you..and it goes on for 20 or so seconds.”

      I and many other posters on Youtube have stated that we have heard this dialogue but we were not sure of all that was said until they enhanced the tape!!! At first we could not ascertain exactly what TM was saying, but now we do. He kept saying, I don’t know, I don’t know. Help! Help Me Mom. I’m begging you. We were not sure what GZ was doing when the kid was yelling this. Were they scuffling? Was GZ hitting him? We know that GZ was not getting his head beaten in. Have you heard this tape yourself and what do you and the other posters here think? If we lay people can hear this kid saying this, I cannot imagine what the prosecution teeam can hear since they have much better equipment to enhance the tape? I wonder if GZ is aware that his browbeating session was caught on tape? Do you believe that he was why charged with Second Degree Murder due to what was on that tape?

      • rachael says:

        I know I heard part of it here – and I could clearly hear I don’t know and mamma – and I could not stop crying. It was that clear.

      • Xena says:

        GZ said that he yelled for help, but not once did he say he yelled out anything else. I clearly heard the words “I’m begging you” and “No.”

        Since the recording of that 911 call was played on television, it was my impression that GZ had Trayvon in some type of painful police take-down position.

        Also, since the cries stopped with the gunshot, I never questioned that it wasn’t Trayvon crying for help. Had it been GZ with those cries, they would not have stopped after the trigger was pulled. People just don’t turn off true emotions like that.

        • Brown says:

          At no point in interviews, statements, or anything else did Zimmerman say he said “I’m begging you, or get off. I find this an interesting point to point out because he likes to reverse what TM might of said for what he said. I find it quite interesting that he has not touch upon those particular words that can be clearly heard. He only claims he was screaming help. I believe GZ, lawyer, family and friends have not done their research as we have done. They are only believing what he tells them. They only complain how the media portrays him. If they were to come across this blog and see the evidence we have compiled together that they as well have access to, it might make them say to themselves, boy oh boy we are F**ked!

          • Don’t believe for a minute that they don’t know about these enhanced tapes and are pretending they don’t. They all know that GZ is a mentally disturbed man and what he is capable of doing. MOM certainly knows about these tapes since they are now in Discovery. If GZ’s family have not heard them, I cannot imagine what they will say or do when they are played at the trial! I do find it interesting that GZ has not stated that he was yelling, ‘I’m begging you! or ‘I don’t know.’ which can be heard on the 911 tapes as plain as day. Also, the vice was calling for his “Mommy.” GZ never mentions that he was saying that either.

          • One of the neighbors reported that she thought that GZ was trying to detain TM. I will try and find out which witness it was. As more and more time goes by, tapes are being enhanced, John recants his testimony, more and more people are remembering things said and did and people who were milling about behind their homes and it was not just GZ! Please expalin to me how GZ is going to expain this kid yelling and hollering and begging because we all know it was him whatsoever? All the jury has to do is hear that tape, and the report of TM’s close contact injury. TM was being held by his shirt and hoodie when he was shot. I become enraged when I think about this poor kid and what terror he must have been going thru.

          • TruthBTold says:


            Okay, so there is a witness that has said GZ was trying to detain TM? I don’t recall this being in the dump, but will have to go and look back. I don’t believe all witness statements have been released either. I know that Serino told GZ this, but we (the students) were trying to figure our if it was a police interviewing tactic or actually true.

          • That is very true. I have heard and read so much information. i am on overload. but I do love Professor Leatherman’s blog and I spend considerable time on Youtube viewing Trent Sawyers videos, but I will back track and see what I can find. I truly hope this is true. SIGH.

          • Brown says:

            You are correct that Serino said that they have a witness stating they saw him trying to detain TM. O’Mara also stated the same thing. He said The state has a witness saying they saw him challenging him” @ the second bond hearing. To my understanding he chose different words that means to me at least detaining or confronting TM. IMO.

            Also I noted the state didn’t say a word neither yea or nay.

            Listen forward from 50:00

          • Thanks for the link and confirmation! I knew I had read this somewhere but I was not sure where I read it! This case gets more interesting on a daily basis. Thanks again. I am beat after working all day!

          • Brown says:

            No problem glad I was able to help.
            I’m beat too, one more day… then its FRIDAY!!!

          • TruthBTold says:

            Thank you Bubbly Brown Suga :). Yeah, I remember MOM stating that, but didn’t connect it to that. Hmmmm……wonder if something else or just his play on words. Why not just say detainment though? Who knows when it comes to them.

          • Brown says:

            Ain’t that the Truth ; ^ )

      • Tzar says:

        do you have a link?

      • Tzar says:

        I personally believe that I here Zimmerman say “keep still” or “keep him still”, a few seconds before the shot is heard. I need a kink to the enhanced version asap

      • logi says:

        Hi xena it may have been your blog but I am looking for the enhanced tape where you can hear Trayvon scream”I don’t know” Can you provide the link if you have it? Thanks

      • Xena says:

        @logi “@xena
        Hi xena it may have been your blog but I am looking for the enhanced tape where you can hear Trayvon scream”I don’t know” Can you provide the link if you have it? Thanks”

        The recording on my blog is the actual 911 call with the screaming in the background. A slowed down version of it is at this link. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=676362&songID=11548279&showPlayer=true

        I’ve not been able to find an enhanced version of that call, but will continue to look.

      • KA says:

        I cannot listen to the 911 call…I had a hard time hearing the screams and had to shut it off. I know I cannot listen to a boy beg for his life.

        I am guessing, if this is analyzed someone and the words “I am begging you” come out or the “hold still”, then this is a pretty open/shut case I would think.

        Does anyone know about the result of this being analyzed for content by someone in the State’s case? I am guessing if they do, they have not released it yet, and should have good reason to feel quite confident.

      • I have not heard that tape, but I do recall hearing, “I don’t know,” and “Help,” in the background of the 911 call released in discovery.

        What you reported hearing is consistent with what I believe happened; namely, Zimmerman in control and interrogating Martin before he shoots him.

        • racerrodig says:

          To all who have asked about that enhanced tape. I saw it on one of the Professors blogs sometime last week. I will try to find it and get it posted. I’ve been real busy in my shop, but it’s here and I will find it.

      • Malisha says:

        I thought I heard, “Go waaaaay Go waaaaaay” or “No waaaaaay No waaaaaaay” but I couldn’t tell for sure. Is there a link to the enhanced and/or slowed-down tape?

        Because I heard “f*cking coons” before I heard the slowed-down and enhanced tape of Zimmerman’s NEN call and then after listening to the slowed and/or enhanced tape, I heard, “f*cking punks.”

        Still shows malice and ill will, of course, but not racism per se.

      • RBLKMSCORPIO says:

        Interesting…I can remember early on before GZ was charged his friend FT stated in an interview with HLN I think that “if TM would have just answered the question”. Yet GZ never admitted asking TM any type of question or questions during their encounter, he has stated that TM asked him “if he had a problem?” and GZ replies “no”. Could FT had be referring to DD’s version of the encounter where TM ask GZ “why are you following me?” and GZ replies “what are you doing around here?”.

  33. Xena says:

    Interesting thing that Dr. Phil did. Regarding GZ’s arrest for assault of the police officer, Dr. Phil said that GZ was ordered to undergo a program for alcoholics. Osterman said it was anger management.

    On his MySpace page. GZ answered “yes” for drinking. In his media interviews, Joe Oliver voluntarily offered that GZ was the only person not drinking at a family gathering. GZ refused to go to the hospital although he says he had life-threatening injuries. Maybe they would have taken a blood in their treatment of him? Will GZ’s medical records report a history of alcohol abuse?

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      In my opinion GZ was treated for it all! Anger management and Alcoholism… Let his associates keep running their mouths.

  34. TruthBTold says:

    Bravo to Dr. Phil and Alicia. His surrogates need to stay quiet. We are not going to play this game.

  35. TruthBTold says:

    Now we can add the dispatcher to the list of those who are at fault *rolls eyes*

    • rachael says:

      One of the things that angers me most about that is there is NO WAY that GZ “misinterpreted” what the dispatcher told him. His own handwritten statement says that the dispatcher told him to stop. It was VERY clear he knew exactly.

      I don’t know which is worse, that the Ostermans are that freakin stupid or if they really believe him.

      Anyway, does anyone know if Zimmerman still has that court date for October 3?

      • cielo62 says:

        Osterman probably isn’t that stupid; but he hopes WE are!

      • TruthBTold says:

        Oh no Rachael, it’s worse than that. They are trying to say that when the dispatcher told GZ to “let me know if he does anything else,” that was license to put yourself in a vulnerable position, no matter how you do it, to keep your eyes on TM which absolutely goes against what a dispatcher would tell a caller reporting something. MO was saying that GZ “lost sight of the visual.” The things they claim are out-of-order of the non-emergency call and just don’t add up.

  36. TruthBTold says:

    I’m watching now, but *yawn* I don’t expect people from that side to say anything differently besides, regurgitating GZ’s tales. He did say that he was looking for TM. Strange bunch and the fact that he is looking to make money off of this incident is disturbing. Will return with more thoughts.

  37. bettykath says:

    I see some discussion but no video. Does anyone have a link?

    • Xena says:

      @bettykath. I’ve spent time searching for a link but the only ones I find are the previews. If you have a cable service, they sometimes have a feature where you can “catch-up” on programs that have already televised. Comcast/Xfinity has that feature.

  38. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Osterman is a crooked us marshall/cop/detective or whatever he is… This is the mindset of the entire SPD. This kind of associations is what makes Sanford a bias city to live for minorities… they all cover each other with bold face liars…

    Zimmerman made disparaging comments about multiple nationalities. They all need psychotic treatment along with his jail sentence. Throw Frank Taffee , Shellie and her mother in the group…

  39. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    All I have to say is “Birds of a feather all flock together.” Parents keep your children, and cousins and animals indoors. GZ is a ticking time bomb…

  40. ks says:

    Wow, it was a disaster. Like I said in the other thread, please let them keep talking as they are doing GZ no good. The Ostermans just ruined whatever usefulness they had to GZ’s defense.

    • cielo62 says:

      Unless the goal was to further poison the jury pool.

    • Tina says:


      My sentiments exactly! The prosecution must be sitting back enjoying all that GZ and his cohorts are handing them to potentially use at trial. Don’t know why these people don’t exercise their RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!!! Because EVERYTHING THEY SAY…CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST HIM.

      • racerrodig says:

        As to the right to remain silent….Lets put this scene into this pathetic play.

        Officer..”Do you know about Miranda Mr. Zimmerman”

        “..um, sure…….wait, no….her name is SheLie…”

  41. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Its all over youtube…full interview….

  42. Is there a link anywhere with a recording? I had to work but would love to see it.

  43. gsype says:

    compare the photo of George’s Injuries on Dr. Phil’s website
    to the pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries (30/55) here:
    Notice how the bruising or welt on his head (right side) form a backward shaped “S” in both pictures. What could have made that shape? IMO his head hit something that implanted that welt on his head.

    • Mike says:

      I mention that about a month ago on axiom amnesia with no reply

    • bettykath says:

      There is a circular part in the concrete (?) squares imbedded in the grassy areas. It looks to me like his head hit that square with the “handle” causing the circle. The bruising and the other cut goes across consistent with the edge of the square.

      • Mike says:

        Wow I didn’t think of that, the handle used to lift the square makes perfect scence.thanks for giving me an image to work with Betty . Now if I could only get a good photo of the utility square.

      • bettykath says:

        actually photo 38 is better

      • bettykath says:

        A bit of luminol on each of those handles should give a good idea if this is the case and it would identify which square was in play.

      • PYorck says:

        It looks very much like something along those lines. it is hard to tell from the photo, but unfortunately I think the U-shaped part of the cover looks too short/wide for the mark. Perhaps there is something similar somewhere. The shape certainly seems like the imprint of something.

      • MedicineBear says:

        On the pictures link (above), pics 40 and 41 seem to show a sprinkler head on the left side (left side of pic) of the sidewalk T.

      • Mike says:

        Another thing I’d like to know is how much stuff did George have in his hands.His keychain flash light was the only thing found at the T. IMO he may have very likely dropped them wile on the phone when he was banging his flashlight(the bigger flashlight) wile balancing his phone on his shoulder pressing it against his ear. That being said, I also think that the confratation started where martins phone was found . By dee dee s account the phone went dead After she hears Martin and georges exchange of words.The physical evidence seems to match her story and showing at the same time George was looking for Martin.

    • Xena says:

      My theory was that GZ acquired the head cuts from the doggy sign. Upon closer examination of the sign however, they are screwed to the posts down the center, and not in the corners.

      The distance between the two cuts and the diagonal shape between them indicates a corner to corner type of device that he might have fallen on or rolled over, IMO.

  44. Xena says:

    Okay team. I need you again. Semantics????
    In the opening of the program, Osterman says “Shellie called to tell me George shot someone else.”

    Else???? Else as in not shooting himself? Else as in not shooting Shellie? Or “else” as in having shot someone previously?

    I remember lab reports about blood on GZ’s jacket that was not identified as his own, neither Trayvon’s, and even non-human blood. Then, I wondered if GZ had shot someone’s dog. However, I don’t think Osterman would exchange “something” for “someone” if Shellie was talking about GZ shooting an animal.

    • Tzar says:

      well well well…ok internets, let’s get busy

    • heartofhearts says:

      Xena, Great catch! What did that mean, “shot someone else”?

      I am a bundle of nerves after watching the show. Osterman, wants his book to sell. I will never buy his book, EVER! Nor would I of taken my free copy if I were in the audience.

      I was pleased with Dr. Phil until the end when he said that his book was factual. Overall he was more than fair.

      I felt so bad for Alicia Martin. It had to of been so hard for her to sit there in front of Osterman knowing they will never think there is another side to this story. You don’t want to really know what I think of these people.

      Osterman, could not have studied George’s interviews or the NEN call because he had a lot of it wrong. But I suppose that once again George gave yet another version to him! Good grief.

      My prayers go out to all of Trayvon’s family, including Alicia. It is truly heartbreaking.

      • ks says:

        He doesn’t simply have it wrong. He’s lying. There’s no reasonable way that at this point he doesn’t know what GZ actually said during his interviews and NEN call. For him to go on air and state such factualy incorrect nonsense strongly suggests planning and lying as opposed to simply being wrong.

      • Malisha says:

        Osterman’s just not very smart. What he said contradicted even what George has been saying, even ALL the stories George has been peddling. It would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating.

      • Xena says:

        @heartof hearts. “Osterman, could not have studied George’s interviews or the NEN call because he had a lot of it wrong.”

        Oh I bet that he did. What he did on Dr. Phil’s was give excuses for GZ by saying what he thought the dispatcher wanted him to do. That NEN recording is clear that the only thing the dispatcher wanted GZ to do was give a physical description and not follow the suspicious person.

        Effectively, Osterman said that GZ THOUGHT for the dispatcher. His thinking is as contrary to the dispatcher’s job as his carrying a loaded gun doing NW. I don’t care if he was on his way to catch a shuttle to the moon. When he called NEN and said, “We’ve had some break-in’s” he was taking on the posture of being neighborhood watch.

        “We don’t need you to do that” was to protect GZ. That is what dispatchers do. GZ apparently believed the dispatcher said, “Okay. Do our job for us and I won’t send a car. Just call us to come get the body.”

      • Tzar says:

        no my dear you do not want to know what I think of these people. lol

      • Xena says:

        Makes me wonder if GZ has shot someone else, was not arrested, and the prosecution knows about it?

    • TruthBTold says:

      @Xena, that stopped me in my tracks too. I don’t know if it is poor speaking or word choice and he meant that he shot someone. With these individuals, who knows.

      “Okay team. I need you again. Semantics????
      In the opening of the program, Osterman says “Shellie called to tell me George shot someone else.”

      • Rachael says:

        It is on hete again and sure enough, he said shot someone else, then talks about the “severe concussion” GZ had when released from police custody. Efn liar. Then talks abput how he helped GZ buy a gun with no safety. I want to puke even more the second time.

        But I digress. Yes, he said someone else. Hmmmm very weird.

    • PYorck says:

      To be fair, based on the alleged excerpts from the book and the parts of the interview that I have seen it seems that Osterman is not the most articulate person. I think awkward phrasing is a bit more likely.

  45. Angelia says:

    *GZ said “ok”, hung up his phone, turned to go back to his car and Trayvon was right there.*

    He’s ridiculous. There’s a whole other half of the conversation with the dispatcher and 2 or 3 minutes worth of time and GZ actions, that he completely left out of his big ole lie. Goodness it irritates me when people are allowed to spout such BS and don’t get challenged on it.

    • rachael says:

      I want to know about this concussion GZ had that he kept talking about.

      • Xena says:

        Rachael. Please allow me to explain. It’s the one that prevented GZ from going to his job, his physician, his psychologist, and the re-enactment the day after he killed Trayvon — that concussion. (tongue in cheek)

      • rachael says:

        Thanks for clarifying that Xena. I thought it was the one that kept him from going to the hospital to be checked out that night 😉

      • Angelia says:


        So do I. People who aren’t really following the case, hear these bald-faced lies and believe the guy is telling the truth, when he’s lying thru his teeth!

      • racerrodig says:

        The concussion that all of the medical people said he did not have……? that one or did he slip in the shower later that week.

        Talk about making thinks up on the fly !!

      • Two sides to a story says:

        I had to shout “liar, liar,” at the TV . . . concussion? Please.

      • Xena says:

        The concussion resulting from having a big-ass bandaid for fingers put between your eyes. That concussion.

      • Malisha says:

        Concussion resulted from seven mutually-exclusive and internally-inconsistent stories crashing around inside George’s head for three days, giving off hot gasses and colliding with memories of actual events as they were being forcibly compacted for permanent disposal via the smirk system.

      • jm says:

        I think the concussion MO speaks of may have come from Shellie. She looks tough enough to take George on. Maybe she was ticked that George didn’t get her the snacks from the store he promised her before he got side-tracked and went and killed Trayvon.

    • TruthBTold says:

      LOL @ Angelia, girl it defies credulity.

      • wisenupoet says:


        It was a comment bout rednecks and Houston…the post was in the correct place this morning…
        My comment was intended and should be taken with a light heart…
        I never speak in error but also I never yell…
        I would rather drop bricks on my feet while getting stung by killer bees than having to sit and watch mark o tell his lie while pushing his book which will never be a best sellers or even donated to half price books…dude is truly demented…

        I’m a poet and an activist for justice…
        Justice For Trayvon

    • thejbmission says:

      Angelia said:

      *GZ said “ok”, hung up his phone, turned to go back to his car and Trayvon was right there.*

      Good catch.
      Hmm..If I remember correctly, at about same time GZ said that, he told the NEN dispatcher, not to come looking for him, instead call him and he’ll give them his location.
      I have a sick feeling that GZ spotted TM before he hung up. Remember when the dispatcher asked for his address and GZ said he didn’t want to say it loud because he didn’t know where this “kid” was? What if, GZ was looking right at him?
      I don’t put anything pass George. He’s a snake in the grass.

  46. Brown says:

    At least Dr. Phil got him to say on air, if he didn’t get out of his truck TM wouldn’t be dead.

    • Xena says:

      Yes Brown! There was also something else profound IMO; i.e., when Dr. Phil put on his psychologist’s hat and told Osterman that he sounded like a bad-ass when talking about IF anyone came to his house. Ready to shoot first and not call LE? Handle the situation on his own? Take the law into his own hands?

    • ks says:

      Notice the audience reaction to that? Loud applause.

    • racerrodig says:

      Amen to that !! They did all they could to deflect that one.

    • TruthBTold says:

      Exactly @ Brown. At first though, he was a little hesistant (prior to Alicia coming on stage) to admit that GZ should not have gotten out of the truck and then he tries to say something to the effect that GZ’s opinion might not have been that it was a mistake. Pathetic.

      • Brown says:

        Alicia was great. She countered very well IMO.

      • wisenupoet says:

        Hey now don’t trash my city.. we have a gay female mayor and our last mayor bob white was defeated by Perry because those rednecks in the small town cross Texas believe party was the best choice…Houston has been and will remain a blue city.. those rednecks actually live in small towns adjacent to Houston.. please don’t confuse some racist,tea-party loving folk as representatives of the city of Houston..That would be like saying the space center is actually in Houston.. when in face it is about 20 to 30 miles away..
        Keep it trill my fellow class mates…
        Justice for Trayvon

        • Brown says:

          Im pretty a new resident of Texas. What would be nice to see or do in Houston?

          • Don’t feel bad. My city is always being trashed. I don’t like it either but people have this perception of New York City and it is nothing like they think if they have not been here. I have a friend in your city and I have been there. It is very nice and peaceful. I didn’t want to leave! I enjoyed the air and the people!

          • cielo62 says:

            Okay. I’m guilty. I was the one who originally trashed Houston. I get so absolutely enraged when dealing with the closed-minded morons who post on the Chronicle! Conservative Treehouse has nothing on some of these hate-filled bigots! You would never know we are the 4th largest city in the US based on the small-town mentality many people exhibit. I even thought that GZ had “run away out of state” to Houston because so many people here support him. Sorry to offend anyone. PS my favorite things in Houston are the museums. They get some awesome traveling exhibits here.

          • Brown says:

            thanks : ^ )

        • TruthBTold says:


          Your response in defense of your city was in response to one of my comments, but must be an error because I didn’t say anything that would warrant that response. Maybe it was replied to incorrectly or should fall under another comment. Just a little confused.

      • TaTa_U says:

        Can someone post the link to the interview. I can’t seem to find it.

  47. rayvenwolf says:

    Hmm what to think? I think its amazing we heard anything over the massive sound of sucking going on through much of this. Sondra was a joke, but oh so quick to jump in when her man was floundering on GZ’s defense.

    And it was so nice of him to throw out “facts” that no one had even heard before.

  48. Looks like Osterman is working himself up to proclaiming Zimmerman is the Second Coming

    • BigBoi says:

      I agree. It was a bit disturbing to watch that display. I guess the one good thing that came from this interview was it should finally put to rest the rumors that Alicia Martin raised Trayvon which the Zidjits always liked to say.

    • Bill Taylor says:

      after seeing this behavior it is shocking that he is paid to carry a weapon by our government….the way he walked on the tape with his elbows way out to the side screams he thinks he is a tough guy LOOKING for trouble, the very type of person that should NOT be allowed to carry.

      also how on earth does having zimmerman stay at his house give him any better perspective of who was screaming on the tape than anyone else?

      and the screaming lasted for 45 seconds and NO sounds of any scuffle during that entire time and that final scream seconds before the shot clearly did NOT come from the person about to pull the trigger……and how did zimmerman be screaming in sheer terror, having been beaten nearly to death for over a minute, yet be cool as a cucumber one MINUTE after the shooting, normal breathing and extreme calm demeanor?

      and the forensic fact cant be explained away NONE of zimmerman dna on Martins hands, NONE!

      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        Osterman:“George had a bounty placed on his life, dead or alive, for $10,000, issued by the New Black Panthers,” Mark Osterman told McGraw. “George wanted to leave to protect us. I advised him that if someone came to my front door, they wouldn’t be dealing with a firearms apprentice any longer. They better come well-rested and be ready.


      • racerrodig says:

        As far as the Zidiot Nation is concerned “..facts……we don’t need no stinking facts….” The screaming issue is a joke. Seriously….they need help to think any logical person will believe that. On this and another site there is an enhanced 911 call in which you hear what is Z saying….who’s doing the break – ins …and Trayvon screaming I don’t know…I’m begging you..and it goes on for 20 or so seconds.

        What’s the first thing Z said in his NEN call…..”We’ve had some break in’s and there’s a real suspicious guy…..” He and Taaffe made a big deal about break ins and black males….Motive.

      • TruthBTold says:

        “also how on earth does having zimmerman stay at his house give him any better perspective of who was screaming on the tape than anyone else?”

        Oh bless you Bill Taylor, I was thinking the same thing. They can’t explain crucial questions, but still want to claim that GZ is 100 percent innocent. They kind of hesistantly agreed about GZ exiting the truck. With so many questions and things not adding up, how do they reconcile within themselves these serious issues?

      • Tzar says:

        @racerrodig…holy sh*t sticks!! can you hear it yourself?

      • Xena says:

        @SouthernGirl2. “They better come well-rested and be ready.”

        Which translated means, “I will fight you long enough to get a couple of boo-boos, then shoot you and claim self-defense.”

      • thejbmission says:

        Bill Taylor,
        I totally agree. I was shocked by Osterman’s entire demeanor.
        Apparently Mark Osterman is just another Zimbot impervious to the fact that Zimmerman is a liar but then again, what do we expect from a police officer who lost his job because he was duped by a con-artist pretending to be a “famous” baseball player?
        Obviously gullibility is another GZ- MO commonality. After reading a few excerpts of MO’s book, it seems MO & GZ were almost giddy while hiding from reporters when they JUST HAD to go back to Zimmerman’s apartment in the midst of protesting.
        Osterman is not a man, neither is Zimmerman, they’re kids playing games with guns and the law and it’s disturbing to me that losers like this are allowed to carry guns, especially Osterman a member of LE. I don’t know how he passed the psyche exam.

    • EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

      Professor please deleted this video from the previous post. I previously posted it under “The Courts Need To…” but you started a new post. this is the proper place to discuss it…

      Good job TZAR….

      [Zapped it. Thanks]

      • I felt Dr Phil put on a good program and did not pussy foot around with the questioning. He certainly surpasses Hannity when it comes to getting answers. Dr Phil displays way more professionalism.

        One thing I found rather strange and that is Mark Osterman took Z and Shellie into his home almost immediately after the shooting incident. He felt he needed to protect Z from any retaliation and mentioned the New Black Panthers. The Zimmermans stayed with Ostersman for approx a month but the New Black Panthers never put a bounty on George’s head for well over a month or more after the shooting. I found this to be deception on Osterman’s part and he was using it as an excuse for he and George being able to get together and concoct a believable story of what took place on the nite of Feb 26.

        IMO, if Zimmerman felt he needed to go into hiding before there were threats being made on his life, I consider this to show that Z knew his actions were wrong. Flight and going into hiding is an indication of guilt.

        All in all, I do not think the Ostermans softened anyone’s opinion of Z. Actually we didn’t hear a heck of a lot more than what we already knew.

      • logi says:

        I’m looking for that enhanced 911 tape you referenced but I cannot find it anywhere. Can you provide a link?

      • TaTa_U says:

        @mainstreamfair Says ” One thing I found rather strange and that is Mark Osterman took Z and Shellie into his home almost immediately after the shooting incident. He felt he needed to protect Z from any retaliation and mentioned the New Black Panthers. The Zimmermans stayed with Ostersman for approx a month but the New Black Panthers never put a bounty on George’s head for well over a month or more after the shooting. I found this to be deception on Osterman’s part and he was using it as an excuse for he and George being able to get together and concoct a believable story of what took place on the nite of Feb 26.”

        EXCELLENT Observation! Mark Osterman has been at GZ or SZ side every moment since this shooting… Very interesting, I am watching Osterman.

    • racerrodig says:

      Hey…..you know what they say……”…Get to know the real George Zimmerman…” No thanks…..I puked enough in my life.

      It was God’s plan for Z to live through this but it was also God’s plan that Z kill an innocent kid. Sickening

      There is nothing documented anywhere that Z mentored anyone that anyone I know has ever seen and we’ve all looked.

      It was “…community service…” read as “…punishment…” at best.

      • Tzar says:

        do you have a link for that enhanced audio where Zimmerman can be heard interrogating Trayvon? Oh man, this case is a slam dunk!!this dude is gonna get life!!!

  49. Tzar says:

    sorry PRL, please delete the above post, I thought you could embed the youtube code
    but I think we can start here

    [As requested, I deleted your earlier comment]

    • Tzar says:

      thanks for the delete, PFL, there’s one more below that needs to go. This time it is not my fault, lol, I can only assume the board had a brainfart, it says 500 internal server error. I reposted the same link and it worked.

      [Zapped it]

  50. He is a liar, best friends of a lying murderer and married to a liar.

    • Tzar says:

      that about sums it up. I would add “shameless” to the list as well.

      • racerrodig says:

        I’ll also add this. When the topic of Z’s arrest foe assaulting an officer, he lied outright as if nobody on the planet would ever notice. The officer had already made arrests, they were outside, the one’s arrested were cuffed. The officer identified himself and Osterman say’s Z was coming to the aid of his friend. Please !!

  51. Bill Taylor says:

    osterman whines about people waiting for the facts to come out right after on TV repeating the LIES of zimmerman.

    • Tzar says:

      not only that he stated non-facts throughout the show, he is miserably uninformed or miserably stupid.

    • racerrodig says:

      Exactly. His garbage in that Z said he was almost unconscious and saw stars and was attacked and everything as if in 1st person. Then he has the nerve to tell Trayvon’s step mother “…wait for the facts…” Can you spell “Hypocrisy”

      Just like every other site about this it’s always “..GZ said..” so it must be true. Sickening.

      • Dennis says:

        Every Zimmerman supporter will assume that his statements regarding what happened are true, regardless of the evidence that contradicts his version of what happened. I dealt with the same trolls in the Amanda Knox case and even when all of the forensics and witnesses were shot down by the court, they still maintained her guilt. There are some sick people in this world.

    • Tina says:

      Are they all (Zimmerman supporters) on the same medication?! If so, they need their meds adjusted. If not, perhaps they should be medicated to the point of unconsciousness…Jeez! Honestly, I don’t care to see/hear from GZ, or anyone on his behalf, until the trial begins. Didn’t watch SH or Dr. Phil interview…imagining Trayvon’s last moments on that night, anger and sadden me deeply!

  52. EveryoneIsEntitledToTheirOpinion says:

    Lets see how many books he sells.. I will not be purchasing one… George and this Osterman guy deserve each other…Sickosss….

    • Xena says:

      HA! I wonder how many in the audience left the book under their seat or refused it? Osterman did say at the end of the program that GZ would never be able to get a job, so apparently he is selling the book to finance GZ’s future, in or out of jail. Geez. GZ and SZ could sell Avon online if they really want to work.

      • KA says:

        I have worked remotely for 7 years, as have many people. This is a pity party.

      • Tzar says:

        well when “killing unarmed innocent teenager” is on your resume, it’s only fitting that your career choices be limited. But fear not Zimmerman, I am sure there is a prison looking for a cook or “cookie” out there somewhere.

      • rachael says:

        I don’t usually watch daytime TV, but the few times I have when a guest has given something to everyone under their seat, the audience usually cheers. I heard not a sound. LMAO!

        You couldn’t PAY me to take that book.

    • Dennis says:

      Nobody is going to buy his book. In fact I hope he tells so many lies regarding Martin that he gets sued into the next century for libel.

  53. KA says:

    If on September 11th, a media psychologist had nothing better to do than interview Zimmerman’s friend, I wanted no part of it. I would think he could have thought of another theme for the day in this country.

  54. BigBoi says:

    He’s as sick as his “best friend.” I sure hope he doesn’t come to find out later on that his “best friend” sexually molested his young daughter while he was staying in his home. I think this man should not be in the capacity as an air marshal based on his history and his unblinding support and dedication to a man who is a murderer.

    • Xena says:

      No big thing BigBoi. Air marshals are paid by the federal government to be plane passengers, authorized to carry guns. But many won’t know or don’t know if there is anyone suspicious on the plane unless a flight attendant tells them. They can also escort federal prisoners and witnesses on commercial flights.

    • rachael says:

      BigBoi – It isn’t that I don’t share your sentiments, but GZ has not been convicted of murder.

      There is no reason someone should lose a job because they being supportive of a friend who is accused of murder.

      • Xena says:

        @Rachael. While you are correct, there is another perspective of having the position of an Air Marshall when demonstrating partiality. Analogy: What if Osterman was on a plane and a flight attendant passed a note to him that the passenger in such and such seat has a cigarette lighter and a full box of 36 packets of artificial sweetener, and she thought that she saw another box that could be the same?

        As an Air Marshall, Osterman would know that those two things combined can start a nasty fire on the plane. So he has the flight attendant ask the passenger to meet him in the galley, and discovers that he knows the guy. The guy tells him that he was simply re-adjusting things in his carry-on, and did not intend on using them improperly. Osterman tells the flight attendant that it’s okay because he knows the guy and he is harmless.

      • rachael says:

        Sorry Xena, I have to disagree with you here. That is not the same at all. I wish I could say differently, because I know in my heart that GZ is guilty, but until he is proven to be in a court of law, it would just be wrong for someone’s job to dictate who should be someone’s friend – unless it causes problems.

        I mean I lost a job once because my abusive ex-husband would bring the kids to the hospital waiting area where I worked and sit and watch me because he was convinced I was screwing doctors all day. This caused a disturbance, so they had every right to fire me.

        If the notoriety causes problems with his work, then yes, but to just fire someone because they are friends with someone accused of something is wrong. Really, it might even be wrong if he is proven to be guilty in a court of law because it shows they have poor judgment – but even then, IDK, but it would just be wrong at this time, totally wrong.

      • Xena says:

        @Rachael. Not disagreeing with you, but coming from another perspective. I’m not saying that Osterman should be fired. I will say that, IMO, he has shown character opposed to requirements to perform his job. It’s one thing to be friends with someone charged with a crime, and another to demonstrate partiality to that friend on national television that is inconsistent with GZ’s NEN call.

        The duties and responsibilities of a Federal Air Marshall are:
        “A Federal Air Marshal (FAM) administers, coordinates, supervises or performs, investigative, analytical, or advisory work to enforce federal laws, regulations, or other mandatory guidelines; carry firearms; make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if there is probable cause to believe that a felony is or has been committed; seek and execute warrants for arrest or seizure of evidence issued under the authority of the United States upon probable cause that a violation has been committed; and identify and interview witnesses and suspects; and present information regarding the previous activities to the appropriate U.S. Attorney, as necessary.”

        After watching his interview, I would not trust Osterman, personally, to be investigative neither analytical.

      • Dennis says:

        “There is no reason someone should lose a job because they being supportive of a friend who is accused of murder.”

        Osterman is not being “supportive” of his friend. He is telling lies and also is publishing a book with more lies. The man is an idiot that is defending a murder/child molester. He is doing his friend more harm than good. There is no reason for Osterman to do an interview instead of Zimmerman himself. Osterman wasn’t there and doesn’t have a damn clue what happened.

      • Rachael says:

        Still disagree, Denis. There is no law against publishing a book. You know they are lies, I know they are lies, but again, this hasn’t been tried in court so not proven to be lies and even the parts that are inconsistent are just that, inconsistent. And Osterman is able to get around the lying by saying he is just repeating what George has said. Y’all know I think George is guilty as haell, but you just can’t fire someone because they are friends woth him or becaise they wrote a book. Now if people picket his work place, it becomes a distraction and a safety issue, but other than that, well I just disagree.

      • Fed-up taxpayer says:

        I have not bought Osterman’s book, and thus haven’t looked at it, but doesn’t he violate trademark if he profits from using Trayvon Martin’s name?

      • ES165 says:

        I thought Air Marshals have top secret clearances and are not suppose to reveal their identity as I understand Osterman has on his facebook page…… I could be wrong????

      • thejbmission says:

        I admire your sense of fairness and normally I would agree with you but not in Osterman’s case because he put himself into the limelight. No one asked him to write a book or asked him to appear on national television. That was his doing. I think its foolish of him to do this considering he has a family.
        From my understanding Osterman works undercover on airlines to protect passengers from potential harm. I don’t see how he could keep his job now that he’s been exposed to the public unless he can work in another capacity of Homeland security.
        Just a thought.. Maybe Osterman wants a change in careers.

    • Nkechi T Ayo says:

      Easy big boi..
      lets not be hasty and judge the man by what his friend MAY have done to his child?
      His capacity to perform his job must not hinge on suspicions rather fact. Suffice that you also remember that the man is not on trial he is not the killer only a friend?

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